The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1932
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tfjl Served by the r '-" United Pre** B^ffiMMJ^ffiJRm NEWS VOL. XXVIII—NO. 2815 Daily News, Blylhcvllla Herald. BOiEHmON -- • - ------- --——_: __ '»1,YTHRVIU.K. Altl^SAS.JATUItnAY. FKliUUAIiV III _ ^^ : : ; ^= : =^=^===^==^=±rr=^^^ _BlWUt,B C-QPflSS fIVB CENTS PREDlfTi NEW REVELATiOl Price Advance Says Russia Has treaty With Japan •LONDON, Feb. 13 (UP)-Sensa• tloual charges of a secret treaty Glas^eagall Credit Plan S^W^A Provides Stimulus fori^ 1 ""^ a Pfai Ol Mongolia, were II n • published In the Daily Express to- Heavy Buying. . !<)ay. The article ass«ted the agiee- NEW YORK, Feb. 13 (UP)-The m * nl wus c « nc '*led by Moscow as smashing attack against depressed *" ""*rnallve to war over Russia's stock prices continued todav on wanin « interest in Manchuria, now the New York-stock mark't and' <xfcupled ** the Jap*™"*- The prices surged forward In the great- nf *' s P»P er said .the desire of some est upward movement of the year. . Soviet leaders to "fight it out" with ,i upwura movement of the vear ' ^'"^ ^""^n w ngm. IL out wim Oalns ranged to 17 points under I Jap * n had resulted in a bitter con- Btimulus of the government's plan i "^ ta tne lnn " COUllclls at Mosto bring about new credit ease- c0 *' n»nt through the Glass-Steaeall .«*Ports 'from Moscow and Tokyo bill. :• both- denied rumors of such .Traders charged into the list treat >'today and carried on the advance which was started Thursday the one day holiday ror Lincoln's birthday seemed to have given added incentive to the new market boom. Trading was at a great pace. Thi first issues started rollng oit the tickers and soon great strings' ranging to 6,800 shares in one tale, appeared. The high speed' machines were unabls to' meet the trading. At mid-market time they caught up with the market but at the close were again way in the rear. - /Confidence spread through the- . country by the government's credit plan, plus. the.adTertisemeiit given VHLEf LE1S IN HUFF FIEKTBnTTLE OF ._... T Japanese Isolate Chinese Defenders of. Woosuna Vaiage. SHANGHAI, "sijnday.- jv b „ (UP)—The Japanese' and Chinese armies came to grips along Woo- °""*"f+ ^'"fday In the fiero Battle, of the campaign, and the banks of the creek were littered with dead and wounded The, Chinese at l a. m. Sunday reported hundreds of casualties ou both sides. The Japanese admitted several officers and many men had breri killed and sounded. . Chlnete C«t Off . SHANGHAI, Chla, Feb. 13 '(UP) -The Japanese 'trapped Chinese defenders or Woosung village today when they crossed a branch ^.-^"W.. *"*»>** <*rrted 700-yards north Hot Words Exchaneetl Be- 1 :rh * battle beg » n . at ."«» ' v - ' o. *^v- j pl&Btnv(»r i Is^Istcd Gfativ^f most jure ror his release, science baring -conquered a disease which neretoTore has been extremely di/JIcult ; to Doinlnick Urrlcello, Yl, .' lobbed blister on his heel while playing U became worse. Soon osteomye- litis, an Inflammation- of the bohfc '' wt '"• Known reraedk's . His lea became worse. 1 -. Doctors thought of a beet -sugar irMlment which had. beca-.uwd in cases of gangrene pouwhlnii, most of u-ljjch yrew out of fweilrig but Domlnlck's case- had .been so long under way a strip' of the W bone about the width of. a fliip-r had to bt removed.' Dally there- alttr a solution. of beet sugar'- fta'd water was applied on the iiiskla area of the tone. This continued four months. The boiie knllfd snd finally lias become almost cum- ptetely healed. - - .* • The trcntment heretofore lued In o • Vt.i ' i"~ OTUy *r. isolated Chinese d«-~ tween becretary of war f?«i«re or .the yiiiagB, The attack „ j c i V followed a two hour aerial boin- and Denator King. bardment and the objective 'was -__ • accomplished with'; only two Ja&- WA8HINOTON,' Feb. 13 (UP)— »"»» wounded. The Japanese suIT Secretary of War Patrick . Hurley ««4«1 in bridging the creek 'dur- walked out'-of the; senate.territor- in £ the morning. It-was the first j. • ' __.„•„-..", C v. ."*'«" uui. 01 me senate. wrritor- •"» <-"n monung. It-was to,riSingpn«s Thursday, brought te committee hearing on'the Phil- «na5or Chin«e wt back in considerable trading from all fppines today exclaiming, "you weeks of fighting. ' ' shorts became frightened and covered.. Qx&f. ' commitments.. can run your .st*r chamber session' without me." = Questions by Senator King .which ---.T-V^'--- • .-, .,.• . . i*iH,iiioo:».Dy Eaaniwr &ing.wrucn irAsKnjaTONlw, ia am ' K*-fi>5»>bt words-preceded the d«- •wAocur*UJLVw,-*co.. u. *urj—i'fartiii^ "of the secretary ' ' •- "' iecfal rule to enable toe houte to vr,,,i«b ^«>^.j .. »,- !„.. .v,.. _i.' o^n.uMkt^iu.c i**^uavKi the hfflkit* to tak* up on Monday the .adminis- K " he lieryoirj or. federal • reserve noir niustd..-': .- : .••:.. -.-.. . , Both iyiuse, and senate'.banking j doounlttc^E ha)«,'.voted th'ejroeaeure.-faVorably.' Chairman Sieadall of 'th'e: bouse arinounted he ;w'puld- preMntj the' report; to trie -| houJa.''wrien -it iconyened ^at.npoh. .' Speaker. Gamer- has 'given assur- ances'the special' rule which gives the 1 credit'bill -right of way'will be' granted;- ••" ' . '• -.'-. '"': ; The • senate, yesterday ,adjoun»d : uritij.-'Monday, so Ciuarman ''.Glass of. the senate committee cannot re- j pie accused Senator King or-at- f»mnMn» .;frt'Hlt>Xt4 >%<e '•tafMMani* ol tne senate commiitee cannot re- - ,-.••< ,-n-^r-'- . • • • igt-.the bill-u, 'that bo*, until Occupalion'. of 'Wanehuria Cloied Bank at Hope "' -: Payi Rhb Dbridend HOPE, .4rk., Feb. 13 IUP>— Depositors of the Arkansas Bank and Trust company here received their fifth 10 per cent dividend today. The checks amounted -to approximately 135,000. • The total which has been paid ajgregates nearly $175.000. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cites Service Coca-Cola Continental Baking General Electric Oenaral Motors Middle West Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N. J. T«as Co. U. 8. Steel 132 3-4 10 7-4 123 1-2 12 7-8 13 3-8 « 1-2 1151-4 8 24 W 1-3 5 9 5-8 32 1-2 4 1-8 8 7-8 8 1-2 29 3-4 12 3-4 49 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 13 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Mirch «T5 an 871 871 May 6» 681 890 891 July 'ilO 712 706 707 Oct 733 734 728 730 Dec 7M 751 7ft 7« Jan 752 757 751 755 Spots closed steady at 845, up )5. (Means Cotton ORLEANS, Feb. 13 <UP>Cotlon closed steady 1 . Varch May. July Oct Dec Jan 871 589 70» 722 740 677 693 712 729 737 871 ess 706 722 740 675 692 703 753 747- tt*«dy at eTO, up 14. tempting ; -tp;distort his 'statementi ihd 'when. Ring denied .the charge yiirje''.- s^'ou' '.1; ". .ngrill'i' 1 ".- You. cih't "^™.|;.. Establishes Barrier Against ; Red Expansion. . ; STRONG JAPAN—36 COLUMBIA, Mo., (Up)—Member governments of the League of Natlcns would rather have a "strong Japan in' Manchuria thau a weak China," according to Dr. M. H. Cochran, prominent associato professor of history at the University of Missouri. "The governments," Dr. Cochran said, "want Japan as & check against Communistic extension and s.5 a possible diversion ,his wintjr for Russia,. when the - ccpitaln:v system of Europe is in gre^t drnjer. "Besides, not one or.the govern«)U hu time, energy, or money to devote to checking Japan. Which rcuntry, however large, can af- 'trd to lose trade with Japan?" In South China and on the Bua- iin border, according to Dr. OKh- ia.1, are said -o tf- l!«ng nearly l. = .cca,000 persoru iipc «or incorpo- ri''on in the Soviet rinion. "f^o wonder", 1 io coutinued, -'that .nt- capitalists prcfei the firm rule *,ra j. Japan In Manchuria as a check Iness "jr.nst Russia.' '/he United bratrs. _ kw the same position membert of th-i !.<••> i-» „. . w *.<..t a '.r. ucm. "irte Biaw Daintuijs uc[ T.«,T i . * 1?r2<! ina * ^ ft ree nt 'granted a charter fcr the iS. ^l?******* 1 *' ow lo- bank when directors agreed to fake over 60 per c*nt of tho deposits of the 'defunct People* bank. s-sr.nst Russia.* " The new InstltutJm will be kno»Ti ne addei, as the Security Bank of 6earcy. Junes Bed Wfll Open NewPfctrnucy Bell's Pharmacy, a store with ' uel meut bT which aie placed, on the affected part, i'he lan-ae counteract, the infec-" :lpn. This was discovered' during the world war but doctors saW its •wcfj)ness was limited. ' in two . Japaneisf airplanes, arid warships rained bombs and shells over the' Chinese lines wliue the infinity trtttapl. across .the pontoon .bridge and. out ow- the -flat, tonds In a, compelling . advance >nlch'routid the ' ' r . the Chinese. F»«UUm , . m . • WASHINGTON, Feb. 1,3 ' (UP)— The JCnlnese. government . tod»y :re- afftnnea -Its 'desire -rot peace and ai'the same tlnie ' pledna 'utmoat military 'resistance .to .Japanese a't- tB' • -. •' • -•-'. • . . ,. .. • -.. : in'-a.' statement: to tjbe world' the s>umbering giant of 'the 'orient declared:. ••-". -". •• -'.-..; •;• '"Japan is' • closing- every avenue to peace", leaving China no alter- •iutiye but to continue to adopt appropriate 'measure|j . of self defense to .the best"- or' her' ability.' 1 .To' this ^end China, 'pledged all forces at" Its' .command.:- • . *. .The s^temen't'rhaae "public by the. . Chines*; legation here charged Japan -has planned 'ever since the Russo-Japanese war to seize Manchuria whenever an opportunity arose/ it alleged Japan was violating the open door policy In Manchuria and has slain and cruelly treated civilians in Shanghai, jap- an's present operations at Shanghai were characterized as an at- tetnpt to "show her contempt and Indifference to the world's opinion" with the purpose ol convincing the Chinese it was hopeless to appeal for 'outside help. Ttv» statement summarized the Chinese position and bitterly attacked Japan's course. . !' . New Treatment Hone Infection. PUEBLO, Col., JVb. 13 • (UP)--- Aii rleren-year-old boy who for lour montlu lids boon i n a'txjspllal FOB USEVEIT Star's Child Guarded uac sjipcureu to be al- o death, prepsml today loectlOIl Is Aotecd Onlv iSC. scipllfv hnvlMv.jwi. t> . _° — ...-'' " J T However, On Opposition to Alfred E. Smith. VOTE: Th« Mild South, nprctac- ilar talUe-crouiHl ot th* last prts, .'<lrnlht rlntton, where four *t*t« broke with tradition' to »»ppcrt Hrrbrr! iloorrr rather Ihjm AJfrrt E. Smith, today Is appraising the ididuk* of many nun mrnllDO. for the Democratic nomination. The ' cases was- the mas sot blow flies la a tummary cl ...opinion u It rxlst.1 to day iix a number of MUlhern slates BV FOSTER EATON I'niltd Press Ccrmpondent ATLANTA, Feb. 13 (UP)—Virtually cvury Democrat mentioned Bannister, to pianl hei thus far as n possible presldcnlliil standard bearer, and every issue as well, ngures tcday lu the .South, but Blxie appears agreed only on cue thing, that It Is violently op- cosed to former governor AlfrJKl Will Hear Evidence in Suit .. Involving local Electric /Rates; ''i. : . '.' O." flolland, 'local attorccy and"former- county.judge,-was ap-r pointed- mister . in. the .circuit court'case growing out ; 0 r th e elec. ric power'.rate - controversy be- ween.thc 'city of Blytheville ar.d he Arkansas-Missouri power company by Judge G. -E. Keck at ah adjourned . day .'of circuit court itlay' '.-:.. . • • : - • The master win hear evidence n" .the. case 'and submit his finding to Judge Keck. On his report and excepticns of counsel to his Indlngs the trial Judge' will base his' decisions. • ' ' Mayor Nelll Reed land C. M. Buck, power company attorney, had lot agreed upon the date when submission of evidence to the mas- e'r would start today. ' The power company Is the pluln- Iff In the circuit court action and a temporary order secured by he power company last fall retraining (he city from enforcing j rate cut ordinance will be in eject until final termination of the The restraining order was granted the Arkansas-Missouri company alter the BlytheviUe city > council vobd a twenty per cent rate reduction climaxing a series of Informal hearings before that tody. No action was taken In ttie lawsuit at the recent term of circuit court. Mayor Nelll Reed said at New Bank at Searcy Win Open Nnt Week SEARCY, Ark.. ,Fcb. 13 (UP)— A new .bank capitalized at $50.- COO was expected to bfgln operation, here Monday morninj, rostor- . ., --•- ~- — •• — ing .normal financial facilities to i?*' 1 ™ 'hat appointment of a this community \™™ Wt * ouw <* asked as soon as Widely gathered newspaper ti.ll- torlal'. opinion and expressions by Vecognlwd political leaders Indicate Dixie today fa' as anti-Smith as it was in 1928, If not more so. Tiw strongest' political -fence.! In the South appear to be In Georgia. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt has the formal backing of Major John Cohen, Democratic national commltteeman, and almost I*, county by\cpiuity Boojevelt for If" preside^, clurjs, .'vLea'ders 'consiitr •& Roosevelt' a" p'fohuStiTe favorlttj -In Georgia. binicls f»r Rooievelt , . The Democratic executive committee o[ the first Florid*,congressional district formally endorsed the Roosevelt candidacy and; urged ft southern 'man for vice-president. Up in North Carolina, which, like'Florida, .-followed Hoover Into the. G, 0. P. fold, for' the first time in years, Josephus Daniels, war-time secretary of .the navy, has -publicly endorsed .Roosevelt. There Is some North Carolina sentiment in favor of. Newton D. Baker. Speaker of the house John N.: Oflnicr of "Texas likewise has some Tarheel support. ' Virginia's general, assembly unanimously endorsed Governor Harry Ployd. Byrd In January. Byrd has declined to commit himself. , •Fifty-seven out. of sixty-seven counties In Alabama .have Wen organized with Roosevelt for president clubs. .No Smith organization has appeared. The llcflin Democratic group Is as violently anti-Smith as ever. "Nobody Is supporting Roosevelt out this way and it Is unlikely that he v.-ill get the support of the Louisiana delegation," U. S. Senator Huey P. Lonj said. Ixmg uc- ileves a man of the type of Speaker Garner or Senator Robinson of Arkansas would be acceptable. Ritchie Strong in South Carolina Congressman E. H. Crump, nest Tennessee Democratic boss, has endorsed Roosevelt. Frank Rice, member of the central coriimittec and a Crump lieutenant, said the rank and file of Democracy In Tennessee M'Fre for the Now York E»v- The Peoples bank closed several Weeks ago, seriously crippling bus- Judge Keck, who was unable to preside orer the regular term because of Illness, was able (o t\:rn to his work. 8. W. aanford will serve as president. The state banking depart r vice, WU1 opan Monday u Main and Division streets, to the buJW? Ing romerly occupied by the R— * paying a 1Q per cent dividend Immediately and tho remainder in (three annual Installments. Bliizanl in North weit — „.„ ,,„,, wiorc Take* Lms of Three ha ** efn k '»* «*» The negroes attempted to dls- . J«m« fell, who h«h«J. num. or year* experience %sr^ »* *** s&J!«nVff «7i iti-j mi it-.*. "'J"rcvuie, wui DC tne In the , He has had the .stcre redecorated, and has Install *A tt AAt%.MW(. «*__v_ . _ . "•**»»*" medktnej, as~weil 1*1° baccos and or can dle soda ro«urtmlr), Poke Pick Up Ne»r«« With 19 Stolen duckeos and Wllila Mann, negroes, were Bned $16 e*ch by Judge I. w. Crawford in municipal court this morning- on charges of petit larceny. Nineteen chickens, stolen by the negroes from three or more places, were recovered by police but not before the chickens ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 13 (UP) — Winter'a moit severe bllziard •wept eastward today, leaving zero tempyatures and three dead in the northwwt. Alton Johnson of Oranlsourf, Wl»-i ifaa frown to Oath when his atitotcobUe suticd In a enow- drift. Mti unidentified man was frozen to death on (he Qr>3Bt Northern railroad tracV-s near Mor- .rl», Kara., and DonnW Campbell, Park Raplda, Mlrm., died in an <w»W<*0« ., csusrei by Governor Albert C. Ritchie of Maryland has been endorsed by the Charleston. S. C. News and Courier. Other sentiment In South Jnrnllna appears to favor Baker, with some support for Roosevelt. MirMsslpjpl. according lo ii«,IIal member of the state sd- rntnlslratton. leans to Roosevelt. The Jackson, Miss., Daily Nows has strcngly endowed the -New V<rk governor. s h«« been piaccd arc,,* «,, . HoUywod home of rammw fll.a a«rc«s, wlu, .in private life L, Mrs. . Hllc ls . , .. . lc s Horo from. kUltmpcrs, foljowljig .'receipt of a warning tlmt the 1 shot In reported he .when he refused to giil'de Ititcnded kldnnpcrs to the BannUter hooie. - ' . . . . -. tald wUnd'rjxi»i»T..'Jfe. the court fll«, which'11 >» teHH ed .WM'- done. 'Imtnedlattlsr''urio ihelr. Jlllnii bt're' '' .to Complete Plans for 'Washington Observance Here Plans aro complete for -the Pcorge Washington Hi-centennial Joint program to be given Feb !8 Friday evening at 8 o'clock' In the city auditorium by (he;. Elliott Fletcher chapter ot'the,'United PWgotert or- the Confederacy and. the .American Legion* Auxiliary un- num^S^rf^.SISj *L$^&&^'?-^ greetings will be extended by th« br^ouniv "i. • -°l MkM ^ llon of C ™« r 5« °! frhua. prior, to' c^and other iH*W* : ^ agts^\*s!SSI1SS@ s^^«t?-fflS: 8 ^°r ^,- v ^iii'^ •&&$&%^. sn-s^stea^nra-- br!rtly..Qen. DcSaHmire -U-part^M ^^L'^oSto^l^'mi^'•'*,*»»' ! '™ e: ol ^ th » ^*^~"''""'"'" years of. age-nnd waj 'elMted-tp'hls ! lotet*itpAt biied • on 'tSlr^/ s ^' •'•"••• '• • ''< '' '~ •'"' '" ivwt. n» Mnr,i<r n ™.™--.1..-..; , ~,, . , ,. ."er. .•; ».w« wpcir-.imu- ..-•] ne dej^nuant, ! .hijwevci, .is . uui yet prepa'red ,'to'.file '. an' hniWer' arid' until such time, Mr. SegVaveS stat-; ccl r that .h c . uoiild .cbitlnue..'.^'-'' vllhliold Iho court rciforis'.vfljiiu" have been in h!s,'|)a=sess!on' sines' OiEir flli!)g. ' He stated.'tlmt -the' tjctcnddnl'.s •answer" would..' probihy be flled aome'linio' licit'w{ek;"<;- 1 Ciaimj' rondi Tnuiiferrtd' •'••-. .A copy; or the. interverillbn 9 :urc<l from other purees 'sets o hat on Nov. 3, 'IsSi; -the St; Francis Levee board .was Indebted' to """ ;lu -'"' **»• I make a study of- county expendl- ne Orav »l'e company In-the siun by (tcclnmntion, i uns and ^ j unctlon , ot various ° f »2.»7.«. Mr. William,? as -pres- nrotiEr) r)^r, ~ iin- ntn,,**- n<nAta«nr.<irr« _^.«..>__ ' *• Jdrnt nf thf> ot cva*t<«f. •^(.*-_i^>. rpo< fld ^ ^. ^E^m B^-ifegTSR^ can Legion, 'will addrela •^"iSS^taT?^iaSS >n ".George WashlnRton." M«l<» ^.J^SSL.S^ 1 -.! 1 .:^^™ Kgion V known nattqMBy cmrn- w ne yers state. He is the only rfatkmal soclallons executive committee wlli Commander rf the American Leg. mak tu ^ ,. » t l. .h . J M^ I ^ .£' B "~ ° moes *«.t™ ? I ^ ' £ rlcllns f fl«9 of the county. n m " ' Harrison aro: ^^..^H^ „» 11, IT ii^i •"""""'ecu uy.juane narrison are Convention of the United Lex Nicholson, Chauncy Dinton, it"« of the Confederacy W hltton; Major p.-p.. Jacobs. Gri- •nhamer was hnnored der;. E. L. Wildy, Etowah; I, ' 8. *"" "' K ""' fa ' h " " O. B. Segraves, Mrs. Ma- with the "Cross of ServlM the ...... ...^ —^, „. ™..-_ ...^ mm:!),;!! u H. aegraves, Mrs. Ma- mai i hlghat honor bestowed by this or- ta , Edrlrxrton, W^R. Dycss and count. Pnnlyotlnn nn n c/IM nf r?finf*rler- v. ... _ • .. _ . _ ~ _'. ate ancestry. on a son of Confeder- , . J. Sheddan. Osceolri; J. P. . . Tompklns, Burdctte; X. •" , . . iomp»ins, uurdctte Tlie program promises to bo out-' r n nc e, Driver; John uz; standing and members of both or- cftn Polnt; lfs}lc Sp< , cy! iani7fltIoEs will wear colonial co»- m &n's Baymr Mrs J. T. I I '' j\ i Has Auditor at ._„ Checking Books of'De- funct Bank of Osceola; 0£CKOLA, Ark.i Feb. "ir-E^fJ, IravrUi-, junior member of- the Onivi'llo Construction company whoie intervention flled ln-chan- "cry court bat ftlinuay 4 charges illusion between J, l,. wUlUnu. rt. 11. Bowden and N. E. Denuhb (o defraud the Oravelle company ol lunds deposited In the 'now defunct Hank of.osc«ola, or'wnliji Mr. Wllllami »u president, laid Hers this morning that th e Inter- ' I'cntion was Ju/t the beginning or lltlgntloti which his ccmpany win Institute ngnlnit the defendants ' The Intervention Is Just a pre- llmlnary step in order to gain at- - tcjs to boolu pf the derunct iarik •' which an auditor working witli Ifolland aiHj Barium,' Blytheville attorneys for .the "Gravelle company, Is checking, Mr. Orsveli» raid. .' . It was Intimnted Hint' silbcif ciuem Utigatign. would In all prob- ntlllly reveal much of the -Inner : Barkings of the political r ins which LI snld to ha've controlled not .only rend contratt*. but politics and, bii.klng in .south' Mississippi county lor a decada or niore. - . I» Prepariag Answer '". ' Tho construction company owner »as surprised to learn of what i.pp»ared to be an p'greemeht be- Ueen his aW'-.i". 'and O'-B Segrayea, attorney for' the del'en-l- ant, J.; i«n Williams, tp conbral facts of .the case, by, withdrawal 6r tlie ooutt records. ' regular of- ident , of ' he 8'- Francis 'district county. • - - board, 'collected the account from,•'.: of -the- cpmmlt(*e as tllD toard, the complaint chorges,- nnd deposited U In the Bsri ot Csceola, and on the 'rune dsfa :btained a credit slip against "the account for »i,CCO and tmnsrerred hat amount to his personal «; r The intervention further charger Chas. Low- that on November l, 1930 a debit Ito.ell. PC- lip for J1.4H.89 was. charged i- against the Oravelle company aad ; . J. B. a like amount credited to "Bow-' ...— ..u utljul,, w. », Jjtl;, w, u. » ^IKC ttlllUUlll VICUHVU 10 BOW-Wilson, Joinm; Oco. Hill, Bassctt: den i Howell, which account the .TnKn TlAor/tAn r> T. QmllVi \t** l«i« t«n«B_ L.IJ. ._ . rlold Sendees Sunday For Little Dell Infant Us. Forty and Eight; C. w. Alnick, Cecil Shane, C. R. Babcock, C.' A. Cunningham, c. Cl. Smith, Blythovtllc; Mrs. T. E. Talc. Ar- rhorel; E. M. Woodard. Dell; A. J. Lewis. Dr. V. R. Fox, Manila; C. Funeral services, nil! be held Ised Land; P. A. Rogers and Sunday for Clnrlce Oarrett. in : Miller, C!«ar Lake, ant daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. ":. Garrett of Dell who siiecMrtibcd al the family home todi\y. fiorvlcM wijl bo held at 10 'clock tomorrow. Inlermenl will jbe made at Maple Orovc cemetery. a mere blind and that the sui' br money was in fact finally p&ued to the defendants J. L. Williams anil R. H. Bowdcn, or to one. or tlie other of said parties." '• ; The intervention funher charges that other unauthorized •"" ' ' Mtmhon Accident Nay Claim Second Life NORRILTON. Ark., Feb. 13 (UP) —W. A. Wlthtnglon, 47. driver of :he autotnoblle in which Ruby . The Cobb Undertaking company Is The deceased Is survived by. be side* her parents, tiro auter* 'and three brothers P«e or^ the . chickens at several stores and a local hotel. Police ««a that & negro girl attempted to dispose of several or the chickens when police searched a negro k here but was prevented. few or the chickens were stolen rrom a negro here, several at the home or.Jodlc Nabors and othen In the country according to police. Chief A. D. Gwyn said the negroes, one of whom has serv- a tern in the Missouri peniten- Betwn, 24, was killed, was reported near death tcday. A brother and sister of the dead woman, riding in tho ear, were injured. They are Dovle Season, 21, »nd. Clinton Season, 33, of phlla- *Iphla. tiary, .the u*rts Prisoner Saws Bar* of Robert .McComb Killed ia Automobile Tom Teml Will Make Race for Governorship CAMDEN, Ark., Feb. IS (UP)— T>OT Tom J. Ten'.il. . aid h« would bo n for governor In the next itatc election. He will seek the Democratic nomination. -Terra! was "governor cn e term, 1924 to 1926, and was defeated for re-election by Judge John E. MONTROSE. Ark., Pri, 13 (UP) —Robert M^Comb, 50, was klled 1 today when his automobile overturned In six feet of water near „...., here. He was the brotha- of th« _,,„ late William P McConib,' promln- ent New York attorney, manager WEATHER ARKANSAS.—Mostlv cloudy to- o,,-j._ Sul;ltlay '. ;T probably jion Construction compuny, were made against the company's, .ac- Icount by Decauip, who ivas" foreman for the Ora\ellD company engaged In road building In this county at thut time. 'l he intervention nsks a judgment against the 8t. Francis Levee District for $1,000, and an account- and judgment of an undete'r- ncd amount against the B'ank o; Osceola, Williams, Decamp aa- Bowden. : .1. K. Boeder. Is 'a farmer living'. \. Joiner and a former stock- ' holder in the Bank of Osceola. " The Gravelle company, which has been engaged In read buit- Ing In this county for several year i noWbly ifi conrtructlon or links ui the chain ol grivel ro«ds in the tcuth end of the comity, is an Oklahoma corporation. Both Peter -., __ tttl , 11CW i\n». uxtyiiicy, iimnagcr Jail at Mountain Home Dfa ,^ ef ° nf w ^ ros : VViton ' 5 «««>• riTiKnTXT .T^.C. .... .^v, ,,|P a 'Bns ror president. , o escaped Irom Jail here by sawing the bars. *tlll at liberty today. prisoner notified « br»»J(. the According to the official obscrv- er, Chiries Phillips Jr., the maximum temperature here yesterday was «8 dojreea and the minimum and his son, owners ar the tc:iira.ny, arc however, residents o! Osceola.. • WORCESTER, Mass., (UP)— WiK caranT^dl^toTK,^ ^^ST^^^, kTi **"*£* ^ ™ «< a poor driver. In January he re- «»lKli*Ss?I^SSi,S. S SI ^"J? "" la *« a «« .*>?: but th ? Intntin •!*(• Dem«cr»Wo , case left the Hyland family a net pay the defendant, rtcelved for appearto* M » '

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