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BROOKLYN EAGLE, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1939 Telephon MAtn 4-6200 11 Far Clarified Ad Reiulli 'Round the Town featured on Stage and Screen Wsl'" waaaaiMB- SHwanaauM MUSIC OF THE, DAY Barbirolli Presents New Ravel Adaption Combines First and Second Suites From 'Daphnis and Chloe' Ballet By MILES KASTENDIECK Rhythm proved itself the fundamental element of music as well as the dominating characteristic of the chief compositions on John Bar-biroWs second program In the initial concert of the even Thursday series of the Philharmonic-Symphony In Carnegie Hall last night. The conductor balanced this program with that of last week by presenting for the first time in the society's repertoire and probably in New York both the "Daphnis and Chloe" THE SCREEN Frank Capra Scores With Gay Mr. Smith' Team Stewart, Jean Arthur at Music Hall; 'Babes in Arms' Arrives at Capitol; Albee Shows 'All Quiet 'Under-Pup' By HERBERT COHN Frank CprB, Hollywood's master director nd most proflcient realist, had latest creation unveiled yesterday when "Mr. Bmlth Goes to Washington" came to the Radio City Music HalL With It he made his bid for another df the Academy's director awards one to add to the collection ha has assembled with his last three entries. For whatever "Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington" has came from Suites of Ravel. The idea of performing bs'h suites together has for some time appealed to Barbirolli, for he has felt that the Second Suite has been performed continually to the neglect of the first. He had thought of re- viving the First alone bu', refrained from doing so because of its brevity, Thus it came about that he present- -ed both In immediate succession last night bridging them by nine measures which in Ravel's ballet score follow directly' after the con- eluding dance in the First Sul'e. It was an Interesting idea, and for the most part a successful one. While a first hearing still left the -impression that the ballet perform- ance was an Integray part of the Jack Haley Heads Show at Flatbush Mary Carlisle and Others Supplement Good Variety Bill By ROBERT FRANCIS Jack Haley heads the bill at the Flatbush this week, and it is very pleasant to see that grin and leering eyebrow in flesh and blood again.

Mr. Haley has given us many belly laughs in the past and we are glad to report that he is just as funny as of yore. Incidentally, the Hollywood climate must be ben eficial for he looks as boyish as In the days of "Follow Through" and "Take a Chance." I Itt 1 June Duprei in "Four Feathers," paired with "Quick Millions" at the St George Playhouse starting today. it John Howard and Heather Angel In "Bulldog Driunmond Bride," co-featured with "Tropic Fury," at the Brooklyn Strand. Top, left: Danny Kaye in "The Straw Hat Revue," a special performance of which will be given at the Ambassador Sunday night for the Stage Relief Fund.

creation of music, it presented vurrenuy, nt quite me me think- tbout the party. He sings bits of his old tne of muslc in ltseU hits. Clowns with little Mary concerned. In last night's perform- I Carlisle, and has a hilarious stooge ance an integral part of the with him, named Joe Oalde, whojorchMtra0on more tnan on muslcai does a delicious burlesque of Al, ideas, and the excellence of Ravel's I technique became the prominent Capra. It Is liberally spotted with the humor sol his unique camera style; it, is more caustic than Capra ever has been when It observe how dirty politics can lead American democracy astray, and it is blunt and fearless as Capra never falls to be when It chastises Liberty's betrayers.

His most gratifying accomplishment, though, in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'' la Smith himself. He has drawn from Jimmy Stewart his very best grade of comic antics, speeded up his delivery and given perfect timing to bis lines. He has made Mr. Smith a delightfully naive and starry-eyed idealist, completely lovable and right, a figure that must win the support of the most unsympathetic audience.

Stewart has always been fine, but he has never been finer than this. If "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" Isn't the director's best picture an 1 If it Isn't likely to follow "You Can't Take It With You" as the year's most prize-worthy production, Sidney Buchman, who succeeded Robert Rlskin as CaDra's screen playwright, Is to blame. Or possibly it is the fault of Lewis R. Foster, author of the original story.

The fact is that "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," for all of its admirable theme and winning humor, is not a very probable story and It dangles an occasional loose end. young Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, Is chosen by the corrupt political machine of Publisher Jim Taylor (Edward Arnold) to succeed to the Junior Benatorship of an unnamed State the suggestion of its figurehead Governor (Guy Kibbee), Buchman has gotten off to a highly amusing start. It is a case of politics making strange bedfellows. It suggests Infinite possibilities, for the experienced senior Senator (Claude Rains), the machine's "Silver Knight," Is in Washington to keep the-' youngster In line on the machine's pet bills, and Saunders (Jean Arthur), the hard-boiled secretary who is to run his office, knows the ropes.

uut wnen senator smith runs afoul of the Wlllet Creek dam project by insisting that his boys camp, instead of Senator Paine's proposed water-power project, be set up on th valuable property, the story danger signals begin to flash. Paine, acting as front man for Taylor, who stands to make a for Jolson. Our only complaint with Mr. Haley Is that he isn't on long enough, and we wish that he would stay around and be comic in a Broadway musical again. Bill Marshall and his "Stop and Oo" band furnish the music background.

Bill's boys are very competent and soothing to the ear, and he has a nice personality which should make a lot of friends among dance band fans. Curly, the drummer, contributes an amusing bit of comedy, and Barbara Bush vocalizes nicely. The remainder of the bill is composed of "The Royal Whirlwinds" and James Richards and June Carlson. We saw the former out at Jones Beach last Summer, and thought them the most spectacular roller-skating act we ever saw. The trio seems to have added' new trick or two to their routine, and our opinion is still the same.

Richards and Carlson do clever things with their feet, and young Mr.i Richards also does Imitations. MOTION PICTURES PERSON AT 7:30 TONIGHT! feature of the work. A further hearing would doubtless shift the attention to other matters and the resul. would probably be the same that has made the Second Suite appear so frequently on concert programs. Is not this music after all somewhat tenuous? The concert began with Weber's Overture to "Euryanthe" and ended with Beethoven's Seventh Symphony.

The rhythmic elemen'. Is prominent in both of these, so that combined with the pulsation of the Ravel music the evening throbbed with sonorities. Under these circumstances, It was comparatively easy to agree with Wagner the Seventh Symphony is the "apothe- osis of the dance." There was considerable straight-forward playing In the Beethoven suggesting that the music was written for rather than as "absolute music." The Ravel achieved some stunning moments and was received with ex- tended applause. tune on the power deal, accuses the yotfhg Senator of attempting to sell his own land for the camp site a nefarious political frame ud. of of this penetrating, disquieting pic turization of the physical and emo tlonal horrors of war.

Futility is written over every foot of celluloid. You can't miss this. Doubtless the audience didn't yesterday at the Albee Theater, where it arrived "with a delightful comedy called "The Under-Pup." This "All Quiet on the Western Front" in its re-enforced form, though still with minor sound and lighting effects, has already been seen by one-quarter of the literate world. And now mechanized armies, fleeting fortresses in the skies, lines of steel and stone, gory death traps and camouflaged machine-gun nests have been added to make it as vivid as it certainly Is. And it comes alive among tho dead with the grim pathos, desperate humor and disillusionment of the younger generation that must attach Itself to the streamlined warfare of today.

There are Lew Ayres, one of a group of German schoolboys who, inspired by a fanatic tutor, are carried into the trenches; the late Louis Wolhelm, who Is the veteran of their division, and John Wray, William Bakewell and Russell Gleason among the boys who learn that war Is hopeless regimentation of everything. And there Is George (Slim) Summerville, the naive soldier, and his comedy. Over it all there hover drama and pover and the kind of scenic horror that grasps and even unnerves you. A. R.

Jarboro at Academy Caterlna Jarboro, colored soprano, will make her first American appearance on the concert stage in four years when she appears in a recital at the Brooklyn Academy of Music tonight The performance is being held under the auspices of St. Philip's Church, Brooklyn. MOTION Pricaa, iat I a.m. ax M. tatt ihmr II All a.m.

(duly I ROBERT D0NAT m-. GOODBYE MR. CHIPS with Grrar Garaan th MONTH CHARLES LAUGHT0N i. "JAMAICA INN" 3 rivoli tansa miniti tHowe HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE' Alice FAYE Don AMECHE 04 LA fteTVUf ON THsT MTAOt FEATURE F1L1HS Meet Rouslni sjsj jTeJ rtw.

Musical the tarsaa BVsV4JsBVEyleW vjk I hu ever keoenl Broadway out Street I Mlrbev Jndr I I ROONEY GARLAND I la M-G-M's I 1 "BABES IN AltMS" course and takes steps to have him removed the Senate. Smith, coached by his secretary already romantically smitten begins his militant filibuster and carries it through with Mr. Capra's brilliant IN WAENEE BROS MUSICAL MIRACLE with 'Brolhsr Raf IOOII ALIERT mm mm mm mm WW 'MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON' A Columbia, picture directed by frank Capra from a acrean play by Sidney Buchman baaed on a atory by Lewis R. Foater.

Presented at tha Radio City Muile Hall. THB CAST Baunden Jean Arthur Jefferson Smith Senator Joseph Palna- James Stewart Claude Ralna Edward Arnold duy Kibbee Thomas Mitchell luiena Pallette Beulah Bond! H. B. Warner Jlm Taylor Governor Hopper -Die Moore Chick McOann Ma smith Senate Majority Lrjadei gone out of. the show In Its trans-ferral to the screen.

In its place, at the Capitol Theater, is the expensive spectacle that manages to creep Into most of Metro's song-and- dance productions. If ever there was good reason to prune a budget, Rodgers and Hart supplied It, for from their facile imaginations they drew the picture of a flock of kids, children of vaudevilllans chased by the movies from the three-a-day houses, struggling to put on a show in their seaside resort to help out we older ioiks. Their trials and tribulations, the thrills that came with creation, the joy or discovering talent were all basic elements that made the Rodgers and Hart success simple ana eanny. Most of that is gone on trie screen. But Metro has its Mickey Rooney and its Judy Garland and it made them the chief luminaries in this new "Babes In Arms." It Is almost a fair exchange, for now the Rodgers ana Hart musical has two irresistible personalities who can sine and dance and play comically and sweetly in proper order, and even better, we think, than any of the youngsters in the original.

And so, while Scrlptmen Jack McGowan and Kay Van Riper have taken some of the substance from "Babes In Arms," Rooney and young Miss Garland have kept it rollicking. Rooney particularly, for he mimics Clark Gable, Lionel Barrymore and Eddie Leonard and he brings down the house. Mickey is good and he doesn't have to mutr cutelv to prove it. There have been other changes too. "Little Johnny One Note" has been dropped from the R.

and H. score, and "The Lady Is a Tramp-stands without its lyrics as brief background music. "Good Morning," which is already a hit, is a tuneful new addition, while the title melody and the durable "Where or. When" have been carried over from the stage production. And a prelude has been added to picture vaudeville and vaudevilllans in their heyday and, Incidentally, to make room for a few old clips of Rooney as a tyke before his tuxedo days.

The crux of the plot is still intact, except that Mickey doesn't have so many heartaches in putting his show together to demonstrate to Seaport skeptics that he and the other kids with grease paint in their veins can avoid being town charges when their parents, having another try at show business, go out on tour. A threat to his puppy-love affair with Judy RODEO MADISON SQUARE GARDEN NIGHTLY M.t, a.f 2:0. (stems': II.IJ 13 9. 1000 SEATS 11.10. fhdm trim all Mats.

STAGE PLAYS i "Theater at Its txctlngint," Mantle, Newt ai.MI HEST (IKl H. SEATS. Bill. KM 4 MS Abe Lincoln in Illinois 19.19 PULITZER PRIZE PLAY ADELPHI Theatre. S4th E.

7th Ave. Clr.62620. Ewl 35. Matt.Tan'w ft A Drama af Social Slfnif Isance. sxqultlttty Srwuld bs sstn ay evsry Jew in ausit SI artlltls enjoyment aed Intellectual anlllhlea.

meat. Dr. s. JACOB BEN-AMI'S Production at I. J.


Syneem) NATI0NALTeealalAy.4 HsMtentt. A1.4-49M "FASTEST AND FUNNIEST OF GTHE SCANDALS." Walter Winchcll E0RGE WHITE'S SCANDALS AI.VIN Hi St. W. af B'way, CO. Ml 14 (VI.

4:40. MATINEES WED. and 1:40 400 GeoS FIRST BALCONY Seata at OLSEN 4 JOHNSON'S MlMlCOi Retma UE 7 A OnDDIN SND flabaeli I Ul I 111 YEAR WINTER GARDEN, Broadway at Sflth St. Mats. Tom'w.

wd and Eleetioa Day. Evenings $1.10 to SS.80. eaeept Sai. GILBERT MILLER presents HELEN PHILIP HAYES MER1VALE In Ladies and gentlemen "Hel Hayes, the finest aelrasa at then all. Is Just as brilliant aa ever." WATTS.

Htrali Triton MARTIN SICK Theatre. 45th St. ath Ave. I vi 4:40. Tem 1:46.

Circle 1 4341 HIT MUSICAL REVUE AT MOVIE PRICES Pins and needles, 1940 Matt. Wed. A Sat. at tM I Evealnes at 14 40c 75c $1.00 55c 11-10 1 5 WINDSOR 4 k. of Baray.

BR.I-JSM "Unbridled lesflneaa fa paw rasapaat tha Biltnere." LockrUte, Su OEOROB ABBOTT presenta See my lawyer By RICHARD If AtBAtTM and NARRX (XORK WUA MILTON BERLE IITMORE, W.47 at. Evc.i:4J. Msts.Wad.t tat. JOHN OOI.DEN pruenta GERTRUDE LAWRENCE In SAMSON RAPHAELSON'I Cosaedl QKYLARK ''with DONALD COOK BLINK ANDERS M0R0SCO W. 4S St.

01.4117511. En. Mala. TOM'W and WEDNESDAY at 1:40 RWEO Jf realism, it makes exciting drama as Smith wears himself out with 23 hour of talk. But it is shallow logic, for not even-the dullest of Senators could fail to see the stu pidity of the accusation.

Its details Eddie Cantor And Radio Cast On Met. Stage Returns to Boro After 5 Years; Morgan Team Clicks Eddie Cantor, the bugeyed comic of radio, stage and screen, returned to Brooklyn yesterday for the first time in five years and set down his air show on Loews Metropolitan stage the first stage, incidentally, from which he could boast of a male offspring. His new grandson has now been initiated, taking his place along with Ida. the five famous daughters, the audience chitchat, the sentimental philosophy and the Jack-in-the-box clowning that are mainstays of any Cantor show. With the addition of the sensational Stuart Morgan acrO' batic dancers, the Mad Russian, the suspicious Mr.

Guffy, and Fairchild and Carroll in 'a galloping piano duet, Mr. Cantor has a zippy and laugh provoking act. Part of it, of course, It patterned after his familiar radio formula, but there are moments on the stage when Cantor lets go, and his comedy takes on a spicier flavor to the audience's evidenced delight. An other new spot of brightness comes with his burlesque of the motion picture gold-mine, Shirley Temple, for which Eddie dons golden wig and gingham pantie-dress. His songs are more familiar, however, Including "The Lady's in Love With You." which he introduced on his radio show; "Making the Best of Each Day," one of his favorite bits of philosophy, and "Let Them Keep PICTURES Mm GARFIELD Priscitta LANE "DUST BE MY DESTINY" JOC E.

BROWN MARTHA RAYC "SIOOO A TOUCHDOWN" BORIS KARLOFr in "TMS MAN tatSTT tOWB SOOT MM' JOC PCNNER BETTY 6KASLE "DAY THB BOOvtlES WEPT" RICHARD ARLCN ANDY DEVINC hi "TROPIC rURY" "ULLDcoO DRUMMONO'S BftlDE" ANGEL a nin fnrv ui iei" A 1 4 atiasV4. ft jtaaV Aus. fSmm 1A.1A A MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON Jisb ARTHUR Janet STEWART on oraav, "jaetossK Rttcci revue prichieoe hv LeonMeff avNtnhony Orch. sHeceveaei iotaa, siaa.

4iay. rat. lot MeesewsM Seek leeerved Circle 4-4400 SHOUJIIK. TDDRV Avrnue Girl: Adventures of Khrrlnrb Hotntes I It Over There," the stay-out-of-the-war ditty which the customers hail for both its tune and its sentiments. The Stuart Morgan dancers are the high spot of the Met presentation, supplying a procession of breathtaking minutes in which a winsome blond la tossed and SDun about among ner three huskier col leagues.

Other Items on the bill Include Lent Lynn, the Juvenile coloratura, who divides her time between the operatic favorite "Sl-empre Libre" and "Over the Rainbow," doing both selections with good taste and excellent quality; Joyce Hunter, the tall and glamourous socialite who downs with Mr. C's Siberian Screwball, and Jean Mona, a competent tap-dancer. Fairchild's orchestra supplies the musical accompaniment. "Fast and Furious," the latest In the Sloane Detective Agency series this time with Franchot Tone as the sleuth and Ann So them as his well-meaning but blundering wife Is the Metropolitan's screen feature, Zorino in Person Zorina, the dancing star, will make a personal appearance at 7:30 o'clock tonight at the New York Strand Theater where her film, "On Your Toes," opens todaj. The Strand's new in person show is headed by the Hal Kemp orchestra.

ZORINA IN Tomorrow NiohtLATE SCREENI IN PERSON SHOW AT 11i45 IMEB AND HIS ENTIRE RADIO REVUE ON THE SCREEN 'FAST AND FURIOUS' km SOTHERN Fruclwl TONE rot FEATHERS" Rslah Rirherd-en Auhrey Smith Ul ICK MILLIONS" Swtni Bvlneten Jed Prontv 3T1 mm sf mil 1 Cob Aflrn I I 1 ere too exaggerated to be convincing. Capra meant well in all of this. He has struck at, the most culpable practices of American politicians and he has pointed his finger at the loopholes through which the leaders of powerful special-interest groups rush when they want to clog the honest operations of the democracy of Lincoln. He has set ud a eterllng champion in the person of Afx tStUA 2Zz: La Katherine Emery In "Three Sis-ten," at the Longaere Theater. crops up in the form of June Prei ser, spoiled but cute child movie star who can solve his financial troubles and who wants to try a "comeback" in Judy's role.

Betty Jaynes, who has a strong lyric soprano voice, and Douglas McPhall, the strapping young baritone who is not yet at ease in front of a camera, are paired in a minor romance, and Charles Wlnninger, Guy Kibbee, Henry Hull, Grace Hayes and Margaret Hamilton handle the adult roles pleasantly, Director Busby Berkeley supplies a tew sustaining comic bits of his own as well as an elaborate patriotism scene, "God's Country," for a climax. This "Babes In Arms," though, is primarily Mickey Rooney's baby. 'All Quiet' Revived ALL QUIET ON THE WESTKHM FRONT" An uncenaored Universal picture produced by Carl Laemmle direct ed by Lewis Milestone from a screen play by Oeome Abbott based on a story by Erich Maria Presented at the Aioee i neater It is one of the comments during the newly released, uncensored ver sion of "All Quiet on the Western Front," the war film that may now serve a second generation, that points out there are Iron crosses for the brave, red crosses for the wounded, wooden crosses for the dead and a 'double coss for everybody. And that's the shining message AUTO SHOW MANHATTAN AUTO now SHOW. To 11 P.

ADM. 40 GRAND CENTRAL PALACE Lexington Avenue at 4Ut Street AUTO EXHIBIT Ford Style Show Hotel Astor Open till Midnight MANHATTAN TALLULAH BANKHEAD in NATIONAL W. 41 St. PEn. 4J-RJI0 Cvs.

4:40, 55c Is 13.30. Mstc. Tom'w 0n4 EXTRA PERFORMANCE SUNDAY AT P.M. SOe ts 1,3 NO TAX Proceeds Actors' Feed "J0LTINGLY FUNNY" Richard Lackridgc Sun RAM H. HARRIS pre tent i THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER A New Comedp ay MOSS HART 4 SE0R8I KAUFMAN MUSIC BOX 4S St.


Welt 44 SI. Circle 4-5890 Eve. 4:44. Msts. TOM'W and THURSDAY.

7:40 Mail orders until Dec. 16. Ml Seats SI. 10 LAST PERFORMANCES! THE SURRY THEATRE presents Immortal Masterviece Three sisters LONGACT Jj, W. 41.

in. 1 Me Is $7 aim ts Metises Tomorrow, 1:40. SOe ts 11.50. Clr. (-4454 'Hllarlenaly funny." Anderson.

Journal THE STRAW HAT REVUE New Muetcel with Imerfne Cora Evo.S:40.55o-S3.!l) Mats. Tom'w. Wed. and Election Dry. EXTRA SIINIjAY IBSNIFITSTAOE PERF.

:40 I RELIfr FUND Bobby CLARK liMllaOEAR ABBOTT and C0STELL0 In The streets of paris with Tea Brorlllcs Bsoaehsll. Caracas MIRANDA ROADHURST, W. 44 at. Matt. Wed.

and Sat. LASTS TIMES. Eva. 1:14. Mat.


W. 41 St. CO. I Eva. 1st Mat.

Tom'w. SI. 10 aw trill BROADWAY AT 47h STREET FEATURE TODAY 12:1 5 A.M. BINC, CROSBY In "THE STAR MAKER" L'nda Ware and "THE MAGNIFICENT FRAl'D" with Aklm Tanelroff Robert TAYLOR Hcdy LAMARR LADY TROPICS" senator srruui, the hybrid Boy Ringer-Don Quixote' who battles for 'lost causes" and visits the Lincoln Memorial when he needs in- eplratlon. But his writers have been too obvious in setting up windmills for Don Quixote to charge.

They haven't matched Mr. Capra's Inherent subtlety. And none of the director's fine comic trimmings has been able to hide that fact. What they have done, though, Is to make "Mr. Smith Goes to Wash- lngton" a meaningful social commentary and a delightful bundle of entertainment despite its weaknesses.

For that the credit goes to Capra, "to Stewart and to Miss Arthur, and the flawless performances of Rains, Arnold, Kibbee, Thomas Mitchell, Harry Carey, Eugene Pallctte and H. B. Warner. What they have given to "Mr. will be remembered long after its fallings have been forgotten.

"Jerome Kern Cavalcade" Is the title of the colorful Leon Leonldoff stage presentation, which includes Jan Peerce, Melisa Mason, Walter Cassel, George Holmes and the Music Hall Rockettes, Corps de Ballet and Glee Club. 'Babes in Arms' A Matro-OoIdwytcMayer picture produced by Arthur Freed and directed br Busby Berkeley from a screen play by Jack McOowan and Kay Van Riper from the play by Richard Rodir. and Lorens Hart, Presented at tha Capitol Theater. -ptllR- Edw. G.

ROBINSON "BLACKMAIL" IRENE nt'NNE CHARLES BOYER "WHEN TOMORROW COMKH" and "PRISON WITHOUT BARS'1 with CORRIMNE LI'CHAIRE "THE WIZARD OF OZ" Terhnlroler with JUDY GARLAND and "WINTER CARNIVAL" fcHERIDAN RICHARD CARLSON CTR A ll ijjjf I ItafnlM KINGS Flstbuch snd Tlldea Avonaos I.OF.W 4 PITKIN Pitkin and Scrsteis Avenues icOFW'g ALPINE stth Street snd Filth Avenue 'LOEW'R BEDFORD Bedford Avsnus snd Berfsa Street LOKWH BROADWAY Brosdwoy end Myrtle Avenue LOF.W'R CONEY IRLANO Surf and Stlilwll Avenues LOEW'R Esctern Parfcwcy snd Noctrsnd Ave. LOFW'S GATES Gstec Avenue snd Brsedwsy ILOEW'H 4C1TH RT 4Klh Street snd New Utrecht Avenue in H' BAY RIDGE '3d Sired snd Third Avsnus LOKW'R WARWICK Jorenis snd Fulton Streets LOFW'S CENTURY Nsctrand snd Psrkclds Avenues LOEW'R MEI.BA Ltvlnsiton Street snd Hsnover Piece -OIWH BOBO PARK Met Street and New Utrscht Avenue I.OF.WR BREVOOKT Brevoerl PIscs end Bcdlerd Avenue RKO Krnmore, Church-Flctbush Avss RHO Madison. Myrtls-Wyttott Aves. kk livker. nth St.

and Filth Ave RKO Presnerl. Ninth A.e. RKO Rushwlrk, eay Moword Ave RKO Repuhlle. Grand ana Kesa RKO Tllvou, tun and Coney IO Greennolnt. SJS Msnhsltsn RKO Orpheum.

Fallen SI. swell pi I Richard RKO Shore Road, asth St. -Fifth Ave FOUR CI Af fit JiTTaJ LU Blal I K1NGSWAY Klss Mlah-vsv Corny icland Avenue AVAION. Klci Hllhesy ssd C. ISth St fhci.

IMTIO. Ftolboch Ave. and Mldwced SI. Gary MAYFAIR. Avenue 11 and Coney Id, Av MIDWOOD, Avenee and East 1Mb St MARINE.

Flstbuch Av. snd Klnas H'wsy BEAU LATE i ANN Tyrone Hawaiian Hrlte Jones Aana ui. Awa A "HERE I Anne Rlrhsrd Gary Power. Myrna Ley. The Ra'ns Came: Nithts, Msrr Carlls'e.

Johnny Drwna Devls, M'riam Hopk'ns, Old Mad: Family, tjulrk Millions. Jed Prontv BAT RIDGE Center, Blvth Ave. and ih 81 Man Ahnut Town; also The Girl and tha Gambler Stanley, Filth Avs. and 75th St Carrrr; also Susannah nf the Mounlles BEDFORD Apolle. Pallsa and Throes Dlsnlev and l.lvinfstnnr; Grirle Allen Murder Case National 720 Washlaitsa Shall Have Music: Our Leadlna tltltrn Rofers, 33a Refers Avs Hotel Imperial; also Grand Jury Reerrts Savoy, ISIS Bedford Nurse Edith Cavell; and Here I Am a Dtranter BOROUGH BALL AND DOWNTOWN DuffleM, Dsftleld and el ton (ts Fnnr Feathers: also These Glamour Girls Menwrt, Faltea St.

and Rockwell PI let I's Live: also Grade Allen Murder see gt. Georie Playhouse, 100 Plnssaals St. Four Feathers; Jonea Family In Quirk Millions Terminal, Fourth Ave, and Dean Bt Antels Wash Thrlr Fares: also Hotel for Women Tlveli, Fultoo Bt and Myrtle Asa Geste; also These Glamour Girls BRIGHTON BEACH Oceana. Srlihtsa Ssach Bt Four Feathers; also These Glamour Girls FLATBUSH Astor. Flatbush hear Church The Bride Gomes Home; also Nhenahsl Flatbush, Church and Flatbush A vet ON KTAl.F.: Jsrk Haley and Mary Carlisle ON 8CRFF.N: Rnmbs Over London Granada.

Church and Nsctrand Than Desire: and 'Missing Daughters "NURSE EDITH CAVELL" Neaflo Ceo. Saadert Eeaa Mar Oliver PLUS I AM A STRANGER Greene Rickard Dii Brenda Joyam and THESE CLAMOUR I RLb sj It a 1 1 1 Vn si I jln IRBksllllalBH I ijl FART FLATBUSH A venae Avs. D-E. 434 St Filth Venala In "NURSE EDITH CAVELL" Greene In "HERE AM A STRANGER" THE CAST Mickey Morsn Mickey Rooney Peter Barton -iuHv nrinrf Joe Moran-. '-Charlee Wlnnlnter Judu Blark Ouy Kibbee Rosalia Essex June Preiser Ornce Hsye Betty Jaynea Plorrle Mnran Mallr Moran Some of the unpretentious charm of In Arms," the 1937 Broadway musical hit concocted by Richard Loreru Hart, has AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN JACK HALEY MARY CARLISLE BILI.T Orehtatra Rrra-n rtatnra Mldnlta Khnw Sat.

MATS.25e. EVS.40c Beyer, when Tesierm Coesoe: Prlien Without Pore Csoaer. Bccu Ccilc: Chicken Wsaen Fsally, I. Wi ners Feathers: These Glamenr Girls. Lena Tervter Can; feoeer GESTE" Jones Family "QUICK MILLIONS" Maiwell's lor Women" and Ann Sher dan Anted Wash Ther Faces'' Ruiby.

utlca and Churoh Avss Borrowed Time; Man In the Iron Mask UERRITSEN BFACR Graham. Ml Whitney Ave I Stole a Million: and The Kid Front Trsaa PARK SLOPE Carlton. Flslsse" and Seventh Avee Belle Davla In The Old Maid: Quirk Millions Plasa. Flalsuch Ave. and Part Place Stole a Million: Tha Mysterious Miss Sandera, Prstaost Psrk Wset-I4th Stronser Than Desire; also Hidden Power RINGS HIGHWAY Jewel, Klnii Hllhway and Oessa P'kwy.

sbanshai Madness; also Unmarried AVENUE tl SECTION Avenue tl Avs. E. leth Avenue Girl: Adventures ef Rherlnrk Holme. Traynrare. Avoasw ead E.

44th Rlanlry and Livlnsstenc; also Malale. Ann Sothern IDGEWOOD Colonial. Broadway When Tomorrow Comes: Million Dollar l.eev RIvoll. atyrlls snd Wllcea Am Andy Hardy Gets Sprlne Fever; Kln of the Turf BHEFJPRRFAD RAY Sheepahead. Sheeashoad Bay, Voarhlos Grl4: aloe Blond I Takes a Varallon ROUTII BROORLYN Rsndera Globe.

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