The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 11, 1935 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, July 11, 1935
Page 13
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Court Gets Pleal To Reapportion Queens County Decision Tonight Ex-ported From Highest Tribunal in, Stale Y Csattol Uulldlnc. Albany, July 11 The drive to ef-et additional legislative represen-tlon lor Queens County, despite failure of the 1935 Legislature reapportion Assembly and Senate stricts. was carried to the Court Appeals today by Maurice J. inns, Queens taxpayer. Burns asks the highest court to errulc the finding of the Appel-te Division that the Legislature one niav reannortion. A decision Is expected tonight. tsui who was represented uy lines A. Smyth and George W. jeker. pointed out that the lower urt, in ruling against him, stated at the Legislature failed to per-nn its duties and disregarded the Says Lower Court Erred He asks that the Secretary of ate and New York City Board ot ecttons be required to certify for KtlOn in Queens next Pall two additional Senators and five addi tional Assemblymen. Failing that, be urges that these officials be restrained from certifying for election the present legi.-l.tuw o: :.:. u: Attorneys for Burns said the lower s erred in stating they had no ; r to enforce the Constitutional mandate on reapportionment. bince the dutv is mandatory, they said, "and little, if any, discrc- Is with the Legislat d that the courts are Dower- olute defiance of the Constitution' the people are the source of the Constitution and the Legislature is me creature ol tne constitution." Epstein Opposed ! Solicitor General Henry Epstein, arguing on the other side, said the Legislature alone can reapportion ind that a legislative district can be changed only by law. ine courts, ne saw, -may not arrogate to themselves and usurp me iuncuons 01 tne Legislature Tvhen the Constitution clearly indicates that this it a function to be performed by the iaw-making power. The relief sought would create haos and destroy the basis of our governmental mechanism." 'Rain Transfers Garden Party Because of the storm, the garden party scheduled by the January- February-March birthday group of Christ Lutheran Church, Freeport, e home of Mrs. Harold Dunlop, Fulton Ave Roosevelt, was transferred indoors yesterday. Participating were: Mrs. Olaf Magnusson, group leader; Mrs. Wil- i Varneke, Mrs. John French, . William Wemssen, Mrs. Meta ia, Mrs. Charles Maurer, Mrs. Rudolph Caspar, Mrs. Edward t A. Bacon, Mrs. Harry W. I, Mrs. William Steuven, Mrs. Magnus Sierkf. Mrs. Anna Weber. K-imnei .-r:r i . Mr ail r ! sdefbrreer, Mrs. Augtista Barnard. Mrs. August Suauiar.u. Mi - L . v, Mahnken, Mrs. Robert Campbell. Mrs. Ernest Kostering. Mrs. Amanda s .'.CLinl. Mrs. Theodore Johnson. Mrs. John Haliday, Mrs. Edgar i .ham. Mrs. Rose wirtn, Mrs Moron McKay. Mrs. Jess Rhodes M" George Davison and Miss Mar- caret Wirth. Freeport Auxiliary Plans AU-Day Outing The Auxiliary to the Freeport an .un t0 M - July 24. This plan was ide at a meeting held at head-trters, N. Long Beach Ave., Tues-v evening. Mrs. Edith Dicker-i prcided. Cars will leave. the y of the outing frc i headquar-s at 10:30. Following the business session rds were played. Mrs. Cornelius aren received the special award. 1 1 sses were Mrs. Frank Horn-ck, chairman; Mrs. Stephen Pet-Mrs. Harry Walling and Mrs. Wilso L. I. Club Holds Hh. Sinai Outing The L. L. Club of Freeport joyed Cedar Beach Coun- y Clul Mr. Sinai, yesterday. Those joaf.ns in the day's affair. :. .,!. a ..rernoon. were' Mrs. Mervin nor, Mrs. Francis Morse. Mrs. rlcs Van Bun n. Mrs. Fram a.- th Mrs. Siegfred Olsen, Mrs. :1c Knapp. Mrs. Forrest Dun-Mi Sinclair Raybor, Mrs. John mer. Mrs. Wright Lewis. Mrs. t, t Combs. Mi's Cornelius Bra-Mrs. John Theodore Cotter, t a! vounger guests joined in part'., including Miss Beatrice n. Smith Pearsall. Kenneth nor and Allie Robins. Ba KooM'volt P.-l. A. Heads Man for Next Term tup executive board of the Roose- elt P.-T. A. met at the home of the iresideCt, Mrs. Arthur Saunders. j'lea-ant Ave.. Tuesday evening, vim K n';e board dended on a theme on vhicti to osse Tla- ill be Horn- tne Center of a Child's Universe.' Mrs. k Saunders and Mrs. Joseph Morris.,''!" B former president, were chosen to g, represent the association at the lo- Lei ral school board meetings. It wasi decided that Mrs. Arthur Lail should jot gather data in regard to a mimeo-1 JJf, Jraph machine for the school. Mr They Really i ..zxu'izl . ma.rzrz ,!y to sized the Bronx Zoo, those three Galapagos turtles (ftDOVi . ac- cording to Dr Raymond L. Dumars. the zoo director, but thev had a ' swell little adventure in Brooklyn They weren't supposed to go to monkeys chattered the worst, be-Brookiyn. It Just happened. Thev caues they get the bananas that ar arrived on the Grace Liner Santa left after the banan skins an Inez, which discharged her pa.-sen- ! eaten by the turtles. Yes. indeed Manhattan at Pier 7, NOrtn Riv A bab this lime those turtles, mere i of 75 pounds apiece, kept1 heads secretively ii.side their , as if plotting something. thei sue Asks Tariff to Save His Store e Babylon Town Board was again appealed to yesterday to erect sort of tariff barriers to save the solitary and pioneer general owned and operated by James Briggs, when the grocer painted a dark picture of trade relations in the Summer colony. Mr. Briggs, who prides himself on his homespun ways, told in detail how he had worked for many years and spent much money in building up his store on the island. He related the difficulties of his pioneering days, how he had built up a $6,000 store; how he had once owned a dock. Then turning dramatically to the board members, he asserted that after all these years and labors outside chain stores and distributors, taking advantage of the new road, have, descended on the island resort and all but undermined him. He cited the Issuance of merchandising permits in the village of Northport as a precedent for protection against his outside competitors. The board, at a previous meeting, had told Mr. Briggs that they could not regulate the flow of competitive business and that tariff walls around Oak Island was hardly feasible. But Mr. Briggs. admitting ifort from the i After stating his case Mr. Briggs departed, but not, before the town board members had told him they would consider some sort of a licensing fee. Sunshine League Aided by Party A card party was held yesterday afternoon for the benefit of the South Shore Sunshine League at Al White's Chateau, Baldwin, under the sponsorship of three Merrick members. A group of more than 50 I ' women participated. The special award of the day'La,lir8 Aid Socielv went to Mrs. Charles E. Freeman! , LTtTih: lucky" numbers was Mrs. Fred; Markowit;- of Merrick. In charge of tne aliair were Mrs. franklyn El- lenbogen. Mrs. Alfred J. Goldberg I and Mrs. Louis Ferkin. I The league was organized a short time ago and lias spread from Free- ' 1 Freeport is the organizing president. Members in the various villages have pledged themselves to each, and yesterday's card party was the filling of the three hostesses" pledges. List Garden Fete For Next Saturday More than 1.000 women are expected to attend the garden party-bridge Saturday afternoon at St. ; Joseph's Villa. Hempstead, for the rxuient oi ine nursing, sisters wno receive their Irainu.u there. I he vote their lives to nursing, and work among the poor an.! oe- xhp wilIlam Dawnes Chapter rsupr " C0nU''bUllOnS D. A. R , was aided by the pro-Mrs. William J. Murray of Rock- j ceeds of a card party yesterday aft-ville Centre, general chairman for i ernoon in tlie Rockviile Centn the affair, today announced that 1 American Legion Dugout. Seven-plans are complete and that bus M ptav. The ma. for t ilia by private car. Mrs. Charles H. Morlath is chairman of the bus transportation. A program of vocal and Instrumental music has been arranged and there will be card playing with prizes for high score winners. Refreshments will be served by a group of voting women from nearby villages. Mr- Murray lias as ner assisting tot BROOKLYN Wanted to Live Four hours Inter the steamer i shifted to Brooklyn. The Bronx i Zoo truckman went to the Manlwt- un pier and poked about among cargo items. No turtles! You can well imagine the furor in the Bronx Zoo then. The ! be- ; . are are Wlien a uaiapagos turue see.' banana skin he doesn't He slips outside of i That truckman rin Bronx, biting hi.. In down again all the wt Lynbrook Radio Fan Gets Flood S. O. S. What may have been the last message from a family in the flood area up-State came crackling through the ether Tuesday night and into the earphones o Carroll Homan at 72 Wilson Ave., Lynbrook, it was learned last night. Homan operates the amateur station W2FRN. The message was from another amateur, R. B. Huston of 81 Lincoln St., Waverly, N. Y., and it was turned over to the Lynbrook police, who in turn notified the Nassau County police. The message was then sent to the State police. Following was the message as taken down by Horaan: '"We are having a bad flood and it ts getting worse. The water is now 12 feet deep and some homes are floating away with people on top of them. The telephone Is cut off and we need help, old man-can you help? "Could you notify your local newspaper about us? The water is starting to come into my room on the second floor and it is very bad. I can see some one in the water now, and now he is gone. The water is getting in my rig. Please QBX. Can t continue, It s too bad.'" the message ended abruptly, Seaman Listed j For Fall Trial District Attorney Martin W. Lit- Ueton in Mineola today indicated that it will not be possible to pro- ceed with public welfare law violation charges against Phineas A. Seaman, former chief of the Hempstead Police, before September. However, he added, there is no reason to conclude that a decision to drop the charges has been made. The Appellate Division recently freed Seaman of an indictment charging him with violating the welfare law. The higher court's ruling was that Seaman should have been prosecuted within his own village if at all. and it is before Police Justice George B. Serenbetz in Hempstead that the prosecutor declared the allegations will made in the UtiHi- indoor I icmc An indoor Di,nic iUncheon and " outdoor December birthday group of the Krecport M. E. Ladies Aid Society, ! ...,. v in (hp church basement! room The group Will! n Aug. of Mr.-. Charlotte Murray of Gor Others joining in the afternoon affair', in addition to Mrs. Combs and Mrs. Murray, were: Mrs. Martin H. Weyrauch. Mrs. Arthur Fati-rot. Mrs. Pierre Wilson. Mrs. Mary Jemimas, Mrs. Robert Hansen, Mrs. Ernest St. George, Mrs. M. M. Jo-hansen, Mrs. Effie Kellv, Mrs. William Seiboldt Mrs. Rudolph Muller, Mrs. Fred Staats and Mrs. E. A. Pollard Jones, wife of the ; K,ckvill- U'lllre U.A.K Helped bv Carl Parlv ('Katie. Richmond. Mrs. Joseph O. Wilson headed the committee in charge. Assisting her were: Mrs Robert Nix, Mrs. Eugene P. Hawkins. Mrs. Michael Madigan Mrs. William B. Gottreau, Mrs. Emerson M. Hoyt and Mrs. Richmond. The chapter is headed by Mrs. Grant Huntley. POSTPONE .iARUEN FETE The garden fete schedu yesterday by the Rockviile for Girl Scout Conunittce at the norm Mrs. E. S Oppenheimrr. 80 Har- committee, headed bv Mrs. - nvtcAr tin rharr?. ; 1 Charles E. Prastr, Is tn chargs. ( DAILY EAGLE, NEW in Brooklyn1 tm long Hamilton Ave. until . Pier 33 There were the "I a bunch of jus uts va , . -u .,. ,h. ,lr.(.. shootini he cam iurt.e. p. . mi..; ag bananas, Well, he look a They looked might. .' a ,h. .hv left. They some of the with the liar trip north hint son the turtli Bloc. . tinDed off that (he KMU 1 Prospect Park Zoo va.s siiperioi Bronx grass, and if Ihlng Galapagos tur Dunlap Faces Higher Charge , Because the man he Is allej have beaten died of his in Robert Dunlap, 31, of 39 W. 1 West Hempstead, his case presented to t jury for a second time i t grand ;t Thurs - The jurors indicted Dunlap cnarge oi tnira-aegree assault at its last session last Thursday. Next . week District Attorney Martin W Littleton will ask that the charges be boosted to second-degree man- slaughter. lleeed attacker is said to WM, World Photo llora who got friendly l j . shelled fellows on the II ed that the real rea- . Q- ,t n Wrc les came over to I OLd&C 1(CVV3 that they had been have pounced upon Joseph Muessle, j Milne, in Kingston, R. I., next Mon-43, of 184-25 Jamaica Ave., Hoili.-, day. The week of July 22 she will on July 1. beating Muessle .so se- play in "Autumn Crocus." For her verely that he landed in Nassau . third week in Kingston she will play Hospital with a fractured skull. Die Elisabeth Bergner role in "Es-Muessle died Tuesday, the day I cape Me Never." Dunlap appeared before Judge 1 On Aug. 19. splitting the week be-Cortiand A. Johnson in Na.-au , '.ween Falmouth and Nantucket, County Court, and pleaded not , Miss Lemhan will appear in Sidney guilty to the assault indictment. j Howard's "Ned MeCobb's Daughter.'" Title Contenders List rt f0 T7 Cvmna UW8 I0F 1 WO dmt5) A two-game series has been ar- ! ranged between the Mineola Field ' . the second July 21 Rockviile The outcome of this series should go a long way toward narrowing down the race for mythical semi-pro honors of the county. Both Rockviile Centre and Mmeolo are claimants, along with Floral Park, Lynbrook and the Penn Red Caps. Joint Outing Sent To Parish House The outing planned by the Home Missionary Society and the Ladies Improvement Society of the Presbyterian Church. Freeport. ye&ter- I storm. In place of the affair, a I group of about 38 gathered in the ;sin-h house on Church St.. where they enjoyed the prepared luncheon. Hie affair for the day was in chaige of the two presidents, Mrs. Joseph M mi ' of the Mission;!) - f- i and Mrs. Andrew Carrlngton of the Improvement Society. WOMEN'S CLUB MEETS The Seaford Women's Club met at the home of Mrs. James Gilroy yesterday afternoon. Attending the SOCM lea meeting were Mrs. Edward DiVlgan, Mrs. James Green. Mn Daniel O'Leary. Mrs. Otto RleCart, Rybach. Mrs. James Glodliill. Mr.-. Albert Sorrnson. Mrs. Nellie LutK, Mrs. Jacob McCauley. Mrs James I Smith. Mrs. Anna McBennoU and Mrx. John Brimrs. 1 Mrs. John Briggs. YORK, THURSDAY, JULY If, 1935 E. I Higgins iOf Astoria Arrives After TriptoRome Gets Papal Blessing for Catliolie War Veterans, Foes of Communist The Rev E. J. Wiggins, pastor the Roman Catholic Church of i Immaculate Conception. Astoi and founder and chuplain of i Catholic War Veterans, returned day in the United s- - liner M. - - hattan niter a trip to Rome. . ! the i Mucins lor the He spent about an hour witl Pope in the Vatican, he said. Eoe of t mil tn 11 1 1 ixii fod H,s?''anM7er',S?Uon to be held at the Knights j communism, which Father Higgins i described as a religion of hatred 1 i toward all it ligions and all peoples 1 ! except Communists " j There are 38 posts In the organi-1 did contribution to legion public-ition, some as far off as the l'a in i.v us publication ol th sp.-fic Coast, and a total membership 1 cial Armistice Edition' on Nov. 12, ; 2,800. The national commander 1934." Cincotta's report sets forth. John M Dealy of 2177 28th St.. "In connection with this particu-stoha. lar edition. M. Preston Goodfellow, Also returning on the Manhattan publisher of The Eagle; Martin H. as Miss Bettv Rldgely of 266 Weyrauch, its managing editoi ; Berkeley Place, who had spent nine months ..tudvihg architecture at Oxford. A fift.foot yawJ SeBplane was .sighted I)', the pa. -enters about 500 mile- ol: Halifax nnut'.iis -' . from Cornwall, , er- Group will present l0r to From the Brown Swan Theater, any- Schroon Lake. N. y ., comes word new melodrama. "The Jim Clark, membership; George " July 11. Mr. Arthur Chadwick, Americanism; Frederick Miss Julie Arden will , A. Keck, legal; Edward Vosseler, lured roles. Presenta- lesolutions; John F. Ordway. cou-iroon Lake have been pon; William A. Halloran Jr., poppy . Thursday and Friday , Jim Clark, post activities; Elizabeth j play the 1 ; changed I The American premiere of Hcnri-Renec Lenormand's "The Coward" is to be the third production of the Summer at the Westport Country Playhouse. Lenormand has had but one other play produced in this country, "The Failures," which was produced by the Theater Guild. Worthington Miner is directing 'The Coward" at Westport. Frances Fuller will be seen in the stellar role, supported by Robert Williams, Tom Powers, McKay Morris, George Cou-louris, Patricia Calvert, Kathleen Comegys, Ann Mauclair and Phyllis Langner. The settings are by Tom Adrian Cracraft. "The Coward" opens July 15 to run the week. Vinccnte Minnelli, who will stage, "At Home Abroad," which goes into rehearsal shortly, announces that! Harry Losee will do a group of spe- cial modern dances for the Beatrice Lillie-Ethel Waters-Herb Williams- Eleanor Powell-Reginald Gardiner musical show by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, with contributions by Raymond Knight. The Edgewood Players, Livingston Manor. New York, will present on Friday. "Action." a Dlav deahnc with 1 social problems, with Stuart Allen a-; a v. Lomoerg. ana. on bat - urday. "A Night in Paris," a Parisian revue, with Jean LaRue and Bar- bara and Maurice. rauia onay is presenting ' Accent j Theater tomorrow and Saturday, 1 with Doris Lauray in the lead, i Blossom MacDonald, sister of Jean- MacDonald, has joined the utneias are William Valentine, I Clarence Rock. John Balmer. Ed- ward Brandon and John Blight, Next week Florence Burroughs will i appear in "Meet the Wife." winnrea penman win open in "Truth About Blayds, Gregory Deane engagement of Ara Gerald, last een in "Revenge With Music," for it part in "Few Are Chosen." which N. Lawlor will present on Broad- way during the week of Sept. 12 at ;i theater to be announced. The ' .re nr ... ..:: 'n v. i:i is- c . Ohnln ,hich deals with the life of young hearsals Aug, 19. On Friday. July 26, "Three Men on a Horse" will have played 396 performances. This number, of course, represents the combined total of Alex Yokel's three com- ames. including the try-out dates. On the 25th the Chicago oompanv I will play its 125th performance in that city. The New York troupe will give Its 186th at The Play- house and the Los Angeles com- pany its 53d. "How Like a God," by Willard starks. opens tomorrow at the Par- rish Memorial Hall, Southampton. L. I. Ruth Mattison heads the company. Screen News Zasu Pitts and Hugh O Connell yesterday completed "She Gets Her Man." which burlesques the recent ti-inen films. The supporting cast is headed by Helen Twelve! rees and Lucien Llttlcfield and includes Ed Brophy, Warren Hymer. Bert Gor- warn nono, Virginia orey Kins Baeent Lola Louis Vmcenot. Withers, went Into production today at the Fox studio Other members include: John McGnlif, ! 'Gloria Roy, Diana Revier. Tom Re- vler. Gordon Westeott Bldnaf Toltt Praise for In LegtOnJhgOZUte Cincotta Report Awards This Paper First Honors for Its Special Armistice Edition Last Year and Commends Its Editors High praise for the Brooklyn Daily Eap;le for its contribution to American Legion publicity is contained in the report of Angelo John Cincotta. published in the current issue nalre.. The current issue is the special convention number ol the organ, published in con- Columbus Clubhouse on July and 18. First honors are awarded to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle for Its splen- Capl Edwin B. Wilson, its associate editor; Floyd Barger. news editor and our old friend. Thomas R steutel. are especially con. mended The Eagle awarded ten valuable prizes to the winners of the I ing stories' contest. The committ. Miller for the finest accounts Legion events covered by them, al William Reiche." Coin Con inanoei Irving Saunders, reports of the tollowing commit tee chairmen: Burriitt. R. N.. child welfare Harry L. Horn, service collection bureau; Edward A. O'Neil, public safety; Alex Pisciotta. constitution and by-laws; Jerry Riccio, county war memorials; W. R. Bradley, Armistice Day observance; James M. Golding. welfare; L. F. Horn hospital visitation; Thomas P. "mm wis. also reports on the Legion, Judge J young Chinese actor 1 the role of Warner Krye Luke, who portraye Olan.i son in "Charlie Chan , Paris," will appear again in "Charlie ; Chan in Shanghai," which James timing will direct. . Claire Whitney, one time the silent films, will have a role in "WaV Down East." the Fox produc - tion featuring Henry Fonda. Ro - chclle Hudson and Russell Simp- son. . The cast for Columbia's "The Girl Friend, co-starring Ann Sothern and Jack Haley, with Roger Pryor featured, now includes John T. Mur- j ray, Monica Bannister, Victor Kil- ian. .viaigaret seaaon, Lee turn- : mai, Geneva Mitchell, Inez Court- j ney, Ray Walker, Thurston Hall, ; Lafe McKee and Arthur Rankin. iUDervisini: the Dudley Clements, from the cast!1'011 of "Jalna." under the direction o: : . Great Waltz. ' and O. Z of John Cromwell. Kay Johnson and Whitehead, who a. ) Noel.' Coward in "The Scoundrel," have gned by the Brooklyn Vita , phone featuri for the only adult r .- m the tw o-ree i'ivrn- , ile th fca vue currently in production at Brooklyn plant. The revue, rine 50 children ranging in age directed by Joseph Henabery. Afte e of c Sidney Fox is returning to the screen in "Sweet surrender,' whicn starts production next week at the Paramount Astoria Studios. Miss Fox will smg and dance and will have the triple role of ballerina, school teacher and tough girl. Other principals in the cast are Frank Parker, radio tenor, and Helen Lynd, comedienne. Monty Brice is the di- . The screen play is by John Weaver. ; V. A. i Fir Satin al will release on j i in. lav, Aug. 3. "The Irish in Us," i James Cagney, Pat O'Brien Frank M; Hugh in leading roles. I film was based on an original y by Frank Orsatti. Earl Bald- wrote the. screen play, which dhected by Lloyd Bacon. The . includes Mary Gordon, Olivia 5553 Geurm..' ! !',","'! ttt V, m v " ;', ,s "ol attorSS -1 this ! ot "".-Va MAR1 :! el" ..1' j To Jo LEGAL NOTICES L , t f'1 ! ;-' i ','h(,' 1 n3n, : $S iu , !", " '"' ''L """""" The Eagle county chairman of publicity, ol the Kings county Legion .Sanaa! M..uti! Brooklyr attorney of 4H5 Ocean Ave. who has been appointed a member of ; the Flatbush Division of the Brooklvn Better Housing Committee under the Federal Housing Mr. r president o e Flat- lands Merchai de Havilland Ala : . Farrell MacDonald. "L'Eredita' dello Jenkins and J. d Buonanima," n Italian, is to of its continu-le Westminster 1 ("The R.. n frit If ; , tn ,lurd wet ' 1 Theater t ! Kay Linakcr. Broadway actress ! ; who flew to the Coast Warner Bros. ! studios last week, gets, av her first ' .-creen role, the leading feminine part in "From This Dark Stairway." which goes into production today. ic pictwe l. oa. eo on Lit iiiiiui'i Mignon G. Eberhart. Ricardo rtez heads the masculine l r t ' . Others will be Mary Astor. Lvle ' Talbot, Mary Treen. Martha Tib-.ibetts and Anita Kerry. ! rkq ! adlo has named Max 1 steiner. head of the music ilepar- mnt direct the music for "Love song,'" which wilt introduce Lily j pons (q screen. Andre Kos- telanetz, who will direct the film's operatic sequences under Steiner's .supervision, has just arrived in iinthmmnri fmm N Vnrlr -n formerl assistant conductor at the Roval Opera House in Petrograd. The screen play ts by Edmund North ant jame,s Gow. ! ... Holman has been added to of the RKO Radio oroduc- r Ule leads' OUlcl Theodore Newton. FORECLOSURES , j , , t j 1 I J j J HOUSING AIDE 1 13 Contract Awarded For Start of Work On City Stadium Razing of House of Refuge on Randalls Island First Step of Project The Board of Estimate today awarded to the Greater New York Hou.sewreeklnu Company a contract ti'ann.; ii-S! the House ol He fuge ll. Ml. i 1-ialal 111 the East River the firsi :jar.i erection of '1 .MbtiO municipal me -: lompteted the stadium a seating capacity of eh erection of temporary ild increase to 45.000. be built under direction Commissioner Robert said at nil headquarters Most-. v that relief labor, on funds supplied by Administrator Hugh S. Johnson, would be employed. O.K'd by Washington The commissioner said that the project had been approved in Washington and work on it will start as soon as the site is cleared. The Triborough Bridge Authority, of which Mr. Moses is a member, will provide $200,000 for the purchase of materials tor the stadium. The Triborough Bridge will have one pier on Randall s Island, and the stadium is considered a sort of bridge project Inmates of the doomed House of Refuge have alreadv been moved to Coxsackie. N. Y. The stadium, Commissioner Moses FORECLOSURES I Brooklyn R"al Estatt . WIUSON. RtffP L SHOHENSTEIN. I OEORt.E ABRAMS, R H'INNESS A- RSItXY. .

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