The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1932
Page 3
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DAV. FEBRUARY 12, 1932 Exile and Death the Tragic Fate of James, "Baby Stuart" sort. Give tlm guests ten minutes, et them u-ork in pa|rs, and the pair with the largest number of words 'eccives some small prizes, done up n heart boxes I As a variation of llio old peanut mnt, try hiding dozens ol those :luy candy hearts on which little nurses nre written. This mixes up lie crowd, yon can put them cvery- vhorc and practically all folks like luntlng games. You can pass another halt hour >lcasan(ly hy culling up Valentines nto lour pieces each Mid passing around the pieces. Matching up your own piece, when there urc lirec more to go willi it. Isn't as 'Implc as it sounds nnd you yet : omc liighly humorous effects be- 'oie you fiiul your own clique. Pln- ilng n heart onto a flb'tire. blind- olded, is another Vnlcntlne's ttay 'vent that is fun. Since It is a \vlu- er of games, you can have the foursomes paired up by the valentine iialriilng spend nil hour or so at 'arlous games, ping pong; indoor luoils; one of the bowling gainjs, or playing parchcsl, bridge or icarts. Have your refreshments play up Valentine's day and make the la- lies iviilt on (heir men partners. A Hitfel supper Is an excellent idea or you can pack in lunches for two n individual heart-shaiwl boxes. If •ou are having a buffet supper, have the table cloth while with cd hearts, and perhaps silver and eo.'d ones too. llnvc an assortment '1 the cute little favors, and per- laps the cute heart-shaped candles hat come this year as heads to llt- lo wooden men. You can get heart- hapcd plates for serving, cut your audwiches in heart shapes and you an mold your chicken salad in. a >ig heart shape, with pimento cut n tiny hearts to decorate it. Last, lit not least, heart-shaped ices and" ce creams, and n big heart shaped »ke, make it a real Valentine's larty. "Uaby Stuart" . . . apple and all ing £0 wise and BY ALICE ROUE Written for NBA Sen-ice One sunny afternoon three hundred years ago three small children were playing with a spaniel in the palace at Westminslcr. Thc romper-clad child of today would never have guessed from their long heavy silk petticoals Hint two of them were boys. The litllest one wore a lace cop, lik^ his five-year- old brother. His three-year-old sister was a miniature court. lady. The baby's .chubby hand, outstretched from the puffed sleeve of his rich, blue silk gown, was jusl about to, irdch the spaniel's ear when their | -,. Paint But even royal infants— for these " re!s "? r c F ' rSt ° f . i . a charming little figure look- self-contiollfd. He loved elegance, a characteristic reflected In his work especially hi the patrician quality he gives to hit subjects, the fine texture of thc flesh, thc detailed perfection ot UK costumes, the richness of thc materials. And he knew how to embellish everything he touched. Perhaps this was why King Charles 1 knighted him. He painted thirty-one portraits of lt:e king before that monarch was beheaded and England "went Puritan" under Oliver Cromirell for eleven years. Van Dyck, who was born in Antwerp, died In 1611 at " ; age of -12, so he never knew the :e of his royal patron and chil- . Became And thc littlest one did. .At two years the stubbornness which was later to cost him his crown as James th? Second of England cropped out.. "No!" he cried, hanging on lo the spaniel. -No!" Apple Turned 'the Trick It was only whsn Sir Antcony himself lured him with a bis apple thai this cunning but Eell-willcd inlaut consented to pose for the poilrait which was to become one of thc most famous children's pic- Hires in the world. Tr.erc he is today, apple and nil, a charming litib figure looking so vise and self-controlled. Artists marvel at the natural, easy pose ot Ihls two-year-oM, as well as that of his sister and brother. For thc celebrated "Baby Stuart" is a detail of a large group of (he three children. The answer is Uiat'iSIr Anthony Van Dyck, in ndrtition to tiding a great artisl. was the swiftest painter oi his rank in history. He was, too, an aristocrat, a our- ticr. and he understood royalty— even babies. Thc King, (he Queen, the nobles were his guests. He hatsu " t!ie vulgar and ths commonplace. old at the time of his father's execution. One of his acts which has a modern flavor was to renounce the throne to marry a commoner Anne Hyde, daughter of Lore Chancellor Clarendon. She was the mother of eight of his children, and his second wife, Mary of Mo:te:ia bore him sever/ In spite of hts re limitation of royal privileges he b° cams King of England at thc death of -his brolher. Charles II, ihe eld esl of the Ihree children whose pia; was interrupted by Sir Anthcn" Van Dyck. It is sad to relate tha thc adorable Baby Stuart made i. most unadorable king. When he was forced to flee from England thc little girl who posed no gracious!; for Sir Anthony that sunny aflvr noon enters- iristcry fthroiigh : Jie son. This son was William of Orange, and he married King Jamc Second's daughter Mary. Thc two reigned as Willum am Mary while "Baby Stuart" lived am died in exile. He was 68 years old when death entlcd his willful sell indulgent life, and no wonder. H.. great - grandmother was Mary Queen of Scots, who, like his fat!-, er, diet! on Ihe scalfold. Van Dyck famous palming hangs in thc Royal Pictur Gallery .in Turin, Italy. Watch Out, Men, for Leap Year Valentine's Parties 11V JUMA iNEA Service \Vrilcr NEW YORK—This is a year when every girl should jump al tr.e chance to give a Ieai> year Vnl- cntine's party. | You can do such "different" things in tlic way of cntjrtstinnrait. refreshments, creating an atmosphere ot s^icty. Tn the fust place, \vhen you telephone your friends, lell all tAc girts to cut out and bring along pictures of some famous movie romancs- couplc. There are such notables as Doug ar.d Mary, young Doug antf Joan, Constance and her new Marquis, Gloria and l:cr swain, and so en. When (tie whole croivd arrives, and it comes lime to pair off for unities, give the gills a c'aancc w hcwl over a partner \v]>o will be hers for the cvcnlup. This is (he wa >" to do It. Hove some of the cute liu 'e place cards for men. This Sear they may be mice, clowns, any- JJl'iig Just a bit derogatory since its Intiys yc ar> being leap-year. Have one market In tiny letters . mm thc name of each man guest i-re-cni and then stand Ihe whole •> :'f h , (u , lhe did of the diniu? room !nrt nnn f lbf eirls up al UK other end and in turn, let them roll one o those little colored cotton balls do™ the tabie to kno:k hsr part"-•' s card over. AS each girl hits A Homespun Candidate for President PAGE mi rr^r iSL*K- r ;r:,rrr,1 rrr;;;° •£ ?*r • * •* • I" plans to toss hla hat into the rhiR :u ihe Oklahoma state Dnnoeraifc con •' " 1 , , ,;' J ' i ' lal1 ^ iy make the announcement when h, goes to his birthplace nt Colllnsvllio. Te^'Ior^"'^^'^'Fet j" Huffman New* Mr .anil Mrs. Grier Moore and ur. and Mrs. George Cassidy «re Sunday guests ot Mrs. Ella {ay. Miss Preston Pccry was the Honday night guest of Mrs. Hulou Holmes. Mrs. ike Browning is on thc sick list this week. Mcsdames Hulon Holmes and Ella Ray and Misses Preston Pcery Marie nay and Peggie Holmes vcre dinner guests of Mrs. Smith Brackiii Tuesday. Mrs. Tennie Brackln was thc Tuesday eutfst of Mrs. B. H. Wil- iamsoti. Mesdames Frank Merrill and J. W. Robinson called n Mrs. Fannie Moore Monday evening. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. M. Huffman of lytlieville called on griemls hero Monday afternoon. Mrs. Tennie Brackiii was (lie Tcsday nighl guest of Mrs. Emma Beavers. Mrs. Alice Short Is tlr? guest of her daughter, Mrs. W. B Ray a , few days. Miss Willie B. Ray was the Monday night guest of Miss Helen Swa'fford. Miss Lissie Pcery was the Tuesday night guest of Miss Goldie JBJedsce. Mrs, George K. Pecry called on Mrs. Manny Brnnson Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Billie Ray called on Mrs. Tlcg. Hughes Wednesday afternoon. Owing to the serious illness ol, Mr. Nance, a brother ol Mrs. A. i L. Beavers and Mrs. Frank Mer- ' rid, they with Mr. Beavers, Mrs. Emma JJenvcrs ami sons Leonard and "Buuba" left hurriedly foi- Hiplcy, Miss., Wednesday afternoon. They will not return before Sunday. Mrs. it. L, Adkisson motored to fllythcvllto Wednesday for consultation with Dr. Grlmmctt for heart palpitation. James, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T .Walker had the misfortune to sustain a broken leg at school Wednesday. Nancy Carroll, little granddaughter of Mr. Sam Mctlk-yiey. Is 111 with pneumonia. Dr. E. c. Thompson of 40 and 8 Is the attending physician. LONDON. (UP)—Five hundred and scvoiity-l«-o babies perished in 'fires in England and Wales during Pullman Sleepers to Gel ri ' SK(ul nl1 ''""'"nn- CMS win'uc w IT n ,i i i, «1»IPI»!<1. The ladders.\ire .folded Upper Berth Ladders! 1 '" 0 . |!lc <* the,upper? NEW YORK, lUI')-The occupant of a lower ueilh will lj t . nl)le to sleep soundly In the future without worrying about somebody stepping In his fnce trying lo L'-' into the uupcr bprlli. " Nor will he be disturbed In the middle of the night hy. the Pullman porter dragging n slop-ladder nil (lie aisle for some bclutcrt passenger. Otders have gone out lo fix i«r- manciil ladd-rs OH (he side ol nl! upper berths on trains operating between New York and Washington. If the experiment is MIC- Capudiriel PAIN \\6est \\for because-} I II gitcs relief by toothing ncnes — not d«dtning • them. Contains no optoci. Wcn'tcpictstemicb. * ttun pills or povders. Sold at dins stores in sii dose,orlO<:,30c,«k!"i2«. lour Power Supply her partner's card, thc lioiless !.houl ( | give her the card and slie i wiil liavc to go nnd her partner, wncn ail tiie girls have boiled over a partner, then is thc tims for them to bring oui thc movie; pictures nnd pm their own on themselves aus their romantic male's picture on the partner. If there are several couples of the same names, it's funnier and more confusing Catering tl> the Vogue fnr Games If you are having guessing games whicn include writing down answers, furnish little heart-shaped score cards for the ansircrs and pencils with tiny decorative dolls' heads for writing. Making thc grcalcst number of worts out o[ letters in "Saint 'Valentine" is a simple and Interesting game o! this Dizz Etut IhcrMBli btnrcl ««!> *hen yta feel diiry, headachy. Ulicr.n. T.lco KATUDI'S •tMUT-m T.blcts. If. As much electricity as you can use — or as litfle as you may require. At the place where you want it, at the time when you want it—reliable and continuous, always ready, instantly delivered. These standards of electric service have resulted from years of building. Large, efficient power plants—and widespread networks of transmission lines to serve groups of towns—have resulted in the ample, reliable, inexpensive power supply available everywhere today. Cslectuclty is ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY Last MINUTE MEN!! SEVERAL SUITS LEFT IN THIS AT $ SATUSDAY v. •.- »n!r<(. ^••i:&; •••»:>'!;«•* t«r "nsh Only Alterations at Cost New Mead Clothing Co. frcdM. Zetlcr, Vicc-l'mi,-'":! m rl,.,i s c .-/ O.x/K«r;w ft e^l,;-,:, floating I' FLOYD GIBBONS.!.FAMOUS HEAD-' LINE HUNTER, SAVS "FlOflTlHG POWER IS TODAY'S BIG NEWS" • "Hello, Everybody! The big news is out. Walter P. Chrysler lias just announced his new UfrSoto Six. "What docs it look like? I'll tell you; Jr's Pan's on a Sunday afternoon, London during Ascot Week. "And wait till you drive it. a thrill! No vibration. ..and I mean inne. Floating Power is correct. There's no doubt about it! Wail!'s cot half man* llii' ston! '.1 !H'C<-'; an Automatic Clutch; You ru'm touch ii. No buiinns. No pedals. St:irt, shift. Ijitk and Slop. Completely automatic. "YouV *cen Irco Wheeling before? 'otter lo Fhfil Gilbo:ts Not this kind. De-Solo Fins'/icrffcted if; "My guess was $1.20(1; Hold your bccath. It's less than $700; That's no bargain, folks; It's a miracle; Take it from an.old Headline Hunter;;; DcSoto has scooped thc industry !" • NEW LOW PRICES.'SiMditdRoj&uir;::! $675; Business Coupe :;;; |695; Siandatd v i)n>u(iliim ;-,. : $695; SunJird Coupe wilh RucnbleScdt;..; $7J5;Gutom Roadster;:;; $775; Slanrbrd •( iloor Sedan (Mcdtl JUus. lratc.1)...; $775: Custom -f-door S«d»n ;;:! J835: CuMum (.'omuiilile O>upc;;.-.j8-45; Custom Cnmciiiblc Scd.m ;;; •; $975. Da#/..-/.! Sjjely t'l.tttGbis jvjihb'.e on jjl models at .'light cur i cost. All f'ircsP. O. B, Ficttt}', SlX4675 r.o.e/. fKTQEV. IOW ON DISPLAY HERE LOWE MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark. r

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