The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1932
Page 2
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Sieele •Socielv—Personal At a reclial alven by MIS. a. E. Mk-liii'-s class at Carmhersville «M week BUI Robbing, .small son of Dr. ami Mrs. J. W. Kobulns, of this oily.' won the prize foj- milking th? best progress in his music the past week. Miss Freda Alexander, teacher ; H Muplewood. has recovered from injuries received in an auto accident several weeks ago. Flank Harper. Mrs. Jimh I,aw- i'.on and son filbert, and Miss Irene Cuthiie FOenl Sunday in TSkn'k Oak visitini! Mrs. Elfccvl Wai Inc.; und her new son. Miss Goldn -Marshall spent last .week end in Memphis as the tiuesl of her sister. Miss Helen Marshall. Jinnnie Carson jr., .son of Mrs. Fred Mav. is visiting his Bland- parents. Mr. and Mrs. H.essie of Bl"ilicvillc. | Sims Michie i.s fit SI. Louis on Mis. Vernon Casey and ntlss Vallie Casey of Memphis spent the ! week ;nd here wilh Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Casey and .son Nelson. ! H. L. YeaKer. II. E. Do-rrr-ir and : Jlr. Alviii Stephens returned Tui";- iiav from a business trip lo Lai-do, Tex. . . •••i Mis. A. c. 'Richardson ami I daughlev of Memphis v:crc Kucsts! of their sister and aunt. M;s. Har- j rv Burton, mid Mr. Bui ion. over | the week end. Raymond J-inklm has relumed from a four day business trip to New Madrid. Whore No Man Ever Walked Before .CONTRACT H HosxTo Score It factor lo Ihe bn-lnnei. Wlillo there I Is nothing u\illy complicated about j it. ll;ere Is a lot mure to contract [bridge scoring ihnn ihere \viis to Hiicllon. nnd II you will renumber, you did havo'lo U'Urii how to score at auction. To jilay comrnrl Euc . Tssfully. you must thoroughly tin- I'rstancl hoiv lo score It. So lh:it our renders will teem; thoroughly fiinillliu- with eontruct "'oi-liuj. we will present a serifs of ix iinU-les stiowhiK how 10 .score double iiibi,,.,- ; ,t contract bridge, ri-aulli-ally over)- situation can "' at Hie bridge tut!; will b' xplained in thi ihtu y ct i "short scries We c i| n u,,, n , 'or future ichrcncc. Ti-y „,.„ rubber ni contract yoursslf. If >Mr. Mrs. Charlie Jenkins . . went to Hornsby, Tenn., Sunday i" srn Ihe former's mother. Mrs. Maggie Jenkins, who Is seriously condition Is said to be improve'! Mr. and Mrs. . W. L. Robertson of Rlvihevillo WCI'F> gucsi mer's sister. Mrs. Jack here Similay. Dcwart Smith and John Ahrrn are attending an oil convention in St. Louis. Mis. Herbert Clem and daughter Dorothy are spending tills week with the former's parents. Mr. anil Mrs. Will Jones of New Survey. Mrs. H. O. Crofl is ill at ths home of her parents in Charleston. Mrs. Mervln Wells is teach- in" in her plac?. Mr. and Mrs. .Inck Ozment, formerly of Blythcville, have moved to- thc Orissou residence on Wal- ni 1 ' avenue. Nathan Hale of TyU<r was- the Sliest of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Moad Monday. Abnsr Ashcrafl was the dinner Kiiest of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Beckham of Cco'.er Sunday. Norman Allister, small' son of L M: and Mrs George Howell, wa-s ^,. :-.ided a bhie ribbon for trxing r.Tie._.of the healthiest babies Perni'sco'. county. Mr.5. Thntnpson of Kennetl is lh" quest of Mrs. II. S. Brawn. Sam Hamra is in St. Louis on' business this v;c r |k. . | MtEd:ime> J. U. Morgan, Ciaudic j Kdwaids. thc Misses Gcoi-gic May) Best and Dorcthy Gates visited in; Memphis Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Barnes of California arriv.?d here Sunday to be the eucsts of the former's brother. Ollic Barnes and family for i-ci'cral days. Thc Tuesday Night club-was cn- tertaiiv,J by Mrs. Sims Michie at A Valentine party Tuesday eve- Zfi n. i j v :,..u s Ull!rcd bj th( , ftct of mcn slnce th then these epochal fool-prints in the snow of Pamir Phtean, and ,'new chapter had hBen wrluen ,„ (lle ^^ of cxnloni;icn! ^ My fijtire of a man whcm you see climbing Pamir Mountains !„ c-n- tral Ana was * member of a daring party cf Russian scientists who hriBjusl return*! ,„ Leningrad with IWs „„„ olller pho^-rap,, and .icords of a wilrleineH r^ion never before penetrated by human beings. :obertson of T T j . , "« Unearth Ancient Pottery from Nodena Burial Sites nji III il 'I'\vo—.^1'.i il^ Kour fin a I i-cnliiii-t for N'oiiii and ^as two spades. Thry uiada j a .'""' s;..i:les. but as onlj- lwe> .si».v.i»s •i "ration comes up thai |ju/7.Ies you. I *" bid, just two lie scortil ,nese_ nrtirles \illl clew tile sltui- • [p«.ucl uuine. Ihoicfure bi'low (he tlio trick score, Norlh inul liclnt.s each for the bid anil mndi'. or W four spadi's, Ilicy ovi-rlrlcks above Hie huner score al 50 100 points. i South now have 95 tu:i2, NR,\ Si-i'vice. Inc.) C.'outi..T News Want Ads Pay. . The next meeting will be hc!d with Mrs. J. B. Morgan. The Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist church entertain- rfl Ihe Baptist Woman's Missionary Union Monday evening at the Methodist church. . or game stones, have abundance. been unearthed this week in ex- The pottery found on Noden-i plorat.on of prehistoric Indian ineiudes mnny exquisite effiev burml sites on Nodena plantation pieces in which thc likeiu-s of south of Osceola by members nf animals and birds native to thi thc joint Arkansas and Alabama i section are done in bold re of "r^^rr^a ^ ^ ^ zel i joining of Eastern Ar- pi eces found ft Moundvil°e, Ala" the seat of one of the highest David DeJarnelte, acting cura- cultures yet discovered, where the 'tor of "the Alabama Stale Museum, efflgas nre worked out In incised is at present directing tlv esne- design rather than in relief ac- ng dition 'yhich will be joined later cording to rr.embers of the party ln by Dr. '.Valier B. Jones. Alabama from Alabama. On the other hand | stale.-geologist, and Dr. S. C. Deli- sharply Incised dcsiBns axe iaie : msjer, head of thc department of In this section, they say archaeology of the University of When the site at Nodena is ex. Arkansas, who Is in charge ol hausted th^ parly expects to coii- I archaeological rcjearcli in this tinue exploration in Crittenden stale. Other members ol tin pnr- County on the Goliphtlv planta- ty are Chas. Finger Jr.. rcceiit lion si:d Wnpniioca ITnntiiK Club graduate, and James Durham, stu- giounds. and when the water re- denl of Ihe Arkansas University, redes, to make excavations on James D. Hays of the-, Alabama Litti? River in this and Poinsett Geological Survey Corps., and Counties. R. E. Fletcher, Osceola James r.rjarnette of th^ staff of business man, is assisting the party the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Three experienced diggers and twenty day laborers are employe:! by the party, which will continue in securing permission from pro(icily oivners lo explore where burial sitfr, arc located. Exc.ivauncr is clone in the mos! scientific manner. Plane table sur- Funeral services were held Tues-' Mississippi River, is, with day ct the Holly cemetery Cor' caption of one piece, the Joe Kencth. 2 years, G months and j black ware which the excavation? 2fj day. 1 ? of age, FOJI o/ Mr. nnd j of previous explorers hav.3 indl- Mrs. '!'. E. Dotid. The Itev. A. B. i cated is typical of the cnllnre River. The field explorations for sixty days or vcys of thc entire area of a given longer in this section of the slate, burial site are ma'J?. wilh an alli- \vhere Ihcy will _ excavate burial dade and on these the individual sites along the Mississippi, St. burials are recorded in such man-' Prances and l.itlc Rivers. Her that the site could be entirely The pottery found on Nodena restored if found expedient. Accurate notes nrc kept of ,-nch burial uncovered, together with thc relative position of the artifact plantation which is located on the thc ex- familiar . . . . Eadlic:- officiated. ts to the body, and in the cas.? of peculiar or unusual burials photographs are taken before the artifacts arc removed. §Ht IBM IV BY ISKAKI, KtEIN f Usually, the mechanics find, a car Science Kilitor, SEA Service j 'hat is built well, its limits of align- Tiic engine may tc operating p?r T fcctly, t..-.e chassis may b? v:!l greased, anil yet the driver may feel a strain at the steering wheel, a hard pi:ll from ins engine-and trouble in getting anywhere. What ails most of the cars, un- : . .'}",' tier similar conditions, is often the I ch cx »* ai'snment failure of the niclorists to have the the front wheels showcii p^rfeci nllsnmcnt. But when thc p/esiurc was reduced to 32 pound;, thcr? was a decided "!o:-nu(." That showed that the wheel;. ncc-Jcd correction nnrt that Die aivnrr required warning to ke:p his tires prbp- eriy inflated. la many cases, toe-in- or toe- out. which are Oiipasitos. resulted frcm undir-inflalion. The importance of k^ping the tires properly inflated couldn't b' beller stressed than by sucV (checks of what It. docs lo th; align- course ihcy may be checked tip i from time to time, but If they are ] not decked with thc right kind of I apparatus, and if Ihcy arc not set i L al lh= Ellghlest sign of devia- mcnl set closely, will drive well "for a long jwrjod of time without wearing do-,vn the tires nnduy. But they a:-! quickly that t.lis i-s not generally Ihe case among most .111- tomDbilfs. And so the motorist is advised lo | ment cf (h s cnr. !: of his front , D ."'l the steerinp. 1000 miles or so.,' ilent costs nothing c driver that nis part of the car is in proper con- The first outward sign of PDD.- .tlignincnt is hard steering, cspc- tlu North nnd South, ' "Tliry" side Kasl nnd Wpsl and Iliil Our— <>|i]i-jnenl!i One— MaJc Hclil !<iiii!i and Sciilh net tin- con. l«u for one no Hump. Onlv otio no irimip is made, Ihcretnr? Nort'a "I'd Kmih spoi-o 35 Holms In ihci r li:;in: or trh-k scote, below llio Hue. &-!. liiivirn-r. held four uci's In Ills li-uid. !hcK»toiL' Kasi nnil \vss-. SI-IMP IW iiolnis nbinv ihr line in th.-.i i-.onor scoie. . News _ Ml'. HIM! Mis. N, J, iii-m viilinl Mr. sun! Mrs. aeni-,: t llobcrlxni .Siihriay Rlifi'iicosi. Mrs. Ksuh Hall vlsllwl Mrs. Wi-:,')' l.'oiis-. fc-inulny |iftcini)3ii. Vnr:ly ViTiion of ClOMii'll vlsli" t | I.'!." t'Mrr. .Mr.-f. Cluon'i' /liiln-il- wn. Wwidiy. W. C. KOIISI- s|:ent Sunday \uih . Ilif.* sli'li Ilils wwk Jire Mrs. C. A. Willis. Miss riencvu Hid- •ivjf.. Kny •rlmnilon und l(. w (•••MiV-olt. Albert luseison und family have inavi'fl to l-'lat I»iki'. Mr. inul Mrs. Cieurgc atlllNU'll •pent S;iiur(lny nlHlil with .Mr. EMIlwvll's mnlliL'i' cf Illyllicvlllo. Mr. and Mrs. (.leorci! Swuln vls- .Icd Mr.«. bwnln's tiwlhri-, Mrs. Lena lic.yil, Sinv.lny, Mrs. Cieorgo lioberlMin hud us Inn- KUI.-IS Tuesday, 'Mrs l.em.ud Ihnnlley iui<| .Mrs. |>,ig t . \Vnlk<-r. Mr. sinl Mis. Liiikln Cox of SloPU- vIslled'Mr, nnd MI;;. W. 0. House Wednesday, j WAKNINd OHDKIl CHANCERY COURT, OIUCKA- SAV.'DA DIS'I'P.ICT. MI331SSII'- ' l'I COUNTY, AliKANHAfl St, I-outs fjvuthwi'Mcru llnlhv.iy Cimipmiy, rinhitlif. No. 51.11 vs. . SI. Francis l.ovco Dlslrk'l, fl al., IX?lim:liint. T(i<> (ti'/ciidiiiits, Flunk C. llnr- lis. C, A IClcslcr. Willie A. CanKr, I', mi'.e l!ny, W, O, I'ulty, O.' A. MliRlolliln. Tom Alexnmlei- nnd J. \V. Wilson, are wnriiLNl lo LI|){H\II' williln thirty days In llio court named In Hie caption hcvcvf. iMiil. Hiou'i-r (hi 1 cemiilnlnl of tliu plain- ! 1111. SI. l/iuls Southwestern Railway ' Company. • ^,m-. Fab. U, liisa. It. I,. OAlNra, ciurk. liv Harvey Mori Is, ». C. Cecil Shane. Ally. Ail l.llcin. H-1S-2-J-20 ' cvc ' lion from Ihe nianufacturcr's spec- cia "^ *' hc " l "° car fall s to straigh- ificatiCRs. t;-c driving will te hard tf " lLsflf aftcr a ' ur n. Next comss and troublesome and costly. The l!I c . app ?. ar:lll . ce ° r uneven ttrcwsar. wJieei.s will wear down faster than they should, gasoline mileage will pn down and driving itself will be Then there's shimmy al cerium speeds, weaving or wandcrinj c! tee front wheels, pulling cf the steering wheel to one side or the other, constant road shock on an ordinary pavement, and such difficulties. Only when steering is easy and there is no trov.blejn directing a car in nny direction, especially In parking, should the driver be satisfied that thc wheels are alined properly. One of i!-.e essential points to ro- inember fn keeping the front wheels lwi«-Vrn''ii '"-*""'"* «"<•• "'»•«">•'= properly aligned is to maintain the tT,r .! ° Wllos1s at to P aiMl bot " Pf«sure in the tires as stKclfipj x 'VtTl th:> USO of an ortiin;u! ' ^ thc manufacturer. Engln-en j v,i«;tcfc Ims icn s ucen •.Itoa'.'do:! locking Into tills problem, of allg-il \ Vvc'ch'L" 1010 , sclontmc mcll " : °-;i'.:nt have found thnt tire v nssar- ," ,, r :l ' balfliicing" lti» car | !s one of its most Imporlont fa-- "i ^J :li w| wels as It moves, tors. alonjr Trp toe* r •-,!]** \ •vnt ^i. cars n "^ n "' Por example, they found on iimiei- aftTini^iTT' 1 '' '' ~'~ ma;ic ' R " rl ' lin cav n 'hose tires were over- inxiei actual driv| n j wn-Jitlot!!, I inflated to a prossiirc of « nauitb oimcult. T!:e job of aligning the front wheels is one for an expert. It Is not for the lay driver to remember sue!) technical terms as "cast- cr.' 1 "camber" and "tce-in." Hut he fr.ould te careful in trailing this Job only to the shop that tisej the latest type of scientifically constructed apparatus for clieckins these essential points. Merely nijjsuring Ihe distance Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELK, MO. Phone 85 Read Courier News Want Ads. m buymq. you save in usinq POWDER 40 YEARS 25 ounces for ....Beside each figure in Ihe .scorn • you isill find a small l.'ttci- In pi- . — Opening Day — SPECIALS For Saturday, Feb. -. We Cordially invite Ycu It. Orr Ktw Ston' at thc Corner of Ash and 2nd Sts. You'll find One of the Musi iMr.rtcrn. .Slori'S in Ton-.B— AU Frrsh Gocils. RADISHES ^h Spring I'd Hunch 3c HOMINY No. 303 1'er Can 5c PETIT POIS PEAS STRING BEANS 25c lilythcvillc .*{ 21c LETTUCE Firm Heads Each 5c PORK & BEANS CATSUP ORANGES POTATOES M-0/. Uottlc Otlifornias. 250's Doxeit WASHING POWDER Kef] 15 founds 23c LUNA SOAP COOKING APPLES 25c PEANUT BUTTER I'ourd 3c 10-Oz. i5c BEANS Hctl, No. 303 IVr Can 5c Calumet Baking I>OHtier, l-l,b. Can I Pke Swans Down Cnkc Flour f: 1 Cookie Culler J 6-Oz. Ivory Soap, 1 Ch'uso, I Camav and 1 I-nrge P. & G. S,.,v, Tree. A!! Vo. 25c MAXWELL STORE Number Three Potatoes No. 1 Red Triumph |f). \ l £ TOMATOES are ar mm HSSUEJ, i3 G Corn Flakes »d^_2_Phg.l5i Fresh Pord, Whole !b. MEAL CAKE 2l-Lb. Sack 29 ' FKOIIK Swans Down. I'kur .25 C PURE LAUD 8 . Lb . M1 60° SARDINES AmcricRn OCC 6 for L>) CASH GROCERY S

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