The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1932
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by the United Press ILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP XXVIII—NO. 282 Blythevllle Dally News, Blythcvllle Herald _Mls«lsslppl Valley Leader. Blyllwllle Courier, AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS CHINESE BEAT BACK JAPANESE Shoot Bank Cashier and SeizeCash YORKVILLE, Teiin., Feb. '12. II) P I— 1 nice bandits fore;;l th;!r Way into IJlo Rinl- nt Vnr-l-,Mil n !„ day, Officials Believe Bandit <jang Planned to Rob an . dv , escape ' i *"i> p , They fled in uii automobile. A rassengers. . POJSC was formed immediately and was pursuing the bandit's _ .. M., I'.iiouillg lilt; UilllQII cnAWFORDSVILLE, Avk Feb ^'"'Wc and Ncwb:rn. 12, (UP)— Two attempts to derail' Arrester was sent to fast Missouri Pacific trains near at Dyersburg where his ccnait m here were under investigation to-; was saitl to be serious He was sh-t day and Crittenden county officers ""ough tne abdomen' and through WPFP nn the* )/uil/rui* frt*. „ t i 3i nn arm - . ° a hospital ccndlt m lookout for a bandit were on the gang. The first attempt to derail I The bank doors were cl<r:d b?- a cause of it bank holiday and train was discovered Wednesday bandits knocked for admittance A by a railroad employe who rejwrt- woman bookkeeper Mary Pack wlio ed a switch and lock had been; was working with Forrester in the broken and destroyed. Repairs! bank, opened the door to see what were completed before tho train,they wanted. They pushed her -<•>•• aptroached the spot. Yesterday the southbound QI.I warning, i Louis-Memphis train ran into cross | The band! ties stacked on tha track. The en- ' a vault sc [ and one bandit opened fire without St. j warning. Forrester fell, hit twice. its locked the woman ... cooped up the money and gine was not damaged and the fled in a car headed towaM train after a short stop continued. bern wacco toward on to Memphis. County officials believe a bandit gang planned to wreck the train, tha nrob the passengers. They be- 'Ifeved the would be wreckers were confused by the train schedule and planned to hold up a night train, but instead found a day train the first one over tho line. Rcbs , SHERMAN, Miss , Bank Feb. 12. (UP) ' 1 •--«'. it, \v r i —A lone bandit entered the hank here today shortly after neon, forced Cashier W. T. Brawn into a 1 after tying him up fled ;,, ;••;•" saict they *»" llle man D . r n ,„• J" m P Wo an automobile and Jrive Rice Growers Demand Cut ^|, rr ^y fromt town. Sherman is in Electric Power Rates """" . miles south of Memphis. STUTTGART, Ark., Feb. 12 (UP) —A demand for reduction of electric power rates in this section has , t been''made to the Arkansas power and Light company by Arkansas, 'cbifhty" 'rice growers. ' . '- ? A meeting of representatives of the power company and rice growers Is to be held February 14 at which tlm« the demands of the growers, will be considered. The rice men ask a reduction in rates in .the minimum charge from $4 to 13 per month, and a cut in extra power, charges from .-214 cents per. 100 kilowatts to 1V1 cents Present Levies Called Menace to Private Property in Land. First Hiolo of Japanese Invasion of Shanghai CITY RULED B! TOBM Authorizes Placing of ...„ Name on -Preferential Primary Ballot,. ATLANTA, Feb. 12. (UP)—Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New i York has formally entered his nam; in the Georgia preference primary of March 23, Major John S. Cohen Democratic national committecman from Georgia, announced today. A movement fov Hie curtailment of public expenditures In Mississippi counly. with a view to re- dudng tuxes, was InuncheJ sit O.5- ceola this morning ai a meeting >f property owners with the exccullve committee of the county taxpayers association. DIsciiMlon was along general Mix's, but plans were made for a detailed study of county expenditures prior lo a second meeting to be held Monday, March H, at which it, is anticipated definite recommendations for reduction in salaries or personnel ol various county officers and department, and far other economies, will be made. Major. P. P. Jacobs ol Grlder, one of a group of property owners in the southern part of the county responsible for the calling of'today's meeting, explained its purpose in a brief preliminary statement in which he declared that the American system of private ownership of land was threatened with collapse in this county as a result of tax burdens out of all proi»rtion to the income obtainable from the property. Land. OvnersrUp Threatened -Apparently "referring to Russia, [Mr. Jacobs said that private prop-' i erty in land had already been abolished In one part .of -the world, and that unless American property dVn- ers acted to defend their interests' the same thing would take place ihw*. He appealed,for concerted nc- Are _.,.^... 0 More Troops in Preparation for New Drive. _ SHANGHAI, Saturday, Fetr Jl U i . "" • i , . <UI'>—The Chinese und Japanese nu<><: liucrnatioiml Liquor (ITOlwi {m « M »K"|« i« « standstill Sinui'dliiuF Organization A toi!i« l \oniSmo™ <l *r y "-": Brought to Light. ". r ." 1<v '' y ""-"• wmc rme a " d m *- • ; KKW ORI.EAN6, Vto. 12 tUP)- An Inlcrnnlioiml rum svmllcile taxation that mnkes title to real estate insecure. Declaring that living expenses were 40 to 50 per 'cent lower than rhis Is the first picture to reach the United stntw sl)o:,ln s il le recent Japanese invasion of shanghai Jap :nese marines thHr machine gum in lhe ground, have debarked from d«i,oyer S an cn iers .he harbo, and are preparing for ,,,e deviating drive on Chanel, the ,mlUo Chines, .ec.lon o tht v.hich they raked with guns, bombs and lire. Tin; photo was brought il sent by wire Seattle, Wash.,- by from wl In city fast :h It Arkansas University Professor Scores Senator) Attitude I oward League Harrison Public Schools Will Close February 26 LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 12 (UP)- Tlie state department of education .ios been notlflfd by the Hsrrliiorr tthQol ixiard- that public schools PAYETTEVILLE, Feb. Idaho, today was charged indirectly with responsibility for the prcs- [ the remainder of tr Plans have been compH-led" for I the board of rdiicatlon lo lease the . buildings and equipment to a it on 11 subscription basis. Wreckers FaiI |FM Of! filTlEB chine gun. fighting resulted in' gains • for neither side. The cmlMtllfd Chinese hot only succeeded In holding their ov.h • «« WL-IP made n bile bv II a ! »l»nosc .•• stood their' Mto,ey «fi*. ? %& «• * \™&& 1^^,^ As iw Indication of Its scop? wf "y armies sought a brief-rest lour Canadian distilleries iuc In-1 Before resuming hofitilitles '• • voml 05 well us members of (lie T)i e Japanese were landing heavy CApone tiaiig In Chicago. Tallwl- reinforcements estimated lirsom" mid. The ring had for Us south- quarters at 20.000 troop* a."i ivero em terminus Belize, British Honduras. A fleet of schooners, wireless stations, airplanes, trucks and railroad boxcars was part of its machine of distribution, The true bills were returned by the federal grand Jury In New Orleans Thursday but were kept secret in order to glre U. 8. deputy marshals time to effect arrests. Twenty one of those indicted wcro Orleanans and 17 have residences sca'vcred along the coast of Louis- Eighteen residents of Hi\n- lana cock county,' Miss., are named In the true bills and one -of these, Lander H. Mec»lse, is county sup- 1 ervlsor. In the Chicago group four allcgqd lieutenants of Al Ctponc head the list. Daivcs Urges Speedy Enactment of Bill to''Lib- eralize Federal Reserve. expcclcd as soon as organized to begin a final drive to sweep th; Chi- • ncsc back from the city along a 20- • mile.front from the mouth of the Whungpoo river to the city Itself.: Discus* China's Demand GENEVA, Feb. 12. (UP>—T h e council of 12 of the ; league of'Na- tions wllh China and Japan absent convened today lo dlscins China's demand that tho council summon a general meeting of the sCinbly. > Rejeti !,«*» ehlnne Sliln : TOKYO, -Feb. 12. (UPj-Iiigl-' mental reports' from Harbin today 1 Indicated, that 1.800 chlne« sol- dim were killed and 2,000 wound- ' -5?.. -aurbij the. advance ct Japan-" «*. troops which ended. ^Uh- their .occupylag the'.clty..- . .' : :•,'.:, —., .» w „„ ^ A teiiL iu.vcr [nan 3 M »^ u ic^^itaiunuy lur uit: prcs- when the present rates for; cnl Chinese-Japan?.^ trouble, along county officers were established, R. E. Lee Wilson said that it was up to the county and circuit judges to it that salaries am! other line with pres- with Senator Reed, Pennsylvania, in an Republican, open letter Boys Learn Functions of _,„„„, KOKevelt WTO , 0 CoVn City Government By Ac- j c Oeygi. therefore becomes " the ( who pr«id"d r a^he S. J "2S nnl Experience. - IK^^ ^11? ^^ ™ * ^™^to£& ~...~. t ltt Wl 111,11 I --.-.. Nea ' Yor) t governor has per-' | nutted the use of his name whicl Boy Scouts of Troops 31 and 37} is already entered in the North Di II Wt fnp PlttJ trulair avirl Inm-Hnrl Irnta «»:.^,^_,. ruled the city today and learned at first hand the functions of municipal government. The two departments of the city government which appealed mos't to the youths were the police and fire departments. A score or more of khaki clad kota primary. expressed by Mr. Wilson, but that the authority written bj- Dr. D. Y. Thomas, professor of history and political science at the University of Arkansas in conjunction with other m;m- letter Stacked Senator Bo ' W. G. Max^U Will WASHINGTON, Feb. 32. <UPJ— Congress tcday speeded up Prcsl- i dent Hoover's new relief measure | with both hciisc and senate lead- era applying pressure to the ineas- , vna c«dl{"hif S brln Cral M ?£ "! ie Llnco ">' »»n»v«»ry \tlhners thru- both branrVnl ,^. ui ? ™ " '" out the collntr * lon| S llt wl " '°"<"' Ti7 V™M i c scn ' lhc ofBinlMd opcnine of President to oS* <md ,'T7," Cy conlimt - Hoover* re-election campalw «l»* XT* r T; Cd n th ? ° ;ass b!11 i T* 10 mos t extensive Lincoln Day today. Meanwhile President Cnns. nmnrome in »»»<• „.„„• ot tn j Lincoln Day Speakers Will hulofiiize President To• l . • night. ' . ' WASHINGTON ,Peb. 12 (UP)— navy . UktrV of th; in(«rnatlonai., In recent cent a narrow strip near the north station guarded by a Russian company of infantry.. 1 • . . • . . Piit Under $500 Peac* Bniii) A Mlhpr had his own'son :piit lln " c r -peace bond- this toward the . situation In the far east and to-, ward an economic boycott w'.iichi the Idaho senator has oppose;. ' H stated further, "The United' States' failure to enter the 1x103112 and Ash Saturday. Formal oisi-ilnq- of the Maxwell Store Number Throe, located in biiildin" on G. E. Keck, circuit v.h laj f , C ° hm BTOte "—-"• Feb. s advising him that Feb. 22, his name and the governor's Geor Mre to P mv'?h 5 ex f ressed tilflir «- „. «. ™,.,. tu , ullr Juagc „. .-, 000 ••Be^caiR' ™ lr f nc ? fea °f *L- Plained that his control over county "officers" directed traffic at street the ' „„"*- ™.<levelopments of | expenditures was limited to the op- intersections. Others mounted on ",* ..K ?h" man ^ s ' *™'. « a t'on of the circuit court and the bicycles served as "motorcycle have virved rn ™L°i/f5 ent ^"l Approval of expense accounts of cops." Many a motorist "postal" a f „„,„ «™. to redouble the loyalty | certain county officers. He sa'd that deposit with the boys for ° /°" host of supporters In G:or- he had approved the 193! expense jarance in police court to g and to make still surer thai aoronnt n r w vu M^ii~,i., I — . . ..juii, UUL VJl«t 'Jk".«.\.i» 1. till LUC LU LlllCr HIC l/jll^ij 3 -J',.iiiJH \Jt ! . of the county judge. of Nations largely was du° to S^n- re NllmD ^ Throe, over county expenditures was Urn-' ator Borah's opposition Whatever , thc Tom w - Jackson >ted in that the making of appro- credit or discredit, history s'mll ul corner of Ash i Roosevelt priations is a function of the quo-1 timafely assign to the act of keep- strc£ ' ts • - • -- -— court and many salaries and ! ing the U. S. out. ol the league of | Wns " fixed by state law. s iong to'you (Borah) and to's=na- «1I1 ._ . was announced nnd Sccon-l hclti tomorrow. It. bv VV. G. Mum?," his appearance in police court to answer to traffic violation charges. Ar-h Lindscy, deputy sheriff, was meted out the heaviest fine of the day by the seout police Judge. Lindsey was "convicted" of reckless driving and fined seventy five cents. Several men were hailed Into court when the boy sleuths pulled bottles of liquids out of their pockets. The evidence always turned out to be soma harmless drink just at the crucial moment. The largest force of firemen ever to resnond to an alarm here turned out early this afternoon when a small grass fire on Hearn street gavo the boys an opportunity for a real run. A city truck, that made the run was loaded down with scouts, many of whom made »' rapid transfer from the police to the fire deoartment when the big gong sounded. vou British Girl Slaps Young Viscount's Face —...»_,«, (UP) — Because she thoueht a horrid little- boy had "raked her dog, a young girl, nam- *a Marjory Rodgers, slapped his But what Miss Rodgers didn't «'«« that the "horrid litllo tlw ten-year-old Vision of the F.arl ft. And she didn't a ct until she wes suni' aw»ulting him. of W. W. Hollipeter, coun- — ^* tiittv «vtwM*ti, ui >». »T . riuiuptier, couri' in 19M tn~~, * D * m «i»U<: pwly . ty treasurer, which he regarded as m-eat torvi/.. v toly and a I ""^onable. and that no other ex- e -tr\ice. rvin** n^^^ntit \**A nr i«t u»«« ...i. R^.,,, , t)ay cauLTh' 'M bUt " d ^ oSJMto hfwcVfonaV „ S[m Sd 8 ^^.^,^^^ a sim- Literature Seized Jn Pbilip p h,e» MANILA .. . had as yet fcoen sub accepting thej mltteti l ° him. name j Judge Keck spoke at length on •.en** the subject of public economy, declaring that it was time for realization that expsndilurcs must be brought in line with conditions. He pointed out that the fundamental functions of county government must be continued, b:it that additional public services which the county has assumed, however desirable they might be. could be eliminated If the money is lacking to carry them on. This was apparently a refercnc; to such d;part- ments as the health unit and the agricultural extension service. Will Appoint Committee tor Reed, among the living, and' to Senators Lodge and Brandagec among the dead," the letter said. Vl , al lm Dr. Thomas and his co-signers Thn bu of the letter advocated an ccctum- on the s Ic boycott against Japan as means clal fcali of maintaining peace. The letter the fresh said the league does not dare to partment act until given some assurance, of ' what the u. s. win do. Tms coun- e store is the third of n mii"- by Mr. "' ^ .. _,_,_.. « lt l( L,f ,, tf .nxwell. who has been In the gro- loday. Meanwhile President Cliiis.' :>vcs of the re corporation action by the bom pounding 0:1 the table nnj resort- nnd sell Mr. 'Hoover to the -coun- 011 complaint of his aired and'fi'i'^ i»B frequently to profanity. try.' , ble'father, J. W. Sisk . -". Senator Hiram Johnson, Repub- The president will be ei;loslzed[ Evidence was introduced at tr?a ncan California, attacked the ad- along with Lincoln over cotfca nn-1 hearing to show that the son ha-1 ministration s whole relief program clears In dinners In cities' continually harrnssed the .father" today In a speech violently nssil 1 - from coast to const. Mr. Hoove- nnd acted in a manner calculated ing the administration's oppositlo-i will speak from the White Honi- to effect, a breach of tha nence J1 - J - ' with practically the entire r-rt'-.Thls. It was alleged, was partial- •' facilities of- the country carryln'' Inrly evident in regard -to orotwr- hls volcn. : ty affairs of tho elder Sisk: The. This elaborate organization fo". father had related a long story-of party dinners marks an effort b" "'•"- v.i»..i- iu_ »^._ —j.j._ Republleana to capitalize this no- and of which an fruit adequate try's entry into the league strongly advocated. stock wiil be maintained each day I A full line of fancy and — — v .^ .i.,^, program today In a Bpwch violently nssil'. ing the administration's opposi to direct federal relief tor the uti employed. As senators agreed lemaUvelv postpone until Monday tho vol° o- the {.liD.CCO.OBO LaFollctts-Costfjan relief bill because some were ab- —• ~* "-•• ~ — - " — sent making Lincoln day siwc-h-'s **'' Birthday anniversary just as. duct of his affairs at a : police .„ M,^™ Democrats have built n narlv dav court trial some time ago wr-.ttrthe feature on the memory of Andnw I younger Sisk was fined for dis- Jackson. turbance of the peace. Unable to furnish bond this morning the son wai placed in the county Jail. ' • ' strife between the two" and "disagreement over the old man's con- peces (Johnson tool: up the cause chain ' " "With the U. S. a member the league would become powerful enough to take many measures was groceries arc also offered for snip" '. Herman Walpolc, former mana- -:mt •• i v . _• te I " rs - Mahal's TrlOITW DIM ». n „ At not SpnOM Mra Mahnlin Thomas, 74. mo- Last Rites MA For Carrington Stone Funeral services were held this afternoon for Cnrrlngton Stone. even without Russia. With the U. fcaUlrc Kansas City merits. eer of the Walpole market on "^r of John F. Thomas of this nn«n Mam street will be In charge of <%. succumbed suddenly yester-1 World War veteran." who diii the meat department, which will d»>' afternoon at the home of her'TMesdav at a veterans hospital In dnuehter, Mrs. Sallic Angel in Hot c*cu wiuioui KUssla With the U ' ttii - i "<; i\.tua^» ony IML.IU,. """pni.i.T, ivirs. aame Angel in Hot S. and Russia its power to cope with ' Mr - Maxwell, who will be in per- Springs. Death was attributed to o. mm rvussia its power to cope with • '"i 1 *"" 1 . »"" »m oe in per- any recalcitrant member would bs sonal char Be of the new score, has irresltj.afcfe. As a counter move- Rrran S«l for sheltered parkin? mpnt i-n,, u . . . -, facilltlfv; hpttvrrn MIA cfnrn nn,l ^..f.wwtt. rt^ u mvve- , . MI — ment you have proposed outlawing * Taclll ' lcs . telma> U'Or Kilt .,«, u t r J 011 T^1t/>lrit-V h^Hr war but you have olfcrcd no sanction except public opinion. Whati, will that avail the present situa tion?" the letter to Borah askal. the store shop. a hcor ' attack. Mrs. Thomas MANILA p i mB1 Will Appoint Committee Attempt to extend' commimilt" 0 ^" At the closc of tho mMllng J>:d?e fl«ence in the PhiSn ° ln - Harrison announced that he would frustrated recently when ,\ WM !aPPOint a county-wide committee —- in utiu jrnilinr frustrated rwentlv whit* .. ""-i <wvu». of Soviet nterftur. ." ". bu r«*i <t> meet P»vtment Fall Kills Deer j MEDFORD, Ore. (UP)-A desr slipped on Uic pavement north of here and broke .its neck. Needy families had venison. of 20 ' offi- executive com- mltte* of the taxpayers association for a study of county expenditures and possible means o! reducing them. This committee Hill attempt pro " | to prepare a program for submls ''"<""""'• ' i to prepare a program lor suomis- Information regarding comrmm skm *° tiw general meeting of prop- Mle organizations in Russia" ert y °™ srs CBllwi fcr Monda >'. discussing in detail the growth of i . f « ret ' ] <comm U r, i5m ^ ... »«h « ( ^ ^ ^.^ ^ ^ ^._ son a brief outline of th? history and functions of the county taxpay- association was given by Charles n th "" ings - was In danger of losing its eflcct- iveness because of lack of support, and appealed to property owners to cooperate In maintaining it. The association advances cash to the county in exchange for script and thus helps the county lo make its purchases at tr.e minimum prices thst are ob!alnabl3 only when It is able to pay cssh. The meeting was attended by R large group of land owners, chiefly irom the Osceola dtlrlct of the county. Most O f the county officers were also In attendance, bin none except Judges Harrison anJ Keck participated in the discussion. fc Rock C. of C. . had made her and home nt i-arloiu limps with her son, John P. Tliomas. She is also . survived by another son, Ocorgn j Thomas of New Madrid. Mo., and Fund Is $20,000 Short Beauregard. La. The services were held at Cobb chapel and wffre In chanre of th Famed Civil War Water Girl Dead in California PLACERVILLE, Cai. (UP)—Cal- •: Ifornia, tralnlni ground for Generals Grant, Sherman and John- . slon, toiay had lost another of its Herman Davis post. Veterans of l Civil War-figures in the <hath-of Foreign Wars. Of Whlr.h the rin- Mrc AUrv- PMrcnn vnltnirnc'f. olrl Foreign Wars, of which the de ceased was ft member. A detail of Company M. Iocs! notional guard unit, participated. The deceased was a resident of Mrs. Alice Pearson, youngest girl ... to "serve" In the Union Army. Mrs. Pearson died at h!r home here, at 11. ' .' _ Born at Mud Springs, now E! • LITTIF ™ E brother. Jamns Uolon of Eist . . „ f *" **jaw -..„ uv^-vvwl-u n(h7 a 11;JIM(.~J1L Ul tJOm 3C Ml Funeral ^rvir^ u-ni'h. in ,!l hC Number aght commun "y ~" I Dorado, Cal. Mrs.'PeatRn as a I IhTSSb S CS tom r^ter-' h " e - 1 * ild « f „-"' ,^»* "j* CrtH - — — :\Vir with h?r father of the S;v-- cnth California, nnd h-or mothjr, n war nurse. Acting as a water girl for wounded soldiers, she became known as th; "w&Ur an?el of Com- palgn closed at noon today. iVew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Fet. 12. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close CCO 665 660 662b CM G9'i 113 Mar . May ...". July ... Oct Dec. Jan. ... Spots changed nt 656. 679 GS5 713 727 738 closed G84 G!)S 713 735 728 steady and un- Train Service Returned in Louisiana Flood Area EL QORADO, Feb. 12 the first time in more than two ffceks trains today were operated between El Dorado and Monroe, L*. Large ^eciteis of land between the two towns have teen inundated with flood waters from the Oiia- chita river for weeks. The river has been falling rapidly In the past few day*, Kreitler S«v* Americans Use Radio for Noise LONDON, (UP)—Fritz Krcisifr tslleves Americans no longer turn on the radio to hear music. They use It only to" make noise. "In New York", the violinist observed, "men turn on th? radio as soon as they rise. Tr-'v perform the dully dozen to the accompaniment of Jazz. Music follows the servant maid In her roullne of dally work. It never ceases titforo bedtime—and some people's bed-hour delays an unconscionable time." Thus excess has rob'oed music of Its stimulus, Krcislor feels. The lime may come, he thinks, when peopSe will be unable to work panv O. Seven'.h California InfAn- try." WEATHER Without so™ «l»£Si ^"""ISB^SlM^ ARKANSAS—Gensrally fair ton'"ht anrl Siturdav. Light to msd- "t"'-- 'hitting winds, Accordlnz lo the official weather observer, .Charles Phillips Jr., the minimum tempers'ur» here yc?- tcrtay was 71 decrees and the r-^i-'Mim 41 dearees. c!o«dv with .^1 Inches rainfall. Today a year Aeo the iraxitnum 1 Jiirees and

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