The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1932
Page 5
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, frRERUARV it, 1032 B1,YTHBVTLLE. (AUK.V COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS iVo cents » word lor first insertion and one «nt t word 'or each tutaequtnt Imtrtton No adi-erUsement taken for few than 50c. Count the words tud wild the cub. Phone 306 FOR SALE *'Oll SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited, Marilyn Hatchers'. Blythcvlllc 18ctt l-'Olt SALE — Electric stove, bargain price. Selling on account o[ leaving town. Address E, Courier News. 10P-K14 TOR REST ROOM & BOARD-$5.50 [icr week. 112 East Cherry Street. Phone CO:!. 4P-K11 t'OH RENT—COS Chlckasawba St., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply at li c New York Store. 15C-Klf FOR KENT—Several hundred acres of land to lease in small tracts to reliable parties with their own equipment, for crop rent. All (and In high state of cultivation, well drained and good houses. McFerruii Farms, Route 2, Box 18, Osccola. Ark. 8C-K15 FOR KENT — 5 room furnished house, $27.50 per montii to reliable party. Mrs. Sisk, Phone 012. OC-K12 HOG RAISERS—Bring your hogs to our plant nnd receive top prices. Buy our tankage for and jwultry feed. Little nock Packing Co., Little Rock, Ark. WANTED WANTED—WwtlriRS. Mrs, Mary Ktmball. 605 Lilly etrett. Call Red Cross. K-TP WANTED—Brinj; your poultry to 15. T. Worthy's, 10S First. Street. \Ve Pay market prices. J E Fisher 8ct( November 16, 1931 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice Is hereby given to ,all persons who may have claims neninst "The First National Bank of Blytheville. Arkansas," that the same must be presented to R. fc Bradley. Receiver, with the lejjal jiroof thereof, within three months from this date or they may be ukallowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. U-16C—K2-16-32 Disguised Does Ape ,..,; ^ Stags and Are Killed SAN I-TtANCISCO, (UP)—Aping men's fashions is not so good, if the ghosts of Isobcl and Claiibel were to speak. In fact, they might, fell you that their demise was di- ratly caused by their iiersisiauce in being "mannish." Isobcl and Claribcl were two female deer. They were shot doivn during the hunting season because hunters saw their antlers —strictly a prerogative ot male deer—aud fired by mistake. Their demise was rejwrtcd by the U. S. Forest sea-vice here recently. • ,;-mi J. A. Saliba Dr. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & First St. We C»n Von Sloney On PARTS For All Automobile? JACKSON AUTO 1'AHTS MM W. Main Phone 66 Delicious K. C. T-l!unc Slraks 1'late Liinth, all you can tut - - 35c BLACK CAT COKFEK SHOIU'K WERT He Hakes'Em See (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) BETTER BODY R E P A I R S Expert Work,- AH Makes. Fenders, Doors. Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices I.otv. ['hone 810 Blytheville, Ark. PHILUl'S MOTOR CO. PAGE HVB IIBHI: TOKAY »<-«»llf»l M.I.KX HOSMTI:n, • •»kiK(lrl i> ll.rcla,'. Dcporlrutat •><j>krr. MOM.Y n'os«m':ii! t »5{ rider .1,1,r, HVIIA. *•* krr >«rW krelkrr, HIM.'. Tt c ,„„ .i.ij '"kl**'.' "* lll ""' < """/ »«ol- il>« rent. i:i| c> dor'JrV lu *%rerk • 1 nlklil nt llrranland n. „ Jrht.- kail k»lrj» »l]| the ...m l> *>n<r up. The k»lr..» mu.< JJJ* r *y»'"B dro«r« a«J Kiln NTKVH\' IURCI..IY, « mat, ot H7 «>d Kllrir» rmi.lojrr «7V» ||T« Slrl cr(l. K „„< dl.coior'. Ifcr «!<«»«». Mr olfi-H ,„ „!,•* K||, B . • rr«K bul »kr pi-cud)? rrfu«r«. He .S. 1 """" k " " u "*" * r "«' «tork. I'll™ l» kaU-plr.ibrd, kalf- Irleklrucd liy krr uralllir rm- flujvr, ulitluii, l»lrrr»l I* krr. «ul hke furjcrlB him rmlrrlr ** K *", U »" I. A It 11 V JIAHUDW- i kl" *" nrtlE< «ko«o prflk[>««l», VIllHIi.n .,, ,,.„ n, rullji'lliVoy". Ilcr wniker- U alrrntlv ulniinlnic <kp| UUn .bnll rnplurc Hnrrlnr fr«" I,** 1 I""" 1 "* ""«<•" nrrlrn Jrni" l!arrln>. Kll*» i« dj»i ri ,, c4 JMTIIU.C ,kr r arc ,,,t I.ntr>'« B lrt, .llelilc" " t * l * cr "'"' "'"'" »« ««• NOW GO ON V.'ITH TJIE 5TOKY 'THE initial »;clteiuent over Steven llar-clp.y'8 ilowcra mill Steven llarcl.iy's intentions simmered down a littlo as breakfast progressed. For 0110 tiling, Jllke with bis clamorous demands for Mor« toast, Ellen" aud "Just n little teeny bit of your coffee, Mom," *.a<lc any sustained discussion impossible. But after ho had gulped uis food and scampered away, Molly v>-as at (lie fascinating topic again She ivcut stralglit to the wain issue. "Mr. Jlarclay Is a bachelor, Isn't he, Ellen";" "I don't know and don't care," Ellen answered on a noto of rising resentment. "Oh, dear! I'm sorry," she apologized, as tears welled up in Molly's eyes. "I didn't mean to lie rudp. I just li.itcd tieiug maito a Uoman holiday. I think lie's a widower." "Gr?5s," supplied Myra. "He's been married twice. I ilon't know what happened to Ins first wife but lie iliv(,-ccd llto sucoiid cue—got a Mexican divorce. Tlie rraricra were full of It at tbo time." Myra concluded self-conscloucly, "Tho second -Mrs. llarclay was Leda Grayson —tliat notorious dancer. There was a terrific scandal." "Oh," sa;.l Molly uncertainly. Sl-.c was daslied. "Tlien that's different." "Jt wasn't Ills fault," Ellen put fn sullenly, reluctantly compelled to come to Steven Barclay's defense. *'I rcmemlier the whole story now. It was all r - woman's fault." "I should sey it was .ber fault," Myra commented warmly.- Slic am pliflcd her statement, "f.eilit flrai-. Kon cheated from tbo fi'rst but Mr Barclay was chivalrous enough tc get a divorce in Mexico—incompatl bilily or something. Evcrytblnt was settled in secret but they say B!IO got $1,000,001) for taking back her maiden name, .Nobody crit cizerl him at all." "That's good. Then everything'!, all right." siglicd Molly, rclicvci and not ashamed to show it. "I fel sure ha wouldn't have shown ICIIen attention if things hadn't been al risht." "What aro you trying to do? 1 «kod Ellen In a tone which sti hoped hid her annoyance. ".Maki 120 Steven Barclay's'third wife 01 tlic strength of a few llowers?" "You can talk like tliat, youm lady, but you can't fool you mother." Molly declared In her air assuinndou of soptiisticated matur Ity, "Flower« might mean nothin from a. young boy. But an olde maa doesu't do things iik» ^ a t was furious. She was conscious all tbo ttaio that she vas- bedii; Ill-ualured aud tmgra- :ious, conscious tliat sbo xt'as blam- as Steven Barclay because his flowers were not from another man, •laming him, as well, forher mother's foolishness. But fibe could hares' restrain herself from 'rushing Yoiu tbo tnblo when Molly began to ilau for futuro eugagemouts wltb Barclay. "You'll need two or threo light ittle dresses for evening," sho was laying. "Luckily It's summer and •ou can wear anything. I do wish your Aunt Jlyrn would send another hoi. It's about lime for one." "What aro you thinking of, mother?" Ellen protested in a vain iltempt to check the tide. "You're making tremendous plans on nothing at all. I won't have it!" "Well," responded Molly, hurt, "if you.don't want us to sharo your pleasures with you—why I guess—" Elleu was suddenly remorseful. Mother was mother, delightful, fr-atlior-lieadcd, Irresponsible. There was lio need to destroy ber gayety. As sho comforted her, Ellen's amused tolerant look went to meet Myra's self-conscious eyes. Aud she saw wilh an unpleasant shock that steady, sensible Myra, for once,- bad sided against her. Myra believed she had been deliberately coquetllsli. Molly readily Jorgnvo tbo graix injury that Kllen had done her. Tho easy tears dried and she was laughing, sparkling again. "You'd better be me," she Bayly relinked Ellen. "I've a Eiir prise I've been keeping for you. Yesterday after you 'telephoned about not having the right dress I went out and IroutUit yon a lovely printed chiffon with the cunniiigcst little jacket that you take off when you dance." There was an appalled sil«nce. Molly added nervously, defen- "I'm sorry I saiil such tilings," Ellen legan in a shamed voice. •ou know it. You're only trying to since we didn't have enough money hrow dust in our eyes." to pay tho rent aiiywav why 1 thought—" " ' "Ob, mother," wailed Myra, "can't you sec there's no point ut all in Ellen's .working herself to death nt Dreamland Kail the extra money is to go for her clothes!" "But now sho can return tho other dress to Mr. Barclay nnd start out right with him," argued Molly. "It'll come in handy anyhow. You'll see, Things aro starting to happen to Ellen. No ono knows bow long Bho'll have to work anyway." Elleu caw ber way clear at last. "I lore working nt Dreamland," sho said. "Ifn not work. It's fun there. I want to keep ou. I met someone—well anyway I wouldn't glvo up going there for anything," she finished confusedly. • * * AS Myra niid Molly, tlielr orgu- - tl ment forgotten, turned their startled eyes on her sbo was con- soious that slio was uluslilng. Thero was a. IOIIB Bilcuco in the cluttered ilinlni; rnouV wlicro ttie sunshine, already growing hotter, trickled through curlalns ot cheap theatrical ganze and sliono on the lino old mahogany tablo wbero two pretty girls Eat with, their pretty, dark mother. Ellen, Hie soft flush receding from her cheeks, was thinking ot Larry llarrowgate—his gray eyes mid lib quick, Infections laugh, tho jvay lie had said l:o was glad ho hart found her. Sho was thinking that Blio would ace him sooti, soon. Scatter-brained Molly, rebellions and alarmed, was thinking too. Something had arisen to menace Ific bright fancies slio bad been weaving. What was thcro to say? Wlint was there to do? A certain hardness in Ellen's square Hushed jaw warned her that tears would bo useless. So sho held her silence. Myra's thoughts wero darting from J)ert to L'llcn. She was remembering the way sho had loicd Uert in tho beginning, was rejneni- wl'.h endlesu walling. Surely Kllrn 'oulil nut In the brief space of mio iilsht inivo met another llert. Suro!>' lllo could not bo so cruel Just »'hcri It had seemed ihliiKH woio to I" i-.ii.lcr. jHBt wlidi. Bbe iirliulitiiil ki'iivsily. It had tL'cmei) Him ICIIrn lia-l nt last met Iho man wlm «iw lo rcs.-uo tlium nil, "IMd you mean niiylhtni; Biicclnl, Kili'iiV" Myrn HK>ko ut last wllli ••.Tori ami hoped [hut Kllen'ri Jci'r- lim laui;h would |ivovo her wronj. lint i;ilon did not laugh. ".No, I didn't mean anything epe- :il." flio ivplled iiiiciinifoiMbly, flrr :m jipiirecliililQ i>;iuco, '•'I'baCa ivliy you «vro)i'l ploniicil over llu, llowers. Isn't II?" Myra ivralste.l. "H was hccaiiKO you met ii-ouo you liked Uel(L>r last night at DKiimhuul? You spuko of meet- ''••; f:>mco[io Iheiv. It mis a ninn, 'isn't It, a m:in that you Ilkedl" Her hreslli joso nnd fell on a IOIIK sigh. "Vcs, 1 did," ICllcu replied defiantly, hir brlKlil. hnsltlo eyes movlni; from licr alalcr tu her mother mid I'.-tck npaln. "l-'urllra-mori). I hopo you aud mother will lnj kind enough ' i ]ft mo bundle, my own iiffnlra. I Jii't mcddlo In yours." "I'm sorry, dear." "Dim'l 'dear' me!" burst out Ullcn furiously. "You and mollier—tiolti of you—nmko mu Blck. Wu'ro iioor. All right, I can recoup tho family fortunes liy trying to trap a rich ">•'« Inlo marriage. That's :v (hie. ai:d honorablo Bolutlon, That's lust umit!. H miikes no dlftereiice what • *. • gllK burst unexpectedly Inlo fcarl and nishlriK from tho Ud)lo ran iuto tho bedroom and Hung hcroelt upon Iho bed. When Myra followed and sat down OH tbo bed abo refused to siieak except to Insist hya- (wically Mint Klio bu left alone. "Listen to mo," Myra pleaded slvely. "U was a sreat bargain aud ^inVtbe wa SECOND HAND FURNITURE NOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson SOl-303 E. Main G. G. CAUDILI, KEAI. ESTATE RENTALS INSURANCE Farmers Bank Hldg. 1'honc 797 Meet Me At the New Rustic Inn Coffee, Hot Pius and Chili Kryptok ilifocals for near and 'distant vision—S4.95 Have Your Eyes Examined ' HARRY WEISRUUI) State Registered O;«ometrist ' At the Good Luck Store More For the Building Dollar _ The lowest |ii'icc.-5 in year* arc here. Mako 1032 Year. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS !G THE OLD MAtJ '^If ** MK - BORSO|J....HS <so\tJ<5 TO see CMEK. jjf TRoosi-e is THAT H£ "AS IrJ URI-JSTovJsl, DocToa.... <s( SlWPiy GWESl (JR..AWO WHAT'S THE MATTiSK j^f "WATS V*3R£E THAvJ AW/ VMITH WtA? _XT^?- L H-LUESS...MICE FELLOv.', ~ Too... f-> tearfully, resisting Ellen's eltorts to fnreo her away. "Msteu now. You'll cry yourself nick. I'll bo crying If yon don't ulop. I—I'm crying now." "You'vo spoiled everything." Ellen sobbed, her volco luulllcd by pillows, "Wo, couldn't. Not if you feel as I think you do. Mother And 1 wcro wrong ami selfish. l!ut wo didn't understand, didn't know how It was. Jlou- could we? It's breakluK my heart that you think I'm such a brule." They had shared every emotion, every thought, almost every action from babyhood! Soon they were in each other's arms, crying lonetbcr iml (ben laughing. Ellen wiped her streaming eyes nnd swung her feet over to the- lloor. "I must look a fright," she said shakily. Shu went to tho mirror to examine. IILM- reddened uycs. Sho bs- gnu rigorously to dab on powder, conscious that Myra. cross-lcKKwl on tbo bed nnd still somewhat tearful, was watching. "I'm sorry I said nuch things," Ellen began (u a shamed volco. "You were perfectly right. You should haro been niigry. i didn't realize, and I know mother didn't, how selfish we wcro being." "No, It WM my fault," Insisted Ellen, eager now for her share ot Iho blame. "1 ilon't know wjiat got into me. Thank Boodr.csa il's ovur now." Tho ugliness of.the Mono In Iho dining room was forgotten. Tho sisters were friends again. I'resent- ly Myra snoW lightly of tbo young man Kllcii bad met at Dreamland. What V.-KS ho llko? What was his name? Thus tho first storm of a dp.y tint was to provo mcmorablo to* llllta Kosslie*- faded »n"ay. l?.n Ito Continued). OUH BOARDING HOUSE ByAhm tMVlS IF ErtflE-p or vou LAPS il/wc; t4l wv spatriiMti BI.OOD i/j vou, ")L - . - . _. ,- Nau'LL EACH aiye MS $2000 '£( MOR& -To riMD S'oii! -. \ < (O r'WArviCE A 'IRliA'SLlREr MUM~i7 1 ~YflUP PHI" O»i j (» OM A urfTi-e ISI.AMP i/a-rue ) V/ O UR wiup PlRA-lU Lotn" »-~ |M MV 1RUMK ) OU '1H 1 f LV uu « i I tlAOE AM OLD C|l/W-r,GlWlM& I 1H 1 UAS< PIECE " -file LocA-rio,vi [M CODE, A/JD Jr or EK I'LL WA&EPt '(HA-f To "Fifin 4 V fi -VVF,ASURC£ |jj /(' K3.U. 5. MT.Oir.: I9*a >Y NCA Mnvicc. BOOTS AND HER- BUDDIES •; < STHl'IMNU ON IT! By Marti/' I ,(«».U. // V b t»» »r I TflK SICK CAM,! SEE' V'MOSS SVieuU CAC IS TIT DOODLE SOIUS AV'AV lU ? ff&'f OH, I WAS JUSf <5O(tJG V/ITH OS. kSWP, CWER, To KRIMSTowsJ To SEE A S'CK FELLA..AM' 60 ' UOODI.E!.' WASH TUHUS see, IT SWELLS STflotJSOF M6DICIW6 IS) HEPE, I.EF1'! f£> TAKE X>u VJJTH HIJA To SEE A SCR coords? 014 KB MO R6»ai! MS DOCTDR'5 CAR UEARS KRIMSTO\W|J, AM AOJACEWT SUBURB OF SHAOVSIDET.... 16t(l:G G0 C** A Y c Tttt HUMMl MU - t \ijriv\ THE FIGHTING FOOU, MR. Of CjOWPlETE Cru« <<J;Kif;! f«t^V>^',^

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