The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1932
Page 4
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PACE FOUR IfHE BLYTHEVILLE COIKIER NEWS '• Tin CQDKira MKWB co.. °"" >Ti nuf°° ...... , :'O. K. BABCOCK, Bdlwr '•.:• H. W. HAINES, AflWrtlsUn Hunger Boto NaUocil AdwrtJUi* R«prewaUUres: AikaiUM Dtllles, Joe, Ne* York, Chicago, Mrolt, Bt, Lgtfi, Ballu, K»nsiu City, Lit lit. fioet Puttilittd Evecy Allornooi) Except Simday. Inteied as second class matter at tho post >ffire tt Blytheville, Arkansas, under act o.' Congress October 9, 1817. Served toy me Umtej Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In Iho oily ol BlyihovlUe, 15c per »-e<;k or J6.M per year In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $150 for six montlis, 85c lor llir.-o months; by mall In potlal zones two to six, Inclusive, Ki.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, flD.ixl per year, payable in advanco. i, No Bread Without Work Tlici'u is -oiiiKl reason fin' tin; fear on Hit; par! ol' Sc'uatoif I'V^s and otlifiv. allied yilli tlic Hnuvcr :ulniinislr>itiuii Unit, large Kciile i!X|midilim-.-i ol' federal funds for Hie relief ul' the uni'iniiliiyul, as proposed in llm I.iiKolk'lte-OwUK'in bill, would Imvu a dcinor;ili/.inn cH'cil the recipients. To rei-civu suint:- for iiothini; is iilinusL always di-'- moi'almi)j>, us was well dumoiislniU'il in ..our highest financial circles only » few years afo. , As regards the ciirrcnl tJilnation with resjiecl to this country's six or seven million unemployed, however, it is fail 1 to jioint out that, dole or no dole, we arc already faced wilh a domoral- fating slate of nll'nirsA Idleness j.< ilemoriilii'.itiK. H is a |u-iinc .cause of incntai and K|iirilual deterioration. Its ill cITccls iii'on men and women who have not the necessity of working for a' living avo wdl known. H is not ratsunablu to hwiK- ine them any Jess serious when the idleness i.s the result of compulsion raj-her than of desire', and accompanied by privation rather than a pluiili- ful- supply of unearned funds. Kvery able; bodied adult person ought to earn what he (or she) gets. The objection ta a dole us n premium upon idleness is well taken. But i(. is an evasion of the L-sue. This country, particularly in its .largo industrial .centers, is faced with a condition that _ remedy. lOven those now snmulliing, appimiinalinj; a tiole would be willing to admit, wo imagine, thai the dole i. s not tin; best and. is pD.ssiJjly about the worst remedy for the condition. Hut it is bullep than nothing, which is all that its foes have offered as an allevnulive. \Vhtn it bpcnmes evident, as it will if present indu.sfi'ial rnmlilioii.s cojjtimiu much longer, that the choice is between a dole and atarviition, this country will decide in favor of the former. That would bu a national disaster, but it is coming tmlc.s.s conditions change fufl'idtnUy to unalilu the millions of men and women now without employment to cifrn ;\ living. No bread without, work is a stood ride, but it can only he applied when there is work to be had. Two Men From Japan World problems today arc calling, a.s never before, (or iliw thinking. Among the tilings that must be reexamined are some of our oldest and most cherished emotional and intellectual standards. Keceiit iitH'.s from lh« Ork-nt, for instance, sets one to mu-ing about two eminent Japanese—Dr. liideyo Noguchi, ami Admiral Koh-lii Kliiosawa. Dr. Noguchi is dead, lie gave up bis life- in Al'rim 'while pursuing his world-famous study of tropical diseases; but Ijefori: lie died lie had served humanity about H.S well a* any other man of his century, lie attacked yellow fever, sleeping sickness and other plagues with lhi< selfless and heroic skill of a grout scientist. A great ninny men—AmericfiMK, frenchmen, Germans, Knglishmen, Japanese, native Africans—are going to live longer because of his work. l''i»' ny years to come the-work lie did will go on .saving lives. ' All nationalities and all races benefit. Admiral Shiosawa commanded (he Japanese lied that bombarded .Shanghai. Shells; bombs and machine gun bullets, at his command, ripped through llir; house,.* there and killed scores, hundreds—no one knows just how many. He spread death wilh a lavish and relentless hand. Hi* bombarding]I created alarm in such faraway places as London and Washington. Now this, of course, is not to say that Dr. iS'oguclii was a belter man than Admiral Shiosawa. Mravery, fidelity and devotion were possessed by each. ICach one did his duty as he K«W it and did it nnhesilulingly and thoroughly. Hut if does shed a revealing light on the causes the two men served. The physician served Immunity as a whole; the sailor served his own nation. Never was (he contrast between the fruits of nationalism and internationalism more strikingly exhibited. Isn't it, perhaps, about finiu flint we re-examined Ilia concept of nationalism? In a world that has become so closely knil, isn't it possible that a lilt It: revision o[ this old and honorable .standard might bc in order? —Hruce Cation. Headline: Two More Chicago C.aiiffxlers Sentenced, liven lhi; Income tax law has Us uses. Would \o;i call n man wlm pays his bills on the llr.->t of the month nn early settler? Needle tccr is the kind you ilvink when yun wlnil up in the liny.stack. It will iilinost, be worth the iiriix- ol a trip to r.ondiin In si-o Andy Mellon In knee pants. Audit Hit only thing they haven't, changed on (lie 1U3J :iiuoino!)ilfs is lli c back .scat, driver. The Minnesota man who chased H sneak lliiet a inih' In recover :i illine certnlnly h;ul u inn lor liis money. OUT OUR WAY By Williams THUHSi)AY, SIDE Gr,ANCES By George Clark '••J- '•: -1 , " \? {.*•{.'• 'V ^>*£'i \ "I know—you're nof toni'i'iilratiiiK on me I ha< s why you're so well up in your studies." sugar bowls und cigar boxes. Some persons Iravcl with U-.ou- Eands of dollars SCMI In Ihelr elolVtes. others stay indoors for scars, fearing to leave the limiEe in which they keep a lifetime's savings. One man kept bis lisard In n liorsc collitr, but one day he found his horse eating the colliir—• dashed lo the posl oilice. About 7500 ixisl olfkes'ac'copt tx Ings dejjoslts and the iiiiixlininii deposit allowed is $2500, although each six montlis devils may i- c converted Into equally safi/ pus ial savings 2'A |ier cent bonds Postmaster General Brown raising n>e dsposlt - THIS CURIOUS WORLD any more Narcotic Control Is Great Problem for all Nations "V l)(t. MOKRIS FISIIBKIN Lilllor, Juurnul of llic Anu-rkv Medical Association, and of lly Belli, the Health Maininr ' The world continues to solution to tin problem cottc ilniK control. Used nnvcolic drugs represent one of greatest benefits ever clcvfloiu'd for i ivvongly. they are associated with' crime of tlvj most terrible v.n-ie- tles. and with explollatlon of hu- mnn beings beyond measure. Uccausc of the fact thai those who are addicted will pay tremendous prices In order t oscciire Ihe forbidden drugs, criminals do not, hesllntp to );o to extreme Jr.'ujlhs to steal and transport tlic illegal preparations. Chemists, without a proper sense of responsibility, work to Ojyclop cnmbiiuiliom- of habit formitie I ?f l drugs for the simple purpose of ui'tlhig around Inws thai otherwise would prevent sale and iviinsporla- lion. * • • At present various nations nrc giving special concern to the problem of controlling traffic in tlicse it is generally recognized that llic only hope lies in getting at thc dn;ir.s nt their source. Eiieh ounce of Ihc original opium must lie accounted for, whether made Into morphine or heroin or any of the stipi'osvdly harmless drugs. 'Hie only wny in which Ihe drugs can to controlled is to make thc manufacturer responsible for n careful record of every step in the pr<iccss from the lime ihc raw material enters his factory until H gels inlo Ihc hands ot tlic consumer. Everyone concerned in the pass- | r?s|ioiislblc for II while il is in his n'hands or under his control i • • • ll ""' ! The conlrol of narcotic drugs Is sevk ii; much simpler than the control of of nnr- alcoholic liquors. Alcoholic liquors may be made from any fruit or vegetable and the o,, '"o 31 a "y Place. In order to make narcolic preparations one. must begin with llic raw opium or coca leaves. These are commodities ivliloli cannot IK successfully smuggled in appreciable amounts. It Is not snfe to suggest that any one country can control its own nnrcotic problem. All nations must combine " proper! .smded a subuoinmlltec of the Hous- st onu-e committee to Inrn down such proposals. They contcnrtoU 1 Ml It would tend further to diminish confidence. WILSON'S. UIWLV On Kifb. 11, 1918, President Wit>n replied to Hie speeches of CliimccHor von Jlertlln? of Gcr- niany and Count cmnin of AUS- tnii-Hungary in a,, nddrras- before "otiBrcss. M'ttiuu forth his four qulrvineiils for jwace. First — Each part of the final settlement must b c based upon th c Cfsential justice of (hat partial case and upon such adjust neuts os arc most likely to bring peace that wilt IK permanent Second — Peoples and provinces re not, to be bartered. Third — Every territorial seltte- H«iL involved in this war must x made in thc interest, and for he benefit of the populations con- erned. Fourlh — All well-denned na- ional aspirations shall be accord- d the utmost satisfaction that an be xccoixlcil (hem without, in- lodticiiif new or perpetuating old Icmcntfi of discord. On this date also the Bolshevik! eclarcd war at an enrt with the :entral Powers, ami Russian troops were ordered demobilized. AtoNft^ CXJR1M6 WHCH iT HAS CCHSREO ts stoNWeo otfof Mof?e THAN A &IUU?N ine if the situation is to be T '! c ^ :rly worked out. . *"'? Any oi« nation that cares to separate itself from Die rest "ic world-in this matter can have the other nations at its mercy. Smugglers will take care of gelling Ihe prcparalions inlo the country that tries to slop Ihe illegal use of narcotic preparations The airplane and olber modern methods of transportation have aid- thej pur- Ing of thc material must be held lions. ed the smugglers just as Imve served for legitimate I10SVJS. Attempts nre still being made to develop international agreement, for limiting definitely (he amount of narcotic drugs produced annually. It is fnirly sinipl/) (o calculate what is n reasonable supply of narcotics for any civilized nation H (he total supply can bc controlled and if adequate record? can !>e kept of (he manufactured products and of their distribution, much will have; bcrn done to slop thc illegal use of these prepara- «4* it''!** WASHINGTON LETTER iiy Konxnr r SKA Service Wrili-r WASHINGTON!.— Prcsiili :.-, HOD- ver urged all ho.irders nl ninncy, j iialriotlc duly, to lo lo;ir.-; and ryslore their dollars" to circulation iiy (\::y-rrva- livc Investment or clciwsii :;i •sonn:! froin ^17,000 to UT7.COO and de- ixxsils have juni|)?d from $154.000 MS (o $5DS.OOO,fKO. "Tlio faith of ilio United Stales Ti-nl led certain nn>\- anxious to help, to IJKIIMI as lo how a timid linar' determine accurately y\. given bank was ssund. Nr satisfactory recipe \va< t.; 'he most common a<lv:c one cansnlt a banker m v has conridcncc. But 11 i enough llul Ihc hoarder.; limatcd to have Sl.'JC-oc^i den away, lack coa-.p'.eu i In bankers. It is n'.io .idmitte.: :l. ,citizens cannot figure .-.:: much on llic basiF o: bn:.'.; incuts, since they :io i, strate the extent of :.-, beenusc banks luv^ : necessarily hrcnn?e I!:M sound but often lnr.,:i . Lvciimc frightened .i:.i! withdraw [heir n:c;:i.y amc\ints. Sliil britic anxio::.-; : tiling about th:s CM:.- •• in};, howe^-er. one l:;r;> rrallcm of tlic I\«M: !-;. rcfiipc of the timii!" i ; - liOJtal savincs is ,,,• hoarder's linvrii. T,:a rush to H in lum-, : last 30 months trr i : .,-;. tnl savings dero.-lio:s. ]•- : their j of America Is solemnly plcrtgcd to the payment ol deposits with nc- cruc<l interest." The handsome pos- Inl "savings di'pcsi-. certincatra, that one receives in h™ ol a bankbook and come In denominations of from .•irniinrl I $1 to S500, eivc Ii:c depositor that might iron-clad assurance. ::cr a Hut. althoueh the govcrn- •nllrelyj mcnl thus ci:arantces the deposit, interest if, p.iiil at the rale of only 2 per cent. .'iincil. :i that •.n one •. •'.'.• es- •'i hid- .-ticncs many : very : state• '.otnan- "••. and i. not' .c nn- ;-.)sllors an to • large iioard- .(!«5id- .. s Sys- as : worn.'. I kidrr. i n i!, c O id £oc } : or in the mattn-v. is always theoretically in danger suit draws no in- t-?rrsl. So:r.e iicoplr RO crazy wor- rjir.g ahr,ut ,1. u m tnc roasoi , }n ^. is I savings dop=.Mts nre, no\v considered \a5tiy preferable to hoard- Ing. from i:.c bio,!.-! nstional patriotic viewpe-int advanced by Hoo- Is that the iiovcrimiral loans Ihc which, mcut-y to the banks, tlicir ordinary rate of interest OH wings deposits, only have ;, ,,,.; 2'; per rent [,).money gi-ts b.n'g. system. Hanks m -,..!• lirst coli m lateral they supinrtcd IK •,., by . festal ,.,•,,':,.; -.uel-. Uic government i:.s »«. Tlni* the ialo Ihc credit community have money. For colt furnish bonds ,- r |)ower or bonds i of Co;igre5S. feoris .show Uiat : -d thc llic .sy.str::-. •-.;„ ri-t-civcd old. warn. always, iinehy. ;ar vi ,.i, ^...^^ ,. Mn .. A or •rcsslsn . rusty ,ir.,«.. from s ,, ch tor . in ««;>"« rpn,viinri,-s ; ,s hollow trees. •)I pos- : tigs, well b:i|-,;,-,s. uialtrcj.w, c.ib: ••leased bage patc.-.oi. flower pots, sand bars, Bacteriologist Sees Sun Clinics for Planes LONDON, (UP)-Smilight dines in airships are a possible d/v elopment of medical science fore- ecn by Dr. E. Goodwin nawlin- 011, director of the bac!eriolo"ical eparlmpjit of the Koyal Insiiliitc f PubMc-Health. In an article on medicine in Us elation to aviation, printed in The Lancet, leading British medi- !. he declares that fly- stimulates metabolism' and produces a marked Ionic effect while airmen have noliced tlw the common cold react/ fnvorablj lo flights at high altitudes. • CHURCH EXCUSES G eurje W. Barham- Oklahoma Fails to list Sterilization Law OKLAHOMA CITY, (UP)-Oklahoma's law nrovlitlnj; for tin. .slefilixntion of insane persons which caused much comment w it was passed a year ago, has never been applied. The law provides that inmates of institutions for feeblo-miiidei should be sterilized upon recommendations by tlio siiiJmnlr enls of such Institutions. The law applied to idiots, imbeciU and morons. In only one known case has any altempt lo apply the la«- been made. A guardian asked for the release of a girl from a slalo slUnlion, buL when Ihe sniicrin- Icndent informed the guardian Hi inmate would have lo he .vteriliz- cd before being lakcn out, the guardian withdrew thc application. Although Ihc superintendent has Ihc [Kiwer to rocommccid intu.Ues lo be siibjcclcd lo Ihe o\ieraliun thc parent or guardian has the right of npixnil in court and thus may hall the o\>cralion. Head Courier News waul ads. 'Announcements The Courier News lias uer-n authorized to announce thc follow- iri(r candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 0. For Cnunty Judge ZAb B. HARRISON (lor 2nd term) For Sheriff ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER (for 2nd term! Circuit Court Clerk K. L. "BILLY" OAINES (tor 2t!d*erm> County and rrolttte Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARUORO MRS. .IOHN LONG (Rc-elcrtion) MISS CAREY WOODBURN For County Assessnr JOE S. DJLLAHUNTY (for tcnn) CITV ELECTION Tuesday, April 5 City Clerk S C CRAIG (for re-c'eclionl ' HERMAN CROSS JOE '.V. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER For Municipal .ludgc GEORGE W. BAHHAM IVY W. CRAWFORD C. A. CONNINOUAM For City Attorney SAM MANA1T Well, (he very Uiing I cxpccled luipponed. Mother and Joe got in- .o another squauWL- about baptisin and tlwre is no telling when and where it will end. You can see ii.v position—Mother on one side and my Husband on the other. Mother, of course, has the best he argument, if you vords, but Joe has a very good about himself. He will" say cw words ,and then elosc up foi lours. I think that's what, makes lather so furious at him. I think f he would talk back a little nioi t would help his side. He .said lo alk back would be like slandin nd talking to a buzz saw (I didn't get the point). 3 can't help but feel, in a way, a: Mother does about our church. Then, on Ihe other hand, h-. lias some reason for his beliefs. Mother says, and I admit, that in many ways 1 am married lo a man much beneath me. But, be that as it may. he's jnr husband and provides well -for mother an'ii me both. And. when I married him and brought him inlo our family I thought I could elevate him t my level, and told Mother i much, nut, she said all along' thr / tins could not be done unless- had plenty of help, and as si : , expected to spend most of lie ' time with us perhaps of . best of could do thc work and make hirSi consider ut least half way right. '4 (Copyrighted) ; Charily Fund l!ank Failed .MILTON, Ore.. (UPJ-Thc wlu : ter (jrows more bleak for 50 dcsti' lute families here. The bank i : which county and charity grou' 1 reltaf funds were deposited /ail«'- ! A Bargain in GOIH! Reading 5 111011 llu; of s^ ATLANTIC MONTHLY 1 for A Here you will find stimulating articles thai reflect every phase or our complex modern lile and lliousht—articles by men and women, outstanding in many lii'lds, who have something real to say and a rare way of saying it. Uest of all you will like the intimately canipanionaMu iiuality of the Atlantic, which more erai lhaii Us lopical importance or its literary charm makes it such a high adventure for your precious rending hours. Send Sl.OO (mentioning this ;ul) to the Atlantic Monthly, s Arlington -St., Ifostun Trade Y o u r De- |)osil for a Home Wo havi! sfcvurnl jjooil aii'l dcsinililc homes well located, will trade of|iiily for lu-L-ounl in Fii-sL Naliunal Hank. See us for |)arlii-n- W. M. Burns Company, Inc. Aimcc Plans K. c. Revival ' KANSAS CfTY, Mo., (UP)— : tatcrnacle wilh sotting capaclf'j, ' I'lirchascd ' of 8,000 h.i.s been Mrs. Ainico IWe.Plierson Hutton Los Angelas, and will bc used revival here in March. Th. lure occupies a block of ROUND TRIP FARES AT iy 2 THE REGULAR ONE-WAX RATE Take that trip now while'you can take advantage of low excursion round-trip faros In effect until February 15th. : Gnod on nil Dixcc-Grcyliosmd' buses ---- Ihc fincsl in the South, witli comforlablc, rc- cliiiing chairs, hot water heat and skilled, courleous drivers! CaK tcday for complete in- lormation. Excursion Round Trips . Memphis ......... Chattanooga ... Paducah ........... St. Louis ........... Evansville ......... Birmmgriain ... Jackson, Tcnn. $ 33 . 13.80 7.05 9.60 12.75 . 12.30 6.70 Low Onc-Way Fares New Orleans ... 11.20 Now York ' ......... 29.40 Los Angeles ...... 36.50 UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash Sts., Phone 273 Dixie GREIggOUND Fresh Car: Always: Everything: Oberst Store Co., Chick ami Hen Feeds - , Dairy and Mtile Feeds - The 15est I'Hccs :tnd assnrtiucnts in Garden and Field Seeds - - ],, Hardware and Harness. 115-117 Main l-Vcil SI. - Seed - Hardware

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