The News from Paterson, New Jersey on July 7, 1941 · 53
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 53

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1941
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THE PATESSON EVENING NEWS MONDAY, JULY 7, 1041 tr,R TMMinTI ARaiory 4.-2000" TWENTY FIVE Shop Through" These Want Ad Calumns For G -Automobiles 1 "automobiles for sali I -Automobiles TO ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS DURING" THE MONTH OF JULY WE WILL DONATE $5.00 rUn EVENT mtU CAR ;0LD BY US WHICH WILL BE SENT TO THE U. S. O. To provide recreation and entertainment for out sol dier boys of camp. In order to occumulote a s ieoble fund for the U.S.O. wa ore , , ". DRASTICALLY CUTTING ALL OUR USED CAR PRICES If you are ready to buy a Used Car we assure you of the Biggesf Bargain of Your Life and at the tame, time you will "be doing your share to promote the welfare of our toldier boys. 100 CARS IN STOCK At An All-Time SACRIFICE! ILL YEARS ALL MAKES JUST AN EXAMPLE OF SOME Of OIK BARGAINS 4'HKVHOI.KT 'lan I In M KIRK Dtp. :!-Ir. Scdaa $41 '3.1 Hi: 11(11 BT Coupe . .. .,,. U II HKVROI.KT Sedan ,g A m COM) Sedan.. . . T 114 t vri DKiiAkm t eyl. IMA. sun I Iiiiim.k Sedan .... gleg I IMilXllS Sedan. ........ ..... -gttg It I.INTOI.N' ZKPRrR. ........ SS IS H II I.YS fill. Sedan . ...... .1344 Mt n K sedan ...4tS h f l HARD eyl Sedan ....ttSt I- ram Sedan n ;-.".;..tAtl ': BUCK Special Sedan .SS15 "i (M,IsMf)UII K Mix. Senear. -I9K :i'l PO.NT1AIT Dli. Sedan ,M ta 'pi.YMOl TH ills, Mm. . . . .WAS. '4 Tt l.KISAhUt 8 art, r,mm Man SAM MAST Willi RAMOS A HKATKKS . Tor wu.i. r kr m v SO CHEAP AI.AIN EASY TERMS as m' AUTOMOB'llIS rSAli 2-Announesmeiits reater Values LOST AND FOUND LtST (old cross, with diamond, In or around Rialto Theatrer Main St. near Gould A-. Reward. Lleanor Kiefer. 114 Oeald.Ave. PERSONAL PACKARD If in riqUp Tonrins Sedan 1U3V packakii BsMMt "lan IMA PAt'H.tHI) Tearing sedan Mm hack Bitty ciah taupe ISA! PACKARD Tmirins v.lan tn- V4SR Sedan" ' MM NASH t.rm (mine Hill Illiln.K .filut, I Ml OIIC. Sport touoa IM1 I A iAI I.K Tmrrlag Sedan ftmn Willi Radio, an. Heater. M UTHKHS TO CHOOSE FHtTM SM.OS I PWABDS Market St. Circle At The Bridge J.lJeMJ.1' UdUaUUksl LAmbert 3-J30J One" Snndax Evas, til A SALE SHARKSKINS 3 St PRINTED PIQUES 25c HARRY SLATKIN 1 Bridge SI., roe. River M. , iapaa 1- roinga .-Employment WSTRTjCTIONSprVUll- .Merchandise 7 Financial GET AQ0D JOB . ' ' -'Tat" practice.! afraininej l bf-..jtj&4rn . cmpitlr equipped MarHre $hesi Wr new harm a w voconciet in om Pot-erkem and Foiw'it ifSoeti Apply mmirt oH'itm. jl(t'' f-''v--TA 305 Broodwa. Po'.tion. N J "We. 2530. DIAMONDS BOUGHT Diamonds and) oid gold Jewe-isg Boujiht. Highest prices pa'd. H'll ' GERSON. JewKLKR 101 Elllton St- ,.r as. St. Paterson SBer t-3144 PIUMBINCTAND heating SUPPLIES I'ATKHM) II A r CO. Mrn'i flats made to order. rienteltnax4in-ovnliojfc tie las Hnateo St., AH. 4 m 4 Business Service FlOOrsWFAClW fUOOR SCRAPINu .Vew . old floors sorsped.-, rsfintaiie. Win. t BarroT. i:th St.. Fair Use LA. A-1341 W . ! ' PRACTICAL NURSING .V. J. Practical Nuralnij School US B way-LA.. 4-10t Next Terra starts Sept 4th . 3-Employment. HELP WANTED FEMALE "Buy From The Oldest Dealer In Paterson" Established 1919 JQ M SOTO 4-l)0iH- - 99 lr,. Sedan. R.H.' ' . Oft OK miTQ -Dar . ' 99 iVf. edan: H.HV : 1 I ,t 41 q lK SOTO l-llnw 99 '1'tf. Srian. It. AH. e" OK- soto : DiKr sj I Tn, r,lnn. .H. on in soto 4-Dmr Sedan Mc CRANE Da Solo, Plymoutli "Nw Cor Deofef" 686 MARKET si E. Z5th STi. Paterson SH. 2 4350- i -2 GIRLS 1,8 years or over for steady wbrk in our plant. Previous laundry experience not necessary,. Apply in person. -Little Falls Laundry . Little Falls New Jersey , RITANELLA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Offan a iota orofaition tor life to woman KMIUI I m!. AT LOW IOST Tuition Fes includsa imtrumanti Attefld day or i vYiilot: clac. Employment- Awoitt Our Gradwdta 7 Chorrh Ht.. Pateraon, . A. Armitr; l-JSIB DOWN COME RAIN OR -SHINE AW. CARS IN BIG GARAGE SEMMEL STt'BEBAKER 460 STRAIGHT ST. OPEN I'NTIL 10 P. M. CLOSEiD ALL DA.Y Sl'NDAY WARN I N"G You're Reod the Papers You've Heard the Radio Escape the Tax BUY NOW 1940 1939 1938 1938 1931 1936 ( Hlr KOI KT -1 mi SanIuii r ( hk r limn rilit . vum BULKS V. Man - . CHEVltOI.KT OtllPf f HKVBocfrrr lovm HA,tfi . llfr'.X KOI.Tf.T Town- SrtiMti . 625 465 450 '375 365 285 H.M.SMITH Inc. UikET AI EAST S4TII STS. VATSUttMrN Je Salardaj Earnlaf and all '' Sunday Jlj sad tusnat. I G ET A 12 MONTH GUARANTEE With Your Next I USED CAR BUY . At COlf MAN-HALLORAN INC. Used Car Dept. Market St. At Trenton Ave. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES it OTHERS Girls and boys wanted to learn, a food paring trade, a good insurance (or your future. Address -BOX 198. PATERSON NEWS UfMJS -VRBLi?Y.; 0 . Vltra Seal yjur floors. -Paro it M hardwood floor. lad. SH. t-SStA fof estlmatoa, i:.fJ-.MITUn KHA motvsv. IS vearn.. SlOu up Easy terms sl.o reoir-d ellnf. V'ree tnfurnwtlon. sct.a PlmnMitf S'upnUea, a!iM Av. at IS St Paternoli SH I-DC LADDERS POLES WOOD MORTGAGE LOANS - Classified Display PEPPRH LADDER CO. Pu'lay tioiaa aoid arid erected bidders, scafrold. for sal.; rent IJ Sprln lt, H I-Altt Mortgage Loans 4M8-15 YEARS Consult us roncerninit hr refinancing of your mertgagr. ATTRACTIVE RATES Nati Officii Union Bunk of America ;PATt:iMioi . colt St.. Paterson, N.J. -V IrLhe Stock MONEY TO LOAN MONEY TO LOAN A'edaml l)rlt Inauranre ..moral I an L tvAil.CHAl.TMiV TC : kAnev fv IT PAINTING, PAPERING DECORATING . S ROOSl. , eipert "paperhangers, materia), labor; tvatotlng reason-abla; work gus.nant.ed. Bornst.lH. :02 Harrison St- -CA.-A.IAJ. UATCS LADDER PULE X. Pulle. poles Hitlers seaffmd. for sal. or rent. T River SL. P tenon- tH I.;sd MACHINERY TOOLS BABY CHICKS pri Avert Freig Jam in Fall ha ..' ta...' M PER BQpal. psperlng. miiterlal rurnianea: eJTt' lOAV e.timatea. Original L' Lereyr-i01 Cover nor. LA. 1-1801. PAJMTIMti Decorating - Paper- lnar. wrt m-ttenaia tita-.i -n Price, rtgbt Vrt.lan. 113 vrmrna Are. mm. -..'. a PX1NTISO raprtnr any room oapered compute 1 1 S A 1 de- sltiu). aoaractrt-j Ssiion, tl Main St LA. 3-Atla, . KOSA.VSKT'S MAIN' Feint Stor., . 518 stain. Painting, decorating: Roon;. , papered Interior, exterior Guai'intod. SHerr. J-1JS5. I ROOM . Papertulg, Including materia la: painting- work guar anteed;"'csTfrhatea given, Wm. Ler ner. l Bridge. St. SH. i PAPERING - PAINTlNti: guaranteed; InterJor. 'etterior. S. J Decorating, IS 2 AaAln St. SH. 0; SH. Z-A9h. - I -; I PAPE RH A NO I NO Pa I rrt I n g e-'8eat materia?.. ExiSert labor. "Esti mates free. .Rubensteln arid Flnne gan. AAA Harrl.on St. sH; 2-AtOS. METAL CEILINGS METAL CEILINGS Let me glv. you a-i ebttmrnte on meia-i ceil ings. Ajthur Council, 115 Knlcker liocker Ave. Phone LAm. 3-4170. BROGAN less Markrt St.. rateraea. SR. S-S4IA AS S Bread SI., AUdfeireeA. U. -MeA ansasansi i ii i a a s a 19 CHEVROLET Sedan A5. Jay. Route A and Garden St., Little Perry, N. J. . 'SA BirfcR 4-Ir Trk He Ian HAS, Circle Anto. SAles, Route A, on the circle. Little Kerry, N. .1 Btilcir IM7 DeLuse Hedan Packard HAS Sport Hdan IAS Buick fWI Sedai., radio M Plymouth DeLllXe Sport Sed. 14A Chrvslif Airflow Del.uxe Sed. I sr. Kurd 1 93" Sport Sedan ItA Cadfllac 19SS Conv. Sedan Af. Chevrolet Convertible -..up .45 129 BuIcksTteposseaaed '"ars to 1A41 Finance. 337 Main St . ii.cken.ack. 13 Chevrolet Del.uxe Town Sedan, radio, heater, defrostet, excellent condition. 47 Fairfield road, Mftuntaln Vl.w. , WAA'l A JUBI Lear. Snaty HI-tnrel Write or phoae r.r Ire. booklet iHin. Sl.t. Ilee.aed. M .0-er ColleKe of Beauty Caltara. -li- Mal. ill. H.ckens.ra. HA- S. ins. OPERATOilS on skirts, experienced and learners. Willing to tench. Apply Lnurel Sportswear. 2 1V Van Houten St., 3 flights up. GIRLS No- experience necessary. Spotless Stores, 31" 9th Ave.. Peterson. WOMEN, full or pari time work In cosmetic department; ivera'gi 16. per hour stark experience unnecessary. Apply mniningi. Employment Manager) Churvh St. Room 113. ' OPENINGS fr.r women.. 10 to iO, to join staff of-4arge organisation with office In Paterson: must be alert, have eome business experience. Write qualifications and phone no. News Box-18. WOMEN, paat 30, who need permanent, substantial Income: we have three opening). Call LA, 3-4482 for appointment. QUtLI FOR moulding arriTstapling lip sticks; e.perienred Apply f olmar Laboratoriea. 3 Division t Newark, N. J. LEARNERS- KflR factory. -wrUrk st.te age and nationality. Write Box 19 News. MIDDLE AGED woman aa lady's companion; ner housework ; steep n.- -LA.. S-13S4 M. HBRRMANN METAL C.llinr Co See bur Showroom. 3 4 No. Main St SH J-5ASJ.- SH J-6S17. MOVING, riUCKING STORAGE KANE At VBKNAT -- Furniture At piano moving, padded vane STORAGE. 3 rooms. 13; I rooms tl. SH - 2-A400. H. BARflAROW Local, long distance, tnrnltur. - piano moving; xpresilng. Experienced m.'n. All Jlst Ave. SH. :-7I?A. SEWING MACHINES ANY MAKE repaltad Call and deliver anywhere Brown's. 217 Main St SH 1-S REFRIGERATOR SERVICE ALL MAKKS, Factory liMu-rl pert. genuine parts. Grinow Hniiei10!dt Commercial. Acme, LA 3-7USA. . RADIO SERVICE "J- - RADIOS TESTAJD Kvery slake iudlo Repaired, Ex. pert. Technicians, immediate Service MA It FRED'S RADIO LABS. aoO Broadway? LAB). 3-1221 QUALITY RADIO SERVICE. Auto radio, repaired and inatalled. Guy P. 'Arfexander, 134 Market SU sh. i-em. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED IwtWN .Mi i W ERS. tUmrpened anrl repalreid gl.tS. New mowers S4.9S up. Verblaauw'a Hdwe., 291 No. Ath St. SH. ; !:.! ROOFING SITUATION WANTED FEMALE YOUNG (ilRU. high echool grad-uate desire, clerical wait. Writ Box. .14 - News. - HELP WANTED MALE bxi'Kitt-. on i i " Huor Also new roonng slate, slag as-ph.tit ehlngl.a asbost.os, tinning and snow guards. Old- roof, repaired, mii'n HOOHflti CO. II lsli. St SHerwood t-SSts " REPAIR SERVICE WANTED EXPERIENCED BROWNE & SHARPE AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE OPERATOR: ALSO EXPERIENCED RADIAL DRILL OPERATOR. APPLY VAN VLAANDEREN MACHINE CO. 370 Straight St., Paterson VACUUM CLEANERS Ert I Vr Kepaira Knily Oaaranteed BROWN'S AAA Haas m MX1 u tl. .. I'tmitn SHerwood 2-5899 'AS DODGE SEDAN 14S5. Si. A Auto Sale.. 11 McLean Blvd., t Market St. t-'lrle. Pateraon. 191 IKiDGE Sedan, radio, h-eyrer. perfect. Sacririce. 3. Beimon Ave. 33 OLD4AMOBH.K Opera Coup. AAA! Liberty Motors, Route . at Lib-rty St. Traffic Light, Uttle Ferry K j; "J llul.k I mi. upe It-ST t bevr.ilel ' - low I'nue! Ii twthnr.e- 7-1171 A II I I - NASH AMBASSADOR tU Coupe, J pott . actual 7.000 iCI C '. eoeraya. 1 ewnet. ! CHE? DECKER, Lincoln Ave , Hawihorne; used esr.. HA. 7-13M. 1 ml. north of Rlv.r 8t Bridge. yfAi'KKNHrsH CO. nM ilka to .-otitact two denend- fable mrn, with cars, to join special department in wnico caonna om promotion possihllities are far above average. For appointment for interview- apply Kmploymurt Office, th floor, Tuesdav, 1" a. m. or 1 :sv p. m. ;.:,r- UY FROM VAN NESS AND GET THE BEST iOO USED CARS 0 SfLfCT FROM -laf Wrttteft Oaanaotee U Vga Nets Motor Cat Co. MOMtawi Vie. iatf Vetl) 1.3. I.ta;rnl.' Tteohvr 4 door I . dan. radio, heat.r. whit, wall tires. 159i. Allan Motors. Route A. Little Ferry g& llerara Hays Any Car 10041! Makes at Model. IH r.lla lty Aat. Karaaa.e Car. sprac at Market MSk . glElKEK- USBD CAR DEPT. A3 Broadway, t Paterson THE SPOT FOR BARGAINS WANTED TO BUY AUTO TTRv Au itOLET Coup lS-' P""- Sales Route . Bet. a.. tan? CJ-n.btb SM. Heater 44t B8 L' Sedan l Tie ,,,''m' Coup. Tl j- U.n, utra. Plymouth-DeSoto fcaUu, Ar.cian Rock RL I-13M I ATTENTION DKAFTEKS Before . sailing g.t our beat .ff.r We pe- !l ?5 mar, -'h i .ipai TRUCJCS FOR SALE OMC- TRACTOR with sleeper cab and 5A ft round nos. aeml-tra.ler alfh anclosed body; complete unit In excellent condition, ready t sT and priced right See G A. Brown. tLTai Uotne Truck. AS Su.-isex f4ts 'uttlsUAv..' Newark, MArk.t A-11W MOTORS FOR SALE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES & OTHERS Girls and boys wanted to learn a good paying trade, a good insurance for your future. Address BOX 197, PATEBSON NEWS Vacuum Cleaners WIHTHROP'S AH Work iJvorantrFil SflJ MAIN STREET ARMORY 4-1874 CLEARANCE SAL. Machinist' e. Mason's, C.rp.nt.r'a. Plumber', tools. -24 p.r cant off. Sliv.r Front Shop. Sit Grand SL MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE SACRIFICE FOR QUICK SALE Beauty' Shop Equipment 2 Nestles, permanent Waving machines tone Aristocrat), dryers, chairs, tt. Clare's 351. Morsholl St, Peterson LA. 3-9018 H.aithy, Strona oaieas bred rot productlTi and vitality. Day old an started Ha'adon Hatchery, 7J I nit ft.. Haieaon, w J an ;-ssn I DOGS, CATS,"OTHTiTrS DOGS FOR 'SALE - A'.ually hav. doge of all 'treed, on band for sale and for atud purpose. 1 have Boston terrier, wire hair tax terrier. English b'Mldogs and others: also llr-ted dogr for atud P S Wataon. IS AAont-elaV, Ave. Phone LAra. I-AS71 FINE STAMBSK cat am! kitten. 'v a3 .heap t-SA Park. Ave . Fair ; Lawri: LA. A-OSst 1. MALE -AND F KM ALE Dohermafl Pln.cht?ra. 4 months old. Must sell at once. SH 2-4729. Pl'BtiC SALE. Hatter .Snug oT Clifton will .ell July I, , VL 11. tlth, 194 rr LO a. m "to .9 p: m. dally content, of the home, -.of the laic Mrs. W. I. -Harry at ,SI Passaic Ave., cor. Ayctigg Ave., Passaic,, N. J. 2 Stelnway pianos, completely fujnlshed Victorian living room, library and dining room, including oriental nd domestic ca'rpets and rutts. plant, and jardinieres, in conservatory, Sheffield plate and sterling silver, glass, illahes snd brlc-a-brac, fine lt palntlnrs and. ststu.ry, hsndsome original enuestilan biionie of (ieoTK. W .ahtngton, book", book-fXxss,--fTrir- I lu nlam.- anilque and modern occasional pieces, barometer, grandfather's clock, hooks. bookcases. old-fsshtnel , bedroom furniture, kitchen. pantry and Ignngry equipm.rit, -large modern Frigidalre. amoothtop gas ranite, etc. Also mantels, radiators. "Almost j new furnace, jilumbing and light ing fixtures,- etc Ttlla la not an suction. Kverything plainly priced for quick disposal! 9 -Rooms and Board as till rox ", - awt 4AfrstotMlent VaJhrr-""- ". a . .vert l ..a mseai . a Tht only equlrmenf Ia yo.r ability f mttet Hi mall monthly instalments ... M antiorsert or security nectssary. Yor rnoy (lite borrow en your tfufo ar kauukold fooii f you orereT PUBLIC FINANCE 112 ELLISON STREET (AT MAIN) - Lli 715, PHONf SH 2 1220 FURNISHED ROOMS THK ANNEX 371 11th Ave at 28ih atreet large, airy, well kept rooms. Call SH. 7-24IS. US VAN IMI TEN ST. 174 l'at-eraon St., S . up, eenlra'.' PLK.VSAft'T SINGLE ROOM., n AT, ' Auburn St. ... . ' ' j; LARGE, front ono.cting room. lor naat nousekeeping. aiso Big sleeping HAND PAINTED , porcelain., m-hogany and gold, mirror.. Popular prices. Warmoits, 505 R. SStb St. at- Vreeland Ave. LA. 3-3ASS klLECTRIC Refrla.rator.. ll.Si.. Camp cot. t 4ft SWirtmOna co! bed and mattress, 14.99 Scbwartt'a, 13i River St.. SH. 2-b45. TEAM OF MCLP.S, Fnrdaon Iraetor, A-l shape. Peter Rlllo, B.rdan Ave., Preakne.s, N, J. CSKD A fL and A ft. MCCray cases, 5x7 cooler; srt. vegetable stand; sllcer, scate. register. Central, 221 Elllaon St City. HATS MEN'S HATS 12.9a: r.guiar IS values; secomls of nationally ad-rertlied brand.. Nlscn.on. !5 William St Newark Open eves: Hun-day A-12 H7t If. Free narking as OLD GOLD BOUGHT OLO GOLD We py higneat price. for denial gold, old gnlrj Jewelry sliv.r, gold ? ,i article. Scrap. Wa l.o buy pawn tlck.ta Breu man's. 321 Main St. cor Oliver St PIANOS SPINET PIANO Slightly used; like h.W, latest model. Finance Co. will sert for email unpaid bal ance. Writ.- tenerj f inance vo., P.O. Hex 12. Paterson. SEWING MACHINES roam. 17! Hamilton Bastsidk Lata "well furnished room, .hower. refined genii. -man. LA. 3-7SSO LARC-E ROOM for adrtll. I3.S.0. Ail l.i: ill. luq. 14. 147 GRAHAM AVE. nr. P.arl LlKht houaekeeplng room, r.a-aonable, adults. . 341 ORAHAM Ave Tir. . Elllaoh light. housekeeping rooma, rasp ectabledult. LARUE, modet n, reasonable, ! mlnutea from Paterson by csr. lltone Raniaej 1,7,7 Me M.nsell. FURNISHED APARTMENT 1-5 AND A ROOM Apts . n.wly furnished, all convenience. Gall at City Furniture. 163 Brcadway. 10-Real Estate for Rent APARTMENTS f. FLATS J7S MAIN ST., lHJxid, modern front, rental Includes heat and water, gies. :;s M.ia aH., 1:1100. modern front, rental includes heat and water. ' linn; Apply. votr.Ht' n. 1 a-i 1 ix - fn. .dvernsei. in tbia cl..atfi cation are iiconaed under the .tat. gmsli lay..! Law LOANS : f lp to f300 on .votii signature Easy repayments. Rate tH montbly on balanced ' , ' WIMSETT SYSTEM CO .A 2? Main St. 1 U. SEWING MACHINES New" While Make Con. tola fie.' ) in node At B New Soma Moaaa. loJroda linger Aotory IQ X tiactiict In irode Aajl 33 V5 assawsJgL HetMill to.tlHfwe.ra- $4,341 A In fpi 1 1 Ham I l-Real Estate for Sale PAHH.AWX. N ,7. tneoi WrTght'i Corp.) bungalow, rooms, bath, sunroom, newly decorated, steam heat. 2 cai garage, corner nlet III I 13, price .J.!. Tc! WYckottJ IF YOU NEED -A MOO LOAN HERE'S WHAT TO DO Tf MM-' qr S30 to S30.1 hmo iril u ho mAjtcl. you tti mnd wt rv wnt to refiiiy. ! 1 mhmKk utr ,1 t44i , mAntm. No oRgfct iv quirwt (M liiAt1i ot ftHiivtk (jh private Hrvt. nUe CkOt Ay.HM:. , ... r-e- 1 ItMA ''-ii. . T, 4, t 12 II i a'1"' ipj" jSn j -M Q S 71 47 I iee ta .is ii ts i mom i IS ?r Its 17 07 ,4.5 12.05 m S63. z-j.w i;a ib.n I MO jiO-J 'iUKS M$2 2380 i-oM - 2Vji per tttonih m t.vlajtKet at ) or In unit-2 par ttVoapr H iTvy 1 fvart "VAarrl frt tktf rUsTf: SrTCV" TT' excess ol 1100 HOUSEHOLD FINANCE iflO Washington Street 2nd Ho". Maleraon, N J. g f eae, Wfr. Vllcrwood ? 322C ianu V , tJ.f BUSINESS SERVICE 3 ROOM apartment, suila'ble busl-ne.s Wbinan. S Cburrh St. Rent 3.5, Aug. 1st. SH. i-?l. 4 KOiiM apartment at 1M "k.i ttii St- Apply Sup't. liS BAST HTH ST. A room, and toilet, te oalaal. id Hamilton SI. SH. 2-A1S9 Res. SH. :-AAji. 214 lrrH AVE., I rwn7-aunpsi " lor. - . f AIRLAWN, N. J (.near .Wright's Corp I bungalow. S rooms, bath snd sunroom. newly dei-orsteil. plnelea. furnace, 3 car g.raae. lot i xl00, price $J.;0. Tel. WYek-sff 112. . 1 FOR HALlfblt RE'N.T. StucEJ bungalow, garage, ilv large rut -nlahed rooms, screened porch, ery IrftferOvement, restilcted coro-munity. Ishe privilege, lor further partkulai. writ Box IDA New.. ,, ft) Poterson Window Cleaning Co., Inc. iRst IAUI spectcilltiog in tleoelna -eaidentea, 4tea, fae-torraa ond initituti... 3B,1 F, tth at. sit 1 tlAAJ W. parry Workmen I Cempenaatteo WANTED TO RENT W4NT1HJ Summer. I -ike Bunas low 7 roorna. For month of Au gust. (Tall SHerwood I-xllA LAmbert J-OIOS. Ol II -Real t state tor Sale DROP HEAD TRKAILE 4 Frt wintr lesiions. Singer Co., a Broad wtty. a.. A . g Jr., Bat J. RANGES BRAND NEW table top range., low as iS 95. Eaay terms, i .an tral Supply Co., 272 Main St iAVfc 5fl, factory aampica lata n ac comuman jri .tove, . t he Stov. Market 111 Jtlv.r St. Pat-eraor, ALL WHITE Comblnat on .tovaa .aeriflca II). 5. Ltkevlawa, Broadway Bank Bldg. Main at Broadway. 10c wotkly SMALL HOMES LARGE HOMES CITY HOMES COUNTRY HOMES SEND FOR LIST INVESTORS MTGE. & REALTY CO. 150 Ellison St., Paterson LA. 3-5t1a, REFRIGERATORS 5-Merehandise CAMERA SUPPLIES 2 EXPERIENCED truck ami auto mechanics Good Salary Munafo Truck Repair Sesvic, 279 Marshall nvravrv.. l-.taa EXPERIENCED breaaers "( top snd Unaert on lau.we vaa. 24 i Van Houten St.. 4th floor. A. C. M. Coat Co. MN to aa.lst In order denartmeol,; average ASc per hour" atsrt; t-perlance unnecessary. referenc required. Apply Emplumen( Mana-arar, naarnlngt only, 7 Church SL Room 113. I KXl'El'.lENCKD fountain and lunchaunette lrving's Ptarmacy, Main and liraad St... Paterson.- N. J. HAVE VOL' As CAR? Apply Tucdt 3-1" a. m Hotel Lincoln. Passaic. A- 1 Kxperienca unneceeaa-y pcrmantnt, no taa- vaaaing ; advanced cemia4o PU. bonus Wrtl diesseo ALL TVPrS ol camera, snl sup-plita 1-11 mm Film. Rentals Broadway Camera Shop, ISO Broad way. Paterson. Lambert' 3M70A Wm. rl. 1'anl. BRAND NEW all white, pop el. n eUecirlc wadnara I3A.& up. Ka terms. General Supply Co., 172 Man St., Baterson. FURNITURE FOR SALE FQR CASH Will sacrifice repol-sea.eal refrigerators. radio, stoves, parlor and bedroom - furniture. Wlnkaw'a m2lst Avs. Pat-eraoR. LI VINO rata., lining rata, bad-rooms from I3A.IA. Pom. repo.-teased. Perfect condition'- Floor samples at less then H Also rld e at rug.. Eiec P.efrig III io up Financ. Furn Co.. I4 Htl. Ht. Open Bvt.9 LIVINf! ROOM Sl'ITts factory to yon. Sara th. middleman's profit. Kyttifmber we manufacture every living room suit, we sell. He. upholstery at factory prices. City Furniture Jnc, 142 Broadway, Paterson, ft. tf; 10 PC. DININO room suite, upholstered seats, excellent cvindittoo, m pc m.ple kitchen set. LA. 1-A. . JEWELIW FOR SALE SITUATION WANTED MALE MAINTENANCE man. experience olart'riclan and pipe fitter, .ante poaitloa. Wrtie Box l Neaa MUSICAL INSTRUCTIONS SUMMER STECIAL Brand new guiiar and 3 private lessors, s Robbi.'s, JAS Main St. Paterson FORD V. motors axcn.Bgad rat.r-.on Cylinder Raconditioning Sarv-le, 1M F.ut 17tb St Pat.raon LeV 1-A17I WELDING INSTRUaiONS American Welding dchoola IS Prine. St.. Paleraon. N. J. (LAm 1-91471 Writ, for Catalog "E" BLUE WHITE DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS $1 5 up BAWT HAKE W a Tt. BK AT I ' W rut 9JPJ we rgi v - ! rtg yilCH 111 O (MLO A IHAMOMr Wsteh rleaasirlac tear grarrfeslty H. PROSTICK n VAN BOITEN ST. h i kvk bstt iis FRIiJiDAIRK, alt porcelain, I cu. ft. A-l condition. 119. St. 17c a day. Allied Appliance... 243 Market at. open even. REIMHSlSSSBli RtSFKIGERATOH. Will .ell for unpaid balance. Has terms, licnaral Supply Co., 72Main St Paterjg.n. WASHERS WANTED TO BUY DIAMONDS Pl'RCHASED Butch At. Sons psy the. highest cah pttcea,' and our Al year, of reliability la your guarantee our appraisal will be. a fair and honest one Bus, h i gona. 115 Bi oad St.. cor. Willlajri. Newark. l.aCH anna. . .- aiaea aaa(kt tAaara.teed a ' prices M. la W.eklany C... tag HlveV .1. Alt. 4 K44TAarAV- Alt. 4-m - . WKvl rATACKWIlN ' Iterfeo Blvd. A haoae, .11 initroveinenta, 4 esxr grt. St. :tM, ,-.ali SlOO, lllllere-l Ave. 7 mora bmtae, S134VA, aiiik CAN. t".I.Iol Ave 4 raayra harm, el ' call SIM. MarahBll SI. t ramify n '.rm Madlaen Ave. S f.aalty. car a all tnittreie- aaenta. a . h, ,.Hah soot llae (aah Buy er a l or Hutiaee. ASK FOSTER r 120 Market St.. paleraoa. Jt. 1. SH. -ilJg AX. 4-41KA rea. ' URA MKRl'Y PARK GLIN ROCK. kaveral aemat raooiy tor eaaaaaawry anal under ceetitrwctron free orehiteatwre aarv ica far built. to aadsr hawnet trlcei raaaaas 'rem MOW as HOMO I HA fWratp, aV at. ttol tilil.AKI'KM lliillda. HAwtb.rne 7-I7BS a 1-lllg ONLY Newapaper. Ale cwt, deliv-.rao. n- paper, bought Rag. o to lb. Amc can Papar. 2)s tio. 1st SL r H lull EST prteat for good utd men . riot n rig Oreaofieid, AAA Psataic St, Pasaate. PAttaie r-t47k CASH PAID tor diamond, gold jewelry, tllvar. Provident ti.kele; estia. Saal Miski.r. 1AI Maek.t gtreen 7 -Financial BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES DKI.K" ATESSEaN and Uqunr store, v.tabltshed 10 year., owner retiring, it K Herbert. HI Keatny Ktavrny, JS J. " ' - ' - 1 , Ceety Ave., 2 kauaaa. f torailayt. A reajail amd botk sock. A-t co-od . laroa oarofle lor lOOalOO. kairgarm Mrl- da a 5 lam if houae 4 nai aailM nch; let rSarSO. 12 wa) a,, Vol S 2 family, A rawata sock .11 imptt 12 500 Caevhem Ave . , A eaaaa. aasca. ail Imaaa A 1 camd. lat Pa 100, S3.7O0 lorfelli It Sea, 114 Woihingt.a St -SM. 2 4111 Al 4 4111 J. 3 FAMILY Hfit'SE for sale, attractive neighborhood, convenient tr.nsportaOdri A-l condition, til modernlted, must aacrifica Phone for parucniart LA; I-71J3. HOt" banks. Mortgage Co. BALL Homes Esty terms See Dava Perlman (licensed real etat Ayrekar). 121 Kllltoa St. (over Bickford'si AR, 4-4IIA. GOOD Bt'YP Al illy BAR AND (1R1L1. II Hoover ,i. Paaaalc. uptown near depot, umg eatabllahed, good guinar bualn.a. Apply pervmaily afier 2 p ri See Ban Meytgaa. tlaat t.rh -t 1 famllv. A room, all tmnrov.- menta. 12 tin 5AS Eaat 2!nd St, 1 family I rootna. .11 improvement yramiiy r,ma. a, improvaiafoi!-, good rwndiitna gi.s.r aiinoimiais Aaet, 2 family... i-room. each, all HHfil n vriiirin a. pt. imi.", .a."-"- (taieal. 2A Hamilton St . SH. 2-A1A4). Res. SH SUMMER HOMES CORNER CANDY tt ,te, aaaiabliahad bualness on oa of Paaart a main .treats .near Bcrrools and Cburtiye.-Open window, a lea, living quarters Benjamin Weiss PAa, J-iJAA, ltr.PAIH SHOP for rent, fully equipped for Inapactlon work. Eaaa Super.SEe.v .. e Cafiier. Ifay-ette 4 McKlnie Ave., Hawthorne. BUNGALOW I aad asaal. saai.ea Oraa klaaat fraas Barg. aaaaafla aaae. Ikathin. and rtakia. .rt.Kagea t. eaiaHBlre (rtaaa Paleraaaa. auy lersna write law saaritealara T 42. II 4DIHRK" 111 Hlkaea Mreaa latera-n J. LIQUIDATION SALE AT AUCTION 16 Parcel of Improved Real Estate ON SAT.. JULY 12th, WED., JULY 16th & SAT., JULY 19th SALE STARTS SATURDAY, JULY 12rh The properties will be Mild on the premises and are located as follows: 1:30 P. M. ot No. 739 East 24th Street Between Park Ave. ia) t4k Ave. C7aaa.totl.gL at ato.y frame Bttatelare for A fanitlira, contnlnlng o rooma and bnthrnoaa B each floor, aleaka kea( oil burner, gtol 25 a 100, , 2:15 P. M. at No. 791 Eait 19th Street Between l ark Ave. at ITIk Ave, Cotialatdia of 3 atarf frame trarvare for .1 r.swIMea MHaAaialWarNg rt.onta and hatkrooaa e. rack flaey, aleaia kral mi 2nd floor onU. lot 2S I UNI. .- 3:00 P, M. ot No. 740 Eost Eighteenth. Street Bel. Park Avr. and ifta Ayr. ( onalatlna of a A atory fraaa atrartare contetrilita. at,.r. 4 rooms ft.d kaltrroom c. two tipaev floors, frame builrlina In rear coal atala. 4 rftn.i, pl.t 93 a 100 Irrrg.l.r 3:45 P. M. of No. 121 20th Avenut mtturtt- for '1 fmmltt ntttminin & rimm ftitti hntBirtn vm rmrk floor, iirrtm hrnt on ttf l floor, lat &A f. 4:30 P. M. ot No. 162 12th Avenue ... atweea lark Ave. and l.enham Ave. t onalallna f a 2 alary fediiiar titraiVtorr (or Z faasllle. .ontalala. g rooma arm balkrooat each floor, lot SSJ a IOO. 5:15 P. M. ot 76 and 78 Butler Street Helweeti Wii A aaae.fras -.trreta. tonatarina f a 2'y atory fraaae atru, tore for g taaalliea ront.lnliia 1 -i--.Mim .parlaaranta aaVO 2 4-toom apnrtaaenla. Plot KO a 100. . 5:45 P. M. at Nos. 102 and 104 Eait 23rd Street ' Kt.nprn .1rl i 4ttS ( iigUttpS t( i t utttry irrnnr .rw4air 2 fnmfllrat '-itttnltf Ibk room gin ft hnthrAeoms . ffirb fltr. MMaII kMl, AIM S itorr frtvawf fcuIUItigt in rnr etUlii $B tend r ret BMP. unit m I h t Agi n jg rtiidir. rio ai19. WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th 2 t. M. ot No. 122 River Street ; Rrl. TfHw A ttrifu . ( nmlsilHR if l 1 try hrifk mtvmHtm ,fiMtnlMinK t..rr. .rtjom mpn rl w 1 h lMt b rntitgj fr P'ri ml :'. it jii i i iih n i null bntkruum 1-x rmth, lot 2i Jk 199. 3 P. M. ot No. 328 Eleventh Avenue Tor. :! Iih i onvi.tlttit ut m I ln trmm nrgirtAjr fniiTiy-n ,1 Agforra mm4 Z t . mpmrtmmt m, lu( t I3t. SATURDAY, JULY 19th 1:30 P. M. ot Nos. 369 and 371 Puxron Street tf i.Aittltj ttrnnr, AHiafinC of n . Wtmtf trmm "'ii-img far 2 ' . M. t .-. -. tn i. v i ' i and .....,. mm mrm tmmtt tt-ntfi 1.4 ;i.. .f 3 rtr ..... in k. and fitat V? IM. 2:15 P. M. ot No. 499 Mom Street Mai 1st ii A trrm ' ' a.ailaii ( a :i Mrf fra atr-ttirr rtajtniEilw a1r nm4 3 hrtiti in ril, it rma and aalaraeptB null gpf Hjip. I II... .(. o( . I'll. 3:00 P. M. at No. 18 MarshoU Street (Ml4llt.II r a 2 i..r? Ira aar atrartwr '" faaalljr rnia(K-in . a; rcMiaaa. ltl 3 !, 3:45 P. v at Nos. 73 ond 75 Slater Street Cmr. Mrrfa , ( apM-Uita)., af r alurjr fraaa . far ihH.nif. fmnititmtnm A -- flepar. SbeW t fraam emu. tut. fr .. faaaiHra .,... 4 fwas .... - flwr- (at "I a If 11 f r w-a- 4:15 P. M. at No. 40 Murray Avenue. et M era a.te A liailaa Ala. , Mf a g4j at.rr fraaa. fr 2 f.mlltee eon.afalaa A ,.,.... a.d bitkiM. .. eae. rir. ia. is . ia. 5 P. M. at No. 58 Beech Street 0ae a).r .ram I aari ti, ( aai.larlns a. a 2 alary frame aatraetato far 3 families . ..alalala. S rooma ... I.llel an eark Hour, plat 21 i M Irrr.alar 5 30 P. m: at No. 92 Water Street He.. Wee. Atrmselaaay .ad Temple l . I aasjalsllaaj ... a 7'. alary fraaae alnaVearr r.r ..r family raurfalalaa IA rooma aad g ka.k-raama. Bat wafer ke.l. lot Z2 a Ilka. TKRM.S: lg per rent down en day ol sale, it per eerU hi U daw when deed will be delivered, (g per cent ean remain eat r- Hood a. nt Mortgage, aaarratat .na. Maaanaeekera at laacora 4m aat alaa tkl. area! aa- pwr..ll r mm Ike l"alla I l.y tt.llellaa a Lama V l ia HaaA- dall.a I). affairs aad will let ike ptaapertlea go at a irraacadma. aa.vifo r V y Ike Order af Ike Hoard of art tke I l. Itaroilaa l a.. Aa.orlalloo BENJ. GRUNAUER CO., AUCTIONEERS No t ( hurib i Paleraon sllrrvv.eod ' 4 5It g la d g o n 9 e e n t. p

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