Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 28, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1896
Page 8
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W: Remnant Clearing Your fast chance this week, as this is the last week,of this sale. The winding up of the Sales season has come. To put the entire stock in condition and apple pie order, we offer the remnants and odds and ends all over the entire store at LES5 THAN BARGAIN PRICES No matter what the cost or what the real value. Every small lot or piece that is lefl^hasya.price put on it *hat will make it sell in a hurry When this sale is through with we will commence opening New Goods for FaU-and Winter. Take advantage as this is the last week of the Great Sale. vV THE GOLDEN RULE MAYREREAHARD Another Floater Reported—Body of a Man Seen in Wabash. BELOW THE EEL RIVER .A Stolen Bicycle Menus a great deal to the one tliat Is a loser. Wdr run an/ risk when you CM have yom 1 wheel insured against theft at a very nominal figure and set Us value when stolon? Insure at or.ce anil bi' on the sat'e side. Punctured lires Repaired From this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co THE CURRENCY QUESTION. Valuable Information Set Forth in Concise Hanner. VAGARIES OF THE A1EHORY. One Man Had to Get Drunk in Order to Remember. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers; 610 BROADWAY. Greatest Discovery or tne I9tb : Century. NKW HKMtDY Medicated Air for the Cure of Catarrh, Aitthma and all \ Pulmonary Diseases, •' It lias no equnl 'tor Sick and Nervous Htad- . ache, 1,000.000 people ,' ale annually from the above named diseases. Wdf sutler and die, when Medicated Air Is guaiantetHl to care you, ••dtcitted Air anil Drug Co., Richmond, Ind., U, S, A. It Is the best remedy on earth for La Wctppe. It will give Immediate relief ••4 will fcffect a care wbere all other ••••dies fall. •old by B. F. Keegllngr. Fancy duck vests 73 cents at Otto's. Subscribe for The JoTiraal, 40 coots a month. Born to Mr. and Mrs. David Uisser ot Clay towMhip, a son. All of Otto's employe-;! took advantage of .sale prices ou linen clothing an Straw hats. To .appreciate the .prices oi! our slilr wai)st,f nnd wrappers you must sea them —Trade Palace. Wolcott will have u street fair to lie held two days, Thursday and Friday August 20 a.nd 21. The -mmil-ben!- of Diana Templo. No 30, Uathbonc Sisters, picnicked at Spen . cer park Monday evening, .Tuly 2T. C. C. Tolk, professional piano tuner Is au the city with headquarters at J. C. Bridge's in Hank's jowi'lrj store. Linen elothtluK and straw hats are like perishable vejci'tablew to a grocer on Saturday Ji-h-'ht. Otto Kays take them at a price. Lost—A borrowed pnrn<5ol between the WJdo-w Tippet's on Michigan roid and town. Finder please leave-at this office anfl rocctvc reward. Ii» tlie, alweucf! of the- Rev. F. M. Huckleberry of tlie Baptist church the pulpit was filled Sunday morning by Will Huckleberry, son of the pastor. The union services at tlie rink Sunday uijiht wore attended by n good crowd IK spite'of the hot. -weather." The" nice tin,'* was addressed by Hon; S: E. Nicholsou. The McKiuley Campaign Songster for 1SOC, by D. E. Brycr, the "Old Campaigner" has been received. The book contains twenty-five sonjrs. all up-to- date, with good points and catchy air's.' The book is published by the Home Music Coinpany, 202—204 Fourth «treet Lojransport, Ind. i yiicsiiuli—-\\'li:it I? !lu; wholo body ot criinvat-y uf Hie United Slates today'.' Answer—Pai'i'i-. $-l7".,000.000: (silver. .•jii.ild.utiO.UUO: ^old, -fCJ2,000,000. Q.—\\'lt-M is tho existiJij,' nioni-y ,<l;ui- d:u\l ft' the cumi.try? A—Gold, by means ui! wln'cli ;:'! ilie silver a.nd ail tin 1 paper are worth 100 cents to tlie di>lla:'. (>.—\Vliiit wuuld bo the effect if we should abandon the uxlslini,' £nld standard? A.—All tin: irnl.d would leave Hie countIT in accordance wilh tho Oiicisiio:ied law that a superior money will not remain in t'.w coTintiy where an inferior auoncy is the (Standard. Silver- ites admic tliat jrohl Is sixteen liuies more valuable than silver. That is what the "ratio of 1C to 1" means. In truth, today gold Js -thirty-two times, more valuable Hum 1 silver. Q.—What amount of money would rhus be withdrawn from tho country It tlu> silver standard should, be substituted for the jrold standard? A.—Six 'hundred and twelve million dollars, contracting tho currency to Hint amount /hind crippling the country iiecftMInsly. '•' Q,—If rthe silver standard were substituted for the cxtetiujr gold standard, •^rhat would be tlie effect on the $010,- rOOO.OOO of silver IIOM' worth 100 cents to the dollar? A.—The entire Quantity 'of silver dollars would be worth their weijrht i'n sMver per ounce, which varies from wecik to week like the price of wheat, and the inamodia>te effect would ,be to reduce the ?010,000,000 to .$305,- ; pOO,000, the present value o* silver per ounce in tlie coins, thus eontractlnff the currency of "the •sountry to the additional amount, making a total contrac- .tlon of $017,000,000. "What would be the effect ou our paper currency if we should substitute ;the silver standard, -for the existing Vho silverstandard? A.-The 475,000,000 •bf paper, tod;iy Js worth 100 cents on the dollar on the silver standard, based on the price of silver today, the immediate effect would be lo reduce the.value of the paper now in Hie currency to ?20T 000,000. Q._]jy abandoning the existing gold standard- for the silver standard what would Ix 1 the first met result? A.—The loss to the country of '$3,154,300,000, half of every dollar worth 100 cents by reason, of tho existing sold standard. Q.—AVhat do you deduce from tills? A.—That we need all the money we have and that we want every dollar worth 100 cents. Q.—How can we keep all the money we -liarc? A.—By prasorvlns the ox- .istlug gold standard.—West Coast Trade, (Tacomn, Wash,) of , say.s Ilie Sr. .lirmes resi.ing iis lljo casu, soldiers who have d who wlie.'.l it i.s IL' L'\'cw (nr Sfvi'i-al tlihig Happens to ME DEMANDS DAMAGES. Father of Daisy Dorian Sues the Rev. Scott. The wife of the Rev, G. B. Scott still refuses to act against him. Miss Daisy Dorian remains true to her lover and the latter remains in. jail, Scott Is now between two fires. Dor- lira has commenced a civil action against him for damages In the sum of $3,000. The case was Instituted 1" the district court and the papers served. Auuehinoiiis were served on the Waterloo State and the Leavltt & Johnson banks; where It Is tlionght Scolt has money on deposit. Scofcfs assets have been considerably dlssilpated during the t few months. The transfer of-his :arm Interests to his wife and 'tlic ey- »nse of his recent trip leave him bu.t ittle property. It Is not thought that le has more than a few hundred dol- ars in the banks. . Men have been knuwa to leave h fur a few days, coinniit some i-ori rriiiiu and reuirn, ijnile oblivious •what Uii-y liad done O'a'/A'iiX', \'vry iiiii.' sn emiiiuon .•i.i'iinii.i 1'oiiyiu a b.'iHlv an OVIT ciiiwui ."cciilJ I hours. The s:i:;e I'liose wlio I'.suiipial 'from <=hipwrccfc and to aoroiianis wlio have; jus- dust'fiiidcd from he i:iocils. Tb.is is the temporary li.sss due to stroiiK .emctioi). Tlien tliei-e are curious examples of temporary loss of nu'ir.ory owiiLi; to fatigue. Sir Henry Holland whua dnwn a mine Jn l5ic Har/ ni'oun.taiiw and sufferint; •from fatigue completely forgot his German .'imd could not ; remember a word ot' I'!: ivntiil he had rest and refreshment after ascending 1 : T\'e;ill e.vperionce this In a less degree. Sometimes It Is an injury which anises the blank iu Hie backward frnxe. An English professor once received a violent (blow on tlw head and at ouce,,.forgot all his Greek and a muiSrciuu lost all memory of music from the same • cause. Mr. 1 AVhym-por in his book oil the Alps, tells how he foil over a frightful precipice! 200 feot.Uis-h, with the result that ihis piist was for a time wholly blotted out of bis memory. ; The mort singular cases of memory loss are in connection with language: It is (julrc common in our liosplta^ to see a sick German unable to speak a word of English he. had thoroughly mastered. . . •.. ! A olergymnn. some .time ago lost -all- recollection of words, b.ut he could still remember the letters, of which they were composed and could express his Ideas freely by 'Spelling- the- words. 'An officer suffered from .a slight attack of apoplexy nnd asift result forgot all but a few words. When he tried to speak be merely muttered,' but it n book or manuscript were handed to him tie read It with perfect propriety. .One of the most extraordinary of all nicmory losses .is when a person forgets how to write wiith his right hand,- -but still lias tho power to do so with his left hand. Iu such a case after lie has- written with Ills left hand the' desired sentence lie can copy It with lib 'right hand. When the memory of words Is gradually lost it Iinvarla-bly progresses I-n one particular order. First the • proper names go, then the common nouns, then adjectives, and this 'stage Is followed by failure of tlie power to rocol lect events. Very many people suffe from the first degree; excessive smok ere, it is said, sometimes 1 find Jt difflcul to recall proper names. Drunkenness Is a well-known cause and there is th very curious case of a-rnan wlio mislaid a package when drunk, forgot where he had put It when sober and had to ge The Ghastly Sight Reported to Police by a Woman. Another report of a floater in the Wa- basli. river was heard at police head- Quarters, yesterday. A woman named Black, living near the Cieolf street bridge on the "WtWrsidc 1 , staled that tlie body of a anan,i;ad floated out from un- •dor t.'ic bridge' into plain v;cw. ' .The lady wa.s crossing tlie bridge on her way to town HIK.I <saw the ghastly sight at r.hu wc.st: iMid of the causeway. The police made an itmwLfeaUon of t:lic report, but failed 10 substantiate it or find traces.of the body. It is not proba.ble • that- iln: floater reported i,s the body of ilu: unfortunate Frank.Rea- lm rd, who was taken by Ihc flood wtiilo trying to ford the Eel river Wednesday nl._-!:i. nn.ir Ko.-nin: Every effort made by tin: irioinUi- of the drowned man to bring I'liu bixl.v to the am'face, or locale i!'. liavn proved iiiisnc-Qessfiil. Tlic river banks in (lie no.igliliorlwod'of llio place where i.lic nctident occurred are lined wilh pi'opli.' since tlio fatality, and the river hap been dragged diligently. Every theory has bcivn acted ujion, and Sunday -i.he u.su of explosives was rft- sortuil to wilh tlie puniDse of bringing Hie body lo li-ghr. It is possible that nealianl'.s '.'(.'inaiiio will Jit- found bi.'low Ihis city in the Wai/ash. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank Jhas ever originated [and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds how $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our 95 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots- • 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1,25 Cotton Worsteds] 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. ;HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; AVfLL ASSIST IX THE SEARCH. W«b:is;i Tri-Iiunc: Will Cullers, accompanied by .Ta.nips Keahard of Sonthsidi:, loft for Lakatou last ii.ij.rlit w.-ith a drag and oilier necccffiary tackle to assist in the search for the body of Fra.nk .Keahard who was drowned iii Kfl ri'vor last Wednesday evening'. Mr. Uooihard has beou at the late home of his bro-ihur since rJie accident ami only returned to secure the necessary help. All efforts to locate the body bave been iiiwvaJliiig us .rot nml In all probability It will not- be recovered until the high water lias abated. THE flYSTERIOUS FLOATER. Fate of the Boy Drowned in the Wabash is Unsolved. HE IS RESTING WELL. •Chick " Myers Will Recover From:His Injuries. The Peru papers say that they can learu nothing of the drowning of a boy Cone milcis this side of tliat city, and thu fate of the boy's body tliat floated down the W;ib;].?h the oilier day has riot yet been Jearued. Nothing lias been beard from the floater from down th-: river. There was a report circulated at Peru, or near Jtoann.'l.hat the sou of Frank lioahard, who was drowned while trying to forcl the Eel river, was missing. It iiS hai'dly possible that the boy who drifted past Logausport ou the flood was identic-ill with this missing one, for the body was seen above the mouth of t.be Kel river, according to the testimony of vlio witnesses. "Cbi'i.'k'" Myers, wlio was run down by a Panhandle freight train at the crossing a .slmrt distance below Kenneth Saturday night, .-'ufferiing a crushed limb and severe 'bruises, is resting as • well as could be expected under the-circumstances and will recover'if no complications arise In the way of further 'trouble In the amputated limb, Myers. after lie recovered from the shock of the accident sufficiently to talk, 'said that there was no one with hiro at the time of the accident, and that he does not know just how Lt happened. He did' not hear the waniiiig whistle and remembered nothing after he was struck'until-, he was picked up by the pawenger train on the Effuer branch, due here at 12:30 a. m., and. brought to the city. It. was stated Wvat the freight train's crew brought him in, which was a mistake.- • drunk to find it. FOR RENT. A desirable residence ana a good barn in High street between Fourtenth and Fifteenth, James Goes, Sr.' NOTICE.- To applicants lo'r the position of Humane Inspector.' There, wil' be a meeting- • of" the Directors of the Hnmane society with the Metropolitan Board of FoMce Commissioners-oil Wednesday-evening,..Tuly.20, at 7:30 p. m., foiMhe purpose of canvass- jiiig the list of applicants for the [position of Humane Inspector, and all persons desiring to apply for this position should file their applications -with Attorney Geo, TV,"'Walters, secretory, at bJs.offlce, 200 Fourth street, by Wednesday noon,- stating In said-application, age, .weight, helgiht and general physical condition.—By order of President and Secretary. ".'••: . - ' The Rev: H: Atwood rarcfvnl' at the Broadway Presby-terian^cinirch, Sunday fflorntog, preached' a strong humane ser.mooi.ln the interest of the Logansport Humane Bociety.-. It was heard by a good.audience.-- » : : DEATH OF I. X. I/EEDY. I, N. Leody died.at tlie family resi- •deuce, No, 822 Race street, yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock from the effects of ii.n overdose of morphine taken .Sunday night before retiring. lie Lad been accustomed to taking the drug to relieve rheumatic pains, but whether the doeiC which, lie took Sunday night was for, thtit purpos'e or not will never be known. He. occupied a room on the second floor, while Mrs. Leecly and tlie other members of the -family slept down stairs, 'About 4 a. m, Mrs. Lcedy awoke and heard her husband breathing very loudly. Shejvent to his bedside to find .him In very deep, slumber with his hands folded across Ms breast. She was unable to arouse him and Mart Morr.iss.ey was. called In. Ha Immediately telephoned,-for Dr. Downey, who arrived about-3, o'clock. Antidotes were given., but it was plain from the first that death was almost certain to ensue. Mis. Leecly AWnks her husband's death was due mainly to heart failure, but (lie symptoms shown during his illness wore IJjose of morphine poisoning. Another "thing that conflruis the theory that death was due to morphine Is the faet that the box from which the morphine capsule was taken was found empty In the'mowing. The deceased was a nursery agent, in- fairly comfortable circumstances. He leaves a wife and two children to survive him, one-of -whom is employed in the office of Architect Grain. He was a member of the'I. O. O.-F.,- -belonging' -to 1 the oclge nt Anoka. He was Insured In that fraternity at Plqtm, Ohio, for $2,000. The time of the funeral has not yet been announced. . - . SUMMER MEETING I. It. E. A. The- Summer meeting- of the Indiana Republican Editorial Aosocla.tion will be held nt Lafayette, Ind,, Thursday, •Tuly 30th. The headquarters will be at the Hotel Lahr. M-eeiJngs will be held at the Lincoln Club, building and The Indies of the parly will be given an informal reception at the Lafayette Club rooms Thursday evening. The visit will include a trip to the Tippecanoc Battle grounds, carriage- drive to Soldier's Home and a visit to Purdue University, A side trip to tlie lakes Is contemplated if this can be arranged in time. This trap will occupy three'days and if we go to Port Huron. Mich., will cost about $7. Come, be'wltib. us Thursday July 30th, at Lafayette. If you are a publisher, ediror or associate editor of a Republican paper in the State oC Indiana,, you should be at this meeting. If you arc not a member and fill the qualification, come and .loin the a-ssoeiaion. The membership fee Is .?2,' Annual due ?1. ' For transportation to Lafayette, apply to tlie General Passenger agent of the Monon, Wabash, L. E. & W. and Big Four routes from nearest connecting ix>Iut to Lafayette. It Is Important that you notify the undersigned if you' are going, who will accompany you and whether you will take the excursion :t arranged. J- A. KEMP, Sec. Salem. Ind. • SCOTT A SENSATIONALIST. Jowa Kails, Iowa, July 27.—Jlev. G. E. Scott, of Waterloo, was the guiding star of- a similar flock in this city for live years, and was not unknown as a sensationalist before he desecrated the cloth arid his pulpit or even before, he preached the sensational "bloomer" sermon last spring and which attracted such wide attention and newspaper comment. Scott always carried a chip on lite shoulder and seemed to delight when a full-fledged "scrap" was on. Aside from local set-tos with different parties here, lie atlaJned not aa enviable notoriety duriiug an address at Ack- loy when he addressed a soldiers' reunion. In tlie course of -his remarks he sn'd that while not all Democrats vrere horse thi-eves. all horse thieves were Democrats, and the utterance was followed by a demonstration which resulted in the reverend gentleman requiring a body-guard to the train. Going from here to Clinton, he launched forth agauist iho supposed iniquities of fhat city and incurred the enmity of many both inside and outside of his church. After leaving there he contributed a sc.itbjjig article to one of the local papers,of this city and styled Clinton "a den of corruption and debauchery," and in return for this, Scott was the recipient of a loving cup from his church Inscribed with the words, "From the Den of Corruption and Debauchery." His recent escapade recalls to many here his circulation of aa obscene piece of poetry which many believed lo be the work of the reverend gentleman. Scott has evidently sought sensationalism and his last move evidently caps the cli/max towards* which he has bee-n gradually moving for years. LOVELAND-POTTS. yesterday at noon at the residence of the Rev. T, S. Freeman, Charles H. Loveland and Miss Mary Potts were united in marriage. The ceremony was witnessed by a few intimate friends of the.contracting parties. Mr. Loveland is an insurance agent at Wabash, and Miss Potts is a 'highly respected young lady of this'city. They will reside nt Wabash. DEATH OF HANNAH HELVIE. . Sirs. Hannah Helvie died at her residence Jn Anoka Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock after a continued Illness of several weeks. Death was due to paralysis and old age. She was S6 years old at the time of her death ani was one of the,pioneer settlers of the county. She was honored and respected by all who knew her. She was a member of the Seven Mile clrarch. Seven married children survive her, among whom Is ex> Auditor Sam Helvie of this city. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Seven Mile cbnrch. Interment was had in the Halm cemetery .it Anoka. "FOR VAGRANCY. Jolm Bauers was arrested Sunday upon the charge of larceny and was committed to Jail. It was reported that Bauet-3 was frozen,to death, in a Wisconsin town, last winter. Owing to the absence of attorneys his trial was postponed. S'utocrlbe'for The Journal. CORRECTION. There was an error Jn the Commissioners' allowances as published. The following are the correct figures: LeBeJ, O. P Atn't Bftbleham tp ..... . ......... 110.00 Jones. E. H. A«8'rAdam«tp ..................... WooDrord,G W. Ass.r Adams tp Bntb Mllroy. iss'r.Tlpton to SO.OO Subscribe for the Journal, per month. • centt WHAT, NEVER! NEVER permit your dothei to become seedy and sour, you are not com- p.miojiable. NEVER wear high heels; they ara unnatural and produce many nervous disorders. NEVER buy shoes from any one other than Filling; he has the best. NEVER try to peep at the engine when it is in motion; it may. be your hist peep. NEVER miss Filling's special sales; he will save you money. NEVER use too muchi perfumery; you may be mistaken for a cologne factory. NEVER pay five and sis dollars for tan shoes when. Pilling has. them for ,$2.9$. NEVER sacrifice health, propriety, and comfort for any silly fasliion. NEVER ftp to remember the foregoing facts and do not be so foolish fta to believe that you are tie exception; that you can. buy shoes Just as cheap somewhere else, lor Pilling'lias the b»t and cheapest. •','." 4J2 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana..

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