The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on September 26, 2005 · 16
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 16

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 2005
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4B The Capital Times Monday, Sept. 26, 2005 LIFESTYLE Rock review All is forgiven during U2s birthday party By Rob Thomas The Capital Times It was 29 years ago Sunday .that four Irish teens gathered for the first time in one boys kitchen and decided to form a rock band. People criticize U2 for a lot of things theyve done over the intervening years. They charge that the band got too weird in 'the 1990s, or play it too safe now. They contend that lead singer Bono gets too preachy with his social causes, or that the band has gotten too commercial, doing ads for Apple and performing at the Super Bowl. But nobody can deny that when those four middle-aged Arthritis strain on Q. My 13-year-old collie shepherd mix was put on Dera-maxx (50 milligrams per day) by her veterinarian for arthritis. I gave her one dose after food and it caused Becky considerable discomfort. Her symptoms included heavy panting, decreased heart rate, extreme restlessness all night, anxiety, nervousness and pacing. I feared a heart attack was imminent. The entire night was spent keeping her calm. So I now have her on chon-droitin, glucosamine and MSM. Sometimes she has difficulty getting up. Should I give her aspirin? A. I trust you reported the serious adverse drug reaction to the veterinarian who prescribed the new medicine. I would like to hear from other readers with similar experiences. Buffered aspirin can be given to dogs twice daily with food at a dose of 100 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight, for three to four days at a time, provided the dog is otherwise healthy. This may help. However, long-term use of aspirin, ibuprofen and other similar drugs can actually worsen cartilage degeneration in arthritic joints. Massage therapy, acupuncture, a soft bed and therapeutic magnets taped over afflicted areas will also help. Q. You asked if anyone had an experience with their pet like the lady who wrote and told how her dog helped her through her illness. Well, this is mine. I have two cats, Albert (4 years old) and Angel (3 years Earn extra cash by delivering the Wisconsin State Journal in the mornings or The Capital Times in the afternoon. Available routes are listed below. .llacnrjcG Wisconsin State Journal East Raute MAD 8503 Appro IW $450 Monona Raute MAD 8531 Appro PiofVmo-$325 Northside Route 8353 Appro Piofitmo- $935 West Farmington Way, Widgeon Way, N. Westfield Rdv0ldSaukRd. Route MAD 8286 Appro Profimo-$650 S. Gammon Lane Raute MAD 8493 Appro IWmo-$230 S. High Point Road Route- MAD 8468 Appro ProfiVmo-$240 University Ave, Bluff St, Stevens St, Harvey St. Route AAAD 86112 Appro IWmo-$450 Greg Hurley at 252-6394 N. Westfield. Walnut Grove, Millstone, Farmington Way, Old Sauk Ri, N. Gammon Ri Route MAD 8286 Appro IWmo-$650 Greg Hurleyat 252-6394 Whitney Way, Old Middleton Rd, RosaRd, Regent St. Route MAD 8238 Appro Wme $700 Greg Hurley ot 252-6394 Carrier Hotline: Camera xe independent contractors The approximate profit reference refers to fire estimated earnings for the earner tor the sale of newspapers to current subscribers on the parliciJar route less the wholesale cost of the newspapers. men get on stage, as they did before a sold-out crowd at Milwaukees Bradley Center Sunday night, they put on one spectacular show. They fuse the exuberance and passion that those teenage boys first brought to their instruments with the grace and experience of old pros, and in their hands even the most pedestrian of studio tracks becomes magical. It wasnt one of their absolute best shows, the kind that the audience floats out of on a euphoric cloud. But it was certainly awe-inspiring, filled with both the huge, fist-pumping cathartic moments that one expects from songs like (Pride) In the Name of Love and Sun- drug put old dog old). I have irritable bowel syndrome and, every once in a while, I get very intense cramps associated with it. They were so bad this one night that, while sitting on the couch with the cats next to me, I was holding my stomach and moaning. Angel looked up at my face with a puzzled expression and, after a minute or so, crawled up onto my chest and looked right to my face, then proceeded to lick my face very affectionately. She has never done that before. I was so moved that I stopped my moaning she must have relaxed me because the cramps became less intense. When I stopped, she crawled back down to her place on the couch. I really believe pets serve us in the most wonderful way and dont ask for much in return. A. Thank you for your account of how your cat was able to help you relax and relieve your physical pain. Animals can connect with us emotionally and, at times, really do help us heal in body, mind and spirit. Your Angel is true to her name. Letters from other readers sharing similar experiences are welcome. Q. About four years ago, my husband and I adopted a then-2 yA -year-old Jack Russell terrierwhippet mix dog, Zero, from the Humane Society. He apparently had been abused and, initially, was extremely fearful of my husband. By now, he is quite obedient (he comes when called, obeys sit and down) in the house, but if he gets away from the leash outside he gets very ag- The Capital Times East Alpine Rdv Cascade RcL, Shasta Dr. Route MAD 7350 Appro ProfiVmo- S180 dins Hoist at 252-5383 Hintz Rd Troy Dr Woodward Dr. Route MAD 7352 Approx ProfiVmo- $280 Gins Horslmeter at 252-6383 CziEcnGKia Wisconsin State Journal Stu Armstrong at 252-6375 Slu Armstrong at 252-6375 Ken Jones at 206-0891 Belleville Route. Substitutes Appro IWmo-wnes Marshall Route-MAR 8041 Appro Ptofitma $425 Marshall Route- MAR 802L Appro IWmo-$225 Verona Route-VER 809 Appro IWmo-$385 Greg Hurley at 252-6394 GaiyQuammeat 252-6384 Gaiytoammeat 252-6384 Waunakee Route Substitutes Appro IWmo vanes The Capital Times Stoughton Route ST0 709 Appro ProfiV'mo- SI 90 252.NEWS or 800.362.8333 Ext. 6397 U2 Bradley Center Milwaukee day Bloody Sunday, and with smaller but no less dramatic moments, such as the affecting The First Time performed by just Bono on vocals and The Edge on acoustic guitar. The stage set was much like the one on the last tour, with a giant oval walkway that curved out into the middle of the arena for Bono to prance around. The walkway isolated several hundred wildly enthusiastic fans inside the oval, so it looked as if someone had carved out an Dr. Michael Fox Animal talk gressive, tries to protect us and, in the process, has bitten several people. Outside, he is also not approachable and runs away when we try to catch him. Needless to say, his behavior has caused us a lot of trouble so far. I have tried training him with a trainer who specializes in behavior problems in dogs, but it really didnt help much at all. He is very good with our old cat and also loves to have our grandchildren (ages 1 and 6) around. Do you have any suggestions? A. Since your dog has had a history of abuse, he is most likely expressing defensive, fear-based aggression toward strangers. Smce one behavior therapisttrainer was not able to modify your dogs conduct, I suggest you try another animal behavior expert that your veterinarian or local animal shelter might recommend. If that fails, then have your veterinarian put your dog on a trial prescription of one of several psychotropic medications that help reduce fear and anxiety or elevate the dogs mood, such as Valium, Xanax or Prozac. If this approach fails or is not acceptable to you, your dog should wear a muzzle at all times when outdoors, except in hot weather when he is very active. Dr. Michael Fox's animal advice column is syndicated nationally. Gwdwickblleyot 252-6457 Julie Wolfgrom at 252-6246 JuTie Wolfgram crt 252-6246 GaiyQuammeat 252-6384 ChodwiAUey at 252-6457 Jay Pedroane at 252-6392 egg-shaped hole inside the arena and put a rock club inside. But while shows on the last tour opened modestly, with the band members just hopping up on stage with the house lights still up, U2 went for full sensory overload this time. As the band lit into the upbeat City of Blinding Lights, giant beaded curtains flashed colors all around, confetti rained from the ceiling, and lights raced around the oval track. The gritty Vertigo and the thunderous Elevation, both anchored by monster guitar hooks from The Edge, followed, indicating that the band was taking a shock and awe Artists in Northwest go green down on the farm By Shannon Dininny Associated Press OTHELLO, Wash. For 37 years, Pirie and Jane Grant have grown everything from hay and wheat to beans and potatoes on their central Washington farm. Theyve tilled the soil, rotated crops and nurtured their slice of the sprawling area farm and ranch lands so much so that agricultural groups have recognized the Grants for their sustainable land practices. The art community is now recognizing the Grants and other farmers too. Through a partnership between the American Farmland Trust and the Maiyhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Wash., artists from across the Pacific Northwest are visiting farms in the region to document conservation efforts by farmers. Some are using photographs, while others are painting landscapes. Michelle Arab, a landscape architect and the artist assigned to the Grant farm, is building a sculpture she hopes will represent the wildlife habitat the family has fostered for decades. You really do get the sense that they care about this place and wildlife, Arab said, taking a break from gathering bulrushes from a wetland for her artwork. I only hope I can do justice to this place. A nearly $45,000 grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Libraiy Services made the artist-farmer exchange possible. Under the program, 12 artists from Washington, Idaho and Oregon each visited farms in their home states. Their assignment: Use art to showcase sustainable land practices, conservation efforts and environmentally friendly farm practices. If people can see an artists rendition of how a farmer has dealt with erosion of soil, or TiH ETAlTt R 1 1 S. A 1 S. A AS. 9 OQ Junebug R 1 30 4 30 7 OO 9 1 5 Hildale Shopping Centeri23M206i 24-MIII (limi: IWI1 271-1414 III MSSIS approach to the set list. Dazzlingly fun, but a little too much, too soon, and it was when the band settled down a little that the show really began to find its groove. While the set list had the usual staples, including Where the Streets Have No Name and One, U2 is a band that knows how to balance the expected and unexpected, and there were a few surprises thrown in. One came early on, when the band played not one but two album tracks from its debut Boy album, a real treat for longtime fans. The other came when the band resurrected Miss Sarajevo, a beautiful duet with Luciano Michelle Arab, a landscape architect and artist from Seattle, gathers tules for a sculpture at Grant farm in Othello, Wash. Artists from across the Pacific Northwest are visiting farms in the region to document conservation efforts by farmers. how he has preserved wildlife habitat on the farm, maybe the fact that its a little different will make that message stick," said Don Stuart, Northwest field director for American Farmland Trust, an agricultural advocacy group. The artists appreciate the opportunity to explore new territory, said Lee Musgrave, curator of contemporary exhibits at the Maryhill Museum of Art. There arent a lot of exhibits that deal with the issues these farmers deal with, or in an artistic way," Musgrave said. I IW1TOOT3 WiinamHtliMti WESTGATE ARl WJ"!!1 ThsBsBtaHM13) 4JC,?v0,9J0 415 7 IS 9-30 4 30 6 48.9-15 415 T-00 nt Arstocrats iNR) Grizzly Man R) Clnwef IPl ULTRASGMWm Right Plan (PG13) 12 50,3 00 610 7 20 9 40 Right Plan (PG13y lord Of War IR) Corpse Bnde (PG) Corpse 8nde IPG) Rotl Bounce (PG13IY Just like Heaven (PG13) Just Like Heaven (PG13) An Unfinished Life (PG13) Cry Wo IPG13I Exorcism Of Emily Rose (PG13) Transporter2(PG13l Brothers Gnmm (PG13) Constant Gardener (RI 40 Year 0k) Virgin (R) Red Eye IPG13) A eddra Crashers (RJ 12 10 2 20 12 10 230 12-10 2-00 3 50 1-00 2 50 1220 2 0 12 10 220 12 50 3 00 1220 230 12 40 2 50 12.20 240 1230,240 430 640 500 730 950 5 40 7 30 9 30 4 40 6 30 6 30 500 7 20 9 40 430 650 900 510 730 940 440 700 920 4 50 7 00 9 30 5-00 720 950 450 7 10 920 12 30 9 10 4-00 6 50 9 30 4 20 7 00 9 30 3-10 510 710 0 fASTGATtJflS Bon Bounce iKjl3) t Corpse Bnde (PG) Corpse Bnde IPG) Right Plan (PG13X Right Plan lPG13)i Lord Of War (R) Just Like Heaven IPG13) Just Like Heaven (PG13) Venom (R Cry WoH (PG13I Exorcism Of Emily Rose (PG13) The Man (PG13) Constant Gardener (R) Transporter 2 (PG 13) 40 Year-Ofd Virgin (RI March Of The Penguins (G) Charlie & Choc. (PG) Wed(ftnq Crashers iRi 1230 245 500 7 15 930 12 45 2-45 500 730 9-45 12-15 2-15 4 30 7-00 9U0 1245 300 5.15 7 30 945 12 15 2 30 4 45 7-00 9-15 1 30 415 7 00 9 30 12 45 3 00 5-15 7 30 9 45 12 15,2 30,4 45,7-00 9-15 900 1230 2-30 4-45 6-45 9-00 130 4-00 6.45 9-30 9-0C 1 15 4-00 6 45 9 30 12 45,3-00 515 7 30 9 45 1 00 4 15 645 915 12 15,215 430 715 115 3:45 630 100 415 M5 frU -amasticrouf iPG)3) 6d0 Batman Begins (PG13) 430,700 $100 Madagascar iPG) 4 30 Afimi.ion island (PG13) 4 20 7 00 Adm,Mkn Devito Retecti (R) 4 40 7 20 Tuesdays Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo (Ri 5 20, 7 10 k Marcus Theatres Cetebring 7C tears Of Setwa1 Every Tuesday thru Nov Ito, $1 00 popcorn & 51 00 soft dm Pavarotti, and Bono stepped in for the opera star and did a phenomenal vocal performance that brought the house down. The band played a good chunk off of the most recent album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, and songs one might overlook on the album became riveting live. That was the case with Love or Peace or Else, a fierce anthem that was one of the highlights of the night, with drummer Larry Mullen bashing away at a single drum on the walkway. Twenty-nine years ago, on this day, this group met for the first time, Bono told the audience. And were just getting started. ASSOCIATED PRESS see that as a real opportunity for this exhibit." In the process, normally tightlipped farmers have found themselves sharing their views on everything from pesticide use to God. The two sides cant help finding common ground, said Jane Grant, a farmers wife who paints in her spare time. I think art and farming go together. They should go together its management of the landscape, she said. The exhibit opens at the Maryhill Museum of Art in March. On the Net Maryhill Museum of Art: www maryhillmuseum org American Farmland Trust, www farmland org WEEKDAY ' pvil GUIDE r vnmribog ttffmrv'amsaii KSERMROMS ACCEPTED FLIGHT PLAN (PG 13) MARCH OF THE PENGUINS (G) JUST LIKE HEAVEN (PG 13) VALIANT (G), BROTHER 8 GRIMM (PG 131 (G ) General Admteaon Film contain no material most parents are Neely to cortoder objedtonabie even tor younger children. (PG) Parento Guidance Suggested Bating cautions parents they might coneder tome materiol imuHobte for children It urges parent to inquire about the torn before deciding on attendance (PG-13) Parents are shongty couponed to give toedal guidance tor children under 13 Some material may be inappropriate tor younger (P) Reetricted nm contains oduiMype material and those under 17 ore not admitted except In the company of a porent or guordlon Marcus Theatres AGT Enterprises EASTGATE CINEMAS STAR CINEMA 5202 High Crossing Btvd Seminole Hwy & Verona Rd 608242-2119 608270-1414 Marcus Theatres POINT CINEMAS UNIVER 7825 Big Sky Drive 62 University Square Mall 608833 3980 608251-3456 CHECK THEATO DfffCTORffS SPECIAL ENCASEMENTS OK CALL FOf SOUND iXFOWUnON HO PASSES OS WSCQUKf AMO SHOWTIME COUPONS ACCEPTED Unherslty Squore Theatres RSITY 4

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