The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1932
Page 5
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FEBRUARY 10, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS I'wo cents a word tor first to»'lion tnd one wot > word lor wcii iul«<iutnt lutrti* No idverUmuat Uken lor kw Uun Me, count tbe corda and K'lUl Ul6 Phone 306 •» FOR SALE 1'Olt SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom liatchiug solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlievllle IDctl CRYSTAL Razor, blades, lionra and slrajis :it same time. Guaranteed to please. Demonstration al Joe's ['lay House. Pool Ream. 9P-K.11 FOll SALfc' — Electric KIOTO, bargain price. Selling on aeajimt of leaving town. Address K, Courier News. 10P-K14 k'OR RENT HOOM i: BOARD—$5.00 per week. 112 East Climy Street. Phono C(H. 4P-K11 FOR RENT— Otic of Shane .ip.-irt- mems on West Main. Furnislica or unfurnished. Telephone 1U7 or 571. 3C-K11 FOB RENT—<W5 G'hickasawba~St., Five Rooms and Bath. Api>ly at lj c New York Store. 150-Klf FOR RENT—Severn! hundred acres of land to lease in small tracts to reliable parties with their own equipment, for crop rent. All land in high state o[ cultivation, well drained and good Iiouses. McFcri'an Farms, Route 2, Box IB, psccola, Ark. 8C-K15 FOR RENT — 5 room furnished . house. $27.50 per month to reliable party. Mrs. Sisk, Phone 012. OC-K12 WANTED WANTED—Washings. Mrs. Mary Klmball. S05 Lilly street. Call Bed Cross. K-TP WANTED -Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, IOC First Street. We pay market prices. J E Usher Sett WANTED—Reputable concern has opening for young man over '22. Responsible salaried position to man qualifying, sales or office experience helpful. Must have Al references. Piicne for appointment, Mr. Lyford, Hotel Noble, Wednesday riiglit or Thursday. 10C-K11 BLYTHKVn,LE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 111:111-: TODAY M»Hllf»l KLI.KM MGSMTCU. 1 MlMjflrl I* H»rcl«,'« DrMrlor.I Bl«», llvt. ttllh fc, c nlrar.L.t •"Ik", NOI.I.V ItOSSITKH. Vr rlinaMti-. NVM.I. nmt kri rovnx »rnlk,,, MIKI!. Tk« 1np R|T|. »N»rt IU, l*mn,. Hollj txlUk- lr •»»<• jnuiirr Mif4 <• nr ike rrn«. (.Urn drrliri to w«rk >t lll ike »» It kunlr»ci mutt mair up. fkr *i'«r rvr.l.c d . STKVKX ll.tnci.AT. a ... .1 6T ..I K||c.'« c«,,l.jcr, «•<.. ike K'rl rrylnjr n.d dlM>i>Trr» <kr «ll- uallr™. ur offer. «, K lve i;||fn n lirii liut nhr, rrtu»r». ll<- llir. loun, IUT . drr» from «tnrfc. l:tli-« dl.r» ttlfk llnrrhiy ..d »e drlvo krr In Urr.imlimil wkrre »* Iraicn l, r . f:tlc» f» kalf- Vlrair*. k>lr-frlRk<»rd l>r kcr wrHllkr rxiplujrr'i obrtan. In. Irr,.,i l n krr. It.t «k« Jnrrrl. »lm rntlrr))- «rkr» .1 llrruniln.i .kr men* kn.daemr y o « n it I.AIUIV Jl.tHUUWUAVK. <m nr(- I«1. ukcic probiiccl., lu kl. OWM pltrnir, «rc , ynrlly •n(k!i>K. Sfce rncvrl/ ttrrcpu ],nrr>~'« l.vll.lfOB to Ira Ikp fullunl.c daf. XOXV CO ax WITH THE ST011Y LOST AND FOUND STOLEN — Black two-door Ford coach, 1930 model, dent in left back corner of body, license Arkansas 76326—Motor No. 3510187. .510 reward. Jake Huffman. Phone 3-15. 9P-K12 16, 1931 Treasury Department, onice or the Comotroller ol the Currency. Notice is ncreby given to all persons -who may havo claims against "The First National Bank of Blytheville, Arkansas," that the same must be presented to. R. I/. Bradley, Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, within three months Irom this date or they may be ui&UIowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 1I-16C-K2-1S-32 Dr. J. A. Saliba Ryu, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & First St. We Can &iv e You Money On PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'AK'J S 2020 W. Main Phone CC vn had never Ueforo realized how many steps tlicro wcro in tbo flvo Ions IllflUs tliat led to own lioiuc. She- was really very tired Ijtit slic cllintacl (logKCJly for ward, determined not to stop. Tlio liall was liot and Bluffy, pilcrl up at the landings with rubbish awaiting tho janitor's disposition. The house was asleep. Through thin walls she could hear tho lieavy sound of brcatlilue and even Die restless stirrings of tho sleepers. At tho second Koor slio Identified a terrify- IIIK buzzing sound as Papa Clancy's Eiiore. She chuckled and pushed on. Halfway between tlie/fourth floor and tlie fifth alio was unpleasantlj surprised to ECO light Eliinlng from beneath the Jiving room door 0: nor own apartment. Oil, dear, some cue was still awake! All the way homo on tho ' subway Kbo had planned to hop straight into bed and drift off to Bleep on the tide of her own glamorous imagiuiuss. Slic did not want to share those imaginings or to discuss her experiences of the uny. Now there was no help for it. Witli a resigned sich site unlocked the door and stepped into tlio Hossi- tor living room. Molly Ilosaiter, briflit-eycd and wide-awake, sat at a battered maliORauy table playing solitaire. Molly's solitaire was tbe joke ot tlio family. Whenever was licateu it was her habit to re- arraugo tho cards and to proceed T.'IDi (lie iilny. B)'«l]il]ifnlly ailhcr- ing to that system, she never failed to run out all her cards. -"I've just beaten old Sol," she announced innocently as Ellen en tered, Then she sprang up and ran to greet her daughter. "Sit down, darling," she urged. "You look tired to death. Do you want coffee? Shall I rislt it or will you make it yourself? Did yon Jjnve a Good time? Tell me everything." "llcip, l.-clp," pleaded Ellen faintly. as she sank into a chnir ami pushed her hat back oft her damp forehead. "You'll have to sivc mo a chance. I'm winded. Don't bother about coffee. I'm going straight to bed." S/ie wrenched the card free and lore open (lie. envelope. t 1 LLE;< •*-' want ".Not hcfnrc yon tell mo all ahout I it. tiro you 1 ;" Molly willed in child isli disappointment. s K. C. T-I!ont Steaks I'liitc Lunch, all you can cut - - 35c UI.ACK CAT COITKK SHOI'l'K WERT HeMakes'EmSee {OfTicc Over Joe Isaacs Store) IJ E T T E K IJ 0 D Y R K 1' AIRS Expert Work, AH Makes. Fenders, Dcors. Hcxxls. Tops,. Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. Plione 810 Ulj'lheriilc. Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, "You should have gone to bed, honey," Kllen told lier, as her loin- 1 porary annoyance faded. "But since you dlilu'l, what do you want to know especially';" "I couldn't Imvo slept a while," Molly protested earnestly, clasping Iicr hands about lier tnro knee?. "1 vas too anxious to hear atiout everything—about tlie dress pnrtlcu- arly. Did you look beautiful? Where Is It?" "It's at Dreamland. I guess I iookpil n!) right," Kllen tackled tlio questions In reverse order. "01), Kllen don't be so provoking! You aren't 'telling me anything! Yon only Bold over tl:o plionc that Mr. liarclay hud lent it to you. What was lie like? Was'he nice?" • • * LLEN understood 'lint Molly anted to know whether or not Barclay liad been jersoiial. Her ;r was trembling with eager ness to Eliaro Barclay's every intonation, lils «very facial expression. What had ho done? What had lie saiil? How.line] ho looked? Sim wanted lo know not only wlmt Kllen had thought Imt even wliat Ellen thought liarclay had thought. In short the was prepared £ov a sentimental orgy. could not help heing mildly Irritated when her mother was in such a mood. "Ifo was rather nice," she 'nii- Ewered listlessly. "He's njiito old, you knoK— not likely to lia ciilhiisi- nstic. llut extremely kind." 'Then you saw liim only In his office?" "ffe drove me to Dreamland," Ellen conceded reluctantly, "Ellen, that's simply marvelous!' 1 Molly oxcliilmecl ecstatically. "I w;is sure this morning tliat something was going to happen. I told you. Don't you remember?" "Oh, stop It!" Kllen wanted lo say. llut slio 'managed tongue. Molly, lost speculations, daughter's discomfort. Nor did Ellcn'a patient and not flulte truth.- fill assurances tliat Itarclny had said not one word to Indicate any- tiling except a friendly interest, din- lodge. Molly from her llrmly In- treaclicd iiullon that lio had fallen in lovo wfili Ellen upon llrst sight ot iier. Ellcu forgot Iiow Important the. meeting with Barclay had seemed before that otlier meeting at Dream'-' laud. S!io forgot Hint thero had been nothing imllld about Steven Barclay's imago in her mliul until she bad looked Into Lurry Harrow- gate's shilling, admiring eyes. Not until Barclay nud tho drive through the park had ucen uretty thoroughly gone into was she allowed lo cscapo to ueil. One thing Molly's tireless cross-examination had fnllcrt to elicit—tlio ctory of tho meeting witU l*rry Harrow- gnto. l?r,LEX woke In the morning to •^ hear Rubdued giggles. Somc- lliing furry brushed across her nose ami slio opened lier eyes- quickly. Mike's kitten, Uiuz, scampered to tho edge of (bo bed nud hopped to tho floor. Miko himself, coated cross-legged at tbe foot ot tho Ucd and wearing « suit ot shrunken pajamas, was resiwnsible for llio giggles. As the girl stretched her arms over her head slio felt that tbe world was verr fair. She'laughed iBhttul ixBSlbllttleij, Blio .. forwnr.1, initial Mlko into her HI nu nud tousled lib luiir until lio le-ileil wltli ilollulil. M. W," gasped Mllie, ntler n few iiibnik'3 of uproarious it!!', "I forgot lo tell ynu _ ,ilu oainc for you. Tliut'a wby 1 wua to ivaku you mi." "What came?" "A groat big long box with lots Of BKOII rllllxHID." t'Uiwcrs! Prmn r.irrj-7 Kllon wiui out at bod In ft flush mill Into Iho ruinii. Myra :uul Molly worn holli m Hie tuLlo examining n almii " irlst IMX. "It's from McClclland's!" .Mym called out csclledly. "Mother nud I lhuiii;ln j-oii'il never «et un. l)lil Alike iv :1 |;o you?" i lillou's llui^i-d Irembled wlili tlio novel ik-llglil of lesiTlui! nwuy green rllilwiiM and massed Inyew At nullny 1'aiifi 1 . llosiw, wet nml ilurkly ral— <luzi>i!!i ot llicm! "ll»w niBiiy nro tliero?" .Molly In- coh.-reiilly dem.iuded. "Millions, It looks llko. I cnn'l count tliciu. Oli, llio lieaulh-sl" Klio wrenched llio curd freo mid tow Ojien (| 1Q cuvulono. Tlw Ink b:>d blurred with diiminieaa but t»i» wrlllni; w.ts iicvfeclly (llstln,;il',Bh- al)!e. Tho writing was nol Lurry't, *'To (ho success of your now vca- luro. s. 1!." read tho message. fallen was reudy to cry In her dlfr iplioliiimetit. Slio liad been oo re! Myru nnd Molly wcro far loo 1'k'iiscil anil llultercd to notlco uuy- :inils3. 1'lowon unit Ixnmx In (ho lldsflter household wero raro ;li tu eaiiao :iny nniotttit of ex- cltcmtiit. "I (ul<l you, I told you," Molly was insisting. "Tlicy'ro from Mr. Uarclny, aren't they?" "Ves," said lilleu. ; • • * 'PHI; girl read the messn'gn a nec- oiul llDio in nil eft'oil lo i-ec.'iii- turo siuie ot her original delight at receiving sucli a Hntamlld jjlft nml fnllcd. Tlio card llullered from her ra. Molly nounccd unon it. To- gelbor she nud Myru rend Iho aliort noto mid cxclaluicd nnd Epccul.-Ucd and iiibliatcd nulto enough to makeup for any lack in Kllcu. An umbrella stand was rushed Into service. It wns tho only vessel in llio liouso deep enough for tha joyously her young brother and ns she lanjjlicil all thauglit of sleep Tauishcd. The early morning air was sweet and cool, promlsini; a radiant day. Tliis was tho beginning of tlio day that was to mnrlt her first engagement with Lnrry IfarroivRatc. Her minil was busy ivUh deliglitfiil plannlii!;. What 'ivonld she wear? She conhl carry tlio pink afternoon dress, a Icgiicy from Aunt Myra, and change at noon when lior duties at tho store lung nlcmmcd beauties. Deploring tlio wastefulness Molly cut down tbo smooth green atoms of. hull a dozea buds umi arranged them nt the slmbby breakfast taMo. llut her eyes wcro all for the tall splendor of. tbo blooms In tho etnnd pulled close to Mien's chair. "They're four feet long it thcy'io an Inch," slio murmured happily, slipping Into her iilaco at tlio head of the lablc. "Mother, If yo;i eay flmt ngalu," Ellou-Eaid crossly, "I'll scream." "I'll join you In Hie screaming." Myra offered nnilulily. Dm Elio added with .1 curious loolt nt lier sister, "Aren't you pleased, houoy?" "Of. course I'm iilenseil," snapped Ellen. "Wlml nm I supnosca lo do —dance a jig?' 1 "Elleu'ii got a fellow! Ellen's got a fellow!" chanted Mike, ratrlilni; belatedly the excilcracul of his elders. "Bo still, Mike," said lils mother Absently. "Dim't tense your ulster." Slio and Myra exchanged a lung, significant look. Ellcu caught tlio lo.ik. It occurred to her a little forlornly that tlie only person in tbo Ilojsiter OUR BOARDING HOUSE WAY lite IAjCC*l8f3!UCV OF OUT" AT tti6M-i--TV(EK> ; wriitU I GAFF SIT -fo GcJe vcu -THE OR SrffM- KICK IF Mod "sTAPrT UP VOOR SAILS S AND IIEK BUDDIES A HUSH TU11M By Martii SECOND HANI) FURNITURE liOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-203 f. Main G. G. CAIiniU, IJEAI, ESTATE KKXTAI.S INSURANCE Farmers Bank BUI*. Phone 797 Meet Me At the New Rustic Imi CoiTce, Hot Pigs and Ciiili Kryptok Bifocals for near and distant viston—S-5.05 Have Your Eyes Examined HARRY WEISIUJRI) Slalc Ucgiblerecl Oplomclrist At the Good Luck Store More For the Building Dollar T ho Imvcsl uriccs in years arc here. Make 1932 y calv . C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Or would it Ijo better to ap- Itarclay'a generosity pear in tho same coatumo slio wo was tho recipient ofit. ND HIS FRIENDS HIDINR AI,ON(i! - ; ME ~K> 60 ^Jll» W.vv OMEpj To URIMSToMlsl "D /AA146 A CALL- YoO'D L\U£ To SO T3 CALL... ITS JUST OTHER SID£ OF 1 CO vsx) TOftsa yet) V.CUI.P //AWHS A -- . .. CALL? --fyj AMC> •""= "' DOCTOR SEE.'A To TAKEM QuiTg To EACW oTrJEiz...- ALL GkSHT, YOU GO'. THIS IS A MC£ O'-O WAH I'NV PSO!JDOKlc£D O.K. AKO is A8OOT ID 1 COOLO CMEEK UP So.'/fc >J.... LET ME 60 ALOlJS VJiTM CALL IT.... TWE AUTo VJILL ee Goof? H£-D Be. GtAP 1& See A Boy, HIHA osJ HIS M£ . CALL WASH TUHHS T11K IKON FIST! WT I IAY& VOtl ML OUT. LISHT5! LIGHTS!! RIP NeJER TO STOP. COME'N' GIT Mt! TURN ON U&UTS. GET A tKNM-OM, VOO w ue'S FEW ^5rV SHOTS MO CAEKMS- UTTER StltMCE IS •• KNOCKED OUT OF BUT V\Vi \ROM FIST \5 MWOS1 PiSTOV-S, KKJWES," B^TTUM(!^ U\f£S IN TOTW.

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