The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 18, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 80 Bly the rills Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Bljlhevllle Dally Newa, Mississippi Valloy Loader. BLYTHEV1LLR, ARKANSAS, TIIUKSDAT, JUNE 18, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO TEXAS PASTOR HANGED IN OWN CHURCH KEEP I.C.C. FREE Hoover PJaces Wreath On Tomb ..Of Harding Makers o{ American Rail! Rates Don' Ev'iertly with Complex Problems. KDITOK'S NOTE: In this stc- cnd article of a series of Cmir-about the Interstate Commerce (,'cmmis- «nn. Kodncv DuUhrr gives an estimate of the 11 memlirs who comprise the commission. Tuesday's article deal! willi (he tune-lions of thr I. C. C. This series is particu- larhr timely now that railroads are asking f ur n 15 r ler r( . n ( increase in frtlghl rates ny noDNEv IHITCIIER XEA Smire Writer . (Copyright. 1531. NEA Scvvicc.Inc.) ! WASHINGTON.—Handling cases involving billions of dollars, the Interstate Commerce Commission has gone through, its 44 years of existence without ever a hint of scandal touching one of its members.. Individual commissioners have limn accused of bad judgment or prejudice. Wall Street bankers have protested restrictions on railroad securities. Farmers have com- plaired that the railroads were granted rates too high. Railroads, naturally, have soetimes been dissatisfied. But no member has ever been charfvd with corruption or ulterior motives. Aside from integrity, mosl of the commissioners are liigli-trradc men ! of experience and ability. Trtcvl liavc to be in order to deal with the vastly complex nnd variegated cases whicli come before them. Both in mental caoacity and erudition in their field the 11 members tire comparable to those of the supreme court. lawyers Predominate LUtle of the criticism, consequently, that has Iwen hurled at such other regulatory bodies as tlv? power and tariff commissions has OFFICE DTIEU Cosilrovcrsy Over Control of Prnneiiv nt lakes New Turn. Slecle Dornier DO-X Reaches Bahia, Brazil Safely, HA11IA, Brni-.ll. June 18. IUP> — Tile nornlfr DO-X urrtveil here from Nnlnl ut 1:05 p.m. today utter a halt al Nacclo for refueling. NATAL,, June 18. (UP) — The DO-X, Blunt. trans-Atlallcflcr- mnu flying 1ml, departed today tor Rio de Janeiro. The great flying machine left the wnler here lit 6:31) on the flight southward (o the Brnzllhr capital. This picture shows President Hoover laying a wren Mi on the tombs of Former President and Mrs. Warren G. Harding at the dedication of the Harding memorial ai Marion. O. Former President Coolidge and other notables also attended. I Will Close Farm Bureau Charier Roll Tomorrow Arthur Schultz Latest Pub-i'siv The charter roll of the Chickasawba district unit of the American Farm Bureau Federation wilt be closed at a meeting scheduled lor •3 o'clock Friday afternoon at the lytheville city hall. At this mcet- !ir Fnemv tn Re fanc/hrl'" 6 bS'-'aws of ll) e organization will lit, L.iiemy 10 ue caugui ^ nd0| , !cd nntl plans fol . (uturc '1:7 EV.£J€l'cll TrflO. ! Activities discussed. NEW YORK, June 18. (UP)—; All members of the ..organization ! and all farmers interested in the fallrn thc way of thc I C. C. Hs Art - hur " Dutch " Schultz, reputed | decisions have generally teen re- - Blolix beer baron a " a °" s ol N " cw ' garfert as impartial. Although! Ycrk ' s so-called "public enemies"! some of its members are consider- »ga»>st whom the federal govern- j ed more 'liberal than others, decis-1 mcnt has stflrted a drire totl:i 5' ions in cases where the public in-: llolri under a SlbO.OW bail, tarest seemed to conflict with that! Schultz was arrested early today | of Ihe carriers have not caused iti lvil «> h e and eight of his hench- to be regarded as having a liberal: mm engaged in a brief fight wi!h I or conservative majority as in the ; tu '° detectives in front of an ex- ] case of the supreme court. You elusive Fifth avenue apartment can't ever tell just how the I. C. C. house. Sciuittz is one of the alleged is goiiif; to swing and often mem- • public enemies against whom a bcrs wiio seemed to be liberals last, terse detail of federal agents' is con- time will appear to be arch-con-' :!uei!i:^ a campaign ol evadirruion servatives the next. • similar to that being conducted Lawyers have 'predominated on against Caponc in Chicago, the commission in the past and a hair dozen lawyers are members now. A couple of them have been judges. Four have served on state regulatory commissions. Another .worked his way up through the ranks of railroad labor and the commission staff. The average com misqicner's age is about 56. The chairmanship rotates from year to year and is now held by -Ezra Brainerd. Jr.. who came out of Vermont and was admitted to thc bars of Michigan. Vermont and the Indian Territory now called! Oklahoma In the same year. He was an active lawyer and banker in Muskogce. Okla.. at Ihe time President Coolidee appointed him to tfo I. C. C. in 1927. Commissioner Charles D. Mahaffie. youngest of the lot al 47. was a Rhodes scholar and finished postgraduate wrok at Oxford in IMS. He taught jurisprudence at Princeton, practiced law in Portland. Ore., where he also served on the slate conservation commission, and : Furm Bureau are invited 10 attend. Little Rock Man Handed Over His Money Bui Resisted '.Or'dev to CAIUJTHERSVfM.E. Mo. Forrl- Wv ejected from (he office of llw SU'elc Comnrrra; Cflmpnnv Tncwdny tiy M. W. Helm, nrcililonl anil members of the Hoard of directors of (he ccnmrc.'is. C. C. Hanson. vice-president and manager lust season ol thn compress, said today that IM would Inke Immedliite action lo regain. • posse.ision of the office. The Compress company has been Involved- In litigation cxtendlnu over a period of ninny months with Helm 'and Hanson araved on op- IKisltc sides in the Tuesday afternoon Sheriff W. P Robertson served a writ of replevin en Hanson n't (he compress office at Slcele for records and otticc furniture of the company. Robertson was accompanied by "Mr. Telm and D. P. Randolph. Percv Cant- re'll. Wister Green nnd W. J. Peck. said to be .members of the, board of directors of the company. Sheriff uobcrtson admitted this mor- niiiB that Hanson was shoved from the office by Helm in his presence, but stated that no blows were exchanged and having discharged his duly In serving the writ he did not sec fit to interfere. Hanson claimed this morning that Helm violated an Injunction which has been In force for some time preventing him. from interfering with Hanson's operation of the compress. Mr. Helm could not be reached for a statement. Defeated in tlie lower courts tn a receiver action' brought by Helm, Hansop appealed" to the Springfield .hourt of /"Appeals and on June 10th -'vt<^--ro!rrfiWld'Kiat-thr' m-.- ' " ' LITTLE ROCK, Juno .18 (UP) — Gay Erwin. 28. was dead here lo; day from shot tun wound's inflicted Colton and Com Wei Ahead of Last Year Briuklcy Banker Reports MTTLE ROCK. June 18 IDE 1 )— Following close on Ihe heels of the weather bureau announcement here that Arkansas had no need to fear another drouth Ihls came reports of good early harvests today mid a bright outlook for late crops. Farmers throughout Ihe who wero aided by the Red Cross ami given seed earlier this have reported success with truck gardens. Frank Andrews, |g president of the Bank of Brin"*ley. said tho crop outlook in Hint section is the best in years, though rain is needed In the cx- tremo eastern |mrt of thfl sta'e. "Cotton In this r.ectlon is fvm nlno to fifteen diiys farllT than last year. Corn also shorn ad''anco over thn prcvlaii.s cri and acreage In thc -nln shows on Inr.-casc at from flft" to cnty-flve per e:nt. O"ti, usually. tiro scarc-j In this re-lion, Nctta Duchateau. 17, above, with flashing dark eyejs »nd long, dark are occupvln-" man" """! of . -'vt<^- ., tion ' was " Imp'fop'efly" Instituted. Hanson had been tn control of the compress for two montlis. however, having regained control when he appeal from the de- E , u«y iroin bnumm woinm'5 muicii'u (jerfccled an appeal Irom inc de- whcn. he resisted h robber on a dslon of the lower court, which | highway near here Inst night. His..established the temporary recciv- \ cornpanioii. Miss Pearl Weaver ofj ershlp. Missouri Examiner ; Lcnokc. told otficcrs the robber i ! was a negro. She said utter tak- ! ing their money he- .ordered them ; to disrobe and that Erwin protest] rrt nnd was shot. ! North Lillle Rock police investi- giiiiiiR tlie shooting said there Mail Plane Mistaken for Atlantic Flyer lake Charge of Inslilii-i"': e "° fmll ' er Developments to- T-l t ! ^"J " lion Today. 'Will Open 70 to BrasfieldiS - LONDON, June 18 IUPI— Momentary excitement was caused here today when the liner Olympic wirelessed she had sighted a plane toward England about 200 off of Land's End. II was Uf.BOURNE, Mo.. June 18 —The '5 LEIIER lion made to Stale Bank Examiner j ! C. M. Duncan who will lake charg: iof it today. | The clcsed institution wr.s head- led by O. B. Coates. president, and W. M. Greene, cashier. It had MO in loans. 420.000 capital '•. S77.861 in deposits, and S25.0M sur plus, according to statistics relcas- j ed at the time of Its closing. i According lo Examiner Duncan, | ble district engineer, said today. The highway is 05 i>er cent completed now. Bremen. It was due at Southamp- er cotton Innrt and the average yle.ld . shc;Ud be forty bushels an acre.-' Rain Mm fallen rverv week in the district since ulanllmr. Reports show an Increase of 125 per cent in the planlinir of foodstuffs, Wialt Minims, county aient raid. and according lo Miss Lucy Embrey. home agent, canning Is at Its peik. Al Warren thc first carload of tomatoes was shipped" yesterday by the Bradlev Countv Truck flrowcr's Association. Twenty carloads will be shipped by the latter part of nest week. Besides the to- matces the assoclallon has shipped 17 carloads of Irish potatoes. At B-'ld Knob. Ark.. George O'Neal. 05. who raised three acres of strawberries this year, said he farm from tlv> profits which amounted to $1400. In Ihe rice growln? districts of the state rains which have occurred this month gave a better out- thc opinion of judges who selected her as- "Miss Universe" al the OHveston, Tex., In- Factional Fip,ht in Coiigie- pation Blamed for Attempt Upon Preacher DALLAS, Juno- 18 (UP)-^n T I'rown, fiinnlv pasior or the Nnrlh J UriN.i.^ liuotlst church, was'kid- nnnucil shorllv nfler inldnlftht. lukcn to the church, and , linnged from a ceilhn; fail'. :As a new .rope which slreLchrd wns: used flrown's es reached Ihe flnor and he was allvn when found nt 4 a. in... Tlie hancintt followed o fnittlon- "l n?hl In Ihe church. ' Pollen lilamrd members of the rongrc(?a- lon fov the kidnaping. The Rev. Mr. Brown, a man of 30. was bad- v strangled by tho rope and was in l»d todav reco'vcrlnv. He was round by police who were notified by Mrs. Drown after her husband failed lo return at his regular' hour from tlw Adolphus Hole! whero lie suuplements his ministerial earnings ' by serving ns baggngc clerk. v Victim Tells Story RRV. Brown sn!d: - - .-• . , "Lust- hlght I look the bus for niv home t\s usual. When I pot off across tl>e stfett from the chiirch nnd started to-walk to my home-n lew hundred yards awav n man ran un. to me and said, 'If you run I'll shoot yoii dead.' Ho. had n pistol in his hand and a handkerchief over his face. He made me co with him to* UK clmrch building. When we were inside the man made me no upstairs into the main auditorium. There were three other men there. These men also had handkerchiefs tied over their'faces. It was yery.darfc ternatlonal beauty pageant Miss Duchatcau was BO ; happy she wept when she defeated Anne Lee PatteiEon, "Sunnyland" Will Give Local Service and Will Run On Slower Schedule. Withdrawal of two fast trains through Blythevillc by Ihe Frisco ton alxiut 5 New York. p, . . r T T P i niLuniiug LU r,.iuuiu:t.'r uunu-un, raiilliul Indicated : closing of the Bank of Lilbanrne in t $ "k | County Peace Officers Hear Attorney General Norwood In Letter to Physician Thought of Taking Life. Madrid county marks the first bank failure in the state of Missouri since May 11. Definite reasons for the closing Mississippi county members of ths' Sheriffs and Police Officers association, active and associate, gathered at B!g Lake Wednesday eve* lette lor celved from Starr Failhfull under the date of June 4. indicated she , "fully premediatcd suicide within 24 hours" of the date of its dis- of the Lllbourne bank could not b; I nln K ln numbers sufficient to ac. no-information being ! count for inc disappearance of little short of half a ton of barbecued pig and lamb, heard a brief address by Hal Norwood, attorney general of Arkansas, listened to and participated in a musical program ltd NEW YORK. June 18. (UP)—A ;..l,,™in«S ™ -7™ „:, i, • I :ter of Dr. James Carr. ship's do,- <^™' ™ e STdiS' r ,°A /.I™ "o C . a ,'lL el i.J'i, I f.,n",1,,iI;,.' ! «!. v on* <» e fac ' tl lal It had been, ordered closed by lhat body nnd its entire affairs placrd in Ihe hands of Ihe statc examiner. Frozen loans w, in a cvi™(oren- w . h | H , rVi • I"*' sma " » r ° f ' ts ° r «« Inslitutio,,. "V Harry Phlhvin. blind Memphis A.L a IL?.-?!". c :L _:.^ 1°! „'./; J", Pa'ch according to Cimard I me in- llowcvcr . wcre thongh , (o hilv> , bcen I war veteran, dispersed following one formation given Detective Inspsc-, ||Cavy COIltril) i ltovy factors ,„ , llc | of the moM enjoyable get-togethers terior Department nnd the Railroad Administration. He had been several vcars director of finance for the I. C. C. wh-^n anointed a member of the commission. Mcst often quoted by liberals and cessation of operation. tor Herbert n. King, of Nassau county today. Meantime Dr. Carr himself was „ . „, . on the steamer Laconia bound for! van. DlOKer Y «* clarity of frequent opinions much as a BrancWs and Holmes sinner Joseph B. Eastman, the son of a Presbyterian minister and a graduate of Amherst. now only 4!) years old although Wilson first appointed him to the I. C. C. in 1918. Eastman was tho moving force in the Public .Franchise League of Boston for many years, then coun- SP! for .street railway employes an finally a member of (tie Massachusetts Public Service Commission at New ~ n ri I " " = "- i •" i King, to go before the grand jury I ,,^(to aid authorities in their effort at clearing thc mystery of her death. Carr, long in thc British line service, helped Starr tremendously in some of her darker moments, ths family has revealed, and they said to Eleemosynary Board P<*"«I ' * " CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Car! in thc organization's history. What was probably the stellar role In Ihe affair was played by Sol Lilt'.? of Promised Land, who pit. Thc meat had been over a slow fire for nearly 24 hours when the festivities commenced and met with the evl- P- M. with mall from look '-° "> e crop and lowered nurnpin^ costs which were mounting every day of the dry spell. Estimates place thc rice acreage at about the same as lhat of last year. i Shipping of potatoes In thc Fort Smith district reached its peak: this week, railroad officials said. Also the midland valley section shipped ils first carload this week. Ill Hempstead county predictions were that 500 carloads of watermelons and from 300 to 400 carloads of cantaloupes would be shipped this season. Harvest of Iho crop Is expected to start about July 5ft. , she was stunned and hurt when he served on this board for a nnmbjr sharply lold her May 29 h; did not , of six year terms previous to this want her coming to his cabin 0:11 re-appointment. Mr. Bloker is con- _ T,. . f ., . -I u !_ LUIIIIEILIIIXU illlU lUll \S1MJ 1IU: Cll- 5JSS5°b- o^r£Sd rt o <-«' «"£F%£ M thc State Eleemosynary Board for ^^.f.f ..^wto**p"t R a term of six years. Mr. Bloker has l^ 1 ^, "".Llf'J^^"^^^: *i thc Pranconla. At that time thejnected the Pemlfcot County girl advised him. according to the I Abstract and Investment company F.illhfitlls, he would never sec her again, but Ihe Paithfulls say .... time of his appointment lo was nof n suicide threat. the commission. Eastman has Inspector King announced today sometimes been attacked by rall-[ nc »«d information that Starr was road organs as an advocate oti' 11 lllt! ladies waiting room of the public ownership. He is on record: I Grand Central terminal a tMan- "As a policy for future applica- lj;:ltta ii as late as 2:30 p.m. Friday tiou to new enterprises the argu- 1 afternoon, June 5, thc day she dls- mrnls in favor of public owner- 1 appeared from her home. ship seem to me not only ucrsua-| - sive but convincing. But the pol- 1 icy of public ownership and opera- lion must await incnl." gradual develop- _ Mrs. Allie Sisk Is having her fcomo !o'n Kentucky avenue remodeled assurance that -the govemment, at Washingloii ir, examining the pos- (Cciilhnifd on Page Three) Ibolh In the outside and "interior, sibillly of revising Ihe Young pbu Frank McMnnamy ollcn votes : wllh a number of changes marie of Caruthersvlllc and was president of Ihe First National Bank. ! L. McKnlght, Blythevillc justice of the peace, was in general charge of the gathering, and Clarence Wilson and Harry Taylor arranged for the food and refreshments. While thc barbecue was being served Pickles Cullison and his orchestra played, and later Cullison and some of Ills musicians accompanied Philwln in his songs. The latter was Introduced by C. J. Little, who toM of the Memphis man's war service, in which he lost his sight. Among thc visitors from out of the county, In Addition to the nt- Hender- statc railroad , commission, and Wils Davis, former The slate department reported; local atlornoy, now of Memphis. Passive Attitude of Hoover Nettles Germany BERLIN, June 18 (UP)—A high official in thc government today said Germany considers Ihe Hoover administration's attitude toward thejtorney general", were "clay German financial crisis "danger- son; member of thc statc ously passive". zeal hi thc enforcement of the law. A good officer, he said, respects the rights of citizens and Is slow to use his firearms. "Thc killing the other day of two Mexican college students over in Oklahoma by reduce and Incompetent officers will do Oklahoma more harm them all tiie bootleggers could do it In a year." he declared, saying that officers should carry firearms only when actually on duly and should never display them unnecessarily. Tlie attorney general also had a word concerning small town zeal In the enforcement of traffic ordinances. "Whenever you fee a sign in a lown that says. Drive Slow and See Our Town. Drive Fast and See Our Jail, you have notice you have reached a hick lown and that at least one smnrt aleck resides there." he said. "H does n cltv no good lo emblazon across the highway the word 'Welcome' if tli« visitors find crouched behind the posls support- Ing the sign a pHty officer ready and anxious to arrest for the most trivial vlolalion of the traffic ordinance." Whatever condition* may be else, crime in Arkansas is on Ihe Catholics Threaten to Suspend Church Services MEXICO CITY, \fex.. June 18. (UP)— A threat to suspend worship In Catholic churches throughout trains will become effective Sunday. Although tlie name "The Sunnyland" will be retained, thc train that has hitherto carried It will be discontinued. Tlie new "Sunnyland" will operate on a slower schedule than the old one, and will be consolidated with Iralns 801 nnd 802, which hitherto have handled local passenger business between Memphis and St. Louis. Starting Sunday "The Snnnyland" will leave St. Louis at 8:40 a. m. Instead of 4 p.m., and will arrive at Memphis at G:IO p.m. Instead of 11:20 p.m. Its exact lime at Blythe- vllle has not bcen announced b'.it It is expected that It will leave here about 4 o'clock or shortly alter. Northbound "Tlie Sunnyland" will leave Memphis at 8 a.m., as in the past, but will arrive at St. Louis at 5:55 p.m. instead of 3:30 p.m. The {southbound afternoon local and the northbound morning locni will b= consolidated with Ihe new "Sunny- lond." The time schedule of the fast early morning trains will not be changed. the statc of Vera Cruz i against thc so-called "priest was indicated today. on the Frisco's Mcm- M ,,— -.. lino arc part of an D '" j extensive rearrangement and cur- 'lallmenl of schedules over the en- in the church and i'.coilldn't sec them distinctly. Two of tham- grabbed me and stripped off all my. clothes. The four nieii' didn't lalk, One produced "a" new rope. They, then loop>d the ~ rope around by > neck and carried me to the pulpit -^ From there they tossed tho .rope, over the ceiling fan and tied me' there." Threatened In tetters After hoisting Brown two feet in thc air another captor brought i chair oiiu placed it underneath Brown, just under his toes. Brown struggled to reach It but could not, he said, and the kidnapers chuckled and departed. Slowly chokin? In thc darkness Brown tried to reach thj chair again a few-minutes later and was surprised to find that the rope had stretched so that his toes touched the chair. -Thc Rev. Brown ' yesterday/, re- • ccived a letter written in pencil on . \vrapplng paper. It said, ''would .; you kill your best friend to'remain ;< pastor al Nortli Dallas? Tills is , • our way of torturing your heart. Wa could cut your heart out and . drink your blood and love It."" He said he had received other . letters, all by mall. Claude Cooper Presides ' in Local Police Court Police court attendant. 1 ) greeted-a new jurist Ihls morning ;when Cloudc F. Cooper, local .attorney, mounted thc bench in the absence- of Judge W. D. Graveltc. who Is spending Ills vacation at .Hardy, Ark. Judge Cooper met«d out $15 fines to two youths, who entered pleas of guilty to charges of iKtit larceny. They admitted taking two bicycles from a parking space in the uptown district. Thc boys who said they were from California, gave their names as Henry Carey and Walley Wagner. A forfeiture was ordered on the fr.iled to answer a clmrge of p»b- lic drunkenness. tire system, instituted because of declining revenues, and on the art* vice of t'.ie Interstate commerce Church authorities inllmalcd if efforts lo nullify the Vera Cruz law limiting the number of priests to one to every 100.000 inhabitants !coniiiiiwlon7 whidi'iins'suiigcstcd'to failed in court worship might be j railroads that they eliminate trains suspended as a protest. [that have not been paying their i way. Nazarene Revival Ruth Nichols Flight Is Again Postponed Memphian to Conduct The Chufch of the Nazarene will begin an evangelistic meeting tonight with Ihe Hsv. J. R. Smith, of Memphis, In charge of the nightly **"£4*:. urmie in miu'i'o."' ^ v" ""- ' • " - decrease. HJr. Norwood declared, services. He will be assisted by the saying that it was to the credit of "«v- A. T. McAnally. local pastor, the state's police officers and courts. ~~~ lhat Ihe laws generally were well|NcjfrO Held ior Highway emorced. Apparent increase in y.,,. ,. . .. , n i crime, he said, Is atrlbutable to the Rilling Near Little KOCK The peace officers were told by Attorney General Norsvood that Attorney General Korn-ood that i decidedly on tin there Is stirli a thing as loo much I slate, he said, wider publicity which criminal nc-1 ttvlties now receive, and to the fact' that the prohibition and other laws have made crimes of acts that formerly were perfectly icpal. Murder and other crimes of violence nre the decrease in Ihe NEW YORK, June 18 (UP)—A lost minute discovery of a defect In the landing gear of her monoplane In which sl-.e will attempt a solo crossing of the Atlantic to- Jay caused Ruth Nichols to postpone the start of her flight until tomorrow. Income and Foreign Debt • Payments Reduce Deficit WASHINGTON. June IS (UP)— The treasury defllcit was reduced | considerably tcday by second In- istallment income tax payments and payments by foreign nations of their world war debts, the tre2s.ury statement revealed. The deflicit as of June 16 was 81,017,241,877, ,1 drop of $32,000,000 from the previous day's figures. • Iowa Bank Robbed LITTLE ROCK, June 18 (UP)— Otorge Roseman. S8, n"-ro, was lodtod tn the North Lltlle Rot'.t | PRAIRIE CITY, Iowa, June 18 county Jail this nfl.-rnoon In con-1 (UP)—The First National bank nectton with tl"! slaving of Gnvjwas h?ld up and robbsd. of ap- Eni'ln, 2R. en a highway near her; i proximately $1.000 In cash today last night. by one man. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair tonight, increasing cloudiness Frklsy. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, jr., the maximum temperature here yesterday was 92 degrees and the minimum 72 degrees, cloudy. Today a year ago the. maximum temperature was 8G df grces and the minimum 61 jdegi rees, clear. •

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