The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1932
Page 5
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-Dl .TUESDAY. FEBRUARY a, 1032 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFY ADS cent* • word tor first insertion «nd one cent m wort (or nch mlDMqueut Inxeitkn No sdvtrtlwmtrit Uien tor few than 50c. Count the words tad HJlUl tlie f«J;ri Phone 306 i FOR SALE POH SALE—Baby chkks, all varieties Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn llatcliety, Blylhevllle IBctt i'OR KENT oQIfTIQ:- IIOOM 4: BOARD-*5.60 per wccfc. ir> East Cherry Slreet. Phone C02." 4p - K11 BKC1S 1IKHK TODAY B««»(l(«1 KI,Lf;\ HOSSlTKIt, • •alrulrl In llnrrln)'* l>rMrl»r»< »>•". II". »l lit krr BOIkrr, KOl.l.V IIOSBITUH, krr tlfer <!.- r -. V " V ""* ""•"• '•"•* »"<>". FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main. Furnished or unfurnished. Telephone 197 or 071. 3C-K11 FOR liKNT—605 Chicknsawba St., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply nt li e New York Store. IDC-Ktf FOR RENT—Furnished bedroom In slcnin heated home, Plione 1, Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. 3F-K10 FOR RENT— Furnished apartment. 108 Wobt Kentucky, C83. 3C-K10 FOR RENT—-Several hundred acres of land to lease in small tracts lo reliable parties with tlieir own equipment, for crop rent. All 'and In high state of cultivation, well drained and good houses. MeFerran Farms, Route 2, Box 18, Osccola, Ark. 8C-K15 FOU IlENT — 5 room furnished house. 127.50 per month to reliable party. Mrs. Sisk, Phone 672. 9C-K12 WANTED WANTED—Wubtngs. Mrs. Mtrj Klmball. 605 Lilly Btreet. Call Red Cross. K-TP WANTED—Ladies to demonstrate for nationally known organization. Foe particulars address P. O. Box 992. Give address and phon e number. 6P-K10 WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 10G First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher 8ctf frtMll} 1 , Molly (uullftkl^ •yriili mour> 131, J iu far Ike me. Kl- ''•"''• '"> Ktt * f«k >< • iniici Irarm ibal she MBIC k«vc an tit . >I»K <rr«. 3k? k«I >»e. DTK. VES BAHCI.AV. fctr r»»1i»<-r. Ji-r « dtr«,. K1J« primllj re. (aim l»l afrtrt tf k>rt>rf • lavrljr xklle frock. Ell** JtHci Milk Bnrcltjr mi • * 4rtv<» k«r to llrrniulnnd wk*Tti fcf Iravri «<-r. .TltM', nnnlkrr •« <kc lienrixn, k<-frlruj» mij nd- vl»c> IMIui. ICIIcn ha(r« Ike rhrMjiuc" of tkr dnnff hull, hair. I iHkinK a lU-ceBI tirkrt to dance Milk nil cuiurrj. fcUr *lap« a «»• ^>fc.i U..I-, IUT. J.ACOI1 SAI.O- MOX. n,e M uoa E »r, I. .Wo, lo •fKi'karjcr hrr «ritu • knnavome >uunff ruau a»k« tu kr lalrudNCri tu krr. He «a>, kl> name l> 1.AKHY SMITH. He x u,» lo b«r lltktw u»i wblle •«> iv.II. l.r klni, Kllrn fot R <-(» Iknt iikr anted l*rrniul,itij, f u r e c t H Uiirvlaj'* klndnr«s 'urscl* cvcrylkliiv cx- CCBI l.arrjr Srallk. • • . SOW CO ON Will! THC STOUT OIIAPTEH VI T AUUY liad boiiBlit a strlne of •*-' tickets, cadi mnikcil "uooJ for one Uauco." Thero \voro dozens, lie ilroimetl the ribbon of bright. Bfceu over Ellen's bare arm so lliat It curled almost to tlie floor. "That's for nil cvculng," lio told her. "Mo oue clso is to danco wltli you." "1 bellcvo you've mado n mistake," Ellen saiil, trying to temper tlm bubbling joyou^jness In licr voice. "1 tliink they sold you a railroad licket to California." ."II does look like tbat." Tony, gliding past, summed up the inciilent v,-ith approving, interested eyes. Tho 17-year-old plainly considered the older girl to be her prolego. "I knew you'd he lucky, Ellen," she called over her shoulder and "Now viiat did she mean?" Larry demanded. "Slio meant I \vas lucky to find such a Bood—customer," Ellon advised him demurely. "No. Il's the cuslouicr who's lucky." Their laughter r.iiiK out. larry swept Ellen info bis arms anil they LOST AND FOUND STOLEN — Black two-door Ford coacli, 1930 model, dent in'left back corner of body, license Arkansas 76326—Motor No. 3546187. $10 reward. Jake Huffman. Phone 345. . 9P-K12 Novenrter 16, 1931 Treasury Department. Ofllce of the Corr.Dtoller ot the. Currency!' Notice Is Hereby given to all persons who may have claims against "The First National Dank of Blytherille, Ananias," that tM same must be presented to R. L. Bradley, Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, ^thln three months from this date or they miy be ills allowed, J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 11-16C—K2-16-32 Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & First St. We Can S.iv c You Money On PARTS For All Aulomobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'ARTS 2020 W. Main Phone CG Nice stcam-hcaltd rooms, Dl hot and cold water .... IP- 1 - Othcr rooms $1.25 and $1.50 GOFF HOTEL Home Cooked Meals $Z5 Monlh to heart. J.iaht frocks Wnrrcd against the darker clothes of the men: white, hare arms clutched at broad shoulders. There \vaa no sound except tlie muted whine of the orchestra and thcswtsli ot dancing feet, and, from outside, through tho^open windowsj, the subdued up- Toar of a never resting llrondway. Boys anil girls, In the artificial darkness, were snatching feverishly at a little moment of tawdry romance. lest it pass them by ; siiatcii- iiig at a moment of forgetfidncss of daily tasks wbilo the saxophones moaned. Ellen and Larry bumped Into a couple- who had slopped for a p.ia- sionato embrace. Ellen felt again that she would weep. She did not know luilo why. lint sho knew "What atouf fomorrou) ol lea P" Lorrji much depended tonight uiioa so alchlii's her face as he walled for Glio was not nflemlcil. l.nny drew .Mli of relief. "Yon'ro IwluB dnvn nloo [itiout It," :o paid. "Well, iinyhow 'my iitiino irry. I.arry llarrdwiialc, »KO ei'iiiKitlaii nrtlst ut soi'18, inos- "I'm lo dike Hint nn n wuriilng?" "1C you wmil to tr.ko It way." 'i'hcy both bushed ccslutloally. "No, Inil acrlonsly," lio iiri'senlly ix^iiined In n voice which ho tried ::n.l lo muke brisk mid fcnsllilu, "dM yon menu ivlmt yon n.iid— out llm Hour? Do you ri'iilly IISio hu^iihswrreil (hill- uliu ullll Inildilcd l mid IHII>;\IUT, "1 ''Ki'l litllnly," fully, ullhmi!;] »'Hh I'M-Homei lo." "TlK-ii (lint's tbal." bn oliiurvwl ii s;illafucllou, "We'lo HiroiiKh iiih nil tlio prelliotnnrlcH. Nosv \ve- an sclllo down and really Kel to inw eai'h other." Tin') 1 wcro InlciTiiplod by iillcr iletnuiidhiK tlnili 1 oi'dor. I airy contcsswl ta n vuvviioiia «|V •lilo and nut oven IClloii's winning ll'in IK,, fouil iui[;lit bo li:ul lu-e venicil him from tolei'llni; nlmust i-vn-ylliinn im llio lilll of l;irc. When tbu wallci- withdrew ho bo- K:III to rally her. "\Vli;<l'n wruuy wllh you?" bo In- nnlaii «olk-lloii3ly. "Aio you 11 vanary bird? 1 never mw a filrl Wforu wlio wouUlu't eal ou Iho siitililrst provocaliou." • "I ilhln't waul to orOrr any- Illiiiii;," Hllen iiuiifcased In yroivlnr; Hmtarrnssmciil, "Iwraiiso 1 ijet u IHMTciitRijo on wlmt yon pny." ' "You foolish woulihrt Ihlnk you \voro n profiteer even It you'd ordered ;i dliiincml necklace. I couhln'L havo p.ild for ill Inil lliun—you'll Imvo lo cat hnlC of mine." She (jcElui'ed toward were caught into (be emotion-laden They, had to danco through tlio atmosphere of tho roam. Boys and crowd aud to the outskirts'so that sirls were dancing closely In Hie he could read. Ills own gray eyes scnil-darkiiess, cheek to cheek, heart lighted when he read that hostesses when dancing wero limited iii conversation lo "yes" nnd "no." "Do you like mo a lot?" he inquired. promptly. Ellen feared that lie would dls corn the swift hammering ot her heart. Sho felt the color creeping into her face. "Co oh, tell me," lio urged. "Yes or no? Su bo thought Lo would tease her! "Yo3," Ellen responded, but vor> dubiously itideed. lie looked disconcerted and then ho added slieepisbly, "Well that on seems to have been on me. So you think I'm taking an unfair advan tage-?" "Yes!" The second "yes" was cninliatl that if Lnrry Smith attempted to I ami pointed. Their laughter rani embrace her in that furtlvo dark- out again. ncsa something shining and young and beautiful would ho gono forever. At tho same time she knew that if lie drew her close, close to him she could not resist. "I don't seem to care ranch for this." lie ventured at length, mi- eomfcriaUy. And then abruptly, wilh no preliminaries, • he asked, "What are you doing here?" • * • pl.LEN experienced a lightness •^ and buoyancy of spirit as tbongh «omctbinii tho feared bad "Well, what do you say," he sug gcsted, "it we leave the mute dan ing to those as likes it mute? want lo talk." They were at a table aud Inrcl sealed-before bo asked Ihe sccon time, "What are you doing here? "Earning my living." "Do you really mean that?" He w.ns plainly startled. She ha on the tip of her tongue- a tart r tort and she observed that be ^Ya studying her dress. She had lo gotten Steven Barclay until then— n'golten why sho wns nt Drenm- ml, forgotten cvcrylhlmj cscepl .al s!ic was 20 years old anil thai j to had become for her a thrilling nd rcno-hiicd miracle. ' "Certainly I moan it," she relied. There w.13 no reason why Rbc ionld explain to this young Irauger how it happened that she. "as able lo wear n Tarlg gown. It •as impossible for her to do so. ho bad a passlouato dcrfiro that c should know nothing of her re- poiislhllllles, of the caro and reltins trouble which bad sbnd- v.'cd lier yomVi, She wanted only o laiiRb and to forget everything Ise. To him she musl stand for ;ayety, for careless aud Irrespoa- iihlo fun. •He was not Steven Barclay. Hpw [3d sho know how quickly i;hc uigbt, by uuy has!- or misjudged .(tempi to precipitate him into her tfe, turn that eager look into Hie expression ot boredom that abo had ;cen before. Sho ;lid not amplify her baro statement. lie WHS cheeked. "Did you believe me," bo n.skcd atler a pause, "when t told the aanascr my namo was Smith?" "If you say It's Smith," Ellen ob served irrelevantly, "thcu It mus be Smith." TTK ER tone was clear, licr eyes OUT \vlicn Iho fond nrrlvcil, sand- \vlchc.-t! anil cnkca I'.ii'l a linwl f»C Ricamlng clmw'iiK-iii, [l<.£:ov;itcd wltti EHvcru ot chtclccn, nolthur vtmutil to cat. They v.'nutnl to ilanco nKiiln nnd UKiiln, to dnnco forever or until Ihoy dropped from cxliaunllon. l,tl:o cblldi'cu on tiollihiy they iikylnrkfd nbuut Ihu lluar. AB.iiu mid nguln they dlatov- crcd wllb plc^Hcd nnd excited cx- ion.s how well tlielr tied. Amnzliib, thrlllln:; to chaiiBO ilckly trtiin thu laugoroiH ^raco f tlio tani;y to the ro\vdy Ijroatli- res complications ot thu tmlniodcd harlesloii—amaztni! in dnnco \villi omcouo who moved almuat as you lOVCil. Tlio whole day hnd l»cn llio moat xcllhi); ot mien'!! life. She alnioal loncd It would never cud. Hut Iho mlluy, when U camo, wns swecl- sl ot all. • "Yon mnho a big dIUcrcuco lo no." I«in-y Eiuinmurlzrd It wllh •iiLiple fervor, ".Tiisl llndln^ you, Cllcn, I'.as mailo my smniucv lor lie." "I'm—I'm filnd you found me." "We'll BO places nnd BCO things, won't we—you aud I? We'll Imvo fun, wou'l we? Wbnt do you say, Ellen?" "Oh, grand," sho inurnuircil. Even In Ihc midst ot licr plccisuro aho wondered wliy ho did not Bay aiiylhini; raoro definite. Sho felt 11 littlo tivingo ot dlsm'ny nt Urn thought ho knew whero to find her. lucid and Innocent, 11 was the young man's turn to flush. "I'm afraid you won't under stand," lie began uncomfortable be fore that lucid gaze, "but anyhow must explain. My namo isu't Smith When I said it wns I hadn't decided — " "Whether or not you'd trust i» with tho secret," Kllcn supplic 1 smoothly. If ho never returned filio must rc- maiu silent. How did sho know liow many girla lie had laughed with Jusl as he bad laughed with her? "What abo'il lomorrow at tea?" ho waa asking eagerly. "You don't work Saturday afternoons, do you?" She drew u long, Jlutlcrlug brcalu. "I'd lovo 11." Sho was gone. ••/ ' (To Be Continued) >' 1 WERT HeMakes'EmSee (OfTico Over JOG Isaac.? Store) Round Table Volume Contains Million Dords LONDON. (UP)— Reports of proceedings of I!K?. second session ol the Indian Round Table Conference, including verbatim speeches, i fill a volume of more llian a million ivords. The Bibb is about 25 per cent shorter. It is estimated that (Uiriiig the fir&t and second sessions* more' than two and a half million words • were spoken. At least another halt! million will be spoken by the time; the Hoimtt Table proceedings arc finished in a. third and final session in 1934. TKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IS FIT AS ! >&0 LOOK Llk:6 Boy... A(jy ^DR6 R&IUS LESS? AHV FEVER? AMD MOST IW.fORTAUT OP ALL, IS BETTER HODY REPAIRS A11 Makes. Fend- :rs, Doors. Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. phone 810 Blyttvevillo, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. SECOND HAND FURNITURE 150UGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson Ml-303 E. Main BRILLIANT COAL. TUB SOUTH'S HES'l 1 Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. G. 0. CAUDILL HEM, ESTATE RENTALS INSURANCE Farmers Bank Bid?. Phone IM Meet JIu At the New Rustic Inn Coffee, Hot Pit's and Chili Kryptok Uifocals for near and distant vision—$4.05 Have Your Eyes Examined HARRY AVEISHL'Ill) Stale Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store Hovl VWS WAT ' ItJ FEWKIf Or CXK IT'S DOC?33. .'-' OH, A\O/A!.' TH(\'S SOUE BOT, A> SVJORO'S 6ETT6R OUR BOARDING HOUSE Mow , Lis-ffiA, —r wokiY-TAke. TaR AM ANSWER -—Voti 1 RE lloMtS Tb PWMER lAjlTrl ME,lF I "To DRAG VaU PUPPIWQ RsR SUPPER f VQRKSrllRE PUDDlMG 'TrlAT uaSEM \aiiR BEUT I (AS 1 COOLED Q1-F ffJVrTtp -fc A • !<srf-r T . BUT (SRIMDER AM 1 HIS r/OfiK -fir House FREE TEEP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES • v.-? ? ? oooooort \-OOK U! i \\ Or\ , WW)tV>t«- 010 TrW. CWWWEO -WMaft A, «fftoo- CHOPS THICK GRtHy faK SOPPES.. f^o yesTefipAV i nsr CHOCOLATE, TVJD D1SU65 OF WCN-GAL, Pieces OF TOAST, , A DISH of- ice CBSAW, six DOCTOp,-= T. GJESS I'M see. COULD -)bO TEU-, DOCTtfi? TEU, t EATEfJ?u&TS see, - PISTOL•-•SHOUTS- MAP TUt f\»iFOU CLATTER W45 OF WP'S •ROSTY HE LEAPS INTO WOLKGAN'Cr'AGAIN!

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