The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1932
Page 3
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FEBRUARY 0, 1932 BLYTUEVIU-E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^Here's Four-Minute Word Picture of World Arms Limitation Conference Now In Session KXl'ESSK FOR ARMS: limited States »700,200,<MX> 527,500,000 041,300,000 3:U,COO,000 200,000,000 TOTAL 12,361,200,000 y^ i^s^-^v^ By " Franc* 2,575 United SUtf* 1,7«3 Jigiu ....... 1,639 Italy , 1,607 Britain 1,434 SUBMARINES: VMfted KUk'« 107 France 79 «7 Britain 6C Italy • t« SOLDIERS: France ..... 651,320 Italy 451,398 Japan 250,304 Britain 144,582 L'nilci! States 130.0.17 United Britain Japan France Italy Hayti Society—Personal PAflR TTfftEB Shuffling Cards on Sabbath Brines Trio Into City Court ^ V i Strike With ihe, world now spending about four billion dollars a year un armaments, anel with Eilrops enmeshed in enmity and suspicion, and understanding of tlie problems and purposes of the Arms Limitation Conference now In session at Geneva, can best be gained by tills simple explanation of f,sic fucts: SPONSOR: The league of Nn- tlcns.. MEMBERSHIP: Plenipoicntiar- ie.-i from CO nations. AIMS: 1 — Limitations of all war forces, land, sea and air; 2— A showdown on -some of (he high pledges between nations tliat signed Ihe Treaty of Versailles and thc Covenant of the League of Nations. BACKGROUND: It is the first \vorltt conference on arms limitation since that called at The Hagun. 33 years ago by Cm Nlc , hclls ' (would It was brought about when p 0;;a | Germany and other powers dc- | Cr i s j,; mandccl a showdown on some of j 3 DIRECT LIMITATION: Con- the international agreements now , trol by agreement of the actual being ignored; by a world demand j number lor relief frcm terrific taxes; Mr. iiurt Mrs. .U. A. Knlly ?n- wlili a party ihnc? at their iiiiarimciit. In the Kolm buW- Ing I'riilny evening. The gutsH siH'iit :i luvely evening (Innclnvj to radio nui.-li'. iinlulijliil! In cavils anil other liui'icstlng giuni's. umonij which was u, c |illln( , ••vliMim,"'ln- irodiiirtl liy "Boots and llov llml- dlcs." Misi Hindi Unrinon nilt'rUilii-M with u dance Iy lit Cue home of- lu-r paivins. Mr. and Mrs. II. Ci. llJiniun. SnUniliiy ^veiling. Tlie out o! Kmii guests wore Misses Wlj. lene Florpiin Hunks, Marl- Monte I'.ittei.sun niul SM.S. IVwi-y Sinllh ami Hill Turi. all of Ptirtagcvllle. nil Mrs. Jim NeHiery und i Hilly of Caiiitliersvlllc itccom- nlfil Hielr daughter, Mrs. II. I,, and Miii-Ulnuny. home tiinl.iy alter n week's visit with iifnls ut Ciinitheisvllle. ''•=• I-ainnr Thompson, !l. n. •y and c. O. iinlm' jr., al- l!ip Innernl ol Ally. Rich- place of League losilng limitations have been agreed on: United States. France, Great Brllolii, Italy and Japan have limited capital ships. United States, Great Britain and Japan liave agreed to limit all naval arms. PRESENT HOPES: Pacifists would like to see the Geneva conference extend the above lir.illa- lions to include'. 1. Further limitation on r.l air services at dis-| classes of " aval armament. 2. Limitation of land forces. 3. Limitation ol air forces \vith- nit hampering aviation. 4. Prohibition of eas and bac- .erial warfare. of Nations In and by the constant threat to world 1,'eact from coniinued support of unlimited armed forces and military .equipment. aIK ] of men, guns, warships for . each aircraft, nation. Backed by United Stales, tentatively concurred in' by Great Britain, opposed in Continental Europe. '. 4. PAUL-BONCOUR PLAN: j Proposed by Joseph Paul-J?onconr, | chairman of thc Foreign" AJIairs •Committee of the French chamber Five plans are under discussion to accomplish the aims of tlie conference: 1. BUDGETARY LIMITATION: !„,- ospuUes and a delegate to con- indirsct control of armaments by i i ercncc .. Would pool all armed limiting money which signatory i( orces and equipment under Lea- nations may spend. Favored , by j gue 0[ Nations to put down wars France and most continental po«'-| of aggression. Received -.nth cold- ers. Less favored by Great Bril- ' ness ln Washington and London, aln. .Opposed .by the United Stales, | 5 RUSSIAN PLAN: Would which spends the most and there- j conl pel strongest powers to imme-!of Versailles. The leading old world power have stated their policy with re gard to proposed arms limita .Ions as follows: GREAT BRITAIN favors Sllb stantial reduction of all anna menls". particularly land force but is reluctant to enter upon an guarantees while the United State stands aloof. GERMANY demands substantia reduction In arms in response treaty pledges and if reductioi are not. obtained, demands releas from limitation imposed by Trea fi-iic favors direct limitation by | diatdy reduce armaments by 50 fc.r?.i:rent. . l| Wr cen t r medium powers by 33 ^>Ji DE JUVENEL PLAN: Adyan- I per cent, 'and smaller powers by ceu-'ti' : 'Hentj'"(!c - 3uvenel, French 125 per cent, tenator." Sets up International air i .••••• • . • • union under which all nations ; Prior to this conference the fol- FRANCE demands "securit) which is more frankly e.xprcsse in the Italian • pcsiUon, favorvn big reductions but Insisting on tainlng strength equal to France JAPAN wants greater relati val strength and recognition o »clal position in retjimls t ilna. o Thc three miiin treaties no; test tKtoii' the powers at ndlng the conference arc: ARTICLE 15—In Covenant le League oE Nnitons cnmmlttln embers to severance*of all irat nd financial relations with nn on that goes to war in' vlolatlo f covenant. BRIAND - KEt.LOGG TREAT now generally , called Pact •aris). Agreement signed by lations renouncing war as 'an trument of national policy ar he pledge (o .seek settlement :vcry peaceful menus. FOUR - POWER PACIP1 TREATY. United States. Gre Britain, Japan and France agre 1322 lo respect one atiothe rights in the Pacific and in ca these righis arc threatened communicate fully and finnk :o arrive at settlement. Of p. tlcular significance in Chii Japan negotiations. PROBABLE OUTCOME: With security the watchword, the mjiir. problem becomes whether to nc- Ig to or deny Germany's demands. The probable maximum outcome will be limitation of armament without reduction of lan;l forces. At.lhc'worst further reductions in naval power will be agreed r,n if only to save th c conference. of Cape Guardrail at ! '"*" l ,°' ssl ! 1 « "™ lmd ' Tllc dll l> 5 ">••>'' been In tin' baby's wagon bill luul nOnl rd K nlcn. Mu.. Sunday. Mr. Russell cd 1'riday. iwo weeks utter n sins op-mlon. 11,. resided Ir-jr; with s nilo (wo years ugo mid prnc- ceil !:«v here. * . .ind Mrs. J. r[ llcnton ami on Jisniny wore the aiiesls of Mr. tn! Mrs. I,, b, Gordon of Kcnuctl iiiulay. Miv iiiifcy Biinc.w Is millo ill 1th an attach of mnliirla. Dr. ami Mrs. w. R. Llinbaugh Olorcd to Arbynl,' Mo.. Snndny nil 'pen: thc day with ll:c (ormer's aifins, Mr. antl Mrs. G. W. Lim- '•Bluo Inws" mny bo comeback In niythcvlllo. For the first time In, well, sovor- nl yours, imyway, three men «eu< arraigned In the poUco division of inmilclpnl I'oui't ye.slciiliiy afternoon on chaiges of plnylng cards on the S:il)b,uli. The charges were prefer roil iiunlnst ilui'c iinemployed men by two cops who testified they "peep- od" tlnoiiith, a window of a Lilly street resilience Simc'ny night. Through a cvack between the drawn blind und tlin \:hKlow Ihcy Wiiti'liril ime man, wllli n plls of imkci' clilift hi front ol him. .shuf- lle nnd denl cards,.They saw sliad- o\vs of two otlieis at Iho table, Ihey The trio of defendants held It was nil a mlsluko. The mini who lived nt Ilio house suld that, he luul simply invlicil u couple of friends In lo enjoy snmo Snndny night soup nml mil' of them—Hie ono the of- llci'rs snw—WILS Idly .shulfllng cauls which ike baby of the. family had been overturned In a pall of wat;r nnd sonkcd nnd. were on the tnble drying out, It was sl«ted. Tliu two visitors suld they cmiUl- n\ liuw bt'tn RtimhiB befalls: tlivy illiln't IHIVC uny money to ganiblu wllli. One suld ho RIVVII his wile hi\ l:ul few ecnls to buy some coal, Anotl:cr s.iid he hadn't "Men n dime" for days. Officers admitted they didn't see nny monoy but dcnjlnreil one of the men f-M they had been liavlng n "little game" and that cliips were found In n draw In anolher room wlierc they had bren fanned by !!:e luily of the IIDLISO when Die officers cnlcivtl. Judge I. W. Crnwfotd Olsinlssrd the charges of KKinlng, liolchiiK the evidence wns Insufficient. Ho found tilt defcndiinls guilty of pluylug cards on this Habbath but pulil ho wits not disposed (o fore; the ui?n to pny n nne In view of Ihe rather heavy line for (he oifeiisc. No pen- nlty wns moled out to Hie men but they wcro wnrneil that llnc.s coiil:! be assessed wllhout furiher ovldencs If necessary. been In court bofors. Judge Cr»»- foid.snld lio would kx* into the caie still further; ", '.'•'.'..• Howard Powell, negro, was nn«<l live dollar.'! lor disturbing the pence, He admitted, slvlng ills girl's shove but. claimed lie dlUn'l ulrike her. Tho girl snld he choked her and J.It her. : ' A forfeit of nn $11 deposit by Tom Porter was oriieie<l when he failed lo npivjnr to answer a charee" of disturbing. Ihe pt-acu. A charge ol disturbing Hie. peace nijalnst'Tu» England was wltlidrnwn-by police who absolved him of any blame. Trial of I.ucns Carter on a charge of disturbing Hie pj.icc was continued. HAVANA. Cuba, '<UP) — Pour d'Htennrlnns died'In Cub,i during Jniutni'y. iiccurdlng to rcport.i • fiom vaiiinis sections ,of the Island, Msrip, Morales died nt Matan- 7-is at 100 ycnrs. Anlonlu Calderp Nero died at Rcmeillas nt 102, Fraticlsco. Schf.verrln .reached .107 nt Holuulu and Jore Jesus Sarrla . wns Kfl when burled at Clcn- cxos, Wllli tlic exception of Jose Jesus Snrrln, «|io was born 111 Africa, none of the citizens had iett tha during their lifetime. G. Pagln of I Uiu wcek-viull - . ! Charles Trnlnor Ls 111 with (!ie llu. ! for SI. Ixmls Monday morning. [ Itlng lils wife und small son E-J- Ihey will l« gone several days on J ward Diiiican, returned to Memphis i roinlilncd'ljusliu'fw and pleasure! Salurdnv rip. Mr. and Mrs, I Huiiie.rsvlllc wcrec guests of Mr. nml Mrs. Fred Ken-; -aw. Mr. and Mrs. George Ihdwn of Hoinersvllte. but formerly of (his city, were here'Sinulay vlitlllnu i friends. Miss Jimuita Clilsui Ls qulie III with the Hi; and unable to attend scbcol. icd UoiiMck of SI. Louis, wlio Is he aieliltert for the grade school I'.cio, •«« here Friday. Mi', and Mrs. M. E. Nolgrass have moved (o the Ernest Powel :IOUEC wbich wns formerly occujilei! by Mr. aim M rs . ft. L.'ailbcrt. Mis. Olive Brown of Bragg City wns Ihe week-cud guest of Mrs. Cecil Uranmim. Both Indies tench in the Hragg City schools. M:-. a:icl Mrs. Willlard Ra/ r tOf Coal From Freight Car F,lmor Clienowcth,'2.l. (.'.lught by u ! Frisco special »(jcnt In thc i\ct o! ftleiliiig con] from n freight cur yes- Mrs. D. C. Owens nnd dniujluor ' \" <h[y mnrnll| B wns 'I» C( I "'™ <l"l- Dolores Willing and MKs Mlldral '"" '" "'" """" •"••"' Myrlck returned to their home In Memphis Sunday after n we:k's visit heic with llielr mother, Mrs. R'. M. Myrlck, Mrs. P. E. Toaster and son Bobble or Cliatrce, were here Friday and Saturday visiting Mrs. T?nst?r's! daughter, Mrs. Arnold. j Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Mouhalls Inrs in the police division of mii- nldiinl court in the afternoon. Khncr ininiUtert (jettlns th? coal, saying lh,u hu wns laklns 11 lo His falhi'i, lie supposed the coal "belonged lo some railroad" bill he didn't know which ot'.e. Rimer hns 666 and Miss Llllle Hamlsplre Frittny in Memphis. While there Mrs. Mouhnlls had a physical cx- nmlnatlan nt the St. Joseph hos- pllnl. Joe Jnflee who has bssn here vls- MQI!1I> - TA1H.KTS - SAI.VR GGtt l.liinM nr Tahiti* ustil Inltrn- .illy anil flIIG Salve externally, m.ikn a complete .and effective treatment for Cpldi. Most Spcudy Remedies Known XURSION ROUND TRIPS ~Tnl;<! that trip now while >ou *• cun Inks ndvantnjc of, low exclusion roimcl-trlp~fares in . : cftecl until February 16lh. Clccd on all Dlxle-areyhound buses....tlie finest In the Scutli, wlih. comforliible, rc- ellnliit; dmlrs, lipl walcr heat, nml skilled, courteous drivers. Call today lor complete liv- fcriiritlon. , ' ' . UNION 1HJS DEPOT 2nd & Ash, Sis. Plume 373 GREYHOUND called on Rut] , Jone - Sunday . Ledora Summers of Flat Lake spent, the week-end witli •Elder. Midway Notes Huffman News \ Mr. and Mrs. Hulon Holmes of i Blytheville were the week-end | guests of Mrs. Holmes' mother, Mrs. i Ella Ray. i Mrs. Emma Peery was hostess to a number of friends Saturday evening, among whom were Mesdamss Ella Ray, Fannie Moore. Alice Shortc, Hulon Holmes and Reg; Mr and i[rs . Monroe Hughes and Misses l/)mse Chand-1 ca i, €d on Mr . a]ld M , ler, Willie B. and Marie Kay and I Sunday TMaxine Copland and Mr. Hulan | Holmes. Miss Willie B. Ray was the Sat- j urday night guest of Miss'Pearl' Peery. Mrs. Fannie Moore and Misses Pearl Peery, Willie B. Hay Maxine Copelancl attended church services in Steelc, Mo.. Sunday morning and visitsd friends and relatives in Cooter Sunday afternoon. Mrs. M. A. Poole was the guest | of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Poole of Biy- theville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayrc and daughter Joys Yvonne and Miss' Elizabeth Merritt visited Mrs. say- rw's father. A. S. Miller, in Cooler. Jf»., Sunday. ^Mrs. Tennic Brackin was thc Sunday night guest of Mrs. Emma Beaver.s. Saturday night Lena Barnes and I preaching from the east, and the Eva MfJisfleld. ' j doctor pulled over to the right to Will Sterling and family enter- • allow the car to pass. Mrs. Zimmer- tain(;d wi(h a dancing party Sat- t man either became excited or lost night i conUol of the car . and pul i eij to Ijo Ruc Bomar] Zettia sterling, | the left, causing the cars to meet Herbert Julian and Sam Whittle I head-on." Dr. Robinson received slight cuts on the.nose and hands. Two ladies and a small boy in the Virginia other, car received slight cuts and bruises. Holland" rs . Eph Hice Jim Clemmons .was taken to a .: hospital at Memphis for an opera" lion for appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Pipkins attended funeral services for Mrs. Pipkin's mother at Calumet a w;ek ago Sunday. Frank Lind is improved after ithree ueeks illness with influenza. A. J. Hill attended to busintss at Oscecla Wednesday. Dallas Scallion. Jason Jones, O. Randolph and A. J. Hill were in Blytheville Tuesday. Chester Wooluridgc ol Dell visited his brother. Otis Wooldrldge and family Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller have Mr, and Mrs. Aubrey Mecritt spent Saturday night with Mrs. Mary Merritt. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Masor; spent Saturday night with Mr. anij Mrs. Alex Sanders. Mrs. Ed Whitehnrit Is en tr.e sick list this, week. Misses Essie Mae Stokes ar.d Virginia Merritt were guests of Mabel and Alberta Brackin Sunday afternoon. < Mr. and Mrs. Smith Brackin and Mrs. Annie Stokes called on Mrs. Mary Merritt Sunday afternoon. Hev. Caldwell of Armorel lieli church services h«re at the Baptist church Sunday morning. Mrs. Hulon Holmes of Blytheville Ir, the guest this week ol her mother. Mrs. Ella Ray. W. c. Buchanan was the guest of his son Leslie and family Sunday. Puxico News MUscs Leora Pritchard and Virginia Eldsr spent iurl of last wesk In Blythcvillc with relatives. Mrs. o. D. Rhoads called or. Mrs. G. J. Whittle last Wednesday. Ruth Jones spent Saturday nigM with Mamie Julian Vena Ban Ms and La Rue Bcmar sptnt Saturday night with Hettie ***. zcttje Sterling. (Mis. Anna Pritchard Is 111 this Itk. Mamie Julian l, as been 111 th past few days. Leoia Pritchard had as her guests moved to Mississippi. bsverage and not medicinal purposes. —Dr. Arthur D. Bcvan, ex-president of the American Medical Associa- tiun. * • • We have no territorial or political ambitions in Shanghai. —Fartitn Minister Yoshizswa Japan. • • » Nobody is going to read all that unemployment stud, either her; in Congress, or at home. —Congressman W. F. Stevenson South Carolina. We spend billions for harbors so ships can get in, then pass stupid laws to keep them out. This is done by a bunch of ignorant, cheap, selfish,, economic morons, the interests who pay Congress to pass the laws! —Clarence Darrcff. attorney. « » • China today Is the greatest e>:- New Cell Block Reopens Penitentiary Schoo FOI.SOM PRISON, California IUPJ—School bells again are rin? ing in Folsom's "schoolhcuss, Fccne of the bloody Thanksgiving Day riot of 1921. The ban on educational prwi leges for the convicts, in offcc Cars Collide Sunday on Highway Near Cardwell CARDWELL, Mo.-About five o'clock Su'niay afternoDn four PJO - plc were injured, butt not seriously- nnd two cars badly smashed, in a Mud-en collision en Highway 25 about .hair a mile 'sast of ton-n ' Dr. Robinson of Leachville was driving east from Cardwell on the left or concrete side of the road An Essex sedan driven by Mrs o Zimmerman of Kcnnett was ap- ample of so-called unpreparednsss. j since the riot, has been lifted b —David S. Infills, assistant secrc- 'Warden Court Smith. Cessation o lary of lh« navy. 'educational activities at Ihe prisoi • • • jwns causal by crowded condition! We are engaged in a war against'smith said, necessitating thc us depression. jof Ihe "schoo]hous»" as sleepin: —Prfsiilcnt Hoortr. quarters. » • • i Completion of a new cell bl:c! Ninety per cent of whisky pre-1 recently has relieved this c;nrii Ecriptions issued by cocwrs are for I Hon. thc Warden announced. Dr.PaulF.McCitchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 eon and ike 754 DINNC* ST. LOUIS Hold Claridg* same mcnoqement "The extra protection to my throat" MIND If I COLIYCR'MUNE"? Juno is ono of Wt-Yorl'j "400." When il-.e middle-aiilfd it,doieni of eligible ba:hclorj went back Inlo eirculoriop. She ho-, a ccffee- cnd-creom ecmplcxion, uno-jgh holltoilortahaSslore.ondoyenfor saysogc. Sheirodehiiloryfoi hcr- idlf in WATiNIR BROS.' PiUUEE, "AlEXANDER HAV,lLIOH."Fof 4 yco.l ihc has crsolcd lUCMES. June Collycr gave Ihot nice slcle- mcnl bt-cou!eshe»anlcdl3,o^d nol for raoney, which moVcl Ina nwke.sof IUCKY ST8IKE 01 Happy ai a day with junel "It's the extra things I get from LUCKIES that make me so enthusiastic. The extra protection to my throat, the extra fine flavor of LUCKY STRIKE'S choice tobaccos. And the extra convenience of the little tab which opens the I.UCKY Cellophane wrapper so easily." " It's toasted" Your Throat Protection -against irritation- against cough And Moisture-Proof Cejfoptune Keeps that Toasted" Flavor Ever Fr«s> TUNE IN ON LUCKY STRIKE— C>O modern ininul« u-fili che world's finest <!<incc orcJiejirns and WalurWinrhcll, uhntt£ojsij> of today fctcomcj ihc rvcu>s of (omofroii', citry T-juday, Thursday and Saturday c«ning otrr N. B. C. ncnwrlts.

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