The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (AHK.) COURIER NEWS TURSnAY,MMgtiAfty ft, 1982 Society Calendar , Wednesday The Study club ot the Junior High P. T. A. Is meeting al 2 o'clock In the Junior High auditorium. The regular meeting of Hie Junior High P. T. A. is nt 3 o'clock with the theme, "Great Americans.' - The Sudbury school Is having a benefit show nt the Rliz the at re to annunl valentine parly, The Wednesday Bridge club I •being entertained by Mrs. W. B Tanner. The P. E. O. Is meeting with Mrs. Byron Morse. The Garden department <ii 111 Woman's club is meeting with Mrs B. A. BUEZ al 3 o'clock. Thursday The Epsllon Sigma Alpha Eororlt Is having Its regular nieclli Thursday evening In the club roon at Hotel Noble. Mrs. H. A. Smith Is hostess the Mid-Week-Bridge club. The MatlnCb Bridge club is nice ing with Mrs. Earl Hatcher.. The,. Thursday Luncheon club Is being. entertained by Mrs. C. W. • Aillick, .1 ,••• •The-Elliott Fletcher chapter of . the U.JJ. 0. Is meeting with MM. W. T, -Obsrst, with Mrs, W. K. Adams- and Mrs. Mabel Watts, as - co-tosteises. Miss Sue Brown o! •• Luxora Is lender. The Executive Board ot the First Baptist church is meeting with Mrs, W.-M. Williams. 3 o'clock. . Friday - The Fldclls Sunday school class oJ the First Baptist church is bring entertained with a parly nl Ihc home of Mrs. EVva Poc, 108 West Kentucky, 7:30-o'clock. The pre-school P. T. A. is meet ing .with Mrs. W. L. Homer Friday afternoon, The World D.iy ot Prayer Is being observed at 2:30 in the First Presbyterian church with representatives', from-nil local inter-denominations attending.' Mrs. Ray Worthinglon is chairman 1 of the program, assisted by presidents of . -other church organizations. The - Dorcas. Class of the First ' Baptist church Is meeting 7:30 p. M.' at the home °f ^ rs - J ' B. Foster with Mrs. Frnnk Simmons and Mrs. A. Wcrl assisting. This Is the rcaulnr monthly ; business;and social gathering. Old Glory in New Frocks. (TV ' > :--f ' .ta Fitst Christian church Mond»y afternoon with Mrs. George McLeod a.', co-lioiUss. The president ol the society. Mrs. E. K. Lallmer con- ducinl the busln:ss meeting, with nis being finished lor attendance R. J. Dcdson was In Little Roclc onday on business. Miss Ernestine Holland relurnet unday from a month's, vacation pent with lier parenls In New Al any, Miss. E. D. Glllcn was .In St. Loui lonilay transacting business. Bits oJ N Mostly Personal lold Who's Who Contest in High School at Steelel STEELE, Mo.—Following arc the csults of ft Who's Wlio contest held ] t tiie Bteele high school: ot Ihe World Day of Prayer at the Fhst Presbyterian church Friday Trj Pre-rasier Week of Prayer was abo discussed. An Invitation wa received from Mrs. 3, 3. Wlnfor of Hassell, formerly of Blythevllle to a luncheon and program meet ing in her ho:ue lor Ihc Marc monthly meeting. The Shelton group of the soclet led In number of members prcsen white the Mother lloss group mac n larger number ol calls. The devotional period was i charge of Mrs. George Method, us Ing Ihc theme, "immortal Monej Luke 12, 10-21. The Berlha Fuller group arrange Ihe program with MM. R. I,. Dcd inun leader of the group, as lead lor Ihe siibjccl, "Security f World's Poverty." The follow!! discussions were given: Mrs. W. tiaslijurn, ."Farmers o! Japan .Are Reached"; Mis, J. C. Mclltmey Jr., -Mnnijry Porto Rico": Mrs. F. Mtz- simmons, "Slave Owner Christians," and Mrs. George W. Darliam, "Our Mission vs. .China Poverty." Mrs. Cecil Lowe rendered a piano selection, "Adagio In E Major," my Hayden. Dainty refreshments were served In u social half hour by tlie hostess, Mrs. Shaver, assislctl by -Mrs. Mc- Lcctl. Mrs. Don Fletcher of Joiner was a guest of the society. llaplist Circles Hiivr Mci'tlllRS. Circle No. 1 of the First Baptls chinch met Monday afternoon in the lionic of Mrs. R. L. Reader will 10 members and 2 visitors present. Mrs. M. C. Outlaw hntl charge of the devotional lesson taken.from Genesis 2-Uh chapter. Mrs. Reader dismissed wllh a prayer. Mrs. H. G. Wickham and Miis ess Hall motored to St. Louis Sun ay where they will do their sprln larkcthig this week. Bobble Lee King and Els SlieiTon accompanied by J. B. Wl lams jr., and Waldo Stewart o Sexier, Mo., were guests of Mi Elizabeth Miller Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cole;and so Lyman Sprinkle of'Dexter, M qjsnt Sunday here with Mr.' ai Mrs. Jce Yates. Nelson Seagvaves of.Osceola a Blythevllle visitor Sunday, Clllis While of Wilson spe Sunday In tills 'city wjth friends. Miss Josephine Holly . of .'Cool and Charles York of Sieelc motor lo Blyllicvllle Sunday to visit with friends. O. P. Moss and T. O. Seal made I business trip to Mammoth Springs BRIDGE! JlcKENNKV Bri ds e League i-ick UP the lour tvurap In the west hand and make his contract. While this l>!ay leaks very sim- The playing „ th Molly Lee Bates, 1st, Ruth Harper, 2nd; most studious, Gladys |>""{L "'; , i, (: Vashtl Hits, Jnd; most Kf. coLs yn Prank, 2nd; test athlete,' Kate'™" 1 ^ S ~* M Crockett, let, fictile Lane, 2nd; best all around, Dollie Lane, 1st, Motile! i Bates, 2nd; most friendly, Ruth Harper, 1st, Dollie Lane, 2nd; wisest senior, Cliarlene Llpscomb, 1st, Gladys Frank, 2nd; quietest, Gladys Frank, 1st, Martha Brown, 2nd; deepest In love, Lottie Dodd, 1st, Dollie Lane, 2nd; biggest Joker, Lucille Southern. 1st, Hilda Plumley, 2nd; prettiest hair, Helen Taylor, 1st, Jane Bogle, 2nd; prettiest eyes, Evelyn Frank. 1st,. Katheline Harper, 2nd; :'hiost dignified senior. Oladys Frank, 1st. Cliarlene Lipscomb, .2nd. Boys—Most handsome, Hulon Everett and Kcrnlcc Albritton; most polite, Howaid Ponder and Hiilon Everett; most popular, Kernice Albritton' and Hulon Everett; best of four-card > skillful unip. While suits the It is one that when playing loi Is usually inlrseii R is surprising how often it is missed even by the expert. It Is to bid four card suits ,„ -I, and you should make thorough study as to how to play four cai p!e, necessary sulli,. r AK-J-10 VJ-7-4 • A-6^-2 *Q-J-9 , ^ 47-6-32 VA-K.- * 10-3-2 • J-10-9 AS NORTH - n 1 5 Dealer SOUTH ifd-8-6 *10-87.6-3 AA-Q-9-5 V9-5 *K-8-3 • Monday. Miss Lois Nell Isilcct Miss Jane Severe during the veek-end. Claude Pcrrln of Osceola attended to business here today. Stiles of Yarbro athlete, Joe Harris and Howard Peiider; best all around. Hulon Ev- erett-anil Jce Harris; most dlgnl- with two hearts, fled senior, Robert Frame and No- two spades, ble Dooley; most friendly, Robert showed his Frame and Kerr-lcc Albritton; \vis- by bidding . Mr. and Mrs. O. p. Moss drove bl «. est senior, Robert Frame and No- poised and The Bidding South' "started the contracting | witli one spade, West ovcrcallcd North went 10 East passed. Sou'.h other biddable suil three clubs. North went to foui Christ Is Coming Soon Says Baptist Evangelist. The early coming of Christ, to end the ••Gentile dispensation. 1 was-. predicted last night by the I'.cv. G •; Clayton Mos'.cr. Indian evangelist, and pastor ot the JJlythcville Bap- list Tabi'maclo, who declared in his sermon that the China-Japan irou-:- blc is the beginning of the last world war. He bases his theory on ia'.;; and prophecies recorded In the B'bl-:- Tonight Mr. Mosier will preach from the text, "The mark c! the beast preceding the last great tattle," which he states will occur late iu 1035 or early in 1930. o Walnut Ridge today on business. and Frank Birmingham; deepest in Noble Doaley spades whlchbouglithe contract ^ Dr. ond Mrs. G. d Bishop ofl love ' L * c Edward Pfeffer and Joe West's proper opening from Cariithersvilte were Sunday' guests] Harris; biggest Joker. Enloc Camp- j., c e king of hearts is the kin; Read Courier News Want. Ac!i < the j of bell and Gle-.i Everett; prettiest [hearts. A small heart is played eyes, Joe Travis and Phillip Koury; irom dummy, East plays the en- most studious, Robert Frame and ccuraglng eight and the declarer son ami daughters, Woodrow, Wan-1 Ra * Campbell. the five. West continues with the Faculty—Btst liked, Miss Miller, ace of hearts, dummy Plays 1st, Mrs. Mehrle, 2nd; most polite, seven, East echoes with the of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Blomcyer | and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fisher and ler; most attractive- Mehrle, 1st, Mrs. woman, Miller; da and Francelia, spent Sunday in Paragotikt with relatives. Carry Lee Words of Memphis vis- Miss Asllle i'' Isl ' Ml 's. Mehrle; best itcd in Blythcrllle Sunday witli her I leaclicr. Mrs. Miller, 1st, Mr. Mil grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Whilwonh. Virgil Fisher and Randolph Patton motored to Lepanto Saturday evening. Mrs. Louise Slrache and daughter, accompanied by Mrs. Walker Bnker and Miss Annie Jane Bran- the six spot, find declarer plays (he nine. West continues with another handsomc man, Mr. Haggard, Mr. Wilson.. Mrs. most 1st, heart, the Mrs. Louie Waters entertained ] sol > spent Sunday In Memphis, circle N'o. 2 oi the Missionary so-| Mrs - L - p - Wysc ot M»rapri!s \!s- clcty when 0 members were pres- llc<1 llcr sister, Mrs. I. R. John- ent. The devotional period was "'" "'"' '"""" =•—'— stuolcd from Jolin -!). Prayers BV JOAN SAVOY NBA Service SVrlltr H is chic this spring lo show your colors in Like'.Street W. 31. S. - Has Meeting in- Church. The. Woman's Missionary Society of Ihe Lnke Street Methodist church" held It's' meeting Monday afternoon in-rtlte.jclnrrfh. with -'X members present. Mrs. J. C. Poin. dexter was the leader and opened tlie program wllh a devotional on the Eiiblcct, "Prohibitionmid War". The Rev. W. J. LoRov gave An interesting. talk on Prohibition.'followed by, a discussion on "Wo' men's Prayers", by -Mrs, Ivors on Morris. A social hour was held.wllh the hostesses, Mcsdamcs, Adrian Church, Guy'Rcdgers and Talmadge Hughey serving' an appetizing refreshment course. Methodist Boards! joint Session. The Board of Christian Education nnd Workers Council of the Hirst • Methodist church .held a joint meeting In tlie church Monday evening witli 50 members in attendance. Crawford Greene', superintendent of city schools, delivered the, principal address on the subject, "Tlie Psychology of tlie Adolescent". Plans were perfected for tlie Sunday school contest lo be held in each department for the next • 21 weeks. -The. Workers Council announced that It had joined with • the W. if: S.'of the church to cooperate with-the board of Spiritual Life in ihelr day of prayer and fasting, March*2nd. The members of this meeting ns well- as the W. M. S. joined with in sending a dispatch, to. Washington for disarmament^'-. Bingo Party. -Has <>ocii -Crowd, r- A large number attended thy Bingo party sponsored ty 'the Altar society of ths. Immaculate Conception church In their -club room Monday evening, lor., the benefit ot the'church building fund. A number of Blythcrllle n-.crchents donated various ,-irticles. given as prizes 'to the winners, and a nice sum ,was realized. . MclhcdiEt VT. M. U. Meets at Church. n patriotic way. ovel little things Mnny. new and n— have new versions of Ihc old red, while and Hue theme song—the Innnstltalo ica&w being the George riirtart^Xschttlnn-'. today -'has sketchc'd'a : 'cdiipib of loosely -woven .•liilltd trorks. One tat Iclt) (Ion through is of a much drop yoke, which form?"short slee- u . as lecl were led by Mrs. A. Wcrt and Mrs. J. H. Hollis. There weie eight present at the No. ^-circle which met in the church Monday nftcrnco'u. The devotional :on and family Sunday. Ally. George W. Barliam spjut Monday in Memphis on business. Mrs. J. F. Lentl and Mrs. L. V. Sieele Society—Persona! is pltiycit from dummy and East plays the queen Wysc are Memphis visitors today. Wcuki you trump with the five of spades? if so, your contract will be defeated. You have a losing diamond in your hand and only four trump. It is quite likely that you will find four trump in one of tlie opixments' hands and you will need all four of your iitimp to pick up those of Ihc opponents. However, you have a losing diamond and "now's the J..H. Workman returned Tues- t lme ( 0 i os e it." So discard tha day night from St. Louis where lie Wee of diamonds on the queen had been with his son Jam?s Hen- ..Why Get Up, At Night? If you are on« of the millions who must get up several times at night, your trouble is probably due to an irritation of the bladder and kidneys which can be corrected. Just try taking Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules regularly. For 236 years this fine, old preparation has been widely prescribed for this very purpose. It has helped millions oi others; why not yon? 35c & 75c. GOLD MEDAL i HAARLEM OIL CAPSULES ces,' Is ot the white, : witlVvpcrllns ol red to finish. It at the cuffs and with red r.nd , .white making a little flat collar-line, with a at the V-neck. The little bow nnd while, to lie. blue coat, if you v.ith it -is red felt lo Tha"sscoml knitted little ! frock . Walter Bishop, followed -by a brief business session conducted by Mrs. T. E. King. Prayers were contlrbuted by Mrs. E. W. Simmons, Airs. E. E. Alexander and Mrs. Walter'Bishop.- > Clr<|'lc' No. I .with Mrs. Alvln Hnff- Miss Ernestine turned after a six weeks visit in New Albany, Miss. Tlie Rev. W. J. LeRoy, Lake Street Methodist church pastor, visited the Armorel school this morning. He delivered an address during tlupil exercises on of hearts. Holland has re-1 r >'. WMO Is suffering from an injured N regardless of what Eas °" ms " 'eye in n hospital there. Although rct tt f e dcclrircr 1s ^uud ( the eye is still in danger, some e lf a dlamon(l ls rc improvement seems to have taken turne( j n place. Mrs. Workman remained in (at right) is of a heavenly blue, worn witli Just a couple of wide stripes jus' mist be patriotic! 1 his has n skirt with the weave unking a horizontal impression across it. The over-blouse, which fils snugly down to a hlgh-walstcii in rod mid while across the chest lo Rlvo It. nn unusual IHlle vest cfTcct, made more stunning, by the little blue sleeves that' Hare out over the shoulder. The liat is and' hostess, had 11 one visitor, • Miss members Florence blue. tf the 3ii<i Baptist church Monday momtecvj and alternoDn \vith one visitor, Mrs. Arthur Hale, ^resent. The meeting wns opened with limyer by Mrs. J. C. Hnrnlsli, lol- lOweil by a discussion on Hoyni Service by Mrs. Leslie Moore. My ing Monday afternoon in the home Mrs. Eigar Borum with eight embers present. Mrs. Joiner IvJd large of tile proghxm with Mrs. . R. Uabcock leaetng the devo- onal period. Mrs. D. M. Culler entertained Chambers, present. Mrs. E. F. Dlo- meyer had timrgc or the devotional, followed by a brief business session with Mrs. W. M. Crowe as leader. As this was visitation clay, the members drove to several homes of tile members who were absent from Ihe meetings, and also those \vlio were ill. LOimtry TIs "< ri 'hcc" was suns In uniioii, with the scripture rc.iil- niS, Cor. \'M\ clinuler by Mrs. McAllster, folluttiug. Mrs. W. M. McVarbml contributed n prayer, •Hie follcwiKB topics wove fully aisciissed; --Washinglou. :iltcr j-cnrs". Mrs. Sam Overtoil : "iatvcn- glh ot Our Nalbn". Mrs. Clint IJimlap; "The Veers of Our Nation", Mrs. W. M. McFarlnnd; "Suv- iug Our Naiion", Mrs. Les!:e Moore irm el Hume Missiun", ^.!l•s J. C. liarnlsh; "Sharlns Their Las Loar, Mrs. Vii-B" "oh; "Otin Washmstons", Mis. Parish Ul.xck num. Mrs. Ailhur Hnle flismkse with prayer. Lutheran Church to Have Series of .Lenten Studies I'ilgrliu Lutheran church announces a scries of Lenten studies H. and r. Woman's Cliili las Studs Couisc. T'ne niylheviuc Uusincss ar isional Woman's club h:!cl i levcnlh lesson of sludy ca-.irs Monday evening in Ilic chib at Ihe Goir Hotel with Mrs. H. L. Uc) r.otrts, chairman cf International Relations, In Charge. The following was renderc3: Ruth Ho'.iier. "Who Is President ot France?"; Ruth Wnluvaim. "What Position In Trench roh'tlc* UDCS Brland Fill?"; Pearl Phillip.-. "Who Was Called Father cf P.m- Amcricanis:-.]?": lln'.tle Smicliiy, "In What Lntin-Amcrican Country 5s tr.c Greatest Oii Field of th.' World? 1 '; Mane HainUh. "Why 1? Diazll Caibii the Wcild'i Cof!c; ie members ot Circle No. 2 in her cmc with Mrs. W. T. Osb=ni as'- Sixteen members attended itii Ihrec vlsilors. Mrs. J. E. Bell onrtucted the devotional, followc:! morrov: evening, a program on Japan with Mrs. at 'eight o'clock. . H. Allen in charge. Light re- reshmenls were servai at the con- luslon. Circle No. 3 met with Mrs. Tom Sccoy with Mrs. Iliiltlc Meaiic m o-hostcss. Five members were prcs- nl and Mrs. Pjrry Moss nrcl Mrs. J. C. McLean were in charge of he devolional'and program. Light •efrcshments wore served by Ihe Hostess. . , The Business Woman s circle gatherc.l at the horns ot Mrs. B. J. Alien Monday evening with Mrs. Leonard Holt-as nstlftsnl. Tliere were H present with Mrs. Weiid;ll Phillips and' Mrs. n. H. Allen as Sursts. Mrs. R. L. Kins conincled tlie devotional session the 5th chapter o! James. The regular business transactions followed. The progrnm on "Ciiinn" w&s SKWacd by Mrs n.'H. "Allen and Louise Crnne. Date loaf with whipped cream and cake was served during tlie f octal hour. on "The Seven .Words of Jesus Spoken from Ihc Cross". The first of this scries will be held to- Ash Wednesday, The. pastor will speak on "The Word of the High I'llr-r.t' 1 , f.uke 23, 34; '•Father, forgive them; lor they know net. what they do." With the excep- '.ion of this service, and tlie one to be held on Good Friday, all )lhors will be held on Thursday •vcuiivjs. On Good Friday the 'asl of this scries will be dcllvci?d .it u noon-day service lo be co:i- •From Little Things to Big Threes:" Mrs. W.' T. Barnett had aslier ;ucsts Monday her sisters, Mrs. Tom McGowdy and Mrs. Paul Lester of Oscccta. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Cliambh'n and sons, Jack anil Donald, drove to Memphis Sunday. Mrs. O. W. McCutchen is in Balesvillc for a brief visit. Mrs. Baker Wilson and sou Billy went to Memphis Icday where Billy is lo receive treatment. He was recently dismissed from a hospital there after a period of illness. Mrs. Lewis Phillips visited friends n Kcnnctt, Mo., during the weekend. Miss Cora Lee Coleman spent Monday night in Osecola. J. H. Fisher made a business trip fo Memphis today. Chuck Long, son of Mrs. J. H Long, is able lo return to his classes in Junior High after a week's ill ness with malarial fever. Houston Sccoy, who is employee iu Memphis, spent Sunday her with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ton Secoy. St. Louis with James Henry. •Miss Ketha Crest, who for several years has been bookkeeper for the Arkansas-Missouri Power company, has' been transferred to the Blytheville office. Howard L. Yaeger, H. E. Doerner and Alvin Stephens were in La- edo. Tex., on business lost week. Miss Thelmn Pntterson was hos- c.=s to Ihe Y. W. A. of the Bap- ist church Thursday night. Officers vere elected as follows: counsellor, vfis. Mildred Hudgens; president, Ixjrine. Johnson Llmbaugh; vice- jwpslctent, Madelon Baugh; secre lary, Lula Mae Davis; treasurer, Thelma Patterson; reporter, Mable ginith. Mr. and Mrs. John Prow and Clark B. Hill of St." Louis were the guests of Mr .-.and- Mrs. Charley Jenkins the early part of lust week Mr. and Mrs. N. 1,. Spencer of Hayti. accompanied by L. C. Spencer of this city, shopped in Blytbe- ville Friday. Elmer Jones of Cooler visited friends here Friday. hand, th e trump picked up an all of the ciubs are- tjODd. East, i nil probability, would return ^pade, but the declarer still ha four trump left and could no Sweet Cream Ruttcr, 30c Lb. BENNETT'S PASTEURIZED MILK lOc Quart Delivered Phone 74 4 Feature Values Now shown in the New Spring Hats Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hudgens have moved lo CarutliersviUe. A. R. Bcckham oi Ccoter transacted business here Friday. ducted from 12:25 to 12;50. these services all are heartily vitcd. j CRYSTAL Razor, blades, hones nnd To I straps at same time. Guaranteed in- • to please. Demonstration at Joe's ll'lny House. Pool Room. 9P-K11 I D.m.clitcr Born. Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Combs o! Os- cco'.ci have nnnonnced the nrrivai of The baby will bo called Clara Join. an 8 1-2 pound girl February 6lh. The j'ciine couple formerly lived heir. Minnie MrUthty.Yj compares of the Woman's Missionary Eoclely of the First Methodist church was held in the church, 2:30 Monday afternoon with Mrs. J. D. Barksdale as leader of tlio devotional and program on subject "Courage of Jesus.' Mrs. O. C. Ganske gave nn interesting discussion on "Our Re tpor.sibilitiy as. a Citizen," wlt'.i • Mrs. W. F. Brewer" following the subject, "Woman's Citizenship flc- tponElbilily." Tlie Rev. f led In prayer i«i<^"'.» iwm.j UK, i.,... v,.^*.,,?;:...: A short business meeting was held P»' Ruth Hclder ' followed by an ex- frith Mrs. R. H. Bsnnstt reading I Potion of Pan-AinericanUm and a resolution to m;r congressman the Tacna-Aricn Dbim'.c?"; Hi;l:ia Ci:;.m. "Wliy Has :he Unite! 1 States Refused to H-coiuiie tl-.c Soviet Governinenl?"; Ciara Kubi:. "Does Ccmmerce, Carried v.\ Be - hu-sn Coinitrics No; Recogiv.zlv.t I the Govfriunjiils of Each Olh:r. j Have National Projection 1 ;" m: I Ma:uie Edwar.-<«, "What Dirt .Is'.i Call 'Tile Irrep.uab'.e Mist.ik^' "Q'Rcrie I °^ P 1 ' 1 Constitution?" France us r. I appears today was fully di:cuis:r. Announcing Our New CASH PRICES ...•Phillips "66" Gasoline WHITE per gallon **c BLUE per gallon « c Mi;. Sl\avcr Has Chrisllan Socicly. Mrs. W. W. Shaver c:r.:rt.r.r.c; | the Woman's Missicn.iry .-ocit-ty oi | crly by morning and your con- Btil^tion \vlll cml iviih n l.-owel action as frco onrf easy as na- turd ct hrr best— positively r.o pain, r.o griping. Try it. A'w Cash Prices On Other Types of Service ' llitlteries C/iar</crf ----- $1.00 j - - - 75c Greasing - - - 75c Or Both for $1.25 . " srcil1 concerning the present war crisis. '.A soflil hour Kiar'ncd the- closa oi UK gathering. ' A hrief sketch o given by BcriUce Jones. by Pearl Phillips. timely topics v:^ Tt-.cre were preisnt. a number of visitors 2nd F.tptlst W .Jf. S. , H« Menday Hettin E . Presb}lciian Circles Meet. Mr* Larry McAlUter. was hos- Circle No. l ot the First Prcsby- tcti to the ladies of the W. M, S. 'tciisn ci-.urch held its wcskly rr,:f.- Day B Night Service Walnut &'Broadway The styles that arc right ... the shades in vogue and a fineness of quality never before offered al such low prices. Stetson Dobbs Stylcpark Phone 555 Rob Dent Prices on Lcc Tires Greatly Reduced! Emtnerson S0.50 R.D. Hughes & Co, Complete Outfitters fm M«" » n 'l 1? "\s i

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