The News from Paterson, New Jersey on April 15, 1939 · 3
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 3

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1939
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J TH ?axshoh xvxhixo bxws S1TUXDAT. 1FSIL 15, 1JS9 XOSTEXXX JXXSXYS GEXATIX PAPIE H?H!i5tffssa'c-Bcrgcn Real Estate Activity Deds and 'Mortgages If M 1 NtN Itaspa to toW u MMIton. ,(. om eal to tk iHi liiaH la IMi at tin rala wt lt aaaia fa H,l OOtof trarllaa--ikaaaaf taalva4 la tmaaaattea. Daily Transfer In Passaic County bum. Ana it, in l Bach. Richard A. to Rank Ooo-smciion (to, Inc, XiMan, Lou No.' T Iflmont At, to M-M CUatoa to. on kip of Preparty a krt tortha tohwars mp dl. I YuohnitaU. Oanitant i ta Honrp Yinderbor. Wait Paunao, M. lino af Ur Bride Ara. to Ik W, tram Dowlia f,cf 1MM ft. lump Ma. 1 Dayaprlnc. Jobs 1 to Janata U ptriprut. Palaraaa. . B. lima a( p-Mknou At. 7 ft. If. W. (re T. w Art ft. 4 smadkack. Warm aa ta Amalia (timer Wait MUford, Leu Mo, toll to 1417 PD Uk Map af Upper Oraanwood Lake Siamp Me. i Quackankuak, Ana B. al. Bara ta Aiwn Von Thua. Pataraon, lit Putnam l PaMiw National Bank to Trust O. Ip Richard H. MeOlU ax. Clifton, S. lln of Clinton At, lift ft, B. from lit to. 114x370 ft. 7 Rcformod Church af CUftan ta Den-ald L Darlaon, CUftan, Oar. af 8 aid af Birdmf Av. B ltd af tat 8t. Uxlll ft. I Bitlteley. Bdward ux ta Prank It. Shield! ux, Waal MUtorU 8. lln af line leadlnf ta keua af Mara 1 acre. Lipowltx, Air am ux t Mathilda C. feme), Pauraan, N. aid af Oarernor to. j7i It W. front SuauMt to. ItxlN ft. pimp 11. 10 Nemaa, Mika ux to Jaapa Nemaa li Clifton tntoraat. 8 Una of Oraaka ire 1M ft. R from tth A a. rti.iido. ft. II Oosloy, AnnU al U Pal la Beany Oe Inc , Llttl! PaUa, 8 lint of Main to. t! , It. I. from Burma At.. irraular inrt 11 PxtIa, Mart t Ptttr J. PaTta ux. fi'erson, 1M to U af 1M lPh At. 13 Vraalxnd, Bdltk 8. al ta A. Pterion Ireeland. Totawa Bore., cantor hne af lirervieu Dttt at N. 8 Una of D. L A w. R R to 111 acre. li Pucka, Jxook, Jr. to City af Clifton, Cilien Lola Noa. Sf-Sl an Map Wo. I of tollman Realty Cot 70 ruche, Mary to City of Clifton, Clifton, Lou Noa. MAM to li on Map Jk 3 of WaJman Realty Co. If Pauraan Bid, to Lean A a to Bettina ill Plana at Pataraon. .Ill A I, Of 717 Union A vo. Rump IHH 17 Or color, Jtlohard H. ta TexlUa Home Ik to Loan Aaa'o, of Pataraon, Paur-i 8 lln of N. toralfht to. 333 ft. I from B Main to. lrrefular traot. If Rlverild Realty Co ta Dorothy Ik chi. Pataraon. MW to 311 Catty At pimp the If Mead. William L. ux to Oontre-re Lintt Naxadek, Pe tenon, 8 lln of C troll 8t 10 ft. N. from Oadwta to. Ufiitt It. Sump 1. A TUb practical horns fat Texts ia a modal (or tkow who nut hop or build on a limit'd budgat Valu'd at $3,859 by FHA appraisers, it iu built with tha aid of a $3,400 Biort-fife inaured by tha Federal Homing Administration. Poa-toning all of the neceasitire of a comfortable ound!y eon-itruetad home, thii home hat eliminated thoee feature which unncceeaarily wenld here boosted ltd coat. 4 ' 14 64. IS Tb 204 5 It 21 114 14 4 11 10 4 14 8 FLOOR PLAN SCALE. Armour of 111 Atlantic Refla -Atria Corp, Del Baldwin Loco . Balti A Ohio BarntdtU Oil Bendix Avia Beth Steel ' . Boeing Airplane Borden Co Borg Warner Brldgep't Brin Briggs Mfg -Brook-Man Tr Bur Add Mach Byer (AM) Can Dry Gin Ale 12 H Can Pac R R 214 Cae (J I) Co 701 Calumet A Hecia 514 Cel Corp 14 , Cerro De Pssco 2 4 Certain-Teed Prod 7 4 6hes A Ohio 29 1 Chi Mil St Pa Ffd Ik Chyaler Corp 69 Citlee Serr 41 Cltiei Sertr Pfd 8214 Col Gu A Elec Copt A South Com Setr Congll-N'ilrn Con Edi N Y Con Oil Con Cm Con Oil Del . Cruc Steel Corn Prod Curtlsa-Wrlght Curti-W'rlght j Deere A Co MORTGAGES 1 Blinehird. Mify i! u Ulrlck Orund-suo Clifton, If. X ld of William St. l vi N W. from UndtB Art. 120x)$ It M 1 Von Thun, Albert ux to NlehoU loiuma ux, Futoroon 144 JPutnum 0t i 500 I Rtdfervon, ChorlM H. ux to Ftob-hrt NtlloMl Bunk. HaMod, Lou (ft 3S3 A 34S Boutfc fid Art. os As-irstncnt Map of Hmladon, 44,300. 4 McOlll. RlchAnl H. ux to Puwulc frional Biink M Tm Oo , CUfton, S Ime M CItnton Avo. IJTVk It. . from Ut 4 114x37 It 43 000. Gfiuo Holdinc Oorp to Bunk of PitMic A Trul Oo., OUfton. 1. Ado of Pvrmnunt Avo. 340 ft. K Irom Martian Plwe 70x100 ft. 43,700. I Nmea. Miko 1 to Clifton No tionil Bank, Bum m Oaod No 10 43.700 7 Vrapland, J. flintm us to 2nd National Bank of Buuruon, Barn as Dead Be. 13 15,000. , QUESTIONS and ANSWERS J. How oan I have my house treated to protect it against ter- B lies A. It your home ii already built, the beet means of protection la constant vigil to aee that the termites do not build any tunnels from the ground to the woodwork. If there Is any wood tbit touched the earth, thla should be removed and aome alteration made ao that no .wood will be closer than eight inches to the soil. If the termites have already entered, discover where thei get In nnd destroy their tunnels. They cannot live without some connection to the found, as moisture la esaential to their existence. If any wood bat been damaged to such an orient that it te unbafe, replace it It possible. Insert metal ter-tnlie shields between the wood Hl and the - foundation walla. H you contemplate building a new house, have all foundation walia and piers completely' cov-red with noncorrealve metel hieide which extend from the outside face of -the wall through nd beyond the Inside face of the wall about two inches and turn this projection down at an utile of 48' degrees. Or else bate an tha -wood of the first-Unnr construction Impregnated under pressure with some recognized termite preventive. A bulletin covering this snbject Is maintble from the Superintendent of Documents, Washing-Inn, D. C., by sending 8 cents in coin (not stamps) and re-fluf-xtlng the Department of Ag-nniiture Farmer Bulletin No. H2, entitled Preventing Dam-, by Termites er White Ants.n - 1 Change in Interest Rate Means Much in Home Cost By HERBERT F. NELSON (Executive Vlcd-prpsldent, National Association of Real Estate Boards Most people do not realize that apparently trifling differences in Interest rates make a very considerable difference In the cost of home ownership. Changes and differences in the rates they hear discussed are only fractional, S per cent; 5Nt per cent: 54 per cent; 5 per cent; 4 14 per eenCTIut a little figuring will make It clear that a difference of only 1 per cent In the rate The borne buyer pays for his money may mean a difference of 10 per cent or more In the cost of his home. Assume his mortgage totals $5,000, that hlg total Interest rate la 8 per cent, and that his loan is amortised over a twenty-year period at 6 per cent. On a direct reduction loan (calling for equal payments each month) he will pay In twenty years $7,920. With exactly the same kind of mortgage at S per rent he would pay $8,(04. The $684 difference is more than 13 5 per cent of hla principal commitment. It would mean an increase o' more than S 4 per rent in the total eventual home roat. If the loan ran Instead for 25 years at 8 per cent he would pay $8,778. At six per cent he would pay $9,476. The difference, $900, Is IS per cent of his principal commitment. The added 1 per cent in interest rata wonld mean an Increase of 10.3 per cent In his eventual home cost. That ia why It is of very general interest that money at 4 H per cent (pins mortgage Insurance) fa beginning to he opened to the home buyer. Following the announcement of a large bank, that It had $10 millions available at an Interest charge of 41 per cent on approved - FHA loans, a large trust company and more recent'y a Chicago bank, have announced the same rate. The rate applies to qualified loans both on new construction and on existing houses. The news means just that much broadening of the number of people to whom home ownership is possible. It means Just that much broadening of the employment and indnstrial possibilities that are Involved in home construction. The need for homes and the great market for the home-production industry, which has many branches lies for the future down in the great mass of our pcop'm who have only a small Income. We are all com-ing to recognize this. Every gain we make toward lower home coats, whether through bettering our tax rates, learning new economies In construction, or cutting down mortgage risks and other factora of mortgage cost, will widen just that much our whole base of activity. It will do this for home financing Itself and for all American business and Industry. Needless to say It will widen tbe base for satisfactory Individual and community life. the number of house occupants; (2) efficient moisture-resistant insulation; (2) a well-built cabinet, tightly sealed against eir on the outside ao that warm moisture-laden kitchen air cannot contact the Inaulatlon; (4) durable, easily cleaned interior and exterior finishes; (5) easily aerviced, durable mechanism; () safe refrigerant; (7) reputable dealer service organization. Hints For Home . Owners , Rcfrlgmtfv The need for ample ventilation found the cabinet and mechan-Jm ef a mechanical refrigerator called t the attention of fme planner by official of he Federal Housing Admtnls-tfjilon. . 'TWlchqa . for - refrigerator oould be avoided, If tha re-Irgerator la tf be operated economically. - If It la to be bollt into a unit-cabinet kitchen, ample Tnllation mart be provided at I11 rear or aides. The Federal Housing Admln-" (ration also suggest that prospective horn owner in selecting refrigerator, seek: (1) Ample forage capacity as related , to Swinging Door A swinging door connecting the kitchen or serving pantry with the dining room can be an object of great convenience and need not break the general trim of the room. The swinging door may be of a atyle identical with other door of the house and may even be equipped with similar hardware. Lending Institutions qualified by the Federal , Housing Administration advance funds for in stallatlon of swinging doors, the work being done unde the Property Improvement Credit Plan of tbe FHA. Broom Cloerta Tall narrow closets designed as storage apace for brooms, mop, and vacuum cleaner are becoming increasingly mor common In- modern homes, but tbe valuable service they offer need not be denied to the houae-wlfe whose homd wa built a decade or more ago. It is a simple and inexpensive matter to Install broom cloaats In existing homes, and the efficiency which they will eon-trlhote to thr kitchen will more than likely repay any home owner who undertakes the Job. Coder the term of the property Improvement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration fund for thla work may be obtained from qualified leading institution , . . T , ' Mineral Springs To Be Developed Leo Wolins to Restore Attractions of Old Dorincourt Old Dorincourt, the once famous hostelry at tha renowned Schooley'a Mountain Health Springs near 'Hackettstowo, which for many decade during tbe last century was one- of the gay spot on the Stage Coach route between Manhattan Island and Easton, Pennsylvania, has been razed recently by builders who plan to make this alt a notable addition to the vacation Lake Colonies adjacent to New York. Leo L, Wolns, the well known New Jersey builder and owner of the property, declares Ws plan to rector tor the present generation many of those attractions which drew the flower of American political and social life to Dorlnconrt during the past century . . moat of all, we Intend to make fullest nse of the health giving mineral spring once the greatest rival of Saratoga The initial tract which is being developed, consists of thirty-three acre and fronts on the highway to Morristown and Dover. It . Is only fifty mile fronU New York, and stands on a high elevation on Schooleya Mountain, Sites of a quarter of an acre ar being offered with house built to order on easy terms. There 1 a private lake on the property and a swimming pool and modern clubhouse are to be built. Construction work for the entire project la in charge of Bonded Building Corporation, 732 Weat Forty-second street, ,Xew York City. Plan More Homes JTor Clifton Area Because of the increased sales activity since the first of tbe year, Clifton developers of Fair-mount Gardena and Richfield Knolls, for whose homes De Mattta-O'Brien, Inc., with offices In the National Bank Building. Passaic, are exclusive sales agents, have announced plans for extensive building throughout tbe coming months. Homes in these developments range tn price from $S,99().00 up, with Colonial and English types predominating. Richfield Knolls, Cliftons garden spot, is located Just off Van Houten avenue at Pershing road, while Fatrmount Gardens nestles peacefully In the section directly back of the Clifton high school. An added Incentive to buyer ha been the arrangement recently made to secure FH A mortgages at 414 per cent Interest a savings of 14 per cent over former charges. Both development plan to have five more sample houses constructed by the end of April. All home constructed In these tracts quality for the FHA Insured mortgages and can ba purchased with as little as a 10 per cent down payment, with amortisation ex tending over a period of twenty-five years. The feature of the National Housing Act, giving twenty-five year for re-payment of FHA mortgage loans runs out In June. There iis a possibility that this will not be renewed by the present Congress. Therefore, buyers are urged to act Immediately If they desire to purchase under the twenty-five year amortization contract. Premises are open week-days and 8undays and all are invited to inspect tha homes without obligation. N. J. Produce on N. Y. Market 40. 8 sH N. 8 DarlwMata I AgHaaltwre C.wtlti( Most commodities were traded ach anppltea were heavy and the market weaker. A little New .Jersey spinach wts offered hut 'quality was poor. New Jersey broccoli sold slightly lower with supplies moderate. Most other green vegetable showed little change. Apple New Jersey, bu. bskts. and boxes, Romes tick-inch min., 1.28-49, poor 46-1.10. Delicious 214 Inch min. 1.2714-80, fair l.lfS. Various ordinary 78-1.00.t" -Beets Nearby, bu. topped, fair 40-26. Broceollrabe New Jersey, erta. bunched .1.00-1.76, poorer 76. Bu. bunched 76-1.00, poorer 60. Carrot Nearby, bu. topped 1.00-1.40. Cblcorte Nearby, bu. 78-1.00, few 1.26, Dandelion Greens Nearby 1 ba. 60-1.60, .mostly 16-76, f higher. Leek Nearby, bu. bskts. 2.18-2.00, poorer ' 1.76-2.00; bundles 20-26. Mushroom Penn, and New York, 2-lb. bakts. 46-66, few (0-48, poorer 10-49; 1-lb, bakta. 16-17. Parsnips Nearby, bu, 76-1.00. Poorer 40-80. ScaUloa New Jersey, ba. Closing Quotations money i , TOTAL BALES TO , ' . OjH Air Reduc 60 . Aluka Juneau ' -3 All Chem A Dye 169 1C Allied Storee 714 Allts-Chalm Mfg Amer Caa Amer A For Pow Amer Interna Amer Loco ' 1 Amer Pow A Lite Clowe 2114 8814 214 6 1714 414 Am Rad A Stand 12 Am Roll Alilli 1214 Am Bmelt A Refin 40 Amer Steel Four , 2214 Amer Sugar Amer Tob H Amer TAT Amer Water Anaconda Cop 164 7914 16214 814 2214 Atch, Top A 8 Fa 26 6214 , 714 '161 714 2214 8814 21. 6 18 121 -1414 411 221 141, 80 1641, 94 231, -28 414 191 614 1114 61 14 201 571, 211 131, 23 1 10H 201, 101 1414 2 14 4 11:00 230,000 114 1014 21 29 H 714 38 23 28 57 '4 514 22 17 4 1614 40 8, 22 IS 4 S 6214 4 IS 10s 21H 30s 7S 37 23 29 S 57 4 5S 22S 18S Watercress A11 sections, bunch 2-3, poorer 1. per of tbe Pompton Lakes police un-.t,gied that neither Scbnlte nor West Air Bke West E A M Woolworth Co, Yet Tr A Coech Young SAT BOSTON MARKET Rid United Shoe 72 S Last Sale 7214 20S 92 S 4414 144 344 Ask 734 73 folded the story thla morning after arresting Hans Schulte. 27, of 803 Park - avenue, Hoboken, and hi companion, Otto Ranks, 27, of 210 River drive, Paterson, tor creating a disturbance on a public throughfare tn Pompton Lakes. According to Information received by Officer Holzscbuh, Schulte and Ranke entered a dance hall in tha borough. Joseph Michael O'Keefe, 25, and Chester Crowell, 25, both of pompton Lakes, were present. As the police unfolded the story: O'Keefe was dancing with a young lady when Schulte kt-tempted to "cut In. O'Keefe refused to allow his lady partner to dance with Schulte and the latter became angry. He Invited O'Keefe outside where youll give the Nazi salute and repeat Hell Hitler!' O'Keefe, Schulte, Ctowell and Ranke left the hall and the battle atarted. Although Ranke and Crowell did lltUo of the battling, OKeefe and Schulte paced off and began to fight. By tho time a call waa lent to police headquarters and Officer Holsachuh arrived, Schulte waa prone on the ground, eufferlng badly braised face and two closed eyes. All four men were taken to pol.lce headquarter where Cbief Arthur W. Gilbert aald this morning an Investigation re- Tensfon in Europe Is Reason (ContlnuetUlrom Pag 1 which have been customary for the last several years. Tbe abrupt new order applied to the entire U. S. aea force, with the exception of the newly created Atlantic squadron. The special Atlantic force comprises only five cruisers, six submarine, one aircraft carrier and one aircraft tender. The navy made no announcement of reasons for the sudden move. However, It appeared plain that the decision must have been made In connection with war tension In Europe. Follow F. D. Appeal Tha move was announced within two hours of President Roosevelts sudden appeal to Hitler and Mnseolint to keep the peace of the world. It wa presumed that 17. 8. authorities believed it desirable that the U. 8. Fleet be concentrated tn the Pacific in event of sudden developments tn that area. It was also noted that the bulk of Great Britain's tea power already Is concentrated in European waters, In the North Sea and the Mediterranean, and would ba required there In case of war. The Nary announcement: Secretary of the Navy Swanson announced today that, when fueled, the United States fleet with the exception of those units listed below, will return to normal operating areas In the Pacific: The Atlantic squadron and five cruisers, six submarines, one aircraft carrier, on aircraft tender (LSS Langley with two aquadrona of patrol planes). Stocks Increase After '-v FJh Peace Message (Continued from Page 1 ther farorable developments might be forthcoming. This waa In contrast with, a week ago when tbe longs dumped their holdings on fear of adverse news. Aa usual In a .Ising market, traders Ignored whatever bad news developed and concentrated on such Items as the Roosevelt appeal; the Clapo statement .that Italian troops would be withdrawn from Spain early in May a jump tn rubber consumption and better than expected retail trade reports. Coal Company Office Robbery Proves Dud Barglars gained entrance to tha Greenblatt Coal company. 473 Straight street, corner of Twenty-fl rat avenne, by forcing a door last night. They could not open a safe containing only a amall amount of money. Noth lng waa taken. Complete Colonial Heines Ai FAIRMOUNT GARDENS , CUFTON. N. S, $59so or 10 m m Down pmaxsii bEMATTIA-OBRIEN, NATL BANK BLDG PASSAIC FHONE PASSAIC 8-4427 DIIMTMM TO PaorBITfi Tara ant Mala Are. Cllftaa. at nasal, naeack three Stack, tara rtsht at Mart Ira Ptaea, Tha Garden Spat Of Clifton" RICHFIELD KNOLLS' Offering BeaaUfnI Colonial and English Typ Hanses :tn Isteresl EE F.lATTIA-0E3IEn, IHC, SALES AGENTS NATL BANK BLDG. PASSAIC PHONE PASSAIC 8-4427 in Dlircnssi TO PMOPRRTYi Tarn rtsht Tan Mantra Arc t lifts, at Farablas Bm4, preened aae Stark, torn rtsht ta MtehOeld K Bella ttarrlapaamt. ar w'-w'd Make an Irishman HeiJI Hoboken Visitor to Pompton LakeS Gets -Beating and He and. His Comrade Get 30 Days Each For Trying the Stunt ...'J An attempt of a professed Nasi sympathizer, td make an Irlzh-man repeat the Nazi aaluta and offer a Hell Hitler! resulted Is hi suffering a painful beating ezrty thla morning and waa latar responsible for hla receiving a 30-day Jail term. Patrolman Arthur Holzscbuh Rank ware .cltlzana. Tha chief also said that one of tha men expressed a desire to return to Germany. He- added that Ranks has been In this country for only 18 month and that Schults has bean hare for I? year and hla father, a New York businessman, Is, not a citizen. Both Schults and Ranks were arraigned before Justice of tha Peace J. Clarence Horten thla morning. Schulte wa fined $39 and Ranke $25 and whan both defaulted on- their fines they were ordered to jail for 89 days. Treasury Receipts WASHINGTON. April IS (ff The position of tbe Treasury, Aprir 13. Receipts 64,305,170.96; ax pendlture $21,801,044 9V; net balance $3,199,239.498 62 in eluding (2,539,145,350.37 working bslsn-e; customs receipts fot the month $10,666,272.47. Receipts for tha fiscal yea (since July 1) $4,507,587p 632.11 ; expenditures 87,143,303, 301.94, including $2,447,627p 6(8.94 of emergency expenditures; excess of expenditures $2, 036.716,7(9.83; gross debt 840,' 040.(05.911.78 an incress of $994,770.66 over the previous day; gold asset $15,437,476, 711.06. The UTMOST in Value... IF YOU art Interested In getting th UTMOST In value for your home-buying dollars, a visit to Glen Rock Estates will prove a revelation to youl Here you will find tbe kind of borne you have always wanted to own at a price you can readily afford to pay.' Built up to the highest standards ef the building Industry., .equipped with tbs most modern comforts and conveniences. Drive out today. Air Conditioned Colonial Home Now Open For Inspection. Model Home Completely Furnished by Hears-Roebuc k A Co., Hackensack, H, J. few i FEATURE8 MS IptfidW R9MM Kstvw Unitrift r9i49rMt TUp Bettis lUrmtlM Rbmm Air rendjttstiiiic Ptseei Boilers Gee Typo OU Berners $5990 up On Landscaped Plot 00x125 10 Cash $27.50 Monthly XM enM Mw RMiUiir mort lf seriece ef fit ee F.B.A. I lee. DIRECTIONS: Route 4 to Saddle River Road tn Ackerman Ave. to Rock Road; turn right on Rock Road to property. GLEU ROOK ESTATES Rockjtoad and Ackerman Are. Adjacent to Ridgewood Glen Rock HUiUaliUilfcHfiKiHiiU iit(Piu)&e? r'M-B rf-! n i re i"t mnruiBi tuii bs taut tiiriiiMi i If it 1 AIIHXJNDITIONED HOMEsTeLUNG :0R rn-rr Lrrjrrr Irrrirrr UTrjrrc atjnd Brtfe-QeelHr eei Um Fatteml e CVea GA-Hettf Ml Air t'enditkHitAf Peered ( earrete Feee- r eeqw O I 1 deviated I Deebla Oak fleet U fleehlecB ( topper Weier Pipe Threat heat 0 Mtoftri Kfteteity kitehea utMt Tm gm Hence SUaeleam la Kltrkea feieeted Wallpaper f Attached Oamge f M ft.clM ft. 14-raprd Plat All iMpmeaedi la aad paid far Pay nnibiitff IikMiiic intern! taea atari race rcdacilaa. fit Maettdy Beeka. Leti ba freak Tour firet eat la fat the , only eoet vfece yeti awe a hem. Tbat t why wa built ikeaa heaiaa ef brick far you They coat LKAA ta And an top af that tbay are priced eo low that anyona havtsf B steady jot caa awn ana. And because wc after tha free tret ralue to ba found ta Ber-t(i County, lacanamort Home are aelltny rtke - the proerbMl hotrakee. ,.M la weeks. Check the KitraQuahty Cometmc ttoa Feature lifted at left. And remember, - Inpsaamert Home are handy ta arhoels and atersa, Traneportatlea ta Xew fork. Hudaea County and Pateraap I exception! DrtN out thi week-end. , If MoDttle HOXPd AWAIT HOIK lSaPBCTIO!! Completely rralhed by Grand BapMf ramltar (.. Palate, . J. ln r lapctta Dallr la S. r. M. rkaaai lialml am Warren Point ' (SOITI HO. 41 to aGaata trn St4 f !lll

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