The Herald-News from Passaic, New Jersey on September 19, 1951 · 26
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The Herald-News from Passaic, New Jersey · 26

Passaic, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1951
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23 THE HERALD-XETTS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1951 Puc&lc-Clfloa, N. i. Looking and Listening - Olsen and Johnson, Spike Jones Calmer Br C. E. Butterfield AT Rd1u-TV Writer Olsen and Johnson and Spike Jones, dispensing their own types of hilarity in separate shows, have returned to NBC-TV in somewhat subdued mood- Neither seemed as strenuous as in previous efforts. humor in both shows for the laugh seekers, along with the usual quota of feminine pulchitritude. New York's Rocky Graziano, seeking sull another comeback in the middleweight division, will be one of the principals m tonight's boxing bout from Detroit on CBS radio and TV at 10. Hu opponent is Tony Janiro. Other radio developments tonight: NBC 9.30 Big Story at a new time a half-hour earlier, dramatization from Woonsocket, R. I.. Call; ABC 10 Time Bomb. special documentary produced in co-operation with the Cruside of Freedom depicting how the story of democracy penetrates the Iron Curtain. In television, Kate Smith presents the first of her night variety shows in addition A her afternoon hour five timer a week. It will be seen on NBC-TV at 8, using guest acts in a program patterned after her former night radio series. The obvious effort to put their entertainment more into keeping with the living-room atmosphere probably should be attributed to reactions to their earlier productions as much as anything else. Olsen was shown only when seated behind a desk or other obstructions. He still is recovering from a broken leg. Otherwise, there was enough LEARN TO- itupio Dflnctnc Ml Main Are. FReacoU 1-SSU Kate Smith Start, Sight TV Series ICKETStNOW tom nmicun hast ii days MPT. 2 thru OCT. 21 KllO.he.le.llM Ben, K Die. - SI JO, . 1 4. A o I tea fact 1 W W. TVm. I.. I IA B. Bm. SI 7A J JO. 1 J. A (M, M I Oahm Mn M. M. Ben. . (A 0q O0t$ MOMfTlT FUIID pMADISOMSQSEAKDENi ii'UliM UJLWMC.I, t:l;s 1M Clifton Chamber Wants FarkingAuthority Named Directors of the Clifton Chamber of Commerce voted yesterday to ask the city council to speed action on establishing a municipal parking authority. The chamber has been pressing for the establishment of municipal parking lots in business sections for several years and has approved the establishing of an authority. Radio Tomorrow Television AM WPAT 930 Kil. WNJR 1430 KiL W0R 710 KiU ' WJZ 770 Kit. WCBS 880 Kit. WNBC 660 Kil. Tomorrow FM WJZ 95.3 Meg. WOR 98 7 Meg. WNBC 97.1 Meg. All Program, Subject to Change Without Notice TV WCBS 2 WNBT 4 WABD 5 WJZ 7 WOR 9 WPIX 11 WATV 13 Today's Radio Features and Programs 2.25 Baseball: Chicago vs. Yankees, WINS; 9 25 Dodgers at St. Louis. WMGM. 5 30 Clyde Beatty Show: White Gold, WOR. 7.30 Club 15, with Bob Crosby and Gisele MacKenzie, WCBS. 8 00; Pete Kelly's Blues, WNBC. Mr. Chameleon: Case of the Murdered Millionaire, WCBS. 8 30 Great Gitdersleeve, WNBC. International Airport: Until Proven Guilty, WOR. Dr. Christian: Amelia Has A Change of Heart, WCBS. 9 OO It Pays to Be Ignorant, WNBC. 9 30 The Big Story: Henry Pomton, Woonsocket, R I., WNBC. Family Theatre, WOR. Mr. President, starring Edward Arnold, WJZ. Johnny Dollar: The Cuban Jewel Matter, WCBS. 9 45 100th Anniversary of the New York Times, WJZ. 10.00 Front Page News, WPAT. Dangerous Assignment, WNBC. Piercing the Iron Curtain: "Time Bomb, WJZ. Boxing: Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Janiro, WCBS. lap., WCBS Dr Christian P.St T rad Jinx WINS Chicago vi Yankee Amelia Nm A Change WCBS Margaret Arlon J.S r m. of Heart wpat n j aus m u r m WOR BtU Henrv oewi WJZ L Griffith Ml Review WCB&-World Wide New WJi Family Curie (C gr HYPNOTISM School of Applied Hypnokvfy offers class and private courses m hynotism and autosuggestion Any man or woman with average Intelligence can learn this science Absolutely safe. With Guaranteed Result lm don't hnta to bo mystic nu Circular Upon Request SCHOOL OF APPLIED HYPNOLOGY 3 MARKET ST. PATERSON Hotel Carroll Flasa Bldg BH. Eves. PR. t-ZlU At HS Hilltop Hoi SHJk-Nawa Band Bos iii r a WNBC Road ad Uls IMF M. WPAT World News WNBC Peoper Youn WOR Heeiberton House W( BS-Houn Parts anti Art Lmkiettar 141 F g. WNBO Bigot to Mappinao ( B nmi-nuua nw WOR-ohn Wingate news WNBC The Big Story; WCBS Ced'tc Adam. aawa Henrv Pointon woa w.? V m Woonsocket, R I WPAI N J News Club SI WOR Familv Theatre S: A M. WPAT N J News; Record Room WOR -News Harry Henneeay WJZ- Breakfast Club S-gg e m WCRA Tma Is New garb WPA1 N j New,. Gullfhl WNJR-New,. KmriM WNBC n Far, To Ignorant WOR 3000 Plus W N bC Backstage Wife WOR Barbara Weil Show WJZ Dean Cameron WCBS Strike It fUcn WNJR News Ian Revue 4 15 f M WNBO1 Stella Dawm 4 a r as WPAT World News WNBC Widder Brows .. . WOR Happy Felton. Trank WPAT from Pace N Bishop WNBC Dangerous WJZ Manhattan Maharajah Assignment WjZ Mr a'rewaeai itimni Edward Arnold WCBS Johnnv Dollar, The Cuban JtweL Matter WNJR Rhumbolero 141 P N WJZ ldOih Anniversary f N. Y Times P r vC. i limiaesi iUu Meipeait Sole! Nationally Famous Make ALL WOOL Broadloom Carpet Regularly 17.95 yd. . 11.95 Heavy pile twin! weave in popular color. You save $6 per yard. Quantity limited. Immediate delivery. q. jd. TO- NITE Polish Homo Ballroom Mob roe 8L Passaic DUKE COLLINS ORCH. Adau IbcL Ux . . BSc WCBS Mma Goea Shopping 4d p k WNBC Tho Woman in My House .00 P M. WPAT S J News. Club WNBC Just Plain Bill WOR Bobby Snerwnod WJZ Big Jon and bparius WOR Show one wt.SS Oaleo Drama UUP N WNJR Jazz Revue WPAT-Woild Newt; ,x i U f M Pat a Party WNBC Tront Pag Farrell WNBC-Meredith Willson ijor m - - - WPAT World News WNBC Loienxo Jonea WOR Clyde Beatty WOR Frank Edwards WJZ Piercing the Iron Curtain Tima Bomb' Documentary WCBS Boxing Rocky , . . Graziano vs Tony Jsnlro WNJR spin m Chip WNJR News Bing Crosoy li OO A. M. le i p a. WPAT Special features Mission Ift A M. WOR Ail rn Cdwardo S 3 A M WPAT World News Bandwagon ON Be Andre Baruch Show WOR- The McCanns P.4i A M WCBS Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou - A M. WPAT N J News; Bandwagon WNbc Welcome ITaveiero WOR Henrv Gladstone: news Wjz -M. frue Story WCBS Arthur Godfrey Show WNJR New, spin s' Chid IS li A M WOR Martha Deane WJi A. M WJZ Edward Arnold, Atary Seiler 10 30 A. M. WPAT World Newt wnbo Double or Nothing WJZ Betty Crocker WNJR Louise Power is as A. M. WJZ Modern Romanes 1 White Gotd WJZ Mark I rail. Adventure WCRv Hit and WN J R In terviews SUP M. WNBC Bob and Ray WJZ Paul Harvey, nows .W P WOR- Weather Show Shoo WJZ New of Tomorrow WCBS Bernie Cummings WJZ David Amity, drama Orch II St A. M. WPAT N J News; Milo Boulton WNtto Break the Bank W OR Prescott kobunoa, news WJZ Evetyn Wintaeo Romance II. IS A M. WOR Telio-Te Orch WTNJR News II IS P flg. WJZ Dream Harbor WNJR free Waring MNP M. WPAT-N J News. Pat's Party WNBC WOR WCBS New WPAT World Newa WN be Jack Berea Show WOR-Qut-o toe a Day WJZ When A Girt Wed WCBS Grand Slam II A. M WNBC Dava Gangway WJZ Lon Journey WJZ Cholly Knickerbocker WCBS Roaemarv sketch Its a Desk . . . Its a Server Its a 3Drawer Chest! 29.95 Heres beauty and use fulness at a low price. Mahogany, with cehter guided dustproof draw ers. Du Pont Duco lacquer finish. Its a Simmons! only 69.50 For All Three Pieces Here is an incredibly low Sale price lor this entire outfit. Attractive Duran headboard ... so smooth . . . to sleek ... So practical too! A swieh of a damp vlulh cleans it . Also included Is a Simuiuus inucftpriug mattress and box spring on legs. SPECIAL! Reg. 4-1.50 FAMOUS, SUMMONS LNNERSPRLNG MATTRESS with hundreds of tteel coils 29.50 Exchange FI.,. Passaic Open Fridays to 9 P. M. mwwm iff) -' Through tiny jeweled pin I You can place this beautiful broorto loywhere oa your coarumw with do oucMdo connecting micropbooc cord and you get unmuffled reception, with no ciotbe-rub noiae, even on twiahy Mtk or taffeta. Learn the mans smart ways you can Wear the new Soootoae so that It actually adds g touch of glamour to your cootuny. Mail coupon for free (aaheoo booklet, illustrated la color, crammed with (rente style idea. Wf AT N J Nei Club St WNJR Vic MarciMo WNBC-notih Ban chart III P M New. Lyle Van WNBC Skitch Hrndereoo JZ Allan Stuart Show WOR A L. Alexander, WCBS New. Dougiaa Edward WNJR News; Bing Croibf I U P M WNBC The Answer Maa I Vi OR Teilo-test . WCBS You and the World WJZ Plan For Survive! WNJR New Aim Havrtiia WCBS Henrv Jerome Orch IMP M WNJR Music for Musing WPAT World New. Club M II 41 P k WNBC Bui Stem, sports WVRC Skitch Henderwe WOR New Henry WOR Weather Mutir Gladstone WCBS Dance Orchestra WCBh Cun Maascy sag 12 M Mii Martha Tmaa W? AT N J News Pal a WNJR Sport and Seared Itt P E WNBC Three-Star Extra WOR Stan Lomax sport WCBS Lowell Thomas R-C u y Lombardo WMCA Giant Jotunga Sam Aro 7 S P M. WPATv-N J Newt Club WNBC Srm rtiomtte i lT WJZ New Donao St George WCBS Beulah m ITlffflil Hattie McDaniel " WNJR Newa Music 1 IS P M WNBC Morgan Beatty WOR Behind the Store WJZ Elmer Davis new WCBS Jack Smith an Dinah Shore i j r at WPAT World News news WOR Gabriel R eat ter WfZ Lone Ranger WCBS-Club is with Bob Croaby nd Ctseie MacKenrre WNJR Stars ta Song 7 P M WNBC- One Man a family WOR Mutual Newsreel WCBS Edward ft Murrow. 12 N WPAT N J N Crooners WNBC News Kats Smith WOR Curt Massey and Martha Tuun WJZ Thy Neighbor' Poles WCBS Wendy Warrsa ad ths New WNJR News Gene Krup 13 IS P M WOR Jimmy Carroll Show WJC Victor H Lindlahr wr Bt Aunt Jenny WNJR Muite Maker 12 3S P M WPAT World New ' WNBC Skttrb Hendersod WOR New. Harry Hennesey WJZ Hero Sheldon BAs m WCBS Helen Trent WNJR Home Garda News (2 S F M WNBC Skitch Henderson Hollywood Horizon Rub-a-dub-dub, Jane Russell in a Tub By Bob Thomss AF Hollywood Writer When a movie queen takes Hed Brush Vp She cant merely dip In and out of the suds, the same as you or I on Saturdays Jl night. Oh, no. ( When its for a movie scone, the bath takes on monumental proportions. When I heard that Jane Russell was taking her first film bath, I rushed over ta the Son of Paleface set. Paulette Such history Goddard must be recorded, and Im just the man to do it. I even brought my brush, in case she wanted her back scrubbed. Miss Russell didn't seem too interested, either in my offer or in the bath itself. Is this truly her first film bath? I guesa so, she replied, boredom creeping in like Los Angeles smog. Ive done shower and swimming scenes, but never a bath. Then thia Is history," I suggested. Apparently," she yawned. Like Harlow's More aware of the significance of the event was the director, Frank Tashlin. He intimated the a bath, its a production. - scene will go down in film annals along with such noted baths as Jean Harlow's in a barrel in Red Dust and Claudette Colberts splash in the milk for Sign of the Cross. It's not so much the bath that creates attention, it's whats in the tub, Tashlm remarked in the understatement of the week. Wi shot a test of Jane for the picture and the results were sensationaL When we ran the rushes, the projection room was packed. Were using the Goddard tub, he announced proudly, referring to the wooden vat which Paulette used in Unconquered. It's on loan-out from Cecil B. DeMiile." iiiU'Mi: m sr sHr - ' iLii liliLL V- ' rcv"a. WNBC Bob EUiet an Ray WOR Leocbeee at aris Gouidmg WOR John Gem hi lag WJZ Farm New Pfui Alampt WCBS JKk Sterling J A M WPAT World ffti ' WJZ-THerb Sheldon t-n a m WPAT N J New Hawthorne Grmpel Chwt WCBS Our Gal RuaAay I. P M. WPAT N J New Club 1 WJZ Mary Margaret McBride WCBS Big Stater sHetcfc SjR Newa Car) Uim I IS P M WNBC Jane Piraene WCB Ma Perkine Ik P M C5SSS3GQQGCI9 a or VAsAlC m jrrrERsov steft pRnntt t-TVM e Offtc hr,: M Sally Fri. til I M hW.WMUM g excinng booklet. -- -FASHION Yoet Feeeooct so Potae a ....State. FREE! WNBC New Bob and Ray WPAT World News WOR New Meivtn filioa VVNBG The Answer Mas WJZ Gordo Prater WOR Gloria Swanson WN HI Top O' the Morning WCBS Young Dr HU M IUP M WPAT Pront Pace New WNBC Jane Pickens Addree. ...... City mmmwmwmi WNJR News IMAM. WJZ Den Gardiner WCBS Harr rjirli sews A M WPAT N J Newa: w M. Record Room WPAT N J Newa. Gaslight WNBC New Bob and Rv 35BC-Pts ReUv'a Blues WOR Prescott Robinson. WOR Hidden Truth new WJZ American Aent play WJZ Herb Sheldon WCBS Mr Chameleon WCBS World New ' Case t the Murdered Rnund-U Millionaire WNJR New rob O We WNJR New favorite Musie Mornm S3SPM III A M WbAT-World New WOR Dorotny and Dtefe WNBC Great Gitdersleeve WJZ -The Fitzgerald WOR -liitcrnattenai tnoort WCBV-Phd Cook Until Proven GuiUy SWAM WJZ The Pat Man WFAT-WotU News WCBS Guiding Lign IN P M WPAT N J Nwr Club S3 WNBC Double or Nothing WOR New WJZ Ilka Chase WCBS Second Mrs BurtoD WNJR New Carl Ide t IS P M WOR- Patt Bamea and Barbara WCBS- Perry Maaon. Match IMP. N. WINS Chirsgo v Yankees IMP M WPAT World New WNBO Live Like S Millionaire WOR Mediation Board WJZ The Perfect Husband SCB-Nei Drake eseten WNJR Stars In -$ong I 41 P M W IZ Prances Rdify Show WCBS The BWghiet Dag US P M. WMCA Giants at Cincinnati N. Y. Pilot Killed at Saa HONOLULU (UP) Lt. William Joseph Callahan, of New York City, was killed when his navy Panther jet crashed into the sea on take-off from rn aircraft carrier off the Hawaiian Islands, the navy announced today. Movie Timetable CAPITOL Today and tomorrow, That a My Boy. l. 1H, M, 44. Mures PatruL . 7. CbNuiAG Today and tomorrow. Ante io. Id, I II, a , No Orccuda lor Mias biandish.-l IS. 4 AS. IS LiNCUiLN iooay and tomorrow. Jim Thorpe. 2 44.IM. S M, Havana Rose, l.J. 4 4. IX faLac t Today Tomorrow la Another Day, IKi, 4 U. M, Cavalry Seoul, 1 JO, 4 u, ft 40 Komnaon-Turpia ift&C I. 4 a. 1 o. 1 ota arrow. Tomorrow is Another Day. 2 . u ft Cavalry bcouc I JW I iu, ft li, right pteturea, I ft, 4 4, ft ftft CUIloN iciiftom Today. Great Caruso, 1 g M, ft 22, ft 4. According to Mrs. Hoyt. 2 SO, 3 4i. S 41. Tomorrow, Comm Hound the MounUm I 15, 4 41. ft OS Fight pteturea, 1 j e oa t 21, Tomorrow I Another Day. 2. ft ift, ft 42 ALL WOOD tCiiftonV Today and tomorrow, Hxh, Young and Pietiy. J 0, ft 4ft, ft 45 hmugglers island ) 3ft. ft 3ft. RiTZ (oarlieidi Today, Try and Get Me 1. 1ft 12. Surrender, ft 23 Tomorrow, Rich. Young and Pretty. 1. 1ft U, Golden Madonna, ft ft JUVOLI (Rutherford' Today and tomorrow. Guv Who Came Back 1 4ft ft 4ft. Mr. Biveore Atngs the Beu, 2 1ft 1 Sft, 1ft 15 HYWAY iair Lawni Todav Strictly Dishonorable, 144 1 1ft a Cattle Drum. 1 3ft. I 4ft Tomorrow Strictly Dtahonor-able. 2 41. 3, 1ft 10, Cattle Drive 1 Oft. ft 29, Romnaon-Turpm right 3 22. 9 4ft ORiT ANI t Hackensack i Today and tomorrow That a My Boy 2 OS ft 44, 1ft 3ft. Little ( Horn. 1 43 ft 1ft ft 4ft GAROLN (Patersoal Today and tom or row. Meet M After the Show, 1, 4. I. 10, Wtrked City 141 ft 4ft. ft 4ft FABIAN t Paterson Today and tomorrow . Painting the Clou as with SunMune, 1. 3 . ft 40 1 4ft. Hard, Fast and Beautiful. 3 ft 33 ft 30 RBGANT (Paterson) Todav Phantom of Paris 3 If ft aft 7 t. 3ft. Dracul a Daughter I, J 4ft. 3ft. 34, Robuwon-Turpm right. 1 3ft ft 1 ft M Tomorrow. Phantom of Pan. A 15, ft Oft. 1 t 10 3 i Dracula g Daughter. 1. 3 4S ft 2ft ft 34. Robinson-Turpm Fight 3 3ft ft 1ft ft 04 R1VOL4 t Paterson v Today and tomorrow, Tammg the Jungle. 1, 3 IE 4 IE 1 R ft IS, Matte Of aaae, 3, 4, ft, A M. U g (Pstraon Today and Rhubarb. 1 3 55, ft 3ft. ft 3ft, Chaui 2 43 5 U ft 45 DfUC-IN iTotowaV Todav and row. Rich, Young and Pretty. Cavalry Scout Continuous from dusk DRIVT-LN t Par am u Todav and tomorrow. Strangers on a Train, Gasoline Alley. Continuous from dusk DRJY'ErlN t Rutharfoed'Today and tomorrow Strangers on a Tram, 7 3. Ift 44, Gline Alley ft ) DKJVE-IN (Saddle River Twp Today and tomorrow Rich Young and Pretty, 1 2 Ift 45, Cavalry Scout ft 1ft Shop the ONE-STOP modern t cay! Get the Complete-Package of: CUSTOM MADE Aluminum Vtnutwn Blind, Aluminum Storm Window onj Scrooni Aluminum Storm Door nj Grills RoJiotor Inclofuro Connect onj Droo Rod, O Complrt, Lino of Toblo Pill FOR ONLY AIR-LITCC0RP. will cem-pletcly furnish your home with the abova necessities. Today's Television Features and Programs i 2 25 Baseball: Chicago vs. Yankees. Chs. 5, 11. 6 30 The Early Show: Sunbonnet. Sue, Ch. 2. I 7 45 Perry Como and Fontaine Sisters, Ch. 2. 8 00 Arthur Godfrey Show, Ch. 2 Kate Smith, with Paul Lukas, William Bendix, Kay Thomp' son, William Brothers, Stuart Morgan Dancers, Ch. 4. Ice Show, film, Ch. 7. t 9.00 Television Theatre: The Wren, Ch. 4. Miss Television, Finale, Ch. 13. 9.30 The Web: The Contradictory Case", Ch. 2. Shadow of the Cloak: The Professor", Ch. 5. - 10.00 Boxing: Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Janiro, Ch. 2. Break the Bank, Ch. 4. International Playhouse: Return of Stranger, Ch. 5. 4 Jin and Tv 4-Mitir Cotta 1 I om Corhaii Space X - I Vj j HELD OVER IND WEEK. 2CV RCHSJCW.M CO-rEATVRE "THE WICKED CITY' ALL or PART of theta items may be bought on our Easy 53 a wk. payment plan FOR FREE ESTIMATE Call PR. 7-0908 f Owr trarntt nImmm will cu 11 day er avounf with template line at lamplas- flin-LITE f.:fg. C:rp. 27 Monroe St. Pottoic (Car 3rd) 1W P 4 Lef-Over Rcvu 7 Market Mctndie 3 Ruth Bean home economic stir m. ft DIfv Dean II Dizzy Dean s u r m ft Chicago v Yankee 11 Chicago v Yanaeet 3ft P M 2- Firm Hundred Year'' 4 Film ift Report to Parent 2 4ft P Ift 4 Vanity Fair 1 Hft P Ift ft' Mtaa Susan with Suaan Peter 7 toody and Virginia KlfM ft bereemng Th World 12 Coffee Club 5 13 P M ft Vacation Wonderland 3 3ft P M ft All Around the lows, with Mike Wallace 4 Ber4 Parka Sno 1 Hollywood Mov Time ft Telephone Gam Ift Muaicai jackpot 4 P M P-hiifn Zz chang ft Ka Smith ft Beauty forum 13 Wealern Roundup ' k P a. ft ffllo! Pcofratp I Nancy Ciajf ft bally Smart Kitchen 4 ii P M f The ftfaelc Screen & to P 1 ft Bob Dtkon Show ft Kawkina Paua Pop 9209 3 Lncie Lumpy Cahin ft Buater Craooe Show II Take Your Pick ift Junior Probe I if p Ml ft Gahhv Have Jl Giggle Thea're i 3 P M ft Hoofbeata Fighting Vigilante ft Huway Goody 1 Tatce of ine Tray ft T eie Kid Teat H StX'Gun Playhou Texa Pioneera U Advntur Theatre iti P M. ft Nw ft p m ft Root) harooti ft Renal Fienh Gordon ft Merry Mailman ift Hollywood Playhouse ty P M 3 Jim McKay Show 4 Seeing t Believing ft 25 P M 4 New ft 3 p m ft The Cev Show; I Sunbonnet Su Cadet ft Sban Lomax ftporla 1 1 N ewa w eathe? 45 P M T Whit Plavm with Mas) McNeill ft John Wingate nw i 1 J'mmy Power PM ft Kukla Pran and OIM ft Captain Video ex etch T Club 7 ft Film Cbeyenn Ride Again ' tl New f Ift Western Peatur ' ' Border Bandtta 13 P M 7 Candid Camera Jl Film 'Lady Conieaeer ' la r N. ft Newa Gougia Edward ft Nw 4 Rooerta QumlaR 5 Date with Rex 11 Ncwareela weather iH2 P M ft Snort Spot It Between tne mmi liar ft Heart Sport 4 Film 2 ataniuo rhtr: Detour" tilt p ft Film Corridor of Mirrors ft-Fum b Nwi 11 Film Monte Carls Night' 1 omorrow'i Television I, J 4 H ft Color prrgram 4 Continued Story IDtyl7 is DAT AND TOMOReOW Mnu. lun Cuckraa !vi Is Ansthsr Cay1 r rORTD HFT IN COLO ;amers te Cavalry Seouf EXTRA! EXTXA! Robinson - Turpin Fight Fix Tntte ft tft r. ss. fturprta Nits Sat. A ft moon Abbott and Coateits In Comln ftMBft ths Moanutn JI McCres Sa Cattle Drive Ift Cartoon l ft-Stoege Comedie 1 L with Jnn Rrrn King 7 4 P. M. ft-Weather t 45 P M , 3 Perrv orvy and Fontaine Siatera ft Jr ho Cameron Swan new a 4 SS P ft Arthur Godfrv Show: 4 Kae Smith Show Paul Luka William Bwndt Kr THofiipioil, WtbiAma Rrnihers and Suart Morgan Darvrer ft Adventure iavn4Hjse I II Sell Mv Life 7 Ire Show film I Prey Conference Dommirwx f paduano, N Y Com of Water. Gai and Electricity Ift Film Preckiea Come Home a to P at ft Johnnv Paireiio olf II Hometown Variety I 45 P M ft John vtmgate new 9 P ft Strike It R'rh -Teievtatofl Theatr The Wren ft What the Story 7 Arthur Murray Party ft Weather, Wrestling 11 Film 'Laat A'arm 15 Mu Tntevuton Finals is p k ft Th Web The Contradictory Ca ft Shadow of th Closft: Th Profee tor 1 Wreathng Cmcago i it P M ft Boxin Rocky Graziano va Tonv Janiro 4 H eat th Rant ft International piavhoute Return of Stranger 4 to P II A Freddy Martin Show IW45 A M 4Rnnirg Mothtr ft Morning Cnapei 114 k ft Nw and Pie view 4 Jocphin Mrdarthy. rooking ft Kitchen Par. Suaan Adam ir 5 A H. ft Margaret Arlen I TS A 1 3 Strike It Rich 4 Here Looking At You w-Maggt jonnvm 4 Ttjr luffniif'' r II 44 P 41 4 Kteiglighta and Footlighta,? 17 SS boon ft Th NOW THRU SATURDAY Clifton Weftb, Joann Dm Mr, Belvedere Rings ths Bell Paul Dooffla. Joan Bennett, Linda Darnell, Don DeForo The Gov Who Came Bark fRFR Needle Threader" lo Ladies L In.rifTt iimn.nir ay Ja MILLARD STrSUNQ Pie 1 CHAIN JJANfl" ''Dvg Reseed y atrj. Mif rrrrrrrn: A NOW tnru bAilHUAY W ?r J W&H ?l jisui tjim 6 till1: jUZ-fc-JU 2 1 irif I : eAW rn-.--rm rTMi' nirttl kx r. -l"i 'i , i . 'feZZoXfJ, rCi ccra End BIG urn Now tRt AND OFT ME lit Vr lUUlou -tmEE.NPEB- Tomorrow TUurt. Ulru St Rich, Ycjr. & Pretty I, torlintcolor wltk )M Powoll. Vic Duuooo Aim lit Skowtuf la tel, vlclattyl Ths Osldcn U2d:r.r.3 Pkylll, Calvtrt. Tulllo CtnolMtl msL Strictly Diihonorobla Kite Plau, )ud Ldh iOEl, McCKKA CATTLE DRIVE IN TICHNICOL6B STARTS FRIDAY "Tsmorvow is Another Day and 'Mak of th Aveeter M M LAST TIMES TODAY MARIO LANZA in 'THE GREAT CARUSO" In Technicolor Alto "According to Mr. Hoy la'1 TOMORROW (THURI ) SAT. SMASH 3 UNIT SHOWl' Ruth Rmub. tte Cuckru 'TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY' IT NO. 1 Abbott A CoMllo la "COMIN 'ROUND THE MOUNTAIN" BIT NO. 1 ROBINSON TURPIN Fight Picture TECHNICOLOR BIT Jaa,, Vtc Bm,a,. W.,,.11 Cur,,. Daulrll, IterrluuR 'RICH, YOt.SG, AND mnr IN D TECHNICOLOR BIT J.ff Chaadter. R,,l,a Kr,m -SMlbOLER'S ILAND ITARTS AT. Bshlama-Trta right nimat WARN 9 - 7'rfn r-f? X ; :n crog; - ::3Tu 13 l .J 1 1 l V. -t V- j ' , . V 4 V r" ' ' -Th Fag and L with Pat Kirkland Date u Manhattan ft-Helen Faith Kean 7 France Langford and Don Amech 13 13 P M I New at Noon ft Mid-Day Headlines It 3 P M ft Search for Tomorrow ft Don RuU H Ted Steel 1ft Early Bird Matin 12 43 P. M ft Sts v Allen Show IMPg. 4 Kami Noerf I OIn Bumpttg Room T Market Melodi ft Telfav Nw II Td fteei I IS P M i ft -Garry Moor T Th Fitzgerald IMP M. ft Dttrv Dean I Dizzy Dean 3 U F. M ftOiirago v Yankee II Chicago vt Yankees nffiTrmr" M Ute. -Mean TW CWTEtr NO OHO I IDS hR MISS BLANDISH 4 FABIAN I earn 1 V RlYOU ttN I NtCENT Snt tft flttfl nub akle Rrd, Fast, SaaBlifal Malt GrN Tmag Ift JuRf1 IB Kiiilag h KUief" "tref a panfhler j 'PkaRtfH f Pari I UNaiaBTrpiii Fight I l HMrttnmSMfiwm, th SmcopatW Munatl SpacBdei ttnt 0utto7k VN M: VAM80 UUt JlHTi IB ftHD T2UMKAM 08 lUkSAUind Mow Mao W Mow! DENNIS VIRGINIA , GENE M o rgan "Mayo-N elson LUCILLE NORMAN S. Z..SAKALU DAVID BUTLER 1 TIME SPOUTS , PACKET ) rxPOSCDf nlWJWD) f 1 f nr BMllMflllM! II 1. L 3HU lit! i I in NOW PLAYING rAlAUClfAf.UXUTZf TWO Ria NrW BIT! Dcnaa KHIdl'oKissns cm , Th-.v. "KOREA PATROL" , 1 1 Tbrilllng . . . W " 1 W T.rlDLNA :iaaaasr: ' ' n 1.

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