The News from Paterson, New Jersey on April 4, 1939 · 25
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 25

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1939
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i evening news ARraory 4-2000 ' Sa s Siiig :aoi .is Soldi ibi4 UsabIe;Ca3K - jp 2 HrtnmobUe ' VALUES BUSED CARS s::j 123 323 223 373 323 j3? i-hw Town bed 19;$ lhirlrt ton l9, Cheirolet Coni 19(5 Chevrolet (Sport Sedan 197 1Ortl Tu$or Ned H.M. SMITH. nc. urKET & 24th ST. sHERS2PiS2: jl.rkrt and Mat SMSU r-R-O-G-A-N ijSED CAB DEPT, nlet arlevtle .Of 1045 M RKET ST. SHER. 3-3410 j porxK 4.door Trg. Sedan U IITH.K1 TO (ELECT VHOM IMaln U ten 3i n'mouh To-Rid' A Htr. 'll Lovett- 1 D-Rad-Htr. $359 in Mtra Plymouth-DeSolo 10 Tpt. Av.Olen Rk Rt 1-H9I t W,hhepsi ml) 4-1, nl J. ,1111 I TT.n: is SEDAN, perfect run- :flrr;nN0O&.M'HTwr: 7-1214 W . .r ", iM Auburn. Radio, henter, , condition. Private owner. iu.nna, 5 Dayton Bt, Pat' u 4Mi;l) TO BUY AUTO "spot Caan for Tour Car Unpaid Balnece take Over Phnna HAwthorsa l-MSS MOTOR REPAIRING ir ( HEV. Motor rebuilt 131. Fnrd VI rebuilt .i, Pt- Uin.der Reeondltlonlng t.n E 37 Bt LA. I-IIII. -Announcements LOST AND FOUND ,5T-4S.)ld link bracelet, Stii-night Initialed , AAW -2-j:22 Reward. eT Ddv a gold wrist watch, ,cin l Lake St, and Hamilton Peterson Reward. Return to 7K2 Broadway. PERSONAL niU FLOWER MARKET, IM tail Main t. Enntee rerengan. e. Funeral designs. Wedding i,vcta at na. Informslisa aterson Evening Newt lassified Advertisements TniUirM AdvMMir (.aitt S wrda par Um M Im (ins tire Usm tscMs N nlnlBMm chart Oral lV day ............. .new. t rav Mot n CoAMratlva day .,.11 far Uar (onsKuttra Ihiya ....Ua Par 14m Msnth (25 Daya) , .lta lar 14m Muttos Waatrd AdvartMiiffr tap per tlnv cMdi day lr minimum rbarna find day i Hnt Im ihrni t Itnre areeidrd llf(prt niiilf ArivtriMnfv diMitay aeerirtrd laaa thaa am trnfl ir ...Mta marrutii Day . .....a. . 14C Mspcuttva Days Ml flimrutiva laiya oMPf-uliiB laya t-M nnspritihf Dan 1181 'NfK4T K4TICH ON RKOPKST rB Km I P AtHity i Palarsea aad fW etntty Only nt t Tawa Rata mi Rrqaaat arltl km a ranaadfcll f h" " inrarrart tnaaHiaa at a ay rrilhometit urdarad far .am fliaa limp 14 lerd.rrd tor three ev six dovs and 'i-M (.-(., re that How will bo charged for I he actual auoibar ef llnwe (he J(jared. charging al the role (' nnmlH-n are awtgned elaaaHMI 'rtuer. (IH- (heir nrotrelluo and Mew-(I'U. H-nliew will net ha delivered hu prwnlaUon ef (dcotmaoIMB I'wr. III ad, ar. arraand amrdta te "I a (((Junta at Ua-altlralWnl I. eiraid, c ((,( will be rejected, - nine Mono tlasatfted ods will be -od mull e:3e a w, Uw (al at I'mulon . hone ARmory 4-2000 . bwk tw n W n A Tpk 5lrrw im pH! wly whifh r tnitlirnl ilmiMahtu 'oit(e(. an, mt Ha raodera Iwrtwg lth aa advavtlarr whleb der. " the higheal at.ndard 1 V .- IK,rt, "w P The Paler- 1 lOUOBfl.Ka ''"CFhBGii " Salt M)I 'fKMENTg l,i found 1 UIhOTMENT ''""(il-y.msle P anted Mala w,.(,d-Mia snd Fsoials !!r '"d-ramalB ! .'IV'11 XlKVICkg "i nntfnr or iv 'Jr"h'nt Roofing m. T :,rkl"t ktoraga ' pmho. DKwailes 'tWHANhlBg I'". Uaiar(ala I'edeou, For Rale -ill 1-1. E'""vment Instruments . f-i ilrmeni r,d to Bug s,rp.iCTiO) l;- ,1 Opportunltlm ... 1 l'tlllnrtB y i- j-oon Mon gates- . 5 loan a mom Ail ns ,lR STOCK 0,bev Pats d-u,a tto.1, . "nA.80ARnw nt th 1 FlT)rd f Hflliaakeea.1, 9-r.nk;s,' end Fist. - .rr,JTB H Announcements rmoxii iOliOU ro HiilLTM, Elgin, ! mwki. Ralph R. Fava. Jew. tor, laa W. E'way, mm Mala in. miHjnah iihw. tltd MIC 22.13 J. am aaa k.n, at. ISW at'Hlaa waairaa ta Nh na I14M- Vila aiik staaa, Tl Klllaaa It. aaa. rwu.rt. Sltlta Large eeleegtee ef eew prlata Dlnct tram mill t. yea. A. Sekwarta, 1SS Godwin Aaa, PRACTICAL NURSING Employment Satiafaetlon Guar. K. J. Practical , Nuralnr School lit Bway, Pat.raoo. AR. 1-4(94. Approved by lending phyaieiana. Dnya-Evea. Enroll now. Term. Employment Aaaured, FREE TRIAD ENROLL NOW N. J. Practical Nursing Schools lit Bway. Paterson. AR. -40t Approved by . loading phyaieiana Daya-Evea Apr. Ird ta July 3rd. Terma Employment 'aaaured I Employment HELP WANTED FEMALE NOTE: Persons answering advertisements should nat ancloss orlgl. aal Cool t.rva tha same purpose end avoid possible loee of valusble orlglnala MIT A A ELLA BEAUTY " SCHOOL Stats Deemed. Oldeet Reliable School la Jersey. Day-Evening Claaaea . - Enroll Now ' T Church St, Patereon AR. t-117) W ANT A JOB; Caere Beeety Cel-teret Walls er pbeae fee free booklet mw. Stele lleeaeed. Med-ere Cellese of Beeely Celtere, SOS Mala , St Hackensack. HA. S-SleM. HOUkEWOGK. Holland national Ity; for 1 adults, l children. Nice Christian home. Cooking; no Tnun dry; live In. References required Phone Barlldg, Orange 4 -hi 4 after t p. . LADY TO BELL feel nil eontrant. either part er full time, on commission basis. Very profitable work,, Write Bo JSI, Peterson Newt If Interested. MASTER Beaety Schent Pssaolee Erst end lie set. Licensed i by Stele. ' Cneiplete seers ss. Eerell new, KM Mels Ave. Peeeele l-Mfl. HELP WANTED MALE MEN WE WIU, TAKE ON AUDITION AL MEN WHO WISH TO TRY TO LEARN TO DO THIS WORK AND WHO CAN GET ALONG ON MODERATE EARNINGS WHILE BTUDJUNG AND PRACTICING. WR , WILL TRAIN BUCH MEN TREE. IP THEY DESIRE THIS OPTIONAL ADVANTAGE WE Wild, FURNISH FULL EQUIPMENT W1TK. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED.-THERE 18 NO EXPENSE. No previous experience In any kind of selling la necessary. If you are capable of understanding and of applying your awn Judgment to tested methods. If you are eno who likes to practics to gain skill and judgment In what ne does and If you are a werker, willing to pay a working price for auccess. then we will give you a chance. We cannot guarantea you will be a atar, bni we do guarantee-yoe opportunity with sincere, earnest practical Instruction end guidance This la a large national Institu fr tkm operating from coast to coast Ws btliavs tbs world salsa of our product lead all others. We are now Introducing this extraordinary product and It already has a greater sale than any product In the world over attempting any of Its services (no dsvlca ever having attempted to render all of Its services.) For example, last week In Paterson and vicinity, E. M. a former realtor drew cash earn Inga of (111 1 for tha preceding week, J. L "G former electrician, M. 1., previously a - bookkeeper, 15 11; J . y former bus driver, III.IS; W. L S., former dept store clerk, 1197.05; ' A. B, previously manager of a atore, tltl.JI; D. 8.. a comparatively new men, previously a Mora clerk, started around the end of Jen earned $71.10 hie first month here lest week he was paid 150.51 In net profit while a more expert .need men, C. R, drew $171. 1L Do wot misunderstand. This no get-rlch-qulck scheme. You cannot make money here unless o .on osrn It, and soma man who apply to ut fail to fulfill tho re-qulremente. But wo have found aloe that many man who never previously oven .thought they aouid do work of this kind heva found It to be Just' the opportunity they nought for years snd are now making mora' money than ' they ever previously d reamed of making. We have men making up to 11599.99 a month er more. Others 11199 99, $399.89. $359.99. This Is a gsnulna opportunity. It oosto nothing to try, Tho training, preliminary practice and guidance available , are free. If you can do the Job you con make real money and hava the assurance of Ita permanency, together with -fir' aplaadld future potsiblllUest In April end May our men -should make more cash money thanks t any -previous time. The coming year-will he of unlimited powlbll-Itles to those who get at this business, pnecessfully now. If you ere of good reputation, active, alert, willing te learn and to work hard every day to make g genuine success In return for the irlvllege of n genuine opportunity n a permanent connection with good people who will deeply Interest fhemaelvea In helping you to get started and to get along, make your application Wednesday morning, 19 oclock or at 1:3 p. m no other tlms $ Regent Theatre Bldg, 1$ Hamilton St, Paterson. Wo hava tried to state the facts and requirements clearly. This Is a- slmlght-forwsrd offsr of sineers Intent to worthy men who are la naed of good, substantial oppor- II' tunlty. Pleaas do not apply for these openings unless you-feeT you can meet the requirements. Apple canto will be personally Inter viewed. IF YOU ARB out of work and looking for an opportunity - to eara a good day s pay right from the start. Apply- In person before 19 a. m. 111 Ellisoa Bt. Employment Dept. J Employment HELP WANTED MALE MAN OVER 40 A permanent poaltloh now open for a mature married man with oar. Personality and mat appearance aaa.nual. Retail aal.a experience helpful. Apply Employment Offlee, 4th floor, 1 a. m., Wednesday, Quacktnbuah Dept Store. DYER for acetals taffetas, etc., on Jigs only; established firm; excellent salary. Mate reference, age , and experience. Reply Box Jll, Niva WANTED Fuel .11 salesmen, experienced only, with following. Salary, Paterson and Passaic territory. Write, giving complete details, age, sduoatlon and ate. Box 111, Paterson Newe, e EXPERIENCED sales supervisor. Must have ear. Salary and commission arranged. Apply Mr. Ferguson, Hotel Douglas, Newark, to t, Tuesday. - IXSTRCCnON fl MALE v " FEMALE- - PRIVATE ACCORDION Instruction.. Jack Wyatt, 1 West Halsgton Ave., AR. 1-1011. HELP WANTED GENEKAL COUPLE Holland nationality. Nice Christian home. Man must knew gardening and drive cor. No taunt dry. --('Phone Barling, 015 after 1 p. m. 4Businett Service FLOOR SURFACING LET DR. VREELAND Vltra Baal your floera. Parquet and hard' wood floor! laid. SB. !-d$!l foi eat I me tea FLOORS SCRAPED $01 foot up Floors waxed and polished; shellacked, varnished. Ask for estimate LA. 1-im-W, BUILDING CONTRACTOR EADEL A CAE, General Contractors 1 remodeling, carpenter work, store fronts, LA. $-$111 or LA. 1-1M7. HEATING, PLUMBING KESSLER SUPPLY CO, 41 Rives II, new and need steam- boll-ora, rodlalosK Baamelwaro. SR. $. $11 PER MONTH new Bathroom. F.H.A. No Down Payment Plumbing, Heating. Roofing. Shin-rtlng tnd - Remodeling. , Sachs plumbing Supplies, 11th A vs. at Kast 15th St, Paterson. SH $.4t7 MOVING, TRUCKING, STORAGE KANB VERNAT Local long distance ' moving- padded vans Light trucking; storage Rsasoo- ils. Ab SH. t-1190. H. BARBAROW Local loag dla-tanoa, turnlturs-plana movln expraaalng. Cxperlaneed man. list Ava. SH. $-7171. Sfi METAL CEHANGS MICRRMANH METAL Celling Co. i, id No. geo oor gbowroom. Id No. Main R Ik. b-OMg . SH. Milt. METAL CEILINGS Let me give you as estimate on mete! callings Arthur Council tli Knickerbocker Avs Phone LAm. 1-1179. - REVOVATIVG MATTRE88 RENOVATING. Same day service All work , guaranteed AR. 1-5051. PAINTING, PAPERING DECORATING ANY ROOM PAPERED. $(.09. Labor, matorlalo. Painting. Estimates froa. Rubsnstsln ana Fin-nsgtn. IK Harrison. SHar. 1-1399 PAINTING PAPERING, any room papertd 15.50 eomplets (139 designs). Guorantesu, Saltos 111 Main 8t LA. l-lfll? EXPERT PAPEKH ANQING $1 par room; labor and matorlnl; alto painting., Bernstein, 301 Harrison St, L J-li. -L. Inc. Boat matsrlols Suaranteed Prlcss right Vr as land, 113 Wayot Av. 8H 3-51M 11.7$ PER ROOM Papsr-hoogtng, Inoludlng matsrlaJa; painting k Also, work guaranteed, glvoo. Wm. Loraor. tl Bridge St oatlmatao SHorwood 3-5713. PAPERHANUINO A Painting Work guaranteed. Interior, exterior Beat references Free estimates New Jersey Decorating Co, 381 Mala St, Kltay Bldg. SH. $-$339 SH. 3-1131. ROSANHK YS MAIN Paint Stem. $11 Mein. Painting, decorating. Room papertd $( $ op Interior, r. Guaranteed. BHer. $-1 anterior. Guaranteed. 81 RUG CLEANING ORIENTAL ANO DOMESTIC Hogs dust also nod and - shampooed, altering, hindleg end Mrglng. Breodloom In.taHallem J. Do Lew A Sen, nes-rei (tost 194k SL SHar MIH ROOFING MAWM8NNBV OROI. Falwoon's Oldesl Keelm No-polrlng a tuelnltv. SS Park Asa. a. t-m. EXPERTS ON LEAKY HOOPk-Aleo new roofing slate, slag, aa phalt ehlnglea. asbestos tinning and seew guards Old roofs repaired; MAOTIN HOOFING CO, $5 Leslie St SHerwood 3-551 DOES IOIIR ROOF LEAK Call Gaalaa. Reefing Ca. Geaeral Rearing Caalractor, 71 Patanwg" Ave. SR. LBIT FIRE RESISTANT ROOF. Johns-Manvllle asphalt shingles era famous tor thair weathering qualities. Reasonably priced. Applied over old roofs. Many styles end eolors. Monthly payments. E. M. ittllea, Inc, 309 Lafayette SL, SH. l-3l. i RADIO SERVICE RADIAN TESTED Every Make Radio Reoalred. Ease rt TrekaMaaa, Haamdlat. ienkt -MARFRED8 RADIO LABE 400 Broadway LAm. S-IX3I W a A TEII leal Madlm ler nlia Homo aaamtoaUaa. All Mak Eaamalmd aarvleo. L SaaBarberg Radio emlea Call of Krcge'l SH. I-oaSX. Dont Be A - . PERPETUAL SMALL FRY... Disunited with your Job? Ashsmed of jour houss? Be&rod stiff to tk the old ear out? WU snap out of it . . for So you can find a happy solution to all. your sorrows'. . soo Um Want-Ads in todays Pater- son-Evening News! J PATEnSOIl EVEIIUld HEWS t Business Services REFRIGERATION SERVICE MAKES Refrigerators re-paired, $1.50 up. Work guaranteed. Estimates on commercial work. Tha " Kings Refrigeration Co, SH. I-I55I (night, WYckotf 50 M). SEWING MACHINES ANY MAKE repaired. Call and da-liver anywhere. Brown's. Sli Main St.. SH. 'IGlft REPAIR SERVICE All VesssRi C!::r.:r SERVICE CXX - Free Esttmolm Free Dell very -All Work liaornntoed SOX MAIN STREET , ARMORY 4-1874 VACUUM CLEAHERS "Eat. 17 Tra. ' Repairs Fully Guaranteed BROWNS 18 Mala at. Seat lel.t rtwalee SHsrwaed 25899 WATCH RET AIRING WATCH REPAIRING eh Kim f1 With Oor Repair fthtp hrUen. Only Om- Dm Tnp WttUb Mirfini TlMf O G$urM(w fblNfitliMi Duly . tn MntcrbiU Lm4. Wteb Cry tel FltUR Wfclt IM Wait. F. P.VOLPE JKWELEK W. Broadway , SH, MOM 5 Merchandise FURNITURE FOR SALK UPHOLSTERING end slip covers workmanship at lw.t priest Fr.. aetlmatea SH.8-3711 FOR CA8H will sacrifice Rapoa-ss.s.d comb, stoves. Parlor, dining, kltch.n, bedroom furniture Wlnkaw, -IUt Ava, Patoraoa 1-PIECE WALNUT bed room suits. Like nw. Bargain! SH f-t 739. FLOOR COVERINGS COMPLETE LINE. Rugs tod llnol-( sumo. Lowest prices always. Lous Rug Shop, cor. Straight A River SL GAS RANGES GAS RANGES, new. used. Table top models, $11.75 up. Tba Stove Market til River 8t, Paterson. JEWELRY SALE BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS H. PROSTICK CBEIHT IF MniM 9$ Van Mann at. Penman. S. HARDWARE SALK 1 JOHNSON'S TB" ALL putroNE VAg.MaH 9 Bag. M.tS aal. Sale price gaL I 1 9 JOHNSON'S III TbIIIK Hot HE PAINT M Keg- tt.M gal. hale price ml. (llU Md. by the Johneoa Wax Co. 4-FOOT NTEP LADOERg Reg. Sl.ea Hale pries . PHKKP MAK1RE , ..19 ,2.C3 2.C3 RIZZOS HARDWARE S36 Grftnd St. 8H. S-8AA A LADDERS POLES WOOD DATRS LADDER d PGLR CL Pulley oolc. d.llv.rK, ormlod. Ladders scaffolds for sal or rent 71 Rlv.r HI. Pat. mum BH. 1-319. , PEPPER LADDER CO. relief poleo sold aad .reded. Ladd.ra oeaftalda far rnlat raal 11 Ipriag 1L . tU. 1-MI 4 MATS MENU HATH 11 5 Regular $5 Value Second of nationally ad r.rtlasd 'brands Nlstnson. 35 Williams St, Newark. 1 flight ap. (Eat. till). Open avea-luaday $ 19 a m. , r.F BEAD ' THE WANT ADS! 5 Merchandise . MISCELLANEOUS FOR BALE NUT OR STOVE . SQ SC COAL, To ....... Ws9 Pea Coal, Ton $845 BANNER SPECIAL ANNR COAL CO. Bear of HO Warren Bt. TEU SHER. S-66I1 ftHIFFLR BOARDS CIGARETTE MACHUM RAGATfcLLK TABLES mfi POKO TABLES PIN GAMES tMt TS.M ISA iMM JERSEY SPECIALTY CO. Newark remptea Tnmplks el Pesrnle Blver Hridg, klngee, K, J. BNCYCLOPF.DIA, 13 volumes (BSW) $38. Good rsed Go-cart, $3.59. Barter , Shop, 91 Clifton Ate, Clifton PUP'S - We bay and tell all kinds used tools, motors end machinery. 7$ River It, Paterson. SH. $-9131 SPEEDBOAT 18-Foot fully equipped suitable for aquaplaning. Terms. David Ramsey, 333 Wanaqne Ave, Pompton Lakes, Phone Pompton Lakes 183. . DONT THROW AWAY good shade rollera. First quality aids ham Holland acru shantung and llnae shade, 3e on your rollers. Sixes ue te 89" cloth. Pbone (H. 3-1111, Tnomag G. Nell Co. OFFICE EQUIPMENT UNDERWOOD Portable aad Carry! a Case Call or Writs for Domonatratloa OPEN EVENING GENERAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Ca " Iff PATEKUON T- SB. I-S1I PUXOS SPINET, latoat atria piano, small, Ilk new. Will aeU for email unpaid balance, on time payments. Writs Finance Co, P. O. Box 131, Englewood. CHICKERING BABY GRAND Plano IJko new, small alae. Term to reaponiible party. Bargain. Writ Bog 155, New. RUGS xl$ ORIENTAL reproduction plug a heavy rug cushion. 32 58. II W. Bway (faring Balmont Ave ) STORK Jk OFFICE EQUIPMENT WR BUT AND SKI4 all Cash Regieters, lealea, Drtadera, MeCHtY Refrlg.ralara aad Cea CENTRAL STORE ERLIPMENT CO. Ill Elllaaa Steed SH. X-45XS WASHING MACHINES WR BUT-BELL-REPAIR all make. Work ' guarante.d fully. Parts. Ace Cleotrla. 19Rrla Aval, IH. 1-9819 - WANTED TO BUT WE BUY. Sett Metier oaed etalb-lag. 8Hgkeal prices Mid. Llpea- Her, holla IN Blver ft. HIGHEST prlea for good uel ra.o clothing. Greenfield. 314 Pstealo HI.. PaaoAIC PAaaala 1 1239-J; 1-1I8I-W. RAGS UP TO like lb. Xawopapera 0o - 198 Iba delivered Metal. Mattresses. Amarloaa Paper.' Ill No lit St. 7 Financial BUSIMkftit OPPORTUNITIES CATERING BUSINESS Largest In Jaraay for sale at reasonable price. On account of health. Write Bo 18. New. BAR-GRILL for aal en rent, excellent gc'.K highway bualneaa corner. Retiring. Bechinsky. Cnld-wall. M J T Financtai , - 'BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR GO GETTER with available working capital at $100 for Service Statins In exoettant neighborhood. Apply In person l:S0 to $ a m. Phillips Oil Co, (.aster SL Wellington. ESTABLISHED FRUIT aad vegetable business available at once, 1S South Mapls Ave, Ridgewood H. W. Cheel, owner. , Telephone Ridgewood -1-1189. S Live Stock DOGS, CATS, OTHER PETS DOGS FOR SALE Usually hava doge of all brands an hand for sals and tor stud .purposes. I hava Boston terrier, wire heir fog terriers English bulldogs 1 and othars: also listed dogs for stud, D. B Watson. $1 Montclair -Ave. Phone LAtn. $-1171. CANARIES SPECIAL for Easter,. Guaranteed Singing Choppers, $1.11. Ds Baths, 141 No. 1st St. BABY CHICKS 30.999 CHICKS WEEKLY Hatches year around ifrtreu want quality buy Halodos Cblcka Haladon Chick buysrt ars succassful poultrymen N. H. Reds Barred Rock, Leghorn and three different eroaaea Order now Haledoa Hatchery 7$ Till St, Haledon. N. J. 8H-M131. 9 Rooms and Board FURNISHED ROOMS CLEAN. DESIRABLB infl room Prtvat houa. ! Clllaop flt. 241tlt GRAHAM AVE Btr Ellison. Dooblo ood fttfifflo HfHt bouMkitpInf rooms. Abwlutely cUan; roapoettbl Vor? roaoonablt. Adult SINGLE OR DOUBLE room: prl vste home 'near Wrlght'g. Write Box 111 News. 1-3-3 ROOM APARTMENTS .with or without private bath. Light housekeeping. II Auburn St. J 117 GRAHAM AVE. Near Elllaon Ntcelv fumlahad room with kitchenette: alngla rooms for light houaakaaplng. All eonven-lencea Reagonahla Adults enlv 10 Real Estatefor Rent APARTMENTS A FLATS ONE FAMILY HOUSES ISO farttm Terra., Bldgeweed 9M lit Avenae. Patereee. . It APARTMENTS (Heated) hit Frk Avt. f(.i 4 im... MJ Ittl Malt IHm PmI. rmn. ..... 34 M 1 aia Ata, irtly 1 swm 34 )M Oatr SU rm . M Investor Mortgage Realty. Co. . ISO Ellisoa 81., Patemoa ' LA. 8-81 IB S-t ROOMS; rent from $18 to $45. Patarasn and vicinity, SH. $ $191; 3-5152: 3-4517. 1 ROOMS, brick house, all Im-prvmntt ht furnlihed, 14. 4t urttn ht., LA. l-t4 8$ LAFAYBPTE BT LPnoma. - bath, ataam. electric? oto, ga-rage. Inquire oaoand floor. 10 EAST 31TH ST $ room, flrat . , floor, $ -family louae; ' ggrog. YJohaenW PAaaala 1-115". 25 CHURCH 8T.X room. all Improvement, frlgldoir Inquire ouporlntqndenL AR, 4-(131-j. . FIVE ROOMS, May lit All lm-provr$nt. Graf. $20. 17$ Mnrhtf, Totow. BHr, 2447, 11 Real Estate for Sale WILL SACRIFICE KAirr tWh ST. ft Nark! ft-femttf hsmts, cMiistlHt f N paHwr tt-! rssm, AMmi wmi 1 liAwiiwi H iwyrmmsi( 11 brMr, fbssit Irtm f Dr-slaw, tHr nniti MuM II. (twisr iwo Vrsfi orij In A-l dlttww. TfflM ! Mtll pHh rkasr. fiwmlii t hMn fr ffVo Owar Ur1l ltw, Opra Rlia O. WAR wm, ixc. I park Avm Ptrs , N, J. 8 R. I44M R. $ 4MS GLEN ROCK Arkenaan Ave, Car. Cealeal Ava M.aao ta SHAM aad Emma imd-era eri ratal WM-knak dwetllaa. with 1 aad t-eae gamgo attached, large atria, tnnl la ekam. flam. Driva Ml Ikkf. TRA ftaaaclag. A. J. BOUOHOABDEJI. Bajlder Phaa. RL d-dul aad HA. 7-flSI, POULTRY FARM 1 Af'kRA Very flee laeatlw. Cw"J Bead, alao Grifle Hill Madam kaHd-lagtf riaa. baatalaw, aU Imfdal l-fl. Bant paallry - kaamei 8-or gamga ric. tet detail. thla ka h!L. SUehlin, &ftl E$tU 111 Mad tern Av. SMerw.nd 1-J181 PROSPECT PARK, No; 12th St. Me t room, one family. . I car garage, only $1,848. .No. 11th BL ? 'family. ! and bath flrat floor; 1 and bath, second floor: I car garage. $1.99. Pateraon: East 30th near B'way I family home. I ear garage. Big bargain at $3,30. Eai m b. nif ub'bbmi riv v-f: 4brt r U TUw fictmn rtom house for on or' two f!?-Hies: 2 car garage. 2 lota only $2,199. Borduin, 335 No. 11th SL LA. 1-81. - FAIR LAWN 1 family, room lot house, all Improvement; P j6,0j jj-ipp 199X19. Reasonable, St. 229 BURLINGTON Av. Modern 1-tamlly house, room. 11 impvl. including til hath and til kitchen, fireplace, plot $910. 2-car garase. 11.109. . Gale1. 28 Hamilton 8t, SH. 1-11!, R SH. 2-9811. I FAMILY. 1 roome each, 1.19. No. Haledon 5 room bungalow, all Impvta. $2,198 O Borrelll. Romalne Bldg. SH. 2-4111. AR. (-(1.13 J. Classified MONET TO LOAN A CASH LOAN from na D tha logical solution to your Spring money problems. Get Iobb here on your personal security and siguBture bo wage assignment necessary. Pay buck A little each month. Quick, courteous service. Call, phone or write Mr. Matkon, . Protective. Loan Company 475 Market Street Licensa No. 1? Of tire Reuni 'Week Days 9 A.W. to I f.M. RoUwday A A.M Is 1 P. M. Charges 2li7 on monthly balance. Tho advortitora In thts cotlos aro liconaod undor tbo 0taU Small Loan Law. LOWS Without Endorsers OR WAGE ASSIGNMENTS Loans of 120 to $300 am made to Single Parsom and Married Couples on Furniture, Anti or Note. Repay In 10 to 1ft monlhk or In fuU at any Um to rodnea tba cooL No credit Inquiries of frienda or relatives. The monthly rata Is SH on unpaid balances. "Doctor at Family Finances HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Corporatloa The Ihiteraea katleaal Baok Bldg. Third gteer, 188 Market M. Her. I-UM-1UU Llcraaa Ka, 888 Lease Made la KaaiM Tawaa Boar Edgar X. Ueeat Wed. Eva, la. JO "U Can Be Deoe" WABO m m IdaT yJ Lena ap te 838S. LA! CjS elqaa. jl tags, ar (hoes al IfkmsM -:1s a (S CbartN Af W Ml (IK IMtd Math4j Room BOB Fabian Bldg. 43 Church St.--Paterson, N. J. HI. -C85T , - Llama. Na 11 Tnae In m flk Barelor. Doatk-Im," .tall. WABt' Dally, ta til P. M. NEED H10NEY? Loglig up to $300. Bill SH monthly on unpaid balance. WMSETT SYSTEM . CO. 363 MAIN 8T. LIC. 450 Lean, an Van, ntgaatam ttt Maatfcly aa Uapald Ha In no. PROTECTIVE LOAN CO. IM M.rkri BL SB. l-dano Lla n LOANS " UP TO $300 AUTO. .FURNITURE. .NOTE NO ENDORSERS IS mouth to repay. 874 per month to only coat. PUBLIC i FKIAIIGE Service, Inc. - Ifinwty W. A, 3M Ca) 112 Ellison St. (at Main) Ue. 713 i Phone 8H. S-3A03 BUSINESS SERVICE I R. FATKHSUN WINDOW R CLEANING UK. tea ' (BUT will tLUON a Work. Uaomntarii lb Kdk at H imi an Oaf Mela Are In Aanlasl SEWING MACHINES SEWING MACHINES , ew "New Hearn" Mak. Ilrrltkl 33m Sw Kftsry Be (rks aw mftks hf wkn.,E8 HikalH Parlablw krrl makm $14. K pari power A-l MAO aad ap Export Repairing $1 I ap -a.y am RITMANW, 8T1 Mala PL, SB. i-84( I, FOIL AUYKRTIaKUEST NOTICB NOTICE or ANNUAL MEETING OF CARLISLE BUILDING A LOAN ASSN- PATERSON. N. J. Notice la hereby given that th annual meeting of the shareholder ot tha Carlisle Building A Loan Aaen. of Paterson, N. J.. will be held at th office -of th Association, Colt BL, Second National Bang Building. Paterson, N. J- at I p. m. .on 9'nday, April llth, l$.t, for th election of director and for th transacting -of ouch other bo.lnee ns may com bofor th oieeting. Th poll will open ot lam. - 6 m. By order of th Board of Iroctora and remain open until $ Display MONET TO LOAN EXTRA CASH SjecmuoI Eocpemet! Paterson, N. J. SH. 3-6080 LEGAL ADVEMTISEMEUT PA89AIC COL STY ORPHAN'S " COL RT TO THE GENERAL CREDITORS OF HAKNICHEN BROS. INC, corporation; YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NO TICE, That on ,h 11th day of March, 13$, Haaaiehcn Bros. tno. of 1-t Broadway, Pataraon, Naw Jaraay was angagad ta tha bualaasa of manufacturing tl allka, mads, executed and dellverkd a ganeral assignment for the benefit of its creditors to Walter Upright and 8aul R. Alexander, and which aa- nxnment was duly recorded on tho 18th dav of March, 183$, (ta provided by law. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER- NOTICE, That all claims of creditors of said Haenlcben Bros. loo. must Jio filed with tbe assignee, "drei Saul R. Alexander, St tho address stated below, within throa months from tba data horeot and failure -to do so will bar and exclude any such defaulting creditor from , participating from any distribution which made m these proceedings. SAUL R. ALEXANDER, AaetgnM, I Colt 8 treat, Pataraon, New Jersey, -WALTER UPRIGHT. Assigned. MAX L R08ENSTEIN, Proctor, 19 Park Place. Newark, Naw Jersey. Dated; March 39th, 1931. Fooo: $1119 Mar 38. Apr. 1-11-11 It IT CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY 1 NOTICB 78 ABSENT ) DEFENDANTS To; Helen gapcrsteln and Harry V 8ap.rat.lm her husband:. By virtu, of nn order of tho Court ef Chancery of Now J.ra.y, -mado on th. 8th day of March, 111. In a oauao wh.raln City of Patoraon, a municipal corporation of tho Jltato t Now Joraap. la comet plalnant, and Morris lessee, and -othars ar d.fendenta you are required to tpponr and anawar tho bill of said complainant, on or before the Ith day of May next, er th said bill will he taken a confessed egelnet you. Th eeld bill Is filed to fore-close n certain tax aala certificate ' made bv Waller J. Hunxlker, Col- lector of Texes of th City of Paterson. to complainant, covering th premises known and designated as f Number 8 Lena Street, in the City . of Paterson, County of Pessalo and State of New Jersey, and you, V Helen Saperateln, are mad defend- 8 ant because you ar one of th owners of the premises abov mentioned, and you, Harry Bapar-etaln, ar mad defendant because you ar th huaband of Helen , Saperateln, and aa such you hava a right of curtesy In the premises , abov mentioned. ' Dated: March II. 113. CHARLES F. LYNCH, Solicitor for and of Counsel with Complainant, . City Hall, - I Paterson, N. J. Fees; $17 11. P Mar. 14-11-3$. April 4 It fr MORR'S COUNTY ORPHANS COURT - IN th Matter of (ho Estate of Lena Dtmpsev, Deceased. ON PETITION, ETC. ORDER TO (HOW PAUSE , LANDS SHCULD NOT BE SOLD C TO PAY DEBTS , It appMrlng from tho duly v.rl" fiod petition and th v.rlfl.d account of tho personal aatat and debts of Lena D.mprey. decoasad, j that th personal .atat. of Lena f D.mpaey, dacasaed. Is Insufficient ' to pey her debt and requesting t th aid of tha court la th prom- lira - v It I' ORDERED on thla 31th f day of Fob. 1131, that all poreono Intorootod in tb land, tonomonta, 1 hereditament and real estate -of 7 Lena Dempeey. deceased, show eaus bafor thla court at th Court .House In Morrlatoan. N. J.; on th 28tb day of April. 131 at 19 a m. why o much of tho lands, tenement. h.radltamania and .etat. or Ian D. mpi.y. deceaned. should not b sold ee will b sufficient to psv her debts. It Is further ORDERED that a cepv of this order 'he published In th Patereon Evening New, a oewapaper of thla Stats for Six 1$) weeks 1 leait nc a week f , ALBERT H. HOLLAND. . Judg. t A True Cony from the Minutes, I WILUAM H. THOMPSON, , ? , Surrogate. .... t Wateon, Hengeveld A Miller, Proctor. 12$ Elllaon ., Pateraon. I New Jereey. . - ; 1 FaM $26,61, v M.; 7-1 (-31-38. Apr. 1-lt-it N I. WHY I Ok mind a J bit METER - J. LOWELL HENDEkSOM Answers- to tho FretldenU Tort -1. John Adhftw was succeeded by Thomas Jetftraon. t. James A, GarUeld wss sue-1 ceedsd by Chester A. Arthur. , t. Zschsry Tsylor wss succeeded by Millard nilmore. 4, Theodors v Roosevelt wss succeeded by William H, Taft. ( t. Rutherford B. ' Hayes wss ' succeeded by James A. Garfield. I. Jams Madison snd Georgs Clinton. J 7. Benjamin Harrison a n 4 J - Levi P. Morton. - i 5. Warren G. Harding snd I Calvin Coolldge. I $. Frankljn Pierce and Wllf llsmoRufus King. ) J IS. Zachary Taylor and MIH - lard FUliRora. . ! Norma for Gradings I All correct Very Good , I to correct Good T correct , - Pali 9 to 4 correct' - J f Apr, 4-n (CopyrlghL 280S, Bell Syndicate. , 1 F ' P (W fr 4 VI- 7 - r: FRANK J. HANSON 8c y. Vr, -(. JRI It ( Beal As-at Fee: $2 82.

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