The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1932
Page 6
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pTHjBIE fiHK : Chesty Joe Can't Break ; Away from Bad Luck— Even on Dance Floor. At the Start- ; BY PABl, HARBISON :•'<-'.'- NEA Service WriU* :• .NEW YORK,—lady Luck is still carrying on her feud with Joie Ray. Track hero, Olympic runner, boxer, roller skater, snowshoe rac?r and - dancing man, he has been an athlete extraordinary—bat a champion, moslly, of misfortune. Jolc lost Ills last marathan the other day because a girl arranged her hair, j The event—a marathon dance— dldn|t mean a thing in .sport. Bui It meant a lot to Joie—a $1000 prize offered by a Newark, N. J., amuse ment park. It ms a popular spectacle because the cash customers all remembered when Jolc Hay, out there dragging himself'around lite a robot, had been an American hope in several Olympic games, - He and his partner and another team hod been on their feet for . more than 2500 hours when tho management, called for a "showdown." Rest periods were eliminated and the contefants ordered to keep their arms about each oth- . .*r arid continue dancing. ..Midnight pissed and they were starting the 104th day when Jole's partner. Alice Krug, roLvd an arm from his shoulder to push back a Jumbling lock of hair. The referee's whistle shrilled. Ray and Krug had been disclaimed. Leading her off the floor, he said: "Tough luck, kid. It was a good race." - - - ' . • » » It was nearly 20 years ago when Joie started to run. He was a youngster working In a Chicago prjntshop aod fighting In an occa- :*tonal featherweight amateur bout, ..-One...aay; he saw a five-mile free- for-all race advertised. He entered, and finished third. A few months later he tried again and won. ,,;AS Ray forged ahead, gradually to become the nation's greatest run- JJ*r of distances between one and Ore miles, he had just one bright goal—the Olympic games. It hod been his interest in the Stockholm . tournament In 1912 that had started him training In earnest But hard luck dogged the fly inj feet of Joie Ray.. He was re garded as .a sure winner in the mile in the 1916 Olympics, but the games were canceled because o the World War. .Ray Jealously guarded his am» tear standing. To make a living, he ctrovff A t^uti in CUcuco Hfl iuvuta the east'in 1917 and won the appellation of "Chesty Joie" with his bold predictions. He entered the ' two-mile championships • and said .he'd"show these burns a.lag reaily.'is."-N« York sneered, but "Chesty-Jote" iran.-^rid, as< an Incidental gesture,- ^be" set a ne» . record- for Uie/mlle : arid a half, ~ -.The first' pori-iiar .'Olympics, at Antrtrp, found Win with the American team. But he;twisted an ankle cn;,» ;rocky training field, arid' lost. In.':lJM,.;hope still undimmed, he w» ari Olympic" bjrth again. Tills time, tonsillitis, haia. him .-licked before he got, to France!; '•'.-,-. , -later on he ciallenged Nurmi toe the~mtt». When ; the Frying Finn refused, h*.- rim' 'alone 'and -dumbfounded {he. -spectators by tying Nurmi's famous mark of .4:12. The iportwise. said that mighty effort was Ray's last flash of power, but in IKS, in the Boston marathon, he. staggered in for third place. Doctors cut his shoes from cruelly bruised feet and predicted hi never could run again. But Ray- awing his last chance for an Olympic triumph fleeting, entered the "»« Beach, N. Y., marathon, scampered over the course like a scared rabbit, set a new record, and woii a place on the 1938 Olympic team; ;At Amsterdam he was leading the field at the last control point when he twisted some leg muscles. He finished fifth, under excruciating pain. After that, Joie joined a si-x-d.y roller skating team In Madison Square Garden. He went to Philadelphia for a six-day "man vs. norse" endurance contest He defeated the horse, but nobody cared except the S. P. c. A. He drifted from this to that. • _.Now that the dance marathon ha* ended in defeat, there's not much dotag for Joie. He's a littlf sorry that in years past he had some, harsh words with the A A 0., lor he'd llie to jet a coaching y*. He wants to handle the American marathon candidates and teach them how to snitch tfts victory that never.was hi*. "I'm 3»," said. "Cheety Joie," "but I m in perfect shape. Why, T coulf take those youngsters out right now and run 'em off their feet." 1U MAKE THOSE BA»ES UX* LIKE EWE PLUGS/ •And the Finish .... , . n.iH ntbl* •ItJUJK - T for him'high honor among the ireateit runner* the »xjrld eve r knew - - -- •• • • » mt* a^Muy io •ears ago, then the war,-no Games. • ; 22 shears ago' at Antwerp', and 'twisted ankle'. . . - e ight years ago at Paris, and tonsilltis . our years ago at Amsterdam, and with victors- scant yards ahead, ton Kg musdes-and pain that would E. U. OU>EB Carnuu; Luis Terry, Trustee; P. M A, T. Earls and Mrs. A. . brk, »« w»med to appear In »e Chancery Court for the ctkka- »rta Dtatrtct ol Miwteippi^T. , ^uun tIl Sy ^ the compJatat of un- Buik!teg & !«„ UA t -'P*tM Jwiuary, ]», 1933 . B. U OAINE8, Clerk AU«T>ej« JOT PUlnUfl. -- * . Olympic ire .and faith -. . . and iith flying ' ali ready year at Newark, N. j. """" .contest for . .es or a JIOOO prize , , ; ... 1Q4 days of back- gating motion.. .. only an h0 u r °Tv^ <?*<>' surely.. . . then the Birl n;s partner,- lifts „ hand to brush from.Her eyes a wisp of hair BY ClAIRE BtBCKV Copyright, 1833, NBA Sevvlcc, Tnc) Here's a play that Is readily daptable for high school baskct- >all teanxs, it presents a variety of =pen shots after the first few moves ave been made. o. 4 moves toward the foul clr- e, talcing a. pass from No. 5, who uts the corner. Nos. 1 and 3 break their comers, the latter plv- %?£ ^ 8U4r<1 to cut «o- the buket. Mtintime, No. 4 to ^^o. I »t the foul mark. pivots and returns the pats Cy Williams, after 19 years n major league service, win rc . main down on the fnrm this /ear. Three Lakes, Wis... Kc was manager, of the Richmond team of. the Eastern Lea- juc last .year.... but the club b!ew.... Connie Itfack's philosophy of golf i,:. "i gctl i | 0 . 0( ' lln out-pi every stroke... so I tnke a lot of strokes.".. Jac k C £, mana « er of Bll 'y rctrollc Charley. Ret2laff. writes s column of boxing com- for three newspapers The Fnrgo. N. D.. .Pomm, D U «th, Minn., Nows-Tribune nmi Lacrosse, Wis., Tribune... Gca-" Ooslin says the gloomiest after^ n ^ fP«J ta the majors one in -June, 1930, niter » «s traded, by tl l£ , N a( s lo ihe Browns...... The deal had ««. » to the, terms none of fnvolved ° on of times".. but h* Is very well satisfied i, Would l ** >» censes In Oklahoma t »ere the lowest in i,i,, c receipts were »92,075^ tn c ' ,t c since 1923 that hmtiL Gavtttr Ntwt Minify VlsJti* Middooa, and Thai's <t«*«Ion f«r Somr Kash €»•lectures : > • . Cinne' Tunney .visited. William Muldoon at the hospital the other day. The Solid Mnn has licenJald ip for a few minor repairs 'on his IMS-model chassis, Muldoon was one ol tlioso you nay remember, who declared posl- Ivtly that Tunney was knocked out >y Jock Dompscy In Chicago. H« iroa<lcast his view even though the Admirable Crk-hton Tunney . was me of the ymmir men lie most admired. luhn I_'s Trainrr No doubt Muldoon would be glad o see Tunney come back', it was ilisllnct sliced: to IhC'Bolkl-Mari when (lie tlllc he traljied Johii^L. iilllvtiu to win wn.s handed to af Gcrinnn sitting on tlie floor. Ho might say to Tunney: - ' . • "you'i-t- noL so old. Tlilrty-tlircel' Why John I,. Sullivan wns only : two years younger then he tough/ Jake Kllraln 75 rounds for the worldi clipii)plonshijj, ar ,i K . on . Ana John I., at 31 had lived many more yean than you have at 33,'oh, yes,-very! many moroi" - ' Muldoon would be only too glad, nl 87, lo quit (he hospital and tralii 1 Gene Tunney for a comeback agninsl. n foreigner, ' ' A Muldoon M»tfh ,.,. . Nfiildoon himself was.a iirestler And what a wrestler! One of his memorable battles was with Clarence Whistler, who was known as "tlie Demon." Whistler was one of tlie grcato.-it v,7cs(lers of.all time but MuMoori was a. feijow who mply would not be downed.' After (hey had battled'-a'half hour, they rolled through the ropes iml thudded to tlie floor, where they •niUinueU the struggle. Around the •InifsWc were a number of mem- -x;rs of the Ned Burns gang who hnd bet heavily on Whistler. One of the Buhis henchmen 'whacked Muldoon over the head with a billy It only made MuMoon angrier. „ tittle Roughness Back in the ring, he caught Whistler with a, half-Nelion ant 1 won a mil. After resuming the nntch, with one of Muldoon's eyes >wollcn shut, they rolled out of ie ring atain. Whistler cracked Huldoon's spine ognlnst the edgf Mhe rhift, and shortly after won fall. Muldoon was furious. As they came out for tho third nd final chapter of their battle Iiiltloon seized Whistler at ih'e •nfst, lifted him high above hl?| lead.and flung him with all'the wiver he could muster to the" mat ' Vnlstler pleaded for time, sliout-' ng he was iuirl. Muldoon paused, examination showed Whistler's ollar bone broken. BRUSHING^ UP SPORTS , , RA6&IT - MMr * ' ~ s MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8. 19.92 Laufer Canithersville To Play Oseeola On Aririory Card! Caruthersvllli?, off to such an uni pressii-e start in 1U Ark-Mo league o>but last week, will take on.Osce'- ola In the filial game of the program at the armory tonight. I In Die opening game YarbrcA red. and blue quintet will match goats with Blythevilte's array of tossers. In the middle contest the Steele champions of the flrst half will meet Armorers cage'rs. Steele, Blytheville and Caruth'- ersville started the second half last v.'jek with victories and hope to repeat tonight. Slammed Dow Divorce Cause ; -OS ANGELES. (UP)-when a e slams the door in her hus- ands face after 50 years of connubial bliss, it's time for a divorce according to a complaint on file by George w. Graves, seeking mariuU freedom from his wife, Elizabeth? - WARNING OKUEB : R. A. Nelson; T. 0. Alexander as Trustee for The New England Securities Company-' The Kew England Securities -Comnany- an3 Henry c. Flower, receireTfor u£ «. New England Securities Company' t c a ery W ^ l0 f naPP f^ inUleC *»"-' tery i tx>urt_.for the phickasawba District of Mississippi' County AT famsas, within thirty days,' and answer the complaint of St. Loute Union Trust Company. * Dated this January 18, 1932 £ L. GAINES, Clerk, ,. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 18-25-1-8 WASHING ORDER ' ' CH1CKA- THEY ALL LAUGHED WHEN wo prised everybody, mctong himse.f; on short noti« . Rbftwh * m1917.^ Besides be of the IwstshortstoDs in ha«haii M •? w th the Br aves bn'ght lights; ' WhHe.hls team: wa. i" Phi.a ^ were bending a festive etbow.-' Minute by minute the Rahh'* °™f hllar '°"s friends Suddenly h.. bolted for the neirert nava.lnSent Nation w^hT'ioi^H' 8 ' ? a * ri f Cl of prospective recruits. Immediate!, he was recognized I bv aTofL. J L l a long line want a good shortstop for a service team' Ke cons deratM« n, il'l * h ,° ha PP e "ed .to hoad of the lin... T>S Rabbit ha, coTssed that ihe cS S± < k' t 5l- RaI J Wt - to the lme,'h» patriotism and itispiratiob would have wo r, off S ' ace in the Recruiting des^adth-Navyou^ ha, e had to ° . alia Man Speaks tjp ' When the referee 'Insisted "on call- ig the match a draw, Muldoon ad- rcEEcd Hie spectators'. " Quoting &sii Ed Van Every's biography: Gentlemen, Mr. WhlsUer is so afortunate as to have broken his houlder. Of course 1 ! will take no dvanlage over'a crippled man hough he Is game enough to go n *lth Uie mritch. I admire his uck and he Is the best antasto- Ist I ever had. As'I have said I o not want to wrestle n. cripple ut I do want this' mateh. I want because I am the champion I ill give him $1000, but I'must have he match." But the referee's ruling stuck ert though obviously Muldoon' wM have won easily when he ad granted whistler's pica tor me. And. a month or so later Mul- oon and whistler went on tour ogether, giving exhibitions. GEM THEATRE Sunday and Monday Jatinee—2:30 - Night^-G:.i; dm.—Matinee—10 and 2!i< Night—10 and 30c SEE The Ruling Voice' with Walter Huston and Loretta Young Aiso Nowa and Comedy Tnesday. Wednesday and Thnredmy dm.—Matinee and \igiit_ 10 and 25c SEE ' That Famous St.ifje Play 'Ten Nights in a Bar Boom' witli Thnt Famous Actor William Fanium Also Short Subject.s WAKMXG ORDER CHANCERY COURT, 'CHICKASAWBA DISTHfCT, M168I8SIP- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS : ' S'.. txiuU Southwestern Railway Company, Plaintiff, No. 5157 vs. '• i St. Francis levee District; et al. •Defendant. The defendants, Frank C. H*r- rls, C. A. Kiesler,' Willie A. Caneer OCOIKC Ray, W. :G. Petty, G. A iUnglGtliln', To'iii Alejianclev and J W.-Wilson,- are'wjmei -to appear within thirty, .days.'.in', the-'court named in the-carrion-: hereof arid answer the corapi&lnt of ithe plain- tiifv at. Louis Southwestern. Railway cp'Hipany.; . .;..,.;;•-.•:'.. :•..".;••"• :Datcd -Feb. 9. ,.19^-.'- ' "..':.' •'. .• . ii. u> : O'AINES^ cierk, ( :-. By H?rvex -^lorris; ,b.: C ^ 15-22-29 Nellie Crase, No. 5079 vs. plaintiff • . defendant, Oscar erase, 1$ warned to appear within thirty days in the court named to the caption hereof »nd answer jg of the plaintiff, Dated Jan. ifl, 1932. R- L. .QA1NES, Clerk, 18-25-1-S Atty. Ad TJtem. Atty.' Ad. Litem.'.;'".' RIKIMATER Sunday tad Monday ftfatin€e- T 2:30 - Night^€i':4U Adm.—Jtatinec—10 and.SOc Night-^-15 a:ui 40c - ' Two Kinds of ; Women' with Miram Ho|)kiii9, Phillip Holmes and Wynne Gibson Also Neks and Comedy Taesday ud Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Nigrht—10 and 85c ROSY FOR YOU YOU CAN WEAR C)NE OF DUTCH AUCTION SUITS BECAUSE TOMORROW'S PRICE IS $ 13 for suits that sold for S 25 to *40»Good spring colors, top WEDNESDAY'S PRICE IS $12 |«* those that remain JWTJRSDAY'S PRICE IS $11 FRIDAY'S PRICE IS $10 SATURDAY'S PRICE IS $9 MONDAY'S PRICE IS $8 All sales cash .... Alterations at cost NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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