The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1932
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEbRUARY 8, BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUU1KR NEWS PACE rrvt CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word lor fl«* insertion and one cent a van for nch lubuqumt IroertM) No advertisement taken lor MM (liaix We. Count the wordi «oa Wild UK CiBh. Phone 306 +•= = FOB SALE FOR BALE-Bsby chlcto. all V» £ tles. Custom Hatching "> lic Marilyn Hatchery, Bljihevllle OtJIt BOARDING HOUSE lii:t;iN HI-KB TOUAX Hr.ulKul l-.l.l.HN HOIIIUTEH, «u ivurK jr ay •• A »a«»ffi !• UirclHjr'M llritnrlMrMt HtMrr, live, iillk krr Motkrr, MOI.I.I.T Hl>«SITi:k, krc «l*«r «l>ur, NYH.4, «i« kri >°uu h»lk»i NYH.4, Mini:. 1--OR SALE-Eg^s laid today. Pickart's oweenr. 1M4 Chick****. VOR KENT vnn RENT—Modern 5 room house. 301 Chlctasuwba & Broadway. Call 1512-f*. ^ P ' KO UOONT& BOAR1>-J5.50 per week. 112 East Cherry Street. Phone 002 «"- KU i k» » «t|unn4rrril Ik* tmrtvm Mi b r ker i:«»llik ku»a>i «•* Ike l«o *lrU »ii»p*rl <kc lM>llr. Mollj JovViiklj **<»4* • •nvr« la pay IMC rent, Mh» rittm to n-urk at HMckt •• • 4l k>ll k«(r» valll Ikt Ml I" " yp. sb* *•<• « »o dltloa tknt Hlnic ilrrRt. STKAT.N I1MU'1,A\. r.llt.'t tiuvlojtr, arra b«r crjlnc «•< • Kk« krr la cvmr <o kU ofilcr. \Vkrn the Irl1» kin Ike illtiallcli kc «ITFn !• Kfre krr • drrn. She n«rm. lie tkeR I«n4» ptnad FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main. Furnished or unfurnished. Telephone 137 or 571. ' 3C-K11 FOR RENT—fiOS Chlckasawba St., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply at r li c New York Store. I5C-KU FOR RENT—Furnished bedroom In steam heated home. Phone L Mrs. J. O. Sudmiry. 3P-K10 TOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 West Kentucky. Phone C83. 3C-K.10 FOR RENT—Several hundred acres of land to lease in small tracts to reliable parties with their own equipment, for crop rent. All (and in high state of cultivation, well drained and good houses McFcrran Farms, Route 2, Box 18 Osceola, Ark. • 8C-K15 FOR RENT OR LEASE-At rea sonablo rent. 5 room furnishei house. Phciiii 672. 8C-K11 WANTED WANTED—Washings. Mrs. Mary Klmball. 605 Lilly street. Ca Red Cross. K-TF \VANTED-Gregg shorthand, bookkeeping and typewriting students. Phone 824-W. Mrs. L. M. Bnrncttc. 5C-KO WANTED—Ladles to demonstrate [or nationally known organization. For particulars address P. O. Box 9D2. Give address and phone number. 6P-K10 HOG RAISERS—Bring your hogs to our plant and receive top prices. Buy our tankage for hog and poultry feed. Little HocS Packing Co., Little Rock, Ark. Im.rtM I. *«r. Ske Mm*f «»» kjru »•* lie dr!»«' Mr to nr»«»- l«n< vtktrp lie l«r«« fccr. Sol«mo> iBtrodurr* krr to Ike othrr ftoilewei. linen h»tf« tke cfccap- »VM» ol nrea»t4«»i. Trio of Ike for kcr to 4tt • •• KOW CO O.N WITH THH »Trmt CUAl'TBR V E M^EN sensc£ tho antagonism of tho two girls. Slio ignore! It. Tuny. bright-Weil, small and brunet, was barely covered by wisp of chifToi: which clearly revealed her brerwts and youuK, su formed legs. Her sigh ot nduilra tlon. a purely feminine sigh, turned swiftly to envy as feminine. "The queen herself." sho giggled "And In a dress from Cliantcl o I'll cat my favorilo lipstick." The youngster jumped to he Icet, ran across tho room and bctor Elteu understood her purpose Bh had pulled do\vu till bacK of til dress :s c-iamine tho label. "li is a Cliantcl," Bho coufirmc in an awed lone. And to Ellen "How como yon wear a dress from Chanlcl to danco in a dunio lik this?" , 'M*' Ellen fell Hko tearing off the dress and stamping oa it. She was angry and humiliated. "Go away," she fiercely addressed Tony. "Go away and let me alone. And take your hands off my dresal" "Aw, I'm sorry If I hurt your JeelinsE." apologized Tony, with a contrite, distressed little laugh. "Honest I'm sorry. Don't be sore. 1 was only fooling. Von look swell." Anise was still sulky and as- grievert when the three girls walked into tho ballroom. But Tony had forgotten completely that she had ever beer, jealous o! Ellen and was eagerly babbling; out amazingly sophisticated advice and instructions. (mo Jjoung pcopfi: »cfc almost alone on ffic floor. WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Self PERSONAL with Sunny or Aniso or Tony or Maybelle glanced toward her but no one approached, - Ellen's very beauty and air of cool alcotncsa Intimidated them. At last a bold spirit sought out Salomon and caino over for an introduction As she acknowledged the Introduction Elleu realized there wcro worso things than sitting alone at a tablo while others danced. One ot them was danclns with Joseph K. land Is. Ho was clumsy. He was crude. Ho held her so tightly that she could hardly breathe. He pressed his damp face against her cool cheek no matter how insistently she sought to avoid the juxtaposition. And all the time ho babbled iu her car Inauo compll- , TRADE 1928 Ford sedan for milch cow. Charles Nash. Box 793. 6pk9 Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & First St. We Can S.iv c You Monty On PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON ALTO l>ARTS 2020 W. Main Phone G6 Nice steam-heated rooms, Cl hot and cold water .... W- 1 Othcr rooms §1.25 and SI.30 GOFF HOTEL Home Cooked Meals 525 Month 1 WERT HeMakes'EmSee (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) Meet Me At the New Rustic Inn CofTcc, Hot Pigs and Chili rrillE hostesses sat at emply -*- tables, one girl to a table, and waited for men to nsk them lo dance. Most of the girls had regular patrons. Tony's Instructions i dealt in part with methods for "cinching regulars." These men would buy a whole string of tickets for the privilege of dancing with u particular girl for an hour or so. After each ot tho short dances—the fastest couples barely managed three, turns of the room before the orchestra stopped"—tho sirl would gravely detach ono of tlio tickets from tlie Ions string proffered by her escort. Ellen took a lablo closo to Tony's. But Tony was gone almost immediately, away like a green flash in ihc arms of a tall youth. Ellea sat alone for some time Tho music, onco sho became acciis tomeil to its loudness, rnado her want to dance. 'A great many ot tho men who stood around the- walls watculn: tho uancers or waitln* thdr turn j>,ovemoer 10, 1331 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice Is nereby given to nil persons who may have claims jgalnst "The First National Bank \ f Blythcvllle, Arkansas," that the ame must be presented to R. L. iradley, Receiver, with the legal jroof thereof, within three months rom this date or they may be .billowed. J. V?. POLE, Complrollcr of the Currency. 11-1GC—K2-16-32 meats. "Whcre'vc you been all my life little one? At home Inking caro ot the, kids? 1 thought so. A pretty lillto thing like you should.have » better fate. Take me for instance —go right ahead and take, me, I'll seo you don't get trampled in the you," ho snapped. "That ivas no reason for socking him. You golto Ireat patrons decent. Kid 'cm along give 'em a good time. That's wha you'ro hero for, young woman. Ellen ivas angry, too. "I Mine hero to dance, Mr. Sale mon, not to bo mauled," sho retorted, her eyes flushing, her lip palo with nnger. "He didn't try t kiss me. Ilo did kiss mo." Sho got up from llio tnblo nut .ad begun to say that Salomon could find another girl to tako. her place, 0113 more amcnablo to his deas, when she saw that there was i small disturbance near tlio \loor. Three men had cnlcred and were grouped near the ticket booth. The :wo in evening clothes plainly wished to leave hut the third, the one- in flannels.' just as plainly wished to btay. Suddenly Ellen saw him detach ulniseff Irom hU companions and push his way toward Hi such eager cyos. Wero they h!no or urnyt Jacob Salomon did not observe Hi.- young man until ho was wllhlu f'-w aK'|i3 of tlioin. llul ho under' "You'ro right," he muttered, Imlt iindvr hla lircnlh, "Yon Bliunld'vo d him. Do movo currfivl llila This blrd'6 elnsi or 1 miss Kltcu Bleeped backward, nil Ki'.islu of leaving Dreamland gotio. She had llni strangest feeling that niiij wniilctl lo prolong thu lent nf vvulilui:. Sho waa Hlto a thlM on Chilstinaa moniltiK hc-allRt- nt llio sluliwiiy-hend Icforo IKV. Sho paw Salomon npfiik to HID voting man, eaw tho two turn luward her. Salomon Inlrfchu'od lior ninl walled for tho uowi-uinor inpnly his -own nnnie. Dlleu, i lier new nnd ahari>encd lier- lona. fait Unit tho yoinu; iiuin laled 113 ho silk! that ho was l.arry Siiillh. Slio could uol ho cei 1 lain. Sho waa certain that hla cyea wcro gi-ay, not bluo. / ] 1 II10 orchestra swung Into walli. Most of tliu'cumilos w ickinx from tho tloor. KIWi i fin, heard them, even ir.o of the glrlti, but aH thli only aa a dim nnd lareal omul for tlio man who «'.ood >cf<iro her. Ilo naked her lo dance. With i:U 5:11110 atmngo fcclliii; that nil f this had licon preordained, that 11 this was somelhiilK that eho 1 never forget, sho slcpncd Into 3 fancied that fiho was trcm- illnp. Slio was snvo that If Bho ried to fi|ic-ak sho would dnd that lie Intl lost her voice. Tho two all beautiful young pcoplo wcro nl- nest alniia on tlio lloor. Thoy had lot Kpoken slnco they started dano- ng. As effortless na Bhudowa they UIHcd ulons to the incaaurca ot tlie, "You're holding me too tightly,' sho said furiously. ,WE>j-rVJofrrH, We QliR f "-file tlacsft-E ctlAMBER x>uer GF COHCERIWA ceuto 1 ~- EGAD, we Cd£-r -rHe ftApio -~. MAKE PLAY AT MUSICALES ; ~~ I HOUR WfJlJU» HE ' T?E£AS'0»JAi3LE. TOR OCR I ALL I usep-fiv AVERAGE WAS ~re!>l certis A ABou-r-TUia Bootes i WAS . GOOD ; -To , Voa A*] 7 ME -rb BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , I'llOKKSSOUl By Martii .iglitly melaiicholy tuiie. "1 haven't any llckels," tho young man BiK>ko at bat nnd abruptly. Atiaiirdly he reiiealcd, "I haven't any UckclB." He guided her to (he ticket booth, Kvcn as they reached llui knot ot perspiring men who wcro KU]H>lying themselves with fresh tlckcla. the Ounce waa done. Ellen wlth- ilrev,- a tew paces, embarrassed, uliy, confused. Site was obsessed with a deslro to learn tho name of the walla llio orchestra lind 'played. As rdie waited for her partner nothing seemed to mailer In tho world Bavo lliat Eho should know tho name ot lira' Without thinking ahe opposed to talk, ighter than this. naughty! Tou'ro not I can hold you Sec." Ho closed his arms around her, moved his face forward and kissed icr squarely on the lips. Kllcn struggled free, slapped him across tho mouth and was oft tho floor aad back at her lablo before Joseph K. Landis thoroughly-understood what had happened. * • • J ACOB SALOMON was very angry. He stood before Ellen's table, his feet wide apart, his »rm» gesticulating, as ho explained In detail liow ansry ho was. "I don't care if ho did trr to kls. lho spot where she and Salomon stood. He camo stratEht across the crowded lloor, regardless of. the dancers annoyed by his transit. lie was n young man of 28 or 2J wltu a countenance in which eagerness waa oddly miscd willi some- hlng almost like boredom. His was thick and red. Elhvj had a Etraiigo feeling that Bho irould always remember hla progress across tho floor, that it would remain tor- over fUcd in her roluil, unchangeable. She continued talking to Salomon, who had his back to the newcomer, lint she was hardly conscious of what she said. While she talked sho was aware that all her attcn lion was fixed upon that figure ap urtichiiig and that she was asking herself the cause of the contradlc tlons in his face, deciding It due to tho sulky, bored doing she (humped llio violin player between tho shoulder blades. Ho \vas tuning hla iimlvuniunl but ho slopped to ask indignantly what aho thought sho was doing. "\Ytiut >saUs wcro you playlt Vhat waltz wero yon playing?" " 'WalU Homanlic.' Next timo ook out who you punch." Kllen laughed Joyously nnd wh.i disgusted Elanco at her, ho hegnn. o pick at Ilia strings again. A moment later tho llghln went out—all except a round moon over tho orchestra. Aa Lhc room Tilled with mlstr, Mulsh light and the piano began to linklc, tho dancers crowded to tha lloor. Ellen was wildly impatient to bo dancing. What It Larrr Smith wero unable to find her? !lad ho noliccd lliat sho had withdrawn? Sho turned to seo him coming toward lier lliroiiRh the bluish dusk. Aa ho drew near slio thought that sho had never been so happy In her . — oucv; stwa. ^ RWVVCtlON OUR &MATi FRECKLES AND HIS FKIKNDS Kryptok Bifocals for near and distant vision—S4.95 Hii.-c Your Eyes Examined . HAKIIY WEISBURD Slate Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store Read Courier News Want Ads. SECOND HAND FURNITURE 150UGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main BRIUUN.T COAL. THE SOUTH'S »«ST Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. G. G. CAUDILL REAL KSTATE RENTALS INSURANCE Farmers Bank BMs', Phone 107 15 E T T E H 1J 0 D Y R K P A I U S Expcrl Work. Ail Makes. Fenders. Doors. Hoods. Tops, Glass. Finisher! Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. Phone Bid Blythcville, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. {To lie Continued) A NK\V \VIHNKI._K_TO OSCAR!" « oy! HOT CHOCOLATE FOR ME STAY AM 1 . DOSS M T ..._ TO EAT TOO r>UCH STUFF.... OEC1DSD e£T UP. DID you? YOU'D WE t-COX AT V'OO,THAT WAS SICK !! A CUP Too! VJWAT DO You SAV OSS>£, FCP3. TVS SUSAP. FIVfD OSCAR- OM OF MIS CALLS AGA F£R H6RE COMES SCftUES MVS6LF. WEU- NO USE -mVlNG TO BRIM& OW V£R SPOOKS W OOBLIN5 ' I'M Uff CTPW N' I f^'M 5 To TEPlR T ^K OLP . DQUIM (kGft'N t 'STARTS PROWLIN6 AiBOOT It)

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