Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 9, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1895
Page 2
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A Miracle in Texas. ' INVESTIGATED BY THE TEXAS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE .AND VOUCHED -FOR BY OR, C. ~ H. STANSBURY. (From'lln: Taua C1i.ristlfin Advocate^ Onr representative haa made a careful tfn- Testigatiun of the H. £. SfMtalding cone at Longview, whicli ia here imblisheu for the ll firm time, and which will be read great iuterest by medical men everywhere. In reply to the Ckr'ulum -Advocate'-* questions Mr. Spauldiog suitl. About eigLt years ago wliili: running a looora»tive J cuoirauted •ciatic rheumatism in nay Ju'ft side .from my liipctavm. U came oc sl<»r but sureiaiid in a few months I lout control entirely'of that member, it waa just .the same as-if-it yras paralyzed,! was totally unable-to jnove out of my room for *. year and a half, six months of wbich time 3 was bed-ridden. I tried every remedy suggested, and iad regn- Jar physicians in coostaal attendance on me. I WHS bundled up and sent to Hot Hprings where I ipcat three mouths under the treatment of the rnoHt eminent special- ista, all of which dill me no good, and I came back from the springs in a ivorsa condition than when J! went. •! came home »nd laid Hut on -my back and suffered the most excruciating ngoniej, ((creaming ia pain nvery time unyljody valkcfl across the •room, the cnlyciuse t obtained being from tUe con.stn.il', 'II.HO o'f opiates. After thrftcr niontlw of this frind of agmiy, during which time my entire left Ice; jierishcd away to the very l>i>nc. mv nttciuioti vas called to a new rvmcdv called Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for I.'u.!e'!'co|ilf, by Mr. Allison who is now traiu dispntrber n.t Tmarkana, Anil TT(IO WIIH n'lu.'Vud of lufinnji'.tor utuxia of twenty years duration. At lus urgont-ami repeated solicitation i CUDS™ted to ^'ivu •them a trial, afttr tiikini; n. fuw dos.es [ began to iiiipnirK. I continued tnlcini; tho pills aud kept 'ri;;bt on improving until [ was finally cured. My 'h'K-i* just the same »i«j now us the c'l.liur one, i.nd 1 am. suro that Pink Piilu not'Only cu.n:<l rue bul '.saved my life. "TLe reporter nc-zt visited, Hr. C. IL'Stnns- bury, n graduate of one -of the medical •chouls of Kentucky, and a man who tnjoys the conlidencc of everybody in Longview. He said : " I know that Mr. Spanldin^ had m terribly severe attack of Kuhitic rheumatism «f which I tried to cure him; uscd'every- •thinj: k-aovrn to my profession in vain, and finally recommended hint to fro to Hot Spring. lie eame back rfrom the -springs •worse than when he went tnd 1 thoTight it Tra« only a matter of time until hia heart -would be affected and he would die. 'I also know that his cure is the direct result of tho B»eof Dr. Williams' Pink Pills." "That is rnthur un nnnsual statement for » mpular physician to make, doctor." " I know it. is, bat * ''fact i.« -Jifuct, and itherc nre hnndreds of people right here in llionijviow 'who know whitt 'I say is the truth. 'I also know Mr. MHson anil know 'that he «TD.K relieved of n'Renuine and oevero ''ease of ilocomotor _niaii* - of twenty years 'GIRLS JN BOXING GLOVES, Ten Bonmta •aad • Knockout In * 'Kew fork Gjrmnmilum. Nearly every'week day afternonn tho favored v-isitor to a certain arislocratio Ujinnasinm c»i Fifth avenue, X«w York, may sec clevtr boxing bonts Txitweeu the spirituePiC young 1 ' sports in knickerbockers voiio are members oJ the organization. Not trta'ny days ago, sajs tho New York World, a ten-round *^fo" between two <x£ fhe most expert girls resulted in a clean knockout. A 'member of the ^gymnasium, who found tho secret too much to keep, gives -details ol the bout, but refused to say more than -that the contestants wore named Maud :and Ethel respectively. ''For the first lour rounds neither fair •boxer gained nruch advantage, al••though there were several rattling-ex- ••ehanges. In the fifth Maud secured first "knockdown, and there followed three rounds devoted to uneventful rallies. The ninth-round was distinguished by some clever -work in the way of feints, clucks and counters, both contestants beinff pretty well winded at the quavering call of time from a member who was so oxeitcd that she had .almost lost her voice. When -the .'lushed and panting, but plucky, girls faced cttuh other for tho last roitml the first oltort made was a ; .splendid straight-arm punch which i sent Ethel reeling for ;L moment. A i new member of tender years quietly I fainted in u. corner just as Ethel recovered herself quickly in time to duck another beauty nirned for the chin. Ikviorc Maud could get herself back into position Ethel landed twice and her adversary at once became exceedingly groggy. Ethel, though puffing like a grampus herself, was quick to sec her opportunity, and with a smart uppercut sent poor Muud to the floor in a bunch, fairly knocked out. Tho vanquished maid was carried to a dressing-room, where she soon recovered. Then all tho girls, after having a good cry together, went home, satisfied that they had a lovely time and eager for the next bout. Knowledge Wouftl nfLt'tt Snvrd 1 !!)!!]. Red phosphorus combines with chlorate of potash to make a.n cxplivtive of great violence. The London 'Lancet thinks thut.if this fact of cheniissry had • been m«-r; /generally known '!!• might havo MEVefi the disagreeable consequences-which recently followed when u raan tvho let/I not studied chemistry put his suitety matches icto the same pocket with IUB throat lozwiges. \Yllson snd let me reins Qang trom the pommel of the saddle, and humored her mule's ivish to nibble the herbage. At -a nawow place, with a sharp declivity below, the beast fixed his jaws upon a small, tough bush on the upper bank. As ho warmed to the work, his hind feet worked around toward the «dge of the chasm. The bush began to come out by the roots, -which seemed to be without end. As the weight of the jnule was thrown heavily backward, I looked forward with apprehension to the time when the' root should finally give way. I dared not and could not move. The root gave way, allowing the mule to fall backward. One foot slipped over the edge, but three stuck to the path, and the majSrity prevailed. After that I-saw it was safer to let my faithful beast graze on the outer edge. All went well until he became absorbed in following downward tho foliage of a bush which grew up from below. As he stretched his neck farther and farther down, I saw that he was bending his forelegs. His shoulders sank more and more. I worked myself backward, and was sliding down behind— too late. The bush broke, causing tho mule to fall back forcibly against tlie, inner bank, with myself sandwiched between the adamantine wall of tho mountain and the well-shod heels of the mule. The animal, being us'much scared as myself, started up the trail on a gallop. 1 h;id saved my life, but lost my mule. I resolved to push on. At the very first turn a boy appeared hurrying back with my palfrey. A PRETTY STORY. ON BOARD A BURRO. vV Lady Fturancor'" Experience in Monn- tuln CHm-blngr. In riding .a mule up a mountain, where the trail often runs along the edge of a precipice, tho rider is told that it is safer to'let .the beast have its own way than to attempt to guide it. But even in mountain riding the old adage holds—there is no rule without its exception. Miss Sanborn tells us in her book, "A Truthful Woman in Southern Califprnia,"thatin ascending Mount P ECULIAR 5a combination, proportion and preparation of ingredients, Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses great curative value. You should '•'PY IT. Friendship That Spninc Cp Between » nison lint) a Deer. The bison of India has never bean kept long In captivity, except in the case of ont bull, which is now in the possession of his highness the maharajah of Mysore. How this bull came to survive, when so manj r of his fellows had succumbed, is a very pretty story. It is related by the .author of "Gold, Sport aud Coffee Planting in Mysore," who took it down from the lips of his neighbor, Mr. Park, wh-o captured the animal, and was knowing to all the deiails of the storv. Dartmouth Professors Called It Incurable. "I hid a painful ulcer on my ankle, which phyii- ciaui callad ui old man'B lore, due to the poor state of my blood. Th« •ore spread to the ilze of • cancer, and 1 had to give Dp The r at .Dartmouth I College would not perform an (operation, 'claiming; that my advanced age, 78 yean, in Itself was a barrier, and that only temporary relief could be given. I was plninj* over my misfortune when a friend urged melto try Hood'H Saraaparilla. I had taken but part of a bottle when the eruption looked more healthy and after taking 6 bottles the sore Hood's s »;> Cures completely healed, leaving- only a scar. Hood's Sarsaparilla also helped my whole system a»Ihave not felt so well for years." Joror 3. CORKIER, Weat Lebanon, N. H. u«»xj>_ r»:n easy tolniy, Qiisytotako, HOOU S PlllS easy In edict. 25c. [Cures [Rising ii Breast •• MOTHERS' ^^ FRIEND "J ... Is the greatestJ blessing ever oDered« child-bearing woman. < I have been a mid-! wife for many years, and In each case * i i where "MOTHERS' FRIEND" was used It accomplished wonders and relieved 1 - mueh suffering. It Is the best remedy for i rising of the Breast known, and worth tbo < i price for that alono, i i MBS. M. M. BnEWSTEB, Montgomery, Ala. Sont by EiproH or mnil, on receipt of prico, (1 pur boulu. Siikl bv all DrugKlin. HooU " To Mothers" mailed Ireo. BRADFIELD REQULATOII CO.. AH.ANIA, 01. "When captured the bull wiis supposed to bo about three days old. A week afterwards a young doc saiabur, pursued by jungle dogs, ran into u. laborer's cottage, and was made a prisoner. It wus decided to keep the deer as a companion for the bison, and the two were accordingly kept together, though never shut np. They were 1'ed on milk and then allowed to graze, and soon became inseparable. They were fed at twelve o'clock and at four iu the afternoon, aud seemed to know their feeding time exactly. When the bison was two years old it was thoug'ht time to fit him with a nose rope. Ele was tied to'a tree, his noso bored, and he was liberated. lie ran all about tho grounds, and then, for the first and only time, be was heard to bellow. After this he was regularly led out to graze. The sambur would sometimes remain behind, but seemed to have no difficulty in finding him, but, putting her nose to catch the scent, would start at once in the right direction. The bison had no such power, and if ever lie missed his companion would go wandering about till he found her. When the bull was three years old he was presented to the, maha.ra.jah and •was sent off to tho 'nearest railway station—some sixty miles away. Tho doe soon noticed his absence, held up her nose as usual, got the direction, and, when the bull was five or six miles away, she overtook him. He showed tho most extreme delight, and the two traveled happily together to Mysore. Mr. Park saw the bull in 1S01, and two or inre'e years altcrwaros .air. Elliot was glad to leaxn that tbe bison and the deer were still inseparable companions and both in excellent health. He believes that the bull would long ago have pined away and died but for the society of tlie doe. CHAMPAGNE CORKS. Th«y AT* Cat bj B»n<l »o«l Ar» Very Ex- p»n«lY»- "'When you pull a champagne cork the anticipation of the sparkling beverage gives you but little time to consider just how important the cork is," said a prominent cork manufacturer, according to the Pittsburgh Dispatch. "A champagne cork is the most expensive made. You will probably be surprised when 1 tell you they cost from seven to ten cents each. To keep champagne in good condition the cork must be as near perfect as possible. So it is that they are cut by hand from tho best quality of. Cattilonia wood. "The utmost care is taken in the selection of the wood, and even after the corks are cut another sorting process is gone through. Then, by a chemical process, the corks are tested to see if they can be relied upon to do the particular work of tightly fastening champagne bottles. The manufacturer must learn for a certainty whether the corks are perfect or not before they nre permitted to be put upon tho market. Of oour.se, you nnd sorno bad corks iu champagne bottles, but their defects are cither passed over througl: carelessness or develop after the bottle is corked. You will appreciate that seven or ten cents is not such an exorbitant figure as it would seem. There arc very few champagne corks made in America. The corks could be made here just as well us in Europe, but at much less profit." A Trick on tho Profeimor. The story is told of the lato Prof. Blackie that when he once put a card on tlie door of his lecture room, reading: "Prof. Blackie will meet his classes at one p. m." Some waggish student obliterated the "c"in "classes." Happening to pass that way the old professor saw the change. Stepping up to the door he obliterated the letter 1" and went grimly on his way without a word. Very <l»ner indeed. Dally, nw, hourly experienced, are the sensa- lonsot the dyspeptic, nervous Invalid. Ask Mm iml b« will tell you that It Is well nl^h Imposslbl* o describe them. Palpitations o£ tlie heart sui- tcst—erroneously—tbiit the organ Is affected' mzzing In the cars, a Queer, metallic taste In the nouth and tingling alon* tne edges ol the toneae. estless, broken slumber nt night, :m Inclination o sleep during tlie day, which disappears when he recumbent posture is assumed, frequent uneasiness of the stomach between and after nca s when digestion ought to have performed Its fllco. These are a few ;unon£ the Indicia of lie complulnu speedily removable bv ihe use o' Jostetter's Stomach Bitters, wnlch also cures and reveuts chills mid tever, biliousness, constipation, rh«mnallsni, neuralgia nnd kidney trouble. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and iaopiov-ement ud tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, k? more promptly Adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Svrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting IE the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches .and fevers s.nii permanently curing constipation, it has given satisfaction to millions and met •vith.rthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without veai-- siiiuc them and it is perfectly free from .- ; very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale .by all druggists iu 50c and SI bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvup of Figs, *ud being woll informed,jcon will no* tccept any substitute if. oiwiw*- A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal pozzoNrs Combines every element of| I beauty and purity. It is beautifying, soothing, healing, healtk- ful/and harmless, and when i rightly used is invisible. A most 5 delicate and desirable protection ! t» the face in this climate. Insist upon having tho STATE OP INDIANA, GASS COUNTY, ss: . Mr. M. Shoerifield, manager of the N. Y. B, Co. appeared this day before me, a Justice of the Peace of the above State and County, and being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that the foregoing letter is an exact CODY of the letter received from H. Sehoenfield,Philadelphia, Pa,, Proprietor N. Y. B. Co. M. Shoenfield. {SEAL. \ - Geo - w " Fende|S » Justice of the Peace; &Son of this city at 30e on the dollar. One half of the purchase amounting to §31,000, I have shipped by fast to Logftnpport, so inaogurate a big sale at once, You can sell the goods at 23s on the dollar. This will allow us 3 per cent and at the same time this will give you > ^ance to sell « , to the people of COBS countylat such ridiculously low prices that will n^ake the N. Y. B. Co. known, and get you tbe trade of the whole county. Rcs » ectf ""^^ The ABOVE TELLS THE TALE! THIS SLAUGHTER OF PRICES UNPARALLELED! Never equaled before, never equaled again. Note these Telling, Daring Low Prices: A gentleman's fine Dress Suit, worth $18, §20 §573 A workiugman's suit, worth §12 and §15 at §198 A nice suit, worth §10 at • • • • $ 2 - 98 Boy's and Children's suits at these same low prices. Men's working pants worth §1.50 , 59 cents Men's hats worth §1.50, §2 and §2 50 at 33 cents Men's underwear, worth 75c and §1 at 19 cents Men's heavy blue overalls worth 50c and 75c at 29 cents Odd coals for boys, ages 14 to 19, worth §1.50, $2, §2,50 and §3.... .48 cents This Sale Starts Friday, March 29th, and Continues Until the Stock is Sold! The New York Bankruot Company, 324 Fourth Street, Logansport, Indiana.

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