The Times from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1893 · Page 5
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The Times from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1893
Page 5
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7 Ladklpitia, Wednesday mounting, November 8, ison. TIIE TIMES PITH tW5 SUGOESSFUL s PEGiAUST WK-T-0 tb tl In-tant. IiPNtflNC, ana M k-liil nl Aut'lf rr m B(t- 1U uf ;iurrsi tlt IVtt, llU4ll llUtiiMVUU' Itwt tlt-Hw. il Hrrki lrl. WIIN.-Onu. Ubliivt.. JAMK4 WTION. la hU 4Mb jrtf. rurl I liii Krirrnoo ! I a alscJh trt in ,U mllf -tM WlBkr WfM V'l Nil. -tin ihft lti uikiNitt. A I.I IK K VOttNO, tlfUKliirr nf lh lata frjrUM J. Hnd Klf'Mitnr J. Yuuiic. aifitl vytni, t-iinrral liih aM riioun al S oViork. hi tu r-ittM ml Mra . Nufiia, iJ Mount ruin ti-rt VELUTiNA AND CORDUSOY GREAT BARGAINS IN ALL-SILK RIBBONS r. UNEQUAIED PRICES IN LADIES' COATS Tnilors iinvt-r mi foiincd lwlter work than that shown in this inorninu'H Fall niul Winter t'oat idiiH. All thu parint'iitH art) extrcincly shapely anil styl-iish. Tho inbcllisliiii.itH are in strict accord W illi tho best taste, whilst thu price a 10 simply pheuoinenul. Cliuvlnt or Ilrn,!), Cloth,, nniLrt-Iti, k .ii'l very lull ,h';vi L'ulur pri'f. fMW. Viry ihihhI II uv,T'ltli. In t!lu nml Itlti'k, flnutU tir.-ni.tiMl, itnitiri-lln Im-k. iMtin lutiuK. IjIK.OO. It. KUlnr jirii f, U'.ml. CUiMi.lUiinK, ilntililo' with rnpl iiklrt nti'l rtilliir. mlor l'lu mi'l Hiiu-k Kr M-y Clitth, trinutii-il with litw, of wontled bmlil. Sti. s,,!,) iK wht re nt f 1.1. cloth In Itlun au.l Itlm k, tlrlit-flt. tlnie, ripplt bm k nmltBio; fruntn, rnni. cl-Ur hikI 1cpvi-i kIkciI with Frunch Seal. IjilH.UO. JU jiiUr yaluu f-'7.IW. CHESS G30DS SenHonnhlo Cheviot Snilincs. 40 inches in width, 25c. the yard, l.cgiilnr price has lieen until this morning 50c. Only So pieces in tho lot. French Hen trice Clot li, in Light nml Dark Navy lllne, Dark Krown, (lohlen Itrown, Moile, Slate, (iarnct ami Cireen, 50c. the yard. Itcgular market value, Sl.UO. CURTAINS As a lntmlsoniely made glove to a shapely hand so are curtains to a prettily appointed room. They are the crowning touches of rich adornment, and yet tho prices here are always extremely moderate especially tins morning among tho bargains. IRISH POINT IACE J' tho pair. Regular price $3.25. tho pair. Regular price $4.50. $4. "ft the pair. Regular price $5.7A. S.YftO thu pair. Keaular price 7.50. $4J.1M thu pair. Regular price $8.0. TAMBOURED SWISS LACE S3.2S tho pnir. TiuRulnr price W 25. S.".a.1 the pair. K. k'ular prioo $7.(KI. Wl.7ii the pair. Ki-gulnr priro f'.i.lKI. Two pi-iul offerings in Chi-nille Curtiiint at $12 and $3 the pair. Worth double. CHESTNUTEIGHTH Ir. Mnnton'i nee does not driHnl upon vsitKi ration, lift due w hat lie claim, km hundred., of of liviiiK. brtnibinx, healthy id J Uthimastir people, will lentily. Hit is uut of thst Arnb triiw who pit h their tent hcru to-!.,? In mime .ltnt city to-morrow. 'htl bIi lilii in hrgi enough Tor tlm piiyii li-n w ho run lii-ul the sick. 1 1 ii Head rtit t m in p ii t-uit ml tha country in iin h oi I umucw. If tiu cun liih iutifitt Ht !i"tu. Thu mix i uf rntir pM-kot-lxMik U not iiHjUinil intii, iny nick triemt, whuu yu iMM-k huu fur rm.Milu-tiuu. I ho qiit-t.tiin with 1p. Mar-turn It: "iu tint nick nun or wort tit it lc In hud or cured ?" When ncM-iprew Tit (t to him, ami win-a knowledge, that I'utiivM only imm hunt ixp'-ritniv, an vuftttK ti lnui tli:it n euro i iu.v,tiiU-, be moves upon the rn-my' work rcg.tntl-s of tin- pecuniary or k hi condition I Hit- mi lb n r. Kvi-ry one ntHirtcd wllh any rhnmb Mlim-nt, mnualtor if the v:Htt ha b'-cii declared incurable, Nlioul'i avuil tin iiijm Ives of tlm opportunity ollercj tu cvnitult lr. Miintun. either personally or hy letter, without chnrgv, Itatmt di liiy a limit- r of mo vital import-a nee, lai t send him thu rnrlictiliiri of your ailment, liu will ili-nl witb you honestly, and if you then rou-tludc to fake treatment liu cburu. are exceedingly low. Ir. Mar ton success In th treatment of i lung (Including cutiirrh), heart, kldncv mid Madder trmihlc. In eMuhMnhed ln yiiiiU doubt. I Him rt'iii 4t und Improved iiifilKM of treat-iii' tit hi th--enhd iiitvi.iii dthi'iisci urn mic-ucKhfiil in hII curable rumen. HIk 1 MirceM in thoie cu-tea in IiIh prlv.iie pntetleft i It' llllll tOIKlVITlt-' to f.t ldll'llll IHTMHIM tllUM n!tct-t to lw cured, lit-will friitikly M;ilt whether he c hi lit-,; fit,. -)K). or i;ol, unit nil , 4-iimi-h he iiiuKrt.ik hi- will Iri'tit thorntmhlv lilxl hones,). Hi Iih llnl t-'.s Ih-'1 IliVfsli-IfiH'U 'i ml hu cm res Int'TVtrttrti by tho 'prifii " uui fcirontiiy HnJurcd. KVinKxeii: or mi. nt akktovmskili, j Ifrlrflr filvrn In I M llH. MA"sr.iN, f' utifiili' Owu orita. r.r'-tr: M il! yon kimllv MtiH liii i-iniie UlO' t- lll'J.Tlll. tal llH' iMo in-- ( r .u ,,itrli it- 'I'lie lust yull ti. 11. ItLAKKIt, U litlwooU" ikMCll, N. J.( fi-vrrr KtMriilc:t:k t'urvil. "A. J. Maimtos, M. It- Pnr Slrt rnrirr your trriit;nc;it I ii iii pifHvd to sii.v 1 am K!lNinir cvi-rv Uitv. Ilne not tuul tuiy iiior nttitri; uf i he iu'tirniiu ninow 1 hrpnn t he Irtit MM'ilt. J nni !;! : lliir vmnl Hppi'tiK Jllho, i iut nut with u ivIMi. 1 think I urn ittininu in ll.Kti hihI ma it-eliiiK quite Htroiiy. J leaped fully yoiirx, "Hi.ANCii Huosit'.s Elyrla, O." Another t ilnrrh '1ear Hoctok: I tim KMt!ti(f nlonir quite tvMI, my throat hih) h-inl n u irrcHt deiil bet-tf-r. '1 he NieUieiiiit Is hilphij: me very much. J. 11. lUfsMfconi), Kurllmitou, N. J." OkGAMZKD rilAlilTY'S WORK Ninth Ward's Ann mil Rvpnrt Shows In-vreasvtl Destitution in That Quarter. A considerable Increase In the number of needy and deserving applicant and a treasury by o means ahle to meet the demands upon It, were the facts brought before the con sideration of the directors and contributors i of the Ninth Ward Aspoeiat lon for Organized Charity yesterday, at Its anminl meeting nt the ollice, iii 14 Sansoin street, 'J'he treasurer, lilchartl DuvIhh, reported expenditures dur-tmc the year 'iti-'Wi to ho ijtM.if; contributions, through recti tar channels, $N;W. ,-,; special, StiW; mukiiiK the total receipts of the Tear, tu addition to cash contributions a large number of Kills of clothiui;, provisions, enul, etc., wtire reported. According to tho superintendent's report Nil npplh-ntitw, represeniltis: :tiif taniilies,vere visited and, If woi'thv, relieved, and employment siveu to iii. VlsitK to tlie numlier ol ;tuO were made' by tne superintendent durlm; the year. Tne president's annual remarks touched on the impossibility tit eMtlmatinK or comprehend! ni;, through the medium of mere furures, the amount of misery lessened and practical beueht extended by the workers In the Ninth ward, and on the necessity for h lamer number of contributions to swell the dow depleted treasury. The following oliieers were re-elected : President, William II. Lurried; secretary and treasurer, Kiehurd hevlne; directors, William U. Lamed, Isaac Collins, Rudolph Hlanken-burjj, Lueien Morse, lilchard hevlne, fSeth "Hldwell, Jr., Frank W. Muzzev, t'harles Huberts, Mrs. (i. M.Jones, Mrs. S. s. Blanken-hurg, Miss Julia A. Myers; superintendent, Mrs. Alice E. Thomas. The Advisory Board of the citizens permanent relief committee met yesterday and listened to reports showlnir that the work of districtiii" the city is proj-ressintr so rapidly that a lull plun will be reported for adoption on Friday. 1'rcsidentH of the auxiliary branches of the committee in a number of wards were appointed, as well as representatives of the lu the same wards, for the purpose of effecting permanent ward organizations and the co-operation of the various other relief associations. The sum of ftjrtl was appro- firlated to the llev. i. L. t'owuu for use in re-ieving the existing distress lu the Thirty-third ward. The representatives or a mini her of wards were present and gave encouraging reports or the work In their districts. Mr. lilunkenhurir annonnfHil lb at. Krrnt n rv Ttothsehlld, of the United Hebrew Charities, . iiau informed him that that organization was Jn a condition to look after its ponr. Hence-forth all Hebrews applying tor aid will he directed to the office of the United Hebrew Charities, 6ci0 North Sixth streeu SOLDIERS (JUABD STREET CARS. Several Minor Dtatnrbancee on the Street of JtlHritetlles. Marseilles, November 7. The horse car companies managed to start thirty cars today in spite of the efforts Of the strikers to prevent them. Each car was escorted by nine mounted hussars, two gendarmes and by two ordinary policemen. There were several minor disturbances on the boulevard he La Madeinine und on the Rue he Noailles. The strongly escorted horse rars were hissed and hooted all along the route. The police made several arrests. A Noble Charity In J-ore Need. The secretary of the Visiting Nurse Society writes: "Tho managers of the Visiting Nurse Society, of 1.140 Lorn bard street, are under the jrravest apprehensions that the society will be unable to weather the coming winter unless the public respond generously to their appeal on donut Ion day. Of course everyone Is pressed on all sides at this time, but it would be an incalculable loss to the poor if the present emergency deprived them of an Institution so capable of helping and educating them, and the whole community, rich and poor, would lose a powerful protector in the held of hygiene. or the eight months from March 1 to November 3, 1H93, the society has tended 747 case.-), as against 4H2 for the name period ol iwi Of these ifiWl were maternity cases, involving the care of child and mother." The Late Edward Rrooke'a Large Estate. Special Telecram to The Times. Reading, November 7. The estate of the late .Edward Brooke, of Blrdsboro, a member of the E. & G. Brooke Iron Company, was adjudicated by Judge Eland in the Orphans' Court to-day. It amounts to $if0,956, which will be divided between three children, Rohert E., George C. and Frederick H. Rrooke. Each will receive 51180,812.18. In 1691 Annie C. Brooke, another child, who became of age, received S27ti,53G.6a. Driven Mad by Goaslpa, Wilmington, Del., November 7 Annie Dutton, a colored woman, was arrested yesterday for drunkenness and locked up at the police station here. Several neighbors called at the Jail to see ber later and told her the police were going to seud her to an Insane asylum. This talk was kept up and to-day the woman bellevlne what had been told her, became a raving maniac and was sent to the asylum. i " She Blew Oat the Ga. f rectal Telegn-m to The Timks. Sooth Hethlehbm, November 7. Katie Koehler, 19 years old, living near Effort, a village tn Monroe county, came to this place yesterday afternoon and secured employment as a domestic In the residence of Rev. W. A. Stiver. Upon retiring last night she blew out the gas. This morning the door of the room was forced open and she was found la bed asphyxiated. tt Dkta UlHMt, A. J. Mahwim, M. P.. OMirHIri lain fliad to mt (hHt tliv vyniptotua In tMitli inluii't wnraaliniMt lin-tiieUiaittly linipruvfd. 1 hiiva na duiiUt you cuu tiiMka ma aa wll 1 WMa iMiuro I mh mu to iiirirr, it- l-Mniilr your., 1L U 1' 0 mn I lmv b.yn taklnf yoi your i now pvroii, l on haven t any 0m how your iiinlleliuj Itaa helied me. l feW tm well aa ( ever did In inv Ilia." iiua. J. U. I'uui la, tordele, iia CatarrM mt tmalk Whn I rtiwun livatmanl with you 1 had Hlnliveii up thai I ahottld ever lf belter. No due lor ioitld help mi until 1 rami to you. but nine 1 liuvt tn umter votir tredtinent 1 mude alendv Hnproxe- nil-ill UlUll now l otiiHiiifr nivnrii W.dl." MUa A. WAltf, Huleiii, N. .1. Kullow I UK m n imrtlal hat of lhotf who were completely rtwtored io (aid lieMllh hv It Alurttton'a Improved treutiiMMit after Ik-in pn imuneed luuunible of Ilia following dlMeuaea t lhaa ifeiia RuclianaD, Wi Wnbalar HI., tUitnden, N.JMronauin plloii. allaa shaekuirord, wi h. Jbtb Strftft, lb i roiiHiitiiptloti. Ml Mary HrtJ t ton, 1021 a 1Mb Ht, rhlhi., bronehltlt. Mr. Joiin H-ard, UrldKPport l'a., coiiauinpiion. Mra. J. N. Mhiilltto, Altoona, bronchial ratarri (aevere). Mr. John Wnh1, m TMylor ML, l'bllada., bronchial eutanh an aalhmu. Mauler Mauley K Irk, HJ$ WtaUir HL, l'blla,. bronchial catarrh. Mra. t orneliM Jieraer'a aoi( IftTi Kharpoack HU, (iermaiitown, I'PIIh. Catarrh. Mra. K K. K mtftiU 4 W ML Vernon Kt., Cam- den, N..I., t-atnrrh of Ktoiniteh and howula. MlNHl.indaKrtiik-h.JKFulriuotititAve., uer- V4IHH di-iulitv. Mra. A tm ii- Veurirk.4ll.(Miin Kt., W. I'htla., "umlyst itt tiwelH nt d womb tnmlile, Miim Alh-e Tow nsend, W 1'lne U, 1'hiliL, nvr- voMM dysh -4ui himI Joiintllcc. Mr. Mar, William-, Mi t. roniiey Kt., Tblla., malt) la ;ilid Janudieii, Mr. Mark Uyuu, 1617 Alter KL, I'll I la., heart troll hie. Mr. Hamuli l-'miuun, Hhi'rlfT KL, Phi la., U-tt nicer. Mister llitM .-ird Hawk, Surlnycr HL, Ciennan town, I'lilla., htr uh-er MuMer ihai t. a Donoviiti, A'2i licit Id HL, Wilmington, tel., eczema. And uutueroiiM other iianea. Full detailed teMtmoniala of iheabovp and other caauKcun be tin d on Hppllcalioii. One uf the stronceal indor-ieineiiu la that niONUit Ida uatlenia uro f nt by (huavlitt biui previously tretiled and I cureti. lr. Marflton'a ofllce la VM Pouth Ninth atrct, near Walnut atreet, Philadelphia. Jltiiira, U to 4; eveninca, 11 to 8, buuduya, V to 12 A. M. rouaiiltuUuti I-'nk. N. 11. lr. MurMton'a wlebrated remedy, J!;elllln.M for the prevention and cure of contonnptton and other wai Iiik dlteaaen, cu he had at his oilloe, or at dnur atoren. Price, SI. IX). Wholesale lU'etiU, Kinlth, KUue 4 Kreuch Cuinpuny, i'hlludelphia. EM BIXV. On the fth Instant, JUL! A EM BLOW, wile of the lute All red Kmbijnv, tiged S- years. I be rtlatlvea and friends ol tint fainilv are re- ipert rally Inviieil toattend tlie funi rul t.-r.'ltes, on j etiite.-,iiuy alieniiH.a at I o'clock, at her late red- ; deuce, ittu West York Btreeb liiternieui prlVHte, i E-.IKRICK.Suiblenlv. tin tbfl flth Itwtant. WiLI j I AM WARNER EMERICK. aged yeurs. Fit-! lu'ntl. at lila iute n-aidt nW, Wayne, Deiitwnre ' county, on WeUttesda' alteritoon at 1.30 o clock. E.MH:iS.-On the fiih hisiatit, JENNIE EX. Hit Ks. daughter of the Inns ar-barla and Jane Eiidrea. Funeral to-iltiy at 2 o'clock, from the rewi.tenc of her aunt. Miss Charlotte SuillU, Arehstm-L FELHM AN. JOfiKPH FEIDMAN.R41 MrKnn street, Nt.vemhcr ft, 1M. Due notice of tue lu-nentl will be given. FOR REsT. On November B, lm, BENJAMIN FOHRE.ST. sr..' retired chain mid anchor nianu-faetiin-r. of Port lilehmoiul, agwt 74 years. Funeral this morning tu 11 o'clock, at his late residence, centre Mreet, MerchiUitvllle, N. J. QILKS. on November fl. t tlAFNCEY GILES!. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral services, at the Church of the New Jerusa lem, Tweiity-decoiid and Chestnut streets, Thar day. November w, promptly at P. M. interment private. GXIJ.KN. On the 4th Instant, BARTHOLOMEW J.GILLEN. Sr. i The relative and friends of the family, aluo Father Matthew Club, and Directors of Twenty-Sixth ward School Board, and all other societies ot which he wan a member, art respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday morning, at K'U o'clock, from his late residence, ViA'l federal street. Requiem Mass at Church of Annunciation. Interment at Holy Cros Cemetery. II A I.E. On the 3d Inst., CAROLINE E. LEAVY, wife of Anthony Hale, Funeral on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from ler late resldeece, 112 Xeele street, bervlcea in tot, Heter's P. K. Church, at 4 o'clock. . ! H Alt LEY. On the th Inntaat, Dr. MILTON P. HA RLE Y, at bis late resilience, No. 515 South Forty-second street. Due notice of the funeral will t given. HAHPKR. At Rldlev Park, Pa., on the oth Inst.. JANE E. HARPER, daughter of Preston and Prist-Ula Harper, aged 51 years. Due notice of the funeral will be given. HATCH. -On the 4th Instant, MARY, wife or Tli nni as J. Hatch and daughter of John and Mary Ann McWillittiriH. Funeral this mo ruing at 8 o'clock, from ber late residence, Ardmore, Pa. HI lib Mass at the Church of Mother of Good Counsel. KELLY. On the fith of November, ELLEN, wife of William Kelly. Funeral on Friday morning at 8.80 o'clock, from her husband's residence, No. y;;o West Lehigh avenue. . Soleum Requiem Mass at Kt. Edward's Church. KIE HI--Suddenly, on thefith Inn., LEON I DAS J, K1EHL, tn thetiM year of his age. Services nt the residence of bis daughter, Mrs, Rohert E Deane. 450 Wayn avenue, German-town, Friday at 11 o'cloca. Interment prtvaie. LEONARD. On November 4, IfibS, JANE LEONARD. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Weil-nesday morning, 8th Instant at 8 o'o ock, i'rotu the residence of her brother, Hugh Leonard, southeast corner Twelfth and Carpenter streets. Sol-elm Remiiem Mass at St- Paul's Church. To proceed to Cathedral Cemetery. LINK. On the 4th Inst., HARRIET, wife of John Philip Linn, Bf;ed 04 years, Funeral from her son's residence. 2131 Jefferson street, this afternoon at 'I o'clock. LIPMAN, Suddenly, of apoplexy, Rt his late resb deuce, on November 4, H Y M EN L. LIPMaN, au'd 76 years. Fuueral to-day, Novembers, at 2 o'clock. i LITTLE. -On the h Inst., ELLEN, widow of the late Thomas Little. F uneral to-day at 3 o'clock, at her late residence, 3403 F'rankford avenue, McDANTKLK On the fith Instant, MARY LOU-lsK, wife of Joseph K. McDahlels. Funeral today at 1 o'clock, from her late residence, No. all Luane street. Mc.VAMf E.-On the 7th Inst, Mr. JOHN Mo-NA.MKE, nt his late residence, 2.VJ4 Poplar street Due nottceof funeral will he given. MANLY. On the 6th Inst., CH ABLER MANLY, agetl t5 yetirB. Funeral this afternoon al Ii o'clock, from the residence of his son-in-law, John P. F lynn, i-Viy Cayuga street, Nlcetown. METZiiER. On October 31, mas, at Chicago, III., EMMA C, daughieroi'tbelate Kmanuel Metzger. PAUL. On the 5th instant, ANNA MA ROAR KT, wife of Abraham K. Paul. Funeral this afternoon atl o'clock, from her late residence, 2145 Van Pelt street, above Twenty-tirst and Diamond. REAGAN.-suddenly, on the 4th instant, JOHN B. REAGAN, aged 50 years, j The relatives and friends of the family are re-apect fully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday morning at 7S o'clock, from his late residence. 327 South street. Solemn Requiem Mass at St. Joseph's Church. Interment at Cathedral Cenretery. RE1LLY. On the oth Instant HELEN, daughter of Michael and Mary lleiily, aged 3 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, from her parents' residence, 742 North Th1rty-aiath street. Interment private at Cathedral Cemetery, REYNOLDS On thesth Inst, GEORGE L son of the late Andrew and Barbara, In the 39th year of his age. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, rear No. 2uft Weft Thompson street, an Tbut'hday afternoon at 2 o'clock. To proceed to Ht. John's M. E. Church Vault. BI LF'Y. On the 5th Instant, SALLIE, daughter of James J. and Sarah Klley, and granddaughter of Sarah and the late Luke M oorfy aged 5 yearn and 3 montba Funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from parents' residence, 2654 Be van street. ROCHE On the 6th Instant, THOMAS ROCHE, aged 78 years. Funeral this morning at o'clock, from the residence of his Bon-ln-faw, John K. Gilbert, 516 North ThirLy-secunl street, bole run Requiem Mass ut St Agatha's, i BELOSKL On the 6th Inst.. LOUIS FELOSKI, aged 4H years. Funeral this afternoon at 1 o'clock, at his late residence, 2i:M South street 8MITII. On the 5th instant. MARY JANE, wire of Eugene F. smith and daughter of Sarah and the late John Toland. F'uneral this morning at s.i o'clock, from her husband's residence, 1211 Bonaall street. Hiifh Mass aL Kt Anthony's Church, OJray'e Ferry road and Fltiwater street 6TOETER, On the 5th Instant, 0EOKQE KTOE-TER, In bio 7dth year. Funeral on Thursday at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, 3114 Richmond t treet I TAYLOR. On the 4th InsL, CATHARINK R., widow of the lateEdmond Taylpr. Funeral at 2 o'clock, on Thursday, Nov. 9, IHJtf, from the residence of her son-iu-law, Dr. H. C. Pratt, 6020 Ta-cony, White Hall, Philadelphia. WALLACE. On the 4th lust.' WlJ.LiAM WALLACE, aged M years. Funeral thla afternoon at 1 o'clock, from the residence of Henry Kunaig, undertaker. No. S-il 'alrmount a Venue, WF.IL.-On the 5th instant. HANNAH, widow of Williams. Weil. In ber S8tb year. Funeral tbla morning at 19 o'clock, from 831 Eranklm treeu Handsome new Autumn colorings and dainty evening shades are, exhibited in these desirablo fabrics. '21 inches wide and ita exceptionally low juice SI t bo yard. Only the most rclhihlo qualities made. BLACK DUCHESSE A very special oll'ering is pro-sciilcd this morning at $1.19 tho yard. We have never known this particular quality to sell for less than $1.7v", lieneo tho importance oi' an early cull. F0:!GEES Thirty rich shades, including nil the reiifirtng favorites, it re, shown at 39c. thu yard. This price is about one-third the regular one. EU.KXET BARGAINS What makes them so pronounced J Manufacturers fear tin-ill" discus-ion, and are accordingly disposing of their wool products at greatly reduced prices. This is your time to savo money. fiiwl While Mimk'H, $2.25 tha pair. Wort it '.'.. (ciki I Wiiii.. Ill ink. cxu.i (imility, $J.IO th ouir. Wurtli :.. I'.lrn t.:irXi W liitu lllaukots, $2.(13 tha pnir. Woilii (J.ju. CALIFORNIA BLANKETS Lnrcre sire, extra gootl quality Wutf $4.UCfc thu pair. Worth .M. KASERMATS STEEL ENAMELED WARE Tliore is no "seeoinl" nonsonso about sunshine. It is first class altvays. So is llnUerman's Steel Knnnieled Ware the best Enameled Ware made. 4- qtiart .StewinjE Kettles, with cover, 40c. Regular price of an interior w:ire, S0r. 5- quart Dresden Kettles. fOo. Regular price of an inferior ware, $1.20, 2-quart Oyster Stewing Tans, 20c. Regular price of tin inferior ware, 4c. 11-inch Pio Plates, iiic. Regular price of an interior ware, 3fc. Soup Ladles. 1-c. Regular price of aa inferior ware, 30c. STREETS PERSONALS VNY INFORMATION AS TO THE WHERK-abouts of one NATHAN JCLICs, 11 years of age, gray suit, blue jacket, liiiht hair, 3 ft. 4 in. In height, will be vu-.comed by his lather, lWt DALY Wrect DAVID JULIUS. McOARRY'S MONEY LOAN OF , . Cor. Fifth and Vine streets. F.atab. in IS". iiuu.000 to loan at reduced rates on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Dry Goods of all kinds. Goods received 011 Htorage, with or without advance. Perfect security guarantred. The onlr Pawnbroking Establirhment In the city protected by the Holmes Electric Burglar Protector. f BAtl O F F M A N r B US I N E ssC LAlRVOY-jM. ant. tells naiucM of ber visitors and the naino In full of the one you marry, fcti Franklin street. ASHING MACHINES, WRINGERS, ETC Ail ilnijs !-olil und ItenalreJ. DRAKE'S, 7 S. TENTH street, below Market. R. Dr HARDT"S PENNYROYAL PILLS. tL noia oy jjruggisis. uiuce. xotf Aonn niss 1 tu II EADQCARTKRS FOR RUBBER GOODS. R HELP WANTED ill ALE. "TVr ANTED, GLASS WORKERS A FEWMORW competent, sober workmen will be given employment at blowing, pressing, finishing and gathering, steady work a good wages guaranteed, to good men. Applications wil! be considered and, aeteo on in the order in which teyare received, and in all cases should state the position applicant is best qualified to till, references, Ac Apply In person or by letter at once to any or all of the following, vf: R. J. BEATTY. Superintendent United State Glass Company, Tittin, Ohio. D. C. JENKINS, Superintendent United States- Gifts Comnany, Gas City, Indiana, JOSEPH ANDERSON, General Manager United States Glass Com pany. Pittsburg, Pa, Tm'STED-ATRA V ELI NG SALESMAN TO ? sell jewelry to the trade. Saiary, $J.4U per annum and expenses. Address Manager, Box New York. FEMALE. ANTED I, ADI Es TO DO WATER COLOR Painting ut home. Send stamp. Miss R E. TRIPPE. P. O. Box :l,:lsit. Boston, Mass. AGEICTS WANTED AGENTS WANTED AGENTS ARE WANTED in every locality to sell by subscription "ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND MEN OF' WAR TIMES," by A. K. McCIure. Very liberal term will be given, Address THE TIMES, Eighth and Chestnut, Philadelphia. AGENTS. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE l'O M AKB 92.ii) before "Xmas?" We can put you lu the way, und will prove It or forteit "ou ; this announce n ent may be your stepping Hlnne to a fortune if tit ken nil vantage of ht tnce. Address "Manufacturers," Box ."i.108, Boston, Muss. GENTS-SALAKY OR COMMISSION. fSS greatest Invention ot the age. The New Patent Chemical InkFJrasing Pencil. Sills on siht Works like n;a!;tc. Agents are making from 25 to yil per week. F"or further particulars write tho Monroa Eraser Mfg. Co., X 11, La Crosse. Wis. "rGENTS-M AKE-o5A DA Y.""'G REATEST V Kitchen CtenMI ever Invented. Retails aic.; a to ti sold in even bouse. Sample, postage paid, 5c T'-orshee A McMakin. Cincinnati. Ohio, TRUSSES FOR THE SAKE OF SUFFERING HUMANITY. Some three yearn ago a gentleman called opon 0.9 and said he was ruptured ; that he hnd heard of us, and asked If we could give him relief. We examined him and found be bad a very severe truss and was himself In a bad condition. He was from a distant Suite and sain he had to argue a ease before the Supreme Court, but was afraid to attempt it, for he wum suffering the torments of the dainned. We told him we could help him, but would not attempt it un less he would remain lire two davs. We adjusted a IruBH und he promised to call agatii the same afternoon, also the ue.vt morning and afternoon, after which we told him he might go home. He paid our charge and said it was less than one-eighth of what he had paid for the appliance or supporter that bad so tormented him, and he should have cheerfully paid us the same amount He came again the same aliernonn and said ht called because we asked him to. " But what do you wantf " We said we wanted to see how the t uas enhwercd after he had walked about a few hours. He said it was all ritiht and he wanted no change n.isce. IleuNo wud if he relt as good the next morimm iut he did then we should not see bim again. We old not see or hear from him for nearly two venrs. He iben came In, greeted us cheerfully, made hliiiHelf known and suld he had beon happy ever since he came to us and said : " ror the sake of Buffering humanity keep do ngasvou are, for yon not onlv me happy, hut vour charges are so mlr th:it even poor people can afford to come to you." SEFXEY'S TUUSts A N D BANDAGE establishment, N0.20 south eleventh street EDWIN CHESTERM AX. G. M. STREKTER DANCING aPROFE-SORS. ASIIKR A SON, NATA-torium liall. Broad, below Walnut Class Tuesday and Tlmrs lay Fveninys. Party -Kridh Evening. Children Wednesday and Saturday Afternoor.s. Private leuns o.tiiy. , WALL PAPER ' lOLD EMBOSSED. 12c AND 15c PER PIKCR. JT 'klelitj Wall Paver Co., U N. UUi bt, Phlla. SPECIAL NOTICES fV, lKiNA'iloN AM IIH'I.IMIiiN 1aV LK- al tbi raMmlt-if 'ita Horn, fr lucura bin, m WitMllaii'l Avrum, tin W'nlnewtav, Nu-Veiutwf H, l. rlrml.t lliti florin Curt I mil y lu. Vllit. Mofiev, dry imh)m and druceitea -rn'Hily aoHHtfrt. 'laeMoiittt m rrrtcluil ,y irnlua -avln Hr.Md Mln-t Htiftoo far Oiar a l-erry. or rrly-alinti aiiwt hiim. 'I Ii r,riie Hir-et limich uf lb Market tre.l intl guta tllm ily ui Hi Home. rfJZvkm !'NATHN I'AY tF 1 II K V IHI'I I Nil lKt Mlt-'i: MH'IKI'Y, Krl.'Hy, Nuv. Itt. IM t'ur actual t xitteac" HiU lnt. r ta llinti'iie! fruiu U-k ol iik-hun. I.tla-mi eoairiliiitUina of ntoney aw uraenily lequealtL Mek dt t. com I, trots-rt-, rtollM. r., mm U-will t t lie .tht uf tb li un r, MIm IKiHI'KK, l.ul rl'KI I r: Ntieet- DIVIDEND NOTICES riI'KNNX LV AM A It A I I.MOA It fU, i U-"S Pil l Airi.-iliA, Novemlcr 1. i T .u Board il I'buetorM tn It.N .iv d'-clMreil a , wiii-anmml Idvl.leiMl or TWO a N U OS E li A I.F 1 PER CI NT. Iini0 I lie lupiiNl Nfoi'K of the Com-I anv. cb-Nr i-r tin. (nn ttob mi and afn-r Nitvi'iiilr '.V. Inid, to the ttt'ttrelmldeni ft;;Uteril i.n the book or Hie i-uiniHtiiy al HP. M. October ;U, on WFDNI'.'hA , Nuvemiiar 211, ilivldeuda will j be paid to women only. RORFItT W. hMrril. Treasurer. fTT -r MANtFACTUREIlv ' " LKC NATIONAL BANK. 1 Piim.adki phi, NovuitilH-r a. IMi.t Th Directors have ihla dnv ilvciare,! a leiiil-an- nual dividend of TWO AND ONF. HALE PER CENT., payable on ti-ninitd. frte of Int. CAM I' El. CA M I'BM.L, Can bier. rt2r NATIONAL BASK OK OF: It MAN-LJW52T TOWN. Philadelphia. th.NMsTnwN, November fl, The Dlrectora hnvtt Hub dny declareil a Dlvl.iend of Sl X 1' Cl-.XT.. bkiablM uu ileiunnil. citr ut Uxea. ! CAN BY K TYON, Cathler. pKIie NAi ioNAL BANK OF LK-'S 'I IIP. Rf PCHLIO. Plfll.Aivi.riliA. Niiveuilr. The Directors hnv dtelaml a 0 vt len.l or TWO AM' ONEHALa PER ChNL. payable on de-maud. J. P. Mi'M FORD, Cashier, ri-iiCITYNATlMN 1. BNK. " ' LV- T Pun lf 1 fill. Noveaihera, 191. 'I h IttMird of Idrt- totit b.iv 1I1U tlav declureil a dividend of FIVE Phil CENT., payable oil de-maud, clear of UiX. Ii. ALBERT LEWIS. fab!er -"T1IK V. KTKII NATIONAL HANK UOfc. OF PHILADELPHIA. Nf.VKMDKR, , lai-3. At a meetlnir "f the Board of Direeloi held thin day. a DIVII'LNDOl- I l K PERCENT, waade. Glared, payable on il mae.d, live of tax. JOHN C. GARLAND, Cashier. r-TIIE FA KM Kit-' AND MECHANICS' LK.N'AH"NaI. bank. Piiti.Ai'Ki.eHM, November . Ikh, The Directors have this day declareil a dividend of THRKE l'LK CENT., payable oil (ieuiand, clear of alt taxes. HOWARD W. LEWD4, Cashier. rtm WEHT p"ll ILAIELPI1 1 A BAN K, LTti Pint ADKi.t-lliA. November s, IsWi. The Directors have deotaretlalJlvldeiid of THREU PFR CENT, payable on liennind. e'ear of tuxes. FLEMING I'AllivE, Candler. rj-iiGTRARD NATIONAL BANK. LjVCit Piin.AitKt.eniA. Novembers, UMI, The Directors heve this day declared a dividend Of SIX PF.R CENT., payable on demand. J. Ii. HITEM AN, Cashier. rf-ria THECENTRAL NATIONAL BANKT LjV-Ti. PiiitAiici.riiiA, Novembers, una. 'lin- Directors have this day declared a dividend Of SIX PF;R C'F:NT.. pavablu on demand. tllKO K ITCH KN, Cashier. AMUSEMENTS CADEMY OF MCsIC. NOVEMBFK 15. Zimmerman nu-1 Nlon Lessee. WFDNI.SDAY F.VF.NINO. NOV KM BER 15. MR. U ARC I H It. MAYER nnnouncea herewith the appearance of Mme. A DELI N A mm Aitnintcd bv Fmlnent ArtlKts. A Miscellaueoua Program me and tie Second Act of MARTHA Tn Costume. Scenery and Grand Orchestra. Pale of Seats hegtilH ( i 0-.MORIiOV Thursday. 9 A. M. FI IIEICH, VIZI Cli Fs'l NLT fetrect. Reserved J-eatb. $3, 4 and C1HENTNCT STREET OPERA HOITSK. J Every F:v'g. Math. To-Day and Saturday. Latit W eek of Daniel Fr'tlmnm's LY F:CM THKATKE COMPANY, Mat To-day Lat Time) THK CHARITY BALI To-Night, Tomorrow F;v'ug. Americana Abroad. Frl. and Sat. Evg'n, Sat. Matinee, TIIE WlFK. Next Week Rusaell'a CmedUns In the World' Fair City Directory, augmented by the Marveloua 7 W'H A FFEIW. Heats un bale. ClHEHTNUT BTRKKT THEATRE. j F:very F:v'g, Wata. To-day and Saturday. LAST WEEK of Mr. E. ft. WILLATtD. Matlnae To-day (Lust Time) The Middleman. To-nluht (Laat Time; The Prufe-iSor'a Love iStory. To-morrow, Wealth. Friday Ev'g. Hat. Mat., John Needham's Double. Hat. Ev'g, A hool'n Paradise. NEXT 1 Last Appearances of EVANS und HOEY WEEK In A PARLOR MATCH. He:8 on sale. HOAI) STHKKT THEATltE. Kverr Kvenfnc, unlv Mutlnec Kalurday. lMM WiTk ofMr. .NAT. U dDdDDDWDKO A Oreat HU Delighting Crowded Audience, IN MIZZOITRA By AuguatuB Thomtia, author of Alabama Next Week -MR. JOHN DREW tn TUK MASKKI) BALL. Heat8 on sale. A UK- MATINEE KATUKDAY N. R Theatre parties of Twentv nr more pre. Wnteit with SI'KCIAI, 1'HOtJliA M M V. .atHnnd boxen nt-dured three weeks In advance, 111, Chestnut street und the Tiieatre WALJiUT. MATINKK TO-DAY. 'lo-Nle:ht the Famous Couii'iltan, mm. mm e. mwt and his new " ADONIK" DIXEY'a PA I) FREWSKI RCHLESQUA MATINEE TO-DAY. Next Week SALVINI, In elaborate Beenlc productions of tberomimtlcdrama. Repertoire: Monday night, "DON t'lAH OK BAZAN." Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday Niehta, " THE THREE GUARDSMEN." Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday Matinee, llrt productions on any BtHgeof an entirely new romantic drama, entitled "ZAMA." Seats and boxes on Hale 'i hurtsdtty. A" CADEMYOE MUSIci TH E LECTURES AND FRIDAY EVKNINO. NOVKMBER 10. Opening of thu Kcw Heries. PlrTtTHEHQUJI. 1 WITH nr.ORTOTja JAl'AjC. I ILLUSTRATIONS. Nov. 14 The HEART of OLD JAPAN. Nov. 17 CHINA. Nov. 21-From CKVI ON to the HIMALAYAS. Nov. 24 The G LOUIES of INDIA. AdmlKKton, Sue. Reserved Seats, 7Sc $1.00. Good Beate for all Leotums. SPECIAL NOTICE IB? S RflATDIiaEES To Aceommodate the GREAT OVERFLOW from the EVENING SALE, SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, November II, IS, 1. Picturesque Japan. 2. From Ceylon to the Himalayas. 8. TbeGlorieBof India-Matt nee Course Tickets Reserved Seats $2.00 Now on iSaleat 1221 CHK25TNCTSTRF;ET. Tho Whole House Available for Prompt Buyers.-Single Matinee scats, 75 Cts. On Hale Thursday, 8 to. BURDITT A NORTH, Managem THE GREATEST CHRYSANTHEMUM SHOW ever held by the MlfSTKSUILTSJML IMIIW Will open In the ARMORY OF THE STATE FENLTBLES Broad, above Cherry, Ttjksdat, November 7, at 2 P.M., closing Saturday, November H, at 11 P. M. Never before tn the history of the (society have the prospects of a Of such magnitude been arranged for the Philadelphia public. Open from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M, MUsKI BY HASSLE ICS ORCHESTRA. Downtown Ticket otttce, 1119 Chestnut Street. AC ' ADE M Y6 V Si X'SIU Q RONTON ROSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. O .. . 0 Mb. EMIL PAUR. Conductor. THURSDAY EVENING. Novembers, mt &. t-oloist, MMJ. EMMA EAMEH. A Brilliant Programme, Including Beethoven's Immortal Fifth Symphony. Tickets, with Reserved Seats, 75a. f ) and 1.50, according to location, now on sale ai 1221 CH ESTNCT Street C. A. ELLIS, Manager. (1 IRARD AVENUE THEATRE, T Girard Avenue, near seventh street Every Night. .lix Mats. Wednesday and Saturday, tietoud Week of MR. CRKHTON CLARKE. DAVID OARIUCK. MR. CLARKE. as GARRICK Precede-l hy a Comedy In one act, called THE LOAN OF A LoVEK. Next Week-TBE MERCHANT OF VENICJE, bgVWCH. MR- CRESTON CLARKE. 0 G 15 Dw Unas Onr Iiibhon buyer says no uca values have been seen in 1'hilii- ' delphla since Itibhons wero made. Thu assort meat Is coins- 1 sal, anil it includes nil thu desirable shades and widths sought after in the millinery and dressmaking world. SATIN AND GROS GRAIN Xo. . pri'i., 7.Y Nu. 7. prW, tl No. 1. lirii-,', $1. Of. yurJ, . pll'di. Hi', ysird, M pil'W. I'lr. yir.l, :u pi...-,-. AOo. pieco. TOci. picro. Mo. picco. 1. IO piece. SI. ;I0 piece. piece. St. SO pieco. 9U.50 pice. Wholl'Aulo Wholc.ale WllolfMlo Wliolomla Wholesale i Wholesale Wholesale Nu. I'.'. Ui). ynrd, pri. o. 1 in pit-co. No. III. I r. yard. prli-o, fl !! piuci". Illci. yard, . pilllD. I l)i-. yard, 70 nii-co. .so. prirp, No. 4i. pri. , J ft in-h, prii, (3 ii'tv. yard, plcvu. WholciaU FANCY MOIRE Von. 5 and 7. fto, ynrl. Worth l-V. jNus. tt ami 1'-,', 7c.'l. Wurtli Udo. WOENS' AMD IniSSES' . SHOE BARGAINS ! The Uasciitcut Shoe Store pro i scuts a most inicrestiii assort-; incut of choice Coot wear at bar-: ii in prices, MiamV Tlriglit Hongolii Mutton Shoe, oloth ' or leather top, ptniu or tipped tue, $1.00) the , pair. Regular pricu. .70. j Women's Finest 1'ttris Ki'l Button Boot. , in this a, liRon'R newest ahapim's. narrow ur ' lull too, tipped or pl:tin, iSti.llO the pair, Loweat former retail price, f I. I Women's Rntlnn iiooti, ramie of Bright 1 I'tongoln leather, opera or full toe, tipped or i plum, thu puir. Regular prico, 2. re's hose Kxtra-weisht Wool nnd Camel's-ITRfr Half Hoac, tlmiblc heel and toe, iHc the pair. 3 pairs, 50c. Reduced from 2oc. the pair. LADIES UNDERWEAR Fine ribbed Merino Vest and Pant, non-sbrinkuble. 4 lie, the garment. Reduced from 7oc. SHEETS A thousand pairs, beautifully made of the fiinu ua extnt heavy Wanisutta muslin, yards, 5c each. Reduced fromT.V. SJxyJ yards. 75c. each. Reduced from $1.00. AUCTION SALES M, THOMAS ikSONH, AUCTIONEERS! ALE OP STOCKS AND REAL ESTATE. THURSDAY. November . at noon, at the Phlla- dvlphU Exchunee, Third and Walnut Kts. 8 shs. Jelfereion Fire Insurance Co. ; par$0. 18 titis. Northern Electric Light and Power Co. le Hlia, lA'hiirb Avenve PaHfieiiijer Railway Co. S NhH. Real Estate Title Insurance and Trust Ca 30 shs. Philadelphia Pack, and Prov, Co. 50 shs. Aioerlcun Truht, Ioan and Guar. Inv. Co. 2ou shs. Choctaw Coal and Railway Association. 4 shs. Philadelphia Bourse. 10 shs. German-American Title and Trust Co. 78 shs. Pennsylvania and Northwestern Railroad Co, loo shs. Trust Co. of North Amarica. lUUHhs. Pennsylvania Steel Co. fj.lNXi Camden Honie Rallwav Co., 5s. 1912, tftin Huntingdon und Broad Top 7s, 181ft. .0tH) Northern Pacific R. R Co., Pond d'Orfelle dlv. i.".,utr0 Northern Central R. R. Co. gen'l 5s. 1'JJft. l,uos)mmokln V id. and PontsvIUe7s, IW'i. '-.- Phlla. and Erie It R Co. gen'l fis, It2U. o.lieO Phila.. Wil. and Bal. R. 1L Co. fis, VA, t5,!J0u Phil a. and Reading R R. 1st fis, lulu. w-i,im Del. and Round Brook 1st 7s, tl.OtiO City of Richmond o, mi, 6.tKW Lehtgh Valley Rwy -is, 1M0. It ROAD ST., N.. 31'J-Lot 2oxia0. H AVERFORD. 47'Jl Lot 10x80, AspRN, m)o7 Lot 18 by JfiO. M ARKOF;, 820 Lot 14 by 47. DYSON. 821 Lot 14 by 4-1. ELKHART, 28S2 AND 2S34 Each 20x115. SIXTH ST. AND GLEN WOOD AVE. Lots. OP.EEN, 1827 lxtU bv 117. TWENTY-SECOND ( N. ), 43-I-ot 15 by 67. DEL A NCO. N. J. -Building Lot, IffilxiOO. SHOOTING CRF:EK. N. C Farm, 1142, WILLIAMSBURG, Va. Farm, 513. FR1 'NT (N ), 10B Warehouse, 2u by 22. BERKS. 8i;2-Ut 13 bv 42. F'RANKFORD, Walt, and Mul.; lot 200 by 98. HROAD (N.)-Itullding I-ot. IHX by 176. RUOAO (S.), 1170-Lot 2tlx220. WHARTON, 22m and 222.i-F.ach lot 14x51. POINT BREEZE AVE. AND KE ED Saloon, 20x7e. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. CO UK Til Y. F 8.800 ACRE PLANTATION. HAVELOCK, Xf Craven county, North Carolina, 12 miles from Newherne; railroad station on the land; large buildings, with stock, crops and Implements; 20 tenant houses; store, school and church on tlie property; ?.wX acres heavy timber; fU per acre. D. M. Hens, tV Walnut. dT FOR SALE OR EXCHANOE-1,2UO-ACRE Tjtr plantation. F'arqueir county. Vlglnia, J miles from Washington, D. C, with stock, crops and im-plemenut. three sets of hulitilngs ; two-tbircs heavy timber ; lo per acre. D. M. Hess. 603 Walnut FOR SALE-2VSTORY FRAME HOUSE, Brooms, lot 20xi ou. Occupied by owner. Price. &7iu. C. C. Wentleoh, Beverly, N. J. l.HPltOVJ:i PRH'HKT1ES-C1TY. FOR RRNT-82S ARCH ST.. STORE AND basement. Klnley J. Tener. 441 Chestnut WANTED-CITY REAL ESTATE TO sell. M. H. Brown, 719 Walnut. WANTED REAL ESTATE, CITY OR , country. M. H. Brown, 719 Walnut WANTED COUNTRY REAL ESTATE Lto sell. M. H. Brown. 71 Walnut LOANS, MORTGAGES, ETC. S ton. 200, $3(10, tlOO, B0O TO LOAN THK COM MEUCIAL LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY, of loWiAlU'Ii Street, make loans, accepting personal security ; new nnd Improve! plan ; payments t'2 weekly on each iw HDplied for. All persons do. siring to be placed In position to borrow from 310J to -iO0 and not be required to pay exorbitant charges without Bharlng In same, are requested to Investigate the method of this comnany. No publicity; over 2.500 loans made during past year. rpHE POPULAR BROKERAGE CO.. OP 1028 X Arch Street, makes loans upon household goods without removal to responsible parties promptly and reasonably ; returnable in easy weekly payments: confidential ; apply ai once. COQA AAA TO I OAN.4TOB PER CENT. ii?t07 tVlV 1st or 2d Mtge; Judgment Note, tltoup. citv or co'ntry. Walter Heas,S08 Walnut FOR 8ALE-4.tmO CITY MORTGAGE, 5 4-10 perceut M. 11. Brown, 719 Walnut FOR SALE 10.000 CITY MORTGAGE, 5 4-10 percent M. H. Brown, 7l Walnut FO B7RALEi0 CITlP G ROti NDThENTS, 1730 each, per cent M. n. Brown. 719 Walnut rr UNDSFOR MORTG AO IE I X V Est M E VTS. L M. H. BROWN, 719 WALNUT. EDUCATIONAL THE MISSES WELDOJCH FRENCH AND English School, tl South SEVENTEENTH Street, Pbtlads. Home pupils limited : French the family language; native teachers; superior music department F'lnlshingciasses travel abroad. SPENCEKIAN COLLEGE OP BUSINESS AND SHORTHAND 1207 CHESTNUT STREET. Day Sessions begin September 4. Evening, Septemler 1,1. Caialoguda. rpHEBERLITZ SCPOoLOF""LAN(.CAGEs" I Removed to mairnttieent BETJ5 BUILDING. Rest Instruction. Brancb-s in other cities. BUSINESS CHANCES 1ULLB AND BEARS A PAMPHLET TFJLL-Ji tng bow to handle stocks on margins by Koull-lot A Co.. brokers. No. 123 tladies' entrance, 127) dh USt, PhU. l marsios, io share ; fjo, 20, a f.JT V vK AT ' . ; ,VVl v A. J. MARSTON, M, 0. fain of ITrnnrhlftl Catarrh. 1fae hu. Marhtom: Will you ptpnM aend me another Ikhiiu ol your ' liar III I r ' by U nrt-rf 1 am feel (m; m urvnl U a) better Hlix'e 1 liiiw yoti, and think rr-hull continue to tmpmvo until 1 hilly recover. Voura rt-apeciluliy, Wm. McDonald, Ml Holly, .. J." of C'Htnrrli In llriiil antt fctumncM. "hit. A. .1. Mailtos', Sir: In reply toyoiirn h:ie l ny tu-l i!iu!' r your tiHUiiirnt I itm b UT every W;v. 1 rim rat, leep and Wrc it'll not u'-t 1 1 red it- t dit in uprtnif. lv ti,ront dot ni't trie Mo me. Vuui, M. fi Ak Vi:iiarnp.burir, l'4." fitlnioiittrr Pleifiis " liocioi: : I" u fiery mi r 1 :eiim'nt I nni feel. Ilii: mi in lit ii t'jtpr.n i il H; i' I i Mnk I 111 K( t nloiiK very uleflv. 1( mil I w ilf eom t n-e you Hfi'Hi. Winn the i;(rlhlll iil'nm'Wlll uel limi il I f- :l In Heed ol It. Yuurt rerfpiX't-tully.C. i. M'l'AUT, l'li;hidL'ipliiu, I iilmuu trr f aturrh. "!rt. Mackton: Am clad to tell yon I am Ciilmnir iny lu-ulth. Am pvtttuv tho toil heiiltliy tint In my tm-e, w hleh, heiore I took your tretm'iit, was it ijuecr pule eolnr. ll' I Clin do iiiiithnitf In tin- biiiee To testify to your uhlllty and In reeuinmendinir otliern to you 1 will never io do au. 'I liunkiuic you for your Ulmjlv tnten-si, 1 n inaln, yutin truly, rii yt'iNN.ScUuylklll Uaveu, I'u." ( lirottlc l.ruiii'hlita. "1 am Ht til Improving. Mr eonch trouhlmi m very little now. Am feeling quttfl well mid Htruuu lately." Mhs. 1.. lij; lnm, lirlMol, FUR A BETTER MATCH SUTLY nttla Oprncd for fiiup?elluii the Crcca Hcservulr. lllds were opened yesterday by hireetor Wludrliu lor the ereeliou of a pumping station, pumping engines und boilers, and the supply of pipe and other material required at the new Queen I.nn Reservoir, The bills ranged from Sl-V'.-no to ftl.Jti'J for the Htation, and from '-M) to Srjo.tKKJ for the pumping engines, which are required to be of tti,tX,uK) gallons power- 1 lie b;da for boijers were from ?'fc"i,U!0 to l:!l.(00. 'I be sp.- it;cati(ns call tor either, one, two, three, or four engines, the number to he de-eitlt-d upon after the appropriation has been made by Couiidls. The bids w ere scheduled. J! refer Oppoaed to Annexation. Montiifal, November 7. Kx-Premler Mer-cler, of Quebec, In h letter published in the Montreal 7Vric, declares that he is opposed to the annexation of Canada to the United States. Twknty-kioht YKAiis of experience and experiment in roafttng Dobiitius' Kiectrlc uap has enabled us to brttiK out now u new 6c. aoui. the bet in the world. liobbltiH' Perfect Soap. Ask your grocer lor It. NAltRIEF). A1trTIAMBArT.T-NATTUKHS.-On August ?9. law. by Hev. W. R. Van Horn, Mr. El'UhNR A, A ItCllAM BAUf JT, Jit . ami Minn ANNIE J. NATTKKNS, both of Clifton Heights, Pu. Bf)WM-:-flASKrr,L.-On November 1. 1S03. nt West I'hlhuleipMa. by Rev. J. it. Walker, T. NKW1JUU) UUW.NF.. of Ittjytleton. N. J., uitd t'AHUIE K. i;AKiLL,of West Philadelphia. BKKIsll KKLI.KY- On November 4, 18!U, In ("niiulen, N. J.,bv Hev. William p. Davis, at his resilience. No 5Uh Nortli Third street. Air. Pill LI P J. BitKrslI and Mitt ANN1J K. KELUfiY, both or Philadelphia. COLLINS MccOY. November 8, ISM, by Rev. W. II. Barrel!, AH Cooper street, Cnunlen, N .T., Mr. jKi'K(,K COLLI NS to Miss HANNAH MCCOY, both uf Phllmk-lplila. Dl E'lZ-ZI-; It K Ass. -November, lft!3. by Ilev.W. til. Kurrell, M Cooper strut, CanuMi, X. J., Mr. JOHN DIKI, to Aliss LIZ. IK ZfcltKASS, both oi PhiJtulelnhlii. KKIJJ''OTT.-On November 8,1KB, by llev. Dr. Heorge.D.'inu Boanlntttn, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. OTTO B. KLLLLK and Miss KIT A B. WOMWT. NKLSON 8MITH.-On October 17, 1803. at Sharon Hill, Pa., by the Itev. A. D. Mink, M. D., and the llev. H. K. Api.lemn. T). .. J. J. NKLSON. D. 1). K, of Philadelphia, to 31 Alt Y SMITH, of Colling-dHle, Pa. PKTEHSON COUNKT.If'ON. November 4, liH3, by Rev. W. H. Bnrrell, 4 lumper street, Camden, N. J., Mr. CIlltiKTIAN PLTKKsON to Miss ANNA K. CORN KLISOX, both of Philadelphia. EOPKK CHURCH MAX.-On the evening of Novemler 4. lM;a. by llev. J. H. Boggs. D. I)., at the rtnlfience of the bride's parents, 4H4S Green street, West Phflndelphln, Mr. DAVID.1. ROPKR, of Allegheny City. Pa,, nnd Mias J KAN 1. ClIUllCHMAN, of Philndelphla. D1HO. Berrlman. Daniel B. 2i Boytv, Bernard, 4H Boyle, John. Bmniiln4, William L, Crtllahun, Daniel. Chappeile. Anna M. 6a Cohlan, tllchael A. Conway, Dennis, tii, Cruwlont, Janien A. Day, Benjamin K 01. Dougaetty, John 11.33. Dniiols. Charles, -IB. Liublow. Jtillu, hi i:meriL-k, Wm. W. C5. Kndn ss, Jennie. J-'phltnaii. Joseph. Forrest. Benjttmin, 74, Giles, Chi:uueey B. 74. Gflien, B. J. Rule, Caroline E. Hurley, Milton P. Harper, Jane K. 51. 11 men, .Mary. Kelly, Ellen. Kiebl, Leonldas, Leonard, .lane. L1n.4, Htrrlet. 64. Ijiptuan, Hymen I 76. Little. Elien. MeOanlels, Mary. McXttiuee, John. Manly, Charles, M. Mentzer. Kmma 0. Paul, A. M. Reagan. John, SO. Re nolds, Ituorge L. 39. lteilly, Helen, i Riley, Sallte. Roche. Thomas W, Reioskt. Louis. 40. Huitlh, Mary June. Ktoitt-r. George. T5. Tylor, Catharine R. W'allare, Wtliiam, 65. Weil, Hannah, ti. West, Dennis C. 29. Wilson, Jtinies, 49. Yount;, bailie K, 4B. BEItIUMAN-On the fith Instant, DANIEL B., son of Richard und Matilda Berrimtin, aged 23 years. Funeral on Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock, from his parents' residence, 12 Wtttktns street. BOYCE.-On November a, BERNARD BOYCR. asjed 48 years. Funeral this morning ut 8', o'clock, from lib; late resilience, "i:i-7 KuVemoat street. Rolemu High atasa at Nativity Church. BO Y1.E.-November 6, 8tt3, JOHN BOYLE. Funeral this alt moon at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, u7u Lombard atreeu BRUXNING.-On the fitb Instant. WILLIAM L., son of Theresa and the lute William Bruuulng. Funeral this morning at 8 o'clock, from hi mother's residence, K06 Catharine street. High Mass at the Church of the Epiphany. CALLAHAN. -On the tilh lnntant. DANIEL, boo of the late Daniel and Ellen Callahan. The relatives and frtenda of the family are re-Bpectl'ully Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday morning at Rao o'clock, from his late residence, 3-D st. John street. High .Mans at St Augustine's Co urea. Interment at New Cathedral Ceiuetry. CHAPPELX.F., suddenly, on November! ANNA M., wife of Jostah Cbappelle, aged tit) years. Funeral this morning at 10 o'clock, from the residence of her hnaband, Colwyn, Delaware ca. Pa. CONWAY. On the hth insL. DENIS CONWAY, In the 7tb year of bis age. Due notice of the funeral will be given from hie late reoiUence, No. 1403 North sixteenth street. COCGHLAN. On the 5tb Instant, CATHERINE, wife ot Francis Coughlan. aed 53 years. 'i he relatives ami friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday morning at 6', o'clock, from her husband's residence. 1-41 Harmony street, Thlrty-sltth and (fray's Ferry road. High Mass at St, Anthony' Church. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. CRAWFORD. -Suddenly, at Florence, Ala., November 3. JAMF a. CRAWKOilU Due notice of the funeral will be given, DAY. On the 3d instant, BENJAMIN F. DAY, eon of the late Benjamin and Aon Day, of New Jersey, aged 61 years. Fuueral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, No. l&Q Vienna street. DoiGHEltT-y.-November n, 1SP3, JOHN H. DOUGHKRTY, aged 83 years. Funeral this morning at tf.:(0 o'ctocK, from bis late, residence, 'Si7 South street. High Mass at fit. Patrick's Church. DCBOIS.-On November 3, lSid, CHARLES. JC. DL'hOlH. aged 46 years The relatives and friends of the family are re-apectfully invited to attend the funeral services, on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, fiora the residence of bis father-ln-lw, Wlllhua CarneU, Giaasboro, New Jersey. AMUSEMENTS rpUK hijoi;. X Ftghth street above nace. CONTINCOI'8 PERFORM ANCB From 12 M. to IP. 30 P. M. Monster Kenned Variety HIIL 18 THE BEST ACTH-18 Rlggeat Rill In the World. LA PI EH' AND CHILDREN'S THEATRR. Orcbeat ra, tific. Balcony. Hie Oallery. 10a "I A UNCROSS' ELEVKNTFHT. OPERA HOUSE ;ARNCKOSV F.very Evening and Saturday Mat. CARNCRO 1st W'k Our Spectacular Interlude CARNCUOSS' P.KI URN of the LIRERTY 11KLL Novel and Magnificent Effects. THE MIDWAY PLAIBANCK. introducing CAMEL FROM CAIRO and Grand RALLOON ASCENSION. 1 carnchos' 1 caknchiws' ; carncross' carncuos.s' I minstrf;ls. Popular Prices, box Office Open. G RAND OPERA HOUSE. TO DAY. MATINEE AT & IN OLD On MIDWAY VIENNA the TLAISANOE. THE IMPEltTAL I Nothing Like Al'sTKI AN Them Ever INFANTRY HAND. I H earn Before. L'HANOE OK I'KOtlRAM KIUIITLY. Branch rlcket Office. IH9 CHESTS UT 8L Uenerul Admission, 25a ( WINTER CIRCUS. BROAD and CHERRY street. TaeOnlv Mirth Provider In Town. Children screum with Delight, Women Liiitsh Tlu-mselves Fat Old Men are Curried Rack to Youth. Matinees Moodav, Weduesdav and Saturduy. PRICES 10, 25. 50, 75 Cents, lioxes, ,l.uti. OTH AND ARCH DIME MUSEUM. ORsON A . TH E V UlRDll A I RED MARVEL. THE WONDERKUL s LEOPARD CHILDREN. KENOR (1ARCIA, the I'salterv Player. SAI.LIF. HCOTT. tneSlio lbs. Heavv-WeiKht. In the Theatre ROWiON NOVELTY STARS. f ILMOHIi's AUDITORIUM. I T Walnut, aliove Eiirhth. THE AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN METEORS. Popular Prices : 15j 25, 35, 50. 75e. and 1.00. Matineea Tuesday, Friday and Haturduy. FOREPAUQH'S FAMILY THEATRE. Matinee Dully. THE MIDNIGHT ALARM. Prices lu, 20. 30. or 50 Cents. Next Weelt-WOMAN AOAINbT WOMAN. PEOPLE'S THFATRK, KcnslnKton Avenue and Cumberland Ptreet HANLON RKOs,' spectacular Pantomime, FANTASM A. Matinees Tuesday, Thursduy and Saturday. Next Week N. S. WOOD. LYCEUM. MATINEE DAILY. LEEDS and McCaffrey. MAY RUsREI.L HURLEKQUE COMPANY. Next Week Fay Fi'Sler Burlesque Company. pOYPTIAN HALL. MR. GEN. TOM. THUMB AND L1LIPUTIAXS. Prices - 15 and 25 Cents, ATATIONAL THEATRE. il ACROSS THK POTOMAC. MATINEE TO-MORROW. SPECIAL MATINEE FRIDAY. Next Ween HANLON BROS.' SUPERBA. rpHE GREAT EUROPEAN MUSEUM. 7U8 CHESTNUT street. The human frame revealed In all conditions of health and disease. 2.IKU extraordinary wonders. Open 9 A. M. till 10 P.M. For gentlemen only Admission, 25 centa. ACADEMY OF THE FINE ARTS. UKRMANIA ORCHESTRA CONCERT. OERMANIA ORCHESTRA CONCERT. THURSDAY, November , at S P. M. 26 CENTS. STANDAR GEO. II RD THE AT RE TH IB WEEK. ELL AIETY AND STAR THEATRE. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE. "RACE FOR GOLD" AND VARIETY. MPIRE THEATRE. Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. . THE ESSIUN. BOSTON SYMPHONY. STODDARD AND ALL theatre tickets. Hotel Lafayette Ticket Oftlca. FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. LARGE PORTABLE HEATFB, ALSO BRICK-set Heater and Fireplace Heater, Oyster Range and Broiler, all nearly new, cheap. 158 N. Ninth St. BILLIARD. POOL AND COMBINATION TA-ble?, new and second band ; repairing a specially. THOS. CLARKE A CO., 24111 N. Front St W"KTIAVB IT IY0UWaNTTT!8KND cents to King. 840 Souih Second Street, aud he will send It by next mall, postpaid. f i TsToTl as d" g ASOLINETOV ES " FOR V heating and cook In tr. W, E. Dougherty, 158 North Ninth Street. PIANOS AND ORGANS UPRIGHT PIANO. WITH 10-YEAR vu Jf gnarnntee ; selH on Chestnut street for aMO. Davidson's. ff2 Girard Avenue. DOGS. BIRDS, ETC. IRDS STUFFF;D; GOOD WORK: GLASS Shane?. J3 orth intn.aoove Race. DSESSHAKIIIG AJID MIXLHTEEr RESSES MADE AT SHORT NOTICE BY J. ii. r-laelnj, 122, N. lOtb St. Fitting by ladle.

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