The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1932
Page 6
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. WfrrnRVTLT.E.- (ARID COURIER NP.Wft FF.muiAttV a, Chicago Fish Peddler Could :;Hardly Be Called'Adon- ,is 'of .Fistiana. 1 BY DEXTER TKED NEA Service Wril*r CinOAGO—Gloves pawlnfr the ears, nose and chin, and sweaty grioi'e being ground inlo ihe complexion, usually wouldn't be considered a beauty treatment. buV- thfs is; about a king. And k!n-?s arc different. It concerns King Leviiisky, iro:n Ihe North Bide, the hcavywcigl.t fighter who may be battling lor the championship some day. M the background,' but tint. Car,- K, his sister-malinger, Lena Levy, who does the thinking for the. \wo. Now ato'.il beauty Irealirients: "YtG," tiild Lena, "Ihe kliii; jcti ' be'tler-looklnE the more he fights. That massaging Ills face makes him handsome Look! Look at his ears. Not a mark on '•'em. Just as well-forintd as a baby's. Of course his nose Is flattened a. little but not much. He's a swell-looking fellow." The king came frolicking u;), his big arms waving, his grin broad. Wise-cracks poured oul of him as if he were Jfnuny Wulker. He doncect around on his foes, laughing and talking—this Joe K. Brown of the prize ring. . "Sure, I like to fight," he said. "The trouble with most ol llicsc fighting guys is, Ihey got sinus trouble.". "Whal do you mean, sinus trouble?" "They don't like to sign for .fighls,' 1 replied the kingfish. "Hnw. haw, haw! 1 ' 1 •>.»*• ' : Yes r ". said Lena confldcntlal- ly.: "You sec those scnrs on king's shoulders. Well, I spilled hot water on him when he was a .baby. 'Gee. I'm glad his face ^•asn't scarred .... Grand-looking fellow, isn't he?" \ A nod the king of .the North Side fish markets socked the heavy bag so hard It soared aloft. , : -Yeah." said the king. "I want : lo fight Sharkey, Schmellng, anybody. ' Just give me the fights, that's all. I can take those guys." . His next foe will be Jack, bemp- 'sey, Feb. 18. Manager Lena was offered J5000 for this milth, but ;.htld out for three days lor »1500— ' and finally'got it. .'•- .-. • 'The kins *»3 once the nsh-H« an amateur. .He lost, even' amateur fight—35 of them. But since he's been fighting for money he 'has been 1 packing- them In. . ''Sure,"' said the king, ."this -Is bet ter'n' peddling fish'. ' There's money .lni:-U."i. ....'• l .. . '"•'•'' •'•:»,'• •- - ' Somebody • remarked. that Iluey Ixmg is known as "the kingfish of Louisiana." Mr. Levlnsky couldn't place. Mr.. Long. Then somebody.suggested that, perhaps he knew. Johnny Welssmuller, the .world's champion swimmer, who COOKS frorn the same neighborhood . • "Don't know him," admitted the king. "Mebbe he knows ol me." The king shodcnt-bbxed, grin- nine and-sweating, having a lot of ton. 'The crowd, watching him train gave him a hand. Inspired, he boxed faster, knocking out, 10. or perhaps 15, imaginary opponents. • "Do you do any wrestling in your training?" he was asked. "Sure," he said, "I wrestle steaks. Haw, haw", haw!" His swelling muscles blushed pink as he worked faster. Then he turned to special exercises. He was so enthusiastic his trainer, 3am Buckman, had to stop him. "Haw, haw," laughed the king. "Know why T work so hard?.... BO I can get up a bigger appetite. Hair, haw I" So, laughing some more, pulling around rubbers and other boxers like a mischievous boy, the »ing of the Levinskys ambled off for a shower. TLena looked proudly alter the bulk of muscle and bone that has beaten Tommy Loughran, Paulino Uzcudun and others. He looked ready to go—just a big kid with a punch in both hands, a Ih'ick- chest and the desire to beat the best...;.."'In this comer, the king of kingfish, Mr. Kingfish LeviMky he snacks 'em dpwnl" BRUSHING UP SPORTS /vlLllRODSHTrE 6M/£ IE CL^,t)R!K(i Annual Invitation Gage Meet to Be Staged Feb. 8-9. CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo. — The animal CaruUiersvlllj High School invitation boys basketball loitrna- nent, will Ije held .at the high :cliool auditorium on Monday nlqhl? ruesdoy and Tuesday night, Feb. a and 9, in which teams from Deer- inK, Poitagevllle, Carutiarsvillc. Henntli. Wardell, Campbell, -Sleele wi\ Hornersville v:ill participate. The tournament will slarl Monday nlgllt at 7:30. with (he firs', being played .between Deer- Ing and Portagevllle..The winder of IhK game will play the winner ol the second game belwecti Carulh- cr.svillc and Senath which, will be played Monday night at 8:30, the winners of etwo games play- 'nir at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. The next jam'e will be between Wardell and Campbell at 9 a.m. Tuesday, an', another between Hornersville am Stcreie at 10 a.m. Tuesday, the winners of these two games playing at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. The tor of game No. 1 will lil.iy the loser of game No. 2 at 11 a.m. Tuesday, and the loser of game No. 3 will play 'the loser game No. 4 at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, the winners of th«e two games p.laying at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Tlie winners of games, number 6 and 8 will play Tut.sday night at "•30 for the championship. This is an annual event and Is held every year at Csruthersville Golf- #/ART KRENZ i Wnlter hit a terrific drive. Diertl',* \ Hopiied his. Hagen won the malelJP) iiml went on lo win the cliamplorr- f.liip. Walter HagenanJ Lra Die« 1 ii'e jbe witli Dlegel. His ball was hole n Ihe third round I" ihe 11/-J hlyli 15 fed to the left, of Ihe cvip, G. A. Championship al 1 Olympla a Rood chance for a inrce. Ha- Pields. During this match Sir en's ball wns just sli°rt of Ihe Walter uncorked the most strik-1 green lo Ihe right, ng bit ol menial strategy ever \ Walter «:-m his approach pult mploycd in tournament play. ifour feet fiom the cup. Leo's The match w- halved av the;overcautious puU fell two ma a of 3d liok-s of play, and the half feet short. Holh had eui-v- Clucks Take on Luxora Cagers Jti Monday Games The Blythcville high school basl Mtbal teams will play the strong Uixora teams at the armory here' Monday afternoon starting about 4 o'clock. The Luxora cager.s boast good records while the Blyltieville teams liaye teen working out steadily with a view to trimming the visitors. THEY ALL LAUGHED WHFN DUMMY TAYLOR - *»af and dumb • 7 u H LJ^WOI-ttU WHhlN pitcher of the Giants, caused the calling ot a ban earn* on account of rain—in fact even the umpires laughed. Rain was falling wrrnn th« ganw started and continued to fall during the first few innings. Soon tn» playars were soaking wet and it didn't holp their tempers. They demanded that tht umpires call th$ game, but the dignified arbiters were unmoved. Finally, about tlw seventh inning when the Giants came to bat, a strange looking ball player strode out to tha'third base coaching box. It was Dimiiny—wearing hip boots and i»s-.^K an umbrella. Th«n the game was .called! Kingfish the "Beautiful" 31tli and Mth also were done in even figures. Tlic third hole at Olympia Fields, par fmi>-, 410 yards in length, calls lor a good and a well-placed No. 3 Iron. After the second shots were played, the advantage seemed to Ing .side-hill puus to sink that with a loving cup goin-; to the ner. 39T>» &R6EU HWsEN CONCEDED 2.Ki FOOT PUTT. coiiltl IK easily missed. Hagcn playeu first ana sent the bull to the bottom of the cnn. then stepped over to Dlegel's ball and rapped it. saying, "I'll give you lhat one, Leo." Conceding his opponent's bal did no harm to liagen. Diege was more likely to sink II than miss. Walter figured the high- i strung • Uiegel would be upset, as was proven on the nexl hole. SECOND HAND FURNITURE BOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 3*1-3*3 E. Main G. G. CAUD1LL REAL ESTATE RENTALS INSURANCE Farmers Bank BMf. Phone 7« BETTER BODY REPAIRS Expert Work, All Makes. Fend- 31-s, poors. Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. Phone 810 Blythevllle, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. The "fcaiubcme" KSnj Levlnsky, '.intl Ms stsUr-manastr, Lena m. pictured ubovr. Levy, A I>rram Just sup])o;e Hack Wilson docs as well for Brooklyn this year. as he did in Chicago in 1930. Then you couVl combine Hack's 56 home runs, 190 runs driven in nnd' ! his batting nveragi' of .356; befty O'Doul's hits iincl hmting average -of .336, and Dnbe Herman's 43 doubles, 16 triples. IS Immo runs (with his batting nvoragc of .313), and they would all nchl up to one National League ]x*nnnnt.' ~ • • • Max on tht Pan General Jolm V. Cllnnin, president of the National Boxing Association. declares Max Sch'meling U not a fighting champion, pointing out that s!,,cc 1028 the heavyweight chnmplnn has engaged in oniy seven contests in this cdunlry.' The seven flghU were with Joe Monte, Joe Sckyra, Plptro Corrl, Johnny Rlsko. Par.lino Uzciidun, Jack Sharkey 'and Young Stribling. : • • • How Aboul Dcmpsej? B\iL general, how about Jack Dcmpsey? You would call him ?. fighting champion, wouldn't you? Yet from 1919 to 1026. Inclusive, DenMKey foughi only seven times. and that's eight years. The seven fights were with Jess Willurd, Billy Mlske. Bill Brennau. Georges Car- (jontlcr. Tommy Gibbons, Louis Ftrpo atitl Gene Tunney. Of course they were bigger fights, but. there I was iiEgT money then. too. ABOUT \ Mum on Contraeis mrm bers of one team in the Steele Boys in Win Over Cooler Quintet, 27 to 20 COOTER, Mo.—The Cooter -slid •sts divided & doubleheadtr with Ihe Stttle high school u«ms »t 8l«ele last night. The Stwte boys team defeated the Oooter boys 57 to 20, while the Cooler tfris von 25 to 13. It was trie third defeat in the comity tor Cooter this season. Cooter recently defeated the Steele boys *t Cootw. but ateete secured Its irrenge l«t tu«ht. The oooier (irlc had things their " »«r with the 8t«l« lassies. The . TMMj w»» the «econd for the Cooter flrb this week, having won from Vetrof Tuesday night. : . Tht O«Pt*r bcj* suSered their Moot «tn%ht ***t by VoXng to St*. They lort, lo Deerlne Tues- ] that John Bunn uses at Stanford j [ University In the Paclnc Coasi con- j nia7ors"dVaw"«larics"you"i;iay"ii"v- i forence. . cr j^now about. Tnc team is the | No. •» crosses the court, in front I Athletics, and players have been ot No. 1 and heads for the corner ! told to keep these matters to tiicni- as No. 1 passes to No. 3 breaking srlvs-5. Mr. Mack is believed to into the four circle. No. 3 lakes have ma<lc some drastic cuts in I'm- BY CLAIRE BliRCKY a pass to No. 4, going by on his , payroll :hir. year, but the only Copyright, 1932. NEA Service, Inc.) f'ght and then pusses to No. 1,' Mruawk came from Joe Boley. ai-.rf For a lightning last guard wlio '• breaking down the free throw lane j his words were still echoing when an dribble away from his guard . lo nls lc "- Meantime, No. 2 has . it was announced he had been w:d [drawn his guard into tlic corner io Cleveland, i vacated by No. 3, which leaves the I free throw lane open for No. 1's I dribble and shot. All No, 1 Jin? to do is stay ahead ol his guard, lor No. 5 has withdrawn from his corner to apposition along the sideline near trie middle ol the court. BlytbeviHe Juniors in Win Over Cftotcr Juniors COOTER, Mo.— The Blythevllle Junior high basketball tenm swtimp- ed the Cooter juniors here Inst night by a score of 33 to 11. The visitors had things their way through the entire B'vllle (33) Tipton 10 Bums 6 Brlslcr 7 ; Guard 1 Po3. P F C Q a Cooler (11) FMl.ird 9 Oreslimg 0 Hall Wlnripld nsrbor 2 Substitutions— <Blylhevi!l«i Ums- foril. Firfier 1, Saliba, WtlllnRiia and Harp; lCoo(er) Jones. Score | keeper— Hires. Tlmcktcpe'r — Hou: Hclerec— Potler. «l lop spert tcc5 ehoot accurately »1thout slackening his pace, here Is I — — — - * p!»V thai ou^ht te click. It is or,c Courier Mews Want Ads Dykre' Sp«ch Bill Dooly, seeking cnlighlrn- ment for himself and his Philadelphia readers, approached Jimmy Dykes on the subject of ternu. Tnc lonvcfsatlon went somelhlne '.ifee this: "Hello, Jimmy, howsa boy? n:dji gel your contract?" "I think eo." "You think so? Mmmmm." 1 "Yon, I do think so." "Did you like the figures on »)•• "Whal figures?" "Well, did you sign it awl «r,d It In?" "To tell the truth. I cant My anything about II. We've been a-!;e<! not to give out any information. Any news will have to com froni the office." "Well, the club won't s.iy ar.v- ihlng." "No?" "Ko." -Well, 's'long. Dill, gw.-s [•;; « "S'long. Jimmy, fee yo'.i in ]\> r t From which you nuy gaihor tia* when Hr. Mack telh the t-.v^' to <io f-omclliing, they f.n :\, DOWN THEY GO -ONE DOLLAR A DAY IN THIS OF 50 SUITS THAT SOLD FOR $ 25 TO *40»TODAY'S PRICE $ 15 MONDAY THEY'LL BE $ 14 but there won't be so many to choose from TUESDAY THE PRICE WILL BE $ 13 But don't wait too long WEDNESDAY THE PRICE WILL BE^ $ 12 They're going fast THURSDAY THE PRICE WILL BE // you want to take the chance of waiting FRIDAY THE PRICE WILL BE But it will be all over but the shouting WHAT REMAINS ON SATURDAY WILL BE Slim Picking AND ON MONDAY THE PRICE WILL BE $ 8 That's the whole storv CASH ONLY - - ALTERATIONS AT COST NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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