The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY. FEimUARY G, CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a Word lor first tnsertloa and one ceut a word for tad i suteequent Insertion No advertisement taken lor ton Mian 6flc. count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE ho DDK BOARDING HOUSE By Ahm DEPENDABLE ECONOMICAL 1 USED CARS s-ive What tlic Oilier Vcllow last. Own a Good Ui,ed Car. Attend to Yoni 1 Business Better. 13:10 FOnn STAND. COIJI'K 5235 1323 CHEVROLET COACH .. S235 1023 FOKO TL'DOK SEDAN' .. SI" ISI31 FOKI) TUnOR SLDAS' .. SISS5 19.I3 FOHO SrOHT COUPE .. $1'5 Ten Other Real Values To Select From. Liberal Terms, Kellible Guarantees. Call 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Ulytheville, Arkansas FOR S/VLB—Baby clucks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn llalchei'y, Blythcvillc 13clf FOR SALE—Eggs Itiirt tcdny. PltVt- arU's Grocery, 1044 Cluckasawba. 3C-K9 • iu:ni\ 111:111: TODAY ^ihu noik^ \jy diij- H* a MilrhKirl in llurflii)'* Dt'imrlmi'M slurf, llvrn nllk her mnlkir. .11111.1.1 KUSSITiHt, her rlilrr klMpr, MVItA. mid ^hi-r U'-xrar-ala Ijrnllier, IOHK hltifc »i>rm Ikf lorlutir U-M hy her l-:n»II»h timbiuid nnj tk« IITO Klein miunurl Ikr family, Jliitly foolMily «|ifinja tuunry • nvrJ to ;i:iy the rent. J-:ilrn Af- rhlr* la work nl nlKliI UB n dnnre Lr.1l bik*.l L -»» until Hit- kum U mntlr ll|i, .She CI»I-M IM Jlrrnitiliinil mid lnrtrvlf»» JACllll SU.1I1IOS \vlio o!Yrr» her fi Jul* on rululltlou tltnt itEie Mui'lilr lier tma t'vcnliir Urc.ssfa. she h:ii iu» i:\vnluc imTi'ilnirnt.' * ? STKVi:.V H.UK'I. AY, .MMIIT ,it llic »tori- ( *<r» lu-r nnil ll»k» lirr to feme- to kin i,(llce. \\ht-7v »!ip frlln him ot lity ytuli- lcni» lir i)iriT» in »;lvc IIIT n «lro»» IhL-ti iilfrrK lo Irntl krr one *>( Hie drc*»t!4 »ortt liy llu- mmleli*. xhe ImrriiiVB :i luyely ^hlte inltct-.i truck. liHen I* hnlf-pU-iiscJ, h:ilf- Irlplili'iird liy llnriJlny 1 * ol>*li>u» ~ Intvrfat in livt. sow co ox WITH Tin: s'i'oii* CHAPTICU IV \\7UKN IJIIcn nccciiieil Steven Bar " clny'3 olier to ilrivo lier H Dreamlaitd Blie cllil so \ritli tho SMIIO naturalness lie l>ad slsowu in exieiiillng tlio Invitallon. But in Kllcn sauli tacli into tlio loft (ieiitlis ot dovc-sray cuslilons anil turned lier rosy faco to lilm lie felt a pang as of anticiiiatcil palu. And he believed then that he liaii keen'unwise. Ilo not known niilil llieiyvhy he liacl liccn so iniensy jincl so restless alter Ellen I'.til left Ills office tliat afternoon: ho liacl.uot known Tliy thu roiitliio Inisiiicis oC tlio store liail ticcoino so suililenly uu Imiiortaiit or v;liy t'no liours hai ririiggcil TO enillr-ssly. Jin', ho knew no-j as Kllen shyly auiilccl at liim tliat lie felt tliat saino light restlessness that ho thought lia'J let 1 liim years at'o. Anil tliat was Unpossllilc. He was 57. Ellcii was youiiM enough to lie his ilangliter. Almost rouglily he i?f£ » Il-Pllt !lr:tl p-»i Sv ;: .-.-••>•' '&^ ' < ; < >. • :•'•! ?$>„ t<i'r •••'••';*••'-••-' •''"••& il^^m^mm $f?> L.ftry?* .(. K-.>;«<;••;•",;fl : ^ ^%£ : J*4^ •%W rf -k . ,* l s $5J/ ?*'tV •• ' •& mf,* • •./ /r* ** ^ to V WlfAT — WHA'I'f^ OUR AMD WA'-if e-K& I'M USIMG -fi-lis \\crf WATK.R Bort*rL.eth WARM MV- ree-r, •'10 W.MSM vits WI;AUV OLD StiV/CiJ ACirCS O Tony 'deliberately iiulleil IKI one-piece drcs: o;':r /icr /icuJ. BIOOD TESTED, Purebred, Disease free, B. Kocks, W. Hocks, S. G. ' Reds, P.. I. Whites. Eiig. W. Lc3- lioins. 100 lor 57.75; heavy assort- . a}, 5G.95. Prepaiii. live delivery. Ill-Land Farms, Hermann, Mo. 6P-K7 TOR RENT FOE RENT—Modern 5 room house. 301 Chickasav.'ba & • Broadway. Call 1512-F4. 4P-K9 ROOM & BOAHB—$5.50 per v:eeS. 112 East Cherry Street. Phone 602. 4P-K11 turned lo (lie Iiandsoinc mnn opposite lier sho began to feel a sinBing in her lie-art. What fun lo lio so rich! What fun lo be driven In a limousine ivlierever yon wanted to go! What fun to Eton at a smart restaurant because yon vrero thirsty," to In- served t>y an impressed hcadwaiter, • to have every wish anticipated. ICiir? and worries drifted away from I lier. Tho hurried, claltcry morning with its clashing of milk cans am! FOR REST—Tvro rooms rurnislied fcr light housekeeping. t>25 Walnut. Phone 521. Mrs. 5. P. Cavendar. 30C-K8 | fOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main. Furnished or unfurnished. Telephone 197 or 571. 3C-K11' leaned forward and gave Ihe driver direction", for reacliing Dreamland. When he offered Rllcn a clgaret und pulled out- the lighter for lier no one would liave guessed thi*. lie iinaB'mcd lie had. in llie lu'iCt SI-SCB c( seconds, put awny Jroni loin a iinall, vague drenm. "I don't smoke," filler, tslc! him. His brows v.-ent an niilzzic.illy. "1 Ihought alt yo'.iug !?rl5 smoked j noivadays." "Not nil of them. I'm not well off enough to smoke." At Ills loo!i of surprise sho ci- plained. "You see tho iieotdo we live among and. for that mailer, my family, too, arc so foor Jiiat we must- lie respectable. On any de- .•batab.o point—tiks smoUing for womcn--v;c'rc all iiltra conscrva- _ _ ... live. N'ot," she arlded still in tlial Droadway. , lillun carefully picke light slrain, "Hist 1 lio awaVtc I up the box held the jivcclou nighls lonaing to Eiuokc. I don't i dress unit stretched out her hnud like it really. If I did I'd smoke."] to Jiarclay. jnnyling alnrin clocks seemed years away. Heie there was only peace and beauty and leisure. Slie began, did Kllcn, lo weave tbosn Bwl!t dreams of girlhood thoso dreams tliat need 53 little substance. Allliougli Steven Bar clay did not guess it his own sliad owy flsuro moved through thos fancies. They drove almost quietly t Dreamland, r.bsiirbcd in their SCIK rate tbonghts. They stopnod o •om llarcl.iy siul what ho slooil for, litllo dissallslicd willi hci'Bclt. low foolish to Imagine tliat tlio ict Steven liarclny had lent' her n rcss meant anythiug except tliat 10 was a kind and generous man. What did she know ot lilui ullcr .ill? He «ai rich ami she ticui Idly Ircamcd ot becoming Ills young and idurtd wife, dreauicd of tlio beauty liat us Jlrs. Slevcn Barclay Blio "Oil," said Klleu blankly. "Our 5i|icdally'8 cbop Euey," lin Hiiitliiiipd ImpertiirlKilily. "I'rlcc 51 --73 cents lo me, 25 cents to I lio hostess. Thlily-livQ it Ibo chop sucy Isn't cutcn that nicnna you can't mess In It with your fork. H > to Ii2 too^l cuou^li to aervo BOOTS AND HER ' I'OOU Sl'KNCIi! ByMartii Dr. 3. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose nml Throat Injji'am Building Corner Main & First St. "I'm sure you would, lint 1 m sure you MUUIU. ^i(lL 1 ui'. 1 LJII I LL-JI juu, aut; sum uicaLii- rather glad you don't. I cau't get Ncssly, "liow much f appreciate what , you'va done for me.' E broke ofl abruptly and thoujlit ABOVE them We Can S.iv c You Jloncy (In r A R T s For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO I'AIM'S 2020 W. Main I'hone UG Nice steam-heated rooms, C"l hot and cold water '•I'/Other rooms 51.25 antl $1.50 GOFF HOTEL Home Conked Heals 525 Slonth \VERT HeMakes'EmSee (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) Meet Jlc At tlic New Ruslic Inn Coffee, Hot Tigs and Chili Kryptok Bifocals for near nnd distant vision—S4.D5 Have Yov;r Eyes Examined HARRY WKISHUKI) Stoic neiisteicci OiilomelriS At, thc'ocod Luck Store that thcro was no uso appear- ne in her eyes as an old fogy even brasses and it lie were old enough, to lio ner |Tlie orchestra father. With ICllen's permission • tunim; ni>. they drove througli Central 1'arli "I'm glad'I could do it." before going to tho daiicclmll. rcpllcil. Tim Iliiioiisiuo swished lo a stop lie me.iut to stop there. could brim; into Iho lives o£ Myrn ind .Molly and b.iby Mike. Dreamed too, ot licrsalt In thin, yay frocks never clioscn for utility, uioviug In tlic pleasure spots of tho world with never n thought ot work or care. Sho Bleliped Inlo Dreamland find ran straight Into Jacob Salomon. His fnce broke Into a wide grin. . "llnllo—you'ro back. And with the dress, too, I see. Quick work, kid." Ellen's chin came .up. "[• might f.3 well tell you," nlic said coolly, "that I intend lo work hero only lemnoiiiriiy. For llirco weeks at the most." "I'liafii o. k. by me, kid. Hut sinco you'ro hero 1 suppose- yoi won't mind obeying Ibo rules like tlio oilier girls. Or will you?" "I won't," ICllen replied, Ignorln ];is heavy-handed sarcasm. "Guess thir. Is tlm only one ,;didn't tell yon nbout." cnmo a clashing at"Drcanilan!r"va3 T1 B I loilllci1 lo 3 B!S " on thc brish xi pinl; plaster wall, lillen rra that tlio hostesses were ucriniile no conver?ation whilo dnncing e> . "1 can't tell you," sbo said breath- through 1ho opcm of wns Barclay lint he at the Casino where early diners, j heard Iiimsclf saying wlinl ho.had mcu and women in evening clothes.! not intended lo say. leaned across softly lighted tallies | "[ would like to do a great Iking and laughing. Ellen and : more for you." her escort wont inside for Iced | Ellen's lienrt llirohbcd qucerly drinks. Neither of them was linn- but her voice was ft-.aiiy as she hostesses (•.in tali; when they're si . • . i -... . - - > -.. - \.. .1 -, . , ..-^. I ir>-i .. t I lin t nlilA4 v:'.l h tllfiir JMt T cr "i\o" in r.nsv.-v-r t qucEtlrns. Sbe turned her ainaic (ace lo Salomon. "noes look funny," ho concede still grinning. "Hut there's goo sound business bru-k of it, Itold him i:e >in-l -ii-i.t .1 great j lin;; :;t llio tablcj Ellen looked around v.ith wide-! deal too inucli Rlrcaiiy. 'ii^o was ucrs. And when liicy're =.n..., eyed pleasure at tha other (lli:er.',lsclf-cfi:!f.-!oiis. a rnro ililns fcr llicy order Ihinxs lo cai. if tho grnt successful men ar.rt lovely, T .-cll-i as sue climbed llio stalrs—s-ilt-cnn- will ^Ktav.i tor 11. They r.iostl dressed ivomcn. A3 her eyes vc-1 scions, ami, now Miat slio was a»;iy I ws!!." OR RENT—«05 Clilckasnwba at., j Five Rooms and B'rttli. Apply at L i c Kc«- Yor-t Store. laC-Ktl I SAYJ \'fvl LcsW ',S Kllcn "The Jolul'B straight," He assured, her seriously. "Wo don't tcivo liiinoi'. NVo don't even admit men Hint have been drlnlilng—much." Klie was u llltlo perturbed by Ilia ccrful outspokenness hut sho ockly allowed him lo pllol her 10 cramped dressing room mid to troilucQ her haphazardly to tho tbcr girls. BOine 15 In numlicr. Ho •icil no Insit mimes. Tho girls wcro ll:a and Dolly and Sunny and nno and Made lo him. Ellen M- uir.L'd '.hoy woro lo be th;il lo her. i.T.on lintl not V.noeV.eiA lint no- ody npiieareil surprlaed. A few nt lio niils readied for Ulnminia with nccUir.iJcnl cmier.13 of illsniny Inn nost ot them serenely contliiucMl heir Killcln. 0:io hard liltlo ynnus- Icr, wliom Siilomin called Tuny, lellbcralely inilljd her onc-plcc-i Ircss over ber licail and sto:i:l hi irlcf sboi-ts ;iml ;i soiled tatln up- ,lft, srlaniv.B at tlicm. A brightly iiaintcd Bcrcen, gainly with peacocks and pneodiis. concealed n wasksland in one cornor ot Ihe small, hot roum. l-lilcn wtnt behind it t« dress. Tlio . wcro cramped nml Klllllng '"H dill not mean tn vtsl; IUIO'.IKT ot Salomon's unconventional When one cinereud only two boat- sc 1 .^ were left in the room—Tuny and a languishing blond called Anise. They shared a wicker Lencli, whcri; they had Eat fiinokfng ilieir part-'[and Wiiiiing to Imvo a lirst-liaiul look at l!lo new hostess. Ellen lookiil Inward Tony—:ir. met n pair of conlly bostllc (To "OR RENT— Furnisher] tearoom in i ^ g£ O 2 g£ steam heated feme. I'lion c 1.! ' Irs. J. G. Sudbury. 3P-K10 j FRECKLKS AND HIS TIUENDS ),- —vl f/--" e 6QWi-'A STAY {( TWATS JUST )( SWJCkS. MES H) G6SV OR RENT— Furnir.hcl r.',nrtmer.'-. . 1C3 Wnit Kentucky. Piioi: e H3'J. j 3C-K10 ! WAITED .VANTED—Washings. Mrs. Mary ] I: Kimball. 505 Lilly street. Cull Red Cross. K-Tf WANTED-Orcsg shorllianu. Uook- kccpin*; ami typewriting slitdcnto. Phone 624-W, :>Trs. L. W. liiirnelte. 5C-K.!' \Vj\STEB—LMics to dcinor.btvatc lor nationally known urganiiMtIon. fr.r [Mi'ticnlEirs ntlclro^s P. O. Rnx 'M2. Give address and phonp number. GP-K10 WANTED IMMEDIATELY — Men nnd Boys. IS lo 35. qualify for crniing Ciovernni'ir.t Railway Mnil Cicik Examinalio;;: mako S150- •£225 r.iontli. Common educationMif- ncier.t. Write, inMrnctian Bureau. 621-H, St. Louis. Mo., quickly. CP-K7 BRILLIANT COAU THK SOliTH'S KKS'v Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. LOST AND FOUND FOUND—Guard lo fraternity pin. studded with pearls. Owner may have ssme by calling al Courier and paying charges. ;iC-KO PERSON A WILL TRADE 1MB Ford scdr.n fir uiilch cow. Cliarles Nash. Bix 733. OpkJ DUKE HOSPITAL HUSY DURHAf.'. N". C.. rUPi—A total cif 10.175 patients have been treated in the new Dnke University Hospital since It was opened on, July 21, 1930, HUH\ ix surr OF f?.a ov£V!, mws Ait. i MUS' I E; GITTIKG Av^JpUL StSSVFIED To \ FLV OFF'N' SHCXJT AT THOT. 1 WONT TEL\_ .OOGGOMT VCOB RUSH, l.e? "vCO TD SO SO -V Do VJH/ I AWT 6liTTISJ<3 OP GOTTA T'OAY'S Til' D 4 V, I ALWAYS we/ BATH! ifcrw m

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