Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 21, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1891
Page 5
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Bazaar Specialties for this Week. The articles below will be on Special Sale for this-week only. Don't miss seeing them. 88 cent regu- lar price 75 cents. A BLOODY DEED. A Terrible Tragedy Enacted Sunday Night at Hoboken, N. J,. now 18 lar price oo cents, Planished tin. copper bottom, regular price $1. 25 this week 7!) tents. An Italian Murders-His Wife's Mothe Wounds Her Father, and Is Slain by Her Brothers. Our Queensware and Tinware departments are now complete, you can find anything; you want, at exceedingly low prices. . . The Grand Bazaar, MONEY TO LOAN! ind Notes Bought m any sum over {25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GBO.B.FORGY. DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and Hesidcnce 102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, - • • IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and DJseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. DR. E. M. HATCH, - HOMtEOPATHIKT Physician ana Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122 High Street, Logansport, Ind. aprlditwlm F. M. BOZER, D, D. S. DENTIST. Offiee.Otcr J. Herz' Tailoring JKMab- liwhmcnt, 4O9 Market Street. ..-.. -.-.. aprllditwtf Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING. APRIL 21. Make your ice contracts with John Baker,;". ; • .' :^' : .;. _ . mchSWtf CKOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Curp.,, Sold by B. F. £eesling. 5 B. F. Keesling.sells..just.- ; as much 'Blush of Roses"' to gentlemen as to ladies, as they also desire a perfect complexion. 7— Sleeplessness, nervous • prostration nervous dyspepsias dullness, blues cureH by X)r. MileSj Nervine. ' Samples free at B. F. Keesling.'s. (2) The funeral ofjjDavjd Middleton was conducted yesterday afternoon under the auspices of Tipton lodge F. and A. M. and was very'largely attended. A '.'."most delightful, childrens party was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. Wise : Saturday, night which was greatly enjoyed by the little folks. Orchestral music, dancing and an elegant supper were principle features of the pleasant party. John Courtney, the famous criminal lawyer of Crawfordsville, whose recent argument before the judge at that place laid the-way for the lat- tsr'.s decision that prize fighting was not.illegal in the State, is in the city, the guest of 1 his old friend Alf. L. .Anderson. ,.....,.- , Dr. W. C. Corbett, V. S., of Anderson, has been in^the. city for the past week and 1 has- decided to locate here, feeling that there 'is an'" opening for' another veterinary surgeon. The doctor ( has;.had long-practice .and will no doubt never regret that he has cast his lot here. : Martin C. Heenan, the well known liquor dealer died yesterday morning at his home near the Wabash depot after an illness of a week 'of> typhoid pneumonia. The aonouncament of his death was a great surprise to many of his frie'nds who did riot k»ow that he was seriously ill. The deceased leaves an aged .mother, one brother and four sistere. He was a member of Logansport lodge B. P. O. E. under the auspices of which order his funeral will probably te conducted. This is the first death in the Logansport lodge of Elks. Martin had many warm friends, and his sudden and untimely death is much regretted by them. The. : date of the funeral has not yet been decided upon. William F. Deverill, a former well- known Losansporter, died at his home in Chicago, Sunday evening of pneumonia after a brief illness. "Billie" Deverill had hosts of friends in Logansport, and his death is deeply regretted. He \vas a son-in-law of Mr. L.. S. Pureell,- Pan Handle claim agent, and leaves a ..widow and one 'child. He has been connected with the Chicago stock exchange since his removal from this city about six years ago. The remains will be brought to this city for interment on Wednesday. , Dorathea, -tb& 15-months-old daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. C. Johnson, died at their home on Wabash avenue at 8:30 a. m. Sunday. The funeral was conducted from the house yesterday at 2 p. m. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.Chas. Lyons died. Saturday night, aged 1 week. The funeral .was held yesterday at 3 p..m. ' Siinday Accident!*. While Will Dunn and Miss May Hurley were taking a drive towards the hospital Sunday afternoon their horse became frightened near Uhl's Mills and leaped over the enbankment precipitating tbe yourg people into the river. Miss Hurley floated down stream a little distance where she caught some driftwood and managed to get lo shcra. Will being a good swimmer managed -to get to shore without much difficulty. The very much soaked young folks then went to M. J. Gallagher's residence near by, and securing dry clothes made their way home thankful that they., had escaped so easily.. It was indeed a narrow escape. Mrs. Albert Wiler .was driving beneath the Wabash bridge on the Island Sunday afternoon vvben her horse became frightened at a train passing overhead and shied throwing Mrs. Wiler out of the buggy, inflicting a 'number of painful, though 'not serious bruises. Yesterday in the circuit court. Sarah A. Roles was .granted a decree of di_ vorce from William T. Roles, and the custody of their child. Wm. T. is still languishing in the body of the jail; for an assault he was convicted of having committed on Sarah and .her sister a couple of weeks ago Yesterday in the circuit court by her: attorney M. .F, Mahoney, Mahalia I Clay.;filed .a'.petition for divorce ..from ... Franklin, B. . Clay ', alleging cruelty, 'drunkenness and abandonment. /.They were married 'in April 1S90. arid.aftef/'sevpii;weeks of marital bliss' Franklin ;;cruelly deserted, Mahalia..'Hence the above suit.; For -th'e^fist time' ..in">Hiany'.' years: the Grand Commandery of ^Knights -Templar" of- : the 'State.'me'ets-. outside of- Indianapolis. ^-"At'the-..-last meeting.an' invitation from Terre JBaiite •'.• was accepted at the date fixed,,at April 21st. The following gentlemen leave this' morning to represent Logansport: C. B- Stevenson, Thomas . Myer, John Redmond, James Cockburn, Andrew Robinson and S. B. Richardson. These gentlemen will 'push the, claim of Logansport as the seat'of the next annual Commandery. . An Important Suit. Yesterday in the Circuit court another important case from White county began. This case is a suit of Hon. Anson' 'Wolcott , of- Wolcott, against^the Pan Handle railway company, seeking to recover $25,000 damages from the company for alleged inability on the'part of the defendant to furnish plaintiff cars at a time when it was necessary for him to- ship-a large quantity of grain, this failure to secure cars incurring to him a considerable financial loss. The plaintiff is represented • in court by S. T. Me- Connell, M. Winfield and J. C. Nelson. USED THE STILETTO. NEW YORK, April 20.—At Hoboken early in the morning Angelo Gaboth murdered his mother-in-law, dangerously stabbed his father-in-law and was slain by Conoguito Chinchella, aged IS, a son of the murdered woman. Gaboth's wife ajid her brother also received stab wounds. The row occurred at 195 Grand street. Gaboth and his wife were visiting her parents, the Chinchellas. Gaboth, it is believed, visited the Chinchellas for the purpose of robbing- his father- in-law. Sunday night Mrs. Gaboth slept with her mother and Gaboth slept with his father-in-law. About 12:3(5 o'clock, when all were soundly sleeping, Gaboth, armecf with a stiletto, arose from the bed and noiselessly glided into his mother-in-law's room. Leaning over the sleeping woman he plunged the weapon into her abdomen, and then with a semi-circular sweep of the weapon almost disemboweled her. The woman uttered but a single shriek. She died almost instantly. Her cry partly aroused her husband, but not hearing it repeated he thought nothing further of it and soon fell asleep apain. Gaboth's wife, who was sleeping with her mother, made no sound. The blood from her mother's horrible wound literally covered her, but still she did stir. There is no doubt that she was well aware of what her husband was doing and it looks as if she was a party to the plot to murder her relatives. Gaboth, after killing his mother-ia- law, returned to the room in which his father-in-law slept. A moment later lie thrust the stiletto, still reeking- with the blood of Mrs. Chinchella, into the neck of her husband. His aim was bad and he missed the vital spot, but the knife made a ragged wound in jUr. Chinchella's throat. The wounded man gave a shriek which awakened his son Conoguito. The latter sprang- from his bed and rushed into his father's, room. He was met by Gaboth with the stiletto dripping with blood in his. uplifted hand. Conoguito was also armed with a stiletto. Gaboth struck a vicious blow at the son which the latter dodged. A fight to the death followed, tip and down the two men fought, each trying- to carve the life out of the other. Gaboth's wife, hearing the struggle, ran from her room and threw herself between the combatants. In doing this she received two slight stab wounds. Young Chinchella was further enraged at the sight of his sister covered with blood and pressed bis antagonist the harder. Anselroo Chinchella, another son, took a hand in the'row at : this point and dragged his sister away, insisting- that the two men be left to fight it out. Young- Chinchella proved the stronger and more active of the two. He made a feint at his antagonist and a moment later drove the stiletto into his left eye and into the brain. As Gaboth was falling young- Chinchella drew out the weapon and quickly plunged it into Gaboth's left side, piercing the heart. The latter fell to the floor a corpse. Gaboth's wife, realizing that her husband had been killed, pave vent to a succession of screams. The neighbors were aroused and broke n>to the apartments of the Chinchellas. The Chinchella boys and their sister are under arrest. It is not expected that the father will survive. 'At the police station young Chinchella said: "If it is murder, then I didrnnrder G-aboth. He killed my mother and tr.ied to'kill nty father. He would have killed us all if I had not killed him. It was a fight for life between us and I killed him." The PJnj' taut Night. "McKenna's Flirtation" is an old favorite here and a good sized audience turned out to witness the uproarious farce last night. Hugh Fay. was miesed, owing to temporary absence, but his place in the general melee was acceptably assumed .by I 1 rank Keenan. who made a great Mike Ryan while the Tim McKenna of Wm. Barry was better than ever. Barry is away out of sight as an Irish comedian and his friends greeted him with the usual applause last night. A notable addition to the well balanced company is the introduction of the Misses Coogan and Gorman, late of London, in their great gaiety dance in the last act which received unbounded applause. They Will Wed. Last evening Co'unty Clerk Fisk set his hand and seal of the Count} of Cass to the necessary papers empowering the proper person to unite io the holy bonds of matrimony Miss Catherine McTaggart, of this city, and Mr. James McGurty, formerly a well- known Logansporter, but lately of HuntingtOQ. This announcement will be somewhat of a surprise to the friends of the couple who have both beea thought to have passed that age when fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. It is said to be an old flame revived. They will be 'married early this morning and depart immediately for Huntington. The Journal's old shoe follows them. Accident to JBoyn. Master Bert Fansler, son of M. D. Fansler, was fishing on Saturday and by some reason caught a fishing hook in his right cheek, planting the hook so deeply in the flesh that it had to be cut out. ., At noon yesterday a young son of Frank Geiger, of the West Side, while attempting to jump on apassing wagon caught his left foot in the • wheel and thejleaders of the boys ankle were torn loose. It was a fearfully painful accident, and will probably make the ad a permanent cripple, Merit Wins. : .We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Drr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate in guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the pur chase price, if satisfactory results do not. not follow their use. These remedies have, won their great popu- l^rity'purely on their merits. B. F. Keesling Druggist. 1 •• A Startling Discover}-. ; When Mrs. Barnheisel and daughter returned from Chicago where they had spent the winter, on Saturday, and opened their house they were startled to find that during their absence burglars had been at work while they were gone. Holes had been sawed in a number of the doors to give the robbers access to the locks and all the rooms had been entered. But few articles of value were missing. GOOD READING! Calico Shirt Waists, Percale Designs,.10 cents. Three Shirt Waists and Blouses, Flannelette, for 50 cents. ALL 3 FOR 50 CENTS Fishing Tackle Free With Children's Suits. ' Garner's Percale Mother's Friend Shirt Waists, Same Quality as the ?1.00 and the $1.25 laundried, lor 50 cents. Imported Percale Shirt Waists, Mothers Friend, the only real imported Percale ever shown in Logansport, worth $1.50 reduced to 75 cents. Base Ball Outfit—Belt, Bat, Ball, Cap—Free with Suits in Boy's .anS Children's Department. ' DO DROP IN! It is impossible to enumerate prices on Children's Clothing. Our stock and variety is too extensive. We promise you you will be pleased, and will be most happy to show you through. Remember, they are on the First Floor just inside the door. Price Our Boy's Hats anct Caps, 18c I8c You have been paying 50 cents for them. Come in crowds to OTTOKRAUS, "OF COURSE." T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H, C. P U R CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. The Baseball ChunipioiiHhips. In the raee for the American and Western associations' championships, which have just begun, the clubs stand as follows: AMERICAN. I WESTERN Perl per Won. Lost. C't.'j Won. Lost: C't. LoutsvtUe.,7 2 .777|Mln'apolis.3 0 1,000 Boston 5 2 .7]4iOmaha 2 St. Louis..5 3 .025|Sloux City.2 Baltimore..4 Washl'ton.3 Columbus..3 Athletic. ,.2 Cincinnati.2 .571 St. Paul.'.a .428 Kan's City. 1 ,375|Milwaukeel .285 Denver.— 1 .!?.s|-Llncoln,...0 .500 .500 .333 .333 What is the matter with the electric light on the corner of Canal and First streets? It has not been burning for some time, and residents of that portion of the city are complaining about it. JOHNSTON BROS. " The Corner Drug Store? Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, ( Strecker Building.)"" '-' ~.\ A Full and Complete Line of - , " . . ' .• . . ; t DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS * CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. Drowned WliUe Oat Boating:. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., . April 20.—A double drowning occurred Saturday night re the canal near a place known as Brighton Beach, where boats are kept for hire. The couple were out rowing and by some means the boat upset. The bodies were recovered and identified as George Hardy and Mrs. Ollie Sells, a widow. Last of Chicago's Founders. _ . r CHICAGO,.April 20.—Alanson Sweet, Ross and Koss are attorneys for de- »who came to Chicago when only sol- fendant. : ' ' • Commendable. All claims not, consistent' with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup^iCompany. -It acts gently on_,the... kitoeys, liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a. cure-all and, makes no pretensions that' every bottle will not substantiate. A Boon to Wives. •Having used-"Mother's Friend" I would not be 'without; it. It is a bo'on to wives who "kno.sy -..they, must pass- through the painful' ordeal of childbirth. Mrs. C. Melbourne,-Iowa: vVrite Bradfleld Kegulator-Co., -Atlanta. Ga., ,fpr further particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher! '' '''•'"' "' to26 ' diers, Indians and squatters were here, and who was; the only survivor of twelve men that agreed ?to found the town of Chicago, died Saturday morning- at the age of 87 years at the home of his son, George 0. Sweet, of Evanston. Died at a Blpe Old Age, . WATEBBLTTT, 'Conn., April 20.—Morgan O'Brien died Sunday afternoon at the age of 101 years. , Mr. O'Brien was born in Irelind, coming to Waterbury about fifty years ago, where he has since resided. He was the oldest person in the city: Two Jren Killed In a Saloon Fight. • KEATING SUMMIT, Pa., April 20.—In a saloon fl^ht.Sunday at Bakertown, Pa., T miles from Austin, Herman Nelson, the proprietor, shot and 'killed John. Van Coy and -fatally wounded .Walter Woodward. The murderer was arrested and taken to Couders Court jail. ENJOYS Both lie method and results when Syriip of Figs is taken; it is pleasaLt and refreshiug to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of ?igs is tlfl only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its. many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not • have it on hand will procure it promptl wishes to try it." substitute. CALIFORNIA . FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, . 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. M O N E Y, Ueueral InBoriuiot and LOIDB. All Mudc of In- inrance plaoxd In fltet.elase compacted. Bndov- <nent policies porohkred, Bonds of «oretyBi.., «itten 'or parties boldlcg poBlttenn of tmn vh«ro a bond Is required. 31» PEARL ST. S. M. Closson. t'nr any one who not accept any MONEY TO LOAN, n «07 sunn »t the LOWEST ntm. Private fcnCi nly. Money alwaye In hand. No re 1 tape or d«. ay. Intercut nnd principal payable ID Lopsm- p;rl. Special arrangement! as to payment of principal and Interest, made to »ult t*\e wishe» of borrower. For farther particulars apply to Fred W. MunsoD, On Mondays, Fridays or Satnrdaj-s. 214 Fonrth street, opposite Court House. F.'3 SYXUP CQ- SAW F l.OUISVILLK.'W O, OAL, fi'r'/u ForsalfibyB.I', XeeslJngand all "nggists. Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For the purpose of Introducing iny work to the musical people of Logansport: 1 ba?e reduced my price for tuning Blanos, $2,50 to Sl-50. I also keep on hand a full supply of repairing material. Pianos, tepollshed, restrung, new nammers, tone regulated./.action- rewaltetf, the touch changed heavy, or Hgtif. •. First-class work. S3 years experience,- -Orders/by^niaJl or left at-Allerf Richardson,s, 4H Fourth Street- Organs as above. marJldSm w. ». CAPHON. "THE SWAN" The perfection of Fountain Pens. It is always- ready for use. It does not sMp and Never.. Overflows. You can travel the world over witt one ofthese pens in your pocket fllleti and yoC are . .' "Master^ me situation." ;' v Wilson," Humphreys Co.

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