The Times from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1894 · Page 15
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The Times from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 21, 1894
Page 15
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THE TIMES SUNDAY SPECIAL SUNDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 21, 1894. 15 AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AHUSE2IEHTS QTH AND ARCH C. A. ERADEN BURGH, MANAGER. CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 1 ANOTHER EUROPEAN SENSATION 1 1 Our Own Importation at a Salary of $1,0011 per W eek. -GENUINEsaGlAMI W rw -HI indoor SsK m a Mil GIANG5ArlGaKITCAlAMA-.. RJA -RASSAli PALElv OMNO SANft PALKfi Ji eight. 8 ft. 4 inrhes. Height, 8 ft H inches. These Mvn Are, Beyond Ail Possible Doubt, the Two Tallest Hum mi Heiiies of Their It are. They Hnvp A t pen red Before All the frowned JlemN of Europe. THE Hit KATKST OK ALL AI TOJIATONS! ! LA 3101 LIN HOLLAND A The first piece of Automata constructed ly Robert Houdin, watchmaker, and afterwards King of Modern Magic. Ft is a working model of ft Holland Windmill, 4 feet biKh. It has different figures, mule and female, who ttre seen issuing from the mill, bring cakes and refresh-ment.s to the spectators. y OTHER MARVELOUS NOVELTIES 7 irsj THE THEATRE THE ALL STAR SPECIALTY COMPANY EVERY ARTIST A SPARKLING GEM Frank FORRESTER A 3D STEWART Lizzie In Their suirliins i-pechilty, MKI'IIISTO AM) Ills I'AOE. Introducing st Heaiitii'ul Living Pictures, Tlie Queen of Magic, VflLORA Charles KENCH AND KENNEDY Dan (Late of the Australian four). Vocalists, Dancers anil Comic Acrobats and the Wonderful Performing Oiiruflu, JAHUQ. Gus THE HAMILTONS-Trixle THE SCULPTOR ASH II IS MODEL, In Which Miss Hamilton Will Introduce Her Sensational London Song and Dance. GIRARD AVENUE, NEAR GEORGE HOLLAND Last Week of Old COMMENCING TO-MOKROW, MONDAY NIGHT, SHERIDAN'S IMMORTAL COMEDY. QIRARD THE R -1 With an in approachable Cast of Characters, including -, k-, v , Mrs. JOHN DREW Mr. JOSEPH HOLLAND and Hr. WILFRED CLARKE Next Attraction Monday, Oct. 29 First Time in America of a New Comedy, called By Fred Leslie and Arthur Stirling Now to be Acted by Special Arrangement with Mr. A17GUSTIN DALY. The Cast Of Characters will include Mr, Wilfred Clarke , Assisted by Miss Marie Kmowiles' Mr. Joseph Holland And the Company of the Theatre. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT On Monday Night, Nov. 5 First Appearance This Season of fl r. Creston Clarke WHO WILL TIIEX PLAY, FOIl THE FIRST TIME IN PHILADELPHIA, Reserved Seats may be had two weeks in advance. PEOPLE'S THEATRE BENEFITS ARRANGED. . One Square East of Front and Cumberland. One Square Northeast from Front and York. C. A. BRADENEURGH. Manager. TUESDAY UlCWKenA'p nr) THURSDAY I MOWn A V Wl. W MONDAY SATURDAY KUOUSTUS PITOU'S CHKND SCENIC DRKMB THE POWER OF . ism fB Your '?-K g?S. bark "mjrv Vale." THt Capture. IRISH NATIONAL? FEDERATION ACADEHY OF MUSIC, BROAD AND LOCUST STREETS LECTURE BY HeM Edward Bliake, m. p. SUBJECT: THE IRISH QUESTION. ' ON THURSDAY. OCTOBER 25, 1894 AT I P.M. TIC'KETS-' I'ervel Seatx-SOe. Tickets mav be obtained at No. 122! Chestnut street on Monday. TnesiUiy, Vednesdny and '1 humbiy from u A. .M. to 5 P. M., and at the Box uihee of the Academy on the (lay'anii evenins ol' ttie lecture. TlCCAT'C Kails of Schuylkill GREAT ATTRACTION EVERY1 AFTERNOON ' AND EVENINO. ENCLOSED GLASS PAVILION WITH A SEAT- 1MU CAPACITY OF 3,MK. ; PiD TRANSIT. , TilDOK AVE. TROLLEY KADIN THAINS. TJILLLAEDS - FINE TABLES OF THE JL f I'miewtck-Bnlke-Collenutrmake. Joiin Crea-liau, Aseut, ContmemaliluloL DIME MUSEUM TO 5 AND 6.30 TO 10 P. M. DE MOLLIS AND V A LOS. 4 The Beau Brnmmelsof Jugglery in a Scene of oriental splendor. FLORiKE ZELLEfl England's Premier Chance Artist. Angela-THE WHALEiSVangie England's Royal Musical Artists. Direct from a -lOO-Nisid Engagement at the Crystal Palace, NeUie LEWIS SISTERS Ada THE HUMAN SNA K FA The Prettiest, Finest Formed anil Mont Graceful Female ontortionists Ever Seen in This Country. AVENUE THEATRE SEVENTH STREET LESSEE AND MANAGER English Comedy OCTOHKK 22. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ival: OTHELLO .RUY BLM ?g.M 's ' THE PRESS A -WEALTH OF SPECIAL SCENERY The Club House Scene at 8.30. The Shipyard Scene at 9.15. The Hotel Corridor Scene, 9.30. The Hotel Interior Scene, 9.50. The South Street Scene, 10. The Bart? Man) Vale Scene, 10.30. Next Week-)LD GLORY CHARLES C. MARTEL 1710KOKTH BROAD STRKET. SFXOND FLOOR. SCHOOL AND PARTY TUKSDA Y AND FRIDAY EVKNINOS. F. J. MnCUY'S OIM-HESTRA. LATEST MUSIC. CLASS FOR. Br-:(;iN.'KIV ONLY KVKl'.Y WlSDJiESUAY EVENINO. . New Claaaea forminsr. Hend for terms. PRIVATK LKSSONS liY AiK)lNTMEKT. CLASS FOR LADIKSANU CH1LJJKFN 'H'KsDAY AND FHTDAY A FT ER NOONS. N. R.-1'RIiK MAriUUEKAUJi. 'IVFU., OCT. 30. II l fek 35i3iRrrja!a-,tsMsr-jan B. F. KEITH'S AMUSEMENT ENTERPRISES R F. KEITH Proprietor E. F. ALULE ...General Manager Mr. B. F. Keith's New and Efegant Theatre, Eighth Street. Above Race. CONTINUOUS PERFORHANCE From I2 M. to 10.SO P. M. FINEST THEATRE IN TOWN. PRESENTING THE BEST ATTRACTIONS. THE NEW BIJOU OPERA CO. THK BEST COM TAN Y RVER SEEN, In a Handsome Hevival of Richard Slant's SAID PASHA With Elaborate Scenic and CostumtnK Effects and a GREAT CAST. MILTON A BORN very funny as IIAPAP DAVID VITZOIIiBON Musical Director BIG VAUDEVILLE NOVELTIES THE 4JREAT Fortajada Troupe Spanish Dancers and Vocalists The bensation of Europe and America. FIRST API K A R A C li 4 Tlie Richards 4 The Foremost Star Acrobats in the World. De Bessell TheOreat French Artist in Clay. Gilmore and Leonard Ireland's Kings. Philadelphia's Best Favorites. Goldie and St. Clair In the Funniest Comedy Sketch Ever Seen. Lew Randall Dancing Wonder and Character Comedian. nr. and firs. M. E. "Han ley Dramatic Stars in a Refined Comedy Sketch. The Morellos In Their Gymnastic Comedy Sketch. The Marshes Great Welsh Vocal Duetlists. Hox Sears, Sl.Oit mid 75c. Oi'r1tPHtrn.25c. Kalcoiui 'JOr. (Jallery, 1 Or. Ladies and Children should attend tha atternooa performance to avoid the evening rush. THE BIGGEST AND BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. To-Morrow Night and Continuing Through, out the Week, with Regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Matinees. The One Big Success of the Farce-Comedy World JOLLY BLITHE BRIGHT BUOYANT BREEZY BLAZING BALMY BRACING BEAMING BLISSFUL BUSTLING BEAUTIFUL BILLOWY In her Theatro-Cfrco Rlend, written bj' XI. Grattan Donnelly entitled BEGUILING BEWILDERING BEWITCHING : BLOOMING BOUNTEOUS BOUQUET BRIMMING BRISTLING BUBBLING AND BURLESQUEY Laughs are extracted skil fully and the How is Incessant." Take your first peep In the circus dressing tent go behind the scenes, ub it were. No Rings. No Sawdust, No Red Lemonade or Pajmleaf Fans, But more FUN than Bamunvs tent could cover. NEXT WEEK Walter Sanford's Massive Production The Original of all Sporting and Racing Plays, The Prodigal Daughter Introducing Ten Imported Thoroughbred Steeplechase Horses. Seats on sale. THIS II WEEK MATINF.ES DAILY, EXCEPT MONDAY. The Charming Comedienne, PAULINE PflRPH In tlie Western Border Drama. J, ' . SupporiPtl by tbe Favorite Comedians, HICHAItDS and THOMSON. NEXT WEEK C5IIACIE EMMETT In THE PUliSE OF EW YOHK EM!Y MEYERS. SOLOIST ANOTEATHER, zituer, Jlulidonn, iJanjo, Hl CHKSINUT St, THE BIJOU til jIRCUS 3 BIGGEST ATTRACTIONS 3 THIS WEEK'S CHESTNUT ST. OPERA HOUSE ZIMMERMAN & NIXON Proprs. and Mgra. OSE WEEK. Tn.1,TnrT.nTrr -NTirrVit BEGINNING " m.x i. w ix6xu EVERY EVENING, ' OtIiY flHTINEE SflTUDAY ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY OF THE QUEEN OJ? COMIC OPERA, gAtllliliE D'ARtflM And Her Surpassing Company of Singers In the Great Comic Opera Success, PDEIiEIfiE Op, THE PGIC KISS By Stanislaus Stange and Julian Edwards. ALL ALONE. FOOLISH HEART, MAKY AXI) THK LAM li. DICKIE AND HIS BIRDIE, THE LEGEND. HEAR FESTIVAL OF ROSES. THE CHATEAU AT NIGHT. THE PRETTY GIRLS. SEE Music Personally Superintended by the Composer. s p E C I fl li TO-MORROW NIGHT, SOUVENIRS Madeleine's 100th Performance. BEAUTIFUL HAND-PAINTED MINIATURES OK piss D'flPvVmiiE Matinee Saturday onlv. S P E c I fl li NEXT WEEK, Seventh Annimt Eitsieeement of Mr. Daniel i Frohro:ni'!j New York liyeeum Theatfe Company Presenting for the First Time In Philadelphia the Brilliant Comedy, by Mr. A. W. Pinero, THE AJVIAZONS Original New York Cast, Scenery and Appointments Sale of Seats opens Tuesday Morning. OF JHOSIC nv. 19) TRAINED ANIMALS SPECIAL NOTICE-SOCIETIES and I Mi-y INTRODUCING & I A WEEK OF VS, THE J HEARTY 11 V WORLD-FAMOUS C I LAUGHTER J&$ I nn 1 n VQwSr u U0, ifi imSt IHI I GREAT BIO Gr dn&W WONDERFUL I hit XXnNmv sl)RPRISES cj I NEXT WEEK EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE AMY LEE LYCEUM VINE, BELOW EIGHTH J. G. JF.RMON Proprietor and Manager THE OJlIiY WE OF BUKIiESQUE IH PHlIiflOEIiPHlrl PRICES 10 20 "30 AND 50 CENTS 0- C'OMMEKCISO TO-MOKUOW MATINEE. THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED Comedians DAZZLE CLEfifl COT AND WHOLESOP WITHOUT ANYTHING TO OFFEND AND fl GREAT DEAL TO COIYIMEND . ITS PRETTY GIRLS W liai ITS MAGNIFICENT TABLEAUX You Will ITS LOVELV nUSIC ITS EXQUISITE PICTURES TS CHARMING DANCES ITS BEAUTIFUL MARCHES ITS LIVING STATUES ITS GRAND SCENERY See One need not think; need hardly hear; only looking brings appreciation; a swaying dancing (pjiss of Beautiful Humanity. m:xt week May Howard Burlesquers NEW CENTlTItY DRAWING KOOM. MONDAY EVENING, K'TOBEIt 22, COI.. T. W. IlKidlNSON. "PKOl'I.K I HAVE MET." Peats 50 and 75 Cents at 12-29 Chestnut. rtBFAT EITKOPEAN MFSEUM. 708 CHRST- 'IT NUT Street. U.titto extraordinary wonders of Nature. Open from 8 A. M. tin 10 I. M. for gentlemen only. jVdiuladon z'i cents. CHESTNUT STREET THEATRE NIXON & ZIMMFRMAX Proprs. and Mgrs. J. FRK1 ZIMMKRMAN, Jb Business Manager ! 2 Yenningy To-Morrow Night - Every Evening, - MATINEES WEDNESDAY SATURDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY Mammoth Production Of the New and Elaborated Version of "THE BEST' AMERICAN DRAMA" Xettr York Herald. The Girl I Left Behind Me (By Belasco and Fyles). Management of Charles Frohman. DON'T MISS SEEING THE Thrilling Rescue Scene 100 Troopers 20 Galloping Horses Military Bands The Climax of Dramatic Realism Regular Popular Dramatic Prices 25. 50, 75C $1, h.50 NEXT WEEK. THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME LAST WEEK Seats for Next Week on Sale To-Morrow. HAGENBECK'S LODGES can now ARRANGE for BENEFITS for this GREAT ATTRACTION new y 8 BELLS I IPS! OPERA HOUSE AS USUAL, HOUSES CROWDED. OTTR NEW Rll.f. A CYCWJNtO SUCCESS. an jii-iuftflinj ur ocitjiiAais AND ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE. Tlie Programme This Week Includes "THK FARMERS' FARMS." "THE EBONY SWELLS," " WHAT THK PAltltOT SAID," 'AIARRYIMJ A TITLE," An! Our New TrHvesty. "THK 1'KINCH IS BONEY.' Characters by Entire Company. TIME, "GOOD OLD TIMES." INCIDENTS "VERY ASTONISHING." DENOUEMENT "ASTOUNDING." Popular Prices. Rox Ollice Open. Arrangements for Benefits. ACADEMY OF HUSIC-STODDARD STODDARD LECTURES LAST WEEK I FAREWELL WEEK! TWO STERLING LECTURES AND POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE OF JOHN L. STODDARD TUESDAY EVENING OCT. 23. NORWAY Land of the Midnight Sun. Thrilling Adventure and Glorious Illustration ! KIo I THE PASSION PLAY OCT. 26. 1 of Ober-Ammergau. A Story of Breathless Interest With Remarkable Illustrations! Reserved Seals, 75,., 81.00, at 1221 Chestnut Street. . We have yet to see the city where it was imssiltle to aucommotlaio all who wanted to hear these favorite ami thrilling; lectures. To avoid disappointment it is positively necessary to secure seats ahead. EURDITT & NORTH,. nPHEATRK TH'KKTS-CUOICK HKATS FOR X all theatres always. Lufaveite and AJetropole Ilutela. f THE FAfY flESORlS HOMEOFBURLESdtlE Every Evening and ' fl( Saturday filatlnee tjljL LEADING THEATRES ! BROAD STREET THEATRE NIXON & ZI M MKRM A N. Proprs. and Mers. FKANK N1KDLIN(4;R ....Businesa Manager wei;beginning To-Morrow Night Every Evenin?, FAREWELL nATINEE SATURDAY 19th and Last Week Of Willard Spenser's Tuesday Night, Oct. 23d' 125th Performance Haviland China Souvenirs Presented to Every Lady Holding a Reserved 5eat Coupon. Saturday Night Last Performance Grand Farewell Beginning To Morrow (Monday) Afternoon Special ' Matinees Every Day Except Saturday SPECIAL MATINEES Only Appearances in Philadelphia ANNIE ABBOTT The Little Georgia Magnet In ner Aiarve.ous Mamies cations of Occult Forces. 'A Human Conundrum" A'. V. Herald Prices, '45, 30, 91. NEXT WEEK Annual Enpaijement of the Famous and Original BOSTON I AIMS Barnabee, Karl and MacDonald Props, and Mgra, Superb Production of tlie Oreatesi of All Operatic Successes, ROBIN HOOD ALL Til K FAVOiUTKS IN 'J HE CAST. Sale of Heats Tuesday morning. THE LARGEST UBOST COMPLETE IflEflflCERlE and jYIONPV PARADISE ILMORE'S AUDITORIUM Walnut, Above Eighth. HANDSOMEST and SAFEST THEATRE W. J. Gir.MOBE MANAGER For the. Week Beginning Monday, October 22 MONDAY MATINEE AT 2 P. M. THE ACME SHOW OF THE SEASON weDer& Fields Own Company A Week of Unexcelled Enjoyment by the following; Aggregation of Une-qualed Entertainers: Weber and Fields The German Senators From the Reichstag Don Juan de Caicedo The King of the Wire Prom the Air Mclntyre and Heath The Colored Representatives From de South James F. Hoey The Israelite Impersonator From Jerusalem LeCIair and Leslie The Protean Artists From Burlesquevllle Falke and Semons The Refined Musical Duo From Pleasantvllle John E. Drew The Comedian and Dancer From Ireland Castillet and Hall The Character Sketch Artists Prom Best School All of the above lu a Programme of IE NTERPRISINQ NTRANCINO I lELODY ) NTERTAINMENT POPULAR PRICES IS. 25. 35. so, 75c and $.oo Regular Matinees Mon. Tues. Thurs. and Sat. NEXT WEEK-Monday, Oct. 29 THE FAMOUS CADEMY OF MUSIC. i V a. BKHliKNH Leasee and Manager UO-morrowj wumiai jjv iwiivu, uur. -a, atts. FIRST CONCERT BY THK SEIDL ORCHESTRA ANTON SKtDJj Conductor SOLOISTS: MISS LILLIAN BLAl.'VKLT, ?oprano. MlG. GIVSKPl'K CAMPANAItl, Baritone. PUOtJIlAHMEt " 1. Divertimento First Time .". J. 8, Bach (Orchestration by ANTON sEIDLl. Z Mad Scene.. From ''Hamlet" A. Thomas MIsh BLAUVELT. 3. " From the New World " ......Dvorak (Symphony In K minor, tirst time In Phllada.) 4. Aria, " Dinorah " Meyerbeer stg. CAMVAN ARI. 5. " Parsifal "....Preiudeand (iloriiication Wagner Seats at FISCHER'S. 1221 CH IiSTN I'T St reel. Admission, -M ; Family Circle aO cents; Amphitheatre, 115 cents. KENSINGTON "atre FRANKKORD AV. and NO KRIS ST. JOHN W. HART Owner and Manager Week commencing MONDAY Matinee, Octohcr The Distinguished motional and Tragic Actress, A DA G RAY Supported by CHAS. F". TINGAY, In her own version and popular success, New EAST LYNNE Jnist closed Twelve Weeka of Great Success in . London, Fiielanrl. Matinees Mon.. Wed. and Pat. Prices Matinee, lo.W tuid ffic. Nifjlit, lo.0.i and 80c; week ot uctotwr 2 uttuuuni jAHOtJK, m his great play, FAUaT. - - rpHKATltKTTCKETOFFICKT-CONTrNKNTAL. JL iioiei. unoice weals tor an tueut-res always. Princess Bonnie JUL Maoaser Mil FUANli HOWE. JB. TO-mORROW NIGHT 2d and Last Week The Charming Fairy Spectacle . By Palmer Cox and rialcolm Douglas rownies Managed and Controlletl Exclusively by C. a JEFFERSON, KLAW & ERLANGEE. A UNANIMOUS INDORSEHENT The mammoth spectacle was a re velatioo. Timtn.. Noibine: cheap about it. North American, A marvelous production. Inquirer. Has come to captivate everybody. Pretf. Farahead of anything of the kind yet seen In tbiscitv. Jiecord. Fully answered all of the advance descritJlIona Civtn Of t.Ldger. As a gorgeous fnlry spectacle, lias rarely been equaled in this city. Jiut-letin. One of the most magnificent thsit hns been seeu here for years. Sews. NEXT WEEK SADIE JVIRHTIKOT In the London Comedy Success by Messrs. Stevenson and Yardley, The Passport Seats 1119 Chestnut and the Theatre. Tel. -2221. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday MANAGER , Mr. FRANK HOWE, Jr. To-Morrow Night LAST WEEK LAST JMTIflEE OCT. 27 0 YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS IT THE AMERICAN TRAVESTY CO, AND Eddie Foy IN rrTHE EdRTIi NEW IDEAS. "Still His Whiskers Grew." Foy's Flyfnp Machine, " I Spy Little Girl." The Lion Tamer. " The Rainbow." The Luminous Mushrooms. "I Can't Chunge It. ' The Gates of the Moon. " Listen, While I Tell You." Luna's silver Palace. The Sacred White Buffalo, "Girl Wanted." NEW SONGS. NEW DANCES. NEW THIS SUPP:RB CAST: Louise Montague, Sad li; Mi'.cDorakl, Lilliau Hawthorne, Madeline Wontndo, Kute Uart, llnilen Mostyn, Joseph Doner, AM unit Iletii, and EJ3DIK FOY. DON'T BE LATE. 100 People 4 Cars Scenery LADIES, BRING THE LITTLE ONES TO THE LAST TWO MATINEES PRICES 1 t'irrle, I. Iliilcony, 50c. J 5c NEXT WEEK Robert Mantell - IN Monbars, Corsican Brothers, Marble Heart, Romeo and Juliet and Lady of Lyons. ACADEMY OF MUSIC ORCHESTRA (87 Performers.) MR. EM1L PAtlR '.....CONDUCTOR Fourteenth Season 1S91-00. FIVE CONCERTS MONDAY EVENINGS, October 29, December 3, January 7 February 4 and larch 11. SOLO ARTISTS MRS. JULIE M. WYttAN , niSSADELE AUSDEROHB AIR. EUGENE YSAYB (Tils First Appearance Here) And Others. Subscription tickets, with reserved seats for the peiies of live concei ts, SJ7. S5 and .t.50. according to location. A The sale of subscription tickets will open Si ON DA Y MORN! NO, October 22. at ll CHKaT-NUT Street. . Programme hooks with detcripttv;- notes on thi-works to be performed will be mailed in advance of each concert to purchasers at subscription tickets, V.A. ELLIS, .llannerer. INROAD STREET THJ5ATPE. y Beginning Jlullnee To-Morrr v. Monday. SPECIAL MATINEES Every Day This Week (except Siiturduv. ONLY APPEARANCES I N, PHILA DELPHI A. First Matinee To-Morrow- (Monday). Oct. 22. BegiiiB at o'c!ocK shurp. ANNIE ABBOTT THK LITTLE GEORGIA MAUNF.T. "Ammanconundnim.' A". V, IIeral'tt Itr.Marvelous AlnnifcxrationRof occnlf Powers. BiTAttha M ATI NEK TO-MORROW (Mmid.!V the Iieadtnt. Physicians will attend and attest the phenomenal magnetic powers of this wonderiiil woman, who has puzzled doctors and scientists nil over the world. PRICKS, 25o 50c, 75a, f LOO. Feats on sale. f Palmer Cox's WALNUT

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