The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . I'OL XXVIII—NO. 277 Blythe'villo Dally News. Blylheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Blytlicvillc courier, IU,YTHKVH,l,K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, KKUUUAUY (1, 10R2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HOOVER LAUNCHES WAR AGAINST HOARDING NEW f I U. S. Troops Leave San Francisco Attack Believed Designed to Held Chinese in Check Pending Reenforcementsj SHANGHAI, Feb. 6. i UP)—Sunday, Feb. 'i. (U! J j—Heavy fighting broke out in Shanghai shortly before midnight last night and was continuing early today. Bombardment of the Chapel quarter began at 11:30 p.m. Saturday and. did not diminish until 1 a.m. today. The bombardment was apparently made in a Japanese attempt to forestall any Chinese attack before Japanese troops arrive here liter today. The. firlng'opened with rifles and. machine guns but the Japanese soon brought heavy artillery into action. The fighting centered at the. north station, a district tnat Doctor Who»e Mistake • , Cost 76 Livei, Sentenced 1.UI1KJK. (injiiuny, Feb. 6; (UP) — l-rat. (liioiKu Di'j'fki', director of lie Lubc-ck iminli-lpul hospital and principal cU-lcmlnnt In ihe li'usedy hi \vlileli la i.ubecX babies were killed llivnuKli HIP udmlnhtr.illoii of mi uiUl-tiibeiTiiKKis wrung, wns residential Candidate RC-I ! ''.'H lodny 10 two years 111 'Ihe bnblcs died uflcr they 1 Leading Delegates to Arms Conference Comment! iterates View Expressed l:w ' n , fl ' (1 nlint "'"'^i 1 * uW't ... . . i . r , ,, ' , ,„„„ ' w«i the Inniuii* CiilmelK' prepnra- Unfavorably.' in Fall of 1930. i ' (•INEVA, SulliU'i-lniKl, I'VI). a UJ | NE\V YORK, Feb. U. (UP) — Pi --Tlii- diniiinllc 1'rcncli proposal Franklin D. Itoawvt-ll, whose nro- lu oil-ale u powerful hiicrnnllonul tuition views liuvo conlu-sed koiiii! pOlir iorce uiukv control of iho i nemucrMs. has Announced he fu- kngne ol nations WHS received un-1 vors repeal of the 18th iMiirndiiK'nt fnvombly today by IciuliiiK dclu- i >m i subslHutlou uf iinother provl:l- nf (he world ilisaiinriinenl i n g home rule by slates. """ "' The governor inn-Jo known his CMS by culling ntluntlon lo a let- 'cotifrmu-e. The cllimees ol' acceptance are Slluht. U. s. delesntes did 'not comment prep ! lion, immcd niter the p-reiK'h bae- loloislsl. liable* dlwl slowly thrash Ilio rprlns and .suiiinii'i- mil 11' tlir total iviiehcd 7U. kin they uri! known to lilan recniiruig Ihc U- H. lo - .iiippcjrt tu nn lulcrn.ulonul i'iiiy 10 prevent war. "li's n bcaulllul fuljle. but AS YANK TROOPS LEI-T FOR HAWAII-OR MAVBE CHINA—With clouds hovering over the! lacks 11 moral." a member ol Ihe Gfmm " allon horizon in Ihe Oriem, United States Infantrymen jailed across the Pacific fro:u San Francisco to take• statk>ffb^ers U on^ lo s ° lo OMm Me " lbtir5 of "« Mt » al settlement, j fantry are-shown above as they bonnled tht army transjxjrt St. Mthiel at San Prnnclsco. r- • • I Japan Stat« Policy -TOKYO, Sunday, Feb. 1. lUP)- "The decision has "been taken to order necessary military forces to Shanghai/' a statement issued early today said. The statement added the "expeditionary force will be limited to the strength absolutely required." The statement was in six partr. The first paragraph said it was "the immutable policy of the Japanese government to insure by all means in IU power the tranquility of the far east and to contribute to C. A. Cunningham, a "Tli? plnn pui-perts to create 57 the peaceful progress of the world.' Americans Ordered Out . NANKING, China, Feb. 6. (UP) / --Evacuation of all Americans • in 4 Nanking yas ordered officially -to T da>y"lhe.U. s. consulate gen •-- •175 American residents are eji here. Tfcej first Americans affected bv the order were proceeding to Shanghai today. . Casualties . SHANGHAI, .Feb. 6. TOP)— Chinese casualties in "the Criapei. district :of, Shanghai- were estimated officially by Japanese today as more than 5,000, including civilians. : C.L IN JUDO i Delay in Liquidating : Bank Brings Protests! PINE BLUFF. Feb. 6 (UP)—DC-, iposilors of the defunct Merchants 'and Planters bank here will meet here today to demand a more jariiiicl stales, whereus we have con- lvc-]!cd to disarm," Italian delegates | lliiMlmi delegates said the pro- because It would the league "nil Soviet Russia or Ihe.Unln-u . ,. . . Irapid liquidation. Attorney Announces j T .-,e tecllng is general Candidacy for Municipal thc tollk ' s atfairs taTe not Court Bench. here that bsen of the Blytheville bar since 1911, :oday made . formal announcement of his candidacy for judge o! the Blytheville municipal, court at the cityVel^ction April 5. -...',' \ . • -,. fJ native of Yell county, 'Mr. Ciin- ' " practiced law in' Little might have been. The bank closed in November, 1930. Liquidating costs member since then have exceeded 540,000, uas said. Chinese Concentrate Troops WASHINGTON, Feb. 6. (UP) — The. Japanese embassy -said -it .'nai received advice-today that Chiang Kai-shek, Chinese leader, was concentrating, troops at Pukow, across the.Yangtse river from Nanking. The Japanese consul, the embassy said, had protested to the Chinese Reck, for a . time before 'coming lo Blytheville, and in. 1909. served as assistant to Ihe attorney' general of Arkansas. . As a. resident of this city he' has devoted much of his time 'o 'public -service 'in numerous unofficial capacities. Within a, year after his'.arriyal here, he helped in the fight to ; hold the Mississippi river levee in the high. », tcr of 1912, and has taken an active .port in almcst. every high water' fight since then. He was publicly credited by "Rep W. j. Driver with being .the one. man responsible for obtaining for Blytheville the . nev.- $90,OCO ' post- office building to be . built here within the next 12 months. He Pulaski Officer Challenges Tax Diversion to Improvement Districts. Japanese, delegate, chamcter- ' In the . LITTLE ROCK—ActiOTl that will test the validity of payment by the state treasurer of bond maturities and. interest- of road improver mem. districts out : of county gusof line tax allotments will be initiated in Pulaski couni.y, Prosecute; Carl E.'Balley has announced. Mr. Bailey, who is acting' at the request of County Judge Lnw- lion, contends among other things lhat the provision of the act. for money i "L ' r 1 '• ' ' ''hat the provision of tn< Lumber Lompany payment, of the county' , StrwkrininW -P Tit r stu »'' tllout an order from tne county oiocixnoiaer r . o i e sis courl u Uncon5lltutlonal because Proposed Action. MEMPHIS, Feb. 6. (UP)—Recsiv- 3rs were appointed in federal court It is en Indirect method of taking Irom the county court jurisdiction that belongs exclusively .to It. Mr. Bailey plans also to chal- Hiccoughs Again Attack Mrs. Ethel CantreU STUTTGART, Ark., Pub. 6 (UP) —Mrs. Ethel canlrcll, Humphrey, Ark., victim of a proliacled uttack of hiccoughs, extending over a month, suffered a relapse last night and again was hiccoughing: continually today. Mrs. CantreU was brought to a local hospital from her home -two weeks ago for treatment.. Shf was stricken with 'the malady, late in December. .The attack was checked soon after her arrival here nnd she gained strength steadily until tli3 relapse last night. ' .It was believed likely an operation would bo necessary to bring about permanent rejlef. j ter he wrote to Senator Hubert I', Wanner September 0, 19M and de- lnrlni! "the rcnlliircnls cxprt^Kl 'n lluit letter ure my o\ni ^KT.ion- til views toilny and I see tgo reason to chaugo." Tile governor's temperate views on pvohiblilon hflcl been relied upoti by some ot his supporters In the tight for tlic Democratic presidential nonilimllon to win Hie bucking of southern and western drys. His views toward repeal were expected lo determine tliv attitude of friend.? and followers of Alfred E. Smith, the 1928 candidate, toward Roosevelt's candidacy in ens; Smith did not make a fight for the nomination. Smith was expected to mnke known his inteniloas this v.eek-end. Roosevelt had been accused straddling ou prohibition. National Loaders Meet With President'al' White House : \ Today. Fob. C (UP)— of sixty national organtia- (luiv, met »-Uli t'lCsWenl Hoover loiluy in :i council of war tigalnst I SETTLEMENT Pay. '$19,523 Covering County Funds Tied Up in First National. Lore today for the Gayoso Lumber ] en °° c , tne rl « nt oi the treasurer company, million dollar Memphis;' 0 mnke Payments -out of gasolin " ° 11 bonds never ac- against the concentration. took a leading part in the vigorous but unsuccessful effort that v;as made lost year to obtain for this city the $1,500,000 veterans DEAD TONNAGE INCREASED [bureau hospital to be built in Ar- HAMBUKG, Germany, (UP) _|kansas. An increase of 250,000 tons of L ' ate in W&) he and a number "dead" snipping tonnage has been; of others 'took the initiative iu reported here for December, which j forming an emergency relief or- brings the total to no less thanjSanlralion to meet the situation re- TOO.OOO tons, Involving 175 high set suiting from th c drouth. Mr. Cun- vessels. Of this nomcgr about 25 nlngham headed that organiia- ships fly foreign flags. Closing Stock Prices lion and was in personal charge of the relfef program, until the advent of the national Red Cross Ill 1-i 93-8 A. T. andT Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service .......... 5 1-2 Coca Cola ............ 105 1-2 Continental Baiting General Electric General Motors Middle West Utilities Montgomery Ward Kew York Central Packard Racjio Simmons Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel 11 1-8 12 1-4 19 21 .. 41-8 71-8 26 1-4 3 7-8 7 1-4 The action was brought by C. B. \ lu ? ]l >' . s ?. w ,' b J r Improvement d!s- Huggins jr.. Grenada, ' Mte., who | tr , lctB ' and for expends of o.slrlcw is holder of 41 nor ceht oftlie lh " havc ncver done any aclual stock. ' ! The complaint charged three banks to whom the firm was in- i. . work. CITIZENS BUTTLE Stage Gun Fight With Skv- Checks have been received by County Judge Tal 15. Harrison from two bonding companies in full M.-I- llemeiit for county funds of W. W. Holllpeler, county Ircosurer, iu th? defunct First National bank of this city. Cnecks ot tile two companies totaled J19.523. lhe amount Mr. Hol- llpeler bad on deposit when tlic bank clpsed. i*ull settlement way trunk by .the United Stales Fidelity and Guar- anty'company and, lhe New Amsterdam Casualty company. A $15,00(1 depository bond by the first company and a (7.500 bond by thc latter company covered tlie funds. Suit was instituted against tlie New Amsterdam company on Its bond short tjxne ago. School.funds represented a larje portion of the $19,523 ui county .money on deposit In the bank an i 43 districts In, the countyJifd'vary- Mr. Hoover opened the session hi the White House. cabinet room : In iin address uruin^ his guests U> set up a skeleton organization In [i national campaign to. brlrife slacker dollars out of biding. ,. ; Kno.v la Hrid Organliatlvn -.-',-• Civic and business leaders' un-.:' : unlinously endorsed the president's program for. a campaign. . It wau decided to leave details of organ- V/ntlon lo Col. Prank Knox, Chicago publisher, who has teeu up- iraliitcd to head Hie drive. He will [irrlve here Sunday. Mr. Hoover declared economic re--' lief could not be .satisfactory accomplished vihlle $1, 300,000,003 :ln ciirmiey Is hoarded. He told tho Icletjutes ho expected them to d5-•••-/, vote themselves patriotically to this . . lallonal service. He said It" was : .•'. as Important as his wartime .coai-'' ; for conservation of Mig&r '. : , unit flour. ' •' - ; .'.;.-' Mr. Hoover presided, flanked'by , Cluirles Dawes, head of the rcco'n- •;; struct Ion finance corporation,. Act- :''<' Ing Secretary of Treasury OgtUsn. . J. Mills, Secretary of Commerce La- ..";. nioiit, and directors of tlie recon- ". ", slnictiou corporation. Ddwc's'and •-'• Mills also made speeches. .' : '<\ SUUnient Cewinj L»ltr . '-.'.', Mr. Hoover is today's meeting '" ilanned only to : lay the . ground work tor.the campaign, .ieavlng.'to Colonel.Knox the final plans :for. orjMiltatlom .The presidinl' haicl- ly Make Escape. • • WAVEXAND, Ind., Feu..0 (UP) —Townsmen battled a> band of bank raiders here for nearly ora'diclrlct had 11,078 and HID Bur- 1 delle'district »l.S93 in th> county's deposit. . - - ~ No seftleiiient hte yet-been-marie ^on'. '17,431 Iri coiaity fund? oh.-d;- forhour"7oda'y""and''"fln«riy drove - Pjsit •!" the;.BaiiJc of Oscepla which _ promfsed'lo mafee' piibllu his apeech later, the p».« vns not', admitted to) th«:' mect- debted had proposed a definite program to sell lumber and apply proceeds 0:1 bank debts regardless of the fact that it might decrease tlic stockholders' equity. He named as creditor banks the contention that the state treas- [ urer has no right to use county gns tax allotments for purposes r.ot authorized by county courts the situation in Mississippi county would be materially affected. Under pany, Chicago, $100,000, and an un- i :urer to payment of obligations o. named bank, $130,000. W. A. Ransom, president of the j company, in road Improvement districts organ- jtzcrt since 1921. court, said if bis answer to the the bank demands were met it "will unquestionably rs- suit in great sacrifices of the as- ] arly in'1931. Last month he served for two weeks as special judge of the civil ^^ ° r the corporation." divis-or. of circuit court tikin» Ihe I He 9nd J^P 11 Tobin were nam- place of Judge G. E. '[«ck,°who cc! »-r««ivers of the firm, was ill, and won the praise of members of the local bar for his handling of the court. Negro Taxicab Driver Charged With $40 Theit Auusto Leguia, Former Dictator Dies ' Dempsey's Suspension Lifted for Present CHICAGO, empsey's second comeback tour, scheduled to start Monday night i:: Henry Cherry, negro taxi driver, j has b*J^ arrested by Blythe• vilie police on complaint of J. |W. Thamann, St. Louis tailor, who negro stele S-H) from him after driving him to St. Cherry is being held for The robbery is said to have cc- , sen o Peru, died today following an op- • ay ' ' 26 1-2 11 48 5-8 A rn iff: Cotton &M~«n™*^^\™«^i™^ DRIVE FDR REDUCE] BITES Utilities Charges Will Be Target of State-' Campaign. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 6. IUP>—A state-wide campaign soon trill b3 started for a general revision of utility rates, the United Press learned today. The movement was launched by Pine BlutT trade unions seeking reduction of gas rates. It has spread rapidly to other sections of . tlic state, according to labor leaders. A meeting here is planned tho latter part of the month at which plans for the campaign will be considered. Mayors of the larger cities will be Invited to cooperate. The movement is designed to bring about a reduction of water, lee, telephone, c-is. and electric rates "in keeping with the general deflation of commodity prices" leaders S3.M. G. E. Stewart of Pine Bluff said it is proposed to make the matter an issue In trie approaching primaries. off the bandits after the gunmen had wrecked tho Wavsiar.d State tank with dynamite 1 . The bandits obtained no -loot.'. Th; rang arrived a • few' hours after midnight. All telephone, telegraph and power lines were severed. . or :in hour the presence of the' nlilevs v. : as urt known. Rulh Morgan, night telephone cpcnuor, discovered the lines hftd been cut. She called authorities just as the first charge °f dynamite went off. In n fcw moments ov.-nsmen aixl vljllantes surround(1 the bank and tlie order to open ire v, as . given. All seven bandits vere inside the bank returned lio lire. For nn hour shots were rnticcl but none was wounded due, t vos bjllcvcd, to the fact that- he town was In darkness because jf lh e severing of power lines. Tho lack of street lights nide<i the raiders In escaping. They nod under cover of darkness from the rear of the bank and succeeded reaching their tmtomobllc u quarter of a mile out of town In running sunlight. Armed squads in autos took up thc pursuit. The vault of tlic- bank liad been LIMA. Peru, Feb. 6 (UP)-Aug- : - vll "™'« ec -. lvl " ,.""'"'' '^'mtola iThamann tcld police he hired £.1°. Leguia, former president of J^" 5 ** 115 ' 0 "' U U " 5 determin£ri cherry to drive him lo St. Lo-jls after a trip through this terri- ^ration ycMerday. The former '°? n ;, ™» rlenmn pre<l- k,Jl.IllM»". |JiL..l president, NE\V YORK, Feb. 6 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. . | improvements, open high low close year -ago. had been confined in ciation. spent on public roads and other , Apr " 15 Bt JacKso: ''- Ml5S ' March May July Oct Dec- Jan 660 678 691 715 731 731 666 685 100 722 738 H5 659 677 692 115 131 736 665 SB* 732 738 745 Pennsylvania Stocks Streams With Fish Spots closed steady at 675, up 10. {Mentis Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 6 (UP)— otton closed very steady. open high low close March - — May July Oct Deo Jan Spots closed steady at 663, up a, Manila Man Is Fined;_ luntll ano . her lrjp Felony Charge Disnmsed.atcording to officers. Triamftrm explained the de:sy In placing a charge against th P (axi Idrlver by saying that he walled ' " here ilso Closed' l'f« "doors 'uist- fall.iThe funds, to tlje credit of W. W. Ho)-, .ipeter,' tretaufer/ u'ere covered. • by a. personal'.bond signed'by J. Ijiu WillUmE,"G'. B. Setravesrike' Miller. '.H.-V: CarhvTight anil H. J. Hale. - -. Approximately £0.000 |n fluids of R:' L. Dailies, .circuit court clerk is lletl up ln-[hs defunct First National bank here. Mr, Oaliics 1 fund' are covered by bond bul some rioub' exists as to the responsibility • to- the funds a', the circuit clerk, had orders' from the county courl directing him. to place county funds in his possession in the bank aiv similar orders.from the chancellor on funds held'as chancery commissioner. No dividend has yet been paid by lhe First National or Osceola bank. tf :-:£ PUPILS TD PHI Poll 2e,WO f (HJO Voter* on Eigtle«nfi» Amendment NEW YORK—Twenty I million' voters' throughout the entire- United -Slate* arc-uow.'belng pollc^for . their oulnlons-on prohibition by the Literary. Digest',.-according' to. Dr. William Seaver WHXIS, tdltdr-ln-' • chief of 1 tlift mBgfty.iric. : ' • ••' Bly.thevllle-'s. dllotgneiit' of ballots lias already'bem'mailcd'-from the poll's- headquarters and should be dUtrlbuted by the loial post offlce slthlji a'fw.diys. nccordtag to advice released, today. . • . The first tabulated returns of the nation-wide .ballotlns *ill te pub- Hshed late in February, it is stated. Different from other pronlbitlpn P polls conducted by. the'tiltera'ry'-bi- gest, the ballot has only two questlons: . -. 1. Do you favor the continuance of the ElEhteeiith (Prohibition) Amendment? ' '. '• 2. Uo you favor a repeal-of {lie • Eighteenth t'proliibition) Amendment? ' ; - 1111? YUUIt Ul V1K. u«*t,J. ItAU w^v.. . _^ _^ j blown open but cnly n. few hun- Attorney General K U I C S Corning Girl Has Right dred dollars in stamps was taken, T. N. Johnson, bank president, reported. Snakes and Student Tr\as ll-ink Kobbed PILOT POINT. Texas. Feb. C tU P)—Three bandits escaped with $7.000 Iran the I'liot Point National bank alter isol.iiliig the town from outside communication ami forc- to Attend School. LITTLE ROCK, Peb'. 6. (UP)— Arkansas children cannot be stopped from attending public school? Jonesboro Preacher to Open New Tabernacle The- Rev. C. !U. Mack of Jonesboro, formerly of Blytheville, teacher In the First Baptist church jhcre will preach the opening ser- 'mon In ' the Blytheville Baptist Tabernacle Sunday mornlnj. Thc tabernacle is located in the because their parents arc unable te building on. West Ash at Sixth pay a tuition fee, AUy.-Gen. Hal BERKELEY, Cat, .(UP)—Every- ling bank ofliclsls and their wives i Norwodd has ruled in a case aris- •to aid them early today. uig at Coming -••—•'" -"'-said the student •.VB? irv- briug 34 each month the practice- being Invoked th:-es street, formerly' cccupiod by the Grirncs Lumber company. C it • • t n vi ! l ° illu '»em cany uxiu.». ?, Miter University Oi Calll.j The bandlis lorc«l cashier Earl; /• «as-sa. Sells and his uifc. and Assistant structeO lo where that Kenneth went snakes weru sure to go. his A felony charge of assault against | Pi m-u\ Bi » Jollff of Manila was dismissed • vuf) — , . . L w Crawford in ""-"- HARRISBURG Pennsylvania inland waters have by been slocked with 1028000 blu^ Ici P al COJrt tnls n!lcn '°° n . gill sunflsh, by the state Game Jollfr * as fined a 10tal ° » C assault 657 674 691 109 724 661 684 100 719 730 651 674 691 708 724 667 683 699 118 130 734b Commission. Described on two the aristocrats of char !WS. blue silts Jollff was arrested when a Over San Antonio Boxer bass or trout. according to the mlsc-BJieflKor assa ;llt HOT sp I"NGS Ark.-Leroy Doa- I gan of Blytheville was awarded a mar-! technical knockout over Kil Ad- fl=h ried woman charged that ne at " ems °^ ^* n Antonio, Tex., here last tacked her in an automobile In night when the fight was stopped in tne seventh round with Adams u;i- able to continue. • Dougan, tore Into Adams in the fifth and sixih rounds «nd tfifi Texa« bantam was all but out w!isr he answered the bell for thc sev- are very popular as „ the state. They strike at _ v _. files or spinners and are not gov- th« businees section of M«niU scv- erned by "feeding" moods" as are eral nights ago. The court found i the evidence insufficient to b'.r.d That's why an armful ot sharp- toothed reptiles will soon follow Kenneth Johnson, University of California student, who has registered here to prepare for a career as zoological paiX and museum curator. Johnson has a caged collecUon o! valuable snakes In his Sacra- Tienlo home. He keeps thorn in the kitchen, where it Is warm. The most beautiful one is a poisonous water moccasin, which is found only In a 400-mile radius Coluna, Mexico. It Is black, with white spots. A heavyweight back rattier. Many of the fish reared by the JolifT to the grand jury on the state and released in tne rtreams felony charge. He was tod J25 hare attained a length of 12 inch- for simple aisault nr.d S10 f° r ^rn»liciou.s assault. enth. arm lashidr J. W. Peal and his wife, lo open thc outer dcor of the bank vault. The banriits t»n blasted the Inner door vrltli nllro glycerine. Before visiting the bank the men cut the mnin telephone cable outside the exchange. U was several hours before emergency lines could be set up and an alarm sent lo neighboring towns. Dcntoii cocn" o'ficers Immediately began a searcli. Canadian Seeks Quick Divorce in Arkansu LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 5. (OP) — specimen Is a" five-foot diamond- The first petition for a divorce de- years ago as a voluntary fee. The student, a git! in her senior year in high school, was told not to return to school until h»r father was able to pay. The attorney general recenllv ruled school boards had no lutlrr- Ity to operate public schools OT tuition basis, which has result,-! in many inslltuUons dU'.olvirig tbsir school boards nnd turning th? school over to trustees for private operation on a subscription basis. Seek to Link Woman With De Witt Murder DE .WITT, Ark., Feb. 6 (UP)Shooting to death of James Bo- hots, restaurant proprietor, whose, body was found late yesterday ne*r here, remained a mystsiy today as officers sought to connect • a wonian with the slaying. Behots w»s seen leaving his restaurant alone several hours before his body was found slumped wider the steering *heel of his car. ' JW.Rt.lN AUTOS STORED BERLIN, (UP)—No lew than 5.- Ill Berlin ruitomoble owr^rs stored their autos since December, with thc result that the total number of machines in operation here has MUNICH, Germany, (UP)—Fifteen American college students. 13 of them girlj, are spen-llns Junior year at the University ot Munich, under an arrangement cree under Arkansas' 90-day divorce completed bv the Academic Ex- law was filed here by a person living outside thc United States was on record in chancery court today. Eldora Murphy of Esleban, Saskatchewan, Canada, seeking a divorce from Martin Murphy, filed thc pttittcn. Mrs. Murphy come declined to 95.882. In July 1930,[here two months ago and esUb- 115,243 mttomoblles were in nte, Illslied temporary residence. change Service. AMESBURY, Moss. 'UP)—Colin tf £ATHER ARKANSAS — IncreRSlng cloudiness and warmer tonight. Sunday cloudy, cooler ' In ncrih- uret. According to th e official wcatiicr observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., the J. Cameron has perf-iited a device maximum temperature here he claims will gmtlv Irmrove tlis ttrday was S* degrees and the min- archer's accuracy in long bow lir-uin . 36 degrees, clear. Today n shooting. At the center of the bow year ajo the. maximum temper its a metal piece with a hclo ture was 72 degrees and the mln- tlirougli which the mow whines. ,lmum, 52 degrees, partly cloudy.

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