The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT NO NUKE EiiTER BIG Fritz Knothe to Boston Braves an.d : George Knothe to Phillies. BY I.EO II. PETERSF.N Unilfd Prtss Staff C'orresitondfiit • NEW YORK.—With Hie coming o'.'.T".,' of Wilfred iFiitJ) Knothe'to the lnac K V". . Boston Brave and George Knothe! Anul)lrr Am , 1( , to the Philadelphia Phillies tills wrcsllcis can lure 11,201 year, tlw National Ungiie will fo|ks (|0m Uie , r fi[ . | welcome that rarest ol! Wg league j for ^ fm ^ of lMMt , K: [os . s . combinations .pair of ",™ u ^ t - nm i griinilng. it might be run- U is doubted '' ",„."r^'^ Eirmd as a hopeiul sign of the ever came to the National Lcngira n-. one time before. The Waiters, of '" «• -* , , "-I*, base. He comes' tagged as a mosij Wrestlers proniisine prospect, nnd even Jov and Sieii o' (he Tlmi'S A new all-lime local record for i nowds was cMublished ul Clove- , Londos )>orforin his acl with Ciliiti W.YT11KV1U..F,. (AUK.) COUINEK NEWS or PIIHtt where s )>orforiii QarlbnUI. A few yonrs ngo crowd like Hint would have at Icnsl $25.000. l!ul Clevi-lnnd's. 11.291 pa U exactly S\3.yii I'O- Uloos are not thc only commodlly •„» I'r-USttP it, MDE ^AIJ! cns i to ,.«,„ TM.\vic<> To Lofejft «i!;( AMortS/Mx. the Over-Profluc lion May Cause \Vorrv In Champs Camo This Year. fiT. LOUIS, <U1>)-T1!C St. Louis Cardinal 'Jarin system produced u binnjicr cron In 1931. I .Sam Ilroailbii hasn't usked the Farm Uoavd \vlinl lo ilo about-11 but it l.i known this over-production Is pohiR to cause Manager Cialiuy Street no small nmotinl of The harvest Includes three of the (lni!i t lonkli' pitchers that hnvc coiii.:i up to tbc majors In nmnv u moon. Then, Loo. there are ulnoi'S lo find for a couple o( classy niik'Mcr.s. Wlii'ii. old Uiirlc'lph Grimes'* piRiitv ^hof-s are ilruggod from the rnrclitiiU lockers down in Braden- (irtvn. l-'ia.. next month, Street will luive three l>oys, none of whom 'JD YOU KNOW THAT— If the A's care to go In for ASC stealln? In a bl^ way, they on'l have lo go far to find out o'V It's done . . . Eddie Col- :m, now coach of the club, once tol» six bases in a ranie with Jcuolv . . . and that's still an American Leagua recorj . . . : ldney Well, president of the ieds, rwiucsls any of-his ath- ."lM dlE.sntislifd with salary o[- 'ers. lo call upon him in person, ather ilian try to iron It out n the mails. . . The tip Is be- ng passed along on a 200 to 1 hot to win the Horny . . . the name Is "f Pass" . , . never has raced . . , and the word conies •ilom; from Lcxhi"lon Dial hi l)a.s been tinu'd al 2:(M In mile and a ouarler. ninnltijf uphill ... I Pass Is a sin Tlnmilwtr. ma, oi Two No Triiinn-i . . . and didn't race a: i U'c-year-old because he was ""•o'-vlnn too fast. Bm; ABOUT li- bail to No. 2. wlio passes lo Ho. 3, ailtiiiB down Hie sideline ipu-arrt iiio basket. (Cc)ijrrJ(lil, 13^, SKA Sri viiv, Inc. A lall center mill three i|iik-V j a breaking afstslnijLs, all able ball .sawyer, chief jusllce of thc super- Inr court of New Hamoshire, '.vlien WHJslcr l.cllcrs Donalea DURHAM, N. G. (UP)— Two original letters by Daniel Webster were presented In the; legal biography i-clloction In Ihe Duke University library by Judge William II of all minor, leayucv though ha falls to Innd a regular themselves several years itgo airl berth, no doubt will lie retained fts.ttarted (o five the folks i\ a utiiily man. . laciton for ilicir money. In George a shortstop, was drafted old days a wrestling mulch was a from New Orleans by the Phil- tood plncc to BO lor a nice iiii.'H lies He is expected lo help that sleep. New a malch Is all i.din haridy man, Barney Frlbcrg. till oncl comedy. Each wrcslllu-t the utility roles of the inneld this natch Is a little drama In ilself, com la's season. .wlih n hero, a villain and n pit". Should Hie Knothe brothers win'it Is hippodrome, lo be sure, but tfc'ir big-time spurs, they would .":aRcd on irblg scale, with plem/ form the fourth pair of brothers in c: roughness. Wrestlers have Im- the major leagues. ln id 1 ' 1 " 0 " to p:ovcd llicir art from thc ancient • the wnncrr, there arc the Ferrells, dujs when thc-j- used to sit Brunt- star pitcher of the Clevc- i.ig on the mat playing with ea;h IlallalliHi. lie was IT of Andre Hoillls. whom flriltalino wen got wise I" lulc - Al:<1 " MiH''r hud been fle-|>t:ni(t than clured champion nflcr the nfliilr. ihcm on. Pci« mlslu have) There will he »]i its inanngrr of Miller. I Dean, li feet. 3 10. ttii'.;cr anvfcody he'll win 25 games j <3, r i t , s .Miller, liuwovor, inslsls he Is his <»r Ihf World Champions In 1932." wn manager. Ami. of course. ll::it 1)ctm ls " P rlzc package for any mid be. ' . c!l|l) - ..I Cincinnati, i timed land Indians, and Rick, who catches for the St. Louis Browns and • the Sewclts, Joe, of New YorX Yankees, nnd Mike, of Cleveland. tiler's toes. 'Ihey are giving mop: value for ihe spectator's dolln:. | and Will White. Harry ana Slim- . B.jrys-ft-ys^Jt. thers in the major leagues at the same time. They were the Dclc- lianty boys—Ed James and Frank. Kemal's Government Pkks Texts for Servke* n OH llYi "iron Man" In the national Leaane, where he' .™ U,,,, ,,r nine, or ^ ™r°tcSlL'KM vlctoilcs were scv«rrnl doublehead- crs. His htirlint; was a hi? factor in liochesler's wlnnlncr the pennant .ind then the Liltie World lie- k 24. These Uirce younnsters won a tolni of 06 games anrt lost bill 24 fi'ct, to try Jerome "Dizzy" inches, ready to Roads built, In the Lfttes oiler ejnploynietit to 000,000 IKTSOIIS. I.'JUO.OOU \vjrkinic 11 the ro.ids and the re«'. making . latorinl for Ihcm. When 'on. in was fnrmcil to Hous- the Tosas League, last jurist versity. ivcemly visited Ihe 'uni- Hvntfrs Kill 2,W RakWtsf DETROIT, I UP) - Directed \j Slate conswation Department officials, hunters killed approximately 2,000 rabbits on Cross? He, gamtt preserve, in six days. The rabbit hunt was conducted afier residents complained they were being cal?n "out of house and lawn." Courier Hews Want Ads Pa?. STOPS SIGNS ILLEGAL S5ATTI-K. (UPi— Fiillv 25 perl fv 1 - of tiK- "-inn" sl^ns on strcetsi here are illecal. .Superior Jndg? ard M Kiirl'rv ru'c:! But they alt Icnk al':!"- he added, and mi- toss cnr h:i^ .1 clnvi showini! t'l? illoLjal oni'>- it woulii be wise to stop for all of ihem. Ciiiwns of oilier counlrles can enter Ihe U. S. Military and Naval academies by a special acl of Con- ;rcss. BETTER B0 D Y REPAIRS Expert Work, All Mokes. Fend. ns. Doors. Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Weiriln?. Prices Low. Phone 810 Biythcvillc, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose nnd Throat Ingram Building Corner Main & First St. handlers, make tins a smooth lost season in Class A and AA- , company. They worked in 115 ™'' kl "8 I' 1a 5'- II ;s ctmimonly seen . ii v . i",™ !.n:lns. ho U>W nrpmUm, -™w«^ AH less from the right Two indclders who are declared have in B\y Ton courts. No. 4 feints a break toward the Fiasco Brothers in tlv} major leagues on ihe same night that Ctive have been few and far between.!land people poured into the Some of the most famous were vreslllng match, Cincinnati wn* Bob and Emit Mctiscl, J^ss and \vitnesbing a dreury nffulr of fli'l Virgil Barnes, William and Wude. cu fr.; that turned out, to be no Killifer, Fred and Josh Clark, Jim Icontcsl. Dal Baitalino. thc over- and John O'Rourko, Arthur a" a j£tulled wcltcrweiglil, wns Wllctl I- John-Irwln, Jiminy ami WheelerLjeiend his world fcatlicrtvCLghl Johnson. George and I^swLs Wlllse, j championship against Pun^i John and Arthur Gaiv/d, J^n^'j Freddie Miller, local feather. the scales IrtcXor came in over ih . , „ ..- did In New Yorl Wjrlgl1t ' .. .„ .„ recently, and tlio N. U. A. !ol Only once Has ™re oeen^iu-j,^^ t , |e samo prtKf:Alm , l;itfl by the New York Boxing ComniH slon, deciding that a wellcrwelu i has no grounds lor claiming tin featherweight title. * * • Monty Back In Cinclnniid, however, nfler piv- - '. - .. ,lng up his $1000 forfeit, Bivt- ISTANBUI/. (UP) — Mustapha tnlino wns allowed to go on with Kemat Pasha's government now so- ills affair Mith Miller. There were lects tiie sermons that Turkey's cit- 2000 customers. The uout turned i?.ens hear in tlielr mosques. out to be a linsco. Battnllno went Instead of deriving their te.Ms to the noor a couple of ilncs from •from the Koran at will, Xlar.nm- phantom punches. II appeared • inedan priests are obllgoxi by a he wns hying lu toso his title lo new decree to preach on subjects Miller, w'.iich would ititatanllatu chosen periodically by ihe govern- minors circulated before the boiil mcnt officials. ' that. It wns "in the bag." The '. Just .before Ramadan, the 30- refcrrc and boxing commission nay last which began Jan.' 10, the acted promptly in the ti.iiitl round, following communique went out: The nlfnlr wns declared no con"The" presidency of religious uf- lest mxl thc payees were 'Instrucl- fnlrs has nominated the preachers cd to call nl the box office ami gel for me coming Ramndmi. They their money tack, have been instructed to |>ve.ich • • • principally on economy." But How About I'clc? — '- ! Pete Heilly, better known as Read Courier Ness want nils. "Pete the Gout." is thc mnn- 25 gapirs and thc pennant them." He made nood, winning .... - -I names, while losinp 10. Houston' 10 nnve outgrown their minor the right of his guard, passing to • won She jicnnaul. Denn is 21. i league company as Pat Crawford i[o. 2, who has come out, of Ihe MnhiHiiin Gandhi I", C! ye.irs old.. Tf>: . : Cariclon, li feet, 2 Inches.' 1 '' 01 " Columbus and Eddie Delker tO rner. No. 2 llieu dribbles toward weight 1TO. i.s another lanky Tex- lfom Hocheslcr. Crawford-Is a first t] lc free-throw circle, his guard be- Drs. Wliilcr D. ll.incroft, ami Ci.! :ul W | 10 ( | le ;.(. m u s i lilve declared brtscmnn, Delker plays-third. olmcs niclitcr of Cornell Univer- (is ready for Uio major.s. Carleton ^~ Uy have advanced tin- Ilieoiy Ital i won 20 gnines nnd lost 7 for A non-staining lubricating oli has conies out of the lorner to receive ::;anily depends u:i llie Mate of] IluiuUon lust. .sri>sr>n. He Is 25. been developi'd by the U. S. Bureau the pass from No. 2 al the frce- ongulalUm uf the brain cnlinlds. i Hay Stun-, ii six fooler, was of Slandards. . ' 'throw line. He pivuis and returns free-throw line and then yocs to j,, 3 momentarily blocked by No. 4. tio. 1, in this ptay tl-e tall center, HAND FURNITURE UOIJOHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main RIT7THFATEB Thursday and Friday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Jlatineo—10 and 30c .—10 and 3f>c 'Under Eighteen? ^ with Marian Marsh. Also Shorts Subjects G. G. CAUDILL REAL ESTATE KEN'TALS INSURANCE Farmers Bank Bldff. 1'hone "f)7 vjno osey til A Suggestion way lit TASTE Saturday Onlv 1:00 Continuous to 10:00 Adm. — Matinee and Night — 10 .and 25c ' IMTS IMS th« fury of ttw .wiWut . &MO Ddoret DH Rto UcCamiio Read your electric service bill this way ... Tour power company deals in comfort, convenience, leisure and economical household operation. It sells cheerful illumination, cleanliness, improved cooking and refrigeration, and simplified laundering. Your electric service bill tells you how many of these conveniences you have used. We suggest that perhaps you can use more of these services— for greater economy, more leisure, and additional convenience. Remembw thai each additional use of electric Jervice cosfs lea per kilowatt hour! is r r'S jnM \v!ml ynn'i] o\prrt. TVnjiIo \vlio enjoy llift (jiwd lliiu^s nC lif<:...;m; con- stiiiilly lookini; for sointlliiiig IH-HIM- to cut iinil drink... iinil smoke. Smiuuliing llnu'sout o[ liic ordinary. In cignrctlcH lliis licllcr laflc can conic only front fnu-vinjireiliunM. Cliusterlielilsare inori! Siilisfyiny to llic cultivated ]iul;itc... bcciuiso there's ntvcr any alleinjit lo skimp on Turkish leaf. Tliesu more cx|icu.-ivo. ..more richly IIa- vuruil Turkish liiliaccoj sire added with a generous tuiml... ami 'clioosey' every where... like ihe result. lu fact Chciterfiehl's new ClIANUNItli MM of th* m,,y irrrkti t)w tltclrlc kill conn. gling tohacco flavors and aromas is really equivalent to creating an entirely new kind of tobacco ... one that combines the l>cst <jualities of Turkish and fine Domestic leaf. Perhaps you've noticed that the paper in Chesterfields is whiter... purer. Thousands of dollars were spent on research, to perfect this paper. It burns without any taste or odor of its own. A detail, of course. But it adds immeasurably to your enjoyment. Smoke Chesterfields whenever yon like... They're mild and pure. They'll never tire you as an over-sweetened cigarctle might easily do. Day in... day out... Chesterfields taste right. Light up and see for yourself. They satisfy! Listen in.-.TIrar the ClirslerJiclt! I?ai!io Program. . Shilkrel's hrillianl urdicslra anil Alf\ Gray, }>ujnilar IjarilOHL'. Kvcry night, occ[it Sunday .. . Columbia liroailc.isling Syslem ... 10:30 E. S. T. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY THEY'RE PURE • THEY TASTE BETTER • Serial — "Galloping Ghost" with Red Grange and Cartoon Sunday and Monday dm—Matinee and Night— 15 andJOc | The Yes-Girl and the No-Girl I wiH. Miriam Hopkint. Phillips Holmes Wfrrnt Cibwn Jhiarl Crwi* tnrin^ fklttl Bucd on flty, "Thii I> Niw Yorli," by Romn E Sh«wooJ Also N'ews and Comedy GEMTIFATRE ,_2:30 - Nipht— <?:45 \<lm.- -Matinee and Night — 10 and 25c See of Santa Fe' with . Bob Steele rrial— "Si^n of (he Wolf" and Cartoon^ \cl m ._Mnh'npP ""^ Night— 10 and COc Sso The Ruling Voice 7 with Walter Huston. Lorelta Yonn<!; and David Manners Alao News and Comedy

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