The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 7
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j^J^JTRBRtJARY 5, 1932 CLASSIFIED ADS I'wo cents a word lor. first wswtion nnd one cent a word lot carli subsequent Inserttjn Mo Rdvertlscrucut taken for leal than C0c. count the words and tend (he cash.. Phone 306 FOR SALE BIG VALUE SALE DEPENDABLE ECONOMICAL -'MMI^yjU^-^-^^M'iLN^ws.,. USED CARS Save What Uic Oilier Fellow Lost. Own a CJood Used Car. AUcnd to Your Business Better, . 1D3Q FOKD STAND. COIU'K 5205 19.JP CIHiVHOLET COACH .. &35 L \-M FORD TUDOK SK1>AN ..' f!35 ^1!W1 1-Oitl) TUDOR Si:n.\N' .. SM5 l'J2tl FOKD SI'OKT COUI'C .. S175 Ten Other Heal Values To Select. From. Liberal Terms, Reliable Guarantees. : Call 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY lllyihvviile, Arkansas FOR SALE—Baby chtcki, alt varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlieville 18ctf rOU SALE—Eggs laid tcday. Pickard's Grocery, 1044 Chtckasawba. 3C-KO FOR SALE OR TRADE—One T Model inclosed truck, one six room house, will trade for farming tools and team. Mrs. Ocile rtceman, Phone 423,- 114 W. Ash. 3C-K6 OUR HOARDING HOUSE eu. -fan DCSULAS I Sf!ouj.p QET FcR- THAT VJATfcH IS OF V/AUie . Me -THA.<} WMa'EpWARP, I WAS r(lS f OMTHe ruVlMQ ^\— — ^ ALL ( ,._ 33&ULARS, DRAT i-r i 11 with a r.l.'iiia- ut i «ork» bj liar o> a »ul«i;lil llnrrlo,'. llrimrliiirnl Slurr, Hlth fccr nn/lk<T. HHSSlliiU, |,», , Idiir MY HA. in* krr NIK1J. I --"-I/M-/-!--^ flL 1 VAT'ctl , COMlW A CG1UE1 |M -fi-(' fRACKy-^- !(,',(.,((• OF AGO '.!"!'• >"»"B« »nn In a IIHpd l:n K II. U rnnilljr, |,(i a rumlurtnUle (or kl rri-xpoB.lUI.- ike Ike «up- dcrulvt-4 brr mu l) loolUUj M't-ud, tlir (ir» rrnl nionry lu ljuy unnrm luibcq fur .Wki 1 , Al he Him luil il»>ii!;:it iii' mill ill«tlii,:ul ,; . |iai;itci( frnfii l:,'i i,y f S].||-;n,;,| dlsl;,,.,-,,. ,-,.,.;. ' li.-: by many V.MI-.-I nnil I-,,, liha linl m tie 'M:-.. > 3^-s^iOF^ „, fl)r ,.,.;,,,„, t ,l ilj,-; ,i lull. htcvi'li Ibrclav problem of win 10 I'eui tin- lirlp nt u Imrrowi'd rtrei «.i3 <oin[:,i; from Dreamland. '^ f--w lainim"-, later a g «:ih :i Ini-i'ly i-nrgu o( r-vi 1 - : °'- Stti'Vi'Li llun:lay Iml Klll'I- -I au.iv. i;i| wl un: , „!„,,„ , a appreciated ilif- t!<> owner's (:ict nun hii ny'fl WM uolorhusly I "' Kuvsip. '['lie UnlcM In- Iwl Involved Stevoii '•iv.; "C abum-inal itiiciTst I l(ncw site ItaJ founJ h all that aad more sho ponrcil forth. one had I'm sure we both would She slopned at last in consterna- you iimlomand— jiroud What had she said, lured liy TOR REST FOR RENT— Modem 5 room liouse. 301 Chickasawba. i Broadway. Call 15I2-F4. 4P-K1) ROOM & BOAKD— 55.50 per week. ) 112 East Cherry Street. Phone (Ki l . 4P-K11 \)i: KENT— COS Cliickasaifba Five Rooms and Batli. Apply p.t h c New York Store. 15C-Kt-t FOR RENT—Furnished bedroom in Eteain heated home. Phone 1. Mrs. J. G. Sudbury. 3P-K10 FOR RENT—Nice rooms with bath and goxxt meals. $8 weekly. Main HIS. Phone 319. 3pkG FOR RENT—One of Shane apavt- ments on West Main. Furnished or unfurnished. Telephone 107 or 5"1- 30 -Kll FOR RENT—Furnished apartmcKt. 108 West Kentucky. Phon c 083. 3C-K.1C We Can S.iv c Ynu Money On P AK TS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'ARTS 2020 W. Main I'honc C6 «fk nt alKlil tin n Uiir.ri' liaH ?M* unlll ikr hum IK mndr up. SlU' Kin?* u, IJrrjUHliiinl mill lii- lrrvlr»> J.I Cell s.ll.l) IID.V ,,Ji<, i'l[rr» hrr a InTi on rondHlmi (hat «kc •upplr bfr 4rr»*r>. She lint mi oruln^ drfj,*. HltirHj dltaiipulnlrcl, kin- l>n-nfi» n «i u rr rulf nnrl Ick- phuui-x <ho ncUM In lior mntlirr. STKVKX HAIICI.AY. imni-r of iHp ilcritrlnimc ftliii nnil n»U4 l:rr to rum? In hU tkflU-c. l-:ik-n !• fcurr li« fnlrntlx to ilUclmrgc lirr. SOW CO OS WITH THK VJ01IV ClIAl'TKIl 111 rM.LEN hail lier feet nl.inted ly in her small world liy tlie time B!IO licid ecatcJ licrsclf, Slio hud seen otlicr gtrlfj pay (lie swifi penally (or some Inconscqiiciiila! fault. Slio was prepnroil lo pay It lierselt In dignity nnd tn priOe. Slio tiionglit dimly Hint tlic thing was to maintain her own courage. Never before liatl slie a word ivitli her employer. Jn lior eix years of service £ho lir.d seen hf:n no more tlmti linlf a dozen limes. Steven Barclay spent only two or thrco inontlis a year in the store which Lore Ills name; the other* monllis lie wamlorod restless ly about Kuroiio nddins to ills col lection of jailes. Dnt Ellen lind as uniiieil. us her wording mates had assumcil. that lie was rcsponsihle for the striclncsEj of Hie store, Itio countless, fretting rules, tho rigid discipline. She !iail youthfully haled him for that. "1 hope." he h'sgiin almost apolo- . geiically, "(kit yuu won't lliink I'm tmcrrorlng in soracihlne whicli does not concern me. I am, ot course. But perhaps you'll forgive . j me when I tell you that I can not bear to see an employe—lo see someone EO young as yon are—in such trouble without atlcmpliug to learn if there is something I can do. Some way tbat I can Iielp." Ellen und been prepared for dismissal. She was not prepared for Eynipalrvy. For a moment, revulsion of feeling made her actually dizzy. Her heart was suffccaling her and she felt' she could hardly lircathe. But slie. forced herself to answer him. "it's -It's nolhfng important," slie managed at length. "I was afraid you'd say that. It probably would lio rnlhing to me. Obviously it's not that to yon. But 1 do think it's nothing (hat can't be solved. Won't you tell inc?" AT any other time Ellen would x havo Ti-lllMlraivn into the rast- qcsMs of tho Rossitcr pride. Jusl then she had such an overwhelming need lor sympathy, such an overwhelming need for tho aiMco of someone older, someone rc-spon- Nice steam-heated rooms, hot and cold water 31 Other rooms $1.25 and Si.50 GOFK HOTEL Home Cooked Sleals $25 Montii WERT He Makes 'Em Sae (Oiricc Over Joe Isaacs Store) Meet ilo Al the New Kuslic Inn Coffee, Hot Pigs and Chili Kryplok Bifocals for near and distant vision—$4.05 Have Your Zycs Examined HAUKY WK1SIUJH1) Stale Registered Optomelrisl At the Good Luck Store BRILLIANT COA!,. 'Hi K SOUTH'S BKST Just Phone 100 . C. Robinson Lumber Co. tliis man's iiHent interest? \VbrtL had possessed her? "So you KCO it's re-ally nolUnz," [•ho concluded stiffly. "Only tho Iftcl; of ,111 evening dress. I'm afraid I'tc drawn n dreadful picture. It's not a fair or truthful one. Wo have lots of fun. Wo lovo cacti other. Anyone would say that an evening dress wasn't important." "1 wasn't going lo say that." "No, 1 v/asu't coins to say that," he. repeated. "1 \vas soius to tell you something aliout myself, something that might help you, or 1 hope it will. Are you bored?' 1 Ellen quickly assured him she was not. Sho felt again nnd unwillingly liis (inlet spell.- felt his lac!; of condescension, hia simple proud. us you aro ussjimplloii Ihat ilicy wei re _ lo become a rich man—Koli-E lo buy. her dozens upon dozens of dresses." lie heal- lalcd und aih'.cd aimost roughly '"She wns dead—dead with my [young son Ireforo Ehe ever had i ptnl; dress." Ellen BUVC a distressed little ciy "We liuil fun too," he told lirr "Much the f-anni sort of fun you and your lirother, Mike, and ynur sister, Myra. are linvins now. if we'd only lioc-n less sliff-neckcd less afraid of Hie motives of oilier People, how much easier it wouli have bcc-n." "Afraid?" Tho heavy Roasiler brows rose in twin peaks. "Voting pcojile haven't changer n;ucli In spito of ail tho shouting,' in tnuja criili) dor.-ji (he , y ro ''f I' <" I'.er cloar skin or 'iiill Rfiaifl. ar»n't they, to ,-icccpt n ''I 1 ';"' 1 - 1 " '"'i''- WLIJI liln i-i.-ii>l,iyc. f'.:ilc:.w..!iinu wlui hroui;hl iho yuwna as I'l.n-idly Incurious Tlu> :K-\I is heaven [,, r ].MI C ,,. _ S ,. D ,,„,, Ke oiviitd aa t-ieulnu KJWU , uvcn BOV.;,:. l,;[,i s onc o! I1lc ltol]M vallsWy ndFilii,; [lom Aunt :.!y boxci. Siio lied nut Known It «,. |.'o;ri:oh fun („ F ..| ;i: ( „ K ,, v , n O licraiisc u i: U ,io hvr iKaiulCul. .Sl.'O F-.rml before u Join; minor and l:c-M up heforo herself, one liy - that sho wna ron i BOOTS AND HER BUDDJLEL) WATCH OUT! By Martii one, wcie Iho loveliest In tho world, li was p.u-c blifj lo that, alllnnu-;, line iiai! color i«cr.!iicil a!:nu:.t t« clniMiio Iicr pc-rfonaiity aa they did c!(.'injc tier appearance, not even i!m trfia;; liurnl orango or (he ilc™ nin -- " • siblc. that the wuolc story was oul ^eforo she coulrl check tho rush of words. .Myra and I3ert; her molher and her disastrous'sliopping lours; Jiikc. delightful haby Mike, who should havo his; tho Brooklyn apartment and tho countless, harassing worries that beset two Birls trying to balance on ihcir slim shoulders tho burden o? t family, FOR RENT—Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping. 02o Wai- nut. Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavcn- 3CC-K8 !; anil, as equals, could solve licrVproli'l"^? 1 ^ curved obli.piely. "Thcy'ro !era. But how'/ \Vlial possible h'elp could she accept fiom him? "Don't think of mo as a rich man." he was saying. "Think of me as I was at your rise, trying to support a young wife and a young baby on §15 n week in tho days when 515 a week meant more than it does now but nol enough more. My wife wanted n drcs* loo. Sho wanted a pink clr;;s v:!t:'i ribbons. Sho.looked a little like yon, had dial same quid; way o! turning her head. And they were wearing pink nnd ribbons when she wanted the dress." forgot Jenny Elkins in the -*- 1 basement. She had not known that Barclay hail been poor. It was hard to imagine that distinguish^ favor to do a (rrc.itc-r favor? They're just aa suspicious, jnst :is conven- lional and every l;it fa proud. Von. I'm sure, would never cllow Bivo yon a lift. You wouldn't allow me, would you, to sh'O you one ilresa (mm «. store which has hundreds of them? You'd rather hug your troubles to yourself, worrv yourself sic!;, wouldn't yo.i? You'd rather be selfish." "I'm afraid 1 would," Ulien admitted. .Barclay's smile v;as riteinl. lie matte one more attempt. "i'oti know, ot course, lliat you aro depriving me nt a great picas- lire. .Aro yon suro you havo (liat Ellen felt confused. Was It possible that she waa loo stiK-neckcd, Braying man who wore clothes so:as ho liad accused her of being, lo carefuHj" cut. so indicative- of I conventional, loo careful entirely? weallh. in such a role. IJut slic Tlioii she decided, so quickly thai could visualize clrarly ll:e wife who had wanted a pink dress with pink ribbons. "No one offered to give her that drcs's." Barclay continued. "If any- >g ll:cro ivas almost no pause be-fore she answered, lhal even it she were it was too late lo change. "I'm Kiire I have that right." she said. Her tono was resolute hut Mine Ujioii liie ~i:-,vn At xniml lur (lrr:--.i. hir an i:i,:,';nio. Mr a ilm-iiess. i:e'r myst.-ii Kllcn Jlosfi When i-l Ivory ir: It i!lii not li did not :;iako It did not mr.So H I'isly n:r;:lu !i: KirJ of 'M. clear- eyed and cl.-ar-Fkinii'-i!. a uirl wlt'i i;!ender hr-.n-b ai;d wonder fiut. beautiful, hut i;'.'-ro than thnl. a Elvl wiio \va-i K<-i;nii:o and uccuru In her own pcrjo:;alily. Th,uro were no ornaments, no frills on Ellen's ilrcs:?. T; v;ua crly whito laffclu fn.lli uK to 1;iu . JlMt it had liuea made in Fi-iiiire iiy a ; srcat couti:rlor who called crrailori "Jcnac Fille." Barclay after Cili.s hid seen the olhrr gowns (r.rrir-:! .•.v.-ay. lie glanced at ilio trory nu'cta nvtr her arm. lie hesitated and then said: "I'm clad you ??!?ctr:l Uiat nn<>." As I-'Il'.n lovikcd Into hi.^ eye;? s!-o Kiw with n !kt:o Klidtk. li:il( nf tc:ir and halt of strnn-.v- |:rlili', l was sinidcnly bcccmlr.s exciting. (To Ho Continued) FRKCKU-S AND HIS K1UENDS JAY I FOR .MM'M_J!!';TT10iJ, TMANJv YOU! I 6UGSS Vi'J OCH T WANTED SLANTED—Washings. Kimball. 505 Lilly Tied Oro5j. Afrs. Mary street. Cnll K-TF By KOMI N --\ OH-1F TtlATSj TH£ WAV-MS ! FEELS,] SEP THIS HAVE YOUR Automobile troubles taken care of in your own sar- age by export mechanic. "Work Guarantecri'V Prices lieason.ible. Phone McDonald at G5G. 3P-K6 ! WANTED—Grcsg shorthand, bookkeeping and tyi:ewrit!:i7 studouts. iiciie 82-J-W, .Mr:. I.. M. Burnelte. 5C-K3 t.OST AND FOUND FOUND-Cuard tn fraternity pi:i. studded with pear'.s. OT:iiC-r may have Mine by calling at Courier and paying charges. EC-K8 Kovc-rncc- 16. 1831 Treasury Department. OJice of (he Comptroller of the Currency. Notice !s Hereby given to all persons who may have claims aealnst "The First National Bank of Dlytheville, Arkansas," that the same must be nrcsenlcd to R. L. Bradley. Receiver, with the leca! iirobf thereof, within three montlis from tills date or they may be utollowed. 3. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. H-1GC—K2-16-32 NOTICE OF SCHOOL KI.ECTIOX | Tlierp will be a school election iin each district of MisMssinp jCounty cu Tuesday. March 1, in.13 fnr the iKinwse of electing bca! .directors and tv:o ccunly Board inic-mters and to vote on the school tax. i County Board of Education^ MG? WHX S AV-' i COULD MVP OME2 \ -WAT STICK WTVi \ IK/ MAUDS T1SD... / 7 eerriM' SIV!C£ I46S ; PISTOL IM HV:D, THE E.[\Q, "INC, AUU o? THu O-CC.v.S UBDENt CRASH COWW THE HALL IRtS HIS RE\/OLVeR. .(•ov-f.- V.5 SINISTER fi FEELIMG OF PROWLS WP TO c,tc

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