The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 6
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Byrant's Showboat a Hit on Broadway __-.,-_.._ : . .r^^IXLL^H'j^^^y^mmi^j^r'. 1 \vs '^ ? nnmo t^^,^°^™* £-"£ .1 . ° "'• -^"-P. rtl- • •-•!• all. InisliiMs had l«:-n none too .i:"ii:l In certain SoiUr.ern .s?ctJon ( .—aim :i two-month summer try-out <-( CmdniiiUl Imlhnled llic hi- K.KU-, lll!|;llt I);. ,i|, c . (,„• novc .|t,, * I •'Jiifi IKIVC it, to me, dad," iakl .H'!iy. 'We'll K iv t . ',.,„ "rc-n Nights in A Hiirioom' on m • «c' wind lip—ninj [i >' Dryanl was ri XV. there's lj;.;]| | l)c KOlna on In tli!> ijij i ---; J;' !IY 1:;>fort , ' , ' kc "•" V fac. i- ''in <i«'ful tonight, wait until i'nii see me In Hamlet. y ou k,,.j,, livc'rc uellliljr away «|!h murder"' i The chief dlMlci.lty ^d, uiolr 1"O'l'Uiion of ••n rim ]e, - .., ic „„].,„„ !•- linn they h:,v<m't cnougli |ico- |ile in Die east to play ; ,n n, Q J)aiC5 f-J Uify l:avc two or (lirce out bin' —- SamiieJ Bryant rn-as,, ,1110 time lie swrkd tnit in 1883. -.vitli j [Whit? Hickory. I-.,., .,., ) )K ,],.,. .,,,., ;I<.-rJoj-m:uiccs worr. Urn (Ivcn to'ii ! fiitiall ic,u. Tiie ) 13M 1U1 ^ ,„-, .. P , n)i . for llu-airicul ,,,| V |,=-, nncl ph,y-,l i |:iJ-huri' u.T.'^r ciinva'. ' ; _"My flrsl iierforiiuiiii.-' urou<;lii 1:1 oiil wlti ' |lwil a pansier who ivjs th'n tn/:- iBnlur. He showed i !: p how (o run I't us iur ;,.s oil Oily. jre ivcni over ihe D.u-U Isla'ml Jam •J1..J.-U >h o r , sll that a fonowSU^^'^cSC'^ 1 ^ "i^'i t^vi" '"mi'h- I I5 \™""' JS ° f lh ' ! ' y WL '" '" (!l " ln(ll ™l»ik: tliuy on Coinplni.]y cllsnr;nln;r a l;in :iuili;-i)c;. Jlilly tllri:c ). t 'ro'r""ibi" • •cmiiiin mid coiitiweJ "tlua'thev BY GILBERT SWAN' |troupln K on Die MI^Ksirail ami crnn Urn n u -n ,• i Wl ' ri! » '""'di of hams. Thsy wm ; NEW VORK.—After <1 years of Oiitn, Hnm Hryasit W-v-T-r-ulrt ve'-Sl C'iiu-imv ' •> 1 I t '"n '^ f ' '" '"' ""' tMl hains lo b " miicli was hill l-f'ir'n-' ciii!;r "")«"- i en. IJiii ih(. | m . liyiitecl' Ivi-s.'l! nml wo went on. "It loDk me atjou: livr; y^ari ta Wt ii real Miov.-Iwai—had it, , a ^v •'it J't. Ple.i.s.iu;, w. Vii. We kept growing iinill we've pet c:ie tin' > sc;i:'i UOO people naw. 1 AH t!:? Uryaiij. jamsiy ]„ j n t'p troupe. Hn m play, ;,i., 'old rule of . Sution Sladu In '•Ten Nii;;-.tE." ond ! . LA SAL > Utah. tUPj-Por • amirs of a jt oor bflls lixikln- a. • jnl), a room or any tie- nlijfitive follows a slo». rir- cuilous roulc Indeed. Our Columns not only locale Ihfsc pros- Pffls for you but aha assure an immediate interview with ai Inter- cstcd iiiusneet at (he greatest S.TI- 'nj of time uiid efrorl. Phone 306 nessa there's Hilly, Betty j-,,| Jn<eoliinp. • linlc the 1 KC tree SlamlarrliieU Wist Scale PHILADELPHIA. llJPl-A stan- inlized wage rate of $1 an Inur, 2 MILES A MINUTE •n n W ° RLb ' S SIIORT-RLJN LOCOMOTIVE .ORD, MADE IN M ftRC |, | M1 , FRQM ^ h MG TO JBCKSOMV1LLE. PLORIM. DISTANCE ' MILES. TIME 2 MUWTES RQ SECONDS Fuf TllftT'S THK Nt.XT THING TO UGHTN1NG ON KJULS! f\ND THE NEXT THING TO ft STRHHK OF LIGHT KING IN VOUK GAS TANK IS PHILLIPS 66 ITS SEHSfVTlONHL HIGH TEST STARTSCOLD MOTORS IMSTMNTLV —• EVLN IK FT^HEZING WERTHFR ITS CRnviTY NOW KHNGES FROM TO 71. it". PHIlLlUP »ilHI>|LUp S . THE CASOIIHE OF CONriHMLuT'vOUTILITV "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline Phillips 66 volatility is 69.6 per cent hi K hcr than (he RvcraKeof 23 competitive Bpsolines. Proved by unbiased laboratory -lefts based nn dislillation at 212 cl When we say that this motor fuel is a remarkable performer and starts cold motors w i,h split-sccond speed-please remember that wc have too much at stake to make any claims on which Phillips '66 -. -. . the jmw/rr gasoline . . . will not deliver I00?o. • If you fail to feel the difference-if you don't get more pep and power, faster get-away, and longer mileage-if your motor does not «arc promptly .^freezing waihci-wc not only lose you as a customer! We lose your confidence in our statements and in al! our products. That explains why we make Phillips 66 extra high test. And we charge not a penny extra, because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural h IB h gravity gasoline. In fairness to your motor and your 66 I Id St ° P triUl tankfl1 ' t0morrow at a "y Ora »ge and Black For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl . . . at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline A New OIL of ZERO Cold Test 0130? a Quart Even in freezing weather. Ilii 5 scientific lubricant ilous in- stonily to cold cylinder \\z\l\ and bearings. !CTIE after ofiii- cinry oils arc slUR^ish nr-.d jlif; in ihcciantcnw. It is |00 ; .; pnraff:n hsw. Miniu \v»\. \vntcr. or.d carton. A |;ra,|p frr every C35. The strvi.-t- irnn will plcelly c'rain ^, ; ., crr.nlcrosc and ic!.!l ii \\:^ ; tills uoi.'d'.s linn.1 uil i,,: your motor. iN'ot lo m«itio:i .M-ic-h Fr.iiik",'"ti'iV| C!) ' ol ' wl ••" ll 'nnl Ciat loDke jJohn Drew of the rivi-i >" i riecr . 'ml J'et didn't, has I 1 ! 1 W ' Joll "£°"- rancli.v. J».ins3ii iiif trades is ircixi^ed bv thp i -d co,, r , r ,,, ,,„ ad. i^r^'SL, 1 ^ ir-^^^^;^-'- f.ud This Is the Wind-Up of Our February Sale NOW A DUTCH ALCTICN Give-away prices on 5O suits to start with. They get a dollar cheaper each day this week, but they get scarcer, too. You don't know-how longyour size win be there. We think you'll do best by buying the first day, but suit yourself TING SATURDAY $£§ to $40 Values SATURDAYS PRICE $15 MONDAY'S PRICE 14 TUESDAY'S PRICE 13 WEDNESDAY'S PRICE 12 THURSDAY'S PRICE 11 FRIDAY'S PRICE 10 SATURDAY'S PRICE 9 MONDAY'S PRICE 8 for all the suits left from Saturday sizes (jeltitifi scarce- delay is dangerous like finding money if you can find your size Wing fast —better get ".you'll have to hurry • they'll be all gone soon . only a few left Ridiculous—but the last " must go Cash Only - - - Alterations at Cost No Exchanges ©3- Refunds MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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