The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 5
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4 ; iJ-gJPAY..... FEBRUARY ^ ln3 g' ^Bi ' ~ ~— • -—-•--•--" '_ L^r_'_i"_ ~ .. -~. "~" , (ARK.) COUUIBR NEWS BY ROBERT TALLFV EDITOR'S NOTE: Tills Is the fourth of six ttotics on "Japan 1 Skyrocket HIM." PAGE 1TVK By HUBERT TALLKY NEA Sen-Ice Writer (Copyright, 1932, NEA Service, Inc.) If you had been born a Japanese and were living in Toklo to day— You would be Betting thc war news from Clilnn in newspaper "ex tras" as modern as those of any American newspaper. You nciilil lisl;n In on tlie radio In your home just tlm same as you listen lu here, except thai you would pay tlie government's radio agency a fc= for the listening privilege. The fact that you had paid your radio [ax would be attested by a metal sign on your front door. You would hear no advertising, for radio advertising Is barred in Japan. You would (ract» at department . stores os modern and as large as ) any in the United statos; MitsukD- sbi, Japan's biggest department store, -caivics nine floors of merchandise, is equipped with 19 elevators and six escalators, sells everything that you would expect a department, store (o sell. You would be keenly Inter-Ml'd in news from America about -Babe" putli and "Pepper" Martin, for baseball is thc great national pastime in Japan; thc new ball park at Osaka looks much like any bi» league stadium here and is only one of the many (hat hare sprung up over Japan. _ Yon could join a Japanese Y. \r. c. A. or a Japanese w. c. T. u or even buy a Salvation Army "War Cry" printed in Japanese. __ The undent island of Nippon has gone American." it has not, yet completely reached that stage. But • it is Beting there fast. ; .There is still a strange mixture herein .open lo lilm It ho would (jo. However, lie doesn't like HID Id clliniiic of lli e northern Is- ids, which correspond:! to tlinl of '«• EngliiiKl. Ho prefers the \\urm- the tumtilno and Iho cherry •-.f^r.m ol his "Flowery Kingdom," cu ihoiigh that uro Is ciowiled. As mi emigrant, U H > Jmrnia-fcc nlvcs In ruuntrleti \vhcm Iho uncliird of living Is hi^hiM- (him s iMvti. bnl ho doesn't do so well iwe Ihr. fi'.nmliiKl Is lower, llu a hard worker, n carelyl s|irndci-. Hi 1 lius never forgotten the blow WHEKE EAST MEETS WEST - At the left, a Jupane* girl clum «lt«cr; ,i sht , olle of Toklo . s ern buildings. Much of thc capita! city is now modern. of the old and the nev. Taxicabs and street dash fh i ;,. •••"-<-'• unri aasn « juu were an ojirce ivorKet tnrousti the streets. So do jinrlk- Tokio or Yokohama or Kobe Whan, those two-wheeled passcu- Kyoto, the chances arc that ger carts pulled by coolies. A "mooga," or modern girl, strolls Past, looking and acting like a tru» American flapper. Her old-fashioned sister, in kimono, quaint shima- da headdress and wooden-soled sancals. is also seen -n 13 ? 5t ° rc slgns ttre vzmlea in / ^ ."B'« JIIL- paimca in fcclh_Japanese and English. Cnrcls la snow windows proclaim "Ene- i «sh spoken here." A collegiate-looking \an youth in long kimono and sandals and wearing a felt or straw hat. On a fine macadam road just outside the city you may watch a lig auto truck roll by, followed by L heavily laden cart to which \x to-10 coolies arc harnessed. * • » If you lived at Osaka, th e "Pitls- urgh of Japan," tlie chances arc hat you would work in one of its icdern steel mills. The din of trip laimncrs would nearly deafen yon. iant cranes would be piling tons of stud into barges on th c nearby river. If on the night shift, you would work—and sweat—under the glare of ac lights. If you were an office worker in Beyond the great cities thc Moke. Nevertheless, he is usually scene changes. Old Japan - thc jllshl hearted and buoyant Japan Ihat Commodore Perry found Centuries of rlelrt mental traiii- in 1853—still lives in the i-'-'—•-'"-- > --...... - .. land. In these quaint villages that mans. en and women In queer tlcularly to hi parasol-like bamboo hats toil knee j comnry-as (h would toil in one of their modern office buildings. If you wanted night life, you could find plenty — night clubs, cabarets, movies, theaters. When you celebrated, you would drink sake—made from rice—instead of corn liquor. In the big railway depots you in the hinter- ing have masked his feelings, mnk- cling (o (he mountainsides and dot the fertile valleys, the old orrtcr remains. Men and women In queer , - ing him iroperluniblc in trouble, stoicul in pain or death. He looks' upon cowardice ns thc most despicable of vices, and loyalty—particularly to his deep in thc waters of the ...... fields; the people live largely on n diet of rice; they sleep on thick mattresses on the nintling-covered floor, a notched wooden headrest serving as a pillow. The water buffalo pulls the wooden plow, the hnndloom comes out after th c day's work, in the rice field is done, little wooded iror and his mpreme virtue, urlilu of' ruc'e - ..... Thus he (jots his u and his i:enr-(simtllccil patriotism. He is cooky, confident and'quite satisfied with himself. He is usually truthful — except when the truth hurls. Whon nil a young couple marry. It arranged for places with sacred shrines beckon )ls 15. family councils. Usually the the Japanese to the gods of his ancestors. The charm of th c ancient seems to. linger. Even a rich Tokio manufacturer, after being driven tD his suburban home l u his limousine, may exchange his Americanized attire for silk kimono and wooden sandals and squat upon the floor W i t IOVd - B=nlnd him another studious-looking - •*•&> >".."uj uv[jvi*> juu ^Liimnui dim squat upon tnc no would find "red caps" ready to grab ! with his family for n cup of tea your bag when you stepped from a • . , The average Japanese is civil, polite, sscretive, intelligent. Lacking a sense of humor, he Is as giatc-looking young chap, J Pullman car, a line of taxicabs ts rolled and looking like I waiting to swish you to modern ho- can college boy,.also drifts tels where there are slant-eyed bell- LPf> frrtavl TJ^KI.. j .. - 11,™..- „',, „,; »•_.. . .• " .- . for a tip "as any of American brethren Murriages average about 8.31 p*f thousand units of population. Divorces are less than one divorce to every 10 marriages, and occur utually In (lie lower classes. Babies are frequent; every year there arc 700,000 more blrtlis than deaths. Education Is compulsory from six to 13. After that, the boys who desire to become army offlcerer, they might ns well, for .they will be conscripted- can enter a middle school and (hen pass lo a military TOKIO TRAFFIC CO) 1 — Jr« ilrmvs only §15 a month, Imt. he uimld smirn a Up In angi-r for Ills ancestors vtte ancient Samurai lighting men. AultlsLi whom lit- s,loiis fur traftlc violation must t«t mil of tlirlr cai-s .-mil slant! willi bared head while be ud- Urcsscs them. icvcral big universities. I-'roin 17 (o -10 every mnn is liable for military duty. * ' * » The Jnp lives In the most, densely i::.iuilalid country on the isloSj.-, but Ihere are great urablu tueaj r iT •"• "' ••"""", "i is us ctuuui -and men pass to a military dumb an Englishman when It comci school: Higher education is cWur^ 10 understanding the point oC a j aged by thc government, which hat KROGER STORE For Pains Due To Neuralgia Millions have found QUic/c relief !rom neuralgic headaches, rheumatic pains, runt women's pains by taking Capudhie. Reing ll(|uid it tivvs relief much quicker Hum tnb- kis or powders. It soothes tlie nerves and quickly stops tlie pain, Capudiue docs not uiisct the stomach and does nok contain opiates. At drug stores in !0c, 3Qc L aild <50c bottles, also by tlrf ' flflsb at founts. —Advs. 3-7 Bargains For Saturday and Monday Pure Cane In Cloth Bag Limit 10 Lbs. 45c BREAD 5' J 9 C Rolls, Doz, 5c 12-0z, Loaf - - . 22-Oz. Loaf - - . . CANDY Spice Drops Lb. 15c PLANTS C Cabbagi; ONION SETS Redor S;; 30° BEANS Green. Nice and Tender 101C ler 1O1 ,b. 16: Pickles Genuine Dill Full Quart 12jc Olec p " ?it>Nut ,. Potatoes 9-11). Limit, Lb. lOc No. 1 Red Triumphs Ib. Lettuce Heads g c Bananas 3-lb. 19c Cabbage New Texis ten pound 3c SPINACH " rcshGar " mC S y 6 c TOMATOES F Firni itn " Ri C i ll 15 ARTICHOKES BROCCOLI Hunch 25 RADISHES Krtsh Hunch BRUSSELL SPROUTS , SALMON Chum Cans Sunshine 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans 20c Vanilla Wafers Ib. jjjc String Beans *£ 3 Cans 19c l>. «S: G. 10 liars For 29c PRUNES New Crop Medium Size 5Lbs.25c CORN Standard No. 2 Can Ohio Kcsl 4 Cans 25c Crackers Pie Cherries Can 12}c Hams Fresh Picnic. Fine fn liake and Then Slice for Sandwiches PORK SAUSAGE 100',; All Foil nil lOc Bacon Sliced Illackliftwk, I,h. 20c Sliced Knds, 5-1.1). liox, -ISc !!;. lOc ifirr'C'ri Long Horn, U). lOc Wisconsin Cream, found Veal Roast ib lOo-Stew BEEF ROAST .Chucii, I.I). 12 l-2c [irisket, found Pork Chops Pound !0c I'll ol his race front Amertc*. Not u It likely Out lie ever will. And that Is food for thought. TOMOKROW: The rexwrct. behind Japan'i war machine nii-n, niontjr and munitions Nlwtv million tonic now uoitr Nlinxin'a enpandlni Ha* Th« powerful MitUui IiunUy, Ike llorki-feUvm of Japwi, mhott mt t . (hunt rUcts, mlnr>, milli, bank* employ nearly 1M.WO tenant at nii! and abroad. round CHITTERLINGS 10-Mi. rail fiOc Hens and Fryeas YOUNGER Ms VMiwjrs." Invigorate your kMiiflyij HO llioy reuiuvo more f llw poisons whlcli alow you U|'. unil tto |f you ittm'l frd more vitnl. Todo llils lako Golil M«0ii! 11«arl«in Oil Capiiilts I'or ^30years thin fine,old r>r«n-' • inllotl IMS IKCII wlilely j,,,,. Kiilw.l for ihla very |>»i|x>]a-it» hciliuoi.fthnltworkj.35c A 75c. Sian n ow to t nj w yo.mgcr with GOLD MEDAL HAARUM Oil. CAPSULES Courier News Want M-i Pay, Tint* Km* F.r Anto . LOS ANQEUi, <DP)-V«Urt« trmHlc- officer A. Q, Boycott £• hwu-d- tome novel Meuiet tor spwdlnj, but 20-ywcld PtuUt Bridbury thought up » DOW oca for his book. : • "Well, you DM, officer,' ihe **'• pUlntd, "I took o!f my ihoet bo- cnuse the motor got 10 hot and I guess tho accektttor must OM tloklcd my fcttr • AUCTION SALE Kdiurdiiy, Feb. 6»h at 10 A. M. At Ihe Dllluhuntr Farm, one-half mile north of Yiirhro we will offt>r at auction the following: lf> Mules : T> WuRons 1 Lot of Miscellaneous Farm Equipment Indmlln^ CulUviitois, Stalk Cutlers «nd all kinds of Turning I'tuwn and Middle Breakers ' ALL SALES TOR CASH Mrs. G, W. Dillahunty Special Purchase Of A Solid Car Load Of Bedroom Suites The MeClure Maiiiifuoluring Co., arc liquidating their en- lire slock and we were able to buy a sollid carload of Bedroom Suites dircel from the factory at about one half of the cost of manufacture. We won't, be able to get any more of these and it' you want a rare bargain come in now. Very Similiir (o Suite Pictured Above 3-Piece Suite Consisflnj,' of fall size Poster Hcd, choice of Hollywood or Straight-top Vanity Dresser and Chest of Drnwors. Walnut finish with attractive decorations. Dm BEAUTIFUL SMOKER-LAMP With Purchase of Each of these bedroom Suites For a limited time only vc-arc going (o give you one of these beautiful new .Smoker-l,amp.s with the purchase of each bedroom suite. These lamiw have a pretty parchment shade, three lights, marble and brass base. Smoke .stand is criiiippcrl with cigarette contamcr, ash (ray and match holder. Get Yours Down And Small Weekly .Payments Puts This Beautiful Bedroom Suite and Lamp In Your Home HUBEACD f IJRNITUEC CC.

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