The Times from San Mateo, California on November 29, 1965 · Page 19
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 19

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1965
Page 19
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iiiwuillilir imiiMiiiiiiiihiiliiHliim: THE MARQUEE By Barbara Bladen Barbara Bladen is nn vacation. Her column will resume when she returns. BAN MTEO TIMES D DAILY KEWJ LtD( THEATRE WORLD Monday, November 19, 1965 Up Girls Change Pin - For GI's in Battle 11;.des stemmed dancer who was slar - l.jhting may change, but weiring in nostal HOLLYWOOD iAP musicals. The thing about modern war re - photo 01 Miss Grable. gating mains "There'li always be a perkily over her shoulder in a piri - up girt Soldiers and sailors far from hnme need something to remind them what they are fighting for. The indoctrination lectures are fine, but there's nothing quite like a pretty girl. World War I had its "Sweetheart of Ihe AKF." the bright, electric vaudeville star. Elsie Janis. who traveled to shell - torn areas of France to sing for Americar. soldiers. Photograph of the star were tacked many a barracks. But pin - ups were not In become an industry until World War IT. Then 'he movie industry was in fail flower, and studios flooded the mails with alluring photos of their curvy stars. Winner of the cheesecake war was Betly Grable. the long - bafhing suit, was cherished bv GI's from Anzio to Iwo Jima. Runners - up in the pin - up division: Rita Hay worth in a negligee; Jane Powell leaning against a haystack. The Korean War brought a new star. Marilyn Monroe was considered so photogenic that her studio argued she would iook fine in a potato sack. She did. Bu; veterans of the Ko - ean conflict may have prefer - ip in - red her famed calendar pose The war in Viet Nam brings h new crop of pin - ups. One of the mos: notable is Elke Snm - mer. who has continued the Morroe trend by eschewing clothes in some of her posing. She is a native of Germany, i.rViinVl f - Jr.t mirfht r, , tr. veterans for the two world! "Skin Of Our Teeth" At Mcnlo The second production of the season. ' The Skin of Our Teeth." will be presented by the Menlo Players Guild start ing December 3 in the Burgess Theater in the Menio Part1,: Civic Center at 8 3(1 p.m. The I play is directed by John R. Wilson and Bob Trabucco is the technical director. Thornton Wilder 's Pulitzer - prize winning comedy is essentially an allegorical comedy about George Antrobus, his wife. :wo children and their maid. Lily Sabina. Thev have survived enough about fire, flood, pestilence, the icej. - now that it directed by Lawrence Olivier, and with a cast that included Vivien Leigh. Cecil Parker and Joan Young. Sir Lawrence toured Aus and New Zealand with the play in !B48 playing Mr. Antrobus. The American National Theater and Academy revived the play in 1955. and presented it in Paris as part of a "Salut a la France" Festival, and then rough! Ihe production to the Unilsd Stalo.i wilh a touring company headed by Helen Hayes, George Abbot'. M a r y .Martin and Florence Reed. After the comedy opened in 1342. Burton Rascoe of the - New York World 'telegram said . . . "Mr Wilder has. indeed learned theater to medium of Bob Crane Stan Kenton to Lead Foothill Stage Band LOS ALTOS HILLS - Stan Kenton, controversial musical figure and jazz movement symbol for over two and a half decades, will conduct the Foothill College Stage Band in "The Neophonic Jazz of Stan Kenton" on December 3. Concert time is 8: In p.m. in the college gymnasium. ".Veophonic jazz." so new it has yet to be recorded, was rV "I 1" introduced bv Kenton last Jan - I lirtlPfl I IftWn uar' at we Los Angeles Music 1 Ul HVU """"icentcr. Some cities called it DISGUISED as American MPs. Germans led by Ty Hard in night), semis jeep carrying James MacArthur and George Montgomery down wrong road in Warner Bros.' C inerama production. "Battle of the Bulge," in Technicolor, which opens Wednesday, December 22 at Golden Gate Cinerama Theatre. The epic - scale film also stars Henry Fonda. Robert Shaw, Robert Rvan. Rarbara Werlc. Pier AngeM. among others. "Little Angels" From Korea Three Roles HOLLYWOOD iAP) - "My wife kept looking at the Jack Paar show and telling me that's what I should be doing on television. But I kept 'telling her she was wrong," Glib, ambitious Bob Crane had his own version of destiny in television. For a long time no one. not even his wife, seemed to share it. As a morning platter - chatter ?mcee on KNX. the CBS outlet in Nollvwood. Bob b j i 1 1 up a large and clamorous following. His knack of wringing quotable interviews Irom top stars was a delight to hear. Many thought he could manage a network television show that would be up to Paar. Others thought Crane should be starring in a situation comedy scries. He agreed, but he wanted to call his own shot. had to talk tor a king time io explain !n the producer thai I wasn't right for "Please Don't Iia' lac Daisies'." he says. " lal - i had to explain why I didn i want to do "My Living Doll, j before llobert "Cummings wa c:n - :idered fur the role." the best thing that has hap - pened to contemporary music in years, while others said it was just a "gimmick a new name for jazz." Kenton, himself, says neophonic is not literally new. like gimmicky electronic music, nor is it a so - called Third Stream fusion of classical and jazz idioms. "We are going the jazz route; we are beyond jazz." Kenton is Columbia's most popular single artist, with over 3(1 LP's, including "The Kenton Era." Director Herb Patnoe of the Foothill Stage Band says Kenton will conducl a group augment with five French horns, four' percussion, eight woodwinds; two tubas, five trumpets and five trombones. Music to he per - , formed includes Fassacaglia and. Fugue, Aliyh Ferguson: Prelude and Fugue, John Williams, "Music for an Unwritten Play," Jim'. Knight; Three B's for Percuss sion, a suite in three movements', by Vam Alexander, and "Fan - , tare." Montenegro. Numbers and arrangers for. the first half of the concert by the Foothill Stage Band will be "I Remember You," Bill Hol - man; "Fughetta." Bob Florence: "Taste af Honey" and" "Never Will I Marry," Dorr Piestrup: "Wives and Lovers." Steve Hall (a Foothill student J; - "Nose Cone." Al Cohn, and "Stella by Starlight" by Bill Holman. featuring the alto sax of Bruce Royston. General admission tickets are 1.50 from the college hox office, or at the door. SWF EDWARD fl ANN - t Mr. QUEEN ROBINSON MARGRET 2333 fcEEEEEEED. C333: Brennan, 72. Still Works By ROB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD i.APi - ne of tht grca! generation nf chi actors, is sn:l going stron; At Foothill College LOS AL70S iilU.S - Tne Lr itle Angels, brilliant children" - dance company from Korea Foothill College's cur rent Fine Arts Scries .Sunday I December 5. a: 8:15 p.m. i e college Kymnasiun. The Litllc Angels come direct from the Hid Sullivan show enough al 72 !n pl?)y a d: as lyrncn and 900 - v gnotne. To is ;nn which they will appear Sun - !day cvenins. November 28. Or - age, tne pox. aepressions lae enter,ain6mj1l flrst and of in - 6 - r,nd nnsored bJ. K,lrcan durable as radiators, look upon,siruc;llon an,c ?" '""on after - ' ZJZZ Jm H I a".d Freednnl F' ,he future wilh disarming opit - rrfs - ' J'" ' m Ca'.eer , n rnj c.mpnnv includes mism and umor Bewitched :o? his pseudo - philosophic man - - oles 1:1 "T1C Ii;2l. demure young hiriics :rnm beiudd'eri and beclamed. tlwyincr and kids life into a play thatl5 ,il,er'.v rlc'ar lhal he - wven l0J yars a are the stuff heroes are made',:, pmlinp,w rmmmhLx cnjovinp everv minute ir,rf"1 exn,lc ensaimes Chosen , vorft anrt hin - Fnnne I genuintly pnilosopnical - .and 'n - .tneci under the direction tWy 'haVe survved a SiTand"5 m bcing craz and; Brennan arrived lunch m nf ,Sljng 0k Park and Miss Sonn lafaUt s by thr'skm of meirr.nnvl" his gutse as tycoon, and he was, Shim Shin, respectively Korea n teeth." and Mr. WUder's plav is After its revival in 1955. eiegamly tailored and spirnp y most distinguished choreo - - l. , :J.r,:: Rrnnk! irlrin nn li - rifinti in thfl Ot SlPP. His HT.mi! Hkvk l - lEl'iUC' :ind ' ' I.TT1 :)S danCCC. ' Ivpw W - V TimM Antrim 7 Rairi something else again lie is lad (hey appear under the person ' in.. 1' tho sianBtiAu form nrn. ! den with acinB makciin 'hat re - i nsi - ronago nf His KmvIi r "The Skin of Our Teeth" was vides perspective ... the plavlpuires an uour to apply, Camera first performed at the Shuberl'is still a vital piece of dramatic! magic reduces him to une - thnd Tb,i i, wbum r.nnn I hterature." , his normal size. it opened at the Plymouth Thea - - Prize for - he novei "The Bridge men I nf cymbal The performance of the dance rr. - cmh!e is a far cry from the sialic dance forms mos! Westerners .TvMtci.ite '.villi Oriental art. rtalhcr. Korean dance has lively elements of expression, spiri!. jnyousncss, coquetry, and even nf mischievousness kels are S2.r5fi. and $1.50 from Ihe College Box Office. York Cifv and en - : of San Luis Rev joyed a run nf 359 performances, lather for the play The cas - of the original prnd - .it: - ; in 1938. tion included Tallulah Bankheari. : Frederick March. Florence E1 - ! dridgc. Florence Reed and two relatively unknown youngsters. Montgomery Clift and Francis Heflin. Eliz Kazan directed the production, which won the Pulitzer Prize that year. The play opened at the Phoenix 'theater m London in 1945. and won an - ' Our Town SOCCER CLUB IN PIC HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The Italian Soccer Club in Los Angelesknown as the Gladiators will kick the bail around in a squence for "What Did You Do in the War, Daddy." Murder extended! Homicide for the holidays Sound of Murder," the British thriller at H Theatre, Belmont, plays on Friday ami - - i - nights at the Carlmont Village Shopping Center Patricia Sawyer and Robert Brauns are the pla"" - involved in the striking Robert Toren photo. i aa westside M VALLEY Theatres rM I BOTK THEATRES! B5TynDK . BEL.AR7 OPEN 7:00 KlffiJlfl MUKNINU nvOLIr I " mm She' WE DARE YOU H ananenry a Kt - ijirKabie 70 SEE II 1 ny. times! Sp6: 5 rymhals. pn;s. bel "tCCO I - t - i ' ffT 11'c,f"i;,115.,!""sAJv.e.51;; l I i)XmUmWm nuu I J the college Kymnasiun. h,rt. Rather. Korean dance has! WINE AND ROSES" M . MEET CH$ ;i I - '"J ALL THEiTKE FOt TIMES Jj ff! I THE C?p5 even nf mischievousness ' mmBmWmV'' omL" I mmi I SPEID fjTS Tickets are S2.5fi. S2 and $1.50 I T7 l iTMP?!: "j? t p RdCBHI tmHfi frtim ihe College Box Office. jgggggg: : - , , "T - S ; THEATRE TICKETS ; ill' IN JJ: Jf :' H MO . Jlff t all "shows Foa "WffHi""".: . PflWWEBOItffl 1 ' - fTBooKTioRr - - - - - t:::jf:KB:::: - wbiisn I - the i - iirlrT Hyun Chu! Kim. Ambassador nf! 'ZZU - X R EX h a Rft I SON " V I lrf the Republic nf Korea. Ic ;rc CJ ,. SUSPENSE Xtl&mlffl h, GEO BE5NASD shaws I BLalPllIK United States of America. SHOCKER gf.m ) , "MAJOR lPS tiJZX Vly ZQZ Wf.... I! BARBARA" I hMtcwwl j Academy eslra, consistinp of dlmguishcd WyymfiSmiifitf HowToStuff A Wild Bikini : I I frfB .,,. li ling actor adult faeuliv members of the I C0 " '; ! fna ANN - MARGRET R 1936: "K. - n - Korean National Cmirt Mu - ic! K cJVCUIlALLf B .,S3EMS ! VAN HFFI IM K jS' U - rlJe m""ihnrgln.l z ' " OKER " '8:40 fl ROTH THFATRF' SERRA "w land include a dating assort - 1 BTOBTflir ,M I Joh h! - S l. IhTr - - k www v vawww wvaw jrjfs'ji sa' . mrm.. v. i s.: - ; ftsss,. i mt iibb mm a t i c jBBBB j P"'S " 16 MRTTj'K Ml mmr" DEC'18 " "SfT ( H i iniii KSfCjM E'V,5P 8 St I Fir IHE SKIN OP OUR TEEIH j.? hddsh - MJiili 8Emalonc?raendcre millbrae m w'ri - 2v,!Mr" lllm Ti BO!c OFFICES: S. F, - DDwntovm Center East Bay - E miners ifdaiiT I Uk43Kj B?! ??,.'ha &SjJJ M . LINE J,' - '! HEK V, - m,n CW; Jc 0 - 1 - .rirw Cla - . U, ,.r, I J.m.'.lj Al ""iiA fl E L PT u A i " P Ml"!' ' W" T"'E' mmm iHl 1 I wSwSSBHsHHBlH. ; iNjc w ;9 park co - fature 1 R?usilBi5ernf HIiiHIHL i ffr x frrftfB hivimoi RMicmcrs ;la Geraidine Fmgcnu m mm : hyattaihsictheatrb i BB 1 1 :r f0r BkJik 1 1 mi If"' jZ2mM I CHWLTON RICHARD charlton heston ' rMWZy IHlBk BUT fl lllIE "WAB7lD?"St TflMjB0ll5lE RICHARD BOONE IN THE morn, - - ., - v lyHkjah Wk pPs..:. - j';s,;nVM "fler' 8:55 jnuULJKV WARLORD Stanford UsU., - yY. B - Biifli K - ."J ? UE1 ATI,NS0 I Op0 :S BH 0V' g ' - MRl HlS' ' "iMLOWOdYoU" pLUS, j G.egcrVlp,ck"'PeFEA "The I 'Oouser - ..,.,, n. "Hla J0, 2 Ghana. Priion fb. r.tnDr.. KS "CASANOVA 70" 3:30 I barn 11 A i.I's TfieafrJ e 'JU - Sun.37 I f but only ,ne 1 m - mrk J SEGAL 1 SI "LETS TALK ABOUT PALO ALTO DDIVC IKI "S1.00 "rcays ' , coulr, ht : TOM WOMEN" ,(V"h,ib II i n KING!! COURTNEY Z 4:39 - 10:30 IM nurl(H DA 3 - uM k PRESENTING PEARL BAILEY NEW YEAR'S EVE JU fj fj JCIET .LrtaJytlNTAT' . JU - .,rwMHBr jj kRHHilRRnR "BRIDGE GN THE RIVER KWAI'f Obviously there i life in the m;:n v. - ho of the first five Awards for suppoi "Cnme and Gel It," tncky." 193B; "The Westerner." 1940. He and Donald Crisp survive among the character men who have won Ihe Oscar: Joseph Schildkraut. Thomas Mitchell. Charles Co'nurn. Barry Fitzgerald. Edmund Gwenn and others arc gone.

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