The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

Says Land Owners Should Require Every Tenant,Io Grow Vegetables. JOINED, Ark., Feb. 5.—County Agent. .1. E. Cricz. litytncvillo, ad- <!":slng tanners cf this community -it tlio Shawnee .Consolklnicd « Joal la;: iilijlit. urged that, every lonj owner provide ground for gardens and rcquir? every tenant io cultivate a Harden in tli^ cation field this year. It. was urged Hint lho garden I:: inovidcd in (he field Io Insure, regular cultivation and that garden rows t'!3 same width n,s the col ton rows be specified. Mr. Crll/. talking on the ;iibj?c' of crops for 1932, urged thai cnl> ihu best taml I); plained to coUoi and that leguminous crops, pnrlie nlarly soy beans, be sown on loss desirable Inml to increase Us fertility. / \ If- advocated -lial mars p:rk b- • I'li'odurnd on Mississippi CDIMH> farms this year, not lor ilie nurkd" but for con.sum] Interesting Inforinatian regardini the history of coiloji production ani? n comparison of price with production and consumption was illustrated by .Mr. Crllz n-ltli grnp'ifc charts. A round (able discussion ol cotton varieties best suited to south Mtsflsslnni coimti- soil foUow-d Mr Ci-llz' talfi. The meeting, which'is the first of a u-<?«!cly series to b; held in •the Shavnee consolidated schoa every Thursday evening, was span- sored by Harocl Epice-r, teacher of volitional agriculture in t!:e It was decided Hint lho county spring track most be dlscoiitlinij;! tiiU year wlille lho senior basketball iciirnaniont was voted for tlio week of February 15 (o 20. The Junior tournament will b: hell March 11 nnd 12th. Places ars to be selected for both lournaiuenls by Ihe county committee nt n liter dn(e. H. Ij. Harleii, Sliawnec, Crawford Groins, lilytheville. und Mrs. C. \,. Moore of Oseraln puve reports on • --- --- --„ public relations to teachers, n?\vs-1 and pupils. The March .meal at^ Sliawnee the 11 _ Tile following members and vis Local AUorney Addresses Meeting of Co u n I y Group at Luxora. W. Leon Smith, local attorney, v.'as speaker last evening at trie reaulr.r monthly meeting Df tho Superintendents and Principals Group of Mississippi co-.mty hekl at Lux- i ora. k His topic. "The Patrons Altitud? r..vard Teac':?r Selection," was yellowed by similar discussions ol sociAl an^ -'"professional standards J '.? r . teao! '-fs According :e local em- uitioiK. «!th Crawford Circe:!?, Bly- tl.cvillc s-,ip°riri'.2n'jent of sclisois. •i.'ing "Policies of Board and Su- psrint'ndent": Mia Winnie Viriil Tinner, cj-jnt; ',u;::rv:sDr, talkinp on "Pcjnonal Privilege" ana Misi Willie Lawscn, county superinien- dcnt, disoiisinj --Contracts." BRIDGE: tnp sivlt! B s. llmi you sholilit PAf^ THREE' <-,,<[ n hwvl and two clubs T"e ; AUTKl.i: NO, «J \VM. !•:. MeKUNNKV irrtiu-.v, .\i_,crt_..n Krlilsf I.r:i 5 ue Hois were jwc-srnt: T. D. \VI».-li !5 , A. J. Hncl'.er, W. M. Milton. M. S. ntnge. T. «. Ivy. W. M. Plncli- bacli, J. AJ. ciPvoJanil, Charles Merryman, Mrs. and Mrs B I, llarlon, o. C. Pk'kens. T. K. no.v .Mr. and Mrs. Oorge Doyle, Craiv- ford Greene. Mrs. M Karelin. Mrs. Lucille Haley, Mrs. Elma ArmsUon" CJi.-irlei SUiblK. Mrs. C. L. S'.ubbs, L. H. Autry. Miss Rosa Hardy Miss Willie Lawson and Miss Winnie '/'urcier. At ihc conclusion of the nieel- ng the members of lh_> IMrenl- I'cacher asrcciation served dinner to the group, carrying out the George Washington motif in the , R. M. Sain, proprietor of n mg 1 , , will be h"H i'" al(c Jancc hall/ was fined $25 byj, Ol ' c sl Judgi I. w. Crawford In munlcl-l 1 * 0 ' pal court, this afternoon for run livry u busy Ihaiij.irUl.iri'. and M> should <!IM P our '.M' me e.uiiloiu 1 :) siei> when watch his step hunil. OF! IS HELD TO JURY ning n disorderly Petitions clrciiliUed it Manila find vicinity asking Circuit Judqe O. E. Keck to Issue nil ovder dos- i ing the dance hull were to be I'.r.'.-, sc-nlcd today according to "Kid" Wright. Manila conslnbli!. i '1'liL- dance hall, which Is localed ! at Ihe east end of Highway 18 briilp.r- ncross the lake. 14 miles west of here, was pictured us n "rough place" by officers and yoiing men who testified at tho trial. The Rev. Horn, a Manila Uactlst jivenriicr. K!FO look ttv] .st-ind to (cstify that he had circulated petitions asking Hun nc- llon be tnken agnlnst the dance I. Kid W'rlght, Atnnlln and Big •wnstiip officer, claimed that intvS about Ihe hall had crown so that soim?-thln£ finally i "Imd to lie done." 1 The dance hall has been operat-; ed from some time by Sain who i .said before the (rial that the niov?j --gainst him was brought by dis- eruntled i-'aiiles who he had bocn' .llni; to play ami down Iw.h sides of tin; street before plnjlnj to Unit first iririt. uon't luke tni- clnrn-os. You uvvc 11 to your Ivind. partner to protect, yon; A 9-S VA-6-3 * K-J-9-7-5-2 *K-5 4A-Q-4 VQ-8-7. 5-2 • Q-8 *8-6-2 NORTH fc m to > u (/) S H Dwlfr SOUTH «!tg-v-/- 6-3-2 VK «6-4 AJ-107-4 4K-10 VJ-1 0-9-4 4A-10-3 ^ *A-Q-9-3 4:17 lie should nucsse Ihe ten ol dla-jthen incoid?, which West will wh with n-mil, nnd ve(|iilres pailner lo| ( l>' (iiieen. Now, regardless nf'jiu-k :. inlnlnnun, ^'li'it ^ leads, Ihe deL'tuier Is j jj (mil with mil' .I'J'.iml to make Ills KIUIUV e \ m . . i «milil Ivuni]). Ninlli >u> _m<l piny his „ of io,e 1/bst of h ,, ni(s -to w ls Wl ,, c „," ,h rrmlil h:ivc nmcl -i hi, ,„,, c , ' Iri It Is loiv,'i\st West's 0]x:nliiB lea:!. His mid .strongest suit is shoiilil be opened KO io f?ii:'|:o.v|ni! West were to slnrt Irli'ks In (his hand by uluslns to Io lln- jnv o[ spades. KK: m.iild liiVc Hie dliinioiul finest. Imt l>'uy (hi' eiicuiivajjliiH seven uu;l with nine sure lili'ks in sluhl It U.e iloehiror would play (lie \v\\. Is nut [ :1 ||- | 0 y mll . | ); mncr Io lake Wrsl nviiM thin Imvc (a coiitlnui- »'".' Kiiinblr thru, will jf.mirdia with Ihi- ciuccn of spndes. which t^r.u-. ihe declarer would win with (lie The di-cliiror would (hen '^I'VrlKhl. IB. 1 ): 1 . NKrt Service, Inc.) lead th ( , nee o: iltaiiHinds inul nne. <>'"• lHllltl f(flrt u forced to cnll clown at the dance , p:lss , nwl North (llc , , n ' c ""- T " ls ls -"aragOlllcl Man Bound Ov-l Temple's comet will be closest to <~l pi , ., ^he earth about, the middle of 115x1 Cr Un Lharge Ol Man- November and will offer nn inspir- slauchter. • ll>e sieht in lhc sky ' ; 'lh ui'.sl, thoreforo l)u .... t: ' is the proper play, llefoic ,,„..,. •nr".'!! 1 ,"! '"'.V 1 '" V'f' ll '' " S look !c.vslicil J" .iii.i. nil! decl.iicr e;in .«'e ln " Mini diamond (ricks, three (•I*, and one heart trick—nlno In .ill. The one Uiinp he must l>e ol is sjiades. i -'- .iii'.-.l dral lias been wrllten ao-i.4 til,, hi»lil-ii|i nt no tinmp, bin IH-IV Is <iui> i-osp where Ihe l«ii:;-ii]) slmutil nol be applied. If S'M i.-. i!ii- dec-hirer. allo«s the l:i-.::t trick to ride inlo his Jack. I--"-' will win with the king mul ! iH.'iif«l.itely .shift to a spade, ami >cu t.u 1 . sec that the o|)|H>iu-nts a -'H:iit. und (he declarer will be fciwsi tliU'L- (ricks ai three no iv-i'- i; ' pm|wr wny tc 1>ll> " lho > systein. I n ';"'tf L^mUeL''.. !!.!.contract- 'mo::;! fiom iHiiiuny. mid while It one Oln- 1 is vcwially ihc rule .vlirn von bid over a 1m:.. ,,j,, c c,f n _..,_.. vltl, 11,, i.vo tin- second diamond ,ln dummy wllh the hhix. Dmnmy's illiimoiKls would li- j Ii:i-'t would uc forced in dfse.nd jit.-, ilnee s]i;it!.js, Jjonlh. Ihe ik 1 - irlurcr. would dlstavd Iwu lii'mis I nnd it club, unil West wuiild dis- Jack Norton. Parasould truck driver, was bound aver to await, action of the grand Jury on a charge of manslaughter in connection with a highway accident near her; on January 16, by Judge I. W. Crawford in municipal court this morning. Norton was released unc_cr $1,000 bond. No defense to the charge was presented at the preliminary hearing. The state produced evidence tending to substantiate its charge that Norton was responsible for the accident which resulteil in the death of an 18-months-old baby and Injury to several members of one family. Tom McDonald of Paragould, owner of the truck which Norton was driving, was serve;! with papers in a third civil action growing out of the accident while in the courtroom this morning. McDonald had already been named defendant iti two suits seeking SI5.250 damages for injuries to HomT SpYaytAr'y. his daughter. Miss V 'c. Spraybcrry. and for fatal injury of 18-n.onfns-oW Billy c.?ne spray- berry. This morning personal injuvy actions against the PAragouU man were nieci on behalf or Mrs. Hemp, EpraybciTy and Joyce Spray-berry who seek n total of 56,000. All five members of tlio Sprayberry family were o=cimnnl_i of a car which el- d with the big cotton seed truck. Mr. Sprayberry was Mill coriflne:! :o his bed and inuible to atlend .he preliminary he.irini; IMs morn- T)i(< civil cases growing out of the iccidcnt vrtll not bs tried before ihe summer lerm of civil court, if then. Yoii;>f; Norton will probably face trial on the criminal charge In April II Indicted by the grand jury. . Saturday and Monday Steaks S d Ib. 15c Shoulder, Lb. 17 l-2c Thick Rib, Lb. loc Chtitk. Lb. 12 l-2c Hriskcl. Lb. liv^r Beef Pork 1>E«^I ib. 12k Ib. «2 6'c Pork Sausge "" -r Dr.PaiilF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Infallible 2-l-M). Sack 12-Lh. Sack fi-I,b. Sack - - - 85c 15c - 2Sc Coffee Butter Midwest Creamery Lb. 25c Potatoes Red Peck 29c Lettuce Head Fa.8c Rice Full Head Lb. 5c Pork Chops Lb. 15c \Ve Give Free Delivery Service Saliba's Market 'Phone 113 WHY some husbands don't boast about their wives' It's not the fault of the wife . . . Nor her biscuits! And it's too bad it happens so often. Because any wife am make biscuits that men like... and tnlk about. The feather- light kind with crunchy, golden-brown crusts . . . snowy- white, flaky centers. ..the nut-like goodness and deliciousness that any husband can (and you bet he will) about. TV fc-.l rtjt HOT . . . TTJ ilmn mil, 0=. ;.. >=< hiy/machmrcMxxtxti-jy for ft.r ;,-_ri,;l iccifc a :^ „ _ . J How ! Take the very same recipe , .. V'ou always use. Then make one change. Vt'Iicrc it calls for flour, use Omega. Then let your husband be the judge. Don't be surprised if he tells you that you arc the best little cook in the world. When he docs, you needn't tell him the fecrct. It won't make his biscuits taste a bit better for him to know that the flour that made them is so choice that BISCUITS not 7% of all the vvlieat grown is nood cnoii{jii for it... that only tlic best part of each \viicat berry goes into it.. . that it is milled to such fineness that we sift it time and ng.iin through silk that oven water can't pass through. The mill it comes from is so careful of t!\e quality ot this flour that even the nir there is washc-1 in \vaier and kept at year 'round June day temperature. Every woman knows whnt extreme care means in the preparation of the foods she buys for her table. Especially will you npprcciatc tin's high qualityin Omega when you discover the extra deliciousness that Omega brings to everything you bake. Like the other really good things you insist on in your kiichcn, you'll find tliat Omega costs just a few cents more. But you'll agree it's worth it for 6UCii quality. Get it today from your grocer in 6-lb., I2-lb., or 24-lb. sacks—cither plain or sclf-risiny. OMEGA M-OUR MILLS , , CHESTER, ILL. «^^Ha»PTaK=gt.|Tlq»CTgK S-ime fonnul.i .. same pticf. In ; futiu, tot), if you Nntioniilly known piano inniHifactiirni 1 htn brand nt}w.iUi(linui)ri}rhl in ctuv reiitly iw| model in" vicinity. Will .wriflce at Wholesale Price io avoid (jxpoisn of box- mg inul£to ! t)ur flu-lory. For pnrticulars, wilt; 1'iinio Mjimifneliir- or, ..(Hi S. Wnl-msli. Chicago, Illinois, Addition, \Vliolessili! Dopt. RwneraanKi 1 m at These LOW PRICES SAUTRDAY and MONDAY FREE ^XTL PHONE 603 EGGS (''rt'sli Country l)(i/cn 15c (Juarl .Iurs ICach 8UTTER AD [!r;!ii!ls I'nre Crcana-ry I'on nil 25c Hcmiry Sluklov's J'^ini'Hl .\». L''l-i' (.'.inn :i for 2 IT &ftA t?W 1'iigc liriinj :t Tul] (.'tins 16c Cream XX 1-2 Pints Canovii. U Rure IB fiocil 'PfiTAlYM ' N '"-" fU(l 1 1C iLiilf _™~ '•''• -*- 2 >rifC l C'yj? I'lii'iHli'lphifi Crc;tm.-)rC 11 ri |i Bi T.p /T ' LliLL^L r; for £J l^l?T I nrrt! ComKlakcs 01C |ttE,y^lmS_^;u.i iK ,. Zl I PORK ; ""' Kl ™ N& ~~\*n~~]M I vllll Cumi). .'t Ciins U Sweet OC Li). U : 1!!atk - Old ft'j'. k - Old JudBu IftU .j-Oi. Bo.i IU : TOMATOES __^&m SoifHisi,,, ^ !)(! Pouiirls TQ Cold Modal. Larfic 1 Ai^ l?n\- '.viln (!hm;i Or <'<im;'uii!id •l-Lli. I'ail, XM 8 f ? nsjnd Pail ts I $ %>, -' "'•> <g * Vi>N«»' i/"'-• $ t if YOU CAN- TEI.l. THE DIFFERENCE TN THE DOUGH Washing Powder Slav \apiilh;i ,'f fot SOAP n;: Wliite NuiJthii 10 H;u-r. Post Bran Or Kel!oj;}r's [{ic F\r!s|iics. IV.cli;;^ oiC( Sliced Illatkhawl.. 2-1,1). Limit Vu'tli 5(lc 1'iircliiisc of M<;U OtlK-j- Thun I_;ir(! ?v'o. l.imil. U>. 13r, With Mtal POMJGHOFS " Ve t,ll ( i NECK raiira" RIBS" Frc Krcsh sh .Mealy I'ork QC KxU-a Select fJftC f (^ Sbl»H Pure floR, S-LI). Limil. Wilh 5fl f Pur- t-hnst of Meat Other Than [!:ic:m No Limit. Lb. IH-. Wilh Mcttt CASH GROCERY

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