The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1931
Page 6
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- Stj! III.YTIIKVILU:. fARK.) COTlTURtt NRWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, ifi;H SUPRi OEFOT BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer Local. Lightweight Upscls St. Louis Favorite in Armory Bcut; Seatou Wins Fddlc Terry. St. Louis lightweight, slopped over here last nishl en- route to Memphis where r.e meets Ervln Beflier, seuthcrn title clalm- nnt, Thursday. Terry l:ft considerable of.ihls prc-sttpe In the Armory ring last night and Don Burton, local boy, cllin!»d swiftly up the p::- glllslic ladder by sh:i:!i»n Terry in i fast bout. Burton's inarftm wa-: slim bill derisive, wilh both ju:li::-s and Ihc rcfere: vo'.iiv- in his favor. Tne card was one ol the best s.'c-n here in a long lime. Urn-Ion's victory in Ihe main go was not oiilv surprising but the action wp.s fart all. Ins way. Th; s;inl-windup a flurry ol gloves, bulling a^icl what have you for five rounds of excitement until Referc:- Daneliowor fin- hlly eject::! Youn; Irish Coljb fran ths ring and awarded the decision to Tommy Scaton, Ihe Luxora ll'sht- .weight, who had led all the way. A "grudge fight" bet wren a lightweight pugilist and a baseball plleli- er resulted in a decisive victory foe Uie boxer, Nolan Lambert. Making Ills ring debut, Spot ncicl, the fasl ball pitcher, was on the rc;elvlm end.all the way. Apparently R:ld would do well to stick to hasefonll. at least unlll he learns more aboul the leather pushing racket. Suspender Ctats Limit Abraham Norwood and Mose Williams, two negro youngsters, pitched cloves In a four rounder which was delayed for several minutes while Abe's badly frayed overall suspender was re-lntorcNl. A b e pushed the light to win Ihe decision bill most of the fans were watching Abe's suspender in dire suspense. The sus|>ender went the limit. Five boys about 10 years old put on a torrid balle royal in Ihe opener. Howard Massey and Clayton Pou'Ier finally succeeded in eliminating the others after plnely nf action. The pair fought for two rounds and ths referee gave tham .a draw. They got a good hand and a good shower ot silver from the audience. Burton . was easily the underdog when the main bout opened. The lightweight, who had gained Incal prestige here and at Memphis, wns hardly e.ipcctc-d to show well against the St. Louis boy. 1'acc Fast It was evident JOOM after the Initial round opened, however, that Burton was going to, hold ur> iiL< 'end of the argument. Terry felt Burton out with a couple of right crosses but found Ihe Blyllievilb boy willing and ready to mix. The pace • was swift from the start. Terry, evidently under orders from his manager. George Wilson switched to in-fighting after the first" two rounds and constontlj strove to stay in close the rest ot the way. He whaled Burton consistently about the body but failed to slow up the local boy. Burton's lef jab tossed Terry's head back frequently and as they came in closer the St. Louis boy was forced to Hit his guard as Burlbn shot both hands to his face. Terry's right found Burton's face several times for hard jolts but It was slipping by Burton's head most of the time. The UTiter's score card gave Bur-Son .three rounds, the third, fifth uid seventh. Terry was awarded jne round. Ihe sixth, and four rounds were recorded as even. It ras a well earned victory for Buron, who has been something of an iri-and-outer in the past. In by fa: the best shape of his career. Burton Is expected to offer some strenuous opposition for lightweights over Dixie this summer. The semT-windup was parked lull of action. After c'slow start in the first round Seaton and Cobb fxig 1 ' furiously the rest of the way. Cobb • "resorted to butting tactics that were . plainly visible and after gMng Cobb a warning Referee DanehoTcr filially stopped Ihe bout and awarded Uie decision to Eeatcn. Seaton had won three of the first four rounds when the bout was slopped In the fifth. A large crowd turned out for the show, which was held for the first time under tr.e auspices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Washington Cciilintics Vic- loi'V Snrw toty ooree The Indignant (inlfcr Crisp comment h being icccMVOd Ijy many nowspapers which arc con- dueling a poll among golfers on tli • merits or drawbacks of iln in.--.i. .I.5&-I.C8 (jolf ball. Most'of tin mil: ailtS, LubS IriUtnph, |nboui the lurger-llsluer ball seems i lo be adverse—at least louder tha.i The Cards, Giants ami Cubs, Ini" 11 tietc "- e <•' «'•" " l:l 1-02-1.02 pill, fust, second and thitd plucrs, re-! A public course phiyer in rx-Uoii .'.pcctlvi'ly, In the National league emimc-rutes the following faults he won their gam? 1 ; ycsl<v-1 finds with the neiv ball: day. In the American KiRue. thi-j "i s impossible on a windy -Jay for Senators won from thr.- Browns ns' the average 80 to 110 player. Takes the leading Athletics, were idle. 'llirec home runs provided all the :or?s In an unusual ball yam; at St. Louis yesterday with the Cards defeating Die Phillies 2 to 1. The Phils' lone run come in Hie lirsl Inning- on Klein's homer. Not .another run was scored until the ninlh when Walklns iuul Frlsch hit con- Mpci.tlvc homers. Grimes and Biou', llmiicil the Phils 10 four hits and 11 lie Cards got but five' off Hay .side spin loo easily. Inn-pas:'; scores from 6 to 15 strokes. L-.'.ss distance than old ball. Harder thr.n rtcl b:ll to control on piitlinj grecns. Penalizes partly hit s.iots. Cnnnslj be hit ns crisply with tl:i- Irons as' (lie old ball could." Hi-flfs Ntivlon. Another golfer, urging "repeal ol the Ballstcad Act." declares that "besides restricted flight and uncertain behavior In wind, (he ' HOW Pffl THEY ru) Phliadelphin Washington 2ti New York ?7 Cleveland aii Bcston '10 Chicago 10 Detroit 21 St. Louis 17 Nntiunnl I.cnsuc W. L. St, Louis 31 IB New York 31 )9 Chicago 30 21 Boston 27 2f> Brooklyn 21 28 Pittsburgh -21 N Philadelphia 20 31 Cincinnati 18 30 Chicles Beat Atlanta In Night Game; Hughes Hurls Pcb Win. The Birmingham ;;arous bumped intii some stingy pitching by lllli Hushes. Little lioek righthander, yesterday ami tlic Southern league pace setters were set down without ; a run. The Travelers chalked up a & lo 0 victoiy touching Touchstone ana Slioaf for 11 lilts. Whitney's hard hitting accounted for three Pebble runs. The Barons were limited to seven hits. Nashville's Vols-trimmixl the Ne'.v Orleans Pelicans in a 10 inning game at Nashville. The score was 7 to G. The Vots homed on two B!,-d hurlciT, for 115 hits, including a homer by Jones. Parks, wl'.o rslloveJ' Zumbro, was the winning pitcher. Tlic Atlanta Crackers singed a desperate roily but it fell short ami 5-3 j the Memphis Chicks won a nlsli! '!n/>l?anit> at Atlanta. 13 lo 12. 'Hie Chicks hit tile ball hard to go Into an early )ca:l. Pet. .751) .Cfll .051 .Wl .40(1 .380 .315 Pet. 020 .588 .KO It) YOU KNOW THAT— Barney Berlingci, the all- around athbte at Pennsylvania, mrt nn average of 92 in Ills studies during his senior year. . . Lawson Robertson, his coach, says Barney could make >iiod in any sport If he decided [o specialize ... he is a good boxer, wrestler, swimmer, marksman, baseball player and all- iromul track man . . . The Athletics lost only four games during Ihc merry month of I.fny tlnco of them to the Boston Red Sox. . . American League p'.tch-jrs now are allowed to use resin . . . tiuUe u few of them have been using it on the Q. T for several y?ars . . . Two hors- i-s named allcr ball players rc- crnlly came through on same day ut Washington Park . . . Ray Blades won and Dick Porter placed. The Giants from Now York defeated the Reds at Cincinnati, score (i to 1. Fred Fit?slmmons, the jinx hurlcr of the Rods, let the Cincinnati club down with five hits. The Ciianls got cljvcn hits. Dout- lilt. recently acquired by the Reds from St. Louis, played center field, Coming from behind after trnll- g through the early innings. Ihe Chicago Cubs defeated the Boston Braves lit Chicago. The score wns 0 lo 7. Wilson homered and, Ste- iihenson got three hits for Chicago. The Washington Senators won Iheir eleventh straight game at the expense of the St. IxiuLs Browns. Si-ore wns tl to 10. Harris' triple In the ninth wit lithe bases full provided Ihe winning margin after Ihe Browns had assumed an early lead. The Nats got 15 and Ihe Browns 11 hils. Durke was the winning hurler. The win put the Senators within two and a half games of Ihe lead- Ing Mackmen in the American scramble. Australia, with a population onlj slightly exceeding two persons per square mile of area, has.more automobiles per capita lli'nii any olh- cr country except the United States and Cannda. What Is thought the world's longest motor service lias been organized to operate belwen the Juba terminus of the Nile river steamers to Cape Town, a journey rco.uiring . eight, \vecks. I Courier News Want Ads Pay. cst fault of l!ie new ball is that it won't putt, especially . on public course greens. After a lew hours traffic on public links putting surfaces, they Ijecoaie uneven and rough. The old ball, smaller and weightier, exerted yi-cntcr gravity pull. The new one seems to defy Newton's taws and everything else. The |>ercentage in favor of a return to the old ball around here (Detroit) I should say is 80 to 20." Another Delroiter. signing himself "Rackham Player." writes to say that he has played 30 or 40 rounds this year and thinks he "might as well be playing with a balloon"- as the new ball. A golfer nt the Detroit Golf Club recently concluded a lest with the new and old ball, playing 18 holes with each. On every tec shot, he says, with one exception, the old ball carrier anywhere from 10 to 30 feet beyond thr new, Aha! A neffntler One of (hose who likes the new ball writes Lo say, "Inasmuch as golf scores lire comparative, what does It mailer if they are high or low so long as they fluctuate in unison?,In olhcr words, what's fair to one is fair for another. And wl you come right down to it, n well- hit ball, old or new. is whal should be the aim of Ihe golfer. So not forget all this about the difference in the two nnd just hit cv:rj shot right. In other words, don'l ask the manufacturers to improve your game—do it yourself." An old ball advocate who says ha used to knock out a 10 once in wiiile declares his lowest mitral | this year was 34. | straight driver," soys lie, "but with 23 radio st.itlons now the moil beautiful note-diving hook you ever saw." And so on. fur Into th; nljlu. NPV.S Want Atls I'.iy. Tuesday, Wi<clws<l:iy and ' Tlimsiliiy M;m I';iys A Won:;m I'avs A I'emiliy — S<-nrn A .hundred wnmen on his trail— and Uie on? who mattered jusl couldn't be tothcred. Cyclonic . . Star Helen Twelveliws Ivan I.ebedeff Mac Murj-ay Cliiudia D:il Norman Kerry Also Comedy anil Nows Matinee— 2:30 O'clock 10-SOc Ltnvcll Sherman Fables Coming — Clive Pvook "LAWYERS SECRKT". Coming — Joan Ci'iiwl'oi'tl injAdm.—Matinee and Night— "LAUGHING SIN'NKIIS". 10 and 2iK-. .323 Woman suffrage first spoke in America In Maryland in 1GH. when Mistress'Margaret Brent, heir of !.",rd Calvert, (lemanclcd a place In tl'-? lx>gis!aturc of the Colony a.; nn extensive propeity holder. GAMES TODAY Snnthrm^ne Littl? Rock at Uirminelinm. Mobile nt ChnUnnoogn. Nc\v Orleans at Nashville. Aincric.m I.CHKUC St. EvOiils nt \Vnsliington. Qlcvclnnd at Philadelphia. NL«W York at Boston ('}, gnme.s>. Only Ramos scheduled. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. Only games scheduled. New Portland Air Field ... -Wifl Honor Pioneer Flier POP.TLAND, Oregon. (UP) — The memory 'of Silas Christofferson, famed early-day aviator and airplane designer of the Pacific coast, will be honored when "Christofferson Field' 1 Is opened here. The pilot's most sp3ctacular stunt in Portland was on June 11. 1912. nclren a flew a horns-made airplane of silk and bamboo off the roof of a downtown hotel. Later lhat year the flier went .to San Francisco where he amas- fd a fortune of $90,000 in a few :onths carrying passengers. Opening a school, Christoffcr- H>n had as a pupil Roald Amundson. Artie explorer. In 19H he made the first air- A FlRU C-RlP MOD 'WE FACT THAT HE DCeS WOT COCK THF i AS 5TAQS DO. £AT LIGHT AT M£ALT!M£S DRINK HEARTY B£TW£€NTIM€S TO K££P YOURfl6UR£ TRIM Experts will tell you that the ciuh should be pointlnc alonp Ihe direction lino at (he lop of the backswmg. yet not n'.l of them follow that tenchlng. Morton Smith and Chick Evans point Iheir clubs almost skyr.-ard. Because of a firm erip with Ills haniis and the fact that he deer, not cock his wrists as much as | some other stars. Horton Smith's club never reaches a horizontal position. ThU Is not a flaw In his swing; rather, his .winx and wrist action are just as frre an easy as these of other stars who cock ihelr wrists at the top of the barkswins. Cocking of the wrists takes place after the downswing has tcc-n started. There may be a variance in the way some stars point their rlubs at iv .1. pl«ne flight over the .Tthachapi | ths top ol the buckswing but they range from Ssn Francisco to Los jail agree on this: When the hit- AngtlM- The-night set a ne-,vjting region Is reached world's record for one day's fly- uraiiy n-iiii cocked wrist tot-VO mites. . .the club through. Chrlstoflerson was killed on Oct. 3L 191», while testing a tealr- pUnt. they are ists to snap i Is there a set rMsilli.n for Ihc rl»b at ihr top of tlic, lucks«in?? Think nf it—a lie Soto Six (irired linili-r STfllt yrilhiml llic jn.-ridi-i- of any uf tlic quality for ^vlucli 1>C Sdlo is famonjil A DC Solo Si\ for 869S; that's ncwsl Kol a cnr limit lo n price hut n quality oir prici-tl lo^cr tlian ever hi-fyrc. A car for S695 willl n 6T-linrse- poifer cu^inc that gives it a piuooth »pccd of belter thnn 70 milrs an honr; an sccclcration «f SO miles an hour in ftrcnn<l; pn^ rr 1)131 cnn master llic flteepcst hill ivilli cn«cl A car for $69$ wilh A hip, riuiiny, •11-slcrl body fnsctV nnd \\rldnl into one Bolid piece; wilhnntHraitu or joiiiH lolsqueak ur rnlllr; K illi. out wood lo wnrpl A cnr f:ir S693 willi Cliryslrr- dcsigncd MCather[irtHif iiitcrmil The hydraulic br«kc«— *IHITI nelf. cqualiicij; ptwtire and "lofn A cur for $695 wilh • new iloatilc. drnp frAme itint nmkcji possible • very low center of gravily. Let us show JTOII this wnMtionil xlililitm la Ihc I)e Solo line In.ltr. In«pcct it; ridn !n it[ drive iu Then you will ilceiilr, jn»( i k tlioiisands of olhrra hive iln-idril tliAt SfiO."* never Ueforc Iwu^lit IQ much eiiimil value. ot ffc<- /ow-prlre ttaiti DeSoto Sales and Service !17 K. Main Street Going light on heavy meals is not a hardship, unless you're hunger-driven. And meal time won't find you so ravenous if you drink a bice to eat at 10, 2 and 4 o'clock. The sweetness, and at once the tartness, of Dr. Pepper also reduces temptation to take too many solid sweets . . . that tend to produce overweight Dr. Pepper is pure, sparkling, deliciously alive and good. Fruit juice, sugar in pre-digcstcd form, plus plenty of water for bulk and to carry away bodily wastes. Tliis leaves no residue fc:' fat. The new energy, instantly available, keeps you fresh and keen. It satisfies the sweet touth and keeps tho figure trim. ...... I'ltniu- 1. KEEP A CASEON THE ICE AT IO-2 AND 4 O'CLOCK

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