The World from Coos Bay, Oregon on July 16, 1984 · 13
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The World from Coos Bay, Oregon · 13

Coos Bay, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1984
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Monday, July 16, 1984 , THE WORLD, Coos Bay, Ore -Page 13 Gambling equipment is seized SALEM, Ore. (UPIi Nearly 70 law enforcement officers raided over 20 taverns and bars in Marion County Sunday looking for illegal gambling operations and equipment. Twenty-four search warrants were served and the officers seized 71 electronic video poker, keno and slot machines valued at $170,000 according to officials. Investigators said they estimate the illegal gambling operations grossed some 2.5 million dollars per year with around $750,000 in unreported taxable income. The search warrants were issued by District Court Judge C. Gregory West. Leisure Machine Ltd., which sells the machines was raided as well as the residence of LeRoy and Donna Prantl who also sell video machines according to Sheriff Chuck Foster. Business records and money as well as the machines were seized under the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations act. The Oregon Department of Justice and Marion County District Attorneys offices are reviewing the cases and under the RICO act may seek both civil and criminal penealtys. The investigation involved 22 undercover officers from Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Deschutes, Lane and Marion County sheriffs offices. The Oregon State irtfTice. Gresham police and OLCC agents also took part. Foster said the Sunday raids followed a 15-month investigation by the Marion County Sheriff 's office and the Oregon Department of Justice. This is the most extensive investigation ever conducted under the states RICO laws, he said. 1 The investigation, which will continue for several weeks revealed that simular illegal gambling activity exists throughout Oregon. PUBLIC NOTICE INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids for the Bandon SeniorCom-munity Center The Barn" will be received by the City Council, Bandon City Hall, Bandon, Oregon until 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 24, 1984. Bid opening will be conducted in the Council Chamber of the Bandon City Hall, and publicly opened and read aloud immediately thereafter. Plans and specifications may be seen at the office of Richard L. Snapp, Architect, A.I.A., 371 West Anderson Street, Suite 211, Coos Bay, Oregon, (503) 269-7613 and at the following locations: Builders Exchange Co-op, Portland; Construction Cata & News, Portland; Northwest Plan Center, Portland; Eugene Builder's Exchange, Eugene; Bay Area Plan Exchange, Coos Bay; Douglas County Builder's, Roseburg; Oregon Builder's Exchange, Roseburg; Medford Builder's Exchange, Medford; Josephine County Builder's Ex., Grants Pass; Copies of the contract documents may only be obtained from the office of Richard L. Snapp, Architect, A. I. A., P O. Box 1053, Coos Bay, Oregon, 97420 (503-269-7613) upon payment of $15,000 for each set, which deposit is nonrefundable. Individual plan sheets and specification pages may be purchased from the Architect at the price of $1 .25 per plan sheet and $0.25 per specification page. The Offer's or Bidder's attention is called to the "Equal Opportunity Clause" and "Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications" set forth herein. The goals and timetables for minority and female participation, expressed in percentage terms for the Contractor's aggregate workforce in each trade on all construction work in the covered area, areas follows: Goals for minority participation for each trade: 1.5 Goals for female participation in each trade: 6.9 These goals are applicable to alt the Contractor's construction work (whether or not it i$ Federal or federally assisted) performed in the covered area. If the contractor performs construction work in geographical area located outside of the covered area, it shall apply the goals established for such geographical area where the work is actually performed. With regard to this second area, the contractor also is subject to the goals for both its federally involved and non-federally involved construction. The Contractor's complaince witht the Executive Order and the regulations in 41 CRF Part 60-4 shall be based on its im-prementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR 60-4.3 (a), and its efforts to meet the goals established for the geographical area where the contract resulting from this solicitation is to be performed. The hours of minority and female employmenf and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the contract, and In each trade, and the contractor shall make a good faith effort to employ minorities and women evenly on each of Its projects. The transfer of minority or female employees or trainees from Contractor to Contractor or from project to project for the sole purpose of meeting the Contractor goals shall be a violation of the contract, the Executive Order and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60.4. Cbmplalnce with the goals will be measured against the total work hours performed. The Contractor shall provide a written notification to the Director of the Office of Federal Contract Complaince Programs within 10 working days of award of any construction subcontract In excess of $10,000 at any tier of construction work under the contract resulting from this solicitation. The notification shall list the name, address and telephone number of the subcontractor; estimated dorter amount of the subcontract; estimated starting and completion dates of the subcontract; and the geographical area in which the contract is to be performed. As used in this Notice, and in the contract resulting from this solicitation, the "covered area" Is the Bandon area This prolect Is being financed1 by Community Development Block Grant Funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The City of Bandon 1s the recipient of the grant and Is responsible for administration of the grant funds. The Bandon City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive all Informalities. No bidder may withdraw or modify his bid after the hour set for the bidopening or fhereafter for a period ot sixty (60) calendar days. By order of the Bandon City Council, Bandon, Oregon. Ben M. McMakin, City Manager Pub: July 9, It. 1984 Kavido just one Weather roundup voteaway KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (UPI) -A follower of Indian guru Bnagwan Shree Rajneesh missed by one vote becoming an alternate delegate from Oregon to the Republican National convention in Dallas next month. Ma Prem Kavido, who is a precint committee person from Raj-neeshpuram and a member of the Antelope City Council, received seven votes from the 19 members of the state executive committee which selected the alternates during the first day of the three-day state convention Friday. Kavido finished 14th in the balloting to select 13 alternates to join the 35 regular delegates from Oregon to the Republican national convention. Three people tied for the 13th and final slot with eight votes each. One of those candidates resigned and a runoff was held between the other two candidates. A total of 50 people applied for the alternate delegate spots. Among the seven people who voted for Kavido were the partys two national committee people Dortha Moore and Peter Murphy. Kavido in her speech to the executive committee said there are 300 registered Republican voters and a record of a 100 percent voter turnout in Rajneeshpuram. She said thM community has pumped $110 million into the Oregon economy A second Rajneeshee candidate finished 15th with six votes and received the endorsement of Mrs. Moore, who called Ma Prem Debal a hard working party member. The Rajneeshees said they are investigating their status should one of the 13 alternates elected be unable to attend the convention. Kavido said that if one or two alternates are unable to attend there is still a possibility that a follower of the Bhagwan could be a member of the Oregon delegation. There are four Rajneeshee delegates attending the state convention representing Wasco and Jefferson counties. PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF COOS SALLY FOOTE ) vs. ) Plaintiff ) BEATRICE COUCH ) Defendant ) Summons Case No. 84-1272 To BEATRICE COUCH: In the name of the state of Oregon; You are hereby required to appear and answer the Complaint filed aqainst you in the above entitled matter within 30 days from the date of service of this Summons upon you, and if you fail so to answer, for want thereof, the Plaintiff . . . will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the Complaint. NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: READTHESE PAPERS CAREFULLY! You must "appear" in this case or the other side will win automatically. To "appear" you must file with the court a legal paper called a "motion, "or "answer." This paper must be given to the court within 30 days along with the required filing fee. It must be in proper form and have proof of service on the plaintiff orhis attorney to show that the other side has been given a copy of it. If you have questions, you should see an attorney immediately. Bedingfield, Joelson, Gould, Wilgers 8, Dorsey By Roger Gould Attorneys for Plaintiff 243 W. Commercial P.O. Box 29 Coos Bav, Oregon 97420 503-269-5566 Pub: July 2, 9, 16, 23, 1984 SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 9 Request for Bids The Board of Directors of School District No. 9, Coos County, Oregon, will accept bids until 3:00 P.M., August 10, 1984, at the School District Administration Office, 1330 Teakwood Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon (P.O. Box 509, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420) for the purchase of a Time Division Microprocessor Control Digital PABX System. Bid proposals, In order to be considered, must be made on the furnished forms, completely filled out and in accordance with specifications and Instructions. Bids must be accompanied by bid security in the form of a cashier's check or bid bond executed In favor of School District No. 9 In an amount not less than ten percent (10) of the total amount of the bid, to be forfeited by any successful bidder as fixed and liquidated damages should the bidder fall or neglect to enter ihto a contract and provide suitable bond for the faithful performance of the work. A performance and payment bond in the amount of one hundred percent (100H) of the contract price, with a corporate surety approved by the District, will be required within ten consecutive days of the award of the contract. Bids must also contain a statement by the bidder, as a part of the bid, that bidder will comply with the provisions required by ORS 279.350 through 279.354 relating to prevailing wage rates. The bid security furnished by each bidder will be retained by the District and the possibility of awarding a bid to a bidder other than a successful bidder, shall remain in effect and subject to acceptance for a period of twenty )20 days following the initial awarding of the bid. If any Is awarded. If the bidder to whom the bid Is Initially awarded falls to totally qualify within tun ( 10) days of the awarding of the bid, the District may declare tfe initial successful bidder's security fobe forfeited, and award the bid to any other qual'fled Initial bidder. Upon awarding the bid to a qualified bidder, and upon complete qualification by that bidder, all other bid security provided by unsuccessful bidders will be returned by the District. Specifications are available at the School District Administration Office, 1330 Teakwood Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon. The Board of Directors of School District No. 9 reserve the right to reject any or all bids and to waive all Informalities. John w. Crowley, Supt. -Clark School District No. Pub: July 9, 16, 1984 The tide tables To correct time of High or Low water for ports given below, subtract from the District Tide Tables as indicated. ASTORIA DISTRICT TABLE National Weather Service forecasts are broadcast 24 hours a day at 162.400 MHz in Coos Bay and 162.550 MHz in Brookings. Temperatures Disorders linked to recession BALTIMORE (UPI) - The most recent recession will continue to affect Americans health into the 1990s causing mental disorders, criminal activity and an estimated 400,000 early deaths, a report prepared for Congress says. The study conducted at the request of the Joint Economic Committee and released recently updated the findings of a similar 1976 study that for the first time linked economic dislocation and societys health patterns. Prepared by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions researcher M. Harvey Brenner, who pioneered economic-health research, the study concluded health consequences of the unemployment peaks of 1980-81 will only now begin to surface. A companion study by Jeanne Prial Gordus and Sean McAlinden of the University of Michigan that looked at unemployment during the 1973-74 recession period found similar results. The human agony brought on by recessions is immense, said Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., vice chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, said of the studies findings. Added Brenner : It is clear that the social costs associated with national economic decisions may be substantial. Economic policy decisions, therefore, can be assumed to have a profound effect on many aspects of societal health and well-being. The effects of the recession which peaked at 10.7 percent unemployment with nearly 12 million people out of work also will be worsened by the inability of many Americans to afford health care and proper nutrition, the report said. It estimated that each percentage-point increase in the jobless rate will be mirrored by a increase of 1.2 percent in the nations mortality rate, 1.7 percent in suicide, 4.2 percent in the population in mental hospitals and 4 percent in arrests Brepner attriouted the health problems to stress, which causes harmful changes in the body's im-rilune system, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems, aggression and depression. But he said indirect influences on health - such as increased cigarette and alcohol consumption will cause almost twice the number of deaths. In addition, each 10 percent decline in per capita income will result in a 1 percent increase in mortality, a 3.8 percent rise in suicide and a 2.6 percent jump in imprisonments, the report said. Combined, the negative effects of the recession could cause an estimated 400,000 early deaths over the next 15 years with most occurring in the nett three to five years. People read spot ads ... you are now. Monday night showers are forecast for portions of the central Plateau Region, Central Plains and middle Mississippi and the South Atlantic Coast. Elsewhere, weather will be fair in general. UPI Telephoto. San Francisco 78 62 ... Seattle 85 58 ... National scene By United Press International Thunderstorms caused flash floods in Californias Death Valley and tore up trees in Missouri and Kentucky while record high temperatures jammed beaches throughout southern New England. Storms extended early today from the southern Plains along the Gulf Coast and up the Atlantic Coast to New York. Southern California was hit by flash flooding, damaging winds and a mudslide late Sunday during storms that dumped 1 .38 inches of rain on Riverside . Flash floods were reported at several points in the Mojave Desert, and the California Highway Patrol said most roads into Death Valley were closed because of flash floods and debris on the highways. Oregon high-low By United Press International Here are the 24 hour high-low Extended forecast Wednesday through Friday By United Press International Western Oregon: Morning clouds on the coast and north interior, otherwise mostly sunny. Highs on the coast 65-75. Inland temperatures will be 80-85 in te north and 90-95 in the south. Lows will be in the 50s. Northern Idaho: Dry with near normal temperatures. Highs in the 80s and 90s. Southern Idaho: Dry with near normal temperatures. Highs in the mid 80s to low 90s. Lows in the 50s to mid 60s. Western Washington: Fair except for areas of night and morning low clouds. Cooler. Highs mostly in the 60s on te coast and upper 60s and 70s inland. Lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s. Eastern Washington: High clouds at times but otherwise fair. Not quite so hot. Highs in the 80s and low 90s in te north and 80s to mid 90s in the south. Lows in the 50s and lew 60s. Western Montana: Hot and mostly dry. Highs 85-100. Lows 45-60. Some normal high and low temperatures and five day precipitation amounts July 16 through July 20 are: Astoria 68-52 and .14. Baker 86-49 and .05. Burns 85-55 and .05. Eugene 83-51 and .02. Klamath Falls 86-52 and .03 Medford 92-55 and .03. SPECTACULAR STEEL-BELTED RADIAL WR-12' This is the same great all-season radial thats appearing as original equipment on thousands of hand new 1964 cars. A real buy at these prices! MASTERCARD SERVldi MASTERCARD SERVICE MattcrCart RadiatorCooling System Change MastcrCares radiatorcooltng service starts with a complete (tush of the radiator and cooling system Then well check ill belts up to 2 gallons o IfutcrCare ' Tire Rotation When you rotate your tires every 5.000 miles or to, you attend their life by offering new "face to the road Its like putting a fresh tire nl each wheel position on your car. We'U rotate your tires and Inflate them to recommended pressure - to Increase your tire mileage, gaa mileage handling, and riding comfort Only MasterCard Labe and Oil Change Think of sd an your engine s Wood eupply If needed to wduee Internal wear and tear caused by the friction of normal operation Dirty oil with grit buildup and oi addKtvs breakdown, can cat away at Intemalyetems Fbeetone wl change y to five quant of hfh-q halp your car to a long longer heahhkr Hfe 1600 MAITEICAIE rKOMT END ALIGNMENT irately adjustable angles to the manufacturer aperlfkaOoas on Amtrttan can and many Imports (Chemises, toe only) If any parts are worn and naed replacing, there la an ir Service Matter wlU erua charge. contort w 22 MOST CARS 4 WHEEL ALXMMENT AVAILABLE MOST stores 'it.oo extra most cars 90 DAYS &AME AS CASH on revolving charge at Fireetone Korea and many Fireelone dealer a Minimum monthly payment roqutrod. 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