The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1967 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1967
Page 10
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Pag* Ten -Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, January 10, 1967 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION —AD classified edvertlslm most be ID by 4 p.m. preceding day of publication except for Monday's tune when Ad» mast be In before nooa Satarday. o>0) turn v*' on* oooMcutiM tosertion. 4 . .... Minimum enam .......... vso i tlmB per Una ........... • •••• Si Omw ;n Ita- P« <>W ...... "° 3 times ptt line per dar ...... SOo I times per Une per d»y ...... Ho Month per line ............ I- 00 a Une minimum . Count (our rang* words to the "Si orter«J for tare, or wven Urne. .nd stopped before «P r»- 5*1 will be charged 'or the num- Eer Brume* '.he ad appeared «nd Zdjustmente 01 bill made. Cash r.- tonds mint be ricked up within ? d»y». All clalUllea 1 edvertlilnj cop? eurt b. accompanied by yuh. E-.te* m«,j be eadW computed from the -•*•?« table. Advertising ordered lot more than one incorrect cl anj clMilfied ad. All ids are restricted to then proper classified style and tjye- 5ne courier Newt reserrei the right to edit or reject any «d(Notice: Tw» toei ol • itanding classified advertisement may to changed In any SMay period at a charge of «0 cents. When additional changes are required, the advertisement will be billed ai a new ad- vertiiement) YOU'LL FIND this slip of a dress for the youthful miss a tielightful party-goer with lacj yoke and lace trimmed puffed sleeves. No. 1460 with PHOTO-GUIDE Is in sizes 10 to 18, bust 31 to 58. Size 12, 32 bust, require 3% yards of 55-inch. SEE EXCITING new fashions In the Fall & Winter '66 issue of Basic FASHION, our complete pattern magazine. Only 50 cents a copy. Send We tor eacfi pattern. —To Order Mail To:— tlythnillt Conritr Ntws rottem Depr. 723 407 South Wader Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60607 Ifarat .....»«•••«••••«•••••••••••» Addrtn •« State .• » Zip...... Fatten No Sit Faihion look Q for lint das mailing oil We <w taett pattern. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY Adding MMMntt W^HJWWWW^WWVN^I^^Ari Underwood — Olivetti Sales - Services - Rental* Business Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 3-899 Appliinct Refinishing Hatch old to n«w. color Bptelt tat. PO 3-487>. < Pil. Auto Uphohtory Ou-Truck-Fftrm equip, tentn, Ql tort'*, WO E. Kiln. PO 3-6742. 11-3 ck UMIx* iuu DOM. wruwTlll. Inn * Iliui PO IHMM M» ck i Cert CetnMtict Ltdltt now needed to (111 mean eles. We can help you make mono In your iparf tlm«, Call PO 3*43? tftw *. 1-t pk 1 B.FGoodrich SERVICE SPECIAL FOR JANUARY 330 N. Broadway Phone PO 3-8116 PLENTY FREE PARKING Adjust Brakes & Pack Front Wheel Bearings $1.39 Plus Parts Shocks 2 ^ $13.88 4 for $27.76 • INSTALLED FREE • 21.00(1 MILES OR Z4 MONTH WARRANTY Mufflers As Low As $8.88 Installed Free Front-End Alignment AIR CONDITIONER EXTRA BRAKES RELINED \- 1 "" 19 • The Straight Talk Tire People • Expert Mechanic EASY CREDIT TERMS! NO MONEY DOWN Foam Rubber FOAM BOBBER. ALL SIZES, Gtt- BERT'S 600 E. MAIN. PO £6742. ^ Equipment Rental f^,j-,_ w«v~~~--^" Bulldozer-rajnt-DacK Ho» Air compressors Gas & Electric Welders' WbMlbarrows-Plcks & shovel. Water Pumps Heavy Jacks - Cranes Trucks & HandwrencbM Carpenters Tools Plumbers Mechanical TooH Tard is Garden Tools Wheelchair.* Rollaway Bed Ask for anything not listed We deliver Ph PO 3-8292 or PO 3-373» Kelton Francis FRANCIS AND FOB Furniture Wanted Wonted Used rurnitarn Johnon Furn. So. 61, PO 3-7777. 10-14 pit 1-14 ^^wyuuvww • ~~. ~v~v~ Income Tax Service! All tax forms completed. I come o your home nt no extra cnarep. 3all Leroy nlchnrdson nt PO 3-1J55 r PO 3-3840 lor appointment any- ime. I' 3 ck a " ! Insurance Call PO 3-4553 For Complete Insurance Protection V,}. POLLARD AGENCY Planned Protection BUthevllle Federal Bulldlnt Musical Instruments Baby Grand nlano M50. Bill Hurst Organ studla,>la Z a shopping Ceu ; rca . wr. 'PO 3-0505. 12-21 cfc 1-21 Outboard Motors \A^*W^A*w^~'"^' v ^*'° JV% * xnfl outooarn rtotor lepfttrs ft»d flbreBlas. repairs. BTBTJM HARDWARE. 116 E. Main. 10-8 at tf Rug Cleaning GENERAL RDd CLEANERS Wn nlean wall to wall carpots, other rues, title & hardwood. Also upholstery. David Bonner, PO S-j Peerless Rug Cleaners Delivery Service Duplex unlurn. LE 2-8452 Small Jurnlshed house. Call PO 3-3959. 1-6 P* 1-10 3 rooms & bath furn. house. Available Jan. 15, 1128 W. Ash. PO-Kn 2329 Birch. 2 bdrm. house, newly dec., good as new. PO 3-9602.^ ^ 2 bedroom trailer. U4 baths. Snace ic water lurnlshed. $90 per month. LK 2-5335 or PO 3-8438. 1-5 pK J-1J 5 Bdrm mobile home, can see be- ilnd West Grocery on S. Buddie Ed. 1-4 P k I- 12 2 rm. turn. apt. ut. pd. $75 mo. PO 3-6B61 or PO 3-4791, 1-4 ok « 1 bdrm trailer, nlca location ?30 mo. PO 3-1843. 12-27 ck tj 3 bdrm mobile home. Like new. J85. mo. 2 bdrm house newly decorated Inside. 465. Both In Gosnell LE 2-8128 or LB 2-8536^ ^ ^ 3 room furn. apt. $25.50, 3 room turn, apt, $35.50. utl paid PO 3-9029 12-28 pk 12-31 2 rm, 3 rm fura. house. 110 E. Ash. PO 3-6304 alter 5. 12-20 wp 1-21 House at 413 E. Kentucky. *65 mo. PO 3-3678 after 5 p.m. 12-24 ck tf Furnished 6-room house is bath, $50. Yarbro. Pf~» .1-4306. 12-15 pk 1-15 2 nice clean trailers, 2 & 3 bdrm, Mnthls Trailer Court, South Highway 61. 12-15 ck tf 3 bdrm furn. house. 701 S.E. Parkway. PO 2-2585, 12-28 pk 1-20 3 room furnished house with shower PO 3-8272. 12-16 pic 1-16 Nice 3 bdrm brick IV. baths, fenced yard. Possession Jan.. 1st Rent $105 mo. PO 3-4460 or PO 3-7660 12-16 ck tf Modern turn. 2-bdrm. house, 40T . Rose St. PO 2-2668. 12-15 pk 1-15 1-2 bdrm house, 1-3 bdrm house. PO 3-8790. 12-14 pk 1-14 5-room furn house & bath. Day PO 3-4489 or nights PO 3-8292. ' 12-13 ck tt Store Bldg. 25' x 100' brick on W Main PO 3-7905 12-12 pk 1-12 4-rm. unfurn house, PO 3-1843 12-15 ck tf New 2 bdrm trailer. Arcadia Motel ia-17 en t 2 BR mobile home. Close In town Wt. turn. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. B-24 ck tf For Rent—Apartments Sandblasting W« renjora rust, corroblon, old uulnt and etc., Irom tneUl bj MUl- jlsstlng. No Item too large or small jno. O. UcHiney & Bonn, tao.^ ^ Seat Covers SEAT'COVEKS, ? & UP INSTALLED, GILBERTS, 600 E. MAIN, PO 3 ^'. ™-Z? Seotie Tank Service v^w^nn^w^wv ^^sv*~~~-~~v^^ I clean septic tanks, cess pools, grease traps and eewer lines. All work guaranteed, dene Nuckles. 2007 W. Vine. PlythOTlllc. Ark. Pi. PO 3-«4»2. 8-20 pk 1-20 Structural Steel Wire rope, new <a used angle Dice oUte. Channel, etc. Blythe- rlU* 1MB * MCU1. PO 3-6888. 4-22 ck tf Vacuum Cleaners Klrbr Vacuums Martha Jordan PO 2-22W 800 W. Moultlre 12-16 pit 1-17 Venltlan Blinds repaired. Gordon Harris 817 chlckuawbs. Phone PO 2-2898. 1-3 P* 2 ' 4 For Rent 3-bertroom brlr.k, I", bnths, fenced vard other rxtra». Excellent neighborhood. S100 month. PO 3-8614. 3-room unfurn. apt. 208 W. Ken tuckv. PO 3-0489. 1-10 ck l-l: 2-bdrm. furn. apt. $65 mo. 322 S Lake, PO 2-2511. 1-10 pk 1-14 4-rm. furn. apt. $50. Water furn PO 3-8243, PO 3-8672. 1-5 pk 2-S 3 rm. furn. apt. 623 W. Walnut PO 2-2319 1-4 pk l-i: 2 bdrm unfurn. house. $65 1032 W Walnut PO 3-6040. 1-4 ck I 7-rm. home & buth, nouth of Remoddlnc. rent hy 17th. L. H, Oalnen. 1-10 pK 1-H 3-rm. house, hath to. pantrv for Sr. cltl»n«. ?M K. Main SI... BWele. Contact I.urlllr Btroi:rtfr, HMt Service SIB. 895-8725 betwwi I) to II A.M. l-l'l pit 1-18 3-rm. hounf. hath, v.nn, vinfiirn. ' or 3. 1(101 W. Aflh. 1-10 pk 17 Coupl 2-bdnn. furn. hoim-, V/J. Dnv« PO 3-0422, nltc» PO 3-71)10. 1-10 nk 2-10 Store building K, M»ln, 35' x »0'. Has gas hent, r>tovR hnnftlnft from celling. Pluoreficenl llRhllng. Would tell If desired. PO 3-3483 l-i ck tt 3 br. trwllw, Barker CourU, PO 3-4679 - S pm. 1-8 pk 5-10 Nlcr turn. llOMtt, Davll SI. Ull. tt, eO 3'im PO J-7862. 1-7 pk 2-8 2 rm. modern fur. apt. For 1 person $12 50. For n couple $15.00 per wk Utl furn. PO 2-2112 or PO 3-3331 1-4 ck t 2 bdrm. unfurn. duplex. ISO Hcarn. $60. PO 3-3126 or PO 3-7656 1-4 pk 2- Duplex furn. apt. $60 ppr mouth Living room, bedroom, bath, din Inc room, & kitchen. 1011 W. AsV Hubbard & Hoke Furniture. PO 3 4409. 12-30 Ck t Small furn. house ut. pd. rea 504 s. Franklin St. 12-28 pk 12-3 2 it 3 rm. furn. apt. ut. pd. PO 3-6417. . 12-23 pk 1-2 1 bedroom lurnlshed duplex. $65 1034 W. Walnut. PO 3-6040. 12-20 ck t Nice 4-room unfurn. modern ap for 1 or 2 adulte. COO Walnut, PC 2-2921. 12-6 ck t rum «pt». PO 3-60M or PO 2-204 10-11 ck tt Town House appartment none bet ter. Vacancy Jan. 1. Location 100 W Davis PO 3-4050 12-5 ck t 4-room apartment, unfurn, Elec trio stove 4s refrigerator turn. Car port. Avail. D«o. 15. PO 3-7171. 12-1 ck U Modern furn. »pt., 3 rm. bath gas equipment, air condition ed Couple only. P. Simon. Ph PC 3-3373 or PO 3-3181. 1-17 ck ' Efficiency »pt. completely turn and equipped. Utl. turn. By aw week or month. PO 3-81«. 1-91 ok t 2 BB fum. ^>t., t mr BOJT Uot.l. PO utl. rum. Drum For saw ELECTROLUX Sales & Service on-av L re, ro s-WM _ Antique end tables. Have been ro finished. Verv unusual. PO 3 'j' 73 . 1 ' 1 Tlmex-Repalr-Servlce Tlm«x watchM lactory recondition rd. Mull with $3.50 plus Sllc postap A' Insurance In Tlmcx Rfl» '• SPl vice, P.O. floic SU, BlylhcvlHc. Ar ktnui. MO Pk »•»• OTASCO 203 West Main Auto Service SPECIAL! Wheel Alignment $3.88 Add $2.00 for Air Gond. 4 Shocks Installed 24,000 Mile Warranty Complete Brake Job 4 Wheels $14.88 Wheel Balancing 99cea. Includes Weights Batteries 6 Volt . $8.88 12 Volt $11.88 El. Installed Free TUNE-UP Includes Parts And Labor $14.88 1 Complete radiator Shop. K. M. arkfn PO 3-4523 1-9 ck 2-9 TARTE-RS - BATTERIES GENERATORS Installed while you wait for most uto truck and tractors. K. M. arkln Auto Parts-620 E. Main hone PO 3-4523, Blytheville, Ark. 1-9 ck 2-9 Complete hot mix plant spreader & roller, CMC truck, 2—10 yd. dump raller. TD14A International dozier, ase tractor, front end loader, grad- r blade, brush hog, portable elec. elder, 1955 Chev. dump truck. AC Todel D motor patrol. Owen Butler, 3 Magnolia Lane, Sunset Hills, nrngould, Ark. CD 6-6108 after 6 1-7 pk 1-11 6 room house. 122 W. Cherry. Call PO 2-2903. 1-6 pk 2-7 Spfnet piano. $488. Slightly used. Ill Hurst Organ Studio, Plaza Shop- Ing Center. PO 3-9505. 1-7 ck 1-13 Collie puppies. AKC registered. R 1-9301, Slkeston. Mo. 1-7 pk 2-7 Thoroughbred Bassett puppies, all ED 3-2136 in Caruthersville. 1-7 pk 1-15 DISPERSAL'SAIiE—2 BIG DAYS— 'airy, registered angus cattle, ma- hlnery. January 16, 11:00 a.m.—98 ead Grade A Holsteln Dairy Cuttle, Pith 750 gallon bulk tank, complete ne of machinery including 2 bull- ozers, 7 tractors, 4 trucks, plus all quipment, hog feeders and wnler- rs. Janunry 17, 11:00 a.m. 82 regis- cred angus cattle, plus 70 head f stock cows and heifers. Bud Carr, . View, Phone 417 WE 4-2372. 1-11 ck 1-12 720 LP John Deere tractor, 4 row Ctitter. 4 row cultivator, 13 disc. 1 nlle W. of Blytheville, PO 3-3893. 1-7 pk 1-16 19" Portable GE TV. Like n )aveno. 35mm camera. 8'x35' Nashua housotratlor. FO 3-4337. 1-6 pk 1-14 Due to financial circumstances, nke over pymts. on '65 Singer xig- /fig. 8 pymts. of $7.80 or $50. Walnut console. $289.50 new. Write Box C.C. lourier News. 1-5 pk 1-11 100 player piano rolls, $25. Bill Hurst Organ Studio. PO 3-9505, 1-5 ck tf Spinet Organ, walnut finish. Like lew, $425. Bill Hurst Organ Studio. PO 3-9505. 12-31 ck tf 3 rm. house & furniture, 210 1 ! arolyn, Inquire nt 2103. 1-4 pk 1-12 Geneva metal kitchen cabinets. 509 Hardln St. 1-4 pk 1-12 19" GE portable slim-line TV. Also. 1964 Renault Daulphine. Good condition. PO 3-0950. 1-3 pk 1-11 REOISTEBES HAMSHIRE BBED GILTS. A large selection to farrow n January, February & March. Also service age boars. Hinds Farms, Willow Springs, Mo. PH 417-4692029 12-28 pk 1-14 WANT BARGAINS Then visit us. . .Clothing, shoes radios, record players, TVs, Bhot Suns and revolvers. AIR BASE PAWN SHOP Across from main gate at Gosnell. W. P. Sharp manager. 12-20 CK 1-20 Pups. AKC mini, poodles. The Pet Shop. 433 So. Div. PO 3-3101. 12-13 pR 1-13 POOL & SNOOKER TABLES— Phone B57-823S Corning, Ark. 12-19 pt 1-19 Nice 3-hdrm. house with bath carport located at 1220 S. llth. Pay small downpayment and pay out like paying rent PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 11-17 ck tf _ owner—1608 Meadow Lane. 3 aedroom brick, built-in range. Corner lot. Pay equity and assume percent loan. $98.17 monthly. PO 3-7788. 1-7 pk 1-11 Commerlcal property 1209 W. Main. Mrs. Sample. PO 3-3565. 1-6 pk 1-14 109 Country club road. This three aedroom house with two Xull baths s being offered below the appraised value. Corner lot. To see Is to appreciate. On Promised ~Land Road at the South end of Ruddle. Three bdrms., ivlng room; family room and built ;n kitchen. 83' frontage. Has city water and natural gas. For quiet, comfortable living, buy this. 3/4 acre lot north of Half Moon. 105' frontage and 328' depth. Buy and build. Magnolia Street. 140' X 140' lot with two bdrm. house. Six large pecan rees. Want a Duplex? I have them. See me, Raymond Zachry Realtor 420 Park St. Phone PO 3-8815 1-5 ck 1-17 BY OWNER - LARGE HOME. 3 BE. lir, BATH. BUILT IN KITCHEN, CENTRAL HEAT. CARPET THROUGHOUT. LARGE LIVING 'BOOM, 2 PATIOS. DOUBLE DRIVE .CARPORT, 16 X 16 UTILITY ROOM, NEAR PA1RV1EW SCHOOL, BUY LOW EQUITY. AND ASSUME MORTGAGE OP SSI PER MONTH. SEE AT 113 W. HARDIN. PO 3-7668. 1-4 pk 2-5 Duplex by owner. 5l.i% loan. PO 3-6040. 12-20 ck tf 113 Logan Lane. PO 3-0824 for complete Information. 1-4 pk 1-12 3-bedroom brick home. Excellent condition. Shown by appointment only. Loean Lane. Six years old and In excellent con- Ition. Three bedrooms, .family room- kitchen combination. Near Palrview school. Low payments. Shown by appointment only. Other listings In all sections of Blytheville. No down payment on some. Rentals also. Allison & Associates, Inc. 605 South Second - Phone PO 3-4514 12-10 cfc 1-13 8 lots at Gosnell phone PO 3-6331 11-30 pk 12-31 70.000 BTU gas floor furnace, LE 2-8398 after 5:30 p.m. 11-23 ck tf 55 gal steel B»rtage Barrels Free delivery PO 3-7191 13 1-3 ck «! Used Pugldalre notom^tlc washers. Used Maytag washers All strictly guaranteed. HALSELL « Wttl'11 307 W Ualn WATKB PUMTD Sales ana Remce tor uouia Dem- Ing Lero and Modern Water softeners Huhbard Hardware 213 W Main Dog houses, porch swings. Reasonable. George Nan. 201 N. 22nd St. PO 3-6738. 11-17 ck tf We make pnotostatlc copies. Money loaned on diamonds. We bny old gold rings. O'Steen's Jewelry 105 W. Main Money orders, Cltj Drug. 1 days per w«et »-i e> tf Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE Ouil heni. SOo. 8*uell Bgg P»rm PO S-79W. W C* ti hor Salt or Tradt Will trade guns lor used car. Must be In excellent condition. Oil I LE 2-8135 anytime. 1-3 pk 1-11 1965 long wheel base pickup, 1964 pickup, 1360 Dump-Uodge & several other personal trucks, terms. oTs.Rolll.on, W. Highway 18, PO 3-9073 or 3-3309. 12-13 pk 1-13 For Property Happy New Year N. Hlghwny 61 - Let the children run on this acre of ground, partially fenced with 3 bedrooms. family room, dining room, and 2 baths. Some years paid, buy equity and take over low interest loans. 704 S. Tennessee - 3 bedroom brick home close to Falrview school. Buy equity and assume loan payments oi $93.52 per month. Central beat net ceramic bath. Missouri Street - 2 bedroom home, complete with central heat, vanity in bath, attached garage. Buy equity and assume loan. Close in. 417 Eastwood - 3 bedroom home on corner lot. Built-in range and carpeting in living room. Reasonable equity and assume loan. MaxLoganRealtor Ph. PO J-3033 Harold R. Knop Satesmu Nile PO 3-4233 Milton snow. Salesman Kit. FO 3-4613 1-3 ck 1-11 WANTED! Atk to get on our waBfttf «* YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE BIG! QUANTITY ITEM 1 —G.E. AM-FM Stereo Console like new MONTHLY PAYMENT 2 2 2 1—23" G.F. T.V. on roll-around base very nice 12 '9 —Norge Wringer Washers very good )—Used Full Size Gas Ranges nice . . I —Used 72' G.F. Chest Freezer real nice •8" Crosley Refrigerator see it today —9' G.E. Refrigerator, like new this one will sell quick 4 —900x75 Nylon White sidewall tires tree mounting :.,...., '5 $ 8 '5 7 7 Most all sizes, blacks and whites. Some you cannot tell from ]/ PRICE new. Fully Guaranteed. /2 OR LESS TIRES GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES White lady who needs a home to care for 3 school age children. Room and board plus small salary. Call LE 2-5276 or write 1646 A. SAFE 1-6 pk 1-12 Car hops, experience not necessary. We will train, must apply i n person, Kream Kaatle Drive-In, 112 N. Division. 12-29 ck tf ATTENTION ALL CARPENTERS- Blytheville Carpenter Local 884 Is lowerlnr it's initiation fee to $15, through Feb. 28, 1967. All carpenters welcome. 2148 Edwards St. Call Henry Gargis, PO 3-3372. 12-14 cfc 1-15 Waitress. Apply In person. Arcadia Res'surant. South Highway 61. 12-31 ck tf Part or full tl. Mary Prances Cosmetics has opening for. women interested in exciting new make up techniques. 3 hrs. da. Earnings S40 to $80 per wk. PO 3-3866. Help Wanted, Male CAREER.SALES — Future management opportunity for qualified person with sales or .public contact background. College graduate or equivalent in experience. Comprehensive training program. Top security benefits. Salary to $6.001) plus commissions while learning. Write PO. Box 58. Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901. An Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F. 1-9 ck 1-15 Funsral Car Production Superintendent Needed. Must have experience, Engineering degree or equivllant knowledge preferred. Exceptional opportunity to TOW with new organization. Fringe benefits. Must be willing to relocate. Send detailed resume stating salary requirements to Box MN c/o Courier News. 12-31 pk 1-11 WANTED—Man or may who cares for their family, wants the finer things In life not content witl. S100 per week. Wants their own business. f in be their own boss. For Interview write M. P. Taylor, Boi 375 or Call WE 2-4969 Jonesboro Help Wanted Male or Female GOOD'PAY FO'R"BEING YOUR OWN BOSS HKh Income hourly or weekly, servicing customers In section of Bly- trieville. Write C. R, Ruble, Dept. j-2, P.O. Box 2447, Memphis Term- For Sal* Cars & Trucks 1949 Ford pickup, PO 3-1400. 1-10 pk 1-18 '64 Chevy TI Nova 4 door sedan 6 cylinder, powerplide trans., radio and heater, white sidewall tires. \VH' take trade-in and finance, call PO 3-1900 after 6 p.m. 1-10 ck 1-13 bath, 4-door sedan 1962 Ford Qalaxie 50( Power steering, radio A, heater. Good cond. $550 or oest offer. PO 3-1175. 1-7 pk 1-16 He|p~wintid Famato THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR YOU. If you wear cosmetics, have a pleasing personality, are over thirty, can spend <-5 hours dally »way from home and havp a car. Excellent earnings psslhlr. Write Box --- - • i giving " —' " Permanent Blytheville resident to Will do baby sitting in my home >0 3-6393. I' 4 P k *•" Will do babysitting day or night PO 3-1220. 1-* P* w ' Lest & Found LOST - KODAK camera, on Marguerite. PO 3-7341 or after 5 JO 42437. ' Janet Battles Is now associated with Betty's Beauty Shop. PO 3-3676 1-6 pK ^-1 Guitar lessons. lor teenagers. Cai: O 3-6815 or PO 3-6498 1-6 ck tt PO 3 Special - Large Jumbo hamburgers with French Fries. 53c. Steaks anc short orders and sandwiches Anc don't forget our Hot Tamales 3 Sr Me. B & L cafeteria, 108 E k A^eal good place to meet and eat - Starting Jan. 9, Betty and Lettle's Cafeteria: 108 E. Main will be open 24 hours a day. (evccpt Sunday night). Operated at night by Tom and Nad'.ne Essary. 1-4 pk 1-12 m. Ulsilitlppi count? Onict, M,sslnn needs youi lurplus ciothme nouMtsW rtenu, nudwitj, rum- iture etc Pleiw ul) PO 3-8380 01 riS to 411) C -Win 4-18 i* tf C. A. Moody Gro. & Mkt. , mile West of Base Main Jate, Open 7 days a week. 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. U-14 pk Mi LEDBETTERS DISCOUNT SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAT 3-11 CK M Personal KEY FARMERS—Don't forget to bring In the key you received in the mail and try it in the Fibber McGee closet. You could be ft winner. Remember, your key farmer sweepstakes entry must be deposited by January 3lst. You don't have to buy a thing to be a winner. 1-10 ck 1-11 Warned Settled lady to Irpe in home, & care for 4U vear old child. Small salary. PO' 3-7226. 1-5 ck tf Fish eaters. All the catfish & hush puppies you can eat for S2.00 Arcadia Restaurant. South Highway 61 12-3 1 ck 2-1 NEW SERVICE * Generator and Starter Repair We also fix flats, buy and sel] used tires, welding work, wheel balancing. We still have some garbage bar- eels and racks left. GOOSEY'S TIRE SHOP & GARAGE Rear of Strickland's Gro. N. 61 Hi-way PO 3-9734 Wanted to Buy Used pianos & organs. PO 3-7971. Skidmore Piano Co. 12-20 ck tf Antique rifles, and guns. O'Steen'B 105 E. Main. PO 3-4522. 10-17 ck tf WANTED: Dsed furniture. Halsel) ; White. Ph. 3-8096 or PO 3-2045 Private Kooms Nicely furnished bedroom, private bath, entrance. PO 3-3109. 12-31 pk 1-31 Rooms, private & double, men only. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050. 12-16 ck tf hememrjer Pay Your P.'per Boy HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE CO. 1420 Union Ave. Phone 2J4-4400 Memphis 4, Tennessee Call for Free consultation. Insurance for Estate Planning Key Man, Partnership and Corporation Group Pension Retirement and Hospitalization. Tax Returns and Bookkeeping Service Efficient - Confidential Virgil Davis Complete Ins. Protection • Auto • Fire • Life • Homeowners DAVIS INS. AGENCY 120 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE PO 3-0994 or PO 3-0995 Enroll Now for 2nd Semester Classes BLYTHEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FARMERS BANK BUILDING Complete Courses or Individual Subjects Available In Day or Night Classes PHONE PO 3-7496 or Write to P.O. Box 503, Blytheville, For Complete Information Approved For Veteran Training We Give Our Best Advice, Performance, Service. That Is Why We Hove All Of The Best Customers. BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway Manufacturing and Machine Workt PO 2-2911

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