The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1932
Page 5
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BIiYTHEVlLLE COURIER NBWS rat comma NTWB cc, PUBLUUM •;'. 0. H. BAJKOCK, JUKOt H. W, HAIKiB, Adverttsinc *C«nu« Sol* NtUoeal AdvntUliii Rcprewfttai'.res: • ••-'• Arktuu Dtlliet, Me- New York, CUIuio. -JetwU, 6t. UMta. toll**. Kinsi* City, UUk Rack. . • . Puhlitbtd Every AUernooii Except Rondty, ' Bntertd u second claw matter a* the post 'jfflre it BlytrievlII*, Arkansas, under let o." Cemijres! October 9, 1817, Serves 8y me Urutej press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In the city of BlyCievllle, 1C* per Veek or W.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, $150 lor six months, 85o for thr?e monllis; DV nwul in postal zones U p o lo six, Inclusive, nifnj per year, In zones seven and elfiht, HG.OO per> year, payable In sdvaiicv. 1 . Integrity The exact words do not cnmo t<> rriiml, but somewhere in the Uil)lc Jesus says thai He cannot suvu Hit righteous, meaning not, uf course, llilit tljey need no saving, Ijul lliiil ackinnvl-. cdgcmcul of wrong doing is essential I" salvation. Bobby Burns, who djcl nol try to kid liimself or other folks as to what kind of a fellow he was, prayed for the gift to "see ourselves as other.-i see us." "Hobby had the lU'lit idea, bul lie might better have asketl for the ability to sec ourselves as we see others. It is difficult to recognize in ourselves the failings.tlnil arc obvious in others. If It were not so the world , would have fewer hypocrites. For the worst hyiwcrisy is nut, in deliberately doing wrong, while pretending to be virtuous, but in being so blinded by self-righteousness us lo be unable to see one's own wrong doing. The man who can be true lo himself, who can recognize the elhknl implications of his own actions has attained a degree of integrity shared by few who lay claim to morality. He at least, knows what is the matter with him, which is more than can he said of most of those with high pretensions to personal and social righteousness. If there is any one thing which above all others is responsible for the ills of the world today it is .the common human .failing of placing outward observance of traditional rules of conduct ahead of iincierslawling of whnl con- duel is best for the world and how one's own conduct measures iip. Circumstances may not always permit right aclion, but at leasl it, is important to-know better than most of u; do know what action i-s right, and to be better able than we are now to recognize our • own sidc-.sleyping and back-stepping. A Chicago surgeon jays American boys and Clrls are crazy for n. good lim?. A lot of sto:lc inorltet investors have found out they were crazy ior nothing at all. We Must Face These Fuels In Highway Finance.; County Judge Rulhven of Baxler coiiiuy vigorously objects lo use of llic one-cent additional Basolliio tnx revenue to meet road Improvement, district Indebtedness. He wants ihc receipts from Hie cIMli rail lo continue to t;o 10 tin. 1 counties. Till' Haxler county pxeeiilHi- urines ivnscji:- ably fiKiiiph, that the county mdiji^ must luive nn iisy.ircd source of revenue il liny aie lo plan 'Hid ciiiry on their road nark svslujiaiicany. nut, we fire unable 10 .si<> hn\v In- can my that the prcsumpllon Hint Improvement dlslnci h IIKIS might (nil back on Ihc lamb uf Hit- buulrit cnii;.- lics Is "ridiculous." In quarlers which .should l:c- V.L-II InformnI, U is said thai the my bt-si yl> M Hie Hi'i 11 way ncpai'lini'iil can lione Inr (nun Uaso mid car license liixulion 'vlll not c-xcci-d $10.- ttO.OCD lh!s year. Out 0( lhes.> U-C:M|I'.S. Uie dc- liailmcnl will nan- an lutes i'sl bill ol $3.50^.000 to pay on slale highway Ijoud.v Inn-rest uini maturities on llu: liiimwcineul district dcbl will tonic to SlWia.UOO. Malm-lilts on city paving aid obligation!, will anioinn lo morn tlinn $280,1X10. In oilier words. Ihc ycai'a lolal uf llxcd charges. 510.484,«0!l. will mei-d by nearly half fi million dullarii [lie total revenue to tjc expected by I he niosl 0|>liinlslic leckoinnij. On these li«i.fes. U items nbvsaiisi thai ii.ut oi Uio Inipiovi'iuriu district mnturitk-s will luv« to tji- han<lled by lelinidini;. At, lensi $275,000 will Ijc needed tor deimrl- menl. cxi»ns>e.s, whlcli Include such essential items as lliu iii'lnllng of license t;n:s and the employment of engineers and accoimlinus. At leasl $2.fjfW,COO .should be sjic-nt for mnliilcii- iince, wlilch would ullow less than $300 per mile for a year's upkeep of the more than 0.000 miles of gravel road. And no account bas l)cen taken here Of Hie. new construction needed lo close gaps In main lilglivMiy.i lo make them'bel- ter ic\emi e producers and to nlve the public Ihc lull bcnUH of a modern highway system. Ar- kanfiis cnn claim 1.-18U.ODO of federal nUl tWs yer.r. ijtil only by inutcliliiR It viilli siato- vatfetl funds, of which not a dollar Is In Mulit so lav. The stute must not and can not It-t ttie 1m- provemenl district debt fall back on Hie lands. Hut to say, as Judge Rulhven docs. Unit llus can never lia))pcn Ijccausc (he jteoplc of Ihe bonded comities "will not tolerate" Imviiu; these bonds conic back, Ignores the fncl that unless the state lakes effectual steps to prevent il the bonds musl necessarily fall buck. If n dc- Inull should occur, uny oiil-of-slate holder of a defaulted bond could go Into federal court and have. Ihc district Involved thrown inlo it re- celvcrsblp. —Arkansas Ua/ettc. .been added. This merely relieves! j the tension in Ihc tissues and; jsooihes them; Ills'not n cure for the basic cause of Hiccough. Hot! drinks produce u similar rclaxa-I (ion of Ihe tissues, -iiici since llvj cough Is usually associated with some 1 Infection, U '.s customary to! add ihc Juice of lemon, cniv-'e. or Uiap;fruH to lutp out Ihe ulkallni- rallon of thi> l:i;riy ami lo i» the flavor o! Ihe dunk more r^i able. i If r roush 1- n«oc!mid v.i'.h the! p:odi:ctlon of a consideranie; riinoimt of malr-rlal that Is c:<| toral'd, the person certainly d?-j rids most ruri-lu] i.'.edical attention. Such innrrisil moy indicate an infection in Ihe threat or in tl?- 1 limss wish i':e formation of pus. It may indie::!! 1 a serious: in-; ;>n r.f iV.v im.v w ';'. tr • :;.]'.- ! nsis wilh Ihc iiif-cil-'jiih tnatin-ia!: clror-iilim buck inici ihc- In rent. H i may Indicat-. 1 £11 inftflioii In tile ; Ihroru lL'.-!f a- siiM-tlmes cu-iv:s I with an a':st -s, ir: :'ie tonsils. A ! cou'.;]! must, then-f'jrc, lie con'ii' ! ered not u'i In il:':-lf -' dise-i'-fr. b 1 . | as a warnir.'! "sin-.a!. 'hniu^ hi 1 - bell, lo ind!c:iu thai dan;/r irks elsewhere. Tli" direction of, lhal danger, privh'id ihc CM docs not yield rerm'ly I" til? sirn-; pie measures lhat Have been su;- j steci. is a problem hit will (k- n-.a Ihe uiosl careful study by j competent physician. in. 1311 An Insiinincc (.'xecullve says the lirst liel]) for the unemployed Is self-help. lie would probably throw n drowning man a book on how lo leain to s\vim. In fnct. 11 this Sino-Jap Irmible gels much uo-s-e, Allalln Dill may have lo do somethini; rni!i: like declaring the business curve depends on bustles. Admiral Hyrd plans to u.iild nn Antarctic city 500 miles nc.irer the pole than Litllc America. Jii^ the place for the American pcop:e. to \vartn up lo the delii cancellation idea. Philadelphia may abolish movie censors. Despite lilah advertising rates, henceforth cn'oiful shc-us will just have lo weather along on [heir own. Acjrirat MoMell says we oufjhi to Mil the dirljible Los Antrelcs. Someone inSaht convert il into .En nir night club, tat ihen there T.-cuId always be. the danger of sonic man and h!s girl having a falling out. According lo custom. Korean men must pass their wives on the street as if they were strangers. The only difference licre is thai American men wulk with their wives. persons "1 linow ivhal's Ihe mailer ^il)i vim. ol some nlhor cuy on your mind." November Treasury DopMlciieul. Office of the Con:ri'rol>r of Ihe Currency. Notice Is hereby Riven to nil who may have, claims "The First National Rank of Ulvllievllle-. tof.a»™." lhat the same must be presented to H. L. crac!l»v. Receiver, with the le?al nor.f thereof, within three months !rom Ciis dale or l!:ey may be .!. w. POLK ConiptrC't'.cr of Hie Currency. 11-lCC—K2-1D-32 CHURCH EXCUSES \V. - 7H/S CURIOUS WORLD - OUCkHAWK " OIL OF TURPENTINE, /WOAPKO-OP RUBBER, Af>e coMPoseo sxctosn/eiv of IKS AW? KYDROOeKl. Announcements My snn-ln-law and hired man. Bul, liiere is absolutely no doub' ime lo see rue tile other riuy and j but wh,it I can in a very .shon Emitted thai I had correctly fig-'time hue his work up so thru the red oul just ivlial would happen i most simple minded could handle .Ihe church I ran for so long, i it. For. what 1 huvc done in th? his only goes lo show thnt a man • church management I can do in [ my ability :uid knowledge can \ Hit atfairs of business. Triey ''also tu;ly a proposition a few mill- : Ihink I should go to Washington, tes and arrive at a solution of j or iiberever Congress is in session, le riuestion. Tiiey now :;ay they and rive them tr? advantage of dtnit 1 my superior ability and my knowledge and ability, bul I nuwlcdge, and are now urging mu du:i: feel I could spare so much 0 offer my knowledge an<l nbility | lir.u- from my Filling Station, Ho! o a Mr. Daws—who Ihcy ,say has i Do; Stand. Waich and Clock re- ome kind of a proposition lhat is pu/zle lo him. Nov.-, I've never icind of this u-.iin Dnws and they WAiiNixf; oi:»i:i; CHANCERY COUUT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS John Hiuicock Miilual I-ife In- sr:rnnC|. Co., et al.. P!::!titi No. 51H vs. Black M. Kowlkes. ct al, defendant. The defendants. Black M. Fowi- i:cs. S- 1^. i'owlkes. Znla Stephens fc.«':ke«. are warned to appear within thirty cbys in til? court named i:: Ihe eaplion -hereoi and ansv.'Ci- the complaint of trie plair- bench, General Information ould nol lell me just what 'his ' rouljle is or wher,? he Ls located. Do; pair ami WcaOier Forecasting. Of coi:: 1 .^'. Ibis business is easy for m? to handle as I have it. all under one .cot. 1111. V:ii'.cal et al. Life John Hmy.ari: anc; Compsny. Dated Jr.ii. i-l. W3'i. P.. L. GAINE3. Cierk. By Harvey Mciris. D. C. E. M. Ttrry. ^1-23-4-11 COUNTY NEW YORK uriih Gilbert Swan Cin-Sc.iknl liavehiinalias in Green- makes her home at the Brccvort, Atmosphere," historic inn of lower Fifth avenu;. Are Slrivins wkh Villa-e Are ' . lut( Heal Habitues to Arcu:>i|ilish Thin A scientist liar, succeeded in nuasiirhie a GOO millionth of a second. Just the measure of lime for n Scotchman to change his mind alicr Ivivrnin? there's n ra'.ch in it. OUT OUR WAY By Williams GOOD NIGHTS A MOVE FOOT A UVTf\_B, WJ \TWOOT UP T' SUMPM -To \KI TrtE HOo-iE. IMON/iMCr. "T "SE-t MOO VAhGGUMCT TVlPiT FOOT, TO GET THE. DOfa •STARTBD- \_E-T HIM so T CAKJ ;:UW YORK — Greenwich Vii- lauc. so ionj af-scclatcrl \slth in- iq-.nlciis f?oir.:-s-on. ai'tv revels a:id Uohemian vl:oop-la, has finally bcsun a counter-attack against all scandal mongers. ^ i T s clirinipion. if you please, is - tV-.s very ior: of champion boasted by every countiy side: s good.; o!d-l~Ehlcne;i ccmv.ry :.rv.spapcr. j l:\ ilie b;'^en-,'ji;t of c.:ic of the j viV.ngc's central points you'll find •ye ::li:or" hatK'.-setline his type c-n Micli bi^ to\\u Items as: "Ye Xnlfi 1 anil Fork Cafe v ill Iw closi •uii Stmchys." The editor, by Ihe w^>. eea: 1 :; a monikrr t! 1 . :'. :.t n-.c i^eiit mi^h! v.ell ;!i.ioy i-—C. Gl'Elld I'lcrre; With .1 ^rcup of loyal cohons. C. Ci:<.ac: i':c.:v would h.uo ilie wnr 1 ..! l::lo-,- ihi- 30inrr.-r,:i a~- Slie Is credited with having a.i- cumulaled a neal fortune by slag- inj two part-es a year. >Yr years the •'mr.yor" a::cl best known of viilrje characters has been Bobby FTdwnrds. His bnllads liavc been sun? in every attic and br.cemcnt eatery nn;l Ills so2.p box ukuleles figure in villaee Isscnis. Yet the ciher day when Bobbj announced his was going home for :-. visit, the acidress vas lonnti to Winnct:-:a. III. .! rv pi.cnc.ys. who drill i:i ;)!,• i;rcnx. Bior-Myn and cl. r !-: 1 ;.i:l '"hnt the true vllljjr: ;riviv.;' lo accomplish ro:n.* tl'.e ake" viliase iitcnosphciv. v.-;iy. is pcrpcli.ate;! I.' 1 . "arllsts' mnsiiiirra'io s:nl s'.ich-hke. and aim".-; s "^oes." The cvo\ui- are drawn from other ;r. • iir:i'.-, c! the b'.c town: lads and !:>>- v.l'.o believe they will -< .el;; a:ici artists ciurirlin? .ib.i : m cin-sorkeri Imcchanalia. Mc^i r, the ' !;.;ccl:ant:s" are jjrops. pi:-! Ti r r.r.tin.: up. * * • he Greenwich Village bail i- .. traditional event and an o::i- li:ne villager, named Cytitlita\Viv.i>- i Us p.ricstess. For r-ome 20 jr.i. .-hi 1 lias been about the villa -.- ,v: ;: ' An announcement from tne Hobc i College contains the informatioi I that there is now a course in pan y 'i it.tiiidling. sarcasm and lh = exler ltl ' ! -.iiiiulioa of parasites. Mrnlinn r.f which rrcails a slor eld nb:u'. Jim Thornlon, grand o! • j.-je vcle:-a:!. by Johnny W?.lkti lie film dirctlov. Tlioniton. wr> :ck In the days when. v.-:i« • utntly to be fo:i:i:l arxmc ,ly's l)»rrcr.!ns. One clay, in the cr.;r.-f.e o:' .1 : ••:• about thr sv.i::; do;i :-, !.:n picket! up a disV.ivr-Ud :.i>m a bench in C:ty Hal; '.i-m in arm he appeared i: i.ioaciv.ay- s;:ots \\.:!i his bl 1 • •khiij fiiemi. But Jim's u:on;y .:id lie appealc.-i !o irr S10. The k-c-i '. iior-nlon grew indicia:::"Yuu can't turn me r!o\\n :::t»iT.-!SS me tha; \vay in :rn ; mv friend." said the oici ironp •v. Hal the other v.ou:;l ornc across. "for ihc last l!:nf. ;n :ne • vi for that ten . ." "XOIK—" J:m beckcnerl to the :-,:i:n. ell then—throw a !oi;v o-; .-ike!" And actor ami b-.-.rn :-;::dly out. orm-in-ar;r. ••niiyriflit. 1932. SEA . c :<rv;e. h.-iti nui o\ i frllov. actc ->^a^ refuse De- THE MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY COURT Aim-rican Hv.r.di'ig ar. 1 .! oan Ass^eiaiian and W. L. :iv. as Trustee. Plaintilfs vs. No. 5115 M. EmHri. I/ila Smith, wit? of C. Smith. W. M. McParland. Trus'. and O. Ci. Hubbanl. Dofend- it.s. WAKMNG ORDEK Tlie D?fendants C. .M. Smith ant) lla Smith, wife of C. M. Smif.i re warned to appear in the C'nan- -ry Court within and for th; Conn"of Mis.=i^ippi. State of Arkan- is. within Ihirly 130) days nsver the complaint of the Plain- II. America:! Building and Loar 1 sscciation of Litlle Rock and W ,. Delony. Trustee. H. L. GAINL'S. Cbrk By Elizabeth B!vthe. D. C J. B. Slokes. Attorney for Plaimif 1 r irgil Greep.e, Attorney ad lilem. 21-23-4-H Hicks Robinson, to Roy Church, pany, and conveyed under foreclosure by W. W. Hollipeter, . Comrr.ii-sioncr, to Rural Realty Company. April Oth, 1329, by deed of record in Com. B. page 1'il, oi the records of Chicka- r.awha District, in and to the /cliov-ing described land: The VIDctienal Southwest Quarter of Section Three, Township Fifteen North. Range Thirteen East, coiiliiinlng GO acres, more or less; the Fractional Northeast Quarter of Section Nine. Township Fifteen -North, Range Thirteen East, containing 120 acres, more or less; the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section Four. Township Fifteen North, Range Thir- i uen East, containing TI acres cf land, more or less: also Ihe East "KaK of the West Half of ihc Northwest Quarter of Section Ten, Township Fifteen North, Range Thirteen East. All right and cmiity of redemption, homestead, dower and appraisal waived in said deed of trust, but the sale will be roade tier clue appraisal as provided the laws of the State of Aransas. 'I he title is believed to be goctl, m'. I \vili sell and convey as rustre only. This January ISth, 1932. ROY CHURCH. Trnsico. 21-28-4-11 Tlie Courier News has been au- thorised to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 0. For County Judge 2AL B. HARRISON (for 2nd term) For ShtriR ROLAND OREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON ] Conntj Treasurer | W. W. HOLUPETER (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GATXES (for 2nd t«rm) County and Probite Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. .IQHN LONG (Re-election) MISS CAREY WOODBURN For County Assessor JOE S. DILLAHUNTY (for 2nd term) CITY ELECTION Tuesday, April 5 City Clerk •S. C. CRAIG (for re-election) HERMAN CROSS JOE W. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER For Municipal Jud«e GEORGE W. BARHAM IVY W. CRAWFORD For City Atlorncy SAM MANATT n. "V.'iyl o". him .--ivo-lcd Trustee for Ilural Hcaltv Com- XOTJCU OF TUUSTEE'S SALE Dcfnull liaving been made ir :hr pa'.mrnt of the dtbts ar,L cbligaliotis secui'Cj by that certain dred of trust executed on Dn- ceinber Slh. 1929. by James M Huck:ic-r. Jolvi Buckner. Evelyn P Buckner and Charlotte Dudley to Roy Church. Trustee, as th- 1 nine appeals of record in Uoa'- 1 11 U-1". p.ierp ^3- cf the rccordr Mi?.s]s.sif,;n County. Arkansa." a! Biythriillc. and the owner o; (he debts .securErt linvinj renuesln Ihe undersigned lo advertise p.r.ri :cll th e pi'oi»vtj' described In and secured by saicl deed of trust, al! of '•a'ri indebtedness hr-vin; m.ttur- ed at th^ optio:i of the ov.ner by delaull :ti tl'e payment of a par'. thereof, th;s .: lo giv c no;:ce that I will on SATURDAY. FEBh'.'nRY 13. 193S. vl'hin 'ei:.' hcurs. at the front door of the Oo'jrt House in Blv- [lievilie: Missistypi Counly. Arkansas, prcccfd to sell al public outcry 13 Ihe highest and best bidder frr each, the following described property situated in :.1:«is:il>pi Cmmty, Arkansas: All right, title and interest, present or future, conveyed by Carrie Robinson and husband. An all expanse wee^-end Vacation in ^Little Rock Call the Doctor [f Simple j Remedies Do JNni Relieve Cowelij PV UK. MORRIS KISM1M.IN [ Vill'.nr, Journal of the Modiral Association, anil of rt\- ccia. tile Health Mag.inm- A cough is a sign thai ti:^t ,. seme Interference with breathl:v The interference may be m t: •• i throat, due to tickling from ir. .-' ! cous; it may I.? in the lmif>. cr.;. j to obstruction cf some of th" pi.. , faces from the lungs into ;; ' (throat, or it may be some SwoAt- j nient of the nervous system reach' inrr the tlssrrs Involved In ' ins. Probably most ordinary due to Irritation ; .t t:;p br.ckl ! the throat, and represent an .itempt by the body to throw out '.:io irritating siibstancr?. Coughs are sometir.:.:s asjocimcd ••ith heart disease, v.iien th»re is a sufficient amount of fluid ac• .wvuMed Ui the luv.;n. fcccmsc of! "ne inabilily of Ite h:au to pas'.i' •!ic fluid aroiuid in tiie' Almost every mother knows ways! ''. relieving a conch. OI-.P of thci r*5t is fo Inhale steam from water 'i which n few rirnpi; of the com-1 . ound tincture of ber.zion have THIS COUPON GOOD FOR 1 Pair nf Ladies Kuli Fashioned HOSE 75c Value 19c Friday at D A. .M. HE^3 STOKE 111 \Vest Main Just $8.00 for two, or $4,50 for one IXCLUDING ALL EXPENSES 1. The Aibrrt Tike Hotel oilers you an ideal weekend vacation in the capitol city. On arrival you may purchase Ihe special week-end card entitling you lo: 2. Room ruin beds if preferred) and private bath. J. Car storage in Albert Pike Garage. 4. 5-course dinner in main dining room Saturday nisht. 5. Dance tickets, silver Slipper, 603 Main Street, I.Htle Rock's nnwea ball room, or r.. Theatre ticket? to the leading theatres. 7. Breakfau in cofice Shop Sunday morning, or Continental breakfast served in room. E. Tab!? ti'hotc luncheon in main dining room Sunday. Th? abo-,e accommodalions and entertainment for two. E8.W. For or.e. ;;is: S4.50. Please do us this favor To avoid delay on arrival, write or wire for advance ira-ivn;lo:is and mention, "Special Week-end Vacation". Audi's-, c-rr.-.n.nv.caU-.n. Attention the Manager. Seventh and Scott Slrcctb \V. T. (Billy) Briggs, Manager \r

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