The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1932
Page 3
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UlATHEViM.K. (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS .PAOF. '"Evangelist Will Open Meeting Friday Night Joan Bennett, Twice Married *•««» <?««» at 21, Is Kofjy D.iys «V DAN THOMAS \i:.V Sirvlct VVrllcr rriJA'WCOfJ. C-.ilK. — Twice iiiul Eyuii'rcii.u w. E. Thurmond Dt'Siii a revival campaign at the Assembly of God Tai:ri]aclo. South Lilly arccl, FiL'iny evening 7:30 o'clock. He wlll'lie nsslstwt by Mrs. Tluumomi. vrtio. will Iwivc cltnvtiu of (I:-, musical program with William ji., 14 year old son. in so " B j[" 1 ^ l "^j' Fridav evening's loplc. •••nie, blrl -- du i'- Sinus at Time" will be discussed '™ s ls lhc '"orrt which IL answering the questions, -will Mems 1 llll e !i»:cly will liu 1111113 up Tlierc B" Anolhc-r World War? by Joan Bcn-iell, youngest of thai V.'iiiiL win be the omcomc. of tlris'.H'moi.s mmily. Cliin.?,:c-Jai>anese Tro'iblc?" | j-nn will bt- 21 0:1 Feb. i!7. D.v 'L'lic Rev. Thurmond has been thai lime all Hollywood expects HIE? mollier of LI yo'.iiiEsltT— all Iw- j hoi' [\vcnly-IirM (loins Evangelistic work for number ol yenvs, Lvim'liiiB in lavlvnl at the years ago. Paving and Curbing to '.ee litr inr.uue hn iiM.r t:i Mis. Otni: Mm key. The roiiKinc? successful t;elv:ec!i Murkey. 'well-known lilm local church three V1 \\ vr , r . m i MJ^ jjejmett Ir.ta been !l)i:c!dli>£ li r SD:IIC time an<l is up: •• 't? culminate in R marriage iilmost leny day. Districts File Suits Chancery court pgalnn p r "J : " r '''' di'llnciiit-nl In 1031 Paving District Number One and Curbing and Guttering District Number One taxes have been filed hoards of Kic liiiyrovcmenl dis- 'he aciimis were tiled by C. M. L-k. attorney for '.he districts. Oscar Alexander Has Lived Here Since 1921 Through error the Courier News yestorday stated thai Oscar Alexander, candidate for city- clerk, has l:.?en a resident of this city since 1931. As a matter of fact Mr. Alexander has resided in this city for more than (en years and the ;m- have actually becoming a resident of the city Mr. Alexander lived in this community for ci£ht years. Having' intended I\i\lslil»g Ecl:ci:ls in France and Kng- IniHl, Jean nv.irried John Miirthi Vox, son ol u Seattle millionaire, in I.omlun when slie was only 10. A yenr lan-r a daugliter, Adrienne, «as torn. Shortly afterward they v, sie divorced. That same year Jc:i:i returned to the United I Slates and played th« fenilnlr.c Eennstt, in "Jiii'negan" on the liror.dway stage. In I02t Miss Bennett made her ttaul in Mollywcod. playing ths icnnnine lead opj>05ile Ronald in his first talking plc- "Bulldog Drumrnond." Since I By iirojeotlng » stream or hat m, 14 • \ Mr> lllllt Ww - 1<rll ' so n Crumirnlr .several fed In from of his cnr WffI Afffll II ' weie " lt; Bwesls of Mrs. I'fllin Cok- by minus of n unlf|iie lilntver, HH *• v ' vl L »-]p ltl11 or of niylhevllle Satuulny nl'jlit Eniili'.hnmn liopps lo banish Hieland Sunday, <ian,,>r uf dvivlnx an milomolille In I Mr, and Mis. Uaymond Wilson fotn v «, and family \veiv (he mirstu of Mr. | -• and Mrs. liuforil llarvlson Bld-iy.! r.iltte Stanley Cavl Seliullv. t-i • slck - l.:i;t ID - TAHI.KTS - SAI.VK Mr. and Mrs. 111)1 nubrrlson Cli'.; l.:i|iilii m Tnlilrls luri! Inlrrn- 'rc tin- iincsli of Mr. and Mrs., ally mU uuij s-.ilu- rxliTiully, m-iki Elmer Davis TliiiLSduy. n ,,'::i|it,.i,. and fiVri-llve IrfJt Mrs. Enillne Huey of Hrivev, m<i,; r,,. (•„!,!,;. ..• ^?'.!> . S|IW(I - V Kmnvn nouiicemcnt should "sincp 1321." Before Yarbro Newx MI<s Wilinn Willis visited her' atiiu, Mis. Newt Hundley Kridny. Mr. and Mis. Oeorge Stillwell sp?nt Thur;:dny nielli with Mr. Stlllrell's mother at Hlylhcvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Owens 'of Dell lent Sunday with their Unugli- r, Mrs. J. K. Krech. Mrs. L. n. Vcinon of Oosnell pent hist iveok with her ilnugliter. Irs. Oeortie Uobeitson. MI&SCK Clurice and Aluin House .ml Floyd House visited their .lint. Mrs. Sam MeGce, of Oos- icll, Sunday. Mr. and Mis. I>?omin\ Handlcy jwnt the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Newt llaiidley. Mrs. Gcorgi Hobertson. v.'ho has been ill the past week Is linprov- itg then slic lias appeared opposite George Arliss, John Barrymorc, Wai uer Baxter and other leading Last fall the b'ond actress suffered a broken hip in a fall Jrom a horse during the filming Joan BenMll she Kill be 21 (and prcbaMy Mrs. Gene Mar key) on Feb. 27. even her famous sister, Constance has had difliculty equalling, vci though Connie is far more in tin limelight. The cause of snow creaking uncle Serves Rice Free to Prospective Soldiers RUSSELLVILIjE, Ark., Fell. 4 (UP)— ni'.isellville citizens benefit- ted tcday as a result o! the Chinese-Japanese (rouble. With the explanation "1 want you to be sure to get accustomed to eating this stuff Dcfore you have to go to China." Buford Smith, local cafe proprietor, dished out 350 bowls of rite free to patron?. of "She WnnUxl a Millionaire. 11 loot is that it is too cok! for th For a while physicians were crystals to melt under pressure an dcubtful as to whether sh e ever they slip over one another. nnulel walk ngaln. But four|, ' tp.unthj later she \VEIS pronounced'. •.veil enough lo return to work again. i Ttiere yen have the story pf the [ ycungcsi of (he Bennetts—a child p really, yet she has "lived" more j lan the average woman Ihrce I rues her a?e. And so far slio i as managed lo set a pace that Driver Grove I iol Tonic for Womin •tin-down c y month Sold by Dnxjtj THIS COUPON GOOD I'OR MensWork Shirt 7"ir Value for 20c Tricliiy :it !> A. M. Of? 00 BUSY rllliSo STORE 111 West .Main You Can FOOL Your Eyes but not your foot Your eyes see only tho bejuly in Shoes 0;jl your \OQ\ immo- cj' : otcly sense Iho unuiuol ccrrcctivo foafurcs ihol ore so wrofuHy ccncoolod bonealli 1 h ci.i r smart, graceful linos. Scr> cuf lelactlon ol r -jmps. Strops and TIos, y ttr l-^'qUt . . » oli i'lTM • anil Wish to Announce the Mr. and Mrs. Eligha Swain en- t r : tallied friends \vith a hot tamale .s\j;i::er I-Yiday evening. Cha'rles Springer is ill this week \vith influenza. Nfr. anil Mrs. Claude Jones have moved to Leachvillc. Ted Brock and Frank Saekriti-? visited Eli'jha Swain Sunday. \farv Gaincs visited I'.er sister Mrs. Frank Kesler at Half Moon Saturday. Everyone interested s invited t , atlsnd a meeting at the Drive Grove church at 10 ci'clck Sunday morning to organize a union Sunday school. Mr. and Mrs. "Freeman Huey spent last \veek enu with tr.e tot- mer's parents, iir. and Mrs. Huey of Lone Oak. Rusf.ell Springer had as his dinner guest Saturday Calvin Robertson of Pecan Grove. Martin Sackrider visited relatives at Half Moon Sunday afternoon. Elbert Brock spent Sunuay at Oak. Mr and Mrs.i Mack Koaltev of Shady Lan?, Miss Reba Trarnme of Number 1C. Charles nnd Trp> BiEham and Russell Springer visit cd Mr. and Mrs. 'Zeb Gaincs and children Sunday. . Freeman Huey is improving after a Ion? illness, (he result of an Injury vo Ws hand. THIS COV.'ON GOOD FOR 1 Childs 6Bc Unicnsuit For 12c Friday at f) A. M. 2 BUSY STORE 111 \Vcst Main of The Del! Mercantile Co. Dell, Arkansas, February 6th Special Food Demonstration Prices Good Friday, Saturday, February 5, 6 Matches s t size 3 Boxes 8c BEANS I'into or Grcnl Norlhcrn 6 Lbs. 23c BROOMS - - 29c Ea. And Worth Jlorc SUGAR 6 Lbs. 28c SOAPS White Naphtha Hod & White 3 Bars lOc White- or Yellow Laundry' 1-Pound Bars 3 for 13c Bran Flakes Red & white lOc Oats R & w 20 oz. 2 Pkgs. 15c Crackers N B c ^ 2 Ib. Box 19c Cake Flour Red & we 25c Grape Fruit Red & white 18c lilue and White. Smoolhe and Mellow O1C 1-Pounil Can 01 Nifiht & Day 01 'J Night & Day /?1(J il 3-I.b. I'achage 01 I'nrml I'lick Each 21c STRING BEANS No, 2y 2 Can 12c KRAUT Red & White 2 Cans 15c Log Cabin Syrup Table Size 23c Nationally known piano manufacturer ha= brand iipwsliidiniipni-'litin cur- vuntly i:o]Hiinr mode\ in vicinity. Will sacrifice at Wholesale lV.ce to avoid exiH'iisc' of liox- i''B and i-eshippiiiglooa! 1 factory. For piu'ticnlarJ, writn Piano Manufacturer, HOG S. Wabasli- Chicago, Illinois, Attention, Wholesale Dept. LUCKIES are my standby "LUCKIES are my standby. I buy them exclusively. I've tried practically all brands but LUCKY STRIKES are kind to my throat. And that new improved Cellophane wrapper that opens with a flip of the finger is a ten strike." CH!P On THE 010 BLOCK Coshinc-iPoppo'ifomoulrxirin? Not, Dojglos Fnirbonki, Jr.l For month! h« Eabortd a& a five. doUor-a-day "tKlro." Then h« aoih-d Info a port like a brick through o plole-gloit window. Ccug bcnei Mk< a pro, and <n dcn't mean a patooVa . . . h* has muidts lik» o wrnlltr. Writn undreiung, h« honat hij clolh.t on thecKondclier. Thcboxcffket like hil loltlt FIRST NATIONAt PtCTUEE,"UNION DEFOT/'Do^g hai H«y to LUCK1ES row feat,, bi'l dldn'l Hick KM noken of LUCKIES anything for hit kind wcrds. "You're o brick, Dovg." TUNE IN ON LUCKY STR1KE-60 mcdcm minutt.i ni^ &* "•orW s f«tit dance orchtstraj and \ValtcT\Vincbttt, u4W« goaif of today btcomts the nevt o/ lomonou', ««ry Tut.'ilay. Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. »ttwor!«. It's toasted Your Th root Protection., ogolnst irritation- agolntt cough And rWofsturoPrcol Cellophane Keeps Hut Toasted" Flavor Ever tnslt = I SALT t i-:; nc P 3 for lOc MAYONNAISE Kcil & While 8-Oz. Jar 18c CORN Red & While Cnnntrv CJcnllcmiin 2 Cans 27c Red & White or Pet, 6 Small or 3 Tall 20c BANANAS Ycllow T I i! l) a9 c GRAPEFRUIT 'tlh 5 C APPLES Slaik 'iffCn 50 C Meat Market ROUND STEAK u.!5 c PORK CHOPS Ccn(erC S15 (: BACON SlIgur sS d L,16 c THE RED & WHITE STORES The Sign of a Dependable

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