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The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 4

The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 4

The Timesi
San Mateo, California
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Salurday, October 23, 1965 Tower Work to Start on Bridge Brown Lashes 'Alien' Extremists was announced today by E. R. Foley, chief engineer of the Division of Bay Toll Crossings. A 57 foot tower will be erected on a concrete pier on the San Mateo side of the bridge. The tower is the first unit of what will eventually be a solid and graceful web of steel across the bay. The bridge is expected to be finished in late 1957. Contractor for the $27,146,000 steel superstructure project is Murphy Pacific Company of Oakland. The tower to be installed next week was fabricated by the Kaiser Steel Corporation under a subcontract with Murphy Pacific. With work beginning on the steel superstructure, the 7.4 mile bridge project will move mm Wmm lul Carlos Avenue near the hotels, but damage was structure. Continental and Algiers confined to the wooden (Times Photo) REDWOOD CITY FIREMAN recoils from the intense flame that engulfs this shed which burned fiercely yesterday at 5 p.m. Shed was located on Czech Film A brink of bedlam," Gov. Brown told a group of newspaper editors today. The governor declared that members of both far out wings react for the same basic reasons: "They believe government is the enemy of the people and anyone who "engages in rational, moderate political discussion at a critical time like this is a fool." He snoke to a meetins southern California editor mem bers of United Press Interna tional Brown told the newsmen that in the 1966 campaign, "you will have 1o deal with a new and alien element for California an element compounded of frustration and fury; of hysteria and hate that is being forced into politics by the radicals of the left and right." Agitation by extremists, he said in prepared remarks, has produced two main reactions: "Supposedly responsible civ 1 ic and elected officials are already debating whether the' right of free speech should ex tend to such unpopular views." "The right and left are making some headway in their effort to jam the frequencies of democratic discussion to replace fact with fear; debate with emotion; reason with prejudice." The governor, noting recent large protests involving the war Viet Nam. told the editors: "I think vou should take a sec ond look at the coverage of these demonstrations We can stop young people from making spectacles of themselves. But we can and should keep it in perspective. If your pages overflow with the words and deeds of the radical left and right, fhen honest debate on serious issues is crowded to one side." Belmont Cow Is Filched Somebody fiiched O'Neill Street's landmark during the night, Belmont police report. A sood auestion now might be Festival, Danes Disappoint Erection of steel on the $70 million San Mateo Hayward Bridge will begin Tuesday, it DA Effort Fails, Jury Acquits Man The perserverance of the dis trict attorney's office in prosecuting a Redwood City man on burglary charge came to nought yesterday. Ralph W. Vinson, 32, who was arrested three for the al eged crime, was finally acquit ted by a jury in the court 1 nr, if Kiinorinr HnwJ ard Hartley. Vinson was first arrested last December with two other men and charged with stealing a safe from a post otfiee substation in Redwood City store. At the preliminary hearing. Municipal Judge Frank J. Comaich dismissed the burglary charge against Vinson but held him for trial on an alternate charge of receiving stolen property. The other men were subsequently convicted and sent to prison. The district attorney's office was not satisfied, however, and decided to try again on the burglary charge against Vinson. The case went before Municipal Judge Roy W. Seaeraves, who promptly dismissed the charge explaining thai he did not ap prove ot tne district attorney "shopping around" among the judges. As he left the courtroom, Vinson was re arrested by Deputy District Attorney Bruce Bailey and was later indicted on the burglary charge. After a two day trial, however, he was ac quitted and left the court a free man Anti Draft Drive Slips (Continued From Page 1 the new aw. publicly burned what he said was his draft card at a rally in New York protest ing U.S. involvement in Viet Nam. Police Crack Truck Thefts OAKLAND (UPI) Police and FBI agents cracked a SIOOJJOO truck theft ring Friday and said they expect more arrests shortly. Officers said they seized at least $10,000 in stolen merchandise taken from interstate truck shipments. Arrested were John Bilote. 37, Oakland, and George M. King, 31, Haywara APPLE VALLEY (AP) "New anarchists of the right and left are driving free speech to the Congress on Way Home (Continued From Page 11 tire shortly before the early morning adjournment. He "seemed to have a summary of things he thought had not been done and that we would be urged to do next year," Ford told newsmen in a joint press conference with Dirksen. As part or the President's package. Ford listed two consumer measures the so called "truth in lending" and ''truth in packaging" bills, along with home rule for the heavily Negro District of Columbia. As for Ford's appraisal of Johnson's program, he said: "they didn't seem too significant in the over all compared with the tonnage that was dropped on our doorstep this year and much of which was en acted. "Showed Evils" On the whole. Ford said the first session "dearly demonstrated the evils of one party dominance." It showed, he said, what can happen when the executive branch "is unchecked." Dirksen was less critical. He said he agreed with Democratic Senate Leader Mike Mansfield. Montana, that the first session's work had been "exceptional." But he said it did make mistakes. At the next session, he added, the Republicans will "devote considerable attention" to correcting these mistakes. Both Ford and Dirksen predicted GOP gains in Congress next vear. Ford said the party should nick uo at least 30 House In singling out the session's! best and the worst, legislation. Ford said he would list aid to higher educatiun as the best, except for a provision to set up a federally financed teacher corps in poor school districts. As for the worst. Ford said it was the rent subsidy bill. Congress refused to vo'e Funds for both the teacher corps and rent subsidies. will be first orders of business in January. Dirksen had a different choice. He said he thought re authoritv over the President's I anti poverty projects was Con i gress: worst act. He shied away I from picking out a "best" ac lion. LBJ Fly To His Ranch WASHINGTON (UPD President Johnson arranged to fly to his Texas ranch this afternoon for extended convalescence from his abdominal operation With approval of his doctors and the work of Congress out of the way, tiie chief executive planned to leave trom Andrews Air Force hase, outside Washington, about 3.: 30 p.m. EDT for a 212 hotir flight to Bergstrom Air Force Base. Austin, Tex. Congress completed what Johnson called its greatest session early this morning, a few hours after his surgeon, Dr. George Halienbeck, left for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. With a clean medical bill of health and happy with his legislative victories, Johnson is expected to spend about a month at his sprawling Johnson City ranch. Reds Attack As U.S.Viet Forces Grow SAIGON (UPI) Viet Cong Communist troops tonight at lacked the besieged U. S. spe cial forces camp at Plei Me with captured white phosphorous mortar shells and ambushed a Vietnamese relief column trying to reach the beleaguered outpost. The Communists intensified their siege of the central highlands camp while the United States stepped up its build up lof heavy guns, planes and man power in Viet Nam. Rapidfire American announcements disclosed that: The first elements of four battalions of the heaviest artillery in the American arsenal began arriving in Viet Nam. They include two battalions of eight inch howitzers and two battalions of 175 mm. suns. Both under any weather conditions and ai any time of the day or night. The all over American military strength in South Viet Nam soared to 148,300 as of midnight last night, with the men of the artillery battalions still coming in to boost the total. The first experimental group of F5 "freedom fighter" planes arrived at Bien Hoa Airbase outside Saigon. The freedom fight ers are sleek, vest pocket jets designed to operate from grass strips but packing Kmg swea punch. Just live hours aEer their ar ival two of the freedom fighter what will they do with that 300 types are self propelled and pound life size plastic guern both are capable ot firing shells sey cow? with nuclear heads. They can Baywood Dairy Mgr. Frodelhit the Viet Cong at long range Big Zero Made It All Add Up By SUSAN SOSAHR The first night of "The Adding Machine," a tragi comic Eantasy presented by the drama department of the College of San Mateo provided an entertaining and successful evening for a near capacity audience. Mike Kerns, as middle aged Zero, the victim of auto mation, stole the show from his fellow students. The youthful! actor handled the challenging soliloquys with conviction and bility. Bob Nielsen, as Shrdlu the recently departed Mama's boy, caused the audience to applaud scene when he exited. Pixie St. Denis, as Daisy, and Vicki Drvden, as Mrs. Zero, per formed commendably. Lighting and sets added a touch of pro fessionalism to fast moving satire. The 1923 play by Elmer Rice, written as a prophetic vision. has become a tongue in cheek commentary of today. He un dercuts the tension of serious statements and events with subtle humor. As Zero is led off to prison for committing murder, he turns to his wile and remarks. "I've got to go with him. You'll have to dry the dishes yourself." "The Adding Machine." di ected by Irene Griffin, will be performed tonight st 8:15 and omorrow at I p.m. me ixi Tickets are available at the box office. 'Honor Day' Is Asked WASHINGTON (AP) Congress has called on President Johnson to proclaim Saturday, Nov. 27, a National Honor Day in tribute to Americans fighting in the Viet Nam war. "It is fitting to set aside a national day of remembrance dedicated to, and in support of, those Americans who are committing their lives, blood, and energies in the defense of world peace," said a Senate resolution introuced Friday by Sen. Lev erett Saltonstalf, and approved without debate. A similar resolution was adopted by the House. Nov. 27 is the day groups opposed to U.S. policy in Viet Nam plan a march on Washington. D. C. Child Found Dead Four month old Julia Marie Siemers was Found dead in bed at her home. 817 Schwerin Street. Daly City, early this morning, according to Deputy Coroner Robert Cause of death is pending a post mortem examination, Jes sen said. The baby was in good health last night and hadn't been sick, he said he was told. She was pronounced dead on arrival at Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco at 7:37 a.m. Parents were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siemers; he is in the Navy. Smash at S.F. The entry from Czechoslovakia with Josef Kroner and Ida Ka minska in the lead roles can only be described as a tragic love song between an arthritic, old, Jewess and a middle aged Aryan during the Nazi occupation in a town in Slovakia in 1942. Kroner is superb as the shy carpenter who is ordered to become the Aryan controller of a small button shop owned by the Jewess. The Aryan is clumsy and stupid, the Jewess is deft and a bit senile. They are two misplaced persons who are unable to communicate or comprehend the threat of Hitler's onslaught. Kaminska's gentle face with its sparkling eyes must be the image that every child dreams of in his grandmother. When the carpenter, in trying to explain his duty, says "I'm your Aryan, you're my Jewess" she nods her head and smiles as if he said "I'm your son." But we speak now of the days when Jews were only required to wear badges and were called names. As the story progresses, and the march to the concentration camps draws nearer, the Aryan desperately tries to find a way to save the old woman from being taken from her home. Kaminska's facial transition from gentle love and peace to the long remembered fear of pogroms and persecution is so con mcing, its frightening, vvittun one moment her eyes and tace show a rigid fear that gives one chilis. The stars are so outstanding that it is difficult to speak of the other players and the film itself. Ihe supporting roles are excellently portrayed. The combination of acting, di rection, camera work and music are cinematically blended with beautiful eliect. It shows a high degree of artistry from the coun try ot origin and will hopefully be shown at local art theaters after the Festival. By JACK RUSSEL A slow moving, poorly dubbed Danish film, "Two People" opened Friday's session of the stylish Ninth Annuel San Francisco Film Festival. The film was shot lovingly but without originality in Copenhagen and details the twisted, up and down romance of two not particularly attractive young Danes. Jens Osterhold is the craggy, Danish theatre usher ivmg rambling talse stones if past resistance heroism. He filled with life, however, and keeps the action moving. Yvonne Ingdahl is the moody, mixed ab technician strangely at tracted and yet repelled by the usher. Jazz music counterpoints the action in the dim dance cellars and boites of. Copenhagen but the life is not glamorous and the city looks less attractive than would be expected. The gue is crisp and alert in Danish but the dubbing is poor. The only laugh in the ttim came when the man mumbled "you have such beautiful There were some good moments ol nurses bawdy con versations and the leering ban ter ot men at lunch or in the beer halls but the film disappoints generally. its final phase. Two years ago, the 514,517,226 east trestle, four miles long, was completed by Peter Kiewit Sons Company. That trestle is now in use and ties in with the old center span section. Last June, a $12,626,402 proj ect to install the concrete substructure for the high level section of the bridge was complet ed. A distinctive feature of the new bridge is that it will have the longest orthotopic section in the world. Its 750 foot central span will be the longest girder span in the U. S. and the third longest in the world. A girder span of such length is made possible by using an orthotopic design, which was developed in Europe. The or thotropic concept provides for the use of a stiffened steel plate deck as the top flange of the girders, resulting a lighter structure with a streamlined silhouette. The central span will have 138.7 feet overwater clearance, eliminating the need for lift span. The bridge will have three channel spans, the 750 foot main span and 37, foot anchor spans on either side. Oa side of the channel spans will be seven 292 foot orthotopic spans. Tne remaining steel spans have some elements of ortho tropic design, but will carry a concrete deck. On the San Mateo side there will be nine 208 foot spans. On the Hay ward side, there are 10 spans ranging from 186 to 208 feet. Totai length of the orthotopic section of the bridge is 5,542 feet. Ihe entire high level sections, including the non ortho tropic side Dortions, will be 9, 650 feet. Barmaid Tip Ends Manhunt DALLAS UPI) A barmaid recognized a customer from an FBI poster Friday and telephoned officers to end one of the most extensive manhunts it) Texas and Oklahoma history. Federal agents arrested and disarmed Delbert Harmon Gar mon. 26. as he sat sinnina a naped 20 persons in Ms 17 day flight from police and released them ail without harm, was arraigned on two federal charges of kidnaping. Bond was set at $100,000, and Garmon was placed in the Dallas County jail. U.S. Assistant Dist. Atty. Tim Timmins said the government would not seek the death penalty since Garmon did not harm any of his hostages. it is a charge punishable by life imprisonment," said. Timmins TRANSIT POLICE NEW YORK (AP) The Transit Authority says it wants Mayor Robert F. Wagner to increase the transit police by 580 men to 2,600, Commissioner Daniel T. Scannel says the authority wants to install million in electronic equipment in the subway system to combat crime. DUE TO ILLNESS DOR'S CHICKEN KITCHEN MUST BE SOLD lrttrtcd parties plcan Inquire it star aiiai 3 1801 bilote, a aocKer tor Trans beer at a booth in the bar. The continental Truck Lines, waived! Wichita Falls, fugitive a preliminary hearing onseeme(j relieved and offered no charges of possession of mer resistance, chandise in foreign Gannon, who allegedly kid jets took off on a combat mis BooJiea on tne cnarges con sion, attacking an estimated bat nected with the sign stealing talion of Viet Cong troops inhere Detgnan; Laurence L. Eli war zone 25 miles north indo. 20. Saratoga; Geoffrey By RICHARD M. ROSE If the remaining films in this year's Film Festival even come close to having the dramatic impact, the tragic comic sense and the provacative perform ances ot its players as aia ine Shop on High Street" the 1965 Festival will be long remembered. 11 Jailed in S.J. State High Jinks SAN JOSE (API Police said 11 members of Sigma Pi fraternity at San Jose State College abducted 30 members of rival fraternities early today, hogtmd them, dumped them out of a van then went on a sign ing spree. Officers shrugged off is a prank. But tiie sign stealing resulted in all 11 being booked at tiie county jail on felony charges of grand theft and conspiracy mis demeanor charges of malicious mischief and petty theft. Speed limit, signs and directional markers were among those taken. At Alum Rock Park, a security guard, Charles Hicks, 45, stopped a departing van. He said the truck driver, Robert Jeffrey Deignan 19. of Li Gatos admitted a sign was taken from the park, Inside the truck, Hicks reported finding 12 other signs and 10 fraternity brothers of Deignan. Hicks summoni Policem Douglas Wright vho made tha i arrests. i Iy 'enuaie; Vw 8nt.J Bakersfield: drew J. Eardakos, IS, Sunny vale; James Oliver Cyr, 21, Fowler, Michael A. Green. 19, Jack Lee Paris, 18. Patrick M. Christensen, IB, and Charles LaVarnway, 19, all of San Jose: and an 11th frat man un der IS who was turned over to juvenile hall. Bail was set for each on the misdemeanor charges of S550. Bail on the felony charges remained to be set. Masonic Address Set By Cardinal BOSTON (UPI) Richard Cardinal Cushing may be the first prince of the Roman Catholic Church to appear before a Masonic Lodge when he delivers the principal address at a meeting in Masonic Temple here Tuesday morning. The archbishop of Boston wilt be welcomed by many Masonic dignitaries including A. Neill Osgood of Wellesley, Grand Master of the Masons in Massachusetts Cardinal Cushing will be accompanied to the meeting by John J. McCullough, state deputy of the Knighls of Columbus. It was believed that no cardinal of the Catholic Church ever before addressed a Masonic Lodge. RESEARCH CENTER BUFFALO, N.Y. AP) Gov Nelson A. Rockefeller has. ap proved funds to begin design of a $2. education and communications i 1 i at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, the state's cancer re search center. Jorgensen spotted the 7 a.m. today and reported to police that "there are "cattle rustlers" in Belmont, A value of S340 has been placed on the loss The job obviously was done by isaid. Jorgensen noted that wrenches, hammers, crowbars, and various other kinds of tools would be needed to get the cow loose from its perch, to say nothing of the crane, winch or abundance of musclepower or whatever it took to get it to the ground from the top of the one story building. The cow and the American flag together have overlooked the 485 O'Neill premises together for the past 18 months. That is, until sometime after last night and 7 this morning The guernsey is colored yellow and white. Gemini Six In Countdown CAPE KENNEDY fUPD The federal space agency, confident of a break in the today began the final 43 hour countdown toward America's newest astronaut spectacular the Gemini 5 "chase in Rain douds that had draped this spaceport a gloomy shroud lifted somewhat today, and space agency meteorologists predicted "the weather would be "satisfactory la unch time. A cloud ceiling above 2,000 feet was expected, Find Army Colonel Nude (Continued From' Page 1) Department and recently was trict Q6f Waghi led to the Military Dis Washington, the Army's local command post. A State Department spokes man said Cumings had access to classified material while with the planning council, which an alyzes foreign policy and helps form long range international pohcy. There was no immediate com ment from Walt Rostow, chair man of the council. prenminary Hearing was set for Nov. 4 for King, a driv er for valley Freight Lines, Emeryville. He was charged with theft of merchandise in foreign commerce. Two Injured In Accident Two persons were injured at 2:30 a.m. today when a car being driven south on Devonshire Boulevard struck a sports car that apparently pulled off Fay Avenue onto Devonshire in front of it. according to San Carlos police. The sportscar driver. James Mervyn Callen, 19, Pine Avenue, was knocked unconscious and suffered lacerations and contusions of the chest, face and right hand and knee, police said. Callen wss reported in satisfactory condition in the Sequoia Hospital intensive care unit this morning. The other driver was Josephine Mary Stutzman, 17, 2508 Read Avenue. Belmont, police said. She was treated at Sequoia for chin and knee lacerations find released. The long flight to lexas was Tne doublebarrled launching aboard a giant Air Force jet piot waiter Schirra and co transport carrying not only the pnot Thomas Stafford and the President and his wife, Lady Agena rocket satellite they will Bird and memoers ot me to )ink up wjth in orbiti re. House staff, but at least set for a Mon members of a White House dav 0ff east ol SaiEon. Each of the diminutive fight's dumped a ton of bombs and poured 450 cannon shells on the area which the forward air controller reported 00 per cent covered. Some of the seven and eight inch artillery pieces were destined for service in the central highlands, where a Communist siege against a U.S. Special Forces outpost is in its tilth day. U.S. military spokesman said the first elements of four battalions of artillerymen arrived on Vietnamese soil with self propelled eight inch howitzers and 175 mm. (seven inch) guns. Russian Ship Is Watched PT. MUGU (UPI) The 205 foot Russian trawler Arban has been under constant surveil lance during the two weeks she has cruised off the California coast, according to the vice commander of the Pacific Missile Range fPMR). Capt. John L. Nielsen said the Arban, which carries sci entific gear, was presently off San Nicolas Island in the PMR Sea Test Range into which the United States fires many intercontinental ballistic missiles. Nielsen said he doubted the Russians were gaining any mil itary or missile knowledge of value 'They can subscribe to our magazine and find out more, he said. "As long as she observes the three miles limit, the Arban has every right to be out there press, oroaacastmg any pno tographic party. 406,333 Were Shortchanged WASHINGTON (AP) Employers shortchanged 406,333 workers $74.45 million in wages fiscal 1965 by violating federal pay standards, the Labor Department has found. Employers have agreed to make good on $24 million in back wages and overtime, but the remaining 550 million or so is still tied up in negotiation and litigation, a department spokes man said Friday. Dally Exempt Sur SUBSCRIPTION RATES eiirtKr Si' Kv Mall Pavablt Quarter Cairltr (Annual In Advanca) 4 yr. BntcrnJ ciis Matter at Post Watch The Times for Our October 28ffi See The Peninsula's Finest Airi COOPERATIVE APARTMENT HOMES The Fairmont Elms 234 Elm Street San OPENING SALE! Dagger pi 200 Second Av. San Mdeo arch 1179.

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