The World from Coos Bay, Oregon on February 20, 1980 · 11
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The World from Coos Bay, Oregon · 11

Coos Bay, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1980
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Wednesday, February 20, 1980 , THE WORLD, Coos Bay, Ore.-Page 11 Stock market listings ; Cattle care studied Researchers say when the wind kicks up to 20 miles per hour, and the temperature dips IS degrees below rcro Fahrenheit, human flesh begins to freeze in about one minute. So Imagine the plight of a range cow in the blustery Eastern Oregon winter: It can freeze its tail off - literally. That is one reason, not to mention possible weight loss and even death, Oregon State University researchers are using a computer, weather date and some Yankee ingenuity to try and make cattle tbit more snug. A device being studied by researchers Ralph Phillips and Earl Bates Is a solid windscreen to protect cattle. They have found that solid barriers can cut wind velocity more effectively Qian the typical porous windscreens used in Eastern Oregon for purposes unrelated to cattle, such as to curb erosion, collect snow to add moisture to agricultural land and for other agricultural purposes. Phillips, an animal nutritionist at the Union branch of OSUa Eastern . Oregon Agriculture I Reserach Center, and Bates, an agricultural meteorologist based on the campus in Corvallis, said a prototype solid windscreen at the Union station near LaGrande, eight feet high, 80 feet long and made of inexpensive plywood, cuts the wind by as much as 90 percent in part of the protected area and by SO percent over a larger area. "Believe me, its not a problem getting cattle to use them when the chili factor gets down there," said Phillips, noting that last wirter the manure pattern behind the prototype matched a description of the protected area. "Im not sure you can show a big direct economic advantage when any type of windbreaks are provided for fast-growing cattle on a high level of feed intake," Phillips said. "But they may be beneficial to animals on maintenance diets." ' He said the most obvious, payoff for windscreens to supplement "natural breaks auen as ravines and brushy areas used by cattle would be saving newborn calves, which can die In few hours when the chill factor drops far below zero. Pregnant cows prefer to get off by themselves, he said, and be envisions a system of large barriers for herds and a few small, possible mobile, screens for cows giving birth. Phillips and Bates also are collecting and analyzing winter weather date with the goals of determining svtrage wind chill factors for various winter periods and developing a method of checking wind and temperature early in the morning and predicting and makkig available to cattlemen - the chiO factor for the rest of the (by. "A producer In this area could use that sort of information to know when he needed to provide shelter or even to shut calving times to try and avoid the periods that usually are worst, said Phillips. "We would like to be able to develop a chart a producer could use to look up chill factors and see what and how much he should feed his cattle," he added. According to the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station researchers, scientists disagree on how much stress cold weather places on cattle. Some believe moderately low chill factors say zero to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit can cause hard-to-recover weight losses. Others do not Phillips said chill factors in the minus 30 to 70 degree range can freeze a cows flesh (the tail, for example) and cause pneumonia and other diseases. The problem of cold stress has existed as long as weve been raising range cattle," said Bates. He said at todays cattle prices, saving one or two calves probably would pay for a solid windbreak such as the 30-foot-long barrio- at the Union experlcmtn station. 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CCLlrUTEil (CUECTi::;S The future Is now Lowest Cost - Most Effective Best possible public relations 3. ccilecti:::s: 1:37 to C3 it ni::m How to avoid harassment Make effective phone calls Write effective letters and notices COLLECTION AGENCIES - WHAT THEY DO M "to regTsterT fill iH ka"e"7 Semin E" " ENCLOSE 949 SO TUITION, (25 EACH ADDITIONAL PERSON TO; CREDIT TRAININQ INSTITUTE Registration I am Out 3 30 Name Nam Buslnatt Nam Bualnan Addrtaa FRIDAY. MARCH 7th, 1980 Today's mutuals Prices until 10 m. today N L.-No Load unavailable Dow-Jones Dow Jones closing s-oex averages. Volume 19 at million shares 30 Indus 87 02 0 I 96 30 Trans JS 9 oM 3 34 IS Utnt 109 4 otl 1 St 5 Stocks 317 H oM 3 3 Local securities PORTLAND. Ore UPI National Association ol Security P.O. BOX 42430 PORTLAND. ORE. 97242 City State PONY VILLAGE MOTOR LODGE PACIFIC EXCHANCE Dant end Rut sell Poultry PORTLAND, Or (UPI) Poultry, ready to cook, prices to retailers. Fryers whole 9 71c; cut up 7 Tvc, light type hens whole 39c, cut up 49c, heavy type harts whole 73c Dairy market PORTLAND, Ore (UPII Cheese prices to retailers Processed American Sib loaves I 39 I 52, 40 lb rindless blocks 1 40 1 5a, Monterey lack 10 lb 1 41 1 60. Silver NEW YORK (UPI) - Handy and rtarman Tuesday quoted sliver at (33 35 per line ounceotf (1 40 Engelhard quoted a Siler base pice o t (32 134 ott (1 383 and a price for fabricated Silver of (34 913 off (I 47. Description of suspect obtained GRESHAM, Ore. (UPI) -A new description of a suspect in the Jam 15 murder of a Mount Hood Community College coed was obtained by hypnotizing a witness, police said this week. The - new description 1 is considered by police to be more accurate than any recaved before in the slaying of Barbara Mae Tucker, whose partially dad body was found ner a campus parking lot the morning after her death. The suspect was described as a male adult in his early 20s, with black eyebrows, da rk eyes, high cheekbones and an olive complexion. The suspect is about 6 feet tall and of stocky build, with a "swagger" walk, was wearing a navy blue nylon ski parka and horizontal stitching, gray pants and a round-shaped ski can. Face-Kock flNfc. DlNINO- On the Beach loop Rd m Bandon - 347 3533 Wed Mon B10. Sun 49 LUNCHEON INCLUDED IN TUITION PRICE Zip . ; ....... . NORTH BEND. OREGON Egg market PORTLAND. Or (UPI) -Prices to Northwest producers lor loos eggs per dozen f o b : AA large Me, AA medium 44 45c; AA small 35c Portland grain PORTLAND. Or (UPII -Portland cash gram, coast delivery basis While wheat Feb 2nd ht Mar Is hf Mar 2nd hi Apr 1st hi Baney Feb 2nd hf Mar 1st ht Mar 2nd hi Apr 1st hf 421 429 430 430 114 00 115 50 114 00 116 50 Lumber market PORTLAND, Or (UPI) -Today' quotation on the Chicago Board of Trade, provided by !h Portland office of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fanner 4 Smith Plywood High Low Close 192 00 184 80 IB 00 195 50 189 70 191 00 199 50 193 80 15 00 201 50 194 50 196 80 Mar May JW spt Lumber Mar May Jiy 225 40 225 60 725 40 232 30 732 40 232 20 233 60 233 60 223 60 Spt 235 20 235 20 235 20 (fHU I I o 3- i VT? C: V . mrGfrn r . ! t t ' ii fc Metal prices ' NEW YORK (UPI) - Latest metal market pneet as quoted Tuesday by the American Metal Market, authoritative metal publication Aluminum, primary, 99 per cent plu pur 50 lb Ingot 44 00 44 50 C lb Antimony, domestic, refined in alloy, 200 00 200 02 c lb Copper, electrolytic, delivered U S 141 625 144 25 C lb Lead, common, U S primary producers 50 00 52 OO c lb ; US non primary (secondary) producers 50 00 52 00 c lb Magnesium, 99 8 per cent. Ingot 109 00 c lb Manganese, 99 9 .per cent boxed regular 62 00 c lb Mercury, (395 00 (410 00 7 lb Have Nickel, electrolytic cathode, ( o b Port Coiborne, Ont , ( 25 lb NY Am Met (282 00 (287 00 per Palladium, Mkt dealer troy ounce Platinum, soft, 99 5 fine, producer 420 00; dealer approx., 1920 00 930 00 par troy ounce Steel, No I heavy melt scrap - Pittsburgh 108 00 109 00 par ton (consumer buying price); Am Met Mxt. composite scrap pric 5'06 70 per ton Tm, N Y. Am. Met. Mkt ex dock 814 50 c lb Tm, N Y. Am Met Mkt. alloyer price 71 50 c lb Tungsten powder (M Red), 98 8 per cent minimum pure (U 90 per lb PARKING CN SOUTH SIDE OF STORE,. THE WORKING MANS zMvfttlOl STOaEViDE ALL UNHID STATES S1VH CCS Minted 1 964 or bc..-e ate occeptsbie No sandwich corns DIMES WORTH ... QUARTERS WORTH Iff HALF DOLLARS WORTH . . "w SILVER DOLLARS WORTH .! s aoaNKt YOU VE GOT TO BE OVER 80, IF YOU REMEMBER PRICES LIKE THESE NO MUTILATED COiNS. All Exchanged for Any of ITEM H & R 676, 22 REVOLVER 105 STERLING STAINLESS .22 AUTC . nie; DRIIL-PRESS Bench Model . . . stoves 299 STOVES . ; 199W! I n IGLOO COOLERS 4 Sqt 34!3 V CHEST WADERS Uniroyal 59!0 HIP WADERS Uniroyci 4 4 53 SMELT NETS 12 ft. extendable hands 11 Coleman . LANTERNS 1 burner, propane 20 COLEMAN . LANTERNS 2 burner 25P COLEMAN STOVES deluxe I COLEMAN HEATERS 3000 BUhOM HAfF JzANS . . ... TACKLE EOX Adventure No ZJS3 by VlcbeK be vMtli 6 bay can? 4o comp . . , ROD & REEL 4' TOGA Rpet roa 8 oei?YY haM '1 fs J r Gold NEW YORK (UPI) Foreign and Domestic gold prices In dollar per troy ounce Tuesday. London Morning fixing 441 7 off 5 25 Alter noon lixmg 452 23 off 14 75 Pari (tree market) 652 10 off 153 Frankfurt 40 9 off 13 49 Zurich 652 50 off 14 00. New Yerk Handy and Harman, 52 25 off 14 75. Engelhard, base price tor refining settling and unfabricat ed gold 653 90 off 14 75 per troy ounce Selling price, fabricated gold 676 79 off 15 24 per troy ounce Wall Street NEW YORK (UPI) Price were broadly lower at the close of the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday a Interest rate climbed to a record level in reaction to Federal Reserve credit tightening Trading was subdued The Dow Jones industrial average, down about 12 points at midday after Fridays 8 79 point loss, was oft 8 94 points to 876 02 shortly before the NYSE closed The Dow fell 18 86 points over the previous two sessions Declines fed advances by STORE !SC3i Phone 267-6711 SiLVEmE 1MW WFOiAM&SI $'50 f M MttOMMOftt $50 the Merchandise in our Store ciFise pre-pane - 5000 v'fjt is less . vii I- about a 12 to 3 margin among the 1.933 issues crossing the composite tape at 4 p m EST. NYSF volume amounted to about 39,400,000 shares, down from the 46,680 OOO traded Friday. The market was closed Monday for Washington s Birthday Prices were mixed In active trading ot American Stock Exchange issues Brokers said the much of the selling we a continuation of a drop Fridav that followed the Federal Reserve's decision to boost the interest rate It charges member banks for loans a point to a record 13 percent On th Big Board, Sears, Roebuck was active after a block ot 300,000 shares at 17 Eastman Kodak won support and Berkey Photo was on th downside most of the day. Th Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Berkey Photo from a lower court's decision voiding an 87 1 million antitrust suit Berkey had won against Kodak William wngley Jr. Corp , which skidded 2 points Friday, came under further selling pressure The chewing gum producer said inflation will make it difficult for the firm to match 1979" record earnings. On the Amex, Goldfield Corp was active following a block of 276,400 shares at 3 Gulf Oil of Canada, a 5H-pomt winner Friday, was sharply higher at on point. The company last week announced a 5-for I stock split. s123s A . 13 mm 1 S75 ! rtfu- sbc i ; s3 3 J i t 4

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