The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKASr ARKANSAS AM) SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BOMEEDmON VOL. XXV1II-NO. 274 mythevllle Dally News, Blythcvllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Blytlievllle Courier, Hl.YTllKVH.UO, ARKANSAS, WKDNIOSDAY, KKHUUAUY )!, ]<>;« SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS APAN REJECTS AMERICAN PLAN FOR PEACE Ml QUAKE MS IIS IN Dog Tax Moratorium , Voted as Relief Measures FAIRMOUNT, llld., Feh. : (UP) —The Fail-mount clt. :i unc.l >.:- Jievcs It has 'done Us ':!i tc\'ir.. 'iclleving econc'mlc coii'iitians. 1\ G1U J/ttij' m_|-.liOI-lllj:l op COl- lLcli:n of,, 1S3'< d:: lasts an been declared to relieve I'dlstre'i- sed conditions new prevailing in Terror Stricken Populace Thc pricc Ol U|B nto|lshBi| Spends Night in City's "'"*" * as S1 i' cr Streets. Asiatic Fleet's Flagsliip Rushed to War-torn City SANTIAGO DE CUBA. IX'b. 3 HIP)—A series of earth shock.; tei'orizeil this community jarly t -^ay and caused damage to mn.iy . Lui'rilnvs. Residents -ran to ihe itreets and tlieicby officials be- Htv«. prevented ?. isuvy dej'ji i.'.ll. The gcvuiKT announced o:ilj '.welve j:trioi.« '-trr known lo r..iit loen' l:llled. About snu were !n- The shocks \vr ttlsu K. :A 'Juantanamo an . .n'her poln's 1.11 03'1'in Cui'.i, Ini' little dam^se »:s r..frted. Rant.ago w. j i-iet hi steep BOTTLE 10 WOF Thousands Work on Levees ' Aroun'l Imperiled Louis- .:e!lm_ r.t Hie hiad of tin destroyers, tlic U. S. Cruiser Houston tsho,.n atuve), lie-shin of tli c Aslntif Heel, left Manllii fur wiii--strk-i(L'ii :ThQn£)mI to aid in protecting Amuilcan clll/cns lmpcrllecl_ by Jap.inn-CliliHM- corilllcl. Rcnr Ailmlriil Moutnomcry Tuylor wus nboiinl. -.he Houslun tarries 53 cITIcers und 512 mui. with nln e eigU't-liu-h inm. |i m - llvu-lnrli untl-iilM.-rnli guns, two lrl[ile Innwilu tulx'S, mill Itllir LHKIMlt. Offers Post at I ondonto Andy Mellon \Y"'iiiNO p r(..N, rot. :i (Ui') — • -j'l nl I'rovcr Im IrmtcnM lilt 1 :milja!.'.iulcrshlp lu Great llrltnlti Jri'-tTolLU'y ot lh[. 'iivnsury An- 'W Mellon, but Mr. Mellon 1ms . .It'iilmtl whether lu: will ni:- Cf-pt or r.ot. Charles (lull's Dawi'.i, chahnum ol the new rccojistriicllon llniince nr|0ral|rn, resigned tin uinlm-usi. .'-lllp ft IfAV \\CL'i(S 11J(O. iana Town. MONROE, La, Feb. 3 !UP>— Three thousand men worked feverishly today building ramparts of trie flrsi shock rocked the city -andbags against th e rising witters at 1:30 A. M. The ha If-d rested . of tne Ouachila. population, rushed -to the streets, muttering prayers for safety, 'iney , Warnings that the Mississippi was rapidly approaching flooi stage milled in the streets, clogging trai- b '<™gM fear t= this community Re. At every half hour until- innt " wa - docmed. dawn the tremors continued In I A11 last n| B w frantic efforts con- leEsenina decrees. Darkness addfil l llnuea andc ' : tllc "Bht °' S^nt la the'disorder as the power plv.u arc lam PS- National guardsmen pa- v;ere damaged. Dawn brought de- lro!etl the cU ^ ar >d were stationed creased fears and officials started. ° n lhe leve « to Blve warning: of checking on the damage. Among the buildings damaged was the maternity hospital. Ko- •thers and riew born babes were caught in felling debris. Many of- the patients were helpless and unable to leave the institution. None were beMeved killed tliere, however. - 4 GUANTANAMO, Cuba, Feb. 3 (UP)--Vice Admiral Arthur L. Wil- )ord, commander of the U. S. scouting fleet, advised the navy " I scouting A • departrn %';•--t»f<M*- department he left Guantanamo flagship, the heavy V cruiser Ail°usta, at. 11:20 .A. M. "-tflr-THvtsttfate earthquake damage at Santiago. threatening breaks. p nc f 1 ci [PTC l°p en U, Ui U. LLLUIU ! to Depression Vktims Rushing Troops to Scene APPl.HTON. Wis., Feb. 3 (UP)— In order that persons thrown out of wwk by tlie depression may prufil by Ihelr Idle lime, Lftwr=nce /-\cf • t ifvn w;'ii n college will allow them lo attend Ulhcers tor IV^Z Will DC elates free of .charise. ( Thc olfe1 ' ^' 11S anuounc«J - by PreS | d( . nt , !snry M wriston, ef- lectiv c during the semester .' slnr|- ' El Meeting Tonight. jing Fi-bn.ary The new board of directors of the Blytheville chamber of- commerce will meet at 7:30 tonight (o elect Monroe already has suffered a officers for 1932. flcod tamag;. ot several million I Ballots In the annual election ol dollars. Heavy rains continued directors were counted late ycsler- over the area. ' ' 'day by a committee consisting of 'J. A. Waterman, Jesse Taylor and Red River lev« Brf.iks •'• J- D" 1 ?- Those electeS to the f » U '« >» lm »""' T ' ALEXANDRIA, La., feb. 3 (UP) —A 15-foot River levee break \,\ at Boeuf, the Red 45 miles B. A. Lynch, O. P. Moss, Victor Bray, C.. A. Cunningham. E. D. outhea t of here acres of lowland but relieved pr- sure cf high 'waters on the embankments and offered some relief tp this section today, t'Score than MO; persons , • H»" n and Hussell Phillips. R. was clect€ ^ f ? r °" e J ' ear * y thc rc5 ' Announces Candidacy to. Succeed Himself on Mu-; nicipal Bench.; Judge Ivy W. Crawford -made formal announcement of .his Ignatlon of John Snyder.V I The committee that counted the ; ballots did not announce the vote! rnndWacy for reelection _ ... ... ; for' individual -.nominees, out 'did o *"(^'Biytheviile,iijunii:ipji.coiirt, hold goods. New Pay Slash in Store for'LJttle Rock Firemen LITTLE. ROCK. Feb. 3 (UP)— Little Rock flremen shuffled around uneasily- today.after being informed by Mayor Horace Knowlton they v;ere in line for another salary cut. 1 Last year wages of members of tne department were slashed 20 p^r cent. The mayor said unless the city treasury was replenished frcm an unforseen source firemen's wages would be cut another 10 per cent. Tne rat i n? of the Blytheville It was believed a similar reduction l h igh school In the North Centra! would be invoked In the police [Association of Schools and Colleges department. Salaries of members of the two departments range from $60 to $120 per month. Gulp, Lynch and Moss tied for the j Judge Crawford, who had of voles. : vlously served lor a numb pre- :r of or cu ., 'the ten men named above and eight 'o.'tne miinlcjpal court JudgesWp ! 'hBn B lml. the Army Transport Clmumont (plflurcd above) vins'or-. old directors whose- terms do not recently by the city council to fill i.ered by President Hoover to proceed from Manila with 1000 regular army troops of the 31st Infantry Regiment and an additional force nf 400 marines. 'The reinforcements were dispatched ul the request of U. S. Consul Cunningham of Shanghai. expire for another year. They are vacancy left by the death of Tuition System Will Not Affect . Standing With North Central Cecil Shane, C. R. Babcock, U. S. Judge W. D. Grav»ttc: Branson,- A. B. Fairneld, Joe Is- 1 A -resident of this .city for cigut oacs, Max B. Reed, E. B Nobls and years, Judge Crawford 'lias aiways ; C. W. Afflick. been: active in civic . affairs. He | . . - — : - • - . j commanded the local.. . national guard company "for "a number f years arid -is now a major in the Arkansas national guard. He Is associated in the practice. of law wllh Rockefeller Recovering from Cold Says Secretary ORMCND BEACH, Fla., Feb. 3 (UP)—John D. Rockefeller has been ill with a cold, but the Illness Is not serious, Nestor W. Davis, secretary of the 92-year-old financier, announced officially today. H was that illness, Davis said, that kept Rockefeller indoors for the past week, forcing him to abandon temporarily his game of golf and to absent himself from church Sunday for the first time In two years. Rockefeller -is, showing a gradual Improvement, Davis added. Sixty-Three Army Planes Seek Missing Air Liner will not be affected because of tuition charges if the school maintains the usual standards of the association. This was the information contained in a letter received yesterday by Supt. Crawford Greene Ircm M. R. Owens, state high school supervisor. . This letter clears up any uncertainty that may have existed in regard to the standing of the liigh school because of its operation on a private school basis. The local school authorities have felt that the change from the public to the private basis would not affect the status of the Institution if the ether standards «ere maintained. The chief standards to be observed are in regard to teacher's salaries, pupil-teacher ratio, RIVERSIDE, Cal., Feb. 3 (UP)— Sixty-three army planes from. March field took off today to join in the search for a missing Century Pacific airplane and its eight passengers, all believed dead. Fcrt-y-flve pursuit planes. 15 j State Senator R. A. Nelson. Negro Gets Death for Killing Section Foreman ARKADELPHIA, Feb. 3. (UP)— bombers and three transport ships 'A cell in death row at the state were included in the mighty ar- penitentiary at Little Rock was bc- mada which will make its base at Ins prepared today for Louis Mc- Bakersfield. Maj. Joseph McNer- Bride,'negro, sentenced to die by a ney was in command. jury here-last night for thc slaying A numbsr of the .planes will of William McLaln, Missouri Pad- search the mountains around Sc- fie section foreman, quciah National park for trace of McLain's body was found Decem- Lt. Edward Hoffman, believed dcwn ber 4 terribly'mutilated. He had n that area after a search he Century Announces Candidacy Today for Office of City Clerk. nd the size present time Expect Big Attendance at C. of C. Banquet A heavy advance sale of tickeU insures a large attendance for the annual banquet of the Blytheville chamber of commerce at thc Hrtel Noble Tnursc'ay night, it Is announced by the committee. W. F. Kirsch of Paragould and C. A. Cunningham of this city will be the principal speakers. An attractive musical program has also been arranged, In which the Blytheville string trio, iconsts'-tng of Miss Leone Callicott, Everett McDowell and Roscoe Morris, Mrs. P. L. Tipton, ar.d the Misses Selma Lentz, Othus Bracken and Grace Elliott will participate.' within the standards and should continue so. Mr. Owens' letter said in part: 'So far as your .membership in the North Central Association is concerned, the. fact that you are of classes. the school At the Is well Tlic Courier News was authorized today to announce thc candidacy of Oscar Alexander for city clerk subject to the municipal election in April. Mr. Alexander has been a •.'csl- dci.t of Ulytheville and vicln'.ly PLACE LIMII OK RED CROSS HELP Cases of Illness or Other Misfortune to Get First Consideration. Because funds available do npt permit a more extensive progrntn, directors of ttw local chapter of the American lied Cross last .night adopted a resolution limiting the chapter's relief activities to faml- .-llcs temporarily unable to provide for themselves because of Illness or other misfortune, | Tlie action affects chiefly trans- lent* and the chronically dependent who have been a heavy drain oil tlw chapter's resources,, but also j supplies to able bodied unemployed I persons. In discussion of the resolution tt »'us brought'out t'nul the 'policy might work hardship In Individual cases, but that In view of the limited amount of money available It was Impossible for-the chapter to carry'-out a breeder charily program. . ,,..-' The report of Mri. Harmon .8e- ford, chapler secrtj»ry, -. rty'eiled ;-'|nnt In Jnnuary..ih)>.iii»jlin ;«xteDd-: ed aid of one kind' or another to 73 civilian families and 16 ex-scr- vlcc cases. Plans for the broadening of chap, tcr activities, along a numbof of lines were .dlsouwed, »ml department chairmen' to direct a" number of tlie programs were elected, as follows: disaster relief, .R. N. Ware ji.; medical adviser and health service cha(rnian,'Dr. A. M. VVoshburn; first akl. Dr. Hunter Sims; production ch&trman, Mrs. E. E. Alexander, /These department/ chairmen automatically become member. 1 ; of the executive committee, : U. S. Admiral Mpiujjomery Taylor 'Arrives at Shanghai Today. , . TOKYO. Feb. 3 : <UP1—Jupnn ll>v- (lay rjjecli'd. the: IVKh provision lu tins Identic American und Bi-lllth.; notes designed lo restore peace In ' Chlnu. • ' • • . ' The provision called for settlo- ini-nl of nil mit.itotidhn; controver- • sl;s In China In (he spirit >!..the lion pact outlawing var* &ix! :h u. tie-ttlemsjit would, have meant • loss of Japanese' gains in- Manchuria. ' . ' ' ' ' ". China Accepts Fiabe Plan WASHINGTON, 'Ftb; 3 (UP)—.;. The state department today an-, nounced receipt of-..'a fayci-able replv from, thc Chinese govern- • ment lo the Brltlsh-Amcrlcin proposal for peace In the far east. '-• : ll -. SHANGHAI, China, Feb. 3 (UP) —Thc Chinese held off the Japan- oso attach anil drove them batit ' ; oitty In a :'fl«rce bottle at' the . ' . lonjkew border o[ ' lhe-'lut«rnjjj;'- ! lonal settlement, . . .'. .... ' • Jx •">. A similar battle went on In the.' / '.earby Chajwl native; Quarter, anil : : | h e Chinese forts at Woosung, 20 | miles from the city, were heavily,;..' bombarded by Japanese i worships. : -; Despite^ \vltherlni! machine gun. *' Ire, artllltv- end rifle fire and aer- j al bomblv :• ' 4 the Chinese,' without- ' I '• ' ; '• " ' Dell Arson Convict Freed From Prison Announces Her Candidacy t r- . I D L i laTTus KIX;K, Arit.—Governor lor Lounty and rrobale Paraell yesterday granted Indefinite Court Clerk. furlough to E. II. Ward of Dell In (Mississippi county. Ward was sen- trendies,' ; drqye '•- the " ith -their: nfaei'i.flsW'-'i ol 'a ; inUe.'back i "j ' ' leaving t Japanese pieces a ., ,. „ Irorh the rjfle : . range on' kew border ol .the itttlEment."•/,.: The Japuvwe..admitted (hey..h*d failed to', dislodge -'the .: CSlnese . from the north station'- onV;the L Chapf i' borderV of the', settlement'-* Japanese casualties were'Officially announced at tour killed and 22 seriously wounded. : .,<-•-- •.'•'-.U. S.'Atoltt) Arrive..' ' . •- •'.. Admiral' Montgomery, Tayipr %r-! rlvsd today" on the cruiser Houston, vanguard of .U. S. riaval 're-en-, fcrcements from Manila. The fir- Inj at the forts ceased .on ^his! p'rrlval, Indlcallng- perhaps the influence of Ihe American aVrivai. The Chinese were, greatly eni couraged and .the mliitary leaders suddenly blossomed ;wllh commun- iques. • • . ;^' Hcadqtuirters of the 19th route : army olllclully announced the Wpo- ' sting guiw had sunk a Japanese destroyer, and forced other*.-to withdraw seriously crippled. Admiral Shlosawa, Japanese nav- . .. al commander, promptly denied the !.j claim. . Japanne Minister Shite-', mllsu caused a jtlr when'he announced a Japanese lauding party jtcnccd lost, November to Ecrve a had found. th« forts deserted this Miss Carey Woodburn will be al , (hc p,, nl t emUl on candidate for he ollice of county sm charg( , > ctc \. RS Tccom . court clerk, subject to the Demo- menae(1 by courl omculs nnd ctncr cratlc prlmnry next August, she • announced today. A resident of Mississippi county for practically all of her life. Miss proclamation Ward was convicted at the fall term of criminal court here on an nil u*-l -» 14.-1I1U.T mul.JIllm. Jl- iron J - - - j , . LV1II1 V* .."III1IWI L.VU1 V 1IU1U UI1 ttll for been beaten to death with a rail- since 1913 and has resided within, Woodburn Is well acquainted here. arson charge ln connect i on B . uh tn , '*i. -it.. ,-[„,„„ i r\ot Ur. ,,.,-, ^ ",*~\ QVio n-^c m*i«lrtvr'»T in I IIP nn IPH . . . . _ ^. road spike. Beauty, 20, to Become Employer's Third Bride .burning of a restaurant al Dell, op- _ ------- - i j i t! le city since 1931. He wa-> To.'! She was employed In •'« . , ium- years national tccreta'j of ,of the Blytheville Cotton Oil com- cratal fe m{ , mbcr ,.- or hls tam)1 the United Farmers of America , uany for three years. and later served as bookeep"' nl. i Miss 'Wccdburn has hnd consld- a local gin. For the past rive years ii e has served as a m-.gls- Iraie of this county and points-to erable experience in public work. In 1S23 she was elected engrossing clerk of thc lower house, Ar- Even Cinderella would feel outclassed |by Ellen Rcssltcr, year-old Brooklyn saies girl dance hali hostess, to become the third bride of Steven Barclay, millionaire merchant. Their romance began when Bar- operating on. a tuition basis dur-l c1ft y rebuked his pretty ^ employe . - ng the second semester has no direct bearing whatever on the situation. Your school will be judged solely on the basis of whether or not the standards of the associa tion are being met. Eleven and one-half teachers for two hundred nfty pupils certainly should be adequate under the circumstances You arc well within the teacher ratio limits. pupil- Shanos Aloysius OToole Wai. Real Irish Setter SAN FRANCISCO. (OP)—Every inch of Shamus Aloysius OToole J™» Irish setter, but to keepers of ttle c 'ty pound Shamuj represented on ly a J5.50 board bill. Edward Olavus saw Shamus, paid the board bill,'and now Shamus is ? n «i« mnils ot thc cit y PO«n Q -. While Olavus wns leaving the pound a woman rushed up to him and ofTcred »iss for th« ««tUr, Since the Information concerning the school was forwarded Mr. 3wens the enrollment has increased by 30 but the school is still within the pupil-teacher ratio limit. Bum Door from Vault of Mississippi Bank LEAKESVILLE, Miss., Feb. 3 (U P)—Robbers who gained entrance to the Bank of Leakesvllle during the ntght burned the door oft the vault, obtained tS.OOO In cash and $600 worth of postage stamps and for breaking a store ruling. A.few weeks later ho asked her to marry him. Two refusals fol- owed before he won the promise of his bride-to-be to accompany him to the altar. Barclay Is 57. His marriage to Leda Grayson, dancer, ended in a Mexican divorce five years n?o. MUs Ros&er a;icl a sister support her widowed mother and small brother. Besides raking all day In thc bargain basement of Barclay's department store, she has been employed as a "diir.e-n-dance girl" at Dreamland dance hall. Ejlen Is the heroine of "The Dime-a-Dance Girl." the new serial by Jean Clayton. Her decision to marry Barclay, the millionaire who I offers her a life of luxury, comes , 'after she believes thc man who has won her. heart Is lost to her. De- fled knowledge of le?al records anc 1 jkansas general assembly, wher e she bj(/ii:rci)lng as gained through ais 1 served two years. She was later cxpci-'cnce as cqulplng him for the jconnected with thc Arkansas Scr Robbers Take Grocer's Gun, Coat and Bankroll LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 3. (UP)— "What's the use," sighed grocer J. 'c duties. It e>ctcd, Mr. Alexander piom- ij" ved , hes lo devote h's full time W-r 1 * duties of the office and d^'-'.ire-s ™_ y that if given the important city pent rn by the people he will always be glad lo open the office vice Bureau m Little Rock, and |W. Presley, "of trying to save your bankroll?" Prcsly recently purchased a revolver whlcl) he carried with him ,vo years as Francis Valley Council, Scouts of America. At present * secretary to the commander, from his store to his home as pro' ' Veterans of Foreign Wars. tection for the day's receipt*. Last . ' hnvc ncvcr bcc " " Candidate .night he was accosted by three ne- ! r.,p,, Jf?,, S 1 |,™V B in .ivrnrn for anv count y Ofi " icc DUt am tn ° r - !fiTOeS * nd nt>t ° nly ^ the re «lptS. e/en after regular hours 10 accom. ' * x.nHitno- 'th^ which totaM 125. hnf. > n -nvuwnat oujjhly capable of handling 'the -which totaled 125, but an overcoat work of the county court clerk, land the revolver also were taken If elected I will give the office from him. ii:cd;ite business cailrrs who Ow! I' Ir.r tnvenicnt to visit the working hours in the Select Little Rock for G. 0. P. State Meeting LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 3. (UP) — Little Rock was awarded the 1932 Republican state convention at a mmetlng late yesterday of thc slate my first consideration and 'best efforts," Miw Woofiburn said. Herb Thompson Named to Police Department Herb Thompson has been ap- Board of Arkansas Industries to Meet B. A. Lynch of this city and R. E. Lee Wilson of Wilson, members of the board of directors ritf I advisory board, respectively, *f th? afternoon. ChlatM Tlic Chinese Drought 4.COO troops from Chinju today, re-enforcing-' their position, at the. north station, after a declaration. they 'do net intend to yield before 'the Japanese. Shells and numerous shots came within tlie International settlement. Coincident with Admiral Taylor's arrival the.Chinese became high-., ly optimistic and announced var-"• lous victories. The fighting at.the north station resulted Iri at let* a moral victory for the Chinese defenders who have held their po- . fltlon since the Japanese occupation of Chapel. - •• Japanese Move O«t WASHINGTON,' Feb. J (TJP)^- Col. R. S. Hooker, commanding .he fourth regiment ol U. 3. mar- j.' ines at Shanghai,' today, advised :he navy department, he had ar- ranged'definitely for all Japanese :roops to evacuate'the .marine sector within the International settlement. member of the city police ' Arkansas Industries Association, committee The convention force s""" 1 "'^ Emmelt Wlkon ', h » v e received notice of n Joint committee. The convention accordlng w am , 0 uncement today | meeting of the directors ana ad- by Chief A. D. Gwjn. . | vlsory board to be held In Little county v/llson was dropped from the'Rock February 17. The association urn w j «•>« h * M ,? pr " 6 , , . e committee advised Ellen Rorsitcr and name delegates to the to work yesterday. The appolnt- state convention. Plans lo rsls= a ment of Thompson again brings the '•^3,000 campaign lund were an- number of policemen tack to six "ounced. not including two desk sergeants 'that the Arkansas delegation who serve In a dual capacity as _ . I committee* to call county coiiven- force Sun day and Thompson went U a consolidation of th- Arkansas " State Chamber of Commerce the Associated Industrlss of Arkansas and Is headed by F. W. Scott. Dcatrtjer to WASHINGTON, F*b. '3 (UP) — The destroyer Edsall under. Lt. Com. Dague was ordered to proceed to NanMnjt'ffrom Shanghai. (Continued or Page Six) WEATHER ARKANSAa-Cloudy '' with nilri, • ••"c.bimjrti riuiioiio uun-B* 1 *'«•• i>*ivy an »C ill u voted to Larry Hanwg.iie, lire- her frcm the cheap Brooklyn flat |» m go to , hc c ,,| caco convm . members of thc sponslble young artist whom she and gaudy sordid dunce hall to so- j Uon in June p!cdg(;d ",„ sup!X , rl portments. met at Dreamland. Ellen tries to cletys richest Steven. Lnr- .President Hoover for ^nomination Thompson has been assigned for forget him because Larry is en- ry and the other characlers are all was considered virtually certain, the present to duty In thc negro ssc- gaged to another girl. Interesting and true-to-llfe. You Ellen's mat?h-mnx;ng n'.other, can't oftord to miss B single chap- >i wire to the president at tlons of the city to warn negroes the close of the meeting membcrr not to congregate In groups, A ban - j in **» fit *u, _, . '— «.•""- v« int.- iiituiui& ,,,t..i«^.. iiu u vu vv/*.ft*vRun. 4ii giuu^a, /i unii h«r devotion to her sister and 12- er of this aerial which begins O f tl-.e central committee endorsed on negro meetings because ot the The «bbery was discovered by year-old brotlter, complicate her today on Page 3 of th e Courier J. C. Lantnim, (ashler. [problems. Her ndrenturos carry.News. the present administration and prevalence of smallpox among mem- Praised Mr. Hoover's leadership, jbers ot the rnee is In tonlght. cloudy, rain and snow in southeast of Huttlg, vice-president and gen- '^ ™ w V r cral manager of the Union Saw, ' Mill comptny. Mr. Scott, Roy'L.i According to the official weather Thompson of Little Rock, vice j observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., thc president; L. R. Brtntlng of B»ux-:blnlmum temperature here yester- lt«; Harvey Couch, of Pine Blud; ;day was 54 degrees and the m»xl- Robert W. Curran and J. Gilbert mum, 55 degrees, cloudy with .W Leigh, of Little Rock and James A. -inches of rain. Today a year rgo Ward HI, of Flort Smith, form the executive comftilttee, of which Mr. Thompson in chairman. the minimum temperature was .15 degrees and the maximum, TO degrees, clear,

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