The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1932
Page 5
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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 2, 1932 BLYTHEmLE, (ARK.) COUK1RU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor first Insertion and one cent a word for tncli subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken [or le«j than EOc, Count the words and send the cash. Theme 306 IV FOU SALE FOR SALE—llaby chicks, all varie- { lies Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytiievnlc IBctI I'OH SALE—Hotel and location for tilling Elation, Carchvell, Mo Building first class. Vacant corner lot on Mnin street joining Highway 25. Spicndld Investment. Foi liirttcuiars write D. C. Sleele, 825 bcarritt lildg., Kansas City, -Mo. VOR REST ?OH RENT—COii Clilckasawba Hi. yiic rtcoms and Bath. Apply a 1 hr. New York Store. ISC-Kit FOR KENT — Nicely furnished downstairs front room. Mrs. Jimmi e Boyd, Plicnc 519 or 408. IP-K4 FOR KENT — FurniElieJ room, v steam healed. South and car-t Yxposurc. Koy Walton. Phone 91 •I, 1P-K4 FOR RENT—Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping. B'2s Walnut. Phone 321. Mrs. S. P. Cavendar. FOR RENT—230 acres 4!i miles west of Osccola, will cut into small tracts. J. w. Dader. 30ek3 FOR RENT — Five room furnished house. 209 West Kentucky, call C12. 2C-K5 FOU RENT—Five rcom brick bungalow, hot and cold water, garage, reasonable rent. Corner Walnut and 10th. Apply Ike Miller, Phone 83!). 20C-K-4 Nice steam-healed rooms, (£•! hot and culd wafer .... w- 1 Other rooms 51.25 and $1,50 , GOFF HOTEL Home Cooked Meats $25 Month WERT He Makes'Em See (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) Meet Me At the New Rustic Inn Coffnc,- Hot Pigs and Chili Kryptok Bifocals for near and distant vision—S4.D5 Hare your Eyes Examined HARRY WEISBUR1) State Registered Optometrist At the'cood Luck Siore fan Save fou Moncj' On PARTS For Alt Automobiles JACKSON AUTO I'AKIS 2BJO \V. Main Phone G6 WRECKS AUTO WRECKS For All JI.Ucs of Cars Expert Repairs on Damaged Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Glass, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. New Equipment for Acetylene Welding. Finished Jous Look Just Like New. rhonc 810 Today PHII.UrS MOTOR CO. 5th and Walnut Sis. DC. ]. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Ingram Building Corner Jlain & First St. SECOND HANI) FURNITURE NOUGHT — sou) R. J. Dodson Ml-303 E. Main G. 0. CAUDIU, KEAI. ESTATE UEXTALS Farmeis Hank iildf. I'hnnc 787 OLD BEN COAL Meets every liousehold ncsjcl. Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson lumber Co. TP BY KAY CLEAVER \ RAHAN 1931, by Doublodoy,, Down and Co. CUAl'Tliu XLV111 rjOSAI.lK occasionally Inserted an *•*- explanatory phrase; Ann Interrupted onco or twice; Cedly asked several questions; but, on tlio whole, tho three women m.1 (julctly nnd listened \vhlte Grand kept right h.-ul said, uiiuilsloknlily, wlitlo t'lsiy Micro on tlio horsehair euln [Muted nud looked sullen, tint llio ilf.ncM cteeiro of Ilia llto ami ot lUwiillc's llfo had over been to oeo ilu-ir ihr- lines married to l, woilliy who loved lliem outl whom lit It, standing on tho licarlli rui:l |ove<1 In return. So miieli uncl talking ou a,'iO jn mid on. Ami oven ."fu-r ho had imprinted a kiss on Aim's brow, aud another on the toil o( Cecily's head (sho had ducked), anil had quivered hie vo;ec Into tho words, "God MCSM yon. my Ufii-liiiKS, God bless you," and had gone from the room wllh Rosalie, Who was trying lo weep, Ann ami Cecily continued sitting still and Raving nothing. Finally Ann said, "Well." It liad Hie effect ot having bec-n dropped from n height to a hard iilace, though it ir.nded lu fair Cecily asked. "Do you feel as foolish as I feel?" "Pushed cul of tlio nest," Enid Ann. The? imllcd loR-Cier then, bnl no'- happily; fearfully, rather, anil ".Nr,, bin really," Cecily salil, "what ilo you tliinli, Ann?" "Nothing. I'm stunned. I'm Hat. What do you think!" "I'm afroid to stir off of this sofa. { wouldn't pinch myself for £ dollar." "Ho hnil tlio receipt. Yon made him show it to you. Cisa, you were dreadful." "Yes, nud you said, 'Let me see it,' ')etore 1 oven hnd it In my hand." Sho looked at her watcli "It's a quarter past one." sho an- ronnccd, as good news, and added, "Barry left at half-past 12." "I couldn't sleep," Ann said. "Cissy, Jet's sco if wo can't find n Ton- words and put them together «»<] talk." "it would lia fun," Cecily suggested, "to telephone to tlio boys. They've land time to get home." "So late?" said Ann. "Fun!" said Cecily. "But what could we say?" Ann mused. "I mean--what could we eay over tlio telephone? \Vhcro could Vfo begin?" "I'm not going to Eij- much o[ anything," Cecily dnu-d to get off tlio sofa, though she did not pincl herself. "I'm going to bo sor,t o mysterious—a leaf from Rosu'lle's book. I'm feeling too Billy for sense. Harry will loathe It. Oh fun! But I'll tell him' to come 01 Saturday—" "Yes," said Ann, and stood, think I'll just tell Phil— ". • Cecily had gone. ANN looked timidly across •" room to tho exact spot on hearth rug \s*Lcra Grand had stoot hia hands clasped over tho fourt button on ills vest. Ms round wlill beard moving gently with his w-jrds his head noddlug Ilia jerioij. \l ch wa:: Iine ua easy lo believe, Hut-neb,-, on run] (liorc? Rosallo had said Hint It V.-.-K teasantei- tban an expensive hotel. Me unit Hos.ilo had waited !>nl!<MUIy and Ions. They lad paid Ilia tnniiey for tin: livings In May, t'.t a thus v/lsen Iho vacancy bad ccfiirved. and at a llmo when llitlr ilnrllngj' fulurcj had -ncoinoil Planned ;i:iil sci-uro. They had 'hat It combined tho o( ic best hotels ami the Ix'st [irkate ionics and wan nc-'llier. That ii .-.1:; beautifully furnished, with n uaranteed tcinpcraluro u£ 12 iroughout the wluler, and a charm- ng, quaint dining room with wee allies for, two. and larger ttililea, if no desired them, nnd r-cli lalilc lad a sweet iilllo pink-shaded !i|;hl n it. Cecily had interrupted somewhc-ro ,lx>ut there, nud bad remarked that t took quantities of money to buy Ivliigs In idiices ot that sort. Unlieedlngly, Grand hnd gone on ml on. Perhaps Ann hnd not at- ended ns well aa sho should have illcndctl. Sho wna tired out nud Icepy. For ycara and years. Grand tail said, Itosallo and ho Imd gladly, noro than gladly, indeed, made a iomo for their girls. There, had wen so much ot that—so much of he homo that ho aud Itosrllo had gladly mnde for girls who hnd lored lielr home so deeply that they wero eticent about leaving- it. 'Timid eel." ho had eaid. Aud soon-he vns being siern about tlmM feet iiiu reticc-ncc-, unit was comparing .hem with self-rollnncc. and hnd seemed lo confuse self-reliance with ovo, nnd ladies who knew their own minds, and, suddenly. Imd roundly denounced from out of wholo cloth, coquettes nnd fllrla. Presently Auu had noticed (hat Cecily looked odd, and pink, nnd pucker faced, though Grand liaO said only, in so far as Ann bnri lieard, that ho nnd nosalio were last middle age. He went on -to say, as Ann listened mora intently, that they feared-, aye, almost dread 0:1 another winter lu this great, cold, draughty place, with tho hard shipn and insufficiency of fuel. Ho 'eared for Rosalie's health. ItoKalte feared for his health—a recurrence of last winter's serious, all hut fata Illness. Fear, however, would not force them to evado their duty Never hart their duty been evaded They were not, now, evading it. Aa Mr. Carmlclmol had pointed out— ono must lie able to discern whero one's rea) fluty | n y. '•_ Eagles pushed thoir'.oaglcts Tron Iho nest, but flew be-ncath them witli outstretched wings lo catch them should they fall. The homo was here. Ho and Rosalie would be near their darlings, in fact and in spirit. Dying bciicaUi them should 1 their wings grow weak--ready to give advice, to help catch them should th»y ^liCII.Y, so recently scolded con-' cornhi; rctk-enco had, hero, poken rlfihi out, "You have paid lie nnjiioy fur llio livings? ['aid it ii May? Did they (;lvc you a re- dpi? May I ECO It?" 'iraml (mil (nkeu the paper from 'Is old bill folder and Imd aliown I and Ann hnd read it word for vorrt \villi her own vycs. Hr. Cm-mlcliael, hi/friend, hia lear trlCitd. hla good friend, Imd advanced HIP necwsnry "Six thousand dollars!" Cecily mil gasped, "lint why should bo— vliy would lie lend such n lot of unncy?" Friendship. Kindness. SollclUlilo 'or his friends' heallh. Generosity. I'ho Goldoi. llule. Any number of reasons. Gr.-ind added, however, with n soil ot light pride, that he liad liiRlstcd upon Mr. Cnrmlchncl'ti Inklug Iho mansion and tho grouude —the entire estnto, in fact—as a pledgo for tho "mount he had ud.- ranccil. Roaalle hail said, "Merely^ a pledge. Not a mortgage nor—um— ? dis.isi-eeablo of that sort. 'lu iiuly n minute." Ami satil, "lint, Cissy, you huislilu't have," uuil wuiil to HID -li iilione. "I'hll'a ruining," Ann said, n fu\< iiiali-.i Jau-r. "1 coiililu't stnp lina "in I io!d him lo park uul-,ldo |]n> and \valk uji." (j-Cil.Y and Ann sat walling II") porch. It WHH told out Tv, to (hey huddled toother. CV ly :;lr:lcil a little, nil to licrjulf lu • iliikn,':.-:. •''.- Ann n-iSru.l. ns." talrt Caily. "i;vory . A pledge. You know, dears, you un- erBtaml?" Tho dears either l;ne»- and understood or pretended that (hoy did EO. Ann had thought, "All the time— I wonder for how long— they have hated (t Just aa Cissy aud I liavo hated it. That Is fnmiy. Or— la It funny? laugh. Odd (Hat Ciosy doesn't I nniit not laugh. It would . he rude to laugh. I'll wait to laugh. Ann had said, "Yea, Grand," and, "Surely," and, "Ot course," to his plan concerning Mary-Frances. Sho would, ho presumed, mn\:e her homo wi'.u Philip mid Ann. lie did iusist, hen-over, lie must insist that, aa o[(en as onco a week, at least, Mary-Kraucca should como-to him and tc Jlos.illc and present to them, as Ann and Cecily had always presented, her i;lrlish problems (ii any existed), her youthful hopes, her maiden iutpi rations. "And now, my darlings, my little girls- always girls to me,, though soon to bo women—" And then tho kisses, and Iho hlcFsIngs, and Cecily and Ann had been left alone. mid neither of them could Iind a word tp s../ until Ann liait dropped her "Welt" down Ironi^ high place " Cecily returned on tiptoes. Sho looked dog-guiHy and as radiant as a sunriso. "Bari-jr'u coining," eho said. "1 couldn't stop him, I trlci to, angel, but I couldn't. Ho won'l drive In. I told him to park outside tcjo grounds and walk up. I'll ECO "V>p." cald Aim. "I feel Ilko '•'."t'liiiiK. too. Only— t don't know, I'm afraid lo ihliik u( hu« happy I'liU'aiii! I are ggliig to l». N'^v. 1 I lull it Is i-Jjjlil lure, It is ill- ll:0ii ( 00 III;; 10 1^1; „[_ I — \V U |||lor how 1,-,,'n jiand i, c | ng 30 happy, all ll-» lline, and atlll stay tcmililc-." ".\ii!;ol," Cecily coiuU'Bcended. "Ilon't you feel that w.iy, Chaj?" ".'«'. 1 dun'i oupposo we'll ho 1,0 vi'iy happy— unieh u f (ho (lino. Wlii'i! two veuiila have iniiiidKCd at l««i-!i misery n:i Hurry nnd I liavo l befovo we nro inarrleil — wo'll keep on wilh It. luoro or les::. Less— mnybo." "I Uiiuw," eiilil Ann. "ll'inii," cadi Cetlly. ' "You'd rather bo unhappy wllb Ih.rry," f;il ( | Ann, "than happy with ojit il;;e." i l:o:i'j I'm not such aa Idiot. No." ut it you don't expect to he 'y, what arc yon marrying him for?' 1 "N'ol for anylliljig. Just licc.iuso he l.i Harry." "H'nin," BH| d Auu. "I'ho lllll'i," S ;ii,i Ann, "are iinch goc-d ]:eople, Cissy." "1 know." Ann nodtleil to hcrwlf. ".lusl Ilio s;iu:o, I'll l,o ( („ i mvo Mary- l-'rancos Roin B (o a different school. We'll livo on tho west nldo, near i'hll'a oillre. T (Uiii't menu Hint Krinlniriide Isn't a nlco lltlla girl. She Is-a very nluo little girl, lut~" Someone was walklni: rapidly up the |<ath. Aim anhl, "Listen. Thereto llarrj-." I'Jill had farther to como, and rhll waa almiya lute. (-'celly saiil, "Yes," unit Jumped to her feet, nnd nhouk her coat straigtit, nnd wan gone. Ann closed her eyes again aud rested her head back nuntnst tha po:~t and waited. Ctcily's laughter, milled, camo to iicr ear3. Odd, rather, to bc&ln. risht c(f ivilh lausMns. 115 If tonia thins funny had h.ipiwncd Iho llrsi Instnat. Cecily's voico came, with laughter In It. "Aim," sho called softly. Hero's TOE WANTED—Waihinea. Mrs. Mars Kiciball. 505 Lilly itreet. Call Red Cross. K-TP LOST AND FOUND LOST—DHte coin purse containing about $10. Liberal reward. Return to Mrs.- Samuel F. Norris. November 1C, 1931 Treasury Department. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice is hereby given to all persons who may havo claims against "The First National Bank of BlythcTJllc, Arkansas," that the ;ame must be presented to n. L. Bradley, Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, within three months from this date or they may be disallowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of tho Currency. 11-1CC—K2-10-32 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. ..". 114 Anaconda Copper 103-8 Auburn ]27 3-8 Caterpillar Tractor 117-3 Chrysler 13 1-4 Cities Service 53-4 Coca Cola 107 1-2 Continental Bnkinj -^~ Goncrnl Electric 133-8 General .Motors 2i 1-8 Middle West Utilities .. 51-4 Montgomery Ward 83-8 New York Central 29 3-8 Packard 4 3.4 Radio 73-8 Simmons 7 1-3 Standard of N. J 21 Texas Co ]i 3.4 U- S. Steel '.>'/.'.'. 39 3.8 Harvard Becomes Owner 1 Chinese Bible Version Of Keith Theater One oi Most Popular PHILADELPHIA, (UP)—Harvard University becomes the sole owner of tlic Keith Theater on Chestnut Street in the center of Philadelphia's business section under a deed just recorded. When B. F. Keith died in 1912, the properly passed into tha hands of his son. A. Paul Keith, who died in 1918. I The Bible's popularity increased A large part of his estate was|by leaps and bounds during 1031, willed (o Harvard and Cardinal I the society reported, saying it had William O'Connell, of Boston. Lat-1 distributed 11,888,226 books of Calf in llajbl.irk Three Weeks ALTUS, Okla.. lUI')—Acalf that was given up for stolen after It hat! been missing for three weeks LONDON, (UP) — The Chinee was found under a haystack on 11:" version ot the Bible is enjoying a I farm of B. E. Milner, near Olnslre greater demand than any other »:-1 The calf had grown thin and very cept the English, it was revealed weak, but survived, it was believed today. The figures were supplied by the British and Fireign Bible Society, wr.lch distributes Bibles In C51 different languages. er Harvard purchased the share held by the Cardinal and the recently recorded gave lull title to the playhouse to the university. Scripture throughout the (vorlit. It attributed the fact to a greater n;cd for spiritual comfort in an aye of difficulty and pessimism. by eating the struw wlilch moist. PARIS, lUl')—Ucspilc world de pression, the ainiinl fur auction here produced n record turnover. There were 250,000 furs sold in tlio single day's auction, mostly silver foxes, wcusel, rabbit, ermine, op- possum, squirrel and skunks. Tric- es were Mow the 1031 average. Courier News Want Arts ray. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MO\N/rniS VJotJT HUCT 1 •)t>o, PRECKUES.- JUST -s TAK£ DEEP BHGATHS..- > ~N N ( VHHAT : A UTTL£ D££ \ F-IW£... HWMM=A t-ITTLS OUI.VA LITTL£ IRRITATIOSI OM THE LOS1SS.... TO6 EFFECTS FBc.'ATME COAL HE keep HIM IM BED SEVERAL DAYS...!. HESD ~K> New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 2. (UP)-CDl- ton closed barely steady. Open High LOW close CM GOT G53 65,1 684 701 Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 722 739 741 G84 701 722 733 711 W!) f.K 707 723 730 CGO 680 707 723 730 Spots closed quiet at CGO. oIT 20 Mew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLIiANS. Feb. 2. (UP) — |Ccttcn c!c=ed barfly slsartj-. Open High Lew •Mar ...... 6SD ttO S52 ;>i^y ..... 636 CB6 6(50 .Jn'.v ..... 700 7fO fi87 ;c:t ...... 714 715 702 D:c ...... 730 730 722 052 670 f,37 702 722 Spots closed steaiy at 647, ott ID OUR HOARDING HOUSE JOVK/ Bu«rifeR -. AOME9UV, My £EEUNGS-^~-'.l)0 I LOOK IN METGOOP—-Qfie BEBM S(C|<,-^"-(3u7; MOULT) WD FROM -THE YOU MEM ME1& <'MAFRA(P,(F VOO A &UCK/ Vbo 6rtCK (CT A-W I -?[NT> IT NECESS-ARY -TO -TAKE is Too SMM3-T BOOTS AJND HER TKU. 'JM. W1M.UO! NOW MfWBE IU.GE.T A CWfcNCETO E*>PUA!PH»T ^ FOR A DAY OR So. ...\1WAT l^. I.IADIOS DO ieo LIRE BEST; \^- JUHC6, SOUPS OR UK'S HlCrrKU WM,KKAI)YJ WAIJ.Kl) IN! AND""WWER'TOE wfrt-u^ ( THEY STfXUE ^Qrt^ST-l ' Ci TV\f\T K1VONE WOUlP LOM.E WSONIK OF MA.SOMRY. By CnuLl -A - &6T US OUT. UEMJE: tt TO R\P. BEGINS TO ITO TM,Vi COUP SWEKT

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