The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1931
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 1031 BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FHri CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word lor Cist Iu.stri.luu and cue Kiit » word (or efccti «ubse(|ueut Insertion. No advertisement lukcu for less than 600, Count tlio words and ecud tbc tash. L'hone 300 i'OR SALE Sl'EUAI. BA11GAINS IN I-'AUM LANDS SO atrci all in cullivalion on hard road, 550 ucre. BO acres, 4U in cuitiumon, on hard road, ¥1 atru. 320 acres, 2W In cnllivaUon, on Iiai-U, $45.00 acre. 03 acres, 50 in cultivation, uncc. $-10 acre, •ig nats. bS in cultivation, l>m-s 5a5 atic. All can be bold on terms. J W. Biioer, Ulythevillu, ArK. 15C-K18 fGit KENT. FOK RENT—Funilsliort 3 room Hat •700 West Waliuil. fc-i ROOM AND BOAUU—Home cooto meals, (Mean airy rooms. Mrs. T R. Watson, 112 East Cherry St Phone 0'J2. IQp-klS WANTED (JULTHY WANTED—Market pn jes, any qunuiuy. Marilyn Hat LJ-, a:; s. Fourth HI. ac ANTED — Family washings o teneral houtework. ilrs. Dor jzeli, 2207 18th St. • T: iv'^tymptfO/^-. IIKni.Y lli:ill: TODAY IIKIIYI. iiui<iii:x i.,,,,,, n,..,, „ r.iillu rnrri-r nlll J, r ||i |, rr n.r|:i-l hi-r tiujiclrhK l.ivo fur TII'MIY »\ ll.SUA «JHJ Ix rtiu-iunl to lirr U»ryl mull in-n? jr'nnu. Jit U rlrlj »nil lilc. In uln him. Slit- MU. t^'i-d* mill nflvr n luuiy nrdiling lliry il.-p.iri fur Ciithird'tf ufMrrn fiiniiv. Irt th->inil r Ttii.iiuy drinks tr.nilj, JIIM-X liU Jul), niiU Joins evil 4-i>mii:iriImiK. lllfc- cui-r. Wkvn IkllN mriclr I!I[ Lv rirriiriiiH. »<lnrl>i nig],! Ifjxc. Tlii'ii I ln;r »ftr li:i^ 111.^ :iinl U p HIT) I r<-:ill In nln iiri' riilil null,. »ri-k- ,, li rR him lei IrilV" ,,^ min B . llrr llirunl .i' nut! I|I L . tlnt-lur nn- klrrRlnt; Jjij, H rc Tummy rcnllii-.^ K[IP kju-rlllcr lu ml i 1 h!lil ri-c nnnlh^-r Jn]i, nnJ iiurxrx to llnlnh fnl- t-nc <'(IIIII'H tiiniir MIJ- [unrrL'U'U \\llli I'rrn- ling i,, C i.t n (Jhiiri-f. lull Irene N lr>lnK ' Irrni- Knfi I l,:irk T ........ v'* t, il:ill> Iplll-ni fru (.> O:ikrtn>| ami trv 1,1 i-i \\llh rirn nlllni; p <irp rli-rli. \%iu'ii ^lir l unni!rr% if lic- ^i'!] hi-r. 'nij-n IK'rrv they tlrl»c In n »f- In Inlk. i puzzling smile. Irene haleil liav- ng anyone fi??ui:io n mysiorlous ilr nml her annoyance with tilm ;rcw. "As far as tliat goes," she fahl haughtily, "Gaylord is Bomplhlng more than a rich Irian." "Ycah'i" Deny ivtorled. "Aren't you llllc ill lilldlllK It nut'! I tlmnclit lie was the sort of fellow who uus nil right lu business but a bum lu married life. Seems lo me I ve heard you fay lio neglected yon. 1 "If yen choose lo rcianntscr wlmt I fall! when 1 was unhappy." cut in. "it Just ill-ores dial you wouldn't understand niu any more titan (laylurd illd. i was a Inol that's \vlial 1 was. hut I've learned I my lesson." "Don't be so sure nt dial." Dcrry e.iiitioncd her. "1'oorlo don't cliaiiKC t'O earlly." "Perry Mcade! Are yon calling inn n fo;j|?" "What if I am? liul I'll tell vein Olio lliill£. You're not ;;ol||f; to m;:ke a too! out of me! Ilnw ilo you tlilnl: 1 foe) 1 .' I'cupL' >\:m IKUII saying i livolte up Clayloiii'y noiuc." your reputation?" uho Bneercil. Dcrry looked back at licr. eyes hlaging vlth hie "It uli lilrls arc like you," ho said lonsciy, "1 wou't need a iciuuattoa." ntKNK did not mnlcrilii',,1 thU •* but she rhope to ap[icar offc-mled. "Ucrry Slrade." Eltc cried. "If you siy ;niolliur iliini; like that I'll slap yuur fuce! 1 ' "1 guess you don't nuHc unilcr- Eliind." Derry snid ipiletly. "hut >ou will luler mid when you i!o you'll Etc that the joke's 0:1 yon." "You rL'cdu't try lo excuse yourself by talking In riddles," Irene rclnrlcd, "if yon ever siicak to me ar;,ii!i after today I'll—" Bhe scd on the \'t .':;o of threatening Mm wllli piinibhiniMil at the Imnls of her husland. l:'.:t rcuictnbcred !r (line that nlie )):"] no rlt,lit lo (liul liutliand's iirolccllon. 11 n fain 1 hofo tliat Oaylord would forgive her. tihcr knew thin and did no wish lo risk ridicule. "Do yon intend lo.stay In Oalt- thilo?" Berry nilictl. "You said n while- n^o you weren't soiiu; to. voids. It was too much Ilko losing sotnelhlnj that belonged lo her. "ll.i'i'i lio menu to mo. ibo iileadctl, suddenly becoming "I didn't mean lo hurt Iniigljod. "Junt like V RANTED — Hay to bale. C. i-mith, IM-.onc Kit or 1S02-F2. '' 6-6C-TF /ANTED TO BUY — Used cars. {Lehman Oillespie, Dcnton Chev- Slct Co. 17P-K22 OKDIN'ANCIi NO. 37G ' !N ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING j CERTAIN LICENSES, FIXING STI.ME OP PAYMENT AND PRO- WIDING PENALTIES FOR V1O- ILATION AND OTHER. PURPOSES. I .3S IT OnriAlNEU 3->! THE CITY I OOUNCIL OP THE CITY OF BLY- TIJEVILLE, ARKANSAS: .-Tjction 1. It sliail Be ira-.awr.ul for any person, firm or corporation in tlic City ol Blytlieville lo engage in, exercise or pursue any ol the following line.5 of business, voca- iviion or profession without first liav- intj obtained and paid for a City License therefor from the City Collector the amount, of which whicn licenses are hereby fixed in this ordinance. Section 2. The licenses as pro: vi3cd "in" this ordinance are' hereby fixed, defined and established under tlic several 7!ems as follows, towil: Itc-m 1. Abstract business. $25.00 per annum. Item. 2. Accountant or Auditor $20.00 per annum each. Hem 3. Attorneys, 520.00 por an niim for each Attorney. Item 4. Brokers, agents or sellers of Fire Insurance, $20.00 per on- num. Item 5. Advertising by vehicle and music, §5.00 per day. Item (i. Advertising by billboard $3.00 per billboard per annum. Item 7. Blacksmith shops, $15.00 per annum. Item B. Brokers or buyers oi Cotton or Cotton Seed, $25.00 per annum. Item 9. Building and Loan Associations, $50.00 per annum. Item 10. Bottlers of Soft Drinks. (A) Each person, firm or corporation er.gaycd in the business of manufacturing, bottling and sale of carbonated or mineral v.ater, COCA Cola. Hoot Beer, and other or various kinds of soft drinks and having a place of business in the City of Blythcvlllc, Arkaknsas, $50.00 per annum. (B) Each person, firm or corpor- i . ation engaged in til ebusiness of A ^lanufacluring, bottling or sale of ^-\ i-lcctrified or treated walw, Var- bona'ieU cr mineral water, Coca Co- Ij, Hoot Beer, and various other Havered toll drinks and having no r.i;ular place of business in the City of Blythcville, but offering their products for sale in the City of Blythevillc as direct from \va- yon, truck, $50.00 p:r annum. Item 11. Manufacturers of canned products, $25.00 per annum. Item 12. Dentists, each $20.00 per annum. item 13. Ne-.vs paper publishers $100.00 per annum. Item 1-1. New*; paper agents, $12.00 p^r annum. Item 13. Meat market, fresh meats, $15.03 per annum. sow nn as WITH Tin: s'totiv CI1AITEH XI,III j TIU'jN'E was not to learn that cv'f-| - 1 nine what '11 was that l)err> | Meade liad lo Icll her Ilifit was EO important. One reason fn: Hits \va» that Irene did not ];ive liinl tin; opportunity. Anoltier reason was tiiat Asa Cro'.re telephoned Caylord as BOOH Pi> lieno and Dorry di?a|i- licareil ami told Gaylord that tils wife 'lad hccu In the store. Asa did not know of ilio conditions G:.ylord hail impuscd uimn Irene and Derry but lie illd ktii>w that Irene was not sopivscd to be in Oakdalc and that her presence tlicre mean 1 , trickery lo his friend. Asa wasn't inr" -nd (o suv who he been with Ireno Imt Gaylord could guess easily enough antl Asa saw no occasion to lio nliout U. "Which way ilEd they to':" Gay lord asked. "Tyv.ard lown?" lie meant toward Oakdale. The river park lay in lliat direction from Old Town and A?a answered yes. T[i?n Oayionl Iwsan his search. In the meantime Irciie and IJerry had readied their destination, '.he semi-sheltered parking sjiacc in the park, and a heated conversation had be^nti. Irene tried to lead gradually to the subject ol breaking their engagement but IJerry's love, sick mind le;:|ied ahead of her. jlc accused her of liriu:; o! him be foro she had actually spoken. "I see." he said bitterly, "ynn'rc at him In amaze- 'd :iever iliowu "Dear me," slio tuuniMirod sar- cnstirally. Never niiml hatug smart! J listen to me." '"Listen to yon!" Irene flarci! at him. "It wouldn't make any difference wlir.t you said ;:fter railing me a [no], you ronceTled idlrt!" "Conceited?" Ucrry cchned, not niiniiiiiK the "idiot." "Yes. conceited. To think a sin coultl.lovo you anfl not cato tor Gaylotd. Just because lie's rich--" "Jnet liecause he's rich IIC'H w! : r:t yon '^ant. nn-!na[ter hy.y murh yyu pveleud otlicrwioc." IrL'in.' laujihcd. ".liiRt because I've discovered that 1 don't care tor yon?V Derry winced. "So you have discovered thiil?" lie said liercoiy. "It lias nollilUK to (!o with tho fact "You will iierslst In your conceit." : said as though merely musing alnnd. Then Derry ip.uglicrt. "My w;uiicil mo what (o exric'ct." I marked with no small decree oi Ois i;:ist. "\Vpll, 1 \vanlcd to do the riciit thing. You can Inusli," he added unemotionally as Irene (on What are yon p.ohm lu do. IreneV Did yuu come out here to lell me you've made up with G.aylord?" "Xcrer inlml wliat 1 CJIIIID for. 1 l!tou:;lii you were a fiontieman, but now I'm not a bit sorry for you." "You needn't bo If yon 6" hack lo Gaylord." Dcrry told her. "1 sii|i|:o.=c I could expect yon might ilo tliat. lint If ! thon^lit there was another i.iau In tho idcluro I'd wrins your neck right now." "You've liecoinc IcrrlMy feroclcns since I went nivay, haven't you Irene tfimUctl htm. "Wliat'a come over j'ou anyway?" Derry looked at her (liciiBht[nlly. Then ho said soberly, "You're through with me, aren't yon?" IviMio avoided his eyes. "Yeah, it's final all rlglil," Derrj [continued. "I can sco lliat. Well I Eii|>[ioso I illicit as well tell yoi I myself about what's happened to I me. I'd rather like lo ROC how yoi • take It. First. Uicrc'9 jnsl on ipieslion 1 want lo ask you. IHt you ever caro anythliiK nt all to. all Ihc time?" | "Of course I earn! for you," Ireni I insisled. "hut cann;; isn't IOVL lo you." Dcrry loailnl j;im, huh? it anyone plays '"> :-'"n nuil gets linrl It's not ycur tnnll. Oh. no, not nt nil." "I Jhhi'i usk you lo fall In lovo wllh t:ic," Jreno reinlnclcd him. "X"," he tald bitterly, "yon only did all ymi i-ould to liuiko 1111' ilo It, that vas till. You didn't ncoil lo ask 1:10." IKIIC hedged nsaln. "'t wo conic to an iindciflaiidhiB'f" elio ui'Sid. "I'm Kfltliig coltl." "tU conisu we run," Horry nfiiicil. "I'm sallsllcil. 1 lust wanud lo know that yon carril a Hille for me. It will make It osier to t.'fllevu that yon woiildn I havo Ilimwu me (ivtr it I'd been able l<> olft-r ynii the things Gnyknd cm ive you. I Rhoiilihl't lihime yon, 1 uo^:'. It uas nskhif: an a\vfnl tot 'd you lo Ixj cnntent w.lh le adtr tivhm In the I'rentlss man- ion. No. I ?honhhi't blamo yon. 1 ' 10 misunderstood. "I'm 0:1 s'cc it that way nt last. Deny. t wi:ii!rt he awfully hard for yon to vy to support mo In the manner accn&tunioJ lo. I have ttcen Milking It over, as yon Eiilil. and realized It' might spoil all yrur nlnro to have an cxlravaRotit wifu o take rare at. You're so iK>|iu:ar. i'ou oimlil to mnrry someone with plenty ol money." Dorry Interrupted by celling her savagely In his arms. "Jusl tell mo ottier 1C 1C Oci ry assured her, "since yon scei to know so much about love, thought I lovcu you. but maybe only cared for you." • * • rHE.N'E did not like to hear till been thinking It over and you don't j Irene retarded him mockingly. I ^.ud was not satisfied that ttic linucd to le. J '0f course I love you, but 1 don't \vnnt to he kiio\vj) n !:oinc wrccltor," "I'll tokc you r word for OUR BOARDING HOUSE t' tf W# ^ i Fei.-r roR '* CM VoU QL 1 UAPV WfTllki'-TH'TRISK QM ME ;s\ SlUV/ER-WARE, EUSri^/'rAlU GO TaR -THdSE VARK -TREES . ..15 BROOM WllACKIti -tMA-f'5 ti\M A* "^ is vloRKlM' LAK j 1— (.1 •M1..I /7===. >:1 m want to marry K poor man." '"Haven't you loutid that it adds lolloa* M used seemed lo uelie the hat you'd rather have me tlian inyoni: else tn tho world U I could Eumiort yon," ho said. "Then I'll you anywhere you say, anil I'll never bother you again." "Why, ot course. 1 would." Ireno ild soflly. "And I mean it, loo. Derry!" Ho let her go. nbrnntly llir:ii, and Irene was shucked lo see that he wad laughing. What he said was even more fiur- prlslns. "That'll do," lio salil. "1 guess 1 can langh It all off now. Antl I'm giad 1 found nut whal a little parasite you are before 1 loh! yo'j anything about—" Ircno wa.i iiot listonlng to him, compelling as h!s words were. ?ho wiia looking down llie road over which tlipy had entered Ilio park. Uei' face liad suddenly whitened. Dcrry followed her gaze when ho £aw (hat she was not lislenii:K. flo fccogtiizcd Gaylonl's car just as Irene screamed her liuEh:iMiVs uum«. (To He Continued) BQGTS AM) HER BUDDIES jiMioitiEsn By Martiii Item 1C. Miniature Coif Courses, $15.00 per annum. Item 17. Machine Shop, $25.00 p:r r.iinum; combined with blacksmitl shop S33.CO per annum. Item 18. (jarages, rcpairin;; and storing automobiles only, $25.00 per annum. Item It). Games of Skill, $5.00 per day. Item 20. Physicians, surgeons, $20.00 per annum for each porton. Item 21. Veterinary Physician oi surgeon, $20.00 per annum. Item 22. Loan business, dealers In securities, or buyers of commercial p.ipcr. 525.CO per annum. Kern 23. Soft drinks, $6.00 annum; No license written under this ittsn lor less than $6.00. Item 24. Oslcopathic physician $20.00 per annum. Item 25, Chiropractor $20.00 pci ^ - annum. V Section 3. Applications for lic:ns- L-S nr.dor this ordinance shall he made lo the City Collector, tn writing, upon blanks furnished by th City Collector, stating the kind and character of business, vocation 01 profession engaged in and such other information as will enable the City Collector to classify such business, vocation or profession and issue license therefor in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance; such application shall be eworn to by the )>crson, member o! firm or proiier officer of a corpora- lion making application for license, before the City Coilcctor, and at the time of making and filing such application with the City Collector, each applicant shall Deposit with the City Collector an amount of money, in cash, sufficient to pay tor license applied for. Section 4. Tlie licenses provided for under this ordinance shall be issued by the City Collector for a six months period, such licenses shall be paid for in full and due and payable January 1st nii:l July 1st, of each year respectively; provided, Items No. Eijht (8) and Twenty-three (23) shall not be written for less than the per annum rate, and provided further that items \vilh a per day rate shall be vritten for that period where the >er day rate is paid. Section a. Any person, firm or cor- jorntion violating any of the p:~o- isions of this ordinance shall he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall bs finec n any sum not less than $5.00 and lot more than double the amoun of the fee provided tor the license hat the offender should have paid and each day the violation is con- inucd shall constitute a separate olfcn<e- Sectlon G. Should any section, jrovision or Hem of this Ordinance is declared invalid, such section, HOvision or Item only shall bs void, mil the Ordinance otherwise remain in full force and effect. Section 7. Ail Ordinances ana ;>arts of Ordinances in direct con- ilict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed; -provided (his Ordinance docs not repeal or revoke any Ordinance requiring a license fee not herein provided . Teclion 8. It is necessary to raise additional funds to provide adcqua'.c liDlice force ar.d fire protection this Ordinance 5s necessary for the i:n- incdiats preservation of the pi:'oiic peace, health and safely, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, and the same shall take effect and te in full force from and after ltd passage. Passed and approved this Juno 0, 1931, NEILL REED, Mayor. Attest: S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. 10-17-24-1 Closing Slock Prices TOM WRAICrHT .... LOSING STOCKS .. A. T. & T Anaconda Copper .. Auburn Catcrpiller Tractur . Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Con'.iticntal Baking Gei'sral Electric Genera! lUciors Montgomery \Vard New York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard cf N. J. . Texas Corp U. S. Steel New York Cotton 109 13-tt 21 J-8ijnly 165 l-2joct 22 3-1 Dec. 18 7-8 i Jan. U 1-8! Mar. -NliW YORK, June 17. —(UL 1 Colton closctl barely steady. Open High Low Close M-4 3-4 13 38 3-1 May 870 003 &32 043 005 B84 Sp=!s quiet, ofl 5, at 890. Ms-a New Orleans Cotton !3 5-a t!G 7 1-4 15 1-3 12 1-4 34 3-4 20 B8 5-8 Read Courier News ~ant Ads. NEW ORLEANS, June 17. (UP) - Cotton closed steady. Open High I.-0'.v Close July 879 883 871 874 Oct 910 921 S08 912 Dec 912 944 930 D3'3 Jan 952 954 D44 947 Mar 972 97C 95)5 955 May 993 9S3 933 9S8 Spots steady, up 0, at 874. LONDON, England, (UP)—If bul- ictins wen issued about the latest addition to Hie royal family, Princess Margaret, Rose, as they lave been about her royal yrand- 'nllicr, Ihey woitid state that her Hoyal Highness is making rapid progress. Tlie baby dauglilcr of the Duke and Duchess ol York Is now seven months old, and like all babies of her aye has cut her front, top and bottom teclh, and enjoys trying on anything reach. She now tries lo sit up, She is quick lo take notice and already rtccgniKe those in daily contact with her. She is fair, iike her sister, Princess Elizabeth, but w = h:reas tlic latter bears a marked resemblance to Qu?cn Mary the baby appears to take more after her mother the Duchess of York. WE. HMJt MOCH ^M COHMOVi.l Voo FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OH HOY! By DAD . FOOMD THAT IMS . PRESIDENT. OF TViS To SE£ VWMY, ^Y Boy VJia. BE PLABBERGASTSR MIWSH HE RK1D3TVIAT THE PRESIDEMTOF RAILROAD VJASTS SEE ;IA-JE A CHAIR, OF ccoass IF YOU VjJAMT TO CALL.' IT THAT, YES...GOf PeRFOS/.'.ED A SSRViCE THAT MERITS RECOGUIT10M.... I tJA^JS A P20FCSITIOM THAT TO LlkE TO PUT WIJA \)WSN WE COUS& I(J ^vv-V 1 ^ '' W -*Arf*" f» .Jf ^•#<Tx *&' hJ- T^; WASH TUHKS SAFK! Inventors of n new mclhccl lov running .luloniobilcs with a mixture of acetylene ja.s, and water n-ssert that it provides nioro powor and is mere economical tlian gaj- olinc. Read Courier Ne«s Want Ails. WASW AND E TAKE.-OFF w AV>TOR, AND VIA FAU^ IN Bf\Y, OOI.D HURUVED ESC&PE FROM CHICA.60 6ftN& FAILS.. \>NHURT- \\JMT P6JECT EPLV FOU ENRAGE WOBTO MftBTrtEM UEiXU Trtt MVJpf LEO EKW^UST OF A MOTOR. BOW— TrtEN A6UND^6 FLfKSHOt U'srtT U ,EY! AREN'T FEUOUS TUBES EAiV: SORE sou (we. 1 . • VE.P.V BlROS WE'RE LOOKING FOR. JcAN'S THROWING A. FIT— SOMEONE^ SMO VOO IN A DOKT CHICAGO CROWP, WIO SHE THCO&rtT SOO SUWtO OFF. .f.fa, szr, .-fifrti

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