The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1932
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Served by the United Prm BLYTHEVILLE COURSER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSODHI mm VOL XXVIII—NO..273 nijthevlllo Dully News, BlythevlUu Herald, MIsslsalppl V»lley Leader. Blylhevillc Courier, liMTHKVlLl.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAV, FK11UUAUV 2, [;i:!2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U. S. AND BRITAIN ASK PEACE IN EAST CITY FIRE LIST Finance Corporation Directors Take Oath i\ A "nual Report of Chief Roy Head Shows 131 Alarms During 193). Blvthevil!,-;s lire loss soared) above the 5100,000 mark in- 1D31. I The annual report of Fre Chief Rov Head, released todav. revealed, "rm-err.v damaee c.stimaled at «108.1« durin? tlue uast, year. Thej loss will probably be boosted by' several thousand when a complete, estimate ol damage in the blepmt dro of ll>e vear is reached. Atj; nrpsent Die loss for 1931 is more t^an f.isnno over l>v\ 1930 rcti- mnln. hut. falls .O'OTt of the 192R lo^ which established a hi°h mark, at least on reroTda available. • T^TP wpre 131 firps in Blvlhrr- WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. (UPI — •Tile $2,060,000,000 reconstruction li- nance corporation, designed to aid. business with new credit, began to! function officially today when Ihe J president ana two directors tcok ih; ! oath of oftlcc. ' The officials sworn in vvcrj Chas. Gates Dawes as president and Jesse Jones of Texas and Harvey Coujii of Arkansas as directors. Unutrsccreiaiy ol the Treasury Ogden L. Mills .said. r Commons linn Is Rest Mean tion .is oesi mtdii Meeting rroblem. ° Women Owe Their Live* to California Governor j VALI.EJO, Cul., Feb. 2. (OP)—I Tivo California society women owed | (heir lives today to Oov. James liolph Jr.. of California. Governor Holph plunged Into an icy slough here last night and res- curd the hvo women jnsl as their {overturned iiutonioblle started l'» T«U (\nroll •> S" 111 ""'* 1 -' I" l!cc l> »'» t<!i: - , lOla V,aiU.Llld~> Mls Frederick H. Mcy:r. wife |ol Kuimy Weather Disgusts Groundhog of tllc I'^'s'ilciH or Iha California As- 01 socla(lon 0( Ardl i, ccuirc , and Mrs . ;Pa»! Haslmgs. socinlly inourtnciil. ;wcre driving iilmiu an let-covered 2. (OP)— Neville mad wl'.en Mrs. Meyer lost conlrul I LONDON, Feb. -. .- , - „ • Cliamhcrlain eiiancellor cf (he ex- °' "'<> machine. Ihe portly 02-year- chenucr, announced in the commons 1°W executive was driving directly today the government believes gen-l>» badi of tllc Mcver car. Rolph cancellation of war debts and , 1">" C <1 nmchlnc. dove into the lo reporatlons Is the best means ofi wa . tcr . nild dragged the women settling- comprehensively the rcpa-! E; > r « l y- '"«••>• siilfcroJ only from rations difflcully. r '8 llt n »d exposure. Chamberlain said the incut's policy Is lhat in commrfi vnlh 10ft In govern- \v?'ll o Pi uu:m.s puitcy ib uuii. u coinpre- Wlll DC Uver- hcnsivc, permanent Mlllemom of tllc reparations question must be reached as soon as possible." I He said nsgotlaUons ftad shown I the present Juncture was not favorable for a, settlerrVnt on :he flnvuwl f«r Rnr} nf liowecl Dy Lnd ot Brist Predicts. MEMPHIS. Feb. 2 (UP)—Mete venr.. tv_rec.lye flur-s ernl the i nr><1 o-pli rnrv?r not rronerlv nr !>•* fliiiv; and snarks froi crolo'ist F W Brisl issued a B en- ta5k of thc reporl ° r "* Barel c>iok- rr* PiT 1 . 1 : 'nllincr nn vnnfs arronnt- ed for 79 o' Hie 131 flrns l»<t veor. ]f:0 B'ock Hardest ITU Tbe two fires whif.h resulted Vip lar«P5t rvTorwrtv dnmaP'; of a. in today , the Mls . Perts. Therefore the flow government „. river was rising and be-1"™ a ^ eed J° P^'PO"^ the InU-r- the week-end would over-" 18 ' 1011 *. 1 conference on debts and much low land along course. The rt?.;e led and predicted a rise before d tcrfay at H.4 to 36 feet was Friday. Thirty- i^ reparations until May or Jim? whin H was hoped conditions wouH be mere favorable for a settlement. h-r dfrnstrnns fires In recent; pffor.(» of at least two of! by re- Friday. - B1 - lAkc was at the Highway Patrol Opens Drive on Car Licenses LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 2 (UP)— State highway patrolmen and CLOSED Situation Due to Laclq ofj Funds Especially Critical In Hill Counties. . Bandit and Girl Attempt Suicide Pact NKW OIlt.KANS, Feb. 2. (Ul'j — llnrlnu Ills <:hu«l to l!:e biilicl, Floy;! Hi'inU. youlhrul bandit, sload i:n- K'hiiiK while Ills 2:!-je;ir-C'W iGlltCMrl llrr:l nt him nl close riinrje In 11 spectacular Milchle pad nl the parish pi-ison Moiul.iy. Till) bullet was slojip.'tl by L'.iu Inillct pioof class ol Iho visitors nlnitow nl the prison uml the wo- iiiaii, Mrs. lilulle McGMlre, then turned (he weapon nvahul her own hc.irl. The min Eimppnt and officers Mmtchtxl 11 from her wlilli: Helnl? '.wnlchcd. !roii\ behliul the s I Ilelnljr, thwarted In his plan lo idle at the hands of his .wci-thcart, |lta\ gulped poison, aiiavi's seized jhlui ami lie was taken lo a hospital. Tlie suicide pael v,-ns altemiiU!:! a few hour.s after the state supreme court iiphekl a long prison sentence for Holnu. The woman was nrriMlrd and charged with assault, She admitted they had planned Ihe sulcliio since last June If Helnlz found lie could no', wrape the prison seiileucc. "It was the only .suiuslblc Ihihg lo ilo," si 10 said. "He was not. gull- LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 2. (UP)— ]j. Closlns ot Arkansas public schools during the past few weeks owlnx to depleted treasuries has inercns- c<' nt an atermiiiB iatc. a • survey foot foot and a i the"hardest"hit'of any half be!ow *e highest point reach- by (lie state department of education disclosed loday. C. M. Hirst,- superintendent o! officers In every town and public instruction, directed the sur- co;>ntv were, on the lookout today (vcy. •n the eity. Tho Mnlian Imilding. 120-122-124 West Main, which was occupied bv led last week. Last nijht's rain was not believed heavy enough to cause any ser- store and a lm <s rise, but in any event ts major R'orn"w«s ciama<>ed bv fire i-ffect will not be felt for several in .Tune of the past vesr. The R. days. The most serious.aspect of "n"h«<; cnmuanv. men's store, the license tags. not 4 si.ifferert. heaviest -in loss of stock .^.« •-frmf thp~paKt, h»lf-.of-the buildini -. _^-*Ja5.-_jSyWt bv fire. Damage _: was osMrrintM at $27.000. . Th,e Simon and Smith buildings, ndlolnlnp. omuiwln? the .nst corner of the 10n West Mum hlocK at this intersection of First and Mu! n «f»frs, were cutted bv names store, a barber billiard nnrlor. .he situation today v,as the.threat of continued rulny weather. r>ound A sfnall drv eoods shop. Email cafe. . beauty shop and parlor occunicd the Time for purchase of th; n?w license without penalty expired last nlirtit. Officials of the highway department estimated that nearlv one-fourth of the cars registered were without rv?.w. tags, penalty of $3 will be Of 5,350 public schools in the Augustus Orouiidliu^, wealhcr prophet for these many years, tcthiy i]>ilt lite jt'j in diSBiis 1 ., though this Is the- day he is supposed to do his Mull. "I'm thrciifh." cnld J.. Augustus. "What's the use of trying lo make .'aattary Rainfall Wat Four Times Last Year's than twice that number are.oper- ating on a part time or swbscrip- l.icn basis, the check revealed. Furthermore nearly 37.000 students larjing in age from six to 18 have been Directed by the closing. -. ... Nearly' one-third of the schools tuminst each driver found violating are no * , teacners Iul , M . the law frtr each ten day periodl.,..,, after today. - --'- ' - J3rics ' prediction 1 ; In u year like this v.'hL-n the \\caliier has: gone completely liaywiic? With mid-winter sunslrokes In the cast and snow In suniij Califcrnla, it's got me buffaloed. "Anjnny. Ihls aronndhojj Day slult Is all a lolta bunk, If I peaked out ol a hole In'New York, to look for my shadow this year. 1'u proo- tale. 725 have clo.icd and morejaUy run the risk of getting my nose Kim-biirnsd; in Calllornta, I'd LOFUfl I Arkansas Repablicans January's rainfall was more than Plan State Convention 4 times that .for the same month • —- / last year, according to Charles t-ITTLE ROCK, Feb. 2 (UP)— Phillips, Jr., official weather ob- Arkansas Republican leaders were server'. In fn B past month it rain- i hsre today for a m'cetin? of the ed 9.88 inches here v.-hile in Janu-1 slats central committee to fix . Uic pu me siispi-, jtlon list with 75 closings,, affecting mere than 2,600 students. Twelve additional schools are expected to close Ihcre • before the end .of the present term. Sixty-three institutions have suspended -in Sejrcy county and slxly in Slone county. floor of. the two story ary 1.031 tht-re was only i while a fralernul organi- ?nlion and a dance hall were on «-,-; cn-nn'i Prior of. .'the Simon building was not occupied. Dama?' 1 *n tii" b'iililhi w s was estimated at *2f!efo . -.hnt insurance adiusters •>*•» i^.rri^ Simon, owner of the biiiWines. and ooerators of several of the busiivfises in the buildings have riot vet come to terms. It is penerally understood that final adjustments will boost the damage estimate 'by reveral thousand dollars or even a larger amount. Home Theatre liches of rain. John Holder Succumbs to Spinal Meningitis 2.13 | d!>«» for the slate convention. I Fourth Assistant Postmaster ! General J. W.. Phillips of Washington will address the committee. Arkansas will send 15 delegates to the Ttcmiblican convention in Chicago next summer. Craiihcad cne county rcporled only No^c was repartcJ in MiE.sissippi Bounty ulthongh sixteen were expscled to shut down shortly. John Holder. 15 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holder, succumbed to an attack of spinal meningitis at the family home on [ Highway 61 near Yarbro at 6 P. M. yesterday. Decker Sentenced to Life in Penitentiary Municipal Court Crowds Increase In Bad; Weather Bad weather is no handicap to the "regulars" who compose the municipal.court audience. In fact the morg ^ rains the bigger crowd •.reliably y.'. it frost-!) I (ten. And that would never do.". | Had J. Aueuslus. been on Ihe Job loday and ventured forth from His licit to seek his shadow, he could not have fount! it, as the day was cloudy, nml thus he would have predicted the end of winter. Foreclosure Soiti Filed By Two Fating Distrieii? | Favliu; Dislrlcls Two and Three iave filed chancer,- court foreclosure actions asalnst properties n,the districts on which 1031 paving taxes have not been paid. TV.O large lists of .dellnnucnt A. Cunningham and W F Kirsch Will Address Meeting The new yea 1 ' ' -v^ram of th Blvthevllle ctmiuuvi ' -I cornmerc will- be launched Thursday night a the annual mecUrig.and buviuet t by! beards of linprdvcnicnts of Uic! two districts, p.- C. DDualass is attorney tor the tllstrlcls. CIL[|_BETTER Conditions in Arkansas Have Improved Despite Italv and France Expected .5 lo Submit ' Similar Pro- :' posals. '..' v WASHINGTON, Fl'b. 2 (UP)^ ' ! A flvp jwlnt proposal for restoration of pence between Japan and ••" China, was submltled lo tlie^twb : nations today by the United Sla'.es": ... mid Great Dvllaln. '. This action wa? taken after both.- Chlnrff and Japanese foreign, of- i a hlsli udiulnlslrallon quarter was empliaslMd that efforts'of incrlca In lha Far East conflict ; (!rc directed solely toward the.^e • ndsr • , ..""•First, Protection of Ameriesn rev and p.-opfrty'in China, '; Second, Restoration of peace !lw«n Japan and China, acting .. n ttolr p'Mi tcwusls. The Chln- jc asked tiial tioslllltlcs bo ended, apan lisked thai the U, S. usn iUs cod of I leer, to Indue.? Chinese .ol to r,:enfore« troops in 8h.-mg-.'. Italy and Francs were expected ' o Join Ihe U. S. and. Great Drlt- in wllh similar proposals toori. .. Tlio program submitted by .Bri- aln and .America at .Tokyo.and. 'tanking follows: • , 1, Crr.satlon of all acts of vlo- cnce on both sldis forlhwllh on the following terms. 2, No-, firtther mobilization or nrenaratlon') vhstevsr for further nphtln* between the two nations: -• 3, Withdrawal of both Chlnesij and Japanese combatants from all points of neutral contact. In Ihe Shanghai area. 4, Protection of the Intrjma- ttonnl settlement , in Shanghai by establishment o( neutral zorw5- to divide the coinb»t»nt». ':l -• ' •••' •• Uporr acceptance ol these con- 1 The principal tpeaktfs, will bt 0 A. Cunningham of this city an W. P. Kirsch of Paragould, T program will "also '-include' the nn nunl report of the secrelary, and y the president.- MUMM Low Prices. Elliott ' and bthti', Throat Ailment Believed t Trouble PAYETTEVILLE, (UP)— Despite Ihe greatest fluctuation The. death was the first reported In this end of the county this Whether the damage sustained'winter and the first In the county in the fire Is materially increased] u year. Dr. A. M. Washburn or not will denend largely upon of Ihe county heallh unit said • -• ' " " that so far as known there are no cases of menir.jitis in this section now. held after- ciiils litter the fire but Ihey indi- nocn. Interment will be rrtade at rated that damage caused to the Maple Grove cemetery. Thc Cobb mi'ldine bv the fire vas steht and |TJndertak:ng company is in charge final del-mination of the part the fire nlaved in rendering Ihe Home theatre building unsafe. The building adjoining the Smith building declar.^1 unsafe by city offi- Funeral, services will for the Yarbro youth this responsibility for the condition of tn« building was due to other faults. Tanris Simon, owner also of the Home theatre building, 'claimed the fire *as resoonsl- hle for the condition to a large extent The theatre has been closed since the birtWIni was condemn^. Causes of the 131 nres durin? the nast year are listed as follows bv Chief Head: infective flues. 14: wall paper ignited from flues 6: SMrXs on roofs 0: cars 10; over-heated stoves 14; ol funeral arrangements. in court. The courtroom in to POCAHONTAS. Ark.,Feb. 2 (UP) . —Earl Decker. 24, found guilty ofj was - , murdc* charges last night will be P ractlcall >' lne en ' tnkm to the state prison at Little | whe " no court is '' the "city hall (Bracken, and Mr, F.verctt McDow- Ark., Feb. 2J All residents of Dlyihevllle and fad that the vicinity Interested In the business in the prices and agricultural development of Ilie of farm produce ill Ihe history'of cumrmmtly, whether members if American agriculture has sent the chamber of commerM or • no't . . pric,es to new lo;v levels In the past nrc lllvlUxi lo n[tcnd Thc „ ' ORMOND BEACH. .Fla., Feb. 2 two years. Arkansas farmers are ts in charge of a committee con(UP>—John p. Rockefeller's Intl- In much better position than a siting of Cecil Shane J A T/u>rti *_ t_»" .-^-j-*_ . ,-.. .._ ..««. ««n - T? If TJn.%H flvfnr\clrtn » _ _ «*ic. *f. n. u- vw uii prison at Little i wnen no coun is In progress miny Rock late today to begin a lifeP t!lc "regulars" remain patiently sentence. The youth stood quietly as Ihe j:n the courtrcom waiting for an- ! a!V- = r -tria'. "Front row cnUitis- jury'""flnding was"read""and "calmiy «asts" particularly^ar e reluctant to puffd a cigarette as the judge "" read the sentence. He was charged in connection with-the slaying! of Manlcy Jackson, PocahomasjrjfJ^kyj p| an J^p t() in. .ernain hour after hour. mate associates, insisted today he was in good health, bul Ihe. 02- year-old philaiilhroplst remained conflr.ed to his \vintcr home h?re and belief persisled he was- not his usual s:lf. ttcckcfcller's ailuicnl was believed to bg a recurrence of an old throat trouble, not serious but. sufficiently annoying to force cancellation of j his usual outdoor activities. night, policeman. | Negro Draws Five Dollar Fine for Stealing Coal James Williams, negro, arrested by Buck Tomllnson, operator of a merchants' patrol, on a charge of p;tlt larceny, was fined five dollars by Judge I. W. Crawford in municipal court this morning. The r.ejro admitted theft of £om e coal Parents Blamed by Dentist For Children's .„ , . -. Washington Monument year ago, E. II. Reed, extension j. economist of Ihe University of Arkansas college of agriculture, said today. have dropped sharply during the past year, the Income of Arkansas fanners was about S15,000,000 more in 1931 than in 1930." Reed said. D. Ferguson. E. B. A. Waterman, from whom may be obtained. E In (he election of ten new lie chamber of corn- ''« »«• » ' ' oon, and a tonUhl la made In'.'ivegoUatlons to settle' "iTf out«tandlng ccntrqwnlc* between the two nations in tho spirit of the Pact of Paris and-the.T6solutlori of. the League of Nations on December 9 .without prior .demands or reservations and with .the. aid of neutral observers for the parjlci-- pants. • ' ' . -\ . . ." • Demand End of Violence : GENEVA, SwitScrlnnd,'. "Feb. -.2. (UP)-Qreat'Britain and the U:iih ' ed Slates hava presented a demand .0 Tokyo and Nanking .that-all apt3_ . Of .violence '-and .p'ripai'aUoiis-.iir. the samo-ccase, and that toth sides, at Shanghai' withdraw their-troops, establishing a neutral" zone.: ,lJie council of the league of natisns-'ifas informed today. '• ";The announcement was. made,by J. H. Thomas' of Great Britain, who said the two powers had also &sked that negotiations begin immediately to settle the conflict In the spirit of the Kellogg treaties against war. . - - The council met in a sudden ex- Planes Seek Missing Bimini Airways Craft , not Vinvc to spend so much for purchasing these neccssilics as In the past." supplies and will tomorrow to organize for the ncw! tra session, called by Great Brit- '' .... rnaf • nln tn rnnclrter .f>» fMilruvie elMfo. Policeman Assigned to I MIAMI. Fia., Feb. 2. urn-Five p revent Negro Gatherings _ ,, KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)-Mem- """Planes left here at dawn today * lt » v -"L '"-s ^ IrOUbUS \> m ol DeMolay lodges will make ^ March ol a Bimlm Airways cab- _„„„„„ „, , h . iprrea-iliw num- . P«srlmage to G^rge Washing-,^ monoptane eq.ilpped with pm - b .™, Cm ? lp ^ C A" , arnLg the inn'5 \in.,,, mn r,, .. nr.,1.1—i— ^ toons and with flve mpn nlvinrrt "cr ol smuiipjx <-«» il » = Will Hold Services for William Kyser Tomorrow MEMPF1IS, Feb. 2 (UP)—Funer- CHICAGO <UP>—Ignorance a-r 1 Ion's Monument at Washinjlon, D. *° l ' )ns and with ,neg!ect by parents cause dental -1c- C.. on Feb. 22, birthday ol their pa- ™'* '""^ lo reach Ifects that affect between BO and 90 Iron saint. fe-rninuic flight from here Mon=ay. £•---••- wctlc ,,, of t |.c *r cent of all school chiHrcn. Dr Approximately 3,000 members of I , Const guardsmen from Fort Lau- tnc ncsro K " Charles R. Baker, of the Cr.icwo DeMolay chaplcrs througliout the | a *™»' c J?™« ^. ™ ar ?.V, five men aboard, i , ., .,. „ :!) Bimlnl on a '"^roes of Ihe cm. a -- - 'policrman has bcm special city to al services be held from St. Dental Society, told tbe 68th an- country- will attend of the so- according to an oil stove explosions 7; electric iceilrom a lo:a) coal yard, box motors 3, defective wiring 5i| K. n. Burnett was cleared of nV-nown 31 incliidine four empty Charges of malicious mischief and Houses and one case in which a n«IH wns fownd aftre in an empty failure to vacate property after proper .notice. The charges grew trouble between Burnett landlord. house: blow torch explosion 1, out of rrrde oil 5 tove explosions 1. d his , stove door left open I, grass fires| Two nwn wcrt nncd Sio'each <m o trash fires In alleys 1, paper-charges of public drunkenness, fi-e i. lightning 1, boys Flavins] in the civil division of the •••(>. mitchrs 1, electric po*«r court Ezra Crawford, ne^ro, was ••• tin roof 1. _cl?»r- awarded possesEicn of a cow which involved In debts of ^rom general headquarters hers. DeMolay Is one of the organiza- lual national convention ;lcty here. Dr. Baker states tot prevents . . _ tlv« measures iruis! te started tiolls designated by the federal gov- esrh- In life to nrt-vcnt bid tcsth ernment to participate in the Wash- and to mottti hralth. H^ higton Birthday celebration at the added that it was no to t-ic stato monument, and municipal health d?narlmcn(s to Inaugurale and r-xecul" iy>mnro- henslve dental-heallti conservation campaigns. the ceremonies, * ue , missing r announcement ; Mta "il, formerly The miising pllo'. Is Val Chick. of BDslon. His Passengers were not positively identified. detailed city '0' 0 rfi C (. yesterday, the satin-ring of .crowds) until the epidemic subsides. Dr. I. n. Johnson, city health Mary's Episcopal cathedral tomor- icw for William D. Kyser', utilities company head ami lawyer, who d!rd while preparing to go to his prevent Winter Sun Plays Tricks officer, mnd c this announi-cmeni Bishop Thomas llenn Israel Noc in the service. F. Onylor and will take part Kyser. president of the Mcmphi; today as an added precaution to p mver an( j L i g ht compnny . - ,, . _«,j -.f rl-tn ille_ i . . . . r 3 Ozark Citizens Claim •nt further spread of the dls- A number of negroes have disregarded th c warnings not to meetings prevei case. the Memphis street rnlhvay, was V. years old. I •• n i c.-.ther tosclher or ha-.c rncctTng Longevity Records of any kind which hr.s caused Hi. inner and Son, 18, Meet for First Tme PARIS, Ark., Feb. 2. (U?)—J, H. naner bas- •••.' -n "nor "lid careYr-sly i?-l ••-^ i crit'OTi «TV fitcs 4, Includ-i li<? wir'n' in gin motor and sparks • In cotton; samples ignited in cot- Ion offices 4. over-hcaicd furnace V vamlsh 1. . Arson was listed as the cans? of ...... ". fire which rtestroved one cmptv Sheffield. 45, a farmer living near *••"•!!•> ron-'ctlon ot one man was here, and his son Andy, 18, saw ^'r\in"il on a charge ol STSOTI In «ch other for Vr.e first time in connection with the fire. jthtlr lives today. . :— ! It was a strange meeting. AnSy, Cnlleec Library Grows Rapidly who lives with relalives In Okla- f^cmvAUJS. Ore. (UPl—Prom r homa City, brought a chum along u "~b'" beninnlni?. thc library at lo greet his father. Sheffield and Oregon Slate College hus grown t" his wife separated several months one of 516.000 volumes. The librflrv before Andy was bom and only r<:- was first organized In 1908, with ccntly did lha father leam ot his fcbout 1,0000 volumes. |son's »-h«r«»bouts. i im J_>» ! HILL SBORO, N. H. (UP)-To r>H Uancty move a summer collage across the Oxford DayiSeX*' s ' de ° f Loon L8ke>t(> disease to conlir.v.e '.o spread. NEOSHO, Mo., (UP)—Many res- Thsre ar c several new cases re-- ' , ft ' ltlents in llie o?ark "ction of Mis- ported amciig thf white people of tnO?er$ Ot Cottage Eourt thln!c " should be advertised :. c C llv but all ot them are of i "s a place where people live to a the mild type. ripe old age. ' ^ ^_ There are two persons here over 99 years old, and a negro who liv- d * ifr E=)i?le Captures Deer Escaped Ihe Dandv" was b." nickname of of workmen attempted it recently .. „__..= Am _ ll)e .. ....»• was known as' tbe bost-drcssccl slopped for lunch, man on the Oxford campus, ac- The noon sun got to work an cpVdfng to Dr. Louis Joffe. Pills- suddenly the house began to sink. eral hours' work, water, to salvage was quite a sht* witn Ta m ^.^ )n Ihe ladles as a youth In En-la'icl. tnc dwelling. Dr. Joffe s-iid, polntlne out that | youni wealthy Indians are "i>am- oered" In England. "Oandhl is a psychlOfical case. I am convinced his motivating force U hatred, not only cf the English but of thc white race." Dr. Joffe, a Ruisian exi*. incl ih South Africa, he s»id Rabbll Hunls Honor Woman GOLDEN CITY, Mo., (UP'-The last of 3 series of rabbit hunts formed by rcsl- U^er OSCa^" »i"i" ZflO n who were over . : : i WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. (UP)- .vcrtfklw recent- Swift Eagle. Eso., an American In- 100th birthday, dlan, was on his way to work Just before • sunrise, softly crooning to Piano Pilnf r,ivp« himself: rjane niot Uives ,, M .. hD4rt , s ln thc WgWmds . my Alarm Ot Fire heart Is not here. My heart's In th highlands, a-chaslr.g the deer." TOPEKA Kan (UP)—Ernest W. No one was more surprised than : Cramer owes a dsbt of gralltude to he when a deer flashed past and, ! M unnamed army airplane pilot. "M s«°:s the William Howard Tail • The flier, noticing the roof of bridge. Three Hurt as Bob-Sled Jumps Hoevenburg Slid" LAKE PLACID. N. Y., Feb. 2 (UP)—Three German b:b sleddm were Injured todr.y when the second bob entry In the Olympic jwintcr games left the Mount Van Hoevenberg run and hurtled djw the wooded mountain side. I inured alhietea were taken ( ! i Lake Placid hospital. In to consider'.the Chinese slttia- lon. . ... Thomas announced Britain' focls t is impossible that the present. .' itate of affairs in the fat- cast be' allowed to continue. . . . ' "War In everything but. name Is in progress," hs said. -'The league cannot be.indifferent to such n sta_te of things. If it is allowed to con-' timie the nine power pact and other agreements will low. the cjnrt- •• dehee of thc world," N'ct Adinj WHH League VM6HINGTON, Feb. 2 (UP)— : ^»-por[.s tro:n Gontva that tha United Stales. Great Britain; France and Italy were adopting .a' •trong attltu-Je and (Icinaiidlng poacu be tsstored wtre received n high administration circles -with uhrm. First it was pointed out .the United Stales was not even represented at the league session whuf- announcement was reported, tc have been made. Eetond it was pointed out thic tovcrnmcnl was using its gco:l of- iKcs for p;ace at the uu-l;^' o ,- r the two distant powas. WEATHF 5 ? Japanese hold H»njkew SHANGHAI,, Feb. 2 (UP)-Ja- ar.ese marlnss held the- Hcnjkc,' section ot Shanghai with machine- guns early 'todiy aft-r a despera.. four-hour battle with Chinese ii: which the Japanese marines clilrn- ARKANSA5 — Cloudy, probably «d a smashuig victory, rains tonight and Wednesday, "h? Japanese marines were. . Warmer tonight in central and cemflcts control of Hong-cctv aft. portions. ,<li>rk and the scttlemt.. ,. . police -,verc confined to their sti- -ord.fiT to the official weather ,, tns miable , 0 resume thdr ^^ observer. Charles Piiilli::.s Jr.. ur. Cramer's home was on fire, swoap- Swift Eagle dropped his dinner minimum temperature here yester. eO his plane low over the hou« pall and gave chase. In the middle day was 43 degrees miJ Ihe «.,~-i ... _. *, ^f *i.- L_:j_- v.- A^.i^Kt «V»« rlnAi- imiim iQ r?o»fi^P< rliviflr \v* 30 years ago, was held on her wrt attracted attcnlion ol Cramer of the bridge h? r.tunlit the deer, imum. 49 degrees, cloudy with .43 planned for Mrs. L. A DC Gortd, ind his' wife Seeing that thc fire hailed a cab and took U back to the [Inches of rain. Today a year ago eightieth birthday. Two previous 'department had boen called, thc oo where it belonged. '-' ' '"" - 1 '" "' hunts were held on her eixlieth -"it W ent on His ship was No. " and Seventieth blrWayn. | 'W; ^. ,.tW the minimum temperature was 35 g_Th c deer "did of exhaus- degrees and the maximum, 68 decrees, clear. uiHil daylight. Inj --; machine gun fire In Hong«as on the p'.ea of elimlnnt- snipers. Kumars of complications pending caused by feirs of (Continued on ¥>

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