Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey on February 23, 1928 · 9
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Passaic Daily Herald from Passaic, New Jersey · 9

Passaic, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1928
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TELEPHONE PASSAIC 2000 Passaic daily herald. Thursday, eehkuaky 23. JOj$ PACE NINI Radio Programs Where To Tune In I QUAY 1 WEAF New York j 45 Pennsylvania moats. j 45 Studio program. 1 a M oaie for 3UotHJ , H Ham! gtjmftur. . IS I arjuLaiur Trio. 4 (M lon lUnmit In lutwview alth Hollywood star. 4 16 Tha Manhattan Trie.. 4 43eaonJ KrcreaUon,' by 4apt Chari Scully, J NfoHaiplmaa Grchftatra. a JiWYan and bis rCbeatia. 4 &0 y aldoi f-Atoria music. 7.00 federation Mid-Week Ilf ms 7. Jo Coward Hour I 00 Dodg Brothers preaefPa-Hon. 8:10 Hoover Santlneia. 00 Clicquot Eskimos. 1 00 Trade id Mark. 0 0 fetatlrs Ienn Iranians. , l.W-Johnon 1 Orchestra. WJZ New York 2 30 P ark Central luncheon music. !t 1.30 Astor Orchestra. 5 0 Weather reports. 2 0$ DnMy Menu. by Mrs. Julian Heath. 2-2l "American Colleges in the I Near East," b y Mrs. Clayton I). Lee. 2 30 "Health Steps Out With Puts Feet," Philip Smith. 'i 40 Tha Venetian Gondoliers. 1 45 "Hofltess and Guests, by Amey Steers. 1.00 Studio program, 4:15 "The Future of Opera In This Country,' by Mrs. Edmund H. Cahill. 4 30 Afternoon Players. 1 30 Stork Market quotations. J 00 Rid Halls Orchestra. 7 . 00 U. g. Marine Band. 7 30 National Mixed Quartet. i 00 Ite-Told Tales, "The Ethics of Pig" i 30 Ampico Hour of Music, with EL Robert Schmitz, pianist 9 00 Maxwell Hour, with Toscba Seidel, violinist 1.00 The Continentals. I 00 Slumber music. 2.10 Market Basket. - j 40 Bob Schaefer, songs. 3.00 Flfl London, dramatic so prano; Felicia Micheli, plantat, end joint recital. 3 'SO Ludovie lluot tenor. 3 46 Dr. Shirley Wynne, Deputy Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and director of hospitals. 400 Daileys Orchestra. 00 Radio Students' Clinic. 0 15 Shelton Ensemble, f-45 The Happy Girt. 7 30 Hale Byers Orchestra. 5 OO New York University politics Club, 15 Russell B. Howe, pianist S 25 New York Philharmonic Or chestra, Arturo Toscanini, conducting. 1. Overture, "Ipbagexsla In Aulis, Kluck. f. Symphony No, 2 in F Major, MartUccL Intermission. g. Timor Brjo, De fall Npanlsh contralto). 4. Overture to Tann hauler," Wagner. 0 l Organ. nocturne, and Henry Mother, tenor. II 00 Bulletins and weather. 1 05 Paul Hpecht and hie orchestra. WGCP Newark 3 30 Co-operative program. 4 00 Joy Hour. 5 00 Mert Hants program. 6 30 Alice From Wonderland, 8 00 Radio Artists' price program; sponsored by the Sunday Cai and, the Imperial Laundry Company, g. So Announcements. 9 00 Malcolm Hoyle, baritone, 9.15 Klor Celeste Carbone!!, soprano; Mary Camps, pianist; Spanish program. 1 JO Aiello-Tone Trio. WAAM Newark 12.30 Strand organ music. 1:00 C'halmers-Godlev concert. 16:01 William and Louise Haeus-ler. 10:15 JCane and GRdey. to 30 Great Notrh Orcheatar. i 1 '30 Pickwick Orchestra. WNJ-New York 1:30 Musical program. 2:00 Evangel Radio Hour. 3.00 Service program, 000 Harry Rose and bts orchestra. 0.30 Viola Tuttle Trio. 7.00 Epe Orchestra. 7 40 W. Curtis Nicholson, Tbe Right Word WODA-Paterson 100 Police alarms. 4. 30 Kiddies Revue. 6 10 News. 5 50 Sport to Ik. 9 00 "Ruhinisqu at Piano, 9 30 T lorence Tilton, songs. 9 30 Poems by T, N. T. 10.00 -Tri-City Banjo vClub. 10 45 Leonard Pieters Tlple, tl00 Colonial Rendesvoua, 15 30 Pagan and his Californian. WHN New York 2 30 Studio program. Lexington Orchestra. 6-00 Loewjj presentation, 6 30 Joe Anderson, song 5 45 Sampson and Wolff, bar mony. 0 0u Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. 10 10 Print e Piottj and Madelya Hard), songs. 10 45 -Buddy .Kenned s Gang. n 00 Vaudeville period. U 30 rDohty Orchestra. WtrBiy New Yort 1 30 Swriplure reading. I I 35' Virginia Kixkus, "Reading; For Children. j 1 45 Louise Baer of 'Golden law n g 00 Interview with Edna Warren Mason 1.13 Leigh W, Biumer, tenor. Quick Pile Relief Dr. Lonhardt't Ilem-Roid is guaranteed to banish mnf form of HI misery. r money back It gives quick set ion even in old, stubborn ca.sf'f. Jfora-Rtfid 1 hSTnlcp tablet that remove blood congestion in ?b lower bowel the esusr of piles, it brings joyful relief quickly end safely or cost nohms At McLellsn Drug fHore ml dmjrgvsis evrwbero sell ft iU) this guarantee Adv. 2.25 Mildred Mary Combs, soprano. 3 . 85 Hannah Making I 45 Helen Whitaker, pianist, 0: JO Evangelistic Mixed Quartet. C40 prot Charles Gray bhasr. i'optuar Psj choiogv. 10 so Atari Flitegal soprano; Philip Frank, violin; Ray Ley, pianist, and Herbert ilolden, tenor, WMCA New York 12:00 AV omen's Hour. 100-6 00 Musical program. 180 Ftudio program. 5:60 Theater review. L 8 06 Vsniva program, 8 is Imperial Trio. 8 80 Accident review. 8 45 Musical program, t 00 Investment talk. 9.15 Underberg Boys. 9 80 Lucille Black, Walter Neff and Norman Pearce, recital. 110 00 Duke Yellraan a Orchestra. WM8C New York g:30 Mary Havens, pianist. -8:35 Aviation news, g 40 Hockey game: New York Rangers vi Pittsburgh Pirates. 10 80 Senora Elvira Geiger, plan 1st. WLVVL New York :0O-Parish Schools Hour. 805 Mane Fluegel. soprano. 820 Orchestra music. 0 80 Can You BpeUT talk. 7:00 C. M. U. Hour. 7 05 Alma Stoll, contralto. 7:18 Grace Ensemble. 7:80 "Question Box, by Rev. Michael A. Reilly. WNYG New York 0-40 Herman Neuman, pianist. 860 Book Review by" Arthur J. Busch. 7:0(5 Market hi$h spots. 710 Brooklyn public School No. 177 Orchestra. 7:80 Police alarms, 7.35 "The Land Bank of the State of New York, by John R. B. Byers. 7:55 "Great American Jurists,1 by William B, Guthrie, f-15 Edna Richter, songs. 8,80 Musical program. 9:15 Health talk. ,WHN Y- New York 7 30 Weather report. T:31 Music, 8 : i 0 Exarc lses. II '00 Lives of famous composers, Gounod. 11.15 Louise Lancaster, songs. 11:30 Dr. Newman D. Winkler, pianist. 18 05 Edison Dlsh-a-Day, 'Vegetable Dinner" 12 15 David Bleefeld, tenor. 12 80 Ann De Leew, What a Going On In the World. 12 45 Joe Lane, songs. WBBR Staten Island 2- OO -Weather forecast. 2 OS Watch to wer Concert Trio. 2.25 "Early Planting," Louis Gardener. 2 85 Dinner salads 3-00 "Will Mothers Receive Their Dead Infants in the Kingdom? W. N. Woodworth. - 815 Ronald Barclay, pianist. 3 80 Starving For the Bread of Lift, Adolph Newton. WPCH New York 4 00 Studio program. 1 4 15 Frances Allison, song recital. 4 30 Wilbur and pernb 4 48 Roger Temple. 6 00 Book review. 6:80 Beloved Vagabonds. 645 French lesson. 0 00 The Poets Corner. 815 Rae Leader- contralto. 8 45 Michael Simmons Movie Magnates. 7 00 Carl Fique, pianist. 7 80 Danny Deeper, tenor. 746 Harmonica by Keiting and trumpet by "Bock. WABC New York 12 65 Weather forecast. 1 00 Barclay Orchestra. 2 03 "Heigh-Ho Hawaiian. 2.30 "Lenten Thoughts," 0 31 Sterns Orchestra. 7:15 Park Lane Orchestra. 745 American Legion Belvedere Brooks Post, 8 00 t illys-Knights and Whippet Hour. 9"&3 Rupert ffireom, organist. 9 30 Music and Musingsof Dr. Mu, Grebe Hour, 10 31 Margetson Oratorio. 11.50 Kings Orchestra. TOMORROW WKAt-- JNew fork 8 43 Health exercises. 800 Federation devotions - 8:15 Parnassus Trio. 8 30 Cheerio. 1100 lietty Crockers talk 11 18 Radio Household Institute. 11.30 Studio program, H 45 "Music in ashiouable Dress by June Dunham. 12.30 Market and weather reports 12.48 Rolfs s Orchestra. Ft, $vknoru r RED CROSS lOONEY PIASTER, SoM bf ffU Dtuq Storm r BACKACHE B BATTERIES 45 Volt, 51.95 AT 0DEAS ONLY PHONE 342 K3 MAIN AVENUE UJ r fj2P S Mel??Ic durance J is Morta3e COJnpany -'teect 145 tude prram 2 00 Current fc.xf'U by A D Lee. j 2 15 Ramas t Tim j 5 so r, B .Marine Bard 4 45 Beginners Course In Frenc bv prof PhiUp 6 00 Janssen Otchestra. , 6 SO WaMorf-Astor music. 700 Lorralr e 'urchestra. 7:3i Jones and Hare 5 00 Citte Service Concert Or-chwsira tsu Cavaliers 8 SO Ang-Persia' 9 So I a 8rfic u,cbotra IS Faimolive Kodr, 11 00 Btn Hernia und his orchestra WJZ New York 1 00 Dr. Riyal S. Cpetand Ifour. 12 30 Park Central music. 1 10 Pennsylvania. Orchestra, 2 OO Weathtr reports. 7 05 Daily ' Menu. by Mrs. Julian Heath. 2 20 laahitm kble Dress" by Pauline Desha J. 30 Tea Ruora Management and Candy Making" by Elinor O Hanna. 3 40 'Air Twists in Current Events by Carl Llddle. 8 50 The A enetian Gomlollers. 8.45 Julia Yates. 4 00 Arrowhead Orchestra, 5 00 Tone poems. by M. L Xe Witt. - 6 15 Curtis Sfftrew nell, tenor. 6 30 fitcKk Market Quotations. 6 45 Justin Uwrli, t uior. f Cw George Hulls Orchestra, 7 00 Lombardy Orcheera 7 30 Old Melodies and pew. 8 00 Godfrey Ludlow, vloiiTUht. 8 30 White RtKk concert. 9.00 Wrlg ley Review. I 00 Victor Hour, with Lucrex.a Borl, soprano: Benjamin GigU. tenor and Gluscpps le Luca, baritone. U.oo Slumber music. WUI Newark 4 45 Gvm class. 8 00 Bulletins and weather re port. 9 00 Jean J-ambert Dale. 10 30 daul O. hampsoa, Joy of Living. 12 15 Paul Rpecht and his orches tia, - 8 3o Lillian Dublin, soprano. j,45 Riu Lightning," pianist. 8 00 Ben Gordon, tenor. 3 16 Kuseland Orchestra, g 1& Old King Cols, children hour. 7.00 Bernhard Levltows Ensem hie. 8.00 Choir Invisible 9 00 Trua Story Hour, 10 00 Thirty Minute Men. 10.30 "Cap n Kidd" program, 11. uO Bulletins and weather. 11 05 Ernie Golden s Orchestra. WGCF New York 10 00 Morning music. 3 30 Cooperative pro ism. 4 GO Joy Hour. 5 00 Merchants program. 5 go Alice From Wondeiland. 8 00 Danny Hope and hia orUus-tra. 7.00 Newark Hsalth Department talk. 7 . 1 5 Lauter program, 7.30 Hon Toners. WAAM Newark 7 00 fcunrlse Hour. 8 00 Variety Hour. 11 00 P abllo berviea Cooking School, with Ada Bessie Swann. 11 30 Happy Hour, Rev, Arien J. Muyskena. speuker. 13 30 Bulletins. 12 35 Chalruers-Godiry conceit, g 00 "Do-It and Done" 8 30 Huelsenberk, orgfm recital, 9 00 Marguerite Zendey, soloist. 8.30 Four Towers, Orchestra. WNJ Newark 1 30 Musical program. 1 46 5 arm flushes. 2 no .Service program 2 80 Ruth Bouden, Child Health and 5ood That Builds Bodies" 2 45 Musical program, 3 00 Poems. lO.OO Lopes Orchestra. 1100 Sydney Corsover, hooks. 11:30 Cotton Orchestra. WODA Faterson 9 0(b Morning Glory Hour. 9 50 Police alarms, 12 GO Luncheon music. 12 20 News. 12 30 Popular songs 1 00 Police alarms. 5 SO News. 5 50 fcsport talk 6 04 1tig no and bis Califwnians 7 OO "Our New Jersey," Issuk Walton League. 7 18 Kunshin Boys. 7 50 WODA Histnry Clas 8 05 The Ciiv of Bilk, talk. 8 15 James Thompson, basa. 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I0;O'K 1-arry Rmall, pianist 10 P ' ' Itur Mrnu For InUav 10:4 f.v m rlasss. 1 in tmtui reading 1.3a Mme. lltlrne olka, fra- bi im 34 Mary Banger pianist l.aa New York Newspaper YVuni-- en tlub program: T. R, Na g C "Radio and the Ptvss 2 Jrf T. E tear Lthewe, pianist. 2 3(i Thatcher Clark, I rrikch Fur Tras i Lse 45 I lorence GolU, ewiprano. 6.30 lUMred Hansuii. soprano 6 4o Herman Bernard, radio talk 6.601 nols Gee Bee. WMLA--Nvw York 9 GO Sadrlan Firing Ensemble, 9 15 Merry Musicians li 00 Fur Tales 16.45-Bert Lehr from 'Dluiars Revels " 12 00 Womstts Hour. 3 0-& 04 Musical program. 5 30 Rtudio program. 6 8ft Theatre review. 8 00 Musical Entertainers. 8 30 1 ntertat nment. t;30 hhlney Conover, bariloh. 10 00 R1uIhjW Orchestra. 1ft 30 Husemont Orrheslra. U 00 "McAlpineers" Orchcsus. 12 OO kwane Orchelrtra. 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Jft Th New Yrk Aquarium, by Mias Ma M alien. 4 Harry R vaffirv, tenor. W ' jrnest C S. Ursham, Of gantst jn poi (os slarrs and weather forecast. W RN Y Nw York 30 Wcslhvr t 31 MueiC J4 i vruS Oft eather riwrt, pft Mnrning dvot on 3ft Lldis eWHre. 05 J-1tson Dirh-a-Lay, Mal 1 & f v .18 -(. rte Hutchinson, "Wash on Tala" 82 barm Ft hoof Uk 4ft Bhhv Hart, soprano. 15 Hob tiohater, songs, 06 The "Play Ijidy," ,4i OongrsgatHm Emsno-E! services, 00 ircls Fruwmble 45 Capital Male Quart t. A a Were 1085 to 3500, Now 685 to 2475 ' o THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY IN Opposite City Ilall GRANDS Reduced Safimt from 1200 to 47 jO on beautiful (lenioiininili'iii and tnwii period Poui XVI , Sheraton Quinn Amir, Ch.ppin. ij.ilr. Homilm and other t xi ii intf drsign. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT TI'VV T S' nv 6 Oft Mine. Fischers Mus'cai. 4 3ft kophone Vlnstrvla, 9 th Vital! KoreUv. I nor, ami 3 iftiulio Haume T fttv f fci. Baines, 7 3ft Health arsj Hg ettb 7 30 jowph lvsscxrv vtolmlst. 7,4 Rsvtew of Current News, W. N. Woodworth. 8 3ft Jov- in ths Morning. V F FchmtdC WABC, NVw Fork U. 55 Weather forecast, I m lunhv Oivhesira. 1 P2 ti. C. Vrno d. bar tne, t la Helenes as. 3 Jft a Jrftt' Perry. wprano. 4 Go .Hsigh.Ho Hawaiian. 4 30 feJcout meing Bright &r Trio 9 clover Garden Orchestra. WHHK-Rossvtlle, & 1. on Weather forecast 2 0. Biudio Orcheeua. 3 3 ft Harp studv. 3.15 Homs Leonomhs Eva KUchensr. 5 2 Dinner iunui. 3 30 Charles .tohner, viottpUl 6 Jiv Jsnnls Bucbssiti chddrvu prxtg ram. WHERE NEIGHBORS MEET1 AMPICO BABY AMPICOS QUACKENBUSHS MUSIC Greatest Sale of Artist-used Demonstration and Used Pianos This is your opportunity, an exceedingly rare one, to save substantially on a distinguished Ampico. Many new instruments are coming to us. We must make space on our warcroom floors immediately. Several of our Ampico Grands and Baby Ampicos are radically reduced for this one big clearance. Many of them are demonstration models. A few have been used slightly or out on loan. 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