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The Courier News from , · Page 1

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Monday, February 1, 1932
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Served by the United Press Vui.. XXVIII—MO. 272 Hhthcville- Ually News, Dlyth'.-vllk' Herald, LsEliipl valley Lender. UKlhevilIc Cnmler. THE DOMINANT Ni:\Ysi'AVEK Ol' NOii'-UiKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . ni.VTill'.VII.[.!•:, ARKANSAS. .MONJUV. FKIiUi:Al(Y I, l!i:!2 HOMEEDfflON SINGLE COI'lES FIVK CENTS .'(I liH ha / American Mission Uiul(;rFire I' 'Vi,i Weather Handicaps ] ! Hiiiit for Lost Plane Seventy Years H>JS Bvovipjil Trans'tirm from isolation to Work! InfluenQC. EIHTO1VS NOTE: This is (lie. Iir;f of rtx timely : (cries en ,!;:i>:in nf p lu<!=y, anil the Mam! empire's! iimaiinsly larJd lise froMi u prim-.- . live land to ii llnl-claM wurld licwcr in lh(- short H',3it (f "0-odd rears. ••. •< : •<••- i.?., •••[•!). i iui'i- • i .. c':'.:' •. hvrr «:is I'.cW il: c!k'i'k • rriay by 5.0CO dvlllnnx an ; iin-mtir.- -:f a cun.rd com-. ; :.u, ,-.i : :;•;• >r-ru La;.; tthcr. i o, ASOKI . K «: .MI., iv, M UIM i ni i r Ri j n u r I n l-.Mililionnd sine- l-'il.l;iy by Mi-1 Off) .} If '-in -loin! nlili-li pr-ilubl:. svur-; UrLf! Ui Ua IlLLI ;Fan •WagonFatal'! ir ji'nt.iii'.'i!!; '.i-yritti: y i. '- r.illi Irj :iu:i [. !S Ar.vl •"< .' if> i '.'..sued l.;t. :;we|i'. by i.ain. slri.' 1 . ami mill l.isl nl.'.h- . . .... WMlally ;i>.'>ml:lll?d ril.ii \ Vv'.\M"'N<.;TON. 1 V.CjllV.-ll ;l-:.i Liv fni:n:l :i from i [,!J liu!p!i Wall. i-iniit-jc.ii -MM MI: t.f Mr. :il»l Ml>. ., Wall. ,-.!killed tilmti'it in.-iliuni..' v.h.'ii In '••'•'• >\> Roninson In cdirla.1. whli-h he c.-ir rlihiin in I'.-rrv ; -.-> .j\. 1 llerir Hell, r.u'ly Mil-; rr.-i'n'.;i'.;. ;;-j- A ii-\r -Al'..'1'l e.t tl'O ,s..'.u-.\ uav/'J iil':-r tin- l::>)'.i hi-,Kl i-'.ui.i:i> a I 1 .-, ,-,i ' In-Ian:, |i »as i\';u:Hd. In. 1 yuiilli ii the fun :,'. n \:?\'. kn<i,v,i lurmvr ol !(,;• l.'.-ll vl.'ir.lty. P.. r.itnt Is 3, (curlier at Uu- si-hasl h: j i iMuivc American Asiatic ' Hod Q.iiU Philippines fur Shanghai. n\' ROBERT TAI.LEY NEA S'crvirc Writer .-..-.. , , ...-„ ..,•„ .,..,, . iCopyright, 1932, NEA Sfrviee, Inc..' j 7 " re ..: ;i. • /.-.: :-;:l!_:i m. -.•„;> c: tire .vo.uhtii; M:-i!ioJisi Chu-"c!il';i-:ii\, :j: ••JK-'S:!; v,ilh Across lire map of the Orient i which v,a:; repcrtcd <l,un:i;;i-rt by n boi:i'j <!:M.,.:jd di'i-'m.: ixni.-^; ).-.-',and ili'r.h.uii'i 1 , for-rt and nenachif shadow cf a race of little j v;; -. ^:;:::::- v »nd J.; ; ;'- ;•'. J'.;i: n.iiui. :.-j'.^ il slit.- j.rurc cf mis- j Ulil'. til..': 8,030 (ii . if . brown men—the Jnpan^se. Thsro are'about GO.OaD.Mn .of thfm ] in Japan proper. On the average, : tliry are only five feet three inches j tall. They ' have almciii-shaped | eyes, coarse black hair and very little, it any, beards. About 220,000 are Christians- -the vest aie mostly Huddhuits or Shinto nncestrir-wsr- shlpcrs. Theirs is an island -empire, corresponding to Asia just as. England correspond; to Europe. They are prcgressive., aggressive, smart, well educated and inspired with a pr::e of race that becomes a semi-fanatical form oi patriotism. T h e teachings of centuries have mad? r-niv-,v rvnmm- them so. Although the official deadline is: R! "V>' compam. They have the third largest navy mmnigr.t tonight. Sii.enft W. W.I '" s *'"' in the world, bc-ins excelled only by i Shaver told ths Courier News late England asid America. They hnve | tills afternoon fiat orran^c-ments oni; of the largest and best eriuippetl -had been mrule to receive appiiea- armies in t'ne -.vorll. Their inilus- tions for s'.atc auto liceuiej at ilia trial EvEUm is a maivel, their graal Isherlif's office here tomoii'ow >vlth- merchant fleets sail every ssa. their [out penalty. railroads carry a large part of Asia's I No extension of time for purchase ; commerce, their mills and taclaries |»f license without penalty has been nre as modern—and as extensive—r'uadc but Sheriff Shaver said the, ione-dhy "extension" would be m-itie I '.'•I Ci 1 ..:.-, i:oi!lim:crt t" ii'..ii"rc-i f:o:n tjowied area-; MANILA. P. 1.. I-VI). I. :UP)-T.',e i'litin- AmuUiiii Mjct st.illonr'.l at itlte C.ivlti 1 rnvy yard cl.'ared fur trhiini;h;il «l 1:53 p.m. today. '• . Tin' lu.'t l;i i,jil were the'fe;,tray- '. llltcviill'lll Will . (.';II".!:!KI-V.1U-. Mu -l;nif: umpi'.ny :iri-,iii-'. ; . , i" 1 " IC ''ap - p ' cvl ™ 5l l' iln aetlon. lelil W «n:l a unit . iivmy t» Shauilul. " " the c'o-iliciin-1 nrrlh'Ui- H'.l a'p.'rn: V-imalwrs Worth $l,500>' l!lt " l '. ! ^'Wx.'a.oMi t.-.-.- ai c u M :',!/• ! • i? •!•<• ri i I A :!r.-; r.f v.-alfr varying Irmii •>- i p m . .• iluuao'us UuiiLies head | r . i,-,-,. iu <\ w immdatcd tin- ! ; < K!-n i-rom tlantnlion Victim oi Heart Attack .--•' 1& null's north river dikes gave !0!'(' V ! PCHICL' ,, MF:MP! " S - F=1) - K ' Ui>l -> Vil -' V Tli- I'onr.f :^.r Cnlun^a.^'^'iV valued nt mnre trim, I S hi SllT " a K5SCr ' ' 1S| " !av ' y -' r '•'"' J ."0 mi"", v-m'i. was fiHnvr up will- - 1: * "'moral l'*r::lav iiiiilu frmii ! i- UUIaUL. became r.eau of o! the larrj-s: ,,. a , Vic- I'liti K. ; -':;e parth'- '' •'""'" '" a S|01(1 °" '"" c - F 'I'nckpublic: utilities comnini.i i; '-' r - > 'i"i'c,i > .'' |{ ni'lit T-!jri> than >i ''' P'-'uiav.oii rnsl ol iMYttifviiH. \\hiic ri cunliniied efTorti :o line! s'J lui'lfi Shaver Pushes Atlto ai |,| 3 home here early tc:lay. Tap De^d'iinC Ahrad An-' Kys "' l' rcmlll£11 ' '» fiuancl-jl at- ;"'lv'i'-h"'i''-""i:«i"V!iv.r nearly u- Lil1 " «' :n!c| i '"!?l't lead them lo ill. *> ^ - ' ' ' toivs ol the soulh. was pvcsHcnt o!'.- o;;; ,,...,..- r thai'. 1:1 1S27 wen : u \";. f <"' thl<-«s. Other ^4 nOUVS. '•"" Mumjihls ro'.vi-r an; Liijiil com- f ...j,,,, 10 .ji^ii-c,)], (lie levee be-i "' 0 so ' c w:lr> IK>1 - tbwn. H was ,•-'--'iriria n ml Mavksviik'. (;!l " r "uuivertently left open or the " ' ' - worked, olltors believe, j: ami one c'.rild sarvlvo I . Nt) funcra Arrangements have ' ii annciuierd. !- may b:ick In tlii ttlun Senator LaFoltatti- tun. \Vl:r-i'o.-,sjn t moves :k.r In lieahi' Its coniicre; 1 : 1 - Ailio.-ali's of Hit! hill ue- move is "ANlilXG. Chiiia. I\-b. 1 (UP)— ' , -jr'.irnmsc cuiiwr- In tits Yanatsa .1..UI : : h(.lUii5 Nnnkmii tonight. u'.'.e artillery usiurc replied lu the nie. nuhe clly.wns darkened. tllf!l\! > U ' 1 ' f ' lty v " : u 'V rl " lp :l 'V Hi" • (J 11.51 \ I ba'Jlr, vnicii was foritinuhi* t-.t irldnlghl. Reavy arlllU-rj', p.aviil Ait I 'E:uni niul machine fiun lire rr\iid3 iVlfVClC,,; x rteaienni^ • and hldt-ji.s rear.. j WASHINGTON, 17ci). ) tUl'l — CRMON'l) )"/.ACII KM Tcb 1 i-'^ainlni! every rc-sutnce Wlay tii UP)-Ji'!ns U. liorkcfelbr. 9U- !' u ' l:t ' 1 lls ' nationuls anil preserve !JO Svn'shine l r rl-w A;)p:ox!mately S25 in cash was tak- I'd bury Ule bill so ili\p U will ir,t j LITTI.t:' ROCK Fcb' 1 lU: 1 )-- rn frcm lllL ' srlle bcsi;1<? s J:w?lry.i ( L!H... tu ;! * . .. i . • "V.•:',>.!- weiliiu- over the il " : "' li "B a lavsje diamond 11115 and |-->-,| : )ii. r.k-rn-i CT:v;t'/-il w.« r,.'liff r-j ^'iuaWi; heirlooms. cl '-i-E. 1 ot Arkar.^.ts, ?rtd ' ''^ n uivestlrjator of the Mate bu- i' re 're'-'-i^txi pr.idnatlv rr:1 '' c ^ criniinnl Ideiitillcntion ns''" ' ' '"' " i "" 1 sheriff's deputies In the cnsc;!<! blillotnhi- \ as nny in'the. world. jone-dny "extension" v.ould be made I UU I I Uii - hE\c- i-.vErvtlitng tha.t any [ty ^ ,<=fBce rega--d!e:s. x __ \ : "liatidii could"'V.'dnt, 'except on? \ AU'n license 'app!lcati:ns have; r \\ i "ih" OiNH'iiiia Su.-day reached n Sturdily. What at nrst appeared to niiT rnn PI rni/^^- «^- <° "^ " r « ° f tfe.^"""^"^"-"^"'?'"';^ 5 '"^ IHll Mm I.I r Hi\ ! :'•'•" i'l't : . -:-> rhnive wns notAl i""""" m wWch the store was -;n- U'i) I i Uii ULLiil\.,0'-bv. Tire Arkansas between Llttjp jlcrnl. turned out tO'b-J nin r= balf- !'A V .-i; '.»-•:. Pu-t siuitli f'--li 2-vcr'i' ]""'• l ' !:1: .' •-:< l i 1 ecl?[| when .I-IOSB ex- .liiro. -.'jio ..i'diiJi'.; til. bill vi'.n L-.Uorii.iti-, i:. n-..(iy to r::.;iivj!,!'! Kab.n:cn'3 kadeu-hip. Uaelr bench Democrats am! llepubilciUis beiivrvc illey lia\i- npv.mds of lu'C-nty voles tiling: Foreign trade They must have .'oreign lo live. Wiihout. It they ,v!ll starv;. . r -iuio iiL-iiisu app:icai;:ns have '• r \i i MI -'-"-^ veilt-Kby rrid virtually- nil !«ii"!Ui-.ii revealed that glovct had produced during the rtrst mouth of ! l'01'mer Alderman iViakeS J.'.m-r -.' l-t-lievr:! p::st. ,1932 only one-fourth oi '.he rcvc- 'nue derived from the same sm s ; /V-V- '•ras't'-'i^vVir p-s;.' ' j b "- n "' nr!1 b >'. llv -' im»i'-ins. accorr ' lv ' tlUIt '" ;ip " lS ' first month in 1929. the Mis-! of His Candidacy. Is- ! s!ssi lr l P' 1 c° u "ly slJCi-ifl said. Ap- : l n _ jproximately S100.000 was paid into : j I No matter what thc cost, this 15-1 .- - - - ---- • i „,. land empire of commerce and in-if, Xlmat 5'*' S1M.OOO was paid into' Jce w A i es auuer todr.y author-1 fo.r; Loke KOW About dustry must havj sources of raw! 1110 shenlls office for slate car li- jzed („,„.,, : ,.,i,,, u nc,-.n!ei:i of h',-,1 " r „ , »]• i »« I material for its factories and for-'""" 5 m J f. nua , r5 ', 192a ™ m P^'«' candidacy fo: the office of citv | 2 rant CGl'JW High Mark eisn markets as an outlst for the|, wh "- hr a " csllmalf1 ' 1 «5,COO durin- dork nt the ci:y e!e cii 0n in April." SDC:'S it makes. . ( ine m.-n month ol tne present year. M ,. Alexander has b^cn a rt-si-! Tile water stag? et Kg L-.Sn Is Tare, the choice part of this is-',",„?'?„"! """? ^°.T' ^...'J' ^"t of Mississippi county 2C yeir=. IcomlnuinB lo decline .u the rate j the mru:'.ue. Anuy Cuts nil uriin mid ied to ht"i hei\. today, li'iu a coid lir-n of nu^'.t el hi'i actlviil::: ilinuti tiir- In ll:e O.'len;.' but hi iiil:h.t (if thi? clTcrt came tlie~Sls- iibii];.; nf.vs JrvpaiiLsc warship i .'10 shelling the city of NankJnrj. t.u-ii;e.r:ii\i. Comr.iai'.der RuUrr^e, i L \vrclr. Ti'.u l.iiest firm th : . Cas 1 .'- he.iilli. b'lt nllorls to qiir 1 - f?t wi'.n . the •-Ircrnd ihf. U. K. S. r.l' Miinlrini;, infjrincci Hit navy de- •' l..:r!men!; the attaci: hiul ' becu rtsd witiicut wfirnlnif. Ke had : ,i lorcod tu rrfuvi! .hls-clesirsytv; 'X lo l.v.ic U oia (iS:" : 'His line uf rire x . Vj in 'V/'S.v'Oii.'.-o were .'t:ie. -' womer. s \vard cf the city j.-.i! ;eive the j.-eo-:? o! B!vt. . , wa s believed today to have sav-'i "tlv and iffidcntiv."" Mr. Alrvan With Oandfc-l^e •pa«ivene='.. the life of a ynun; gir! -A-iro at"- der'.snid Chinas unecunted millions dealt tpmnio,i £i : icicic e.fter bc'n' arres' Cent Reduction for 12-' Mcntli Period. i. II'.n r-'.Hmbfni of inbuilt the if:i«.'t':d One o. the JM'W.^.iUUtu ()V<;r JIA."/-^ nrr.'.^i. 1 ..^ :!r.i:ci:hl <i;I_i:'i. in irisiuy years <\-.. : !'j;ir.:id ii;i im7'i ; Ji'iiey cjill I ''^^'Sry "i'l" oliTt?. "filimscn : ' : lS-'V' tt.ll b:v.!»: out in 1'ne hn.ise this -!(,,- iuc>:rfrlt-r's per.'onal' ' rill:::1 u ; '-i'm->l •-•inltmcn!- c.sphin- ,-,CL-K \\'m-:i I;?ir.o;-!'in--i piifeiu e. -..u-; imit'e line i-'.uimiiiy. ' EinulT/. ! l!1 !- l "i' movi-nicnt cl Ani.Ticrm .; Kt.Lillj fi;rtni:i-d war department I:nr tho lirst lime In'lwo ycais. i*ar:hl]is :; Iroups to Sliaiijhal . .[. ..|;|.!U,i!iat:o.i bill. bimllna '.lie hi fclli-.l to riltend worsiiip :i: |^": ; Kolely for Ihe pin-pcs-.' of pro- - . .,nit li£ui. .-.,tli I'uis L-irlai.i stoi-.n Ciivicml Union Community iliuvrh. | lc ctj(ni cf Aiucduan lives P.nd psap- v.lli !>_' a contlmilii? coiuett over i I-;!! ! .I-A' i:r' 11':; ic-'feller lo attend "**" ttn>i "' or Inl'IHmciit of -our irspoiislbllHy to American citizens. ! at ShDiit'hai and other expo.wd '• r.ori.-i 'in the Yangtw river and el:^v;hei-e in China." ' ' '. .'[lie £ta!?.department Inslructed i American Consul Cunniiighsm at . y Sh.n:ghni to ca-opmtc with a. -. league ,of natlonr. coirmissioii hi '-'• tis liv.'rsti^.itlcu of thc Shinshtll ' !ihe ft.i-m cf a ins ii;Srea-jo bill te- 'eln.rch was reBiirrii'd by his friench PUT flpnrnTrn' ji;c! ii:r "• crj cf th " ivays """i-^- ••« ^-^<^ v°-t ^ ^ l.U lll.l.r r 1 r t'. :i c = ns committie. I'.a Icns.t tlt:d owl If net actually UU I I1UULI i LUl : i 111 ' < i::<i <ll»]:cl[f-!l Hio belief a wo- |_ , In::.:! v h.i h.'fl iniuoyed him hy ' n [Palrons Phil New AdlOU jcoratnmly : twins an in:civlrw wu-, Unions A?,rec to 10 Peri • ,< „„„ o , „„, Ro , ir -V-™^^ 1 " |U1 ' ills '• > '- {f -^ - Hjlw| Hazen School '.r:-:. Trh. Cl.'-CACiO. i-'cri. I it cuntry'r. railroads rlednrlcil 10 per I.', t . K , t |u .. ( , u . •ii! f:cii-. r.ayclicekf, t-f their L-|."-|i-;i.-ii ' Cv,C"'>'ii-.-f. i.niliy a!K-r l";id- •'"'.' of r.ii'.'A'r.v labor vulod to ac- ! bi'-viCi:n l\\:':ity rail- |'^ toad iinlsn.i nine railway pres- i' •,;:n.-fii!ln-; 21(1 Cla« A' ,vi:s :: r.:':ie;i Sunday. The •:-c.,!ii..V.c!y SJ15. ;..i Li.rr.iii i>'-rii-.iatrrv.'':',l tif lor-( Wiiii -imr-, i!«,:'.iL'or. failed f Lictti.i; <:l Hit. li;.iru r,i cull-I vvll! KlICpCR OlOl'C c' i b:.u.UMi". M.-nib?r. t r o[ the) i ,; i-.:- iiv.ii'i-:,te;l a no,; plan I n.'Kj lie Irorird 'o aj: hiici | C <'I:ivli r,; i;v.T.t'V.v Iteporicif ; The llmat of a Chincs:-J.ii;an2so '.•••• clash nt^.-i new |»<tu, Sivato\v. was vcpcrlid 1 to thc slate tleparlmcjit • by Ctn.sul Leonard Green, there. Hear Admirjl Montscmery-.Tay.^' , ; icr i'cr>cricd formally to the • d^- -'r- jFartment hh departure from Man-.-' i''''' lor Shonulial with, seven de- .." „ _ .• islroyers. thc Cruiser Houston, and - jh'CClS rch. U force of marines. This 31st in- \ J!.>iiivy're--im-.-nt will leave toincr- '-' ::n.v tr.iM Aluniin lor Shan^-mi. ' r.-.l- m?.ds th;:u s^. fn a ii-.'l: •-,-:-!- 7" yenrs—within '.'re lifetime of nnjiy men who are u'vin? today—the Ja- pancfe have pro^rcSEed frcm a :ia- ticn of semi-barbnri'ins to a -.vor-;:l power. i There Is rmth'.'.ir; comparable- t-ij it in all history. Since 1853. wh3n Commedore Perry anrl ills American e.unboats entered Uraga harbor and derniude:! that the empire trade with thc world—ceasing forever its policy cf • isolation—Japan h:is progressed farther than America pro-'rc-sse.' I between the days of Christopher Columbus and Theodore RoossveM. Only the motion of a skyrocket can te likens:'' to that of this ancient which, after slseprn; centuries as a hermit empire, finally lose with screaming suddenness trj fii'.d its !>!acc in the r,i:i. The story gees back a long, long way Centuries before Christ, the forbears of these islanders crossed from the Asiatic mainland, ecnqtierecl the ?avaje island tribes, but—like the Danes ar.d o'.'r.ers who invade: ancient England—were absorbed by them. Thus, a new race was born. Thrcur;li long dc.'ri cc-r.uivio'- they taken mueii cotton ;o. ;: ire ricl:ls. Tiii< r,::::!brr 28,000 bales mo.-e tnrr. w: i<^^t year. i]('.:j.M 'o.ire; hri'.ini; b-.\\:; N"3 tr^ec of :!:e robbers brei ginned last yeir. funnel. cITicers vrpr/rt. Av.ross PugT.t Sound Ss ba'icTlw cci^^j''-.^^"';?!'i'"'^ S-hoo). Enrollment 0 _,^ r , • 160 last year. SEATTT.R, i UP) _ c. C. Casati. At present l!i«- r-.v-- r::rt -i"iior,- n-'i-h''!' i'' ; '' n iv< "'''- l 'ri "'- IL »'«' 1 - ; '' 11 "- 1 on!v :: "' v v ' 1 '' 1 A11llll!r ' lor Shan^-mi. . :i: " ! ,T C ," ! !;;;';:! : ?' S ' J! M.'"'''V.:"'"i:"i.'..':e''•!''<',.'.- "'.viuir'siiiiil ' ll - i; «« Pharnv-y. f-rmerrvU.;,^ 1 a, c ''suic ! ' ( i e pa r ;^c'nl/ The <i bi.!.i,.r I..: ' I!ir . Hui _ .^ c . r(l ,_ (JVi .. | M; . ;| wllUc . ov.ned by Dr. S. P. Martin. ;ii; h-.-n |; im b; rf ,: l ilor S2i:i lie uonfcrrtd with ." J 1 .,.''"' ,...•""' 'ii'-r,-. ;.i.-i; r..r:::.ud i;. r -.villi hi-. Purchased by Jimm»; -.U-!!. 11.: Under Sccrtlnry Castle about some to miii.i'.ain ;r..d :»-.„,;,. .,._;,,,,.,.; .,.,.-..., . >t ;, Kh - , rra - -Mf.rc. which he; :i i.-!-;t-l fur r.r.:-,ur^.Cf! 'it GliJ-tw.iw.i w;itcli h? Fk^ts Two Homes , Bremerton, Wash.. Shnv/n city, gmued :is fclio,--:: C-.c--.~r Gin r.: : i> . iHi>ucn Gainj' 1 '- 1 ' 1 jtne ;-ii :'. . : t::l.:-.'-.!l r-'r- .">i'i" ;- 'il:l iTlm-n or M'I' ; <' •t-i'.v ar. w.-il us to ;a:iil ' .iti'r Hi pay 10111:11111-,, . „ . , . ;.-..i,'riii L .,,-. i:-!ii-.:n-;!V4«S!.c feachcr injiired u.neci i-.vo vacant lots in Bremcr- l«iiy 4.rj55: P'..iiu.-..' r=::i co:-.-.pi:i; on. fn Seattle he owned two 2.922. nrl the large noi'fes on ground that had 2,683 hnl^ >cen ordered vacated. 1 Between Bremerton is 10 miles of water. Engineer Casad hired a barer- : naa lh.? f-vo houses placed on it ami se. out across Pugct Sound with thc queer cargo. schcois V.DS 575 ir. l:: S tcfcool nntl '.SO r.i '.,.e :ehor.-l. a f 1: b-.?!!ilil i F!a« Hoals Over Capstol of Mississippi. 'J^^-;,,^, ,„.,. , : , 10 ;,jLfap Yrar Means Pay i Ills new r.tire. loci-.icd :i! >!3i pnil Division <treet«, 1-, to b-: 11 ;decnatfd e.uil r. i-om-il.-e nev: :••. in /Yj-.'.rriObllS Accident I'* 11 ' '>'• purchaircl. Th? p:i-:=:n-..i; "; ! jiian jiii.MiS^cor JLMtiiio. on ." | r:cri.'••i.-;i r:C;ii Rom?, informed !' ; ;vi-:.-. »•;!! r.—:vtra'u- frilly with '- the UnrT'l r-tr. ? e.- ir. the Eh.imhf.i JACKSON'. :,'•:-. •UP'--Cr.".c!i'nr ; trai:sf X erred' The con- sic teacher. <u-:.i:r; .irr-rra-y M. Jace and nil ::ip:y to irer left knee. ; she was i-jrl- p.iiY.ed trhck. on 'when n c.-ir m '.vhr inj crashed into liv.'C b . The iiou-es arc now on the Bre- " n ? s ar-3 now .1-. inc fr.-.m ih.c Mi5- <n u'.erton lots. sis-irrl capitn! l.-':iit'i:r'r r.eve. Chatters-But '^ ( ^Jr-'' Keeps Real Secret thp Unitc<! s;i '- <: " worn, "It's of ... recently -,. flag anr|. : . a:i'J that tnV.- :.: < Id ctn (.v) r : 0 |;.;;:! Cui : C r Fall Rwor Justices »'>' li - ' ; ^ r ":•' -,"i:li",| PALL RlVKirM^^. iUPi-I^ap , A Mr - t ''- ih ;:- : ' :; IX11. Wi?ui!s Ju-Jd Otjects lo Apnnrrfiio' W. Court' fir;l is ! '" a ' K ' ; "E rcprossntatSons i' ' Tr-kyn asain;: emi.mjerinj Frenc! 1 :\i~ Fr.rr.irli imVi2c- c v'3 couuscliov |.. Tiled a ! the stale dcrjjrtment | arid infr:m..'d Ihis it r.Ttlin- a crui-ci 1 to S Die ear. -.. •ip- iYea;- rncr; aHo sus!:: r; .«,-,. <..: 01 itcnlty for the- i.r.cle >:!vi. but two ^Vf "^JY"' -,V'' '-^ ^."'h''•-i''' :chcrvl because of Jnabililv :o r-reet [special justices 1,1 l-'ai: liivcr 015- wr ' lle several odupama o. bacs r( . ( -.I'itlon chivees. Efferts ff parent-|trlct court it means a pay c>H of seat of llie c:lv "^^ "»'nJ»''^' "-.irhrr r'sorl-.tic-ns lo hv'v .:r- !s:x cents per day. Members of the party were re: i:.~rmcnls for i>cK:!!r.r..i! ••'.: i'.'.ts I Recant of t.'e -'"tr.i Cray, they lurnliiR fr.nm a N.-./-.roii» ci'.irr'cu with. its contlmia\ chattcrltie so much It wa.« taken In custody by the * u HIT I Pasadena Humane Society. j 'OW3 Hen lttaUP. The bird. It was said, can tell' [?„.. Va J °' va Thrcush cng dc,n CJ.UUTK, me, ^ kpcpeis everytl ^^- -• ^« = 'o« 'r r ^ " C " Ily . ," n Tn' h, thei"- r ' driros '' or fifPiion: "umber, 1", ° r . 1 ^ r°' • •' iwhleh ls ^hat they are anxious to OaVS ' JdyJ> c^ Chi?? Announces Pairo'msn's Dismissal iv.'ill be p.-uri r;i th ,fcr each day ; i iv.'lth 5:7.0.: in rr-.r St7."6 rally at Joiicrtrro »'i:cn the av-ci-| wnnl to or.(! ! dorr: v.^-. •lie" : ~Onc-TX. A>'i;.. IV). 1 (UP 1 — "l'- r: "'-'- :i"ie Riuh .Ii:d:!. on rTial fr-.-• 'r.imiratis co;i:erir:ces cf oTI-riaU nturrier of >'".-. Aeiv,-: .•'.-.:;i i •- ':'•• ire.ii:; i-.i.'.:! irfr.\ !"r:r::lc"t ::ni to the eom't r-.>sr-i I•:!.-• -w cir.elormf'ts. Ke taikEc! 'or :i! Shcilft" .' 1?. .V:~:tiS-.:: .'i me time at ihe Whi'.e Horlfc-ivitl-. vstened :o haiv:lc:in''. 'F:-.rc;.ir.' of Slate E:!r.:ian. I nevrr <lo ,'nvth;:i> Lusly Sneeze Iv.ioclrs Out j .,;. iv:.iparcd dent occurred about 0 o'clock. Miss Jones v.-ns mir.^i,-,; to her horn: Ulis aftcrnccn nfior rtceivir.g treatment at Ihe 1;V. rf..". ille ha.-p'.tsl. sheriff. civilization. leavn. I" the 17lli century, the ga'.lesns of Europe began to seek trade in the rcmoie Pacific. In the wake cf | (ratio, came Christian missionaries. | •Emperor lysyasu encouuisrxl fr KEOKUK. fa.. 'UP B. Hopp's her,' I^y- day but r.:\ V the lien's (~; '• \ days' XOW -TI'STICK COURT size. CAMPTONV1I.LK. Cal.. (UP)-' ilopp says Prohibition he.s fcored a local vie- : ly Inyp n doirKc Emiiett Wilson, pjtrr.lm'ii' n dropper) from the city p.-:;..' ry ;. :.-rtrr;i?y by order of CiV'f :-,! v.n« given hy Ch'.rl Gv-.:i •:'. 'ecih an;! Clanayis Jav/s'^yssoJ'vUlr 1 '-''c ( ' aj MAVHELD. "r^r.fP.-IIr «r> ! CsSC &*''>* M°« ScrioilS .-as-. 1 fi:l when you sure.'e I' ti:-' .wivlc-j i I ' -of Al MesVi. ciitar -l-.r-' pr.);'.or.| JUIF.SEU.V!I.I.E. Avi . Feb. 1 tU | there a^p.rn." rhe •n 1!:e ::::(cr liir--- 1 Pts <h: cal:".:'^ drv- • nrini l:i:n n r-v.— • :jo!f Nai'i:ii)7 ;!-.ej Co:i:im:ed on Psje Three) WEATHER Financc- Baz ; APK.A.'oAS — Clciury. prA.i'.-ly • ."'in tcri-riu r.nrl Ti!?>r. : ay. V.Mvrr:r ' Arrnrding to t'.-.e ofTiC'.si wjct'neT :UP)-- clriitvfr, Cil.ulcs Philips jr.. the 11 the irinit::uni tempevatare her3 ycstfr- eign trade. 'bi,t"vlevcl tl'e' mi":->:i- i tmv ' A biiiliiir,v: CDnstructert here pioviiuately FIX ntiiuii- nrj- cnwvnrtsc as a'political darker," J 1 ^, 1 L 1C '°?'' 11 ' s , """'"" saioon. shell, incasurin" fix irr.'! - hn.s been remodeled to serve as a j inches in circimifcrcr.rr Justicr-rniii-i. nnnthcr complete ccs :cii:iM tu c:nimoni. T>: r.-.ivl Mesi jiiteWd "••-.: otl-,:r day. V.iir.-'-P)—Hicrcuuhlnn :-;!Cil« InMIng near-1 \V.\S!l!MCnON. •£•: ;:!-,;•-. came ^udrlcniy, hs;«ver-. .nv. wa.s^of his front fc-th nr-vp:.i cut as|ly "C mitjiitri gripped Mrs. Etl i "r^'denl H :rv-r • .. __ _ .•.p-iii"!. defended ns an'cconoiivv i"-'ve.!his jam; cam? losctbcf! i Price. S0-\i .'.:-»V. victim of jhelfenate today the nomination o{ <:.i v ; v: -.s 11 Agrees er.d tre;!- With ;V.c d'.-c!>arR5 ol Wit r.« thc Kul t.-.v. v;3--;v. ail H.^ J.iwsiiv.alRtty. txl.v: .v.iti pay.-,i"lar.s itiLd 1 Wilson }.'.<t.jitlv , t-M.. i.:. i- C: -,v.-. ; -.\ .S3 d^recs. clciv. Tadrv; ,\ '•vt'.ildn't romc ep.iri. Lir.l ?^ he her condrlrori slishlly worse, incir.c.rat. as li.e coiicVidinj tip- year a?o tlif minimum toaineraHsro l-• iv.ue city force Is red'.rescl lo fiv: 'ittii. <-.)iil.iiiis Including Chief G.wn ar.d pi- itricd. At the h^ a pl.ysici,' ..-H.t-.nii irolmen. |pr',c-d them apart. - She has hiccoughed imennit- tentiy since las'. April. pcintment :o thc lroar<i cf tire re- wag 31 degrees and the construction flnanCn coi-porallnn. |C[ decrees,

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