The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1932
Page 6
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COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, .UNTAHY 30, SPORT NEWS OF THE DAY IN PICTURES .Adolph Luque Let Out Alter 20 Years In Major League Parade. BY IEO II. PKTERSOX TJnltrd Vrf.i Staff Oorrfiiionili'iit S NEW YORK.—Adolpli Luquc. veteran Cuban pitcher, has be?n ] (riven his unconditional release by I the Brooklyn Robins anil will' it went the chance lor reall/ing his last, ambition troin ihc game he served so well for 20 years. • A year ago Lncme, one of the | most, colorful of National b;a»u?! pitchers, lo'.d the United frcss he' would retire nfter one more' chance to pitch in a World Series. ll latlifji a-; U 19S1 svaulr b; chinftibnshlp" ho'nbrs.'BLit ;thc-Ttob- ins^ proved a'- bfg'.'' dlsappointtnent and finished (outHi. •Of. course, the Cuban may lie picked up by some .o'.hrr major league club. He still is socxi for a ' tew innings of relief nltcMni; but his work last year, ,;<vhen h? won seven games and lost six, 1 was pret-' Just a couple of bii; gunmen, Jni'. you may rcct^nl/j 'Jii'in n:-, (.K-nriC ty conclusive evidence that bis days imitxo Wn!bcii>. li.-lt. and C!ardi;:i (Mickey> coi-lirunc u( ihc f' as a starting major league pitcher t| C i, m i a Aihtttics. They were isiicsis of Whttt.v Witt, >niy.i.- " Luq^Mook part In one World So- ! lra * 11 "- f01 ' *°' m '™Psl<°o!»i!! at hb home near W^iM,,™. N. .!. Vies—in 1919 when the Cincinnati 1 WaluerE and Cochrane will be tailUm ioulhwatd Kith tlie A'* scon. Rcis won the National League pen- • nant, but he was 0:1 his W!>y un then and received llllie chance >• . display his wares. Cuban Cam* Into Own .. 11 was four years laier thai Lucine came to the for? as the ace of right- handers. He won 27 games while losing .eisht and held his opnon- ents to an earned rim average of 1.93 per nine Inning same. His hurlln? was a blf faclfr in Ihe Beds' successful drive for second place. Luque stayed with the R"ds until the. winter of I9W-30 when h? was trade! to Brooklvn. Ills -i-nrk in 1930 put the Robins In the thick of the pennant fisht. : Luque was always a cslorfiil urn. He w-ns a fishier to thj; lust ditch. When vou saw him whikinc out on the diamnnd. ymi kn-W hr . .was soinz somewhere. His i>i».lhnl3 was such thai one e»oeclcd him lo stoo on th« face of anyomi who got in his way. Actually he wouldn't, of course. In common wllrr most of th2 a'h- W«s who nri> so hard boil'd dn lh« field.'- Liitiue was >i vcrv amliib^ f'l- low. in private lit™ and a sr>tt fa- yonte with the othsr plavcrsj While Ijiniie fnye (he b».-,l Ivears of Ufe to the; otune bi-jebnl! was kind. to. him. Hn didn't oUy on pennant."-Innlus teams, but h-3 received a healthy salary and silted Ytar.; and yi-.-ri u»i \vlim 1V.U)? liiiifl pinylm; tut the lied &at Kr i'iH.i-'OO u, ho ustii u> 'j;ii:i on hut dox-s. i-ie. But he Ins liacl u couple 01 ralsti in pay s llH-ll. Ul!(t HOW lie (JOCS In for ImKrri ;:iraks it] a big way. Ho 1-; .-•lin n lic-rc »•- a recent party at tin: li'Hsic; o! Thoriiii:-. Canty In Noi -,v.;H:. Conn. Notice the neat Mn- il:i r l.'uljltard waistline o[ tin r.L- run Carullisvsvillo. Junior College Capers Trounce Teacher, 16 to II. CAllUTHEKSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 30 t£l.edalj-'f he bays basketball gamo tav.een Hi! C-.mnHorsviUc Junior college Jayliawks Lui-J the Memphis Teaeni'rs was a c!o>? :;nmc through- mil. Memphis s>:ow;ci .1 decided im- )>vovcmrai ou-v tb'ir jncvious ap- liearjiK-e. Mi-mphis IL-J!-: the bad with the first ten miis'itr-s of play. G'arullHM-ivllls then fc:'.;i-d ahead '.and wok the lead ler irre remaiii- jder of l!ic lirsi half ol Ihr same ; Lind It emit-d with a .score- of 10-11 : in favor of Cariilhersvilli'. I Bo-.h teams played a vtry carc-ful I and cautions game the fir-', half .'«nd it seeinsii the Canr.hrr.ivi'.lc . J;oys were unduly nervous Ibrc'.iLih- i!ie first half of t.-.o sain?. The second half opened wl:!i | Memphis scoring several goals in '. .succession lo give tht-m the leaci. ' At one staij5 of the second half t! score wus tied. 21-21. Sam Jo;' captain of t^c Javh.-uvks. 'A'^J Speaking of dut-1 personalities—ihc>:e yo-.nv,' v:o:r.ei! an- seeking r ,\ oul ln [llc secon( | j, 3 if Jim j v .as (.•laces on the American Olympic sabre [cam. 'fhey'ie pictured above followed immediately by t'.vo Mviu- as this striking picture shows. it "away. TVo vears sw hi- told n Eroiin nf. baseball ivriters IID could retire from tho cam; at anytime arid, be -financially secure for "]If». n the merry month of May. Iheto uniling yoimnolrrs will brcoine Mr. nn jMrs. Stanley Hack; of .Sacrr.memo, Calif. Kighl no\v they've juil lain Stanley Hack, Chlcn^o Cubs' rookie liillclder, and Miss Dorothy Weisol, raukins women's tennis star. If Heck starts In to end ihe Cubs' inllckl worries, you'll imrtrrstund. Good Hit, No FieW Recently there was a rumor that Eddie Morgan, slurirtng first base. iiian of tho Indians, would b» traded to tha White Sox for pitcher.. General Manager Billv Evans of the. Indians was'callert on the telephone about 11. ''Trade Morgan?" Evans replied "certainly we would trade Morsan But we have tvled to trade Morgan, all winter in fact, and hi doesn't trade." Yet Morgan hit .361 lasl year, i 'mark excelled only by Al Simmon and Babe Ruth. Th,=. answer that one may be had by quotln that brief telegram frugal Mlk Qonzalcs sent after being sent t scout a busher—"Good hit, field." • * • the Wikoff Fat Before he goes to the ix>st to I run for the U. S. A. in (lie approaching Olympic games. Prank Wvkoff has a chore. He must tak- off at least seven pounds,.us h^ is coming in these days at 162. Hi? best running weight Is 155. But then he has a lot of time in which to cut loose from that seven litre is anoiher kind of repnraiimw picture. It shows Heavyweight Champion Max Schmelmg making |:».\ce with ths New York Boxing Ccinni:s.Mon and agreeing" to that Li-.ii.-us'. tody's terms, which tall for n right with ,'nck Sharkcy. Scaled, li-rt to right, arc General John J. Ph-.'bi:. J.liixlc. and James Farirt. Above, left to right, are Joe Jacobs, Lou Stllhnnn, Ijju Ueck and Bert Stand. . . •'f '— : . _ : LA GBffTEfl IE GOLFv HI DYOtl KNOW THAT— In its drive for funds to dc- fruy the . expenses of America's V-irticipallon in the Olympic games at Los Angeles this year, the American Olympic Committee has decided to assess each person a penny it llv person lives In a city of 15.000 or more imputation. . . . The sum of S350.000 Is the goal of the drive. ... No part of Ihc ^350,000 Is to be used for singing Ihe games . . . hut ihj sum covers equipment, transportation and maintenance of America's representatives, from (he Urae of llrar sckctinu in the final tryouts imill tho end of the contests. BY CI.AIRE IHHICKY MisSOliriatlS at M°»y veteran campaigners atiniit '-, they never approach Ihc 13th hole i without a feeling of fear.. . The 13th was the- -undoing of I The basketball teams of Cooler Chick Evans nl Brookilne ia 1922.! A fast independent, team from (Copyright 1032, NEA Service Inc) i hl ? h school won two games from Evans was three down to Jess Caruthersville, Mo., will replace Or Walter E Meanvvell Unlver- :tl '° Blytluville high teams at the Swcetaer but had a fighting chance. Cooler. Mo., for the second hclf cf *Uy of Wlfron=in baskclbal] coacli -nrmnty l-.ere last nis'r.l. - :)his men. The game was very cl:=e and c'evarly played from the b3- ginning to the end. 1'or Memphis. Dodds was the outstanding player. placing Hvslvc scores h'unsell. H J . L was also the hign point man if tile evening. Glenn and Rolin jDne.s were 1112 ovustDndinv irtnyei.s lor CaruLhers- ville. each 5roi"in:j eight, baskcls. The game ended with a score of 28 to 24 in favor of tils Jayhawks. ; Kennedy of Memphis rcter=cd tte game. Lineup: Cntiulieioville Pss. Memphis Glenn 8 P Baswell i R. Jonss 8 P Miskfl 15 E. Jcnes 5 C Do;lds 12 Carter 2 . G Hcwell 1 jSeabaugh 5 G McConnick Subs— Burns, Humphreys 1. Craig. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALK Default having been made in t.;s :payinenl of ths debts on;l obliga- jtiOMs secured by that certain t!r;cl | of trust executed on July 8, 192D, I by Jim Allison and Cora Lse Aili|son, his wife, to \v. \V. Holliprter. iTrustf?, as the same appears of lecord in Book "P-l" page 352. of the records of the Chickasawba District, of Mississippi County. Arkan- at Blytheviile, and Mrs. Anna Shonyo. tlK b'.vner of the debts secured having requested the undr-r- sicutd tc advertise and sell property described in and senr:--j | by said deed of trust, all of ;-.ii indebtedness having matured, I v:l on Tuesday, March 1, 1932^ within legal hours, at the south or front <!oor of the cauvi house in B'yth?- vil!e, Mississippi County, Arkansas, proceed to sell at public auction to jihe higr.esc anS best bidder, on a Here are Anila. Peabody and her newest baby boy, born nt (he^edit of three months, the folloiv- ! Hertz farm "near Chicago. Reigh Comit, (he' daddy, probably is down n = described property: at. the comer buying the cigars for the boys. Bio^lw^/M the InSLn Ad- ditim to Blythc-vilie. Said sale is made for the purpose >f satisfying £?.id note, inieresl. tax's paid and the costs of this sale. ile Bidder will be required to give 7C-MI persona! security, and a lien vill be retained on said properly :or the purchase money. The title to said property !s believed to be good, but I will Mil es trustee only. Dated at Blytheviile, Arkansas, this 29th day cf January. 1B32 Canitliersyille lo Replace Copter in Ark-Mo Cage." Tugboat Towed Truck OLD SAYBROOK. Conn. (TJPl — A tugboat was used to tow a truck ashore here. The tfuck had slipped tackle were rigged and the 013 Sachem drew the truck onto hard ground. ,„. „. .,..,„ „ „ _.. . .- At the 13th both had -fine drives, the ftrk-Mo cage league race, ac-, The jar capita income of Czcch- :eacho.s quick crjakin?. fns; passim;! The Cnotcr buys triumphed, 34 to Chick's second stopped six feet fr:>m cording 10 nnnounccmeni today by oslnvakla during 1931 did not • clever pivoting and biocking tol"^ and l!ie Cooler ylrls won easily, j his teams. Hare Is rm o,H-cf- 30 to 13. i b=i:nds piP.y in ihf McanweU olf ;n-1 Blyll>,vr,:e came back strong in ! the srroud half of the kovs train 0 - hut could not overcome the Ir-nd "•'"'• No. 1 li'ns the ball out of boinul on the sideline In his !-coiinz ^j^ kanan. It all sounds like feme- thing you read on n bos of match-. ?.s, or the Noire D.ime lineup. Our O«ti Athletes Again speaking of names, the; sound of some of the United Slates entries at Lake Placid Is distinctly Nordic. The local ski team is composed of Nils Back- strain, Carl Holmstrom. Erling N. Anderson, Uoj'it C. Elllnron. Roy pounds, slowly. And he will taVre H off Mlkkclson. CasiK-r Olmen. Uatson, Monsrn. IVclur Olllc John Clrt Affair If athletes continue to flock to the banners of the Los Angeles Athlete Club, and the Olympic Club of San Francisco at the present rtte, the lf*32 Oljmplcs will be something in the nature of & dual meet between the two clubs. Thei other -d«y 3»b!n Carr, holder of the world Indoor pole vault record ul 11 feet 1 inch, jointd the Olympic Club. About the same time the Los Angeles A. C. announced the membership of Ken Churchill, who threw the Javelin 226 feet when he Palstnd, Lcmoine Zettirstrom, Rolf Qwighl Steele, Edward J. Bloo:l N'orlon R. Billings. Richard E. Parsons, Robert U. Reid and James 1 Harsh. j Ihe Polts! '; Here are n few of the Polish athletes here for the games: Stanislaw Skuplcn. Zdislaw Motyka. ^°- 2 Bronislaw Cicch. StanMaw Ma:u- h making a break for the ih? vislicrs established in thr- fu-sl '.-nli which dirlpd Ccfllor '.M. Blylhj- i villr !>. The "Marhmc-n" counted ia | pniulr. to Cooler's 10 in the hst! half. Terry of CoDtor v:as hWi irnr- j cr wi'.h 14 iwinis while I'.ir;',? l-fl LE> Klythoviilc scorers wi'.h {•i^i-.t i Th.e CCDler girts things ti-.-ir - osvn way nil through ilielr rv:;?; with the lllythevllls lassies. T-\ 0 I Cooler rirls lied for hiith srr-:-..-,»! l;';iirvrs with 15 iwlnts apici-f. v.;-,-" ! Elliott iKl i^e Blvthpvlllj tcMr, -.-.i-'.i 11 of ihc-ir 13 point?. w»s a student of CaHforaia- at the University \nrz, AniVrzeJ and then slops short near No. 3. Cooler HrVJi Teams tn Play Decring Ca COOTER.' Mo.. Jan. jn. - r Wildcats, lo^al hi»h ; thai! teams, ftre bookril :''iv two of the hardest r..m.:- tile season next week, uhr:? • Doerin? hiRh school teams ::• if locals l\?.re and the V.':'.:.- cla<h with the Sleeve'iii l-iih sehwl teams of SlerY the S'eele Co-.irt. The local girls are five: T; :C r.ral :o : .f pin. Swcetscr never'.ed an league officials. j Alter failure of the Coaler team to appear for its final game of the oecd $125. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S first half here Monday officials got' SALE OF REA1, ESTATE in touch with the team manager?IN THE CHANCERY COURT Or and received tho report thai it i MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR- iwould be necessary for Cooter to- KANSAS, CHICKASAWBA D1S- withdraw. j TRICT The Caruthersville independent, .N'olic n Is lu-rrby given thai in [(cam is composed largely a'. Cam-• pursuance of the authority ami thcrsvlllc junior college players who ^lircetion contained in ihe decretal are not quite good enough lo make i order of Che Chancery Court o: thp varsity so.uad. according to re-{Missisiipui County. Arkansas. Chick- l»rts. Tho new league team «i;i: a&aivba District, made and entered play Ynrbro In its debut h?rr r.sst on the nth day of November Monday night. il93l in a certain cause. No. ithen pending, therein, between the An Honor for Tlisnn^ ! Prudential Insurance Co. cf Amcr- Tiiose Buckncll Bisons, although i ica - a corporation, plaintiff, znc tied by Temple ar.d Villannvn in Mwvm II. Tiohinson and Eliza- -- ' ----- : bCth W. 1 'defendant W. w. MOLLIPETER. Trujtso. 30-2 6-13-20. the 1931 football campaign, 'enjoy- ijjeth W. Robinson, his wife, « al «t~ their first undefeated season in ! deienaams, the undersigned a< 48 years which Is a long time if it's .commissioner of raid court, will ol- between haircuts. jj« ^g^ Smd?-™^ "tl-T'fron ORDER ' tioor of tnc courl llolls e in the cit rotmr 'CHICKA- i cf B! y lh =vllle, MlEsi;?ippi count'. ary. 1032. th e following described real estate, situate;! in the Chicka- RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Niffht—6:45 Artm.—Matinee and Night— 15 iintl 40c SEE 'Possessed' with Joan Crawford Clark Gable Also Ncw-s and Comech- No. 5125 vs. Emily Meyer. Defendant. The defendant, Emily nteyer, ^d ,o ^ar. withhi thirty -----^ days In the court named in Ihe - • l "•• , . . . . It wouldn't bj a bad Idea lor the Meantime, No. 3 cute .for the spoi .. !..,»> ottll "" u ° t l but :nc Winter vacated by No. 2, wlfo ins mcnirn- Oiymplcs nt Lake Placid to re- ''rtly blocked No. 3Vguard. No. i main strictly sober. IWKCS in to No. 3. svha turr.s UK: _—. finds himself In pojil-ioii for a s-:i..:i Soullt Dakola Birds in Cu'ja -"hot about 10 feet out, o: i:p may WEBSTER, fi. D. (UP)—A Wock l»ss to Nos. -I or 5 brc.iklii!: lovuj reporters covering the Uke N«<n Dame of names, here is the personnel of the fki team from crowned night heron and a morant. banded last sprin? by in in ll'.e basket. Finland that will compete in the winter, games at Lake Placid:.Tauno I*pp»lain«i, Martti t*ppa\am- word received by Lunoq\.Ssl from ; Washington. bovs. who have not lo?t a Co-,:;-. scheduled came this soasos:. ::,.• Ticht hard to win. The Interest o fthc Cn'.;v.v ^ r<-nt.'.red on the Cootcr-Sv^c* i-anio5 to be pliiycd .,s -- ; . e NVllrir.iU'; recently defeat U-' i' .;_ do<ii in a sensational IMLII- .-.; --o Ct>3tor court. f\n~ thr^v >o.v. ^'-.'.Q l:ov» have b'cii the Mnv.-. -.- :11 ,, the County and one cif I 111 VaSCadeS inn teams in Rouheasi M The Droring trfi:«s wi 1 eye, swung his heavy ribbed mashte s and sent the ball a fOD-, nearer the ; . rap than Chick's wonderful shot, i Chick had to u-.itt first—and miss- __ r-ctl SwecLser dropp:d his for ai ca ptioii" hereof and nnswer the o three and went on to win. 'cmrralalnt of the plaintiff, John u. r The 13th hasn't been too kind Mej-er. ? to Sarazcn. In the Open at Wnsh- [ Dated 1-13-1S32. ington In 1921, this hole, a single shotter. beat him In every round. Dlslrict of Mississippi Co'.m Not once did Sarnzni score a par Sam Mnnatt. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. on it. He collected two fours and "•" two fives. • '•c. Dicgcl was jiused out of. the :a 1920 championship at Inverness' :n 13th hole. With six holes to go, ,i. lie seemed to have n spleVidld Ally. Ad Litem. 23-30-0-13 WAKNING ORPKR The cast 45 acres of the Korth- c-asl Quarter iXE'i) of Sec- tibn Five i5>, Township Fourteen (H) North. Range Twelve nil East of the Fifth Prin- c'.pai Meridian, loss the right of way of Drainage Canal, leaving a net ane-agc- cf 44 acres. TERMS OF SALF-: On a crcdl of three mo.iths, ih f purchaser required to execute tend | SEATTLE, (UP) — The United h cr e Tuesday with strcix i.: Club Mcurm Ne K rn Stewtira ! S'.atrs Form Scn-:.- c ropoit'd DETROIT. <UF>—Scott W. IfvK more, snow In Ihe C.isr.xdrs [his INOLEWOOD. CA .Vy- -. . .en..Veil Saarinen, Valno Lllkkanan.had neither n-calth nor fame, hut ->mr than any lime slnn> -1117 rlor pigeon has iatrr. -i ; - • J»lm»rt Toikka and ErkW.Pintlila.,h!s deolh Is mourned by Dolroifs . I'orrst service fimrcs show 119 iiianrni nvidence ::; ib- • The »ln«l* entry in the speed skat-mosl exclusive club, the Yoadoleja. Indies nt nishapcn Gap i n Wen- ^tr. nnrt Mrs. I.wiur.i n.v.i.-. " in? e»»t sounds like « family—.where he was the efficient negro a'.clioe. 'i-l iuchcc tA Blwclt PONI. Daily it \\iiws away am; , :O6stan_OI«^_Blomqvist._The Fin-jslewart for 35 years. He entered W inches nt Stevens P.-.M and n nlphlly. A taid on'i:s le.-. BWl Ofwn it Marcus NMi- 1 the cTuVi <-'rflr ft Jfl| I' nt Mrs. Anna ShWe is warned to rcnmr;d by law and the order arm ,. .v .-.^-..u^ fcnpear In the Chanccrj-^Conrt for Decree of said court with approver chance. Ordinary scoring would the Chickasawba District of Mis- fecurlty. bearing Interest n't th .-.e have won. jsisslppl County, Arkansas, wlthi; rnt e of Wi nor annum fron *: •'Down in from." bellowed »n of- jthirty days.^nd ^^ tlI \'; i ,^;;_ dale of sale until paid and a ; flctal as I*o reached the top of his -.-- 'bncksKing—and he t^ip?ed tho drive. -- Then he hooked his ?econd and fin. f ally .made the ho!o in seven. He „ „ ,,„, ic „ ., r|llnlshe.1 tlie tominir.r-nt one <troke B >' H««y M orris. D. C. unc ..iiu.^ _^ j^.,.^^ j. Henderson, Attys. for Plaintiff 16-23-30-G 23-30- s [behind the winner. Ted Ray, Courier News Went Ads paj. of Union Savings Buildln? jii en ^^ rc tnined on Ihe prcm Loan Association. ifef sold to secure the paymen This 15lli day of January, 1932.. O f the purchase mcney. R. L. GAINES. Clei-i:. ; Glvcn under my hand this 1811 day of January. A. D. 1932. R. L. GAINES. Ccjmmissio-icr in Ciiancery Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - NigM—fi : .|r, <in ,—ilatincc and NigM— 10 and 30c SEE 1 Like Your Nerve' with Doug Fairbanks jr. Lorctla Yonn.f k , " * Also News ami (',.,,. 0( ] v '.

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