The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1932 BLYTHfiVtLLE, (AUK.) COUUmit NKW8 PAGE KVK CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a *oid for flrst Insertion and one cent ft word for tach subsequent iniertlon No advertisement taken for lest (ban 5dc. Count the words and ;ciid (he cash. Phone 300 t.'a^ " FOR SALE o BY KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN © 1931, by Doubleday,. Doran and Co. FOR SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcviilc 18ctl l and location for station, Card well. Mo. Buildii°g ft«t class. Vacant corner lot on Mil" Etrccl ' i° inl "« H 'S !l - uay 15 Splendid Investment. For particulars write D. C. Stecle, B25 Scarrltl Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 21C-K-1 FOR SALE—Chevrolet 1-Tou truck, Ecod repair. Jenkins Garage. Phone 224. MC-K3 i\ • MEN'S RAYON Hoss, 75c dozen ' pairs; ladles Rayon HCMJ, 51.50 do/en pairs, any quantity, postpaid. Imperfect, satisfaction guaranteed. Scolt Distributing Co. Asheboro, N. C. 30pk31 VOR KENT FOR IlKNT—005 Chlckasuwba St., Five Rooms anil IJalh. Apply at li e New York Store. I5C-KU UEG1X IIKIIE TODAI ANN imd Ci:CIL¥ FENWICK hnte tar >vari *uppur(»4 IhtMtcl- v*«. Ihrlr ;»M«grr *Ut«r* MAUY- KHAVC'US, «nd Ikrlr gr»4l>'r»l>, k«ii»n n» "HO SAL IB" a»4 "CillAXll." tlrt'noic at tkl« • ••»• t-l.l n.s,o«.IMIIIr. Aia, wh> to 58, li unulile (u H«rrr PHIL KO- UOV!>, )uDng hmyvr I* vfkiM »h* tt[l« liCf« ravaged for rlKhl rtnrm. Ocllr. US. li»t« UAItHY McKI-'.KIu • n tHclnr-rr, bui tvhfM he prupwfB •kr rffu>«n lu Mlimc Ibrlr wrddlnc riat« fur 4kr »:ime rra«UB. ^InTj-E-rntic-cii. in, nKd *UII In • rhiiiil, lik'lli-tc* hrr«rlf In love vrllb 1-.M1I. 111! AltMDlIM', vnti<rv>llr nclur ivLinn »Ur hll» Mrl nllkiull Ibr fcni>\v!i-UcL- of ker »li<er». lie urcc* lirr Ig Iffive bowa mm* be* tunic kU Mlnf;e pnr(B«r. Ann nnd Phlt ^liiirrfl nkfn *fce hr:ir> I.I'.ITV KINC, ivkti «uik« I. I'hir. ,,m,<. Lulldine, addrr» kiln \\llh rudtfariiirHCM. AHM IrlrH Co fuv^ft rkll li]r Kt\lM£ ak«nt \\llk. KI:.\M:TII SMITH, tick tin* m- tcjLllvc. l)tn «r|jrn Smllk Mtki. ker l«, marry MM *kr rrftfaeji. fllnrj-l'rnniTii nwrrfrji lo lit. nwny i\lth I).. ArniH.HNt. Jkrj nel <iut In M» r:ir. 1'he HnMr duy (.Vcltj (jicnrrcU uiEk ki-r Rr.iuiJfalhrr. SEif ruiHON kiirue »ltU limn CblLt xtir utitl Harrjr are tn br niurrlrd (tint r\rnln(C> Ann Jlvi-uV FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 700 West Walnut. 2GC-TF FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 West Kentucky. Phone 083. 26C-K1 FOR RENT—Fiv c roflm furnished house, rent reasonable. Phone 612. 28C-K1 FOR RENT—Twenty acre farm, orchard, garden, large house, barn. Icnnnt house at North Sawba, three miles northwest o f Blytheville. Mrs. O. W. Murdaugh. 28P-K1 FOR RENT—Six rcom house anrt 27 acres of land on Highway Cl near Yarbro, Ark. Ciill Mrs. Mick. Phone 423 or see me at 110 West Ash, Blytheville, Ark. 2Bpk31 FOR RENT -i- Five room house, bath, reasonable, Park street Phone 250. 28C-K2 • he kn« I'lill r:rn,.«I U neitrly Tra Stir urrU ilccltlril t I>rc:iiiHr b lie ArMr.unl. ;ireli N E,ci;un. i. to kell>. A Hi, raliUe until Mitrx-l-'ruli- nn''» fniNi (kr Mtnllfin. i hiiTnf. «*\|il:ilntn^: kk Rile H|* n KtaKr enrrer ke «TM« hungry and l)e refu«r« (• kHf Jarr NOW CO 0.\ WITH TUB STOUT CHAI'TEH XLVI rnllK front door closed, and Ca- cily nml Uarry were standing ID the lower hall. Ann called from midway ot the stairs. "She's here! She's all right, Cissy! She's "tomorrow, when you're sled", and after you've talked (o our youngest sister." I'll talk to her!" Cecily ncd. "You won't icold her," Ann •arnod wltli Uer hand oa tho owel post. Harry mentioned, 'Tlill'a 011 lio front porch. Wo forgol lo tell ou." "Goodness! 1 thought ho left ges ago. when Mary-Frances anio." Jiarry put nn arm around Co ily's shoulders. They lurncd to gcthor and walked toward tho par or, llarry tried lo elide tto door open, but It stuck after tho (Irs hrco Inches, an it always stuck Cecily snlil, "Here," and look lioli ot U. and raised It a lilt, and I slid easily. The dark dusty volvo jorllcrea dropped ID!O slraigh folds again liehluA them. AD went to tho front porch. • * * Y OU mean," Plill es!<o( aghast, Incredulous, "tha you don't lovo mo at all, an longer?" Ann sighcJ. «Phll," Blio T< buked, "you don't seem to listen I've told you twice, now, that II only that I can't start It »H ore again. The waiting, »nd the ho Inc. and quarreling, tud the fau finding, anft the—" "Oil, but, no, Ann! No." "But, yes, Phil. This pa month I've- beoi' unhappy—i ness knows I havel But. somewa I've dragged something out ot FOR, RENT—Five room brick bungalow, hot and cold water, garage, reasonable rent, corner Walnut and 10th. Apply Ike Miller Phcn e 839. 29C-K4 FOR RENT—Five room house \vith bath, garage. 1100 Holly. Call Mrs. Fjnma L. Rogers. 29P-K2 FOR RENT—Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping. 625 Walnut. Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Caven\ c!ar. 30ck3 FOR RENT—230 acres 4'i miles west of Osceoln, will cut into small tracts. J. W. Bader. 30ck3 FOR RENT OR SALE—Seven room modern English Colonial house on Highway 61. Call Sam Manatt. 164. SOcko WANTED sound asleep. She's all right 1 ." Cecily's hands were cold In Anil's warm ones. Her voice, v.-heu presently it emerged Iron) the jabbering sounds which she nnd Ann had been making to- CCther. was chilly. "That's all rery well, Ann. But she can't be so entirely all right as all that. 1 mean—such an experience for a child! She must be bitter, disillusioned," Aim laughed, the heartless thing. "She insists that she Is bitter, very bitter. As for the disillusionment—I sincerely hope so for a few years, at least." Cecily refused to smile. Am glanced at Barry. He would no smile, either. Me kept rolling and unrolling the do-dad on Cecily's dress. Aim wished ho wouldn't. He'd wrinklo It. "Your ow plans?" she asked. "You've ha to postpone them?" "Indefinitely," Cecily said, an smiled at last. She had to smile. A word of that sort could not be mid nakedly, with no covering of any kind. "No, dear," Ann said, and turned to EO upstairs again. "You'll £cel differently..", she en- tired of nrgiilug. I'm tired of nrrellng and walling and boping. seems to mo luat who people, lien they discover tunl Ihoy can't ivo wlmt they most desire, make her ileslrcs, build liielr lives outid possibilities." "Slinltcr true Ideals and umko ,lse oi:es?" "Not false. Just different,"; "Ann, la tbero eomeono else? nvo you coino to carp for uuollicr inn— In a inontlil" "No, no. Of course, not." "Ann, dearest, 1 want lo yon no f|ucsl!on. It all the obstacles o our niarrlneo were removed, ould you marry me- tomorrow?" "Yes, It 1 could nmrry you tomorrow. IMeaec don't. I'htll" You don't cnro for my klsse» my more? You clloliho them?" I'lill snt Immovable milII ho stood bci-nueo llosalle, wltli GninJ'a iirin uboul her—or, at least, halfway about her—came- up tlnj stc|:s. (liiiiul said, "All, Ann? Is tint r!ill!|i? Ah, Philip. 1 (rust. Ann, that you tuvo not Iweiv needlessly woi rloil." "Well," Ann replied shamefully, vlckcilly. "of course, It Is lute. After midnight." llosallo bfuan, "Tim Carmlelinela' cluck tiail KioiM'fil, anil—" lint Graml salil, "I bpg your par- iton, i-iy dear," and turned lo I'lill. "As my (uamldautititer sayK. llio bour Is lain. Very lalo. tl:iy I nsk, sir, wliy you nro liern at my homo, nl Mils lalo hour, will. Aunt" 44T LIKE them too well. Tlie'ob- •*• Etaelcs iiren't removed — they are gelling bigger all tho time, and hero aro inoro of them. It sccnis to mo that all this— kissing and bong ecstatic for momonts, or cvon hours together, when nothing can coino it It biit anotlier mean, miserable quanel nnd another end, isn't so very ditterent from forming any Dther bad habit." 'Ann, that Is a horrible thing to say! You'ro changed. You never u Bed to talk llko that." "Ot course I've, changed. But the other IB true, ll Is Just like a person who keeps ou drinking, when ho knows tliat drinking will him In tho end. I've beard that tbe and I'm going to keep it—som ilng that almost approach eace. Supposu we were, to begin gainT After a while, but It ouldu't last eight years this time, ou'd grow tired and hopeless, nd all this—or something very nuch like it—would happen right ivor again." "Ann. dearest, I swear to you— t has meant nothing to me. Nota- ng but misery. I've been a thou;and times more wretched than you •ould have been." "No. I think not That doesn't matter, though—our comparative wretchedness, 1 mean." "Could you tell me, dearest, exactly what 1t Is that matters—if ycur love doesn't matter, and our misery doesn't matter?" "I can't tell what la important for you. For me—my peace of mind, and something I might call dignity, or—strength, perhaps. And that I shan't again, have to live W A NTED—Washings. Kimball. 505 Lilly Red Gross. Mrs. Man 1 street. Call K-TF WANTED—Fresh Cream. St. Louis prlres paid. Blytheville. Bennett's Dairy. TC-K31 cures for the drink habit nro terrible. Well, J'vo taken the cure, nil, and I'm not going to take- It again. I'm through, dear. Not Because- I wish to bo through, but bo- cause 1 havo to be.' "I won't allow you to IMS. Wo both made a mistake, Ann. But I'll take all the blame.' "Neither of 113 was to blame. And noltlicr of us would bo to blame tbe next time.' An automobile, two round brlgh Hgbts cutting tbe darkness, was coming up tho driveway. Ann thought, "It's Grand and Rosalie I'd forgotten all about them fo hours. How pleasant—that I should havo forgotten all about them for hours. But—I should liavo worried. But—liere they aro, now!" "Phil," sho said. "Grand nnd Eo- salio aro coming home with the Carmlchaels. I don't want them to find you here. It—It would start so many things over again. They've «T AM litre, Mr. Feuwlct'." I'lill *- answered, rigbl la (irnm slialn, "fur tho name- reason I lull 1 liavo heeu coining licro for years, llec.inso 1 lovo Ann and wish, lo marrr licr." "All? You wish, again, to marry An hi" "I have never ceased wlsblns to arrj- bi-r." "You love IHT? You could ort her?" "I lovo lier very much. •JM'ort her, yes." Ann Inserted. "Hut, Urand—" "One moment, If yon please, Ann. )o you or do you uot lovu Philip?' Ann thought. "Dour licavcni IKIVC! J)wn (Jrtinrt think ho Is per- ormliig a marriage ceremony? Thin s worso Iliau anything ho'a ever done. This is the sort of thing lliat through that Sunday and this month/' "It means, only, that you haven't forgiven me." "Oh, Phil! Forgiving Is such a llltle. thing, it scarcely seems worth talking about in connection with loving." "As you like, Ann. But It comes to the same place. You don't love mo any more at all." "That isn't true," said Ann. "But an't be endured. It In Phil's fault. Ic should have. L'ouo when 1 askeJ to." 'Will you please answer my ijuea- lion, Ann?" Still, she conlOn't Eland there anil say B|IU did not lovo I'lill. II would ha a lie, and It would lie letting I'lill down In public. "Ot coiir^o I lovo Phil," oho said, "liut—" "I!ul me no outs," Bald Grand. He evidently was in a mean tin- n:or. No wonder Cecily pushed him over tills liruln't. What would bo do when ho went Into tUo Imiiso ami toiuul Cecily itnil llarry was cross with Cissy, anyway. "And lo you. 1'lilllp." Claud went on, "recalling again the lateness uf Ibc hour, goodnight." "RooihilKlit," said Phil, and honed a noat how. Grand anil fiopallo crossed Ilio perch to the door. "Sir." said (irauil. "I havo hidden been difflcult lately. Won't you please go down Into tho ireea— qulcklj? Until titter thcy'To gone. Into tho house. 1 mean?" '• "I am not hiding behlnd'trces to- nlglit, Ann." Grand's volco and Rosalie's voice. "Gooflnlglit. Thank you again for a beautiful day. Goodnight, Mr. Car- micliael—goodnight . . ." "But to help me, Phil? They've been 6» difficult. Just—to help me?" LOST AMD fOUND LOST — White gold New York Cotton wrist watcn reward. Mrs. i with band. Liberal reivard. Mrs. \ NEW YORK, Jan. 30. (UP)—Cot- Charles P. Wood or Courier News, i ton closed steady. 29C-K3 ; WRECKS AUTO WRECKS For All Makes of Cars Expert Repairs on Damaged Bodies, Fenders. Hoods, Cllass, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. New Equipment for Acetylene Welding. Finished Jobs Look Just Like New. Phone 810 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th and Walnut Sis. LOST- ing keys. Reward. Return to Courier News.' 28C-K2 Mar, .. -Black pocketbook contain- | May 'July LOST—Blue coin purse containing about $10. Liberal reward. Return to Mrs. Samuel P. Norris. Oct. Dec. Jan. Open High Low Close . 670 673 669 070 . 688 691 687 688 103 724 PERSONAL Guaranteed finger waves. 25 cents. Miss Oval Bell. 104 W. Vine. 22ck2' Dr. ]. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Noso mul Throat Ingrain BuiUlinjj Corner .Main & First St. EriLEpTlcs—Gladly tell how my daughter was quickly relieved at home by new discovery without the HFC of harmful drugs. Nothing to sell. Write Mrs. Burks, Drawer F, Arlington, Tex. 30pk31 SKCOiS'D HAND FURNITURE ISOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Slain lot 726 741 748 706 728 745 745 741 747 705 725 743 7-S3 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low . 670 672 M9 . C88 703 721 738 30. (UP) C6D 705 723 DETROIT, Mich. (UP) — SVurd that Central American and Eonth American countries were vond conscious and alert to the advantages of scod highways was brought lo the National Koid Builders Convention here by nprcsentnlivcs of those countries to ths south of the United States. The next five years, it was pre- the fact thnl after he fed-dieted, will sec e:;tensl\e Improve- Crows "in this section seem to be i his chickns, crows swarmed intojments in highways in thc-:c cnim- fmterniziriB with the chcikcns. Tom i the yard to cat a meal "off the| tries, with a consequent hictciisc Buleca called in neighbors to wit-! chickens." Mar. May July Ocl. Dec. Jan. Clc^e 670 686 702 720 7351) 740U 'Spots closed steady at 680, up 5. Crows ami liens Fraternize •] HIGH POINT, N. C., tUP) —I Spots closed steady nnd unchanged at 663. Lean Company offers close-In, comfortable Main Street home, 3 bed rooms, plenty of closets, large living room with fire piace. garage, concrete driveway, in first class condition, For Just What It lias Tn The Property. A little cash and monthly pay- menu will buy it. G. G. CAL'DII.L, Phone 707-785 Offices in Farmers Bank B!dj. November 16, 1931 Treasury Department. Oflice of the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice is Hereby given to all persons who may havo claims igainst "The-First National Bank if Blytheville. Arsansas," that the same must be presented tn R. L. Bradley. Receiver, with the legal oroof thereof, within three montlis from tills date or they may be allowcd. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 1I-16C—K2-1G-32 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' I SPEAK Tb> frE, FRECKLES.'.' WHAT OH IS ' Boy!! *%'ME ( FRECKLES tSj$K BRILLIANT Did you know seven tons of 'KKILT.TANT win cnual ni^lit Ions ordinary coal in bulk? Just Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T.. .......... m 7.3 Anaconda Copper ........ 10 1-4 Auburn ....... ' ........ 128 1-4 Caterpillar Tractor ... 12 Chrysler ............... 13 Cities Service ..... ".'_',, 5 5.8 Coca Cola ............. ios Continental Baking ..'... 47-8 General Electric ....... 19 1-4 General Motors ____ 20 1-4 Middle West Utilities .. s 1-4 Montgomery Ward ...... e New York Cenlral. . 28 7-8 Packard ........... 4 3.4 Radio .............. ';;;.' 6 3 . 4 Simmons ............ 71-2 Standard of N. J.".] ..... 25 1-2 Texas Co ........ 1 \-2 U- S. Steel ....... '.'.'.'.'.' 37 3 1 8 WASH TUBBS Tutce is A* BLINDING GIARE OF LIGHT, HIMSELF ON THE UNCOWFOV2TABI.E OF SEvScRftL PASTORS EXCHANGE PW PITS DETROIT. (UP) - Detroit and Chatham, cm., ministers arc set- tins an example for closer rela- ' tionshlp between the United States j and Canadian religious organizations. The iwslors are exchanging pulpits for their regular weekly I sermons. • DUU BOARDING HOUSE t-r L iM BlTD 2~~ I'M I AH - MV BREAKFAS-T A SICK MAtf, 1 WEAK ~fo GO ftF PeoPuB Irvl BED 1 HMF i -~ SICK VOUR APP&Tl-Te COUUP EAT" A J OUT OF -THAT" BBt> T VOU "FAKER! ciF MeAMS,lAl WOULD HAvJe OR -rHR-ee s •THEM ! -w~ COME, con/ie, M*Y BREAKFAS-T HER BUDDIE i'n motor travel. OW.UEtL 86 ALLfiVJHT, //ps. wsoossy.... GO Al-O OSCAR V 'S POOR Boy IS VHIAT UAppst-ieo AT TM 1 OOOLCo' CL08 MOOSE. T> DOCTOR. DOCTOR!/ ': MEET ' NOW MfkSBt VOU TELL POT TREASURE WWDtN,EH? right," and slopped und waited. Ann imirirmrcil, "You'll 1mvo to ). 1 must KO In and help Cissy. Gootlnlelu. 1'hll. Goodby." "No," r»ild IMill. "Anr., ore you coming?" "Yes, Grand. Gooilby, Phil." "No." "Yes," Bald Ann. "Goodby," anil thought, "It is silly to say It times." and went with tho old pio into Iho house.. .(To J« Continued) Latin-American Nations Found Road Conscious

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