The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1967 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Sunday, January 8, 1967
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. 62—NO. 247 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS (72315)' SATURDAY, JANUARY 8,1967 TEN CENTS 10 PAGES Big U.S. Thrust Launched in Mekong Delta By ROBERT TUCKMAN SAION, South Vietnam (AP) — U. S- and Vietnamesa marines pushed through forbidding mangrove swamps of the Mekong Delta today and met only slight resistance in the first big American thrust in':o the delta. A combined allied force of about 4,000 landed by sea and helicopter Friday 55 miles due south of Saigon on the Thanh Phu Peninsula. Only small, sniper contacts with the enemy were reported. The operation was the biggest amphibious landing of the war and marked the first major deployment of American troops in the rice field and water-logged delta, where an estimated 100,000 Viet Cong dominate large sections. As the pace of the ground war quickened after a week's lull, Communist forces in the central highlands unleashed a heavy mortar and ground assault early today against the same airfield at Pleiku where an attack two years ago touched off U. S. air bombings of North Vietnam and led to the massive buildup of American forces in South Vietnam. A U. S. spokesman said the Communists unloaded more than 100 mortar rounds on Holloway Airfield close to Pleiku City about 240 miles northeast of Saigon. Earlier reports had said 200 to 30'0 mortar rounds were fired. The spokesman said 10 enemy soldies penetrated the airfield and inflicted "light damage" to helicopters and small observations planes. He added that U.S. casualties were light in the 45-mlnute attack, but several buildings were damaged. South Vietnamese military headquarters reported the Communists also shelled a nearby Vietnamese airbase early today apparently in a divessionary attack. A spokesman said the Communists inflicted heavy casualties on a regional force platoon defending the Chu Hanh airfield near Holloway and killed four Vietnamese civilian dependents in a shelling of an Army Engineer camp nearby. In another development, U. S. B52 heavy bombers staged four raids Friday night and today in Binh Duong Province 25 to 3'0 miles northwest of Saigon. U. S. headquarters said the targets are Viet Cong troop concfentrations, supply points, infiltration routes, base camps, storage areas and fortifications. The delta operation, called Deckhouse Five, was launched from a U. S. Navy,task force of 12 warships and was preceded by air strikes and naval gunfire. U. S. heaqtiarters reported no allied casualties at the end of the fist day and one enemy killed. In the air war over North Vietnam, U. S. pilots flew 77 strike missions Friday and lost two planes. One was a Navy F8 Crusader shot down by Communist ground fire. The pilot was missing. The other was an Air Force reconnaissance RF4C Phantom jet shot down by ground fire 100 miles northwest of Hanoi and previously listed as lost by "causes unknown." The two- man crew was rescued. This brought to 455 the number of U. S. planes lost over North Vietnam. In giving tttl revised figure, the U. S. command also said helicopter losses over the north remained unchanged at four. U. S. headquarters, in a periodic report on American plane losses, said 147 planes and 251 helicopters had gone down in combat over South Vietnam. . In air action over South Vietnam Friday II. S. pilots flew 425 sorties and claimed destroying or damging '4' enemy huts, structures fortified positions and sampans. South Vietnamese pilots flew 95 strike sorties. HANOI INTEREST IN TRUCE DOUBTED Soviet Parliament A Rubber Stamp? By FRED COLEMAN ipreme Soviet, met recently in a MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet Parliament is viewed In the West as a rubber stamp body that approves Kremlin proposals without question. But a Moscow paper claims the deputies «ir their disagreements behind closed doors. When a committee of the Parliament, formally titled the Su- Dateline Jan. 7 NUERNBERG, Germany (AP)—Eduard Rushat, director of the world - famous Moscow State Circus, has vanished from his troupe while on a tour of West Germany, a Nuernberg police spokesman said today. The spokesman said Rushat was last seen by members of his room in the Kremlin, the sign on the door read "discussion of disagreements." Behind the closed doors deputies haggled over the wording of a proposed draft of Soviet law. They took votes on the wording, some of them close. A report on ftiis meeting and others like it came as a surprise to many Russians this week. The Supreme Soviet is widely known for .its lack of both discussion and disagreement. Its deputies, all approved by the ruling Communist party, always run unopposed in elections. At full meetings the 1,517 deputies routinely vote prop sals of the Kremlin leadership into law without opposition Last month two Soviet lawyers published proposals to make the Supreme Soviet stronger. They called for more meetings, more powers and features f parliaments in Western democracies. Literary Gazette made no ref- 'erence to these proposals. But it admitted that Russians read about unanimous adoption of laws and ask, "Do deputies never have disagreements?" The paper cited an example of a subcommittee discussing a measure on water pollution. The wording of one section was approved in committee by a vote of 3-11. The paper said full records are taken of all such committee debates. "It is necessary to use tons of Parliamentary chairmen reg-| paper in order to write four ularly announce these hand lines of law," Literary Gazette votes as unanimous, often without looking up. Such meetings are fully reported in the pres?. But the committee meeungs, hardly ever reported in the press, are different, the weekly newspaper Literary Gazette said in its current issue. troupe on Thursday when ^ he | The paper devoted a full page said he wanted to go to a Ger- j to a rare article on the workings man hospital for treatment of a - - - - >-• « -—stomach ailment. The German police spokes- Supreme was clearly designed to meet criticism here and abroad that the man said Rushat got into a taxi | Supreme Soviet is a powerless but that a check of Nuernberg body, hospitals established he did not ask for treatment. • WARSAW, Poland (AP) Premier Jens Otto Krag of Denmark met today with Polish Communist party chief Wladyslaw Gomulka and reportedly urged Gomulka to relax Poland's hard line against the new West German government. No details of the meeting were immediately available, but Krag's aides said the Danish leader feels strongly that West Germany's Christian Democratic-Socialist coalition has been trying to Improve East- West relations in Europe and deserves a receptive attitude. • LONDON (AP) — In a move to bolster Britain's Foreign Office and unify the armed forces, Prime Minister Harold Wilson announced a number of changes !n his government Friday night. In the Defense Department the ministers in charge of the army, navy and Royal Air Force are to be replaced by two ministers of defense in charge of administration and equipment. The establishment remains under over-all charge of Defense Secretary Denis Healey. In the Foreign Office, Douglas Houghton resigned as minister without portfolio in charge of long-term social planning. He is being replaced by former Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker. The announcement disclosed the resignation of a number of ministers below Cabinet rank to make room for your.'! monitors of the Labor party in Parliament said. The newspaper described how parliamentary committees examine letters from citizens, review newspaper articles and receive tesitmony from government officials. It said all this was the background to the unanimous vote the public reads about later. The paper cited no examples, however, of a proposal by the Kremlin leadership being rejected in a parliamentary committee vote. Blast Kills 6 In Las Vegas By ROBERT SHAW LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP)-A devastating explosion that killed six persons and injured eight in a downtown motel early today was caused by a bomb, county officials declared. "It has to be a bomb. There's no question," said Dist. Atty. George E. Franklin. "We don't know if it's suicide or what." Oflicers said the bodies of six persons were found in the rub- James Mahon 24, and wife Bobble of wood and stones after the !bie, 22, Las Vegas; and Charles blast, and that eight persons were treated at a hospital. One victim was taken to emergency A FIRST — Space television will relay ground will receive the signal from the live images of astronauts back to earth in the spacecraft and convert it to commercial first manned Apollo flight, by means of this broadcast standards so the astronauts can 454-pound Radio Corporation of America cam- can be seen on home television sets, era. A scan converter as shown in the back- GM Recalls 269,200 Defective Autos guard to prevent any secondary treme pressure, such as that f; res ! from a collision throwing the The blast occurred at 1:25 driver against the steering a.m., investigators said. The dead were not immediately identified. The injured were Identified DETROIT (AP) - Collapsible steering columns much herald ed as safety devices, were in the spotlight today because of faulty installation as General Motors Corp. recalled 269,200 new cars. The Irgest of the nation's four auto makers said the steering shafts in the company's smaller models 1967 cars will be replaced because they may snap. Eight such failures have been reported so far — five in Pontiacs, two in Cfievrolets and one in a Buick r all at low speeds while parking or turning, GM The steering shafts are the [March, according to George new impact-absorbing columns Ford Jr., chief of police, designed to collapse under ex-1 The AACP, which now num- high speeds. The fault was first discovered in December and the firm began recalling Pontiac Tempests Dec. 19. A GM announcement at the time said the shaft could break "particularly when the vehicle is being parked or being turned at slow speeds." The firm said that of the 269, 200 cars involved, 89,950 are Chevrolet Chevelles and El Caminos, 76,103 are Pontiac Tempests, 56,441 are Oldsmobile F85's and 46,749 are Buick Specials. The 269,200 cars are in the hands of customers. Models of the cars in dealers' stock will be equipped with a new steering shaft before they are put on sale, GM said. By JOHN M. H1GHTOWER AP Special Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) - After a week of peace probing, U.S. officials report serious doubt that North Vietnam is interested now in negotiations on ending the Vietnamese war. The primary aim of the North Vietnam peace maneuvers is judged here to be to build up public opinion against U.S. bombing of the north and thus try to force a permanent and unconditional halt to the air attacks. Some officials said that the effort being made through diplomatic channels as well as public statements in this respect is almost unprecedented. Soviet and Eastern European diplomats and officials have been telling U.S. authorities for several months, it is understood, that if the United States would stop the bombing they believe the way would open for an improvement in peace prospects. But, according to U.S. informants, these dilomats have failed to provide any assurances that some scaling down of military activity o nthe Communist side would result. The basic U.S. position is that if this country is to stop the bombing, North Vietnam must also de-escalate — presumably by ceasing to send men and supplies to the Comunist forces in State Chiefs to Meet Here The newly - formed Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police will meet in Blytheville in 45 municipal law enforcement officers, recently had its organizational meeting in Little as: Lewis Palmer, 60, and his wife, Laura, 66, Preston, Idaho; Steve Merich, 70, and his wife Katie, 57, San Pedro, Calif.; surgery. Officers said much of the Orbit Inn Motel was destroyed, that the explosion apparently occurred on the third floor. They continued to search the rubble, while firemen stood Pearce, 73, and wife Essie, Bishop, Calif. Most suffered cuts and bruises, except Lewis Palmer, who was admitted for surgery, officers said. Investigators quickly surrounded the scene and pushed spectators out of range. News- See BLAST on Page 5 wheel. The defect is in the way the shaft was installed, not in the , design of it, the company said. j The faulty installation resulted in misalignment of the shaft, placing too much strain on it during certain maneuvers of the car, GM said. The stress, althou^i not no, ticeable to the driver, tr iy I cause the shaft to break, the firm said. GM spokesmen were unavailable for comment on whether the problem might leave a car uncontrollable at Court House Change Court house offices in Blytheville and Osceola will go on a new schedule as of Feb. 4, County Judge A. A. (Shug) Banks said today. 'We think we can offer the public better service and perhaps save a little money on maintenance by closing all day Saturday," Banks explained. The new schedule calls for the court houses to remain open until 5 p.m. five days a week. This is 30 minutes longer than they currently remain open. Presently, the offices •lose at DODO <a Saturday;. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiii' ON THE INSIDE Why do the garbage men leave litter on the lawn and the tops off the cans? Why do twice-weekly garbage collections on one city route come in two consecutive days? Why did R. B. Stout stop writing his 'Recollections' column? These and other items of interest are presented in today's "It Beats Me" column on Page Three. iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiHiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiHiiiiim' Rock. According to Ford, four meetings throughout the state are scheduled for this year. The Blytheville meeting will begin March 17. Although it will not be open to the public, representatives of the press will be admitted. Bible Translation Conference Begins IRS to Speed Tax Refunds Taxpayers with a refund due them from their 1966 federal ncome tax payments will get ;heir money sooner if they send .heir return to the correct address. "Arkansas Taxpayers should mail returns showing refunds directly to the Southwest Serice Center at 3651 Interregional Highway, Austin, Tex., 78740. "A preaddressed envelope for this purpose is included with •our tax form package," according to Fred W. Johnson, district director of Internal Revenue for Arkansas. Those owing tax money should continue mailing their returns o: District Director, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Office Building, Little Rock, Ark., 72203, Johnson said. ;he south. Worldwide interest in possible new peace developments was aroused earlier this week when North Vietnamese Premier Pham Van Dong said in an interview with the New York Times that his government's terms, known as the four points, for winding up the conflict were not "conditions" for holding talks. He described them as a 'basis of settlement." Friday an English language broadcast from Hanoi said the premier had told the Times that ;he four-point position of North Vietnam "constitutes the basis of a setlement." This was read by authorities in Washington as a possible hardening of Hanoi's position since it could be interpreted as meaning that the four points were the only basis of a settlement which the North Vietnamese government would consider. One of the major points is that the Viet Cong's National Liberation Front must speak for South Vietnam, meaning that the Communist program would have to be accepted for the future of the south. Washington authorities also said that there seemed to be some hardening in the North Vietnamese position on the bombing — that whereas they have denounced past bombing pauses simply as constituting ultimatums since a pause meant the bombing would be resumed, now they are demanding an unconditional and permanent halt in the bombing. U.S. officials said that tha peace probing is continuing. See VIET NAM on Page 5 VATICAN CITY (AP) — A provisional committee of 22 Protestant and Roman Catholic biblical scholars has begun a study «f translation requirements needed for common Bible for all Christians. The experts met here this week for informal conversations and an exchange of reports. Augustin Cardinal Bea, er- man-bbrn biblical scholar who heads the Vatican's Christian Unity Secretariat, told the gathering of 10 Protestants and 12 Catholics they were involved in "a work thai is basic and vital to the future of Christianity: Translation and distribution of the Bible." "It does not seem an exaggeration to say that the possibility of our cooperation is one of the most important developments in contemporary Christian history." said the cardinal. The meeting wai in conjuac- tion with a visit to Romev by leaders of the United Bible Societies, under the chairmanship of Dr. Laton E. Holmgren, general secretary of the American Bible Society. D. Holmgren told the Cardinal the UBS was glad to respond "to the new overtures of your great church for consultation and cooperation" in preparing scriptual translations fo use by all Chistians. Pope Paul VI recently authorized Catholic scholars to go ahead with plans for joint study with Protestants, following a suggestion of the Vatican Ecumenical Council. Body Not Identifid JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (AP) —An unidentified person was killed Friday night when a car struck a bridge about one mile south of here on U.S. 67 and burst into flames. E. M. Regenold Mother Dies Mrs. E. A. Regenold, mother of E. M. Regenold, Blytheville banker and planter, died this week at her home in Oklahoma City- Services were held today in 'aris, Tex. .Mrs. Regenold lived in Wilson many years. Following the death of her husband she moved to her family home in Paris. In later years she moved to Oklahoma City. la addition to her son here, she leaves another son, S. A. Regenold, Kennett, and a daughter. Mrs. Bryan Johnson, of Oklahoma City. Wroten Funeral Home in Paris was in charge. APPOINTED — Mike Terry, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Terry, is the newly-appointed administrative assistant to W. J. Pollard, president of Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan. Terry is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and is married. (Courier News Photo) CONTROVERSIAL BOOK RELEASED The late president, John F. Kennedy, was warned (by At. Kansas Senator J. W. Fulbright, among others) not to make a personal appearance in Dallas. These and other facts surrounding the assassination of the President are told in a book by William Manchester, story which summarizes the now being serialized by Look magazine. Weather Forecast Generally clear through Sunday. Colder today, tonight and continued cold Sunday. High Sunday 28-36. Low tonight 6-14. diiiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnniiiiMuiiiiiiiiiiiii

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